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Amid the greenery, a low concrete meditation bench designed by the homeowner, and formed and poured by EcoScapes, invites resting and purposeful meditation. A surprise rain shower at the time the concrete was setting provided Salomone an opportunity to customize the bench. “I took advantage of the situation, as artists tend to do,” she says. “I started carving little fan shapes in the concrete with twigs, then went into the kitchen and got a glass and made some circle shapes as well. It turned out quite wonderfully. Happy accidents!“

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The rock garden features simple 12 x 12" pavers that mark a meandering route around the backyard and—surprisingly— directly through a small concrete pool lined with blue glass tiles. Three pedestals in the pool (which glows at night to spectacular effect) are designed to match the yard pavers; their careful placement gives the feeling of actually walking on the water. It is a singular sensation, one which reinforces the idea of seamless flow between natural and manmade elements. For Salomone, the office—aka reality—is inside the house, merely a few steps away. Beyond are the busy streets of bustling Santa Fe. But in her personal Zen garden Salomone is far removed from both, literally and in spirit. Strolling the paths, taking a moment to rest on a bench, or relaxing in a comfortable chair beneath a canopy of pines, she is able to contemplate the simple beauty of living bamboo while listening to its leaves gently rustle in the breeze.

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Three of the five Japanese elements—Earth, Water, and Sky—are honored in the small pool, whose iridescent, blue-hued tiles beg to be gazed upon.

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Su Casa Northern New Mexico Summer 2014 Digital Edition  

Su Casa Northern New Mexico Summer 2014 Digital Edition

Su Casa Northern New Mexico Summer 2014 Digital Edition  

Su Casa Northern New Mexico Summer 2014 Digital Edition