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Abiquiú, Galisteo, & El Rito Studio Tours v i s it mor e t ha n 125 a r ti s ts in t he ir st udio s ove r t hre e we e ke nds in Octob e r by Ash le y M. Big ge rs Far left: Renata Zimmerman, Stairways, knitwear.

audrey derell

frank shelton

Left: Frank Shelton, Intercessor 3, mixed media, 13 x 9 x 3".

susan schuler

Annual open studio tours are rare opportunities for the public to see artists at work

owen lostetter

In 1945, the landscape of Abiquiú inspired iconic artist Georgia O’Keeffe to become a resident there, making the area synonymous with her name. Indeed, Abiquiú‘s landscape seems almost to impart a creative energy. This symbiosis between place and art continues today, with more than 70 artists and four galleries taking part in the free, public Abiquiú Studio Tour, October 10–12. Ceramicist Amber Archer has lived in Abiquiú for 18 years and has participated in the tour for nearly as long. In a nod to her surroundings, Archer plans to present a new series, The White Place Pieces, at this year’s event. These vessels feature a solid color inside and a textured, smoky exterior. “The contrasting colors and textures of the Abiquiú surroundings definitely influence my work. It’s impossible to live here and not see . . . incredible vistas,” Archer says. Susan Schuler’s abstract and mixed-media paintings reflect the colors of the landscape of Abiquiú—as well as her recent travels to Havana, Cuba. She moved to Abiquiú from the greater Cincinnati, Ohio, area three years ago and observes, “The community here is a very nurturing environment for creativity. The landscape and relative seclusion of the area allow the artist [to be isolated] and concentrate on the work.” Schuler is inviting studio tour participants into her home where two other artists (Cindy Harris, glass jewelry, and Ginger Legato, sculpture and prints) will also show. Just south of Santa Fe, in the village of Galisteo, more than two dozen artists will

Above: Susan Schuler, Morning Mist, Oil on canvas, 40 x 60". Left: Amber Archer, raku bowl, 16 x 6".

roberto rosales

open their studios, showing off drawings, paintings, prints, photography, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, mixed media, hand-crafted local folk art, and fiber art. This is the 28th year for the Galisteo tour, much of which can be done on foot, close by the ancient cottonwoods that line the Galisteo River. El Rito, north of Santa Fe, once was an early Spanish settlement, and is now home to many artists, 25 of whom open their studios to the public once a year. All events are free, with studio, gallery, and food stops listed on maps available on the organizations’ websites and at each stop.

Isaac AlaridPease, Flames Rest on the Inside, acrylic on wood, 18 x 22"


october/november 2015

Abiquiú Studio Tour, October 10–12, 10 AM–5 PM daily,,; El Rito Studio Tour, October 3–4, times vary,; Galisteo Studio Tour, October 17–18, 10 AM–5 PM daily,

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Santa Fean Oct Nov 2015 Digital Edition  

Santa Fean Oct Nov 2015 Digital Edition  

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