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Modern Forms wall sconces from Form+Function can be installed with the lights shining up or down, and are available in chrome, white, or brushed nickel to harmonize with a variety of decorating styles.

Above: Corbett Lighting’s Tango pendant at Form+Function makes a striking statement in a grand, modern entryway. The handcrafted iron of the sphere, while dark on the outside, has an interior finished in warm silver leaf, which increases its reflective properties.

Bruck Lighting’s Flight at Allbright & Lockwood comes in 6.5-foot connecting panels that can be combined to span the stretch of even the most expansive walls.

Right: LZF’s Link pendant lamp at Allbright & Lockwood is made of undulating wood veneer, giving it an airy, whimsical personality. Above: Taking its style cues from midcentury modern, Lite Source’s slightly retro Deion floor lamp from Dahl Lighting has a polished steel body and white pleated shades that could also work well in contemporary settings. 40


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Santa Fean Oct Nov 2015 Digital Edition  

Santa Fean Oct Nov 2015 Digital Edition  

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