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made in Usa being on the board prepare you for the challenges of remodeling historic homes with Woods? Sharon: I see it almost as the inverse: how remodeling historic homes with Woods prepared me for being on the H Board. I think the overriding signature of it all is that I love Santa Fe architecture, my appreciation of historic architecture, and the integrity of historic architecture. All of that overlaps. Woods recently remodeled an older home and retrofitted it with state-of-the-art green and energy-saving features. How did you prepare for such a comprehensive green building project? Shane: It was a challenge—and it was exciting—because it was such a learning experience, and it was client-driven. It was the first geothermal project we’ve done; it was one of the largest cisterns we’ve ever put in; it was the largest solar system we’ve put in; and it was the first time we’d done an actual black water/SludgeHammer system, which allows you to recycle 100 percent of your water usage. Rob: And this house, at least since I’ve been here, holds the record for being in design the longest—three years. I’m curious about your own personal home design aesthetics. Are you all living your dream home design? Rob: Yeah, I’m living in my dream home. It’s a classic Woods house with high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over amazing views. We spend all of our time in the kitchen, so we have this great, beautiful kitchen that’s attached to kind of a family/living room, the TV area, and a little eating area. And it was designed just perfectly for how we live. Rustic Chic

Shane: I just purchased a house up in Wilderness Gate that we’re just starting to do a big remodel on that I’m very excited about. Kind of our dream area and our dream house. I’m probably a little more traditional—classic Pueblo-style house, divided light windows, a living room with tall ceilings and plenty of glass that overlooks all the city lights.

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Interesting that you’re buying a house and remodeling it, rather than building a home of your own. Rob: That’s usually what we all do! I’ve done it twice; this is the second one for Shane. My mom’s probably done it 150 times. I think we really enjoy that because remodeling a home poses its own challenges, has its own unique character that you can bring out, and you have a lot more choice on where you want to live, because new construction is sometimes only in certain areas. Sharon: My house was the 2010 [Haciendas—A Parade of Homes] Grand Hacienda winner, and it won every award. I had actually downsized, and then all the kids came back—and started having kids. So I now live in a 5,000-square-foot house again. There’s a toy room, and a nursery, and great living spaces. In designing for other people every day, it’s really fun to do it for myself. And this particular house really, truly reflects my aesthetic. The way that it opens up to the outdoors; there’s outdoor areas in every direction. And it’s at the base of Moon Mountain, so we can go right outside our door and hike.

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Santa Fean Oct Nov 2015 Digital Edition  

Santa Fean Oct Nov 2015 Digital Edition  

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