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Rob Elliott

What stylistic changes have you encountered in Santa Fe since Woods went into business, and what do you see currently going on? Sharon: I think people were pretty much into the traditional Pueblo in 1978. And then when Christine [Mather] and I did the book (Santa Fe Style) in the mid-’80s, things started to explode. I think the style has evolved and gotten more contemporary. It’s still traditional elements and indigenous materials, but now it’s more “mass and glass,” where we really open up these houses with a lot of glass, a lot of light, a lot of outdoor spaces. Left to right: Shane Woods, Sharon Woods, Rob Woods


Wendy McEahern

Beautiful finishes, abundant light, and excellent craftsmanship are Woods Design Builders signatures. This Monte Sereno home won awards for Best Design, Best Craftsmanship, and Best Master Suite in the 2015 Haciendas—A Parade of Homes.


october/november 2015

How would you describe “Woods style,” and why do people come to you for it? Rob: I think of our houses as classic,

timeless, and immune to design trends and fads. Houses we did decades ago still show amazingly well. When people see our houses, they recognize quality, attention to detail, craftsmanship. And the big thing is a kind of an intangible livability; we design our houses for our clients to be their homes. Shane: Yeah, and I think when you walk into our houses, each one has its own soul—you can feel that. Sharon: I always find that one of our signatures is a “sweet spot”—a spot in the house where you can look in every direction and see light. Sharon, you served on Santa Fe’s Historic Districts Review Board for 16 years. How did

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Santa Fean Oct Nov 2015 Digital Edition  

Santa Fean Oct Nov 2015 Digital Edition  

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