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Mark White, Golden Pair, patinas on engraved copper, 8 x 8"

My World and Welcome to It: Paintings by Mark White Mark White Fine Art July 7–August 21 Reception July 7, 5–8 pm

Mark White is best known for the wind sculptures he fashions from brightly colored copper and stainless steel, standing sentry outside his eponymous gallery. Or maybe for his landscape paintings—broad expanses of water or sky rendered in oils. White’s newest work combines elements of both. Beginning with handengraved copper or aluminum sheets, White colors them using a hot dye process. The resulting patinas are vividly colorful, and the metallic surface underlying each print heightens the hues. He often chooses koi as his subject matter, and the medium lends itself to the shimmering water and iridescent fish scales. A landscape done with this process hints at where White may be heading next.—Lisa Van Sickle July 6, 2017 NOW 11

Santa Fean NOW July 6 2017 | Digital Edition