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Hoopes + Associates Architects Photo: Š Robert Reck

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“Andersen” and all other marks where denoted are trademarks of Andersen Corporation. ©2018 Andersen Corporation. All rights reserved. “Andersen” and all other marks where denoted are trademarks of Andersen Corporation. ©2018 Andersen Corporation. All rights reserved. “Andersen” and all other marks where denoted are trademarks of Andersen Corporation. ©2018 Andersen Corporation. All rights reserved.

1254 Calle De Comercio, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507 11225544CCaalleleDDeeCCoom meerrccioio, ,SSaanntataFFee, ,NNeewwM Meexxicicoo8877550077 1 2 5 4 C a l l e D e C o m e r c i o , S a n t a F e , N e w Mexico 87507 5 0 5 4 3 8 7 1 9 9 1254 Calle De Co55 m00 e5 r5 c-i-4 o4 ,3 S a8 n-t-7 a71 F1e99 ,9 N 38 9ew Mexico 87507 255 4CC lelleewDD oom m eetrand ccoioiin ee,p9 ,,N oo88 755 077 walIndoors .seunCow ese0 crrc5 s,,StS raOut. uaan8 cn tt-iao7FnF eN ceeeiw awltM iM eesee.xcxxiciioccom Remove the Boundary Between 5 --oos,4 3 1 9 1 m 3 9 11 lw essp w s.seueeunCnC esst0 cro5 s,trtS ruOut. uac8 cn nnF ciaeialw 122 25 544 4C Cwawaaw llw ew.D D Cww oe5 m ectand conin o4 S nttitatt-oiaao7 Fs1 ep9 ,eecN N wtliteiM M cm o8 877 75 500 07 7 Remove the Boundary Between Indoors w w w . s u n w e s t c o n s t r u c t i o n s p e c i a l t i e s . c o m 5 0 5 4 3 8 7 1 9 9 ™ w w w . s u n w e s t c o n s t r u c t i o n s p e c i a l t i e s . c o m Remove the Between Indoors and 5500 55--443Out. 88--77119999 Introducing the new Boundary MultiGlide door as part of the Andersen® Architectural Collection. Remove the Boundary Between Indoors and 3Out. w w w . s u n w e s t c o n s t r u ctionssspp Introducing the new MultiGlide™ door as part of the Andersen® Architectural Collection. m ww nn rttrruu www www w.s..ssuu uArchitectural nww weeessstcttccooonn nssstCollection. uccctittoiioonn nsp peeeccciaiiaaltllitteiieesss.c..ccooom m Introducing the new MultiGlide™™door as part of the Andersen® Introducing the MultiGlide door as part the contemporary Andersen® Architectural Collection. With an array ofnew styles and configurations forof both and traditional spaces, the MultiGlide With an array of styles and configurations for transform both contemporary the MultiGlide door offers ultimate design freedom that can any spaceand intotraditional somethingspaces, extraordinary. With of and for and traditional spaces, the dooran offers ultimate design freedom that can transform any space into something extraordinary. With anarray array ofstyles styles andconfigurations configurations forboth bothcontemporary contemporary and traditional spaces, theMultiGlide MultiGlide door dooroffers offersultimate ultimatedesign designfreedom freedomthat thatcan cantransform transformany anyspace spaceinto intosomething somethingextraordinary. extraordinary.

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505.890.5000 .


Table of Contents 10 Welcome From the President: Who We Are 11 2019 SFAHBA Calendar of Events 12 Welcome to the 2019 Santa Fe Home Show 12 Home Show Exhibitors 14 From the Remodelers Council 14 2019 Remodelers Showcase Sponsors 15 2019 Santa Fe Home Show Sponsors 19 “Is a HELOC Right for You?” Diego Muñoz 20 “Eye On the Outdoors” Sarah Eddy 22 “DIY Gone Wrong” Amy Gross 24 “Timeless Elegance” Amy Gross

Chris Corrie

2018 Grand Award: Fabu-WALL-ous Solutions You would never know this warm, inviting wine room and bar used to be a concrete TK word word word word word word word “box”—a vault and safe room. Read about word word word word word word word word this Fabu-WALL-ous Solutions project and word word word word word word word word other renovations in the 2019 Remodelers word word word word word word word Showcase beginning on page 28. word word

26 2019 Excellence in Remodeling Entries 26 2018 Excellence in Remodeling Recipients 28 2019 REMODELERS SHOWCASE 39 Advertisers

Countertops • Kitchens • Backsplashes • Cabinets • Designer Barn Doors

Showers • Fireplaces • Feature Walls • Vanities • Bars • Wine Racks

Providing Kitchen and Bath Solutions from Simple to Extravagant! Offering Unique Thin Natural Stone Panels Creative Countertops & More, LLC 7908 Ranchitos Loop NE | Albuquerque, NM 87113 505.814.5354 |



A Letter from the President of the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association

Well, it’s 2019, and a new generation of leadership has risen to the challenge of running successful businesses, while also leading the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association (SFAHBA) into its next chapter. We have said goodbye to the legacy of our longtime friend, former Executive Officer Kim Shanahan. Thank you, Kim, for all that you have done to solidify our reputation within the local community and at the state level, and Brandon Snoy with the progressive works we have accomplished together on a national level. We will miss you, but know we’ll see you again and wish you great success in your future endeavors. SFAHBA has also seen a lot of change throughout our diverse community of Builder and Associate Members over the past year. Some of our esteemed tradespeople and vendors have sold their businesses and passed torches onto a new generation. It’s no small task to take over the reins of a successful business and to continue to deliver our communities with the quality craftmanship, customer service, and care that the builders and vendors before us have demonstrated over previous generations. Membership has its advantages! Being a member of the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association allows businesses to bridge the divide between other members and encourages them to call upon and learn from one another. I think this is part of what makes membership at SFAHBA so unique and so powerful. We know that healthy competition is vital to our sector; it challenges us all to push the envelope and continually grow. As a builder member, I appreciate the relationships I have developed over the years and know I can call upon other members when I have questions or would like another perspective. This year marks the 31st year of Northern New Mexico’s most successful Home Show, which is sure to surprise you with the most cutting-edge technologies in building innovation and home remodeling. As this year’s SFAHBA Board President, I am pleased to welcome you and look forward to seeing you at the show! Brandon Snoy Palo Santo Designs President, Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association On the cover:

Warm, comfortable, and newly appointed with classic New Mexico–style features and modern conveniences, a Santa Fe home that was treated to a Whole House remodel earned Fabu-WALL-ous Solutions the 2018 Grand Award for Excellence in Remodeling. Read more about this extraordinary project on page 24. Cover photograph by Chris Corrie.



2019 Board of Directors Executive Committee President Brandon Snoy

Secretary Megan Herrera

First Vice President Jason Rogers

Treasurer Ray Gee

Second Vice President Ted Chagaris

Immediate Past President Scott Cherry

Associate Vice President Matthew Segura Board of Directors Harmon Burttram, Chuck Caswell, Bill Deuschle, Leslie Gallatin-Giorgetti, Laura Gallegos, Joe Gammon, Rob Gibbs, Mark Giorgetti, Michael Latting, Emily Mascarenas, Bret McClanahan, Valerie Montoya, Wayne Nichols, Raul Rodriguez, Bill Roth, Ted Swisher, Bruce Thompson, Scott Wong. SFAHBA General Counsel & Ex-Officio: Jack Hiatt. Staff Executive Officer Katherine Crociata Administrative Manager Jackie Gonzales Communication & Event Specialist Lauren Sauvageot

The Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association 2520 Camino Entrada #B Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507 505-982-1774 • fax 505-982-0238


Managing Editor

Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association

Amy Gross

President, Bella Media Group

Art/Production Director

Bruce Adams

B.Y. Cooper

Associate Publisher

Graphic Design

David Wilkinson

Sonja Berthrong, Valérie Herndon

Magazine Committee


Brandon Snoy, Jason Rogers, Lauren Sauvageot

Sarah Eddy, Diego Muñoz


Haciendas magazine is provided by the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association (SFAHBA, Every effort was made to ensure accuracy in the information provided. The association and the publisher assume no responsibility or liability for errors, omissions, or changes. SFAHBA is a trade association that offers opportunities for its members to display their products and services. We make no representation, expressed or implied, regarding the qualifications of our members and/or advertisers or the quality of their products and services, but we invite you to examine them for yourself. Bella Media Group Pacheco Park, 1512 Pacheco Street, Suite D-105, Santa Fe, NM 87505, 505-983-1444. Send editorial queries to This is the official 2019 Resource Guide for the 2019 Santa Fe Home Show & Remodelers Showcase. Request single copies ($15 + S&H) at © 2019 Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without written permission by the publisher is strictly prohibited.

2019 Events SFAHBA Golf Tournament June 20 Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe will host our annual fun day of golf with SFAHBA members and friends. Considered one of the most beautiful public courses in New Mexico, Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe is the perfect venue for a four-person scramble. The shotgun start begins at 9 am, giving you plenty of time to hit a few balls on the driving range or join us for a breakfast burrito. We have cash prizes for first, second, and third place finishers, but we sell unlimited mulligans, which means everyone has a chance to win big. The day of fun is not restricted to SFAHBA members, of course, so call Lauren at 505-982-1774 to form a team or find out about sponsorship opportunities. Join us for a great day of fun and relaxation with your friends at SFAHBA. Haciendas—A Parade of Homes August 9–11 and 16–18 The Southwest’s premier home tour is a must-see event and a highlight of Santa Fe’s summer season. Santa Fe style has become iconic over the years, and many people dream of owning a place in our beautiful community. The chance to meet and talk with builders and see their outstanding work is what makes the tour so popular. The tour is self-driven, and houses are available to tour over two weekends. Tickets are only $15, available at the homes on the tour and online. This year we will once again invite the St. Michaels High School girls basketball team to sell tickets at the homes. In 2018 we donated over $5,000 to their booster club for their great volunteer efforts. Visit for more details. Monthly Lunches for Builders and Remodelers: Networking and Education Our move to Santa Fe’s southside in 2016 more than doubled our office footprint, which provided for a great space for luncheons and other activities. Now able to seat up to 75, our room hosts many events beyond our regular monthly builderfocused luncheons. In the recent political season, it’s been a great venue to engage candidates on issues of importance to Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico, especially home-building issues. We have also been proud to establish ourselves on the burgeoning southside of Santa Fe and to see our presence appreciated by that community.




Lunches are open to members for $15 and to non-members for $20. Call Lauren Sauvageot at 505-982-1774 to reserve a place, or contact her at to join SFAHBA’s email contact list. For a list of upcoming topics, check the calendar page at, and discover monthly lunch sponsorships that are available at


1512 Pacheco Street, Suite D101, Santa Fe

505.988.4111 .

THE 2019 SANTA FE HOME SHOW: MARCH 9–10 Saturday 10–5 • Sunday 10–4 • Santa Fe Community Convention Center

Welcome to the 31st Annual Santa Fe Home Show! Are you building your dream home, remodeling, or simply trying to improve everyday New Mexico living at your abode? Well, don’t go online for some impersonal price quotes and emailed propaganda. As this year’s chair of the Santa Fe Home Show, I invite you to come meet, see, and touch—in person—what Santa Fe area contractors and trades have to offer! Our city has some of the best contractors and trade Jason Rogers resources anywhere, so keep your money in the local economy and meet some fellow Santa Feans who benefit along with you as you beautify your home. The Santa Fe Home Show is Northern New Mexico’s largest and grandest home show featuring the elite of Santa Fe builders, remodelers, suppliers, and trade contractors. Spend a day at the downtown Santa Fe Community Convention Center with easy parking, a food court, and a ballroom filled with over 60 booths staffed with experts showing and demonstrating their wares and services. Every one of them participates with the goal of making your dream home a reality. You may even get lucky and pick up a major discount or freebie as many of the booths hold raffles and drawings for prizes. This isn’t just fun for adults! Bring the entire family, especially your favorite young aspiring contractor, who can enter the LEGO® build design contest in the lobby! Afterward, enjoy a short walk to the downtown Plaza and see all the attractions there. As you can see, the Santa Fe Home Show has something for everyone. Get out of the house, get to the show, and join your community. I’m certain you’ll be inspired and motivated to make your house a Santa Fe home to be proud of. See you there! Jason Rogers Sierra West Sales First Vice President & Home Show Chair Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association

SANTA FE HOME SHOW COMMITTEE Jason Rogers, Chair; Bruce Adams, Ted Chagaris, Ken Dettelbach, Chris Fortson, Laura Gallegos, Jackie Gonzales, Jack Hiatt, Greg Hendrix, Diego Muñoz, Lisa Muñoz, Luci Osaki, Lauren Sauvageot, Saguna Severson, Kim Shanahan, Brandon Snoy, Bob Wheeler 12


Home Show

Exhibitors Exhibitor

Booth #

Accent Southwest Windows & Doors 16 Action Glass & Mirror 66 Alchemy Lights 64 Builders FirstSource 4 Builders Source Appliance Gallery 36 CAS Enterprises, Inc. 5–6 Champion Windows & Home Exteriors 20–21 City of Santa Fe Water Department 90 ClearOvations 37–38 Comfort Doctor 23–24 Counter Intelligence / H and S Craftsmen and The Stone Collection 26–27, 34–35 Custom Window Coverings 39, 47 Dahl Plumbing of Santa Fe 55 Del Norte Credit Union 49 Double Diamond Epoxy 9 Dreamstyle Remodeling 42–44 Fabu-WALL-ous Solutions LLC 46, 54 Garage Experts 75 Habitat for Humanity 1 Habitats 4 Humans / Residential Plans 94 HB & Son Inc. 31 ICF for PNM & NMGC 50–51 ICF Warehouse 12 Innovation Painting 65 Inspired Living Design 17 Joseph Custom Homes 67 Kitchen Craft 74 Lowe’s 40 McPartlon Roofing 25 Millers Inc. 58 Monte Sereno–Los Panoramas 45 Nhance 32–33 Overhead Door of Santa Fe 71 Pella Windows & Doors 72–73 Petroglyph Home Organizing Solutions 61 Positive Energy Solar 14, 22 Poulin Design Remodeling 78, 84–86 Reliable Tech 48 Reliant Capital LLC 87 Roadrunner Air Conditioning & Heating 62, 70 Salazar Heating, Cooling & Plumbing 59–60 Santa Fe New Mexican 79 Santa Fe Stucco & Roofing 56–57 Sit Means Sit 63 Sol Luna Solar 28–29 Southwest Greens NM/El Paso 2–3 Southwest Spray Foam & Roofing 92–93 Sunwest Construction Specialties 7, 15 Tesuque Stucco Company 76–77 The Firebird 52–53 The Home Construction Doctor, LLC 30 Truly Nolen Pest Control 68–69 Tuff Shed 10–11 Views Landscapes of Distinction 18–19 Villanueva Granite 13

THE 2019 SANTA FE remodelers council 2019 Santa Fe Remodelers Council Arpad Builders, LLC Builders Source Appliance Gallery Campbell and Steele LLC Campbell Rhea Construction LLC Century Bank Custom Window Coverings Dahl Plumbing of Santa Fe Del Norte Credit Union Fabu-WALL-ous Solutions, LLC Green Building Associates Lightfoot Inc. Marvin Design Gallery Miller’s Insulation

Odai Design + Construct Pacific Mutual Door & Window Palo Santo Designs, LLC ParexUSA Pella Windows & Doors Pompei’s Home Remodeling, Inc. Rich Duran Plumbing & Heating Southwest Spray Foam & Roofing Sunwest Construction Specialties Inc. Terraplen Architects Triple M Roofing LLC Views Landscapes of Distinction Western Sunrise Construction Co.

2019 Remodelers Showcase Sponsors JESS PRESTON

Century Bank Custom Window Coverings, Ltd. Fabu-WALL-ous Solutions, LLC Palo Santo Designs LLC Sherpa Stone



Above: Homeowners looking for cabinetry and countertop options had plenty to explore at the spacious Counter Intelligence / H and S Craftsmen booth at the 2018 Home Show.


Platinum sponsor

2019 sponsors

Century Bank

Century Bank has been serving the Great State of New Mexico since 1887 and is a locally owned, state chartered, full service community bank. Century Bank is proud to support New Mexico’s financial needs with commercial and small business loans, consumer loans, deposit products, wealth management, and trust and asset management services. We also offer a full range of electronic banking, mobile banking, and treasury management products. Century is proud of our commitment to the people and communities of New Mexico. We support our communities with philanthropic efforts, lending money back into our communities, and helping New Mexicans with all of their financial needs. With a vision of being New Mexico’s community bank, Century currently has locations in Santa Fe, Española, Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Rio Rancho. With local board members and over 170 employees, Century Bank is honored to be a part of New Mexico’s heritage.


GOLD sponsor

SunPower® by Positive Energy Solar

SunPower® by Positive Energy Solar is an employee-owned local residential and commercial solar company. For over 20 years, our solar experts have been providing the highest quality panels and service, providing maximum long-term value. With more than 2,000 installations, the most certified solar professionals in the state, easy financing options, and A+ customer reviews, SunPower by Positive Energy Solar is New Mexico’s leading residential and commercial solar installer. Learn why ‘It Pays to be Positive,’ and call us today for a FREE QUOTE! 505-908-9578,


2019 sponsors OUR

SILVER sponsors

Please join us in extending a warm thank you to the sponsors of the 2019 Santa Fe Home Show. These sponsors are vital to the success of our event, as each contributes time and financial assistance that makes The Home Show one of the year’s most exciting opportunities for home buyers, builders, designers, architects, and remodelers.

Tesuque Stucco Company

Destination Dahl

Whether designing your custom home, remodeling a kitchen, or creating a unique bathing experience or outdoor living area, Dahl Santa Fe’s 6,500-square-foot showroom will meet your needs. 505-471-1811,

Sierra West Sales

We pride ourselves in our process. Just like artists, our stucco craftsmen see your home as their canvas. Tesuque Stucco Company — The Art of Stucco. 505-982-5530,

High end, luxury appliance brands, a beautiful showroom, and knowledgeable sales staff set Sierra West Sales apart. Visit us and complete your new kitchen with the highest quality appliances available. 505-471-6742,


Cocktail reception sponsorS





2019 sponsors



MEDIA sponsors

Northern New Mexico


inspiration ideas resources


s u c i s o f you! r u O

Remodeling - Re-vitalization Structural Remediation Historic Restoration - Exterior Spaces Custom New Homes & Design

1925 Rosina Street, Suite B, Santa Fe, NM 505 982 9699

By Diego Muñoz

Is a HELOC Right for You?


Tapping into your home value offers financial freedom

hether you’re looking to cover a planned home improvement project or simply need peace of mind for unexpected expenses, a HELOC is a low-cost solution for any homeowner. So what exactly is a HELOC? A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is a revolving line of credit using your home as collateral. Most financial institutions offer HELOCs, each providing different types of repayment. Typically, the initial portion of your HELOC is a draw period, which means you can access your funds as a revolving line of credit. Most credit cards operate the same way, but with higher interest rates. When the draw period is over, the outstanding balance is converted into the repayment phase. Though HELOCs are not restricted to real estate needs, they are excellent financing options for major home repairs, upgrades, and remodeling projects, as such projects add value to your property and make long-term financial sense. Additionally, the interest on your loan may be tax-deductible if the money is used for a substantial home improvement. Lisa Muñoz (no relation to the author of this article) is a mortgage lender at Del Norte Credit Union. “DNCU offers a HELOC product that many members can apply and be approved for without ordering an appraisal of your home,” she says, noting that this process makes it fast and convenient for any homeowner to start their home improvement project and have access to funds in a timely manner. According to Muñoz, DNCU, like most financial institutions, offers an application process online as well as at brick-and-mortar locations.

For those who are looking for security for those unexpected expenses that come with homeownership, HELOCs provide a proactive option, contrasting regular credit card debt by offering lower interest rates and higher credit limits. “Some members apply for HELOCs to help with their kids’ college educational expenses,” Muñoz says. “And that relates to many of us.”

HELOCs are excellent financing options for major home repairs, upgrades, and remodeling projects, as such projects add value to your property and make long-term financial sense. The possibilities are endless. Whether it’s a bathroom renovation, new roof, landscaping—or simply security and piece of mind—the equity you already have in your home can work for you, and a HELOC may be the answer. Remember that terms and conditions may vary depending on the lender and/or the product. If you are considering a HELOC, do your research to find low- or no-closing cost options, low introductory or promotional interest rates, and flexibility.

Eye on the Outdoors

By Sarah Eddy


Considering a remodel? Change up your landscaping.



Above: Long and narrow, a Santa Fe backyard was transformed by Views Landscapes of Distinction through the incorporation of outdoor sculpture and art, water-friendly grass, and a play on the lot’s established geometries.

Trees are the biggest water consumers in most landscapes, but Living Water Irrigation and Landscape installs cisterns and rain catchment systems that can make lush yards like this one in Santa Fe more eco-friendly.

charles mann


hen they hear the word “remodel,” most people think of new kitchens, refinished floors, custom cabinets, and bathrooms made to feel like spas. When it comes to refreshing your space, however, a landscaping remodel can be just as significant as interior work. There are numerous reasons to consider revamping your front, back, or side yard. For one, an improved design can change the way you experience your home landscape year-round by incorporating seasonal interest pieces. Another incentive is to take advantage of the incredible outdoor living and entertaining opportunities offered in Santa Fe during warm weather. Even if you’re not into barbecuing, consider that converting landscaping from a high-maintenance design to something lower-maintenance can cut your water bill and save you time on yard work. “Sometimes people are just ready for a change,” says Phillip Madrid, owner of Desert Rose Landscape and Maintenance (desertroselandscape. com). “They’re retired and they want to travel more; they don’t want to concentrate on the yard. A lot of what we’ve done is pulled out lawns because people are saying, ‘I’m tired of paying water bills.’” Landscaping consists of two main elements: softscape (the soil and plant life), and hardscape (the non-living elements such as rocks, pathways, patios, and water features). For simplicity’s sake, Madrid says, some people ask for a minimalistic softscape, but he notes that a beautiful landscape is still achievable within those parameters. “A lot of people say, ‘Just put gravel and let’s call it done,’ and to them, that’s simple,” Madrid explains. “But you don’t want to have a parking lot for a front yard. Don’t just have gravel; use a combination of gravel, let’s say two colors of gravel, and in another area, some bark mulch. Within the gravel we can put in some shrubs. And that’s a clean, very simple look.”


A top-notch landscape incorporates elements that provide year-round visual interest, from flowers that bloom in the spring to evergreens and ornamental grasses that stick around throughout the winter. According to Brian Romero, owner of Views Landscapes of Distinction (, having an interesting outdoor landscape can change the way you experience your indoor space. “My goal is to always incorporate and meld so there’s a sort of cohesiveness between the interior design and architecture and the outside—most importantly, views,” he says. “For the views that may exist, I tell people I can help meld into that. And if you don’t have a view, I can create one.” Perhaps the most important reason to consider a landscape remodel is to minimize yard maintenance and cut back on water usage. Living Water Irrigation and Landscape ( installs cisterns and rain catchment systems, but if you’re not ready to take that step, owner Mark Brotton says switching to native and xeric plants can make a big difference. “I use native and drought-tolerant plants first,” Brotton says. “I’m encouraging clients, especially those from out of state, to stay away from sod or lawns. If I do put in a lawn, I’ll put in a blue grama lawn. That’s a native grass lawn so you only need to water twice a week instead of every day.” As you contemplate your landscape remodeling project, don’t forget the importance of planning ahead.

Above: Desert Rose Landscape and Maintenance updated this backyard by rebuilding, widening, and curving the raised flower bed and adding a flagstone path that mimics the bed’s curves. A new irrigation system now waters the xeric plants and cactus, and a formerly non-working water feature flows once more. With well-placed illumination throughout, the yard looks as lovely in the evening as during the day.

Landscaping companies may be booked anywhere from several weeks to several months ahead, especially during the summer. “Keep in mind the value of a beautiful yard and landscape with the total package of a house,” Romero says. “If you’ve been struggling with an older landscape, a lot of what we can do is prioritize what in the landscape is of worth and what maybe should go to ease maintenance and water consumption, and what we could do in its place to tie it all together and give it a design and a purpose.”


By Amy Gross

DIY Gone Wrong When home improvement projects don’t go as planned, who you gonna call?


t seemed like such a great idea in your head. You had a vision, did your research, shopped wisely, and had a no-fail plan for your home improvement project. And yet, it did fail. You’re not alone. A recent survey by ImproveNet followed up with 2,000 Americans who experienced a do-it-yourself project-turned-disaster. The reasons why the DIYers were dissatisfied varied, but respondents most often cited their projects being physically or technically harder than they had expected, taking longer than expected, costing more, actually causing damage, or injuring the person attempting the project. Ouch. In many cases, the individual simply hated the results. Why did people decide to go it themselves rather than hire a pro? More than half said it was to save money; others cited wanting to challenge themselves or take on a project “for fun,” and to ensure the project “was done right.” The humbling truth, however, suggests that most DIY projects run more than two times over the projected budget; that 55% of people were disappointed with their project because it didn’t look good; and that one in three people had to call in a professional anyway to fix or completely redo their failed project. Twenty-four percent of DIYers admitted their “improvement” didn’t function well, and 21% conceded it didn’t hold up over time.

The humbling truth suggests that most DIY projects run more than two times over the projected budget and that one in three people have to call in a professional to fix or completely redo their failed project. Of those surveyed, some of the more popular attempted DIY projects included interior painting; adding trees and shrubs; installing floor tiles; installing kitchen or bath fixtures; building furniture; and installing hardwood or carpet floor. The top 10 most regretted projects undertaken? In order: installing floor tiles, replacing a ceiling, refinishing a hardwood floor, installing carpet, finishing a basement, installing hardwood flooring, refinishing cabinetry, installing sprinklers, installing a shower or bath, and interior painting. If you’re thinking the DIYers surveyed simply waded into their projects without a clue, you’d be wrong. The average DIYer actually spent six hours on average researching before, during, and after their project—but is that enough, especially for a complicated project such as electrical or plumbing work? Respondents cited YouTube videos, home improvement websites, and TV shows as resources for their research, along with talking to friends, family members, and store clerks. Eventually, one-third of them ended up talking to the folks they probably should have in the first place: licensed contractors, certified electricians and plumbers, flooring and tile experts, experienced painters, and other home building professionals. If you’ve been thinking about tackling a home improvement project on your own, consider reaching out to someone more experienced—first. Visit the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association at and click on the “Find a Pro” button. Or stop by the SFAHBA offices and pick up a copy of the 2019–2020 SFAHBA Membership Directory. 22


Q: have you

ever been called in to fix a DIY fail? Members of the Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association members weigh in.

SOLAR “Unfortunately, failed DIY projects are very prevalent in the solar industry. Many people will buy their own equipment and try to implement solar themselves, against our recommendations. Then they find they cannot get the proper interconnection with the utility or the permits, and ask us to pull permits under our name for them. We won’t do this. Ultimately the homeowner gets stuck with a project they cannot complete on their own, which ends up costing them significantly more because often the entire system needs to be removed and installed by a solar contractor (in order to warranty the work and have proper paperwork). I appreciate that for many people, solar is seen a statement of independence, and thus they want to truly be DIY. But it is critical to work with a professional due to the backfeeding of energy to the grid.”

Christopher Fortson, SunPower by Positive Energy Solar SECURITY “Security products like video doorbells are easy to buy and always seem like a good idea to homeowners—until they have issues connecting them. Then when they need to reach out for tech or installation support, they discover that getting in touch with a live person at those manufacturing companies is not easy. When we have to come in and deal with the issue, I’m reminded that these products are mass-produced—but houses are not. Each house is different. Hire a pro to install security, surveillance, and smart home technology.”

Leonard Pascual, A Sound Look ROOFING “One of the biggest DIY disasters we come across is when a homeowner decides to ‘fix’ his flat or gravel roof using liquid tar, a product you can buy in a supply store in 5-gallon buckets. They think it’s some kind of one-time, fix-all sealant, but it’s not. It’s oily and messy, and designed to be applied in layers; with each layer taking several weeks to months to fully dry. The tar gets everywhere—it drips down canales onto stucco, and literally jumps out of the can and gets all over you. We’re often called in to try to remove it, but how do you lift a black, gooey liquid onto tarps? The mess is unbelievable, and if we never saw it again, we’d be very happy!”

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By Amy Gross

Photographs by Chris Corrie

As part of an evolving renovation, new divided light French doors and windows in the cozy den face the mountains and let in tons of natural light. The brick floors, also new, are in character with the hacienda feel of the house and property.

Timeless Elegance


An expansive renovation by Fabu-WALL-ous Solutions modernizes a Santa Fe home with reverence for its Southwestern heritage

urrounded by 100-year-old cottonwoods on a sprawling property, Beth and Bob’s Southwestern home is beautifully private and captures mountain views from several angles. And now, thanks to a comprehensive— and Grand Award–winning— remodel by Fabu-WALL-ous Solutions, it’s also updated for modern living and sharing with lucky guests. In fact, it was a scheduled visit by some friends from Australia that provided the real impetus for the project—though it certainly wasn’t a linear process. Lacking a clear design from the outset,



the remodel eventually unfolded in fits and starts, the scope expanding exponentially. “Initially Beth was only interested in remodeling the master bath, the laundry room, and painting everything,” says FabuWALL-ous partner Bill Deuschle. “Bob kept pushing for a few more things, and eventually they agreed to really do things right.” Trains pass regularly over a trestle easily visible from the house, and with mountains just beyond, the effect is dreamy and decidedly Old West. “The whole property is truly magical,” says Deuschle. “Even though it was only built in the 1980s, the place

Compact but efficient, the new kitchen is a warm fusion of traditional materials and modern amenities. The earthy soapstone and wood countertops balance metals in the space, while a new skylight above the T-shaped island brightens and opens it up visually.

looks and feels like an old hacienda. Beth loved the feel and fabric of what was there and wanted to maintain it, while updating materials.” The team fixed rot around the windows, on the roof, and in the TV room, and capitalized on ideas by Deuschle to improve the laundry space and the master bathroom, which now features a curbless, doorless walk-in shower. Gone are the mud floors, replaced with brick rather than tile as a nod to that classic Southwestern style. A budget emerged for a new kitchen, which includes a T-shaped island, a gorgeous red oven, new appliances, and new cabinets fitted, appropriately, with railroad spike hardware. Upgrades weren’t limited to the cosmetic. Fabu-WALL-ous repaired rot in the windows, the roof, and the TV room. The electrical system was rewired and the old heating and cooling systems replaced with more efficient mini-splits, but the roof couldn’t be finished until

those issues were addressed. The team raced to beat the onset of real winter weather, completing the roof just before Christmas. The kitchen came together in early spring, and the casita was done as well. The visitors from Down Under arrived in April to a freshly completed home, and it was a testament to Fabu-WALL-ous’s professionalism that they couldn’t tell how close a shave it was. “This job was a thrill—a rollercoaster ride where we were screaming all the way down!” laughs Deuschle. “It was really a ‘work in progress’ from the start to the finish.” If the project itself was a bit of a mad rush, the result is an elegant fusion of classic and contemporary materials and finishes, a home that feels like everything came together effortlessly. “It’s so warm and light now,” Deuschle says of the renovated hacienda. “It really embraces you.” A sculptural kiva fireplace, viga and latilla ceilings, and brick floors set the stage for the homeowners’ collection of Southwestern-style furnishings, art, and textiles.

The master bath now features a curbless, doorless shower and lovely Talavera tile sinks and accents.


2019 Excellence in Remodeling Entries 1 FABU-WALL-OUS SOLUTIONS

Bathroom Remodel

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Whole House Remodel

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Kitchen Remodel page 32


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Historic Renovation page 36

7 THE HOME CONSTRUCTION DOCTOR Kitchen Remodel page 38


2018 Excellence in Remodeling Recipients!



Chris Corrie


The scope of renovation of a Southside residence and casita (left) unfolded and expanded enormously over several months. Handily completing the remodel in time for expected visitors, Fabu-WALL-ous Solutions made their clients very happy and earned the 2018 Grand Award. Below: Fabu-WALLous superintendent Alan Manzanares (center) and co-owners Chuck Caswell (left) and Bill Deuschle with their Excellence in Remodeling Grand Award.



Above, top: Tasked with converting a long, narrow yard into an intriguing outdoor space, Views Landscapes of Distinction capitalized on the area’s natural boundaries by accentuating its angular geometries with contrasting vertical arrangements. A gleaming spherical water feature added another geometric perspective. Inset: Views owner Brian Romero accepts the Excellence in Remodeling Award in the category of Outdoor Living Space from (left to right) former SFAHBA Executive Officer Kim Shanahan, City Councilor Signe Lindell, and Eluid Herrera of Counter Intelligence/ H and S Craftsmen.

Above: When a new business venture called for updated offices, Modern Design+Construction delivered for their clients, earning an Excellence in Remodeling Award for this amazing Commercial Renovation. The formerly outdated Southwestern-style building underwent a gut remodel inside and out and now features contemporary architecture (including a row of distinctive “marching” columns in front), new mechanical and electrical systems, and much more.

Bathroom Remodel


After working with Fab-WALL-ous Solutions for many years on other projects, these homeowners decided it was time to update their master bathroom into a cleaner and more open space. Walls were removed to de-compartmentalize the dark space and take advantage of light coming through corner windows. Two vanities became one. The new vanity is sleek and clean with a Talavera tile backsplash, honed quartz countertop, custom mirror, and piano-hinged medicine cabinets with built-in electrical outlets installed above the double sinks. A freestanding sculpted tub is a focal point, resting on top of flagstone arranged in a serpentine pattern. Clean, softly modern, and adapted to the existing design, this exquisite bath exemplifies a fusion of contemporary and Southwest aesthetics.



Chris Corrie

Southwest, Meet Contemporary

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whole house remodel


Though they strongly desired to preserve the history of the old Palace Avenue home, its new owners also wanted to impart their modernist architectural sensibilities into the property during a comprehensive renovation by Tierra Concepts. The original part of the house dated to 1889, but the property had become a jumble of interconnected rooms over the years. Many treasures, such as near-perfect vigas hidden for over a century by two commercial drop ceilings, were revealed during the renovation, which created 30


hallways and brought in natural light through new windows and skylights. Classic New Mexico building materials—wood floors, hard-troweled plaster walls, and a massive concrete retaining wall—were used in a contemporary, contextual manner, even as they helped maintain the historic feel of the home. Walking from the oldest (front) part of the house to the farthest, where a new addition became the modern master bathroom, one literally walks through the ages, covering 130 years in mere steps.

Wendy mceahern

Through the Ages

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KITCHEN remodel


Though it wasn’t dated, this formerly white, black, and gray kitchen lacked warmth, and its owners were eager to infuse a number of items from a detailed “wish list” to increase its functionality. Without changing the footprint of the space, D Maahs Construction replaced the old cabinets with rift-cut oak slab versions which, along with a veined soapstone backsplash, immediately created a feeling of comfort and lent a sleek, contemporary feel to the Santa Fe–style space. The wish list included underlighting the cabinets, redesigning the cabinet interiors, and outfitting them with spice racks and other specialty features. There’s a nifty stand mixer pop-up built into the new steel island, which is electrified for easier prep work. Fitting an off-centered duct pipe into a new, flared hood shroud without having to do roof repairs proved to be a bit of a challenge, but the DMC team accomplished it handily, along with making their clients’ wishes come true. 32


douglas maahs

Wishing on a New Design

Design Cabinetry Remodel

continued from page 22 Brian McPartlon, McPartlon Roofing “In addition to tar and mastics, various coatings, such as acrylic and silicone, are marketed as solutions to repair a roofing system. The thing is, these systems are not actually considered to be ‘roofing systems’ and require specific conditions and prep work that the typical homeowner is not aware of. The product label will often contain warranty information that promises 10, 15, or even 50 years; however, the small print explains the prep work required to receive these warranties—one of which is the installer must be certified by the manufacturer! In some cases applying material over the top of an existing system can actually make the problem worse and may be a direct violation of code, leaving the homeowner liable if the home is sold after the repairs.” 

Matthew Segura, Southwest Spray Foam & Roofing

VETTING “PROS” “We’re often called in to fix issues that happened because homeowners hired contractors who were inexperienced with specialty areas, or took shortcuts. It’s a shame because the owners tried to the do the right thing by hiring a ‘professional,’ but speaking from experience it’s really hard to vet construction workers. The areas we most often have to repair are electrical, plumbing, and floor installation—and even we call in certified professionals to take care of those things.”

Bill Deuschle, Fabu-WALL-ous Solutions


unique feature


What started as one family’s sizeable safe room turned into another’s unique and purposely designed social space—and the changes could not have been more dramatic. Fabu-WALL-ous Solutions converted a vault/safe room constructed with 8-inch concrete block walls and 5-inch reinforced concrete ceiling and floors into a more functional bar and wine room. The team fabricated and installed a structural steel framework to support the existing concrete ceiling; a portion of the concrete block wall was replaced with arched solid mahogany double doors; and a part of the ceiling was carved out to accommodate the opening and closing of the doors. An aesthetically pleasing bar area is now in place with cabinetry, a sink, shelving, lighting, and white oak flooring over the existing concrete floor. A formerly cold and sterile space was completely transformed into a room that now encourages conversation, fellowship, and good cheer. 34


Chris Corrie

Out of the Box


Bathing Beauty

Ray Padilla-Hernandez

bathroom remodel

As part of a comprehensive whole-house remodel, a dated master bathroom was elegantly transformed into a feminine retreat with modern, solid-surface materials and finishes in a design-build collaboration between Core Value Interiors and Modern Design+Construction. Taking advantage of the skylight and window already in place, the team removed the dark, walled shower, replacing it with a frameless, glassenclosed shower to bring in natural light. A soft, soothing palette of warm and cool grays in the walls, cabinetry, and ceiling enhances the interesting herringbone pattern of the faux marble (porcelain) floor and shower tile, as well as the distinctive marble veining of the quartz countertops. A gorgeous freestanding tub is now a focal point, its oval shape echoing in the vanity mirrors and double sinks. Completing the transformation are LED lights, brushed nickel fixtures and hardware, and open shelving that shows off the homeowner’s treasured collection of silver and shells.




Built between 1923 and 1926, the Eastside residence known affectionately as “The Rock House” is a slice of Santa Fe and New Mexico history that its current owners, who bought it in 1992, have worked hard to preserve. Building Adventures Unlimited, which works almost exclusively on Eastside historic homes, was called in to build a master wing addition. To build onto the home, the team had to match rock from 1923, while also meeting current codes. Concrete walls were also built to insulate and provide structure to the house, and the beautiful, rock-framed and arched windows that were part of the original house had to be reglazed for insulation. The new addition includes a spacious, modern master suite that’s tied to a gallery wing. It took some time to get through the Historic Districts Review Board’s stringent requirements for renovations to a contributing home, but the result was worth it: a cohesive, seamless blending of old and new. 36


chris corrie

The Rock House

Let the Adventure begin...

As artisan craftsmen we pride ourselves in creating the finest homes in the Southwest. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with decades of experience inrenovating, remodeling, and building in Santa Fe.

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Kitchen Remodel


Built in 1968 and virtually unchanged since then, this kitchen was something out of a time capsule: faux wood cabinets, Formica counters, linoleum floors, hollow core doors. Upon inheriting the house, and on a limited budget, its new owner decided to kick off a room-by-room renovation with the kitchen, and called in The Home Construction Doctor—not only to rebuild the space, but also for design advice. Closing off an extra doorway but reshaping an archway to the dining room allowed the team to add cabinetry to the small space without actually changing the footprint. The clean, white cabinets pair beautifully with medium gray quartz countertops, light gray walls, and large-format beige floor tiles that add just the right amount of color and warmth. Also new are the stainless steel appliances, recessed lighting, under-cabinet lights, and bifold closet doors. With a fresh new look and ambience, this old kitchen is enjoying a new lease on life. 38


The Home Construction Doctor, LLC. German Quality Remodeling, Renovation & Custom Building

Julie Feldman

Advice Well Taken

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