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Opening Weekend March 23-25, 2012


Only at the Tom Noble, Winter, watercolor, 26 x 26"

Tom Noble: Somewhere in Time, Ventana Fine Art 400 Canyon, 505-983-8815, December 10–31, reception December 10, 5–7 pm This solo exhibition features new watercolors by Taos artist Tom Noble, a recent recipient of the New Mexico Governor’s Award for Excellence in Art. Noble’s studied naïve style and crayon-box colors reflect the rich culture and drama of the area’s rugged landscape and way of life.—Elizabeth Lake

Arizona’s Most Western Museum

Lynn Boggess, 22 April 2011, oil on canvas, 46 x 40"

Lynn Boggess: Sense of Place EVOKE Contemporary, 130 Lincoln 505-995-9902, December 2–31, reception December 2, 5–7 pm New oil landscapes by Lynn Boggess, made with cement trowels instead of brushes, demonstrate the West Virginia artist’s knack for conveying the dynamism and warmth of nature—as well as for inspiring awe and contemplation—with his trademark plein-air technique. Boggess has said that painting outdoors is key to his capturing a “sense of place and time” and, indeed, his paintings are so strikingly real and familiar that, as a viewer, it’s easy to feel that you’re part of the landscape he’s depicting.—Amy Hegarty

Exhibition & Sales runs through May 6, 2012 Scott MacLaren, Arroyo Reflection, archival ink-jet print, 12 x 12"

Victoria Taylor-Gore, Sky Through the Window, pastel, 11 x 15"

Pedro Surroca + Scott MacLaren: Relationships: Earth & Sky Arroyo, 200 Canyon, 505-988-1002, December 2–January 4, reception December 2, 5–7 pm Painter Pedro Surroca uses formal techniques to depict contemporary subject matter, while photographer Scott MacLaren’s approach to digital photography is bereft of technical manipulation. In this joint show, the artists display classic landscapes that are at once complementary and independent, both in format and subject matter.—Samantha Schwirck

Victoria Taylor-Gore + Daniel Bayless: Colors of Our Life, Alexandra Stevens Gallery of Fine Art, 820 Canyon 505-988-1311,, December 24–January 31, reception December 24, 5:30–7:30 pm Victoria Taylor-Gore’s mysterious pastels of deconstructed suburban architecture and landscapes hold the voyeur’s eye—be it to comprehend the distorted plains and graphic forms of her sparse vignettes crafted by buttery transitions of bold color, or to grasp the otherworldly mood emanating from the seemingly simple content. From a Wolf-Kahn-meets-Hopper oeuvre, Daniel Bayless’s precious oils hark back to 19th-century impressionist sensibilities in both content and study of light.—EL

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