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“While this film may not be about an amazing wave against a beautiful backdrop, it’s about an amazing table set up against a beautiful backdrop. Both make you really appreciate the environment.” —Director Patrick Trefz

boldly produced table settings in outdoor locales. Trefz calls Denevan “a conductor or a director because he curates these dinners”—a feat he’s been pulling off for 15 years as a pillar in the farm-to-table movement. Motivated to reveal how much his friend strives to push the envelope, Trefz—better known for his surf photos and films—says this time he wants to show audiences “the creative genius of Jim and the amazing depth that goes into his mind.”

‘’He challenges himself to try to make something that is totally new and not nostalgic by any means,” Trefz says. With his partner, co-producer Christie Jarvis, Trefz traveled across the country and to Canada over the past two years to capture Denevan’s mindfully created culinary affairs in action. Doing the work of a five-person crew, the two filmmakers were swamped with filming, interviewing, downloading and editing on the

Director Patrick Trefz (right) and his film's subject, farm dinner organizer Jim Denevan. Photo: Courtesy of Patrick Trefz


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Santa Cruz Waves Aug/Sept 2015 Issue 2.2  
Santa Cruz Waves Aug/Sept 2015 Issue 2.2