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X "One-hour star trails over Upper Yosemite Falls. Cars and buses drove by on the road below, illuminating the mountainside."

X "My favorite photo I've ever taken: an Ancient Bristle Cone under the Milky Way, lit up with a flashlight."

What is your favorite time of day to shoot your fine-art photography? Night photography is my favorite because you kind of know what’s going to happen but you kind of don’t. You can manipulate things with flashlights and other lights. Do you have a favorite photograph? [The above shot from Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest] is my favorite shot I’ve ever taken. Those trees are the oldest living things on Earth;

they’re called the Ancient Bristlecone Pine trees. Just being in that place is so special. You’re up at 11-12,000 feet, not a lot of people are around. That orange glow, that’s L.A., like, 300 miles way. I’m nowhere near Southern California or L.A. but you just can’t escape the glow it gives off. But it kind of helps make the shot—it shows you the mountain range there. If you look at that shot long enough, that tree looks like some crazy creature, like it’s from another planet [with] sci-fi, crazy Halloween colors. SANTA CRUZ WAVES | 79

Santa Cruz Waves Oct/Nov 2017 Issue 4.3  
Santa Cruz Waves Oct/Nov 2017 Issue 4.3