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Batteries Not Included


was watching Saturday Night Live a couple of weeks ago. Julia LouisDreyfus was the host. One of her skits was a car commercial satire that surprised the hell out of me. Why? The commercial shows Ms LouisDreyfus as the celebrity spokesperson for the Mercedes AA Class, which runs exclusively on... wait for it... AA batteries. Nine thousand, six hundred forty-eight AA batteries. Please watch this video; the visuals are priceless. They include everything from a trunkful of spares to a sensor system on the GPS console that tells you when the batteries are dying, all the way to the closing line of “batteries not included.” Then why was I so surprised? Well, the spoof doesn’t necessarily show electric vehicles (EVs) in a purely positive light. But the show is all about satire, right? Right. But happily, Ms Louis-Dreyfus is a Santa Barbara resident; though originally from the East Coast, her husband, Brad Hall, grew up here, and they are both very active and involved in our community. Her most visible support goes to Heal the Ocean. She also seems informed of the challenges of new technologies; she and her husband own a Montecito beach house that was designed for the self-described “devout environmentalist” in a manner her architect David Hertz called “a complete high-end environmental correctness.” If your house was built using reclaimed or donated materials, and has rooftop photovoltaic, solar water heating, ample natural day lighting, sustainable hardwood flooring, and a thermal chimney (a retractable sunroof to draw hot air up and out of the home), you know the world of reduce, reuse, recycle. What? An environmental activist participating in a piece showing potential limitations of a popular green technology? That’s why I love Saturday Night Live and [its] host that week. It’s not that we at SOS California don’t support green technologies. On the contrary, our education about oil and gas production speaks so much to what we are about, providing the funding necessary to build the “bridge to our renewable future.” But our education also includes the sometimes hard truths about where we are in our journey toward that future, and the challenges to implement the emerging technologies.



Alice Green Montecito (Ms Green is an environmental consultant and a member of the SOS California Board of Directors.)

Who is This Guy?

Thanks to Bob Hazard for his introduction to the two candidates running for our 1st District supervisor and to the Montecito Association for holding a candidate forum at the Montecito Union School. I learned something about the candidates, some good, some not so good. And then I received two Das Williams mailers at my home, and after considering Mr. Williams for the past few weeks I have to ask: who is this guy to tell me what he’s done for Montecito? I have served on the former Montecito Architectural Review Board, and 12 years on the Montecito Association, 2 1/2 years as president, working with our 1st District supervisor, county staff, and county supervisors from other districts to make sure Montecito’s voice was heard. I never came in contact with Das Williams except to see if he could help with Montecito’s concerns with the highway 101 expansion. “Sorry, not interested” was his answer. It’s pretty clear that he is running for Hannah-Beth Jackson’s California Senate seat when she is termed out in 2020, and he’s been raising money for that effort. Although he denied it at the Montecito Association forum, it’s a matter of record with the secretary of state. The fact is, he needs a job for the next four years; but do we need him? Das says he’s going to balance the budget, but what is he going to do about the $700-million in unfunded pension obligations at the county? He just took a $30,000 campaign contribution from the County Fire Fighter Pac, and $15,000 contribution from the Service Employees International Union, so he’s hardly motivated to solve this problem, as it means alienating his donor base; a donor base he needs to capture the Hannah-Beth Senate seat in 2020. We have great schools here in Montecito with wonderful teachers and attentive parents. As parents, we do a lot for our kids and love them very much. The kids participate in Cub Scouts or Girl Scouts, the YMCA programs and many other programs. We trust the adults that volunteer for these programs, so it’s painful to

review what Das Williams did in the Assembly when he and three other Assembly members killed a bill in the education committee that would have given local school boards greater flexibility to more easily rid themselves of teachers in cases that involved sexual misconduct. Do you think that the $30,000 campaign contribution from the teachers union had anything to do with his behavior on one such act? The crime I’m referring to is too despicable to state here, but please go to california-school-crime-bill and see Anderson Cooper’s report. Das Williams’s opponent is Jennifer Christensen, who is the Santa Barbara County investment officer responsible for managing a billion dollars of county money. She has an undergraduate degree from UCLA and an MBA and law degree from USC. Unlike Das, she has been a longtime resident of the 1st District, and I think she will do a very good job for our community. Richard Nordlund Montecito

Signs on the Road

I was on my way up San Ysidro Road on a recent morning from Jameson Lane heading toward a cuppa Joe at Pierre’s, and I kept looking to the right side of the road in order to see

the speed sign posted there: the one that lights up and tells you how fast you are going. I was just about past it before I saw it, because of some trees – olive, I think – that are blocking a clear view of the sign. At La Vereda, the sign was not visible, and it wasn’t until Monte Vista that I could see my speed dithering on the display. Really not enough time for a good assessment and adjustment, in my opinion. This is in sharp contrast to the sign above MUS that is in blazing view from way back. Perhaps a little tree trimming would solve this issue. Michael Edwards Montecito (Editor’s note: Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and to the attention presumably of the Montecito Association and County Public Works! – J.B.)

Careful out There

Wow! The speculation and guessing of nosy neighbors can ruin a person’s life. Be careful and considerate of what you stick your nose into. People buy and build all over the world to live in their space they pay for. They pay taxes just as you do and probably do

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