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Arlington Tavern supporting PossAbilities, Barbieri’s Olympic quest

C and local restaurant Arlington Tavern are teaming up in January to support Loma Linda University’s PossAbilities, the organization that is helping local athlete Andre Barbieri continue competition despite the loss of his left leg in a snowboarding accident in 2011. PossAbilities means something special to Arlington Tavern’s owner/ manager Diego Barbieri. It (along with many local businesses and community members) played a key role in helping Diego’s brother Andre on his road to recovery following his debilitating accident. To support Andre and PossAbilities, is offering $80 to spend on dinner for two at Arlington Tavern for $40, and 10% of the proceeds go to benefitting Team PossAbilities and the athletic aspirations of Andre. Learn more about this special offer and others on Andre has not only begun to overcome his loss, but in many ways has grown stronger and more resilient to life’s challenges. PossAbilities’ goal is to offer disabled individuals who were born with or have suffered a permanent physical injury a sense of community and provide activities and practical help to give them the opportunity to become valuable members of society. With the help of PossAbilities, Andre has gained access to prosthetic technology and racing equipment that has enabled him to become a shining example of courage and sheer athleticism. It was with Andre’s own perseverance and the assistance of PossAbilities that he has been able to pursue new endeavors and maintain those he has always loved doing including, walking, cycling, surfing and swimming. Where healthcare and insurance fell short, it was PossAbilities who stepped in to provide Andre with direct access to funding for equipment such as a racing bike, a running prosthetic, a cycling prosthetic, a wetsuit and resources for training and competition expenses. Andre’s life-long passion for surfing is alive and well as he still paddles out at Rincon to catch a few waves despite the challenge of balancing with one leg. His sessions are about to get a little boost with the help of PossAbilities and a Texas based company called Limbs International. Both organizations are working to provide Andre with his own surf prostheses. All this support and a lot of hard work from Andre have led to a pretty busy and successful athletic schedule. Andre is not only competing but he’s blowing people away with

SBIFF To The Maxxx

Each year the Santa Barbara International Film Festival features adventure and action sports films in its “To The Maxxx” series. This year is no different as the film festival, which opened on Thursday, has seven films ranging from big-wave surfing to a documentary on Frisbee culture and lifestyle. Here is a listing of this year’s selections organized by the date of their first showing. Other show times are available on

The Signal Hill Speed Run Fri, Jan 25, 7:00pm Lobero Theatre

Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones, search to find and conquer the world’s biggest “un-surfed” waves. Their journey is shown in 3D technology that all but allows the audience to feel the ocean spray. With the help of meteorologist/surf forecaster Ben Matson, they discover a wave seventyfive kilometers from shore, and head out on the most dangerous mission of their lives.

With the help of PossAbilities, Andre Barbieri will train and compete for a spot on the National and 2016 U.S. Paralympic Teams.

his athletic ability. In August of 2012 Andre swam in SB’s Reef and Run competition at East Beach, in which he placed second in the 1K swim. Recently, Andre pulled all three talents together to compete in October’s San Diego Triathlon Challenge. He was the fifth person in his category out of the water! He is currently training for the Tour of Palm Springs on February 9 and a half marathon on Catalina Island in March. Andre’s renewed energy for life and an appreciation for his body have led him to realize his goal of competing in the 2016 Paralympics in Brazil. For the first time in history, Triathlon is going to be an event in the Paralympics and Andre can think of nothing more rewarding than competing on his home soil in Rio de Janeiro while representing Brazil for a medal. PossAbilities is going to support athletes like Andre in their effort to train and compete for a place on the National and 2016 U.S. Paralympic Teams. The people at Arlington Tavern appreciate what this organization has done for a member of their own family and hope to raise awareness and support for PossAbilites and its goal to recognize the inherent greatness in all people with physical challenges, and to support their educational and athletic endeavors by providing unparalleled sports and educational opportunities that lead to success in life. Bravo.

In 1975, the Guinness World Records TV show called James O’Mahoney – now owner of the Santa Barbara Surf Museum – and asked him to stage a skateboard race. The result was Signal Hill Speed Run, the world’s first skateboard contest. It soon turned into an annual event, with crowds of over 5,000, television crews, and coverage by Sports Illustrated. Some winners even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. The film shows the evolution of this downhill dash, attracting daredevils of all types, until closing for good in 1978.

Alaska Sessions: Surfing The Last Frontier

Wed, Jan 30, 7:30pm Santa Barbara Museum of Art

The Invisible String

Sat, Jan 26, 1:00pm Metro 4 Theatre A local surfer in Homer, Alaska, sells his house and buys a fishing boat to start an epic surf adventure. With his crew they travel to the isolated Alaskan coast in the dark cold winter. This is a true story of a few guys who aren’t exactly pro surfers in very unusual conditions. The result is homegrown, inspiring, and true story.


Wed, Jan 30, 8:00pm Arlington Theatre The Frisbee story begins in the early 1900s at the Frisbie Baking Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where delivery truck drivers started tossing empty pie tins during their lunch breaks. This film traces the development of Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee Golf and Frisbee Freestyle and includes vintage footage of exhibitions in Santa Barbara provided by Santa Barbara’s own Scott Starr.

Storm Surfers 3D

Sun, Jan 27, 8:00pm Arlington Theatre In this epic expansion of the Storm Surfers television series, two of the greatest surfers the sport has ever known, Australians

Five surfers embark on a journey to search for one of the world’s last undiscovered waves. They go to the island of West Papua,

Profile for Montecito Journal

The Money Machine  

Santa Barbara Film Festival 2013

The Money Machine  

Santa Barbara Film Festival 2013