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Faces Of Santa Barbara

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by Patricia Clarke

Patricia Clarke is an award-winning international photographer based in Santa Barbara. Her work has been featured in London, Italy, Prague and around the United States. In recent years she has been turning her lens to her own fascinating community. In addition to her local portraiture service, www., Patricia’s fine art photography can be seen at www.patriciahough She can be reached at (805) 452-7739.

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Thomas Jessup, Teen Crusader

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Home Alone f you ever fall prey to the idea that “kids these days” ©Patricia Houghton Clarke, 2007 don’t care about the world around them and aren’t willing to put themselves out for others, take another look. A few months ago while having coffee at Handlebar Coffee Roasters, I noticed a gentle young man passing by with his adorable dog, Yahtzee, who was patiently adorned with his owner’s goggles. When he walked past again I couldn’t resist asking him if I could take a photo of his dog. Thomas graciously consented and we began a conversation about his life. He soon walked me back to his family home – probably well known by most in the Santa Barbara area – a big blue converted school bus emblazoned with a flaming sun on the side. I had always wondered who lived there and, in fact, had taken a photograph years ago of two of the family pooches leaning out the window. I asked Thomas about the poster on the back of the vehicle called “Team Jessup” – and he humbly told me a little about his bicycle rides across America to raise funds for the “Half-Homeless” and Santa Barbara’s Safe Sleep program. He has also helped to found the National Safe Parking Program ( Thomas took his first cross-country ride at 14 years of age. At 15 and 16 he rode again, and now at 17 he is going to do it once more, starting in San Francisco on Labor Day, September 2. If you’d like more information about his passion and determination, or if Patriots ©Patricia Houghton Clarke, 2013 you just want to be inspired, go to:  

Festival one of the most anticipated events in the Goleta Valley.

Fiddlers’ Convention Planned for October 13 The 41st annual Fiddlers’ Convention is planned for 10am to 5pm October 13 at the Rancho La Patera & Stow House, 304 N. Los Carneros Road, Goleta. General admission is $20, $15 for seniors and students with ID and free for

anyone less than 17 years of age. Parking is free. The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara sponsors the event, which focuses on old-time American music with a range of acoustic styles based in the traditional sounds of North America, Ireland and the British Isles. A best-of old-time contest will be held along with a free workshop. The event includes all-day workshops, fine crafts and instruments, children’s activities, barbecue and fresh beer from local breweries. Dogs are not allowed.  

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1206��������������������������������� Coast Village Circle, Suite F ����������������������������� Montecito, CA 93108 (805) 969-2560

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Profile for Montecito Journal

Life on the South Side  

Most people simply visit or work in the area, but some - like Pali Wine Co. tasting room manager Emily Walker – call it home

Life on the South Side  

Most people simply visit or work in the area, but some - like Pali Wine Co. tasting room manager Emily Walker – call it home