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2014–15 Attendance

The Mission of the Santa Barbara

Historical Museum is to be a repository, interpreter and communicator of the rich history of the Santa Barbara region. Through exhibitions, scholarship, educational programs and preservation of the region’s material culture, we connect people of all backgrounds to historically important ideas, people and objects.

Nearly 30,000 visitors K-12 students 1,723 Total Museum attendance up 33%

Contents The Year in Review ......................................................... 4–5 2014–15 Exhibitions ...................................................... 6–7 Education & Public Programs ....................................... 8–9 Conservation & Collections ...................................... 10–11 Research & Literary Contributions ........................... 12-13 Community Impact .................................................... 14–15 Securing the Future ................................................... 16–17 Giving .......................................................................... 18–19 Guests to the Museum courtyard enjoying a beautiful summer evening.

Treasurer’s Report ...................................................... 20–21 Our Team .................................................................... 22–23

The Year in Review

Dear Friends Santa Barbara history is living all around us – in the red-tiled roof buildings we walk past everyday, in the nooks of our favorite restaurants, in the sounds of traffic, trains and vacationers merging together, and in the hues of color swirling in the sunset sky. Consciously linking the Santa Barbara of today with our city’s rich history has been our pleasure this past year. Familiar visitors and new audiences experienced Santa Barbara in a new way through fresh exhibits and programs. Below are just a few projects that we passionately presented this past year to our nearly 30,000 visitors: • Project Fiesta! We celebrated our beloved festival with over 90 years of Old Spanish Days exhibited through vibrant costumes, art and artifacts.

Thank you for being a part of our successful year.

• Southern Pacific Railroad The First 55 Years We learned about the impact of the 1887 rail system coupled with a miniature train display. • Lutah Maria Riggs & Her Santa Barbara Style We explored her life and her distinctive architecture through a unique interpretive exhibition. • History Happy Hour We introduced lively local history speakers into nearby winetasting rooms to guests to learn more about us and this fabulous city.

As we look into our future, we will continue to make vast improvements to our visitor experience, preservation systems and work environment. We remain committed to ensuring that Santa Barbara’s story remains relevant in today’s fast -paced world. Watch for new innovations for school-age children in our museum utilizing current technology. By engaging with our community in various ways we are working to preserve history for future generations. Of course, it cannot be done alone. Without the hard work, commitment and support from our dedicated Board of Trustees, professional staff, fabulous volunteers and generous patrons, the Santa Barbara Historical Museum simply could not exist. We are forever grateful for their time, patience, expertise, and gifts. Be a part of our growing Museum family by donating your time, becoming a member, or attending Museum activities and events. With all we have on the horizon, we look forward to including you in our bright future. Join us!

Lynn T. Brittner Executive Director


2014–2015 Exhibitions

Project Fiesta! Building a Complete History of Old Spanish Days

und e r the u mb r e lla lutah mar ia r ig g s

an d h er s an ta b arbar a s ty l e

“I dedicated myself to architecture... It comes first, I come last.”

A new exhibition by

Santa Barbara historical museum

In celebration of the 90th anniversary of Old Spanish Days in 2014, the Museum invited the community to experience the pageantry, fashion and traditions of our city’s most cherished cultural festival. The landmark exhibit featured vintage posters, artwork, costume, artifacts and historical photos, and continues to grow. The 2015 exhibition premiered at La Fiesta del Museo.

Project Fiesta!

Building a Complete History of Old Spanish Days

Under The Umbrella: Lutah Maria Riggs and Her Santa Barbara Style Through a partnership with the Lutah Maria Riggs Society and the Art, Design & Architecture Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara, a fascinating tribute was created highlighting the work of a very talented designer who left her mark on many Santa Barbara landmarks such as the Lobero Theatre and the Vedanta Temple. Vintage Toys & Trains

Courtesy of model engineer Ken Kelley and the South Coast Society of Model Engineers, the enchanting holiday display charmed guests with a hand-crafted depiction of downtown Santa Barbara from 1920 to 1940. Quake! The 1925 Santa Barbara Earthquake

Visitors greeted by the experiential exhibition remembered June 29, 1925, the day that changed the American Riviera forever. From the 6.3 earthquake that left much of downtown destroyed or heavily damaged, would come a new Santa Barbara with the headline, “Spanish Architecture to Rise from Ruins.” Ray Strong: Views of Santa Barbara County

Above left The Lutah Maria Riggs commemorative exhibit during its wellattended exhibit opening in October 2014. Below left Talia Ortega Vestal, the 2014 Spirit of Fiesta, views the 2015 Project Fiesta! exhibition.

As part of a community-wide celebration, the Museum explored the work of artist Ray Strong (1905-2006). A founding member of the Oak Group, Strong influenced an entire generation of painters in Santa Barbara County. Guest curator, Marlene R. Miller

SBHM_Quake_Postcard_1.indd 1

4/15/15 10:50 PM

Ray Strong

Views of Santa Barbara County

A new exhibition at


HISTORICAL MUSEUM June 4 – August 31, 2015


Education & Public Programs

School Programs The Museum offers four custom onsite programs that fit into the State of California Standards for Kindergarten through Fourth Grade. Gallery tours and offsite presentations inspire all ages to learn more about Santa Barbara’s rich history. Community Education Our vibrant programs of lectures, workshops and newly introduced History Happy Hours illuminate a myriad of topics and interests among our members and guests. “Museum Volunteer Partners” (MVP) Program

Left Two star volunteers model traditional Mexican garments during El Desfile de Moda at the La Fiesta del Museo fundraiser.

Our dedicated volunteers enjoy continuing education through field trips and presentations by community leaders and historians on topics such as How the South lost the West, When Love Goes Wrong: A Story of Murder in Victorian Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara during WWI.

Lectures, Workshops & History Happy Hours • The Flying A: Silent Film In Santa Barbara • El Camino Real & The Route of the Daylight • Etchings From the Collection • Etching Techniques of Western Art • Huguette Clark- Her Life, Art & Legacy • Keepers of the Light - Point Conception • The Life of Lutah Maria Riggs • Old Spanish Days in SB Public Art • Southern Pacific Railroad in Santa Barbara • My SB Scrapbook – Elizabeth Eaton Burton • The Rise of UCSB • Way Back When – Santa Barbara 100 Years Ago • Women In Architecture • Lost Beers, A Cellar Series • Exploring Your Neighborhood History With The Urban Hikers • Channel Islands: A History • Ray Strong Film Screenings • Lutah - A Passion for Architecture, A Life in Design • Car Free Alliance Tweed Ride & Film After-Hours & Mixers • Flamenco Arts & Project Fiesta! • Santa Barbara Downtown

Above Local school groups experience history with docent Anne Luna.

• Visit Santa Barbara “Celebrate The City” 9

Conservation & Collections

In 2014, Phase 1 of the Textiles and Decorative Arts vault renovation was initiated. This major project entailed cleaning, re-storage, and relocation of collections housed in 2000 sq. ft. of Decorative Arts and Utility Room storage. Under contract, vault containments were installed, and three industrial HEPA air filters were purchased to maintain the space. Hundreds of costumes and textiles were conserved by two textile conservators and 4 professional remediation technicians.

Top left Intricately designed historical textiles receive essential attention by a professional conservation team. Top right SBHM launches a vault remediation project April 20 – May 1, 2015. Bottom left Fragile lace textiles require careful handling prior to exhibition. Bottom right Detailed needlework lends character to historic costumes.

Volunteers and staff re-housed textile collections into new archival boxes, Utility Room shelving, converted Vault Prep Room cabinetry, and on 15 portable hanging racks. In addition, a team of volunteers and interns constructed padded hangers to re-hang costumes to museum standards.

Above Executive Director Lynn Brittner discusses conservation strategy with costume preservation consultant Cara Varnell.

We are currently fundraising to complete the 2nd and 3rd phases of vault renovation for Textiles and Decorative Arts. Planned upgrades are for installation of HVAC climate control and Spacesaver high-density storage systems, along with an update to catalog inventories and digitization of records. 11

Research & Literary Contributions

When patrons walk into the reading room of the Gledhill Library, little do they know what riches await. The collective memory of Santa Barbara resides here. Since 1932 the Historical Museum has collected and preserved the documentary history of our community and since 1967 the Gledhill Library has made this treasure trove available to researchers. Library holdings include some 5,000 books and pamphlets, over 70,000 photographic prints, almost 3200 maps, as well as newspaper files, oral histories, court records, census records, diaries, ephemera, correspondence and more. And everyday the collections continue to grow.

Above The Gledhill Library welcomes thousands of visitors per year studying Santa Barbara’s treasured historical archives.

The Gledhill Library has once again been the fortunate beneficiary of our community’s generosity with a number of recent gifts added to the collections. Significant contributions such as the Beverley Jackson Photo Collection, photograph album of the isolated Cuyama Valley from the mid-1920s, along with materials documenting the history of KDB, Santa Barbara’s oldest radio station (1926) were given this past year. To all who have enriched the collections, a heartfelt thank-you.

Beverley Jackson, who informed and entertained readers for decades about the social happenings in town through her newspaper columns, gifted the library with over 600 of her photographs. These images document the many “rich and famous” who called the South Coast home as well as those who visited to enjoy the delights of our community.


The Rise of UCSB, 1944-2014 (Noticias) by Lanny Ebenstein

NOTICIAS Journal Of The Santa Barbara Historical Museum

Vol. LIV

No. 3

the rise of


The issue examines the development of this major educational institution on the occasion of its 70th anniversary. Santa Barbara was a pioneer in California education from the 1790s and UCSB has continued this tradition. Lanny Ebenstein, who has written on a number of topics regarding local education, traces this history from the earliest days, through the period on the Riviera campus, to today with UCSB’s proud roster of Nobel laureates past and present.

Left One of Jackson’s many images, a shot of Pearl Chase and Oscar Sepulveda.

“Ask and I shall receive – and at lightning speed! Thank you to Michael and the Library team for the invaluable help with my research.”

History 101 Articles Santa Barbara Independent by Michael Redmon, Director of Research Santa Barbara’s Aviation History

Early flights involved stunts and daring, and attracted crowds. JUNE 16, 2015

Two Years Before The Mast

Richard Henry Dana saw bestial conditions on a trip aboard the Pilgrim. JUNE 1, 2015

The Bandit Dick Fellows

Daring and ineptitude marked his career. MAY 13, 2015

An Infamous, Unsolved Mystery

The Trabucco murder in 1881 involved robbery, torture, and accusations. APRIL 29, 2015

The Antecedents of Arroyo Burro Beach

The Hendrys named a beach and a smithy. APRIL 1, 2015

The History of Rattlesnake Canyon

The origins of both the names ‘Rattlesnake’ and ‘Las Canoas’ remain a mystery. JANUARY 20, 2015

The Origin of Heath Ranch Park

An arduous journey from New York brought Russel Heath finally to Carpinteria. JANUARY 7, 2015

Paul Whiteman: The King of Jazz

FEBRUARY 3, 2015

SEPTEMBER 16, 2014

Devereux Point


The distinctive house at Garden and Pedregosa was home to Hopkins, who built Boyland at present-day Samarkand.

DECEMBER 10, 2014

AUGUST 19, 2014

The Delights of Diehl’s Grocery

Henry Smith Pritchett

John, Edward, and William Diehl’s grocery story was known for dazzling displays of fresh and exotic items. NOVEMBER 26, 2014

The History Behind Street Names

Before the Clark mansion was built, the bluff top was home to the William Miller Graham family.

A second-generation gardener, E. Orpet became Santa Barbara’s most distinguished horticulturalist.

Presidents have been not been strangers to Santa Barbara.

Prynce Hopkins

The 19th century saw silver, gold, and even cattle hides used as media of exchange; paper currency and banks arrived later in the century.

MARCH 18, 2015

The Man Who Named Orpet Park

Theodore Roosevelt Visits Santa Barbara

Early Banks and Banking in Santa Barbara

NOVEMBER 21, 2014

MARCH 4, 2015

OCTOBER 1, 2014

DECEMBER 24, 2014

And the mayor for extorting money from city employees to fund his newspaper.

Billions of cards were produced and sold around the turn of the previous century.

Built one of the first Monterey-style adobes in California.

This area’s recent history begins in 1919 with the arrival to American shores of the wealthy Colin Campbell family.

From Puccini to Gershwin, he had an ear for talent.

Percy Heckendorf: Prosecuted Chief How Salsipuedes and Quarantina streets got their names. of Police for Corruption

Santa Barbara’s Postcard Souvenirs

Alpheus Thompson

The Other House at Bellosguardo

OCTOBER 30, 2014

The Coral Casino

Built by the imperious Robert Odell, the Biltmore’s adjunct club hosted debutantes and movie stars. OCTOBER 14, 2014

After moving to Santa Barbara in 1915, Pritchett undoubtedly used his influence to bring Carnegie monies to start the Community Arts Association. AUGUST 6, 2014

The Rochin Adobe

The home, built around 1856, has passed through many generations. JULY 23, 2014

Bomb Shelters

The Cold War and the threat of nuclear annihilation — in particular, targeting Vandenberg AFB — caused many in Santa Barbara to build fallout shelters. JULY 8, 2014

Plaza Rubio

An example of early urban planning, designed by Mary Craig, the street was named after a prominent Franciscan. JUNE 25, 2014


Community Impact

Over 30,000 guests, including many school children, explored the Museum to visit the galleries and historic adobe courtyards, attend public programming and utilize the Gledhill Research Library. Additionally, many more visited the Museum’s satellite exhibits at the Santa Barbara Airport and Cottage Hospital. Healing Arts Program at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital The Museum is proud to be a part of this program, with an initial installation of Old Spanish Days posters and most recently, the creative reuse of the exhibition, Under The Umbrella- Lutah Maria Riggs & Her Santa Barbara Style. Historic Ovington Terminal Visitors arriving at the Santa Barbara Airport have the opportunity to view our exhibit inside the beloved Historic Terminal that tells the story of local aviation pioneers such as the Loughead Brothers and Earle Ovington. Oral History – Project Fiesta! We were proud to reinvigorate our oral history program and create a partnership with local volunteer producers and TV Santa Barbara to film and record the memories of Past Spirits of Fiesta, Past El Presidentes, festival and Museum volunteers, dancers and community members, with ages ranging from 4 to 98. History Happy Hour With the support of the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission, the Museum created a series of casual talks about local history in local wine tasting rooms.

Collaborative organizations This year the Museum was proud to partner with, or offer support to, the following organizations: • Art, Architecture & Design Museum, UC Santa Barbara • Santa Barbara Downtown • Santa Barbara Newcomers • Pearl Chase Society • Lutah Maria Riggs Society • SB Architectural Foundation • Santa Barbara Associates • Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation • Santa Barbara Education Foundation • Old Spanish Days • Santa Barbara Men’s Garden Club • South Coast Society of Model Engineers • Santa Barbara Genealogy Society • Santa Barbara Trust For Historic Preservation • TVSB • University of California, Santa Barbara • UCSB Alumni Association

Dozens of former Spirits of Fiesta, past presidents and community members were interviewed for the Oral History Project. Left Alexandra Freres, the 2015 Spirit of Fiesta.


Securing the Future The Santa Barbara Historical Museum Trustees have established and put into place a five-year strategic plan. Guided by our mission and with the support of the community, the Museum is continuing to protect our history for future generations.




THE MISSION of the Santa Barbara Historical Museum is to be a repository, interpreter and communicator of the rich history of the Santa Barbara region. Through exhibitions, scholarship, educational programs and preservation of the region’s material culture, we connect people of all backgrounds to historically important ideas, people and objects.



Left Some of the items that will be on exhibit in the future Borein Gallery.


Giving The Santa Barbara Historical Museum gratefully acknowledges the following supporters for their significant contributions during 2014. $10,000 & Above

Alice Tweed Tuohy Foundation Sharon & David Bradford Elizabeth Bixby Janeway Foundation George H. Griffiths & Olive J. Griffiths Charitable Foundation Cynthia & John Hall Astrid & Lawrence T. Hammett Lisa Meulbroek Harris & Brent Harris The JEC Foundation Marlene & Warren Miller Sheri & Jack Overall Power Lead Trust Fund The Towbes Foundation Eleanor Van Cott Woodward Fund WWW Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999

Carolyn & Leo Acquistapace Lincoln Forest Anderson Terry Bartlett & Randall Fox Brad Lemons Foundation William S. Burtness Oswald J. Da Ros Tanny Keeler Hodgetts & Kent Hodgetts Terry Kleid Liselotte Kuttler Trust Gretchen & Robert Lieff Lutah Maria Riggs Society Montecito Bank & Trust Old Spanish Days Schipper Construction Volentine Family Foundation

Left Timo Nuñez, an internationally acclaimed flamenco dancer, captivates the audience at La Fiesta del Museo 2015.

$1,000 – $4,999

Rebecca & Peter Adams The Ann Jackson Family Foundation Arthur M. Rupe Foundation Richard C. Banks The Barkley Fund Helene & Jerry Beaver Keith C. Berry Mary & John Blair Family Virginia & Timothy Bliss Dorothy & Ashleigh Brilliant Gay Bryant George L. Burtness Julia & Lee Carr Louise Clarke & John Carbon Kay & Richard Glenn Felicie & Paul Hartloff, Jr. Vicki & Bob Hazard HUB International Insurance Services Inc. Karl L. Hutterer Ladera Foundation The Lee & Juliet Folger Fund Hugo Loaiciga Sally & David Martin Janet & John McCann Glen H. Mitchel, Jr. Val & Bob Montgomery Nancy Dustin Wall Moure MUFG Union Bank Barbara & Art Najera Anna & Gary Nett Katherine & Jack Perrin Heloise & Alexander M. Power Lisa Reich & Bob Johnson The Roberts Brothers Foundation Sybil Rosen Roy E. Crummer Foundation Robin Schutte Evelyn E. Sullivan Alice Van de Water Vos Family Foundation P. A. (Andy) Weber, III Patricia & Nicholas Weber Ann & Alastair Winn Christina Winters

$500 – $999

Lee Parker Bacon Kikka & Ward Bayly Cindy & Andrew Bermant Leslie & Philip Bernstein Kathleen Brewster Coeur d’Alene Art Auction Christina Criswell & John Gilbert Laurie & Norman Cosme Terese & John Doordan Edwards-Pitman Architects, Inc. Wendy Foster & Pierre Lafond Erin Graffy de Garcia & Jim Garcia Carol & Williiam Gordon Patricia & Frank D. Goss International Seminar Design, Inc. Shannon & James Jessup John Moran Auctioneers, Inc. Nancy & Bob Knight Sally & John Mandle Maureen M. Masson Patricia Maxim Sheri Mobley John Sarad Jean Schuyler Ruth B. Scollin Susan Sheller & Bob Roe Pamela Skewes-Cox Virginia B. Sloan Jessica Smith & Kevin Brine Beulah & Tom Strout

Left Michael and Anne Towbes show their support at the opening of Under The Umbrella.

Note that space does not allow for us to list every donation. However the Museum is grateful for gifts of all sizes.

$499 – $250

Ruth M. Beach Dolores Borchard Ann & John Brinker L. S. Buchanan Robert A. Burtness Louise & Tim Casey Maxine C. Crandall Jeannine & Paul Daniel Patricia & James Dow Ann Edmonston Betsy Edwards Paul Ellerbeck Ellie & William Freudenstein, III Karen Frishman Jane & Howard Giles Dolores & Freddy Gillmore Adrienne & Bernard Girod Neal Graffy Betsy J. Green John J. Haggerty Susan & John Hanna Elliot A. Hayne Barbara & Chris Hill Michael Hoefer Tammy & Kim Hughes Josiah F. Jenkins Karen & Josiah C. Jenkins Holly & Kent Jennings Joan L. Jennings Colleen & Philip Kirst Patricia & William MacKinnon Laurie & Thad MacMillan MarBorg Industries Glenice & Ronald C. Mathews Jean & George Matthaei Suzanne & Jon McBride Kathleen McClintock & Cas Stimson Cynthia & Chapin Nolen Judith & Charles E. Piper John Sperry Reynolds Christine & Stefan Riesenfeld Dorothy B. Roberts Susan & Gilbert J. Rosas Val & Joaquin Roses Pauline Sattler & Scott Newhall Leslie & Frank Schipper Nancy B. Schlosser Nini & Peter Seaman Pat Sheppard & Ernie Witham Barbara Smith Sherrill & Marshall Sherrill Mark Shevitz Anne & Allen Sides Shawna Smith & Mike Mallo Carolyn & David Spainhour Marianne Strange Robert Sweeney Patricia & David Tisdale Time Home Entertainment, Inc. Polly & David Van Horne Diana & Mark Vestal Susan & William Wagner Dona & Paul Wieckowski Judy & Vincent Wood Betsy Jones Zwick 19

One of the beautiful paintings on display during our exhibition, Ray Strong: Views of Santa Barbara County. Ray Sanford Strong (1905 – 2006), Orella Ranch and Refugio Beach, 1978. Elizabeth Erro Hvolboll collection.

Treasurer’s Report Santa Barbara Historical Museum Statement of Activities for the year ended June 30, 2015 with comparative totals for the year ended June 30, 2014. Note that this statement reflects unaudited financials. Total all funds 2015










In-kind contributions






Investment income



Trust income














Change in value of charitable remainder trusts































Net assets at beginning of year



Net assets at end of year





Rental income Museum store sales Public programs Library fees

Total support Expenses Program services Curatorial, library and museums Museum and historical house care Public programs Supporting services Management and general

Total expenses Excess of support over/(under) expenses before other changes in net assets Other changes in net assets Loss on disposal of donated assets Change in unrealized gain on investments Change in value of perpetual trusts Increase in net assets


Our Team

Board of Trustees Warren P. Miller President

Sondra Aggeler Kikka Bayly

Randall Fox Vice President/Secretary

Kathleen Brewster

William S. Burtness Treasurer

Fernando Calderon

John A. Blair Sharon Bradford George L. Burtness Eleanor Van Cott P. A. Weber, III John C. Woodward Staff Lynn Brittner Executive Director Daniel Calderon Chief Curator

Ann Brinker Marissa Condie Roberta Cook Diane DeLuca Ellen Durham Joyce Falk Gayle Golden Carol Gordon Tonia Guerrero Martha Hassenplug Joy Holman Sey Kinsell Henry Levy Jo Lindros

Michael Redmon Director of Research

Anne Luna

Rebekah P. Beveridge Director of Education

Lisa Marsh

Jeanne Buchanan Director of Membership

Elaine Messier

Dacia Harwood Director of Marketing & Events

Cree Mann Glenice Matthews Roy Regester Diane Ruiz

Loretta Reynolds Director of Accounting

Russell Ruiz

Katherine Pennington Rentals Coordinator

Joseph B. Schomer

Lily Weis, Visitor Services Coordinator/ Marketing Assistant Left Thank you to our dedicated trustees, volunteers and staff for making this a wonderful year in Santa Barbara history.

Docents & Library Volunteers

Judy Savage Pat Sheppard Elizabeth Stewart Carl Swanson Gerry Turner Jim Turner Jay Van Meter 23

santa barbara historical museum

136 East De la Guerra Street, Santa Barbara CA 93101

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Annual Report 2014-15  

Annual Report of the activities of the Santa Barbara Historical Museum for 2014-2015. The Museum is located at 136 East De la Guerra in San...

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