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Man allegedly bites girlfriend; Bicyclist in alleged hit and run may have ditched stash

Hydroponic tower cheats the seasons

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'It’s okay mommy, don’t worry' Lexi, child who battled cancer, dies

Story by Elise Clements, page 2

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2 Saturday, February 18, 2012

Daily Sound


Lexi’s brave battle ends BY ELISE CLEMENTS


JERAMY GORDON Founder & Publisher

AARON MERCER, General Manager (805) 564-6001 x 3507 • JOSHUA MOLINA, Editor (805) 564-6001 x 3501 • VICTOR MACCHAROLI, Photographer (805) 564-6001 x 3508 • NICK C. TONKIN, Staff Writer (805) 564-6001 x 3502 • MARY KOENIG, Copy Editor (805) 564-6001 x 3508 • MARISA BOLES, Account Executive (805) 564-6001 x 3504 • MATTI SOIKKELI, Account Executive (805) 564-6001 x 3505 • HILARY STEIN, Account Executive (805) 564-6001 x 3510 • ALLEN FELD, Legal Advertising (805) 564-6001 x 3509 • Newsroom Contributors: MICHAEL BOWKER,

Lexi was a lot like other little girls. She loved Spongebob Squarepants and was a superfan of Shrek and Toy Story. And even though she enjoyed cartoons, she had a sophisticated way of saying, “it’s a nice, sunny day outside for the pool,” to convince her mother that the weather was right for a swim. And when she wasn't swimming without worries in the water, she was free with her voice, singing her favorite songs. Her mom, eager to capture the treasured moments of her child’s life, uploaded some of these impromptu performances to You Tube. There’s Lexi singing a tune as she nods off in her car seat. An energy-charged Lexi bouncing up and down in her crib singing “Barbie Girl" in the hospital during chemo. And Lexi singing Beyoncé’s “Survivor,” some of the notes trailing and her eyes looking a bit more tired. Filled with relentless energy and verve only toddlers are capable of, Lexi was a beacon of hope that lit the way for her family during their enormous struggles, won the hearts of hospital staff, and drew members of the community in to

bolster her and her family with support. But on Feb. 10 after a yearand-a-half long battle with acute myeloid leukemia, Lexi’s heart stopped beating and she passed away at Cottage Hospital in the company of her family. “Obviously we were hoping she was that 10 percent (who survive)," said Kathrine Krasnoff, Lexi’s mother. “The main thing is she’s not hurting anymore.” A few days after her death, a handful of family members and friends gathered to talk about the child they came to love and even revere. Though their faces displayed winces of sadness, the room was peaceful. The group all agreed that Lexi was the thing that pulled them through the rough ordeal. “We had to be positive,” Lexi’s aunt Kelly Krasnoff recalled. “There would be days when I would be tired or drained and I would think ‘I just do not want to go to the hospital.’ But I would get there and she would be bouncing off the walls and I would think ‘huh, I’m glad I came.’” Kathrine said a big help for her was a doctor who told her to look to Lexi, to let her then two-year-old daughter lead the way. It was no use being a bawl-

Lexi Krasmoff and her brother Caleb..

ing mess, Kathrine said. “I learned to take things one day at a time,” Kathrine said. And it worked. Kelly said they were all right there with Lexi, graciously hopeful to the point of being unaware of what the doctors knew more and more – that Lexi would not make it. Following Lexi’s lead, the Krasnoff’s held out for any hope of recovery. Lexi had beat the cancer once before. After six months of monthly chemo following her diagnosis, she went into remission. The doctors said there was practically no chance of the cancer coming back, said Kathrine. But in June of 2011,


just a few months later, it had done just that. A marrow transplant was now the only chance the child had. After finding that the stem cells taken from the umbilical cord of Lexi’s younger brother Caleb were not a match, they held out for a donor. After finding a donor they tried to get the cancer back into remission to make the operation successful, but that was never accomplished. Lexi’s body started resisting the chemo right after they found a match, said Kathrine. The treatments got harsher and it took longer for her daughter to recover. See LEXI, page 3

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Tower helps garden grow to new heights NEWS



Have you ever wanted to grow a garden of your own, but were thwarted by a lack of time, energy, know-how, or space? A new product called the Tower Garden may be an option to consider. Todd Mehl, a local representative for Tower Gardens by Juice Plus+, gave a preview of the product at a recent gathering of the Santa Barbara Men's Gardening Club. The Tower Garden, basically a tall, white column that has holes for growing plants, looks fairly industrial, but almost arty with plants in itâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;like something at once modular and organic. A self-contained, vertically oriented hydroponic and aeroponic growing system, the Tower Garden enables users to "cheat the seasons," and grow most of the year despite the weather, says Mehl, who is working on the venture with Maria Rickard Arroyo. In New York City, for instance, the Tower Garden system has been used by Bell Book & Candle restaurant for growing its own produce, and at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, a 26-tower garden provides ingredients for airport restaurants mere feet away. Of course this isn't nearly as much of an issue for the Santa Barbara area as it is for other locales. Indeed, the very "locavore" movement that Mehl says is helping to fuel the Tower Garden's popularity between the coasts is something that Santa Barbara has been part and parcel of for decades, and drives citizens to the thriving area Farmer's Market scene. However, even in an area where local produce is abundant, the product should have appeal to folks with DIY sensibilities, and those on board with going green. Mehl points to the Tower Garden's sustainabilityâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the system utilizes 90


She underwent six more treatments, but then they had exhausted all of their options. They were going to begin looking at experimental methods before Lexi became hospitalized for the last time. The Krasnoffs said it was hard to tell


percent less water and 90 percent less land, and 95 percent fewer nutrients are needed than for traditional farming. And the payoff for home growers won't take inordinate patience; when a member of the Gardening Club asked about "seed to table," or how long it takes from planting to being able to eat vegetables grown in the Tower Garden, Mehl said that, depending on the crop, it's going to be about four to six weeks on average. Currently, the system is manufactured here in the U.S., in North Carolina. It's made with food-grade ABS plastic. These are two factors that customers may appreciate, but contribute to the bottom line. While the Tower Garden, in a sense, democratizes the ability to grow a vegetable garden of one's own, some may find the initial cost prohibitive at about $500 to start. While successfully utilizing the Tower Garden could potentially "make it back," as you unlock the value of harvesting your own veggies versus purchasing them, the cost could represent a barrier to entry for some families, at least to start. Still, it's an opportunity for, say, an apartment dweller to grow plants on a limited deck space versus investing in a property with a plot of land. And Mehl shared that no-interest financing over a year is available (if about $42/month sounds more palatable). Mehl estimates that a mere 15-20 minute installation time is all one needs to get started. The "tower" module, which can be expanded (vertically, of course) rests on a base that serves as a reservoir for the nutrient-enhanced water (nutrients to be mixed with water are purchased from the company and included in the starter kit). The nutrient mixture is sprayed over the air-exposed roots of the crops via a pump system that is controlled by a timer. The Tower Garden does need to be exposed to sunlight, and the pump needs

how much their daughter knew about her illness or how serious her condition was. Ninty-nine percent of the time she was completely cooperative and charming, sassing the nurses about washing their hands while gulping down large pills or even helping to insert her chemo port. But in little innocent moments glimpses of understanding would surface, giving

Daily Sound

Saturday, February 18, 2012

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to be plugged in. The company's literature recommends that it be as close to an outlet as possible versus using a long extension cord. Seeds are sprouted in a provided "seed starter tray"; after about 1-3 weeks, they will be ready to transfer to the Tower Garden system inside "net pots," which rest in the column and allow the roots to grow and dangle in the air, getting their sustenance from the nutrient spray. Mehl says that interested parties can have a system here in the Santa Barbara area as early as April. For more information, contact him at: her parents the impression that she was somewhat aware. After blowing on a dandelion she would often whisper,â&#x20AC;&#x153;I wish the cancer would go away,â&#x20AC;? her mother said. Her parents said that her third birthday was a big milestone. Though still full of charm and spunk, exhaustion began to See KRASNOFF, page 10




4 Saturday, February 18, 2012


Daily Sound


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Partly Cloudy, Breezy 47/63°

An increase in the onshore flow today will bring more clouds into our area along with breezy northwest winds and cooler temperatures. This pattern will stick with us through the holiday weekend before warmer and sunnier weather returns towards the middle of next week. Have a great weekend everyone!




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Houston funeral today in Newark NEWS IN BRIEF

Underage man arrested for drugs; Man caught with an illegal baton BY NICK C. TONKIN


Feb. 11, 8:30 p.m.: Officers arrested a 46-year-old man for attacking a McDonald’s manager. The man allegedly refused to leave the Milpas Street branch. After the manager called 911, the suspect allegedly turned to another patron and said, “I’m gonna b___h slap that mother f____r.” He then allegedly punched the manager in the forehead, bruising him. The man continued to assault the manager until two patrons pulled him off and he left the restaurant. Police apprehended him several blocks away. He denied attacking the manager. He was arrested for battery and booked into county jail on $2,500 bail.

Feb. 11, 3:16 p.m.: Police chased 45-year-old man on a bicycle over several blocks. The man had allegedly been involved in a hit and run accident. The other party followed the man in their car and notified police. The suspect allegedly ditched his car and escaped on a bicycle. When police flashed their lights, the man began evading them on his bicycle. After pedaling for several blocks, the he pulled into an AM/PM parking lot and allegedly threw a white plastic bag over the fence and hid between two parked cars. The bag contained 21 grams of meth. A search of the man found $1,050 in cash and his vehicle had two electric scales, one which allegedly had meth residue on it.

Police on Thursday said they plan to lock down streets near Saturday's private funeral for Whitney Houston in her hometown of Newark, New Jersey and urged the thousands of fans expected to crowd the area to stay home. The U.S. pop star will be laid to rest after the noon (1700 GMT) service that will be held at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, where she performed while growing up. Several blocks around the church will be cordoned off and fans will not be allowed near it, Newark police said on Thursday. Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio urged fans to watch the funeral on television - U.S. networks are planning to broadFeb. 11, 12:30 a.m.: An officer caught a 23-year-old man cast the event - and he added there would be no procession from the funeral home where Houston's body is resting to the church. with an illegal baton. After hearing loud bass music coming from a gray Mitsubishi four lanes away, the officer followed the car. After the driver allegedly began speeding, the officer stopped the A U.S. immigration agent shot his boss six times during a per- car. The driver pulled over and allegedly stuck out his middle formance discussion at the agency's offices in a Los Angeles suburb before being shot dead by another colleague, authorities said finger at the officer. A search of the car found the 25-inch Monadnock brand metal baton. The man, who claimed he on Friday. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Ezequiel was an auto-mechanic, said he used it to prop up vehicle Garcia, 45, opened fire on Deputy Special Agent in Charge Kevin hoods. Kozak during the Thursday altercation, Steven Martinez, assisFeb. 10, 11:40 p.m.: A 39-year-old woman ended up tant director of the Los Angeles field office of the FBI, told arrested for public intoxication when police refused to arrest reporters. A third agent, who has not been identified by authorities, then her boyfriend. The woman on the 3000 block of Paseo Tranquillo allegedshot and killed Garcia, Martinez said. Kozak, 51, was rushed to a local hospital under police escort, where he was listed in stable condition on Friday. "Mr. Kozak was counseling Mr. Garcia with regard to his performance," Martinez said, without elaborating on the substance of the discussion. "We believe an escalation in that discussion led Graphics & Design Mr. Garcia to fire his weapon several times, injuring Mr. Kozak."

ICE agent shoots boss six times

Santa Barbara

Congress extends payroll tax break

Congress ended a three-month battle on Friday by passing legislation to extend a tax cut for 160 million workers, a boon for both the economy and Democratic President Barack Obama in this election year. The outcome for Republicans and House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner is far more murky. While Boehner has put behind him a bill that has been nothing but political heartache, nearly 40 percent of his rank-and-file voted against the measure he advanced by compromising on a core Republican cause - deficit reduction. In quick bipartisan votes on the bill that also extends long-term jobless benefits, the House passed the measure 293-132, followed by a 60-36 vote in the Democratic-led Senate.

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ly called police to complain about her boyfriend. After police arrived, they determined no crime had been committed. They noted the woman appeared to be intoxicated. After telling her they weren’t going to arrest the boyfriend, the woman allegedly ran down the street yelling, “Do your F_____g job!” She was arrested for public intoxication and booked into county jail on $1,000 bail.

Feb. 10, 5:01 a.m.: Police arrested a 21-year-old man for allegedly biting his girlfriend. The two allegedly got into an argument and the man bit his girlfriend on the ear and shoulder, leaving a red mark on her shoulder. He then allegedly choked her until she couldn’t breathe. She managed to get away and he fled the house. When police caught the man, he allegedly admitted to biting her three or four times but claimed it was self-defense. He was arrested for domestic violence and booked into county jail on $25,000.

Feb. 9, 7:58 a.m.: Officers arrested a man for allegedly trespassing in a McDonald’s on upper State Street. The 48-year-old man had refused to leave after being asked by the manager. An officer asked the man to step outside. The man showed signs of intoxication and once outside allegedly challenged to officer to a fight. The officer put the man in handcuffs, but he allegedly started kicking his feet while the officer tried to search the man. The officer put the man in a hobble then got the man in the car with the aid of two other officers. On the way to the jail, the man allegedly called the officer a “pussy” several times and continued to challenge him to a fight.

Feb. 9, 12:05 a.m.: Police allegedly caught an underage man with cocaine at Whiskey Richards. An officer on the Nighttime Enforcement team saw the man allegedly trying to hide from officers conducting a premises check. Noting the man looked young, the officer asked the man for identification. The man said he didn’t have any. Believing the man entered by evading security, the officer asked the man his age. He admitted to being only 19. Police took him into custody for being underage. A search uncovered a bag of white powder which field-tested positive for cocaine.

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is created for the Date of Death values. This is now the “cost basis” for future income tax considerations (except for tax deferred accounts such as annuities, IRA’s, 401k and pension plans). Insurance claims are initiated and the beneficiaries are identified for various accounts that have those capabilities (i.e. retirement plans, annuities and insurance). If the asset values are higher than the unified credit exemption ($5million this year), than estate taxes are owed and a rather cumbersome IRS form 706 needs to be filed within nine months of death. As you can imagine, this process can be daunting and time flies by very quickly. All the while, grieving needs a place in this process. One of the biggest problems we see in estates has to do with personal property. We highly suggest that you have discussions with your children and document your desires on who gets what as it pertains to the antique in the hallway or the family picture and especially jewelry. All too often families are split apart because of fights over these items. And it is all too common for the “local” child to gain access to the house first and can cause all types of problems as items sometimes “disappear.” All of this can be avoided with a clear inventory of personal objects and where they should go. The whereabouts of this list should be known and a copy on file with your advisors for safe keeping as well. Once all the assets are inventoried and values are assigned, it is time to distribute money to the beneficiaries and pay necessary taxes. Depending on the document, assets may be held in Trust for many years to come or partial to outright distributions are done. There are several general expectation rules you should understand - when clear up to date documents govern the See SETH & BRAD, page 10




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Saturday, February 18, 2012



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+ MET OPERA LIVE IN HD: Verdi’s ERNANI + Andrew Lloyd Webber’s LOVE NEVER DIES The Sequel to ‘ PHANTOM OF THE OPERA’ Tuesday, February 28 and Wednesday, March 7 Both Screenings - 7:30 pm - in HD at METRO 4


Features Stadium Seating 225 N. Fairview - Goleta



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11 Academy Award Nominations HUGO (PG) in 2D: 1:00 4:00



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PLAZA DE ORO 371 Hitchcock Way - S.B.

THIN ICE (R) Fri & Tue-Thu - 5:00 Sat-Mon - 2:15 5:00

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Features Stadium Seating 916 State Street - S.B.

Nicolas Cage is + (*) GHOST RIDER: (PG-13)


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1:45 7:20 9:55 Mon-Thu - 1:45 7:20

Walt Disney Pictures Presents + THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY (G) Fri - 2:45 5:10 7:30 9:50 Sat/Sun 12:20 2:45 5:10 7:30 9:50 Mon - 12:20 2:45 5:10 7:30 Tue-Thu - 2:45 5:10 7:30


Courtyard Bar Open Friday & Saturday

1317 State Street - 963-4408

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except - No Shows Saturday! Saturday, Feb. 18 - 2:00 pm

+ LA PHIL - Live in HD: Dudamel Conducts Mahler


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Denzel Washington + (*) THE VOW (PG-13) Ryan Reynolds 5 Academy Award Nominations Fri-Sun - 1:40 4:20 7:00 9:35 SAFE HOUSE (R) THE DESCENDANTS (R) Mon-Thu - 1:40 4:20 7:00 Fri-Sun - 1:30 4:15 7:00 9:40 Fri & Tue-Thu - 4:45 7:30 Mon-Thu - 1:30 4:15 7:00 10 Academy Award Nominations Sat-Mon - 2:00 4:45 7:30 including BEST PICTURE! Daniel Radcliffe (PG-13) THE ARTIST (PG-13) THE WOMAN IN BLACK Daily - 2:10 5:00 7:45 Features Stadium Seating Fri-Sun - 2:00 4:40 7:10 9:30 Mon-Thu - 2:00 4:40 7:10 SAFE HOUSE (R) CAMINO REAL MARKETPLACE Daily - 2:30 5:15 8:00 Hollister & Storke - GOLETA CHRONICLE (PG-13) + (*) GHOST RIDER: (PG-13) Fri - 3:20 5:30 7:40 9:45 SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE Sat/Sun Features Stadium Seating in 2D: 1:40 1:15 3:20 5:30 7:40 9:45 in 3D: 4:40 7:30 10:00 Mon - 1:15 3:20 5:30 7:40 618 State Street - S.B. Tue-Thu - 3:20 5:30 7:40 JOURNEY 2: (PG) + THIS MEANS WAR (PG-13) THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND 1:20 4:20 7:10 9:40 in 3D: 1:00 5:45 8:15 + (*) THE VOW (PG-13) in 2D: 3:20 2044 Alameda Padre Serra - S.B. 1:30 4:10 7:00 9:35 3 Academy Award Nominations STAR WARS: EPISODE I BEST ACTOR - Gary Oldman THE PHANTOM MENACE (PG) JOURNEY 2: (PG) THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY in 3D: 1:40 4:50 8:00 Fri & Tue-Thu - 7:45 (R) in 2D: 1:10 9:00 Sat-Mon - 2:00 7:45 THE GREY (R) 2:00 7:45 in 3D: 4:00 6:40



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6 Saturday, February 18, 2012

Daily Sound

The Sad Antiques Reality Shows ANTIQUES

Overkill on the Air! As of this month, the getting lucky this way are practically nil. television channels are showing well over 30 And, the stuff that is in the average storage antique hunting related shows, once a week. locker is hideous. So this show is not reality Of course the two most popular are the either. "Antiques Roadshow" and "Pawn Stars". But, Let's look at "American Pickers", which is hey, what is this sub-genre of reality show the oddest show I have ever seen. The two really telling us about our material world? pickers are cool jive guys with facial hair and A confession – I was tattoos. The switchboard gal for the two guys once, years ago, a is a hip no-bull Rosie the Riveter-type, and research assistant to the these guys get sent by Rosie to hick towns to "Antiques Roadshow". I search through barns, garages and attics. I will now disavow you, have done that too, and to get good footage dear reader, of some of out of cockroach infested barns is pretty chalthe myths about THAT lenging, let alone get good stuff that is in show, and then I will good condition. I propose that the only reason give you some dirt about anyone who collects would call these guys to a few of the over 30 visit and purchase stuff is that they know they shows currently airing will be on TV. Otherwise, no one would offer with an "antique" theme. stuff to people without having time to think "Antiques about the buyer's offer. Not reality, again. ELIZABETH The Roadshow" looks very The worst of all these collecting reality STEWART spontaneous, right? Well, shows is "Hoarders" which curdles my blood. first, the long line of peo- Hoarding is a life-threatening pathology. I ple holding stuff is a reality. Pickers then have had 23 hoarders in 26 years of appraismotion the good stuff with its owners over to ing and all 23 are now dead. Hoarding is the appropriate appraiser. Lots of people have bound to be the cause of death through illness junk with them, and we can tell: one lady told me she had an antique clock from her great-greatgreat-grandmother, yet upon a cursory look it had a nice long electric cord, so no... The appraiser will have a look, and then the appraiser has plenty of research time to look into the object. In the meantime, people go home, go to eat, etc. When these folks get a COURTESY PHOTO phone call to come in for Corey, Chumlee, Rick, and Old Man of the popular Antique TV Reality a preliminary talk and in Show “Pawn Stars.” some cases "make-up", how can a) they be so totally surprised and, b) from immune system attacks, vermin, colhow can the appraiser make it look like they lapse of the walls of stuff, fire, filth; you immediately have all the knowledge without name it, hoarding is a terrible way to die. Yet research? So you see, it is not reality TV. But these shows sensationalize the poor hoarder's then neither is reality TV really reality either. disorder. We wouldn't want to torture anyone Now, let's look at "Storage Wars" where a else who suffers from a possibly fatal mental bunch of really badly dressed fat people with disorder, why torture hoarders on the air? In too much time on their hands make offers to fact, the only reason I force myself to watch buy a disowned storage locker without actual- that show is to add to my research on public ly going inside to investigate the contents. opinion on the world of material culture. They just look at the mound of stuff and the In short, we have become obsessed with auction begins right there. Afterwards, usually obsession, especially around stuff. We have some buyer claims he made it big and selfso much stuff that stuff is now not just for justifies an obscenely high price paid for making life more beautiful or useful, but junk. Here's my opinion. As the little baby commodities are now costing us commodities says on the E-Trade commercials, the chance of time and entertainment dollars, and, as we of winning is less than being mauled by a amass more and more stuff, that commodity polar bear and a regular bear in the same day. causes our obsessing over the re-sale of the It takes years to get so educated about the stuff. As the economy has tanked, stuff world of stuff that you can see a gem in a becomes an "asset – class", with all the matehaystack, and years to develop a 'sixth sense' rialism inherent in the material. about the nature of a collector by judging just I close with this eye-popping list of TV a few of his/her things that the chances of See ANTIQUES, page 7


Bad credit? ACT finance can help you buy a car BY NICK C. TONKIN


Getting a quick cash loan or financing on a used car can be difficult in these tough financial times. Bad credit can often complicate matters. But since 2006 local auto-loan specialist ACT Finance has been helping people out. The company specializes in automobile loans for people who otherwise canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get financing. Owner Richard Salzberg said that as the economy began to decline, banks and credit unions became jittery about giving out loans. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There was a greater need for financing because lenders were backing out,â&#x20AC;? Salzberg said. And it isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just for people looking to buy. ACT now offers short-term loans for people with a vehicle that has a minimum wholesale value of $5,000. Salzberg said people often find themselves in need of money to make a medical payment, help a family member, or even pay


shows currently airing about stuff: Storage Wars, Antiques Roadshow UK, American Treasures, Auction Kings, Oddities, Buried Treasure, Cash and Cari, Cash in the Attic, American Pickers, Canadian Pickers, Accidental Fortune, American Restoration, Pawn Stars, Picker Sisters, Auction Packed, It's Worth What? Antiques Roadshow US, History Detective, Auction Hunters, Hollywood Treasure, Hoarders, Auctioneer$, My Collection Obsession, Hardcore Pawn, Cajun Pawn Stars,


moving costs, but find their finances tied up while waiting for a tax rebate or escrow to close. â&#x20AC;&#x153;These are people who are working and have an income and for one reason or another are cash-strapped,â&#x20AC;? Salzberg said. What they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t always realize is that they have a good piece of equity in their car. Salzberg said they offer no prepayment penalties, online applications, bilingual services, and while other companies advertise that service, customers wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t find them based out of Santa Barbara. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re the only local finance company thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s doing that,â&#x20AC;? Salzberg said. The companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s outlook is good. Salzberg said thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a big demand out there and the company has a low loss rate. With the success of the Santa Barbara he said the company is branching out into Ventura and San Luis Obispo counties. FYI: For more information, call 434-8008 or go online to

Daily Sound

Saturday, February 18, 2012



)NTROTO&AMILY,AW"EGINS7ED -ARCHTH %.2/,,).'./7 7EDNESDAYS !$-)33)/. "!!!5.)43

Comic Book Men, Combat Cash (about wartime collectibles), All Star Dealers (about sports collectibles), Ball Boys (also about sports), The Great Big American Auction, and Antique Warriors: are you amazed yet? Each of these shows will waste a perfectly good hour of your time! Send any information on your stuff to or call me at 805.895.5005 and I will answer unless I'm watching "Pawn Stars" and gagging. Also, please check out my website

Mention the Daily Sound and Save




From $2,500 to $25,000

For any purpose â&#x20AC;˘ Personal â&#x20AC;˘ Business â&#x20AC;˘ Real Estate â&#x20AC;˘ Taxes

All credit considered, regardless of credit score Funding within 24 hours of application We loan you money based on the value of your paid off vehicle (2001 or newer model)

Call ACT Finance at (805) 434-8008 for more information or apply online at You keep driving the car, we hold the title Flexible payment terms No prepay penalties Helping the Santa Barbara community since 2006 California loans made pursuant to Department of Corporations - CA Finance Lender

8 Saturday, February 18, 2012


Saltwater fishing tackle, reels, rods wanted. Penn reels, working or not, Tom 684-7127. `

Daily Sound



Wanted: 1964 or 1966 El Camino Call 805-745-8989


Felipe Rea

(805)453-3536 Realtor/Associate CDPE,SFR "TRUST" Its a small word but it makes all the difference. If you'd like to purchase or sell your home please contact me. CA DRE #01472290

70â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Citroen Safari Wagon ID 21. Euro lights, rebuild eng. Runs good, looks good. $1,900. Call (805) 684-9627


Great Exposure, Negotiable Rent, 600 to 2000 sf. Parking, Signage, Avail. Now. 5718 Hollister Ave, Goleta. (805) 252-0866.

73â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Citreon SM-DS Custom, Euro lights 78k org. miles. New tires. 5 speed, green fluid. $3,900. Call (805) 684-9627


California law requires that contractors taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor and/or materials) be licensed by the Contractors State License Board. State law also requires that contractors include their license number on all advertising. Check your contractor â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s status at or 800-321CSLB (2752) Unlicensed contractors taking jobs that total less than $500 must state in their advertisements that they are not licensed by the Contractors State License Board.


55 years or older? Need help at home? Call REAL HELP, a Non-Profit matching workers to your needs. 805965-1531 CONTRACTOR

General Contractor Wood decks. Stairs & railings. Lic. #519709. Call Tom before 7 p.m. 684-7127.

Women in Early Recovery from Drugs/Alcohol Confidential online survey: https://www.surveymonkey. com/s/WomenRecoverySurvey Enter to win an gift certificate & help other recovering women Questions?



Home Care is one of the fastest growing industries in franchising today Trova Home Care is now offering territories in Santa Barbara County

â&#x20AC;˘ Low Investment â&#x20AC;˘ Business & Marketing Support â&#x20AC;˘ Headquartered in Ventura Cty



79 MGB Maroon, Hard & Soft top, extra metal bumpers, rebuilt eng. Extra Parts. $3,300, 805-569-0386



Research Subjects Wanted


Garage Sale


1125 Del Sol Ave.Mesa Sat., Feb. 18. 9a.m.-5p.m. Lane bedroom, Martha Stewart couches, lamps & more. SPECIAL OFFERS

!"#"$%&"'(%$")*+,"' -."/'0$12%34'5%6+$2%34'5+/2%3'-/73' 89%:';'<=>9.:' <>?9'-#"$.%,,'@*%2' A*7"6%4'BC4'?>88D' E9<;D9E;>89F' !$1/&'G)1,'C2'@"H"1#"' 8 0$""'I$1/J'

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Dry wall, stucco, patching, acoustic ceiling removal, cabinet refacing. 15 yrs exp. Liscensed (#99421), bonded & insured Call for free estimate (805) 302-2413 or (805) 822-9471 Not a contractor. HANDYMAN

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Aire your dirty laundry Too busy? Let me do your laundry I pick up and deliver, I also iron Call me, Debra at 805-403-8361 PEST CONTROL

Hydrex Pest Control Residential & commercial. Same day service. 100% satisfaction guarantee! (805) 688-7855 PRINTING

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25 years experience Drop-in visits, house sitting, dog walking, pedicures, geriatric care & more! Estate Exp, Celebrity confidentiality, excellent refs, licensed, bonded & insured. Please call Critter Sitters at 968-1746





UUn-Scratch n - S c r at c h My My GGlass lass

Exce growin 10



I have glass scratch fever!

Help us keep keep Santa Barbara Graffiti Graffiti F REE! R EE!

Help us keep Santa Barbara Graffiti F REE!

Glass Graffiti Graffiti Removal Removal

Glass Graffiti Removal

8 0 5- 6 8 7 - 3 8 1 8 805-687-3818 ms.seal@c ms.seal


We now now accept accept all all major major credit credit cards cards We

We now accept all major credit cards


Are you ready for a change? Pilates rejuvenates the body, mind, and lifts the spirit. Helps alleviate chronic pain. Classically trained dancer. Certified Pilates Instructor -17 years exp. Work in the privacy of your home.

Contact Deborah 805 452-0381

Ho Hosp Bi-

Ho gC Hosp

Bi-l B Co M

Hos Ev

Email re j or W 222 Stree




FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following person(s) is/are doing business as: 805 PRODUCTIONS 205 West Montecito Santa Barbara, CA 93101 County of Santa Barbara; Bruno Ferrarotti(1228 Bel Air Dr. Santa Barbara, CA 93105) This business is conducted by an Individual(Signed:) Bruno Ferrarotti.This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on JFEB 13, 2012. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the Office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL)Melissa Mercer. FBN Number: 2012-0000453. Published FEB 18, 25, MAR 03, 10 2012 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following person(s) is/are doing business as: SANTA BARBARA CONSULTING 2019 Oak Ave. Santa Barbara, CA 93101 County of Santa Barbara; Elizabeth Flanagan(SAME) This business is conducted by an Individual(Signed:) Elizabeth Flanagan.This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Santa Barbara County on JAN 26, 2012. This statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the Office of the County Clerk. I hereby certify that this is a correct copy of the original statement on file in my office. Joseph E. Holland, County Clerk (SEAL)Miriam Leon. FBN Number: 20120000275. Published FEB 18, 25, MAR 03, 10 2012 NAME CHANGES

ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME CASE NUMBER 1384356 Petitioner or Attorney: David Alberto Levi-Cantu TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: David Alberto Levi-Cantu filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present Name: David Alberto Levi-Cantu Proposed Name: David Alberto Levi THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objection that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING DATE: Mar. 8, 2012 TIME: 9:30 a.m. DEPT: 6 THE ADDRESS OF THE COURT IS: SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA County of Santa Barbara 1100 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 A copy of this Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county Santa Barbara Daily Sound. DATE: 1/24/2012 Terri Chavez, Deputy Clerk Denise de Bellefeuille JUDGE OF THE SUPERIOR COURT PUBLISHED JAN 28, FEB 04, 11, 18 2012. NAME CHANGES

ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME CASE NUMBER 1384425 Petitioner or Attorney: David Noel Ortman TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: David Noel Ortman filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present Name: David Noel Ortman Proposed Name:David Noel Darling THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objection that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING DATE: Mar. 8, 2012 TIME: 9:30 a.m. DEPT: 6






Daily Sound

Saturday, February 18, 2012 3X6.6 LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bids will be received by the City of Santa Barbara Purchasing Office located at 310 E. Ortega Street, Santa Barbara, California, until 3:00 p.m. on the date indicated at which time they will be publicly opened, read and posted for:

BID SUBMISSION DATE: 5:00pm, Thursday, March 8, 2012

DUE DATE & TIME: March 13, 2012 UNTIL 3:00P.M.

PROJECT LOCATION: 320 N. Los Carneros Rd., Goleta, CA. Off of the 101 Freeway, take exit 107 for Los Carneros Road and head North (towards the mountains). Take your first right after the stop sign at Calle Real and the Station will be immediately on your left.

AA MANDATORY pre-bid meeting will be held on February 28, 2012 at 2:00p.m., at the Building Maintenance Conference Room, located at 616 Laguna Street, Santa Barbara, CA, to discuss the specifications and field conditions. Then meeting will move to Ortega Park at the 600 block of Ortega Street to inspect field conditions. Bid Documents are available at the Purchasing Office and at the pre-bid meeting.

MANDATORY JOB WALK: 12:00pm, Tuesday, February 28, 2012 CONSTRUCTION COST ESTIMATE: Ninety thousand dollars ($90,000)

MANDATORY JOB WALK: There will be a MANDATORY job walk at the project site on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 12:00pm. Only those prime contractors attending the job walk shall be qualified to bid the work.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Scope of work includes interior modifications related to the expansion of the existing restroom into two restrooms. Generally, the work includes demolition, wood framing, drywall, tile installation, wood doors and frames, shower enclosures, cabinetry, painting, plumbing and electrical work. CONTRACTOR'S LICENSE: The CONTRACTOR shall possess a Class B License at the time this Contract is awarded.

BID DOCUMENTS: Please request plans, specs and proposal forms for bidding this project from Leonetta Wagstaff, Project Assistant, via email at

BID SUBMITTAL INSTRUCTIONS: Each bid shall be in accordance with the plans and specifications approved by the General Services Department. The bid shall be sealed and received at the General Services Department, Facilities Services Office at 1105 Santa Barbara Street, Courthouse East Wing, 2nd Floor, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, on or before 5:00 P.M. on Thursday, March 8, 2012. The results of the informal bid will be sent to all bidding parties. The Official Time will be determined by the Facilities Services Bid Clock, located at the above address. PREVAILING WAGES: Pursuant to the provisions of Section 1770 et seq. of the California Labor Code, the CONTRACTOR shall pay not less than the prevailing rate of per diem wages as determined by the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations. A copy of the prevailing rate of per diem wages is on file at the General Services Department.

CONSTRUCTION TIME: The successful CONTRACTOR (after receiving the Notice to Proceed) shall have Ninety (90) calendar days to complete all work called for under the Contract Documents. LIQUIDATED DAMAGES: The liquidated damages will be TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS ($200) per day for project delays that are determined to be attributable to the CONTRACTOR.

QUESTIONS: All contractual and technical questions should be addressed to the Project Manager, Jill Van Wie, General Services, 805.560.1079 or THE ADDRESS OF THE COURT IS: SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA County of Santa Barbara 1100 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 A copy of this Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county Santa Barbara Daily Sound. DATE: 1/24/2012 Terri Chavez, Deputy Clerk Denise de Bellefeuille JUDGE OF THE SUPERIOR COURT PUBLISHED JAN 28, FEB 04, 11, 18 2012.

BID NO. 5144

Ortega Park Security Lighting

Bids must be submitted on forms supplied by the City of Santa Barbara and in accordance with the specifications, terms and conditions contained therein. Bid packages containing all forms, specifications, terms and conditions may be obtained in person at the Purchasing Office or by calling (805) 564-5349, or by Facsimile request to (805) 897-1977. There is no charge for bid package and specifications.

Bidders are hereby notified that pursuant to provisions of Section 1770, et seq., of the Labor Code of the State of California, the Contractor shall pay its employees the general prevailing rate of wages as determined by the Director of Department of Industrial Relations. In addition, the Contractor shall be responsible for compliance with the requirements of Section 1777.5 of the California Labor Code relating to apprentice public works contracts. This is a federally-assisted project and Davis-Bacon (DBRA) requirements will be strictly enforced. Federal Labor Standards provisions HUD-4010 will be incorporated into the successful bidder’s contract and is attached hereto as Attachment A. Contractors, including all subcontractors and apprentices, must be eligible to participate. Federal Wage Determination # CA120023 01/20/2012 CA23 is incorporated herein and is attached hereto as Attachment B. In the event of a conflict between Federal Prevailing Wage (Davis/Bacon Act) and Prevailing Wage, Contractor/Subcontractor shall pay the higher of the two rates.

The City of Santa Barbara requires all contractors to possess a current valid State of California C-10 Electrical Contractors License. The company bidding on this must possess one of the above mentioned licenses and be otherwise deemed qualified to perform the work specified herein. Bids submitted using the license name and number of a subcontractor or other person who is not a principle partner or owner of the company making this bid, will be rejected as being non-responsive. Bidders are hereby notified that a Payment Bond in the amount of 100% of the bid total will be required from the successful bidder for bids exceeding $25,000. The bond must be provided with ten (10) calendar days from notice of award and prior to the performance of any work. The bond must be signed by the bidder and a corporate surety, who is authorized to issue bonds in the State of California.

The City of Santa Barbara affirmatively assures that minority and disadvantaged business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of age (over 40), ancestry, color, mental or physical disability, sex, gender identity and expression, marital status, medical condition (cancer or genetic characteristics), national origin, race, religious belief, or sexual orientation in consideration of award. _____________________ William Hornung, C.P.M. General Services Manager

Published: February 18, 2012 The Daily Sound



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Notice of Trustee Sale

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Notice of Petition

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Name Change $150

Fictitious Business $40

Aaron Mercer Contact


Call (805) 564-6001 X3507

Request for Qualifications for On Call Engineering Project Management Services City of Goleta, CA

The City of Goleta is inviting all qualified firms to submit a Statement of Qualifications to provide on call engineering project management services. An on call list of qualified firms will be developed which will be valid for between one and three years.

DOCUMENT AVAILABILITY: Interested firms may receive the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) by contacting Rosemarie Gaglione, Capital Improvement Program Manager via telephone at 805-961-7569, or email at Copies may be obtained at the City of Goleta, 130 Cremona Drive, Suite B, Goleta, CA 93117. The documents will be posted on the City’s web site at and at Construction Bidboard at . Submittals must be in response to the published RFQ. All submittals must be received at the City of Goleta, 130 Cremona Drive, Suite B, Goleta CA 93117 on or before 2:00 p.m. PST on Wednesday, March 14, 2012. Publish:

Daily Sound





10 Saturday, February 18, 2012

Daily Sound

Shelton to be Honored, Play 4Kay Night, Free Basketball

DAILY SOUND STAFF REPORT The Westmont Warriors will offer free admission to the men's and women's basketball games this Saturday night. Feb. 18. The Westmont Women's Basketball team, ranked sixth in the country, will host the Eagles of Concordia at 5:30 p.m. The men's game will follow at 7:30 p.m., and matches 8th-

SETH & BRAD estate, a smoother transition is more likely. The larger the estate or situations concerning complicated assets (i.e. privately held stock, family businesses, etc.), the longer the process. For estates larger than $5 million, it is fairly common for this administration to take years in some cases. However, for even small estates, it is common for it to take months and even longer if probate is involved. Regardless of the structure, the process is further extended if fights


ranked Westmont against 11thranked Concordia. In a special attraction, Westmont Athletics plans to honor Rath Shelton before the men's basketball game. Shelton is a 1950 graduate of Westmont. He worked at the college for 30 years. He worked as a baseball coach, then in the admissions office and then as sports information coordinator, according to a Westmont news

between beneficiaries take place (usually avoided when documentation is very clear). You should revisit your estate plans every few years to make sure they are still accurate and reflective of your intentions. Though many people do not like to discuss these matters with their children, it is often times best to at least talk about who the Trustees will be, where to find documents and especially your desires as it pertains to your personal property and burial wishes. Make sure a copy is on hand with your advisors for safekeeping as well.

release. He eventually became Westmont's director of public relations and director of the Alumni Association, which he founded. Shelton passed away on Feb. 1 of complications of pneumonia, he was 88 years old. He was a founding member of the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table, and was inducted into the Santa Barbara Athletic


FROM PAGE 3 creep in after spending 75 percent of her time in hospitals for a year and undergoing so much chemo. Her father Jonathan said the hospital got less fun and she longed to run around and play like other kids. After all that they have been through, and all of the support they have received from the community, the hospital, and the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, the Krasnoffs said they are going

Round Table Hall of Fame for his support of local athletics. Shelton also taught at Santa Barbara City College and worked with the Santa Barbara Ad Council. The Warriors will also participate in the Women's Basketball Coaches Association Play 4Kay initiative on Saturday night. The program seeks to raise awareness of the fight against

to continue with the fight to help other children and families. They encourage the community to continue right along with them. They stressed the importance of registering to be a marrow donor, especially among minorities since it is more difficult for minorities to find matching donors. They are also going to participate in the CureSearch walk May 5 and encourage others to join. One thing Lexi accomplished during her short lifespan was the ability to draw a crowd and mobilize people.

breast cancer and honors legendary North Carolina State coach Kay Yow who died of the disease in January of 2009, according to a news release. Several other big events are scheduled for Saturday. Westmont Baseball will host Oregon Tech in a doubleheader that serves as the team's home opener. First pitch is at 10 a.m. Westmont Track and Field will host UC Santa Barbara and

Sharp with a penchant for chatter, people would meet her and fall instantly in love with her. Her friends and family said people who they didn’t know would stop them and ask them how she was doing. “People who haven’t met her are so inspired by her,” said Lexi’s favorite nurse Nancy May. “They just see her smile – it’s crazy!” Watching the video of her daughter singing “Barbie Girl,” a smiling to full capacity and moving to her own music. Kathrine remarked “this is how she was all of the time.”

Pepperdine at the Westmont Track with field events beginning at 10:45 a.m. and the first race scheduled for noon. Westmont Men's and Women's Tennis will also be in action at the Abbott Tennis Courts. The sixth-ranked men will host Claremont-Mudd Scripps at eleven o'clock while the women will take on The Master's at two.

Just weeks before Lexi died, the rambunctious toddler was enthusiastic about the weather and her chances of getting back into that swimming pool. And even though she's gone now, Lexi's mom takes comfort in the words her daughter would whisper to her during the rough times. “It’s okay mommy, don’t worry.” An open memorial for Lexi will be held today, Saturday Feb. 18 at 11 a.m. at South Coast Church.

Tickets going fast!

TTwo wo terrific terrific n nights i g ht s o off o outstanding utstanding aadventure dventure fi films lms - p paragliding, aragliding, sskiing, kiing, polar scuba, climbing, climbing, kkayaking ayaking and epic trekking! trekking!

MON, FEB 27 & TUE, FEB 28 7:30 P M / ARLING TON THEATRE THEATRE PM ARLINGTON $14 $ 14 / $ $11 11 U UCSB CSB sstudents tudents & youth youth 1 18 8 and and under under An A nA Arlington rlington ffacility acility ffee ee w will ill be be a added dded to to e each ach tticket icket price. price.

((805) 805) 8 893-3535 93 -3535 (805) (805) 9 963-4408 63-4408 w

HOROSCOPES by Eugenia Last

Happy Birthday: A passionate approach to life and everything you do will add to your success. Believe in what you can do and your achievements will surpass your past performance. Strive for perfection and hone in on what is in demand, not what is already abundant. Uniqueness will separate you from the competition. Your numbers are 5, 11, 14, 24, 33, 35, 41.

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Strive to get ahead. Check out job posts or look at opportunities to earn extra cash on the side. Expand your skills or offer a service that will help subsidize your lifestyle. Don't let a power play someone makes disrupt your plans. 2 stars

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Stick to your plans, regardless of what others do. A good idea you have will help reform a situation that has been bothering you. Short trips will help you Answers Answers establish your position and your game plan. Expand 5 stars#1 Sudoku #1 your knowledge. Sudoku 5 1 3 9 7 8 2 6 4 3 2 GEMINI (May 21-June 20): 1Stick to 9 8 Decipher 7 others 4 truth. 2 6 5 1what 3 6 5 4 really the 8 9 to5contribute. 2 4 you 7 6before 3 1agree want 8 9 7 Don't 1 5 sign 4 8up9for7something 6 3 2 because 2 5 1 you 8 want 7 6 to 4 1 5 make 2 3 an 9 impression, 3 7do4 so3 because in 2 9 6 you 1 4are7 interested 5 8 9 8 6 what's being offered. Knowledge is 2 4 5 7 8 9 3 1 6 1 9 7 key. 1 3 5 6 4 2 7 9 83 stars

6 3 7 1

Sudoku #3 2 3 1 4 5 6 7 3 9 4 8 2 1 7 5 8 6 9 3 7 4 8 2 6 8 5 9 1 3 1 6 5 7 2 4 9 Sudoku #5 8 6 7 2 4 2 5 1 1 9 3 4 6 8 2 5 5 3 4 6 9 7 1 8 3

2 7


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1 4 9 2 6 5 4 3 8 6 2 8 7


9 8 5 7 8 9 4 2 5 3 1 6 2 6 3 4 4 1 2 8 1 7 9 5 6 4 7 3 7 2 8 9 3 5 6 1

Sudoku #3 5 6 8 3 4 3 2 6 9 7 1 4 7 8 6 9 1 4 5 2 2 9 3 7 6 1 9 5 8 5 4 1 3 2 7 8

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Communication and travel will lead to problems. Stick close to home and spend time with the people you love. Home improvement projects will pay off, as long as you don't overspend in the process. 3 stars

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Mingle, get involved in something that interests you and share your thoughts with people who want to collaborate. Don't make personal changes for the wrong reason or that are costly or likely to disappoint you. Stick to intellectual growth. 5 stars

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): You can acquire greater stability if you pick up knowledge or a trade that will help you find a better paying job. You can alter the way you live by sharing expenses with someone working toward an improved lifestyle or similar goals. 3 stars

31 47 15 6 5 2 9 4 8


1 7 2 5



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9 3







8 1

Sudoku #5 8 4 7 3 5 2 3 4 9 1 6 5 1 8 5 7 2 3 4 6 6 7 9 2 3 5 1 8 4 9 8 1 7 6 2 9

9 1












Easy Sudoku Puzzles, Book 13 Sudoku #4 94 25 41 78 6 2 3 9 5 9 4 2 7 9 6 3 58 1 8 3 6 2 5 4 1 7 8 5 89 3 15 41 34 29 8 6 7 3 36 78 89 92 7 3 5 1 7 1 5 4 1 6 8 42 53 6 4 5 7 9 8 2 6 21 8 7 4 8 36 2 4 1 7 73 69 2 1 3 5 9 4 67 96 2 1 5

Sudoku #1 BEGINNER


CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): You'll have insight into something that can make you money. Look at investments or make purchases that will grow in value. Not everyone will agree with your logic, but trust in your gut feeling and you will come out on top. 3 stars

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): What LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Explore new avenues. The less time spent with you put out you will get back in return. Offer your services and ask for favors. people who know you too well, the Puzzles, Book Challenging Sudoku Puzzles, Book 12 Bartering will bring good results and better. YouEasy haveSudoku nothing to learn or12 gain by doing and #2help you establish a workable relationSudoku #2 the same thing over Sudoku ship unique. Your intuover again. It's 9time branch out3and 2 4 6 8 9 7 7 1 5 to 8 5 6 4 with 9 2someone 8 43 6 7 1 ition will guide you in a positive directry new things. 2 stars 7 95 12 29 84 6 3 1 7 8 7 9 6 1 2 8 3 4 5 tion. 4 stars 8 3 7 4 1 6 2 5 9 2 SCORPIO 6 5 4 3 (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): You'll 1 2 4 7 5 3 9 6 8 7 8 1 3 Your 6 4 ideas8will 9spot 2 intuitively. 95 on, 8 4 2 5 Birthday 6 7 1 9Baby: 3 You are powerful, 3be 7 6 and6 passionate. You are 6 8ability 9 2 to set5 a 3 1 progressive 1 15 and 4 the 6be 87on 23target, 5 2 9 4 7 8 idiosyncratic. new help cata2 7 will 6 standard 9 or 3 trend 1 5 34 8 6 7 9 8 3 1 5 2 4 5 1 7 4 limelight. Doors will 1 4 6 5 7 4pult52 you 89 into 3 28 the 9 5 8 3 Eugenia's 7 6 4 websites 1 2 -- open if you take the initiative and mar9 2 1 1 28 76 64 3 2 1 7 for 8 5 6 3 consultations, 9 9 5 7 4 confidential eugeket what you have to offer. 4 stars






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61 9 3 8 2

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9 2

Sudoku #8 Sudoku #7 To solve, every number 1-9 1 5 9 8 7 2 94 8 5 18 1 7 6 4 6 7 3 5 2 must appear in each of the 2 4 3 5 9 7vertical 2 6 columns, 4 2 each 9 3of 6 1 88 46 79 5 nine the rows 2 nine 5 3 3 65 9 6 2 4 1 horizontal 1 5 and 8 4 7 97 31 2 Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column and each each nine 3x3 box. No contain of3the digits 8 ofblock 6the7 9 all 2 27 8 1 9 53-by-3 4 51 thru 7 9.9 64 83 1 number can occur morethethan guesswork. 5 1 6 7 4If you 9 use 3 logic 2 you 8 can solve 5 69 9 1 3 6 2 4 8 1 5without 8 7 puzzle 2 4 once in any row, column or little 4 help?1 The hints 8 9 7 2 box. 9 1 3 6Need 3 a5 9 page 5solve 4 the5puzzle. 2 6shows 1 a logical 8 36order 78 to7 Use it to identify the next square you should solve. Or use the answers page 8 get 6 7 8 3 2 4 3 5 7if you 1 really 9 stuck. 6 1 8 5 3 2 9 4 79 12 4 PREVIOUS 4 6 2 7 9 8 5 4 3 6 7 1 2 6 8 9 2 3 13 55 48 7 SOLUTIONS 3 5 4 7 6 1 9 8 2 4 3 5 9 7 1 4 8 6 51 27 36 9 © 2005


4 5 3

3 7

Sudoku #6 1 3 6 6 15 58 2 9 7 9 9 4 5 7 676 5 2 61 8 2 4 7 9 6 8 2 6 1 9 43 9 2 5 88 96 5 1 4 2 9 8 3 7 5 42 6 31 5 23 6 5 4 2 8 3 4 7 67 6 7 2 75 375 9 3 6 5 1 4 3 54 8 3 7 4

5 3 4 9 8 7 7 6 2 3 7 1 1 9 8 2 4 5 9 7 8 1 6 6 3 4 5 9 8 9 6 2 3

Sudoku #7 3 2 4 6 1 5 8 3 6 7 9 8 4 3 2 1



1 3


5 4




9 1 2 8 5 7for Eugenia's blog and join Eugenia on twitter/facebook/linkedin.

Sudoku #4 9 2 5 1 7 4 8 9 3 1 6 7 2 7 9 8 8 5 4 3 1 6 3 5 5 9 7 6 6 8 2 4 4 3 1 2


Challenging Sudoku Puzzles, Book 13

8 4 3 7 5 2 6 1 4 9 5 8 6 5 4 3 7 6 1 2 2 7 8 9 1 3 2 4 3 1 9 5 9 8 7 6


Sudoku #6 6 1 2 7 4 3 7 2 8 5 9 6 5 9 6 8 3 2 4 1 1 7 8 5 9 4 1 3 7 8 5 9 2 6 3 4


3 9 8 4


9 4 8

ACROSS 1 “The Office’’ address? 4 Cockpit displays 9 1971 Donald Sutherland film 14 Chicken ___ king 15 Blithering sort 16 Acid dye 17 ___ anglais (English horn) 18 Brand in the bedroom 19 Put through small openings, as potatoes 20 Moderately sweet raised rolls 23 “Faust’’ or “Don Giovanni’’ 24 Participated in a bee 28 Busybody 32 Actress Danes 33 Org. for entrepreneurs 36 Parties with poi 38 Accomplish flawlessly 39 Not playing 43 The Village Voice award 44 Dry Italian libation 45 “Try ___ might …’’ 46 Amp schlepper 49 Catches flies 51 “Over my dead body!’’ 53 Where a

thrush may perch 57 Show of deliberate indifference 61 Where Akitas originated 64 Cornucopia fruit 65 Yearling’s age 66 Regard with devotion 67 Lay ___ (flop) 68 Retton’s letters 69 Like some sets 70 Try another shade 71 Word with “pepper’’ or “rover’’ DOWN 1 Cheesetopped chip 2 Ball hit just over the infield 3 Menu at Le Cirque 4 British Prime Minister Benjamin 5 Prefix meaning “concept’’ 6 Puts on the tube 7 They may be odd or drawn 8 Sticks a fork into 9 Bit of corn 10 Reporter under Perry White 11 NCAA powerhouse 12 “Jeopardy!’’ rarity

13 Place to burn a candle? 21 Get way down? 22 ___ symbol (bar code) 25 Tropical forest vine 26 Clapton and Idle 27 Capital of the Mogul Empire 29 “Sister Act’’ sister 30 They may be applied near bases 31 Some jams are made of these 33 Kind of testimony 34 Hindu “Mr.’’ (Var.) 35 Three Tenors’ offerings 37 1979 Middle East exile 40 Government health

program 41 “Hitch’’ costar Mendes 42 Envy 47 Attended to pressing needs? 48 Wriggler in the water 50 The sun, personified 52 Whodunit writer’s award 54 Aroma, to a Londoner 55 What to try to make of this puzzle? 56 Footprint 58 Subjective sound unit 59 Colored 60 Bacchanalian event 61 Alternative to a hook 62 Time-wasting bother 63 “A ___ on thee!’’


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“SHIRT, JACKET, COAT” by Jeff Capers




9 2 1 4

3 9 4 5 8 6 4 1 2 2 4 1 9 7 5 6 3 9 8 2 7 1 6 3 7 5 8



5 8 1 9 7 3 3 7 8 6 2 4 6 5 4 2 9 1

2 6

1 7 6

Sudoku #8 9 3 1 5 3 2 4 9 7 8 6 7 1 4 2 8 6 7 3 1 9 5 4 8 6 7 9 5 1 8 2 3 4 Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column and each 3-by-3 all of6 the digits 5 6block contain 8 1 7 91 thru4 9. 5 2 3 If3you7 use logic you 9 can 5 the 8 guesswork. 4 solve 3 puzzle 6 2without 1 7 Need 2 4a little help? 2 The 8 shows 3 hints 7 page 5 1a logical 6 4order 9 to solve the puzzle. Use it to identify the next square you should solve. Or use the answers page if6you5 really get stuck. 7 9 1 4 2 6 3 5 8 1 9 3 6 2 9 8 5 4 7 1 8 2 5 8 4 1 3 7 9 6 2

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Sudoku #1 1 EXPERT 3


Universal Crossword

CANCER (June 21-July 22): Protect your home. Do what you can to make your surroundings reflect your idea of comfort. Don't let someone take over or redo what you have worked so hard to achieve. Speak up honestly about what you want. 3 stars

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): What you learn will help you with future prospects. It's important to explore your talents and to discover the options available to you. Don't limit what you can do. Look outside your location, or diversify what you have to offer. 3 stars

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