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Vegetarian Delicacies for Dashain

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Dashain Looks by Local Designers

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Dashain Looks by Local Designers



138 Under the Knife Beauty is an asset you can use to your advantage but is going under knives, needles and hands of plastic surgeons in Nepal something you ought to do? Text: Genisha Chhantel-Kaucha, Make-up & hair: Siam Beauty Parlor, Kupondole, Model: Michi Amatya, Venue: OraCare, Kamalpokhari


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ECS Media

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Femininity is power. Femininity is sensuality. Femininity is confidence. We explore the hidden and the exposed facets of a woman, and the visual delight that is transmitted by her mere presence. Here, singularity represents a multitude. By Ujeena Rana


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ECS Media

The reason why our local products haven’t been received with the same fanfare as compared to their imported cousins is because there is no market. And there is no market because there are no buyers. This Dashain let’s adorn local designer wear.

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Fan boys unite. Haters, this may just change your mind. The thinner, lighter and better iPhone 5 is here. TEXT: MALIN GURUNG

Everything you need to know about

iPhone 5

gadget review 48 What is new? The cosmetic changes are huge this time. iPhone 5 is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than iPhone 4S (who’s even counting). You get a 4 inch Retina display with 326ppi. With the increased screen size, newly designed apps for the bigger screen uses more of the screen real estate. So the apps for iPhone 5 are more dynamic, iPad-like. Inside, the overhaul is remarkable. The A6 chip is almost twice as fast and has an increased battery life than the A5 chip used in iPhone 4S. The useless earphones that came with all the previous iPods and iPhones are now replaced with a completely redesigned EarPods, which Apple claims have been designed from ground up using 3D scans of over 600 individual human ears. Also new is the dock connector, smaller and reversible, which basically means there is no wrong way to connect it unlike the docks that came with the earlier versions of the iPhone. You get the new iOS 6 with over 200 features like redesigned maps app, improved Safari, integrated Facebook and improved camera that can take shots in panorama mode.



What will not work in Nepal? 4G won’t. Apple replacing Google Maps with its own mapping system could be bad news for us here. Other than Google, no other mapping system fully supported in Nepal. All the bell and whistles introduced with iOS 6 like Passbook, a wallet-like app which keeps your credit cards, movie tickets and boarding pass in one place, will probably not work as well. Siri and Facetime over cellular wouldn’t function up to its optimum usability. Also, with the new dock connector, all the accessories that use the older 30-pin connector will need a new $29 adapter to work.

Buying/Selling You probably want to get your hands on iPhone 5 already but before you ask your friend in US to preorder it, you might want to sell your iPhone 4/S first. Friends and contacts work but they will also ask for discount. Head over to sites like,, and quote your price and put it up for sale - no nagging friends and definitely no bargains means more profits for you. If you can wait for the purchase, you might have to wait at least a month or two to buy it here. Evo Stores in Nepal, plans to bring it here in the last week of October with bookings open in the third week of of the month. Techno Store at City Center has plans to bring it in the first week of October. The local price is not



1. Camera: 8 MP iSight camera with panorama shooting mode and 1080p, 30 fps HD video recording 2. Retina Display: 4 inch, 326ppi multi-touch ‘Retina’ display 3. Dock Connector: All new, 80% smaller reversible dock connector 4. EarPods: Completely overhauled EarPods with ear-friendly design and deeper, richer bass

finalized but it is expected to range anywhere from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1 lakh or above according to resellers here. Or you can order it from once the iPhone 5 is released worldwide. has already put up unlocked iPhone 5 for pre-ordering.

Nano Sim iPhone 5 uses a nano-Sim which is way smaller than the micro-Sims used in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Nepal Telecom does not have any immediate plans to introduce nano-Sims but they also says that if tere is demand, it will be introduced eventually. Ncell confirms that they are in talks with their Sim card vendor to bring in nano-Sims but it is too early to confirm anything. Converting your micro-Sim to nano is possible but it takes painstaking precision to do so. The Internet is already swarming with nano-Sim DIY guides for doing so. Alternatively, you can wait for iPhone 5 to become more popular so that our local New Road mobile vendors will offer the service.

Steve Jobs and Tim Cook – the debacle


“It’s so much more. And so much less, too,” reads an introduction on the Apple website. After a little nosing around, you’ll find out it is actually talking about the new features introduced with the new iPhone 5 and its apparent reduction in volume. Another introduction reads, “It’s not just bigger. It’s just right.” This, of course, is about the increased screen size of the iPhone 5. This would’ve never happened at the time when Steve Jobs was the CEO. ‘Thinnovation’ was the single word used to describe MacBook Air when it was first introduced back in 2008. These are the apparent changes ruling Apple. With Jobs, Apple had a face. Apple had an enterprising hippy who, in his keynotes, announced Apple’s multidigit turnover self-effacingly and also dismissed it right after by saying things like, “But Apple is never about the numbers.” Tim Cook, who took over the legacy left behind by Jobs, has confirmed in media numerous time that, “Apple is not going to change.” With his MBA-cool image and managerial skills to boot, Cook has kept the company floating with timely product launches and profits that increases every quarter. But arguably, the products line-up for many years to come is already being set up. The product road map that defines the future of Apple moulded in such a distinctive way, only famously and uniquely known to the bitten apple. Cook has already taken the liberty to name the third generation iPad simply ‘the new iPad’. What he makes of Apple and how he changes it or doesn’t will be more apparent in years to come. „

gadget product 50

Desirable Objects Combining form and functionality is never easy. But some gadgets do that with such aplomb that it’s easy to forget the little details. Let’s explore some gadgets that make our lives better, all the while looking very enviable. COMPILED BY PRATIK VAIDYA & MALIN GURUNG

Sony MDR XD 200 Set aside the fact that it’s quite a large piece of gear (with a very long cord), just enjoy the filling music through these excellent studio-quality headphones. You’ll never get uncomfortable wearing them for hours or ever regret purchasing these. Price: Rs. 3,500 Available at: Laxmi Traders Phone: 4252461

Canon IXUS 510 Asus Transformer Pad TF300 Feature-packed and power-packed, the Transformer Pad with its unique external keyboard (and 3G capability) is one of the best mid-range priced tablets today. Price: Rs. 75,000 (price includes keyboard) Available at: Nagmani International Phone: 4168637

A bit square and lacking substantial physical buttons, the 510 is smart in all other dimensions. Images are sharper than the camera’s looks, and with built-in Wi-Fi you can easily share your photos online. Price: Rs. 29,990 Available at: Primax International Phone: 4011688, 2013186

Samsung WB150F

Not only does it take wonderful pictures in any condition, but there’s also a neat front-facing camera so that self-shots are more point-and-shoot and not point-shootmiss-retake.

A powerful 18X zoom is just one of the highlights of this smart camera. Other features include Wi-Fi, smartphone compatibility, extensive manual controls, HD video and a reassuringly sturdy build.

Price: Rs. 11,935 Available at: Neoteric Nepal Phone: 4169211

Price: Rs. 22,990 Available at: Samsung Plaza Phone: 4230378

Samsung DV100


HP Pavilion Dv4 i5 (2nd gen) AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics card, 1 GB discrete VRAM on a Core i5 processor with pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium - this more or less sums up HP Pavilion Dv4. But features like switchable graphics between the discrete graphics card and the integrated Intel HD graphics and 1 TB hard drive space adds to the overall appeal. Price: Rs. 69,000 Available at: Human Click Phone: 4253441

Dell Inspiron 5420 i5 This all rounder from Dell ensures performance with Intel Core i5 processor, 4 GB DDR3 RAM and a dedicated nVidia GeForce GT graphics card. 1TB of hard drive space for your data and a 14 inch screen is more than what you paid for, but we are not complaining. Price: Rs.67, 000 Available at: Human Click Phone: 4253441

Nokia Asha 306

Nokia Asha 311

This Nokia packs a nice 3 inch, 155 ppi resistive touchscreen. Regulars like 2MP camera, WiFi, 3.5mm headphones jack and micro card expansion is included. Available in four shades of silver white, red, mid blue and dark grey this is a solid entry level phone that is as pretty as it is functional.

Nokia’s Asha lineup of phones gets a stellar add-on with 311, adding a more luxurious metal accent to the earlier all-plastic body. Nokia’s cheapest WiFi handset to date includes Asha Touch, a user interface optimized for a seamless touch experience. The 311 also includes a host of sensors like proximity sensor, light sensor and accelerometer.

Price: Rs. 9260 Available at: Neoteric Nepal Phone: 4169211

Price: TBA Available at: Neoteric Nepal Phone: 4169211

gadget product 52

MAXX MT105 This entry level phone from MAXX mobile is for people who want a no-frills phone. You get a 2.4inch touch screen in an attractive plastic enclosure. With a dedicated music button and an expandable memory of up to 4GB, this can be a cheap music player alternative. Price: Rs. 5,000 Available at: Royal Traders Phone: 4252461

LG Optimus L3 E405 This Android phone has a dual SIM slot with all the bells and whistles the OS has to offer. Regular includes a 3 MP camera, 3.2 inch capacitive HVGA screen, WiFi among others running on a sufficient 800 MHz Qualcomm processor. What makes this phone stand out from other mid-range Android phones is the discrete Adreno 200 Grpahics Processor Unit it packs.

Nokia 112 This budget beauty from Nokia is an entry level communication device, nothing less, nothing more. It’s cheap and the keypad has a nice click to it while legibility under direct sunlight is very good. Perfect as an extra phone or to gift it to someone as their first phone. Price: Rs. 4,760 Available at: Neoteric Nepal Phone: 4169211

Colors Mobile X Factor Colors Mobile’s 3.2 inch Android touchscreen phone is sleek. The capacitive display is flush with the body giving your fingers a seamless touch-happy experience. Regulars include WiFi, a 2MP camera and Bluetooth 3.0 among others, running on a nippy 1 Ghz processor. Price: Rs. 9,500 Available at: Royal Traders Phone: 4252461

Price: Rs. 16,500 Available at: Royal Traders Phone: 4252461

Dell D ll IInspiron i 5420 i7

Nokia X7 Nokia still thinks there is life in its proprietary Symbian OS. X7 comes with Symbian Anna and is upgradeable to Belle and comes with a sleek 4 inch VGA AMOLED display. The stainless steel enclosure is pure class and is a nice upgrade from Nokia C7, if you are still into Nokia and Symbian, that is. Price: Rs. 32,500 Available at: Royal Traders Phone: 4252461

This is a similarly spec-ed Dell just like the Inspiron 5420 i5, other than the i7 third generation processor it packs. You get extra incentives such as 8 GB RAM, 4 USB 3.0 ports among others. The extra bump on the processor or is for those who do CPU intensive tasks; others should be satisfied with the i5 model. Price: Rs. 86,000 Available at: Human Click Phone: 4253441

gadget product 54

Canon EOS 1DX

Philips SHH 9756

Ridiculously fast shooting (14 frames per second!), packed with top-of-the-line imaging technology and with amazing video capabilities as well, the 1DX has been created with a thorough professional in mind...a perfectionist, at the very least.

Especially designed for use with your Apple devices, it is blissfully comfortable, with exceptional noise isolation and music reproduction. This waterproof accessory comes with a neat case.

Price: Rs. 7,57,490 (body only) Lens cost around Rs. 1,00,000 Available at: Primax International Phone: 4011688, 2013186

Samsung ST 5000 14 MP, HD capabilities, stereo audio, a host of shooting options and a satisfyingly large touch screen that’s also very easy to use – this is a truly solid all rounder. Price: Rs. 21,590 Available at: Neoteric Nepal Phone: 4169211

Price: Rs. 3,800 Available at: Philips Showroom Phone: 4248192

Logitech Ultimate Ears 200vi For the critical listener, these earphones have noise isolation and great sound reproduction qualities. They are sweatresistant and are able to make calls and control music. All in all, you get the ultimate experience. Price: Rs. 3,660 Available at: Neoteric Nepal Phone: 4169211

DSC W690 Touted as the world’s slimmest compact camera, it is also amazingly accurate and delightfully quick, not forgetting its versatile shooting abilities and slick compactness. Price: Rs. 22,500 Available at: Laxmi Traders Phone: 4252461


gadget tech savvy 56

The Tech


For Shishir Upadhay, the Director of Ishan Infosys and a freelance architect, communication is key. He juggles between the two jobs effortlessly with the aid of his two smartphones and a host of other gadgets. Seated in the office of Ishan Infosys at New Road, we had a discourse on his journey from the days of doing all the architectural work by hand to the app-savvy man he is today. TEXT: MALIN GURUNG


ECS Media

hishir Upadhay, at the age of 50, is a busy man. He is at the peak of his career, with his landmark work ranging from his career as the Chief Engineer for Tribhuvan International Airport, infrastructure planning for Kali Gandaki Hydro Power Project, designing Hotel Kantipur of Pokhara from the ground up and as the Director of Ishan Infosys. Where do you get the time to handle all these work? He replies with a simple “milcha”. He justifies, “That is why communication is so important for me.” This is the reason he carries two smartphones - a Samsung Galaxy SIII and an iPhone 4. The Samsung with a Nepal Telecom connection and iPhone with an Ncell SIM. “Both the networks being unreliable at times, using both guarantees I am always connected,” he says. “Miscommunication is something I can’t afford. If the voice breaks during an important call that is the end of everything for me.” This is also the reason why he diverts his call from his Galaxy SIII to iPhone and vice versa when he is out of coverage under either one of the networks. Was it always like this, the need and want to be constantly connected? He tells me about his training in 1988 at Rastriya Computer Kendra in Singhadurbar, the sole computer

57 training center in the country at that time. He was working in UNDP under the Ministry of Housing and Physical Planning then. “There was Lotus and Word Perfect, an earlier version of Microsoft office, and the number of commands we had to remember to use them was ridiculous. Then AutoCAD 14 came and changed the whole software scenario,” he says. “ Before AutoCAD, everything had to be drawn by hand.” Our talk is interrupted by a loud announcement from his Galaxy SIII. Incoming call from Office. He picks up the phone, places it facing back and the announcement is stopped. I am curious as to how he copes up with the onslaught of all tthese new features. Doo these help in the

My Apps

My Gadg Gadgets

Angry Birds Free (adsupported) iOS, Android

Samsung Galaxy SIII “It has all these amenities like S Voice, Smart Alert. And the 8MP camera has definitely replaced my camera.”

Temple Run Free iOS, Android TuneIn Radio Free (adsupported) iOS, Android, BlackBerry DropBox Free iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle Great Quotes Free Android Skype Free iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Safari Pre-installed iOS

Apple iPhone 4 “It is a breeze to use and is a nice way to spend leisure time.” Apple iPad 3 “Portability is the one thing I love about iPad and I use it to listen to bhajans when I am travelling.” Acer TimeLine “This is something I bought years ago but I do not plan to upgrade it anytime soon. It does all the office work without breaking a sweat.” Dell Desktop PC “This is my office staple and I use it for official works.”

productivity and the overall user experience? “Galaxy SIII’s neat features like rejecting a call by facing it backward actually does. My iPad 3, just because it is portable, makes it very easy to use while I am travelling. I listen to bhajans on my iPad when I am abroad every morning. And also, I team it up with a GPS so I can find my way easily.” The two iOS devices and Android phone he uses make use of apps, so I ask him what apps he has – and the list is long. “Dropbox for internal document sharing with the staffs at Ishan and also to back up family photos. TuneIn Radio to listen to international news. Angry Birds for times when I need a break. I use this app called Great Quotes every day, once every night before I go to bed.” “Everything is about tablets and smartphones now.” He points at his desktop, a Dell branded PC, and adds, “This PC and the Acer Timeline laptop I use does all the work I need to do, like running office applications, email and internet surfing. So, I am not too keen on upgrading my computers.” Coming back to smartphones again, I ask him why he uses two rival companies’ phones. “I am like a little boy when it comes to these things. Some apps are missing from Android’s Play Store, same with Apple’s App Store. And even if you do get the apps, some run faster and better on either one of the phone depending on the app.” He adds, “I have already pre-ordered iPhone 5. I have also heard that Samsung is coming up with the second version of Galaxy SIII. I will definitely get that too.” What do you do with all the old gadgets? He says it recycles in the family. “At home, we have this serious talk as to who has what apps on their phone and what is the newest app. My kids suggest me apps, even my wife is not out of all this.” „

Local Designers DASHAIN LOOKS BY

There are fashion shows almost every month which sing glories of our local talent. Creativity oozes out of their designs. However, reality tells us a different tale. The reason why our local products haven’t been received with the same fanfare as compared to their imported cousins is because there is no market. And there is no market because there are no buyers. Now, let’s not blame the free market. For this Dashain, we tied up with our talented designers to ready Dashain look for our readers. This Dashain let’s adorn local designer wear. BY SHRISTI KC, PHOTOS: ECS MEDIA ACCESSORIES COURTESY: NILIMA’S STUDO

cover story 60

Nuzhat Qazi

House of Fashion (HoF)

When did you decide to be a designer? It’s been forever! Even as a kid, I learnt to sew from my grandmother and would make tiny dresses for my dolls, I guess you could say I have wanted to be a designer all my life. Who do you think is your competition in Nepal? Tenzin is one of the most talented designers in Nepal. Which international designer do you bow down to? Definitely, Versace. I don’t even need to give it a second thought. Their designs have concrete silhouettes and portray powerful yet feminine designs, I relate to them quite a lot.

Which celebrity would you want to design for? In an Academy Awards function, Angelina Jolie wore a dress that I had had a vision of creating even before I saw it. Ever since then all the new designs up on my board are accompanied with Angelina’s face on them. Favorite model- international and local? All the models in Nepal have a lot of potential. I think Aastha Pokharel is one of the most promising models. Internationally, Tyra Banks and Gisele Bunchen. Where would you want to showcase your designs internationally? It would be a dream come true to showcase my designs in the Milan Fashion Week.

How hard is it to be a designer in Nepal? Not only in Nepal, but all around the world, it’s easy to become a designer Which is the most fashionable but what’s tough is to maintain that country in the world? status. I think London- the fashion there is ever changing. If not a designer, what would you have loved to be? Do you think designers are making I would love to be in the movie good money now? business, maybe as a director. Who I cannot speak for anybody else knows, if I take a leap of faith, I because it all depends upon the could still be a director! strategy you’re using, but yes, I think designers have started to do well now.

What does it take to be a good designer? It takes a lot of creativity. Do you take negative criticism well? I am not an arrogant person, I will take the criticism into consideration and work onto it. Why do you think your design is ideal for Dashain? I think young girls these days do not want to dress in ethnic wear, my design is suited for the Autumn weather during Dashain and is not too revealing so it would be very appropriate. Is it a preconceived notion or are designer wears expensive? I think that’s the result of sheer ignorance. I would encourage people to come and check out my designs and their prices; it wouldn’t be any less than what they would pay for in DurbarMarg. Any tips on fashion for our readers? For people with a little weight issue, I encourage you to come out of your Kurtha and explore the market. Flairs and layers can make you appear thinner. For people with big chests, avoid turtle necks, opt for rather open necklines. In regard to accessories, less is more, never forget that.


Aastha Pokharel (R) flaunting Nuzhat Qazi’s (L) creation.

cover story 62

Bishwo Gautam Bishwo’s Creation

When did you decide you wanted to be a designer? I have only recently started having the actual feel of being a designer, the reality is I had no idea what I was going to do and just wanted to enter a technical field, hence Fashion Technology. Who do you think is your competition in Nepal? I don’t think I am in any position to judge since I’ve been more focused on my designs being sold abroad. But I’d say Subechhya Bhadel is doing an impressive job. Which international designer do you adore the most? I’ve grown up with the designs of Manish Arora, and besides being an amazing designer he also has been a great inspiration to me. How hard is it to be a designer in Nepal? It is very hard to succeed in this field. You will be tested for every work you do and that can be exhausting. If not a designer, what would you have loved to be?

My family had always wanted me to be a pilot, so I think if not designing I would have gone on to be a pilot. Which celebrity would you want to design for? Any celebrity would be an honor for me to design for, but Lady Gaga and Aishwarya Rai would be exciting to work with. Favorite model- international and local? I haven’t really judged models to know who is better than who but since I have worked with Shristi Shrestha in the past, I can say she is a talented young woman. Internationally I’ve always loved Jennifer Sikka. Where would you want to showcase your designs internationally? To showcase my designs in Paris Fashion Week would be an experience of a lifetime. Which is the most fashionable country in the world? Paris again, I think the fashion trend there changes within an hour. Do you think designers are making good money now?

I don’t think designers make as much as they would want to as of now, but people are starting to understand the importance of a designer wear and very soon we’ll be satisfied with our income. Do you take negative criticism well? As a matter of fact I take all kinds of criticism positively and work to improve my designs. Why do you think your design is ideal for Dashain? I have incorporated the color red, as it is the color of Dashain, and made it so that it wouldn’t be uncomfortable to wear in front of our relatives and at the same time, fashionable enough for ourselves. Is it a preconceived notion or are designer wears expensive? Well it would obviously be more expensive than clothes that we get in the market since the designer concentrates on the proper fitting and finishing. Any tips on fashion for our readers? Wear your clothes with confidence, and try and use more colors but do not go overboard with anything.

The designer with Alina Kharel

cover story 64

Tenzin Testen Bhutia Tenzin Testen Bhutia’s Creations

When did you decide to be a designer? I always had a fascination with fashion. But the breakthrough was in college when my entire friend circle would badger me to go into fashion because of the way I dressed.

have ended up becoming a Chartered Accountant. Which celebrity would you want to design for? I think Lady Gaga would be a perfect fit for my designs and that lady can carry off anything!

What does it take to be a good designer? It has to be a perfect blend of everything from creativity, hard work and modesty. Do you take negative criticism well? I would obviously want an explanation as to why the person has that opinion about my designs but I wouldn’t get angry, I would simply smile.

Who do you think is competition in Nepal? I think I am my biggest competition. I think I grow with every design and learn from every mistake.

Favorite model–international and local? I would kill to work with Miranda Care or Cindy Crawford.

Which international designer do you hold high? Karl Lagerfeld, he is the designer for Chanel and he never fails to impress me with each piece of clothing he designs.

Where would you want to showcase your designs internationally? It would be an honor to showcase my designs in the Paris Fashion Week.

How hard is it to be a designer in Nepal? It takes time for a designer to build a brand, make a name and gather enough trust in people to approach you to design their clothes. It is tough to be a designer in Nepal.

Which is the most fashionable country in the world? I like the way people dress in the United States. I think they explore with color, fabric and have an extreme way of dressing up.

Is it a preconceived notion or are designer wears expensive? It is more expensive than a piece of clothing in the mall, but designers don’t charge for the designs we charge for the fabric and the time spent in creating a perfect fit.

Do you think designers are making good money now? No and Yes, I couldn’t speak for everyone but there are times when we struggle and times when we don’t.

Any tips on fashion for our readers? Before opting to wear any clothes, try knowing your body type. Once you know your body type it is much easier to dress accordingly.

If not a designer, what would you have loved to be? I was studying commerce in Sri Ram College, Delhi, so I think I would

Why do you think your design in ideal for Dashain? I have created a very sober design keeping in mind the occasion and I think my design gives off the element of elegance and grace which is a perfect fit for Dashain.


Celina Singh wearing Tenzin Testen Bhutia’s Creations

cover story 66

Bina Gurung


When did you decide you wanted to be a designer? Since I am a former model, I think my association with clothes has been around for ages and so I just decided that I should get to create the designs that I keep mapping out in my head. Who do you consider competition in Nepal? I don’t really look at the other designers as competition but in terms of talent I think Astik, Subechhya and Tenzin are all exceptional. Which international designer do you adore the most? I like designs that enhance the true beauty of a woman, and I think Valentino does that best. Is it a tough job to be a designer in Nepal? Being a designer in Nepal is harder than you would ever expect it to be. Especially because there isn’t an abundance of fabrics, you cannot even find a fashionable button here and that makes things very difficult. If not a designer, what would you have loved to be?

I haven’t given much thought onto it but I think I would be an entrepreneur.

I think the money designers earn is not satisfying enough because the work we put into every design is incomparable to that.

Which celebrity would you want to design for? What does it take to be a good I would be honored to dress anybody- designer? not only celebrities. Besides being creative, which is an obvious declaration, one should also Favorite model- international and be business minded and smart. local? I have too many names for the local Do you take negative criticism well? models. I think Paramita, Mala and I haven’t had any experience as of Rasmita are all filled with flair. now, but I suspect I would handle it Internationally, Carol Gracias is like a woman, with a lot of grace. spectacular. I have a thing for tan Why do you think your design is models. ideal for Dashain? Where would you want to showcase I think my design is very your designs internationally? sophisticated, and so it would I think I would jump with appeal to the younger crowd’s flavor excitement if my designs were and taste. showcased in the Paris Fashion Is it a preconceived notion or are Week. designer wears expensive? Which is the most fashionable It isn’t all false, which is why I country in the world? am also starting my own line GabiThe teen fashion in the United Basic. The clothing line would be Kingdom seems very happening. affordable compared to my other Most of my cousins who have gone designs. there have picked up the fashion Any tips on fashion for our readers? extensively. Winter is nearing so stay warm and Do you think designers are making don’t forget that colors and leather good money now? are still in.


Bina Ghale (L) with Paramita RL Rana (R)

cover story 68

Astik Sherchan

Astik’s Creations

When did you decide to be a designer? I have always known that I wanted to be a designer, which is why I joined fashion school right after high school. Who do you think is competition in Nepal? If a designer starts worrying about his competitions, he will become paralyzed and his hair will go white, that’s why I keep myself away from all of that. Which international designer holds your highest respect? My inspiration has always been the designers of Prada, they are bold and experimental and I absolutely love that about their designs. How hard is it to be a designer in Nepal? Compared to foreign countries, being a designer in Nepal is much more relaxed. There are no major deadlines to meet and unlike other countries there aren’t many shows either. If not a designer, what would you have loved to be?

I guess every designer is a hidden poet, or maybe it’s just me, but I would have gone into the field of literature. Which celebrity would you want to design for? I don’t really care for celebrities. I’m more focused on my designs and clothes. Favorite model- international and local? I wouldn’t say favorite, but I see a lot of potential in Asma Singh. Internationally, it would have to be Kate moss. But who doesn’t love her? Where would you want to showcase your designs internationally? Watching the models wearing my designs in the Paris Fashion Week has always been my fantasy.

Perseverance, courage, creativity but apart from that designers also need more PR houses, better fashion magazines, better stores, and professional modeling houses. Do you take negative criticism well? I wave off criticism just like I would wave off compliments, they don’t matter to me. I am my best critic. Why do you think your design in ideal for Dashain? Quite honestly I didn’t have Dashain in mind wile designing this dress, but it would be ideal even for Dashain because it gives off a loud and happy aura. Is it a preconceived notion or are designer wears expensive? I think it is a better investment to buy one dress which may cost more but is perfect in the sense of fitting, style and finishing rather than buying 20 dresses and growing out of each one.

Do you think designers are making good money now? I don’t think so. The fashion industry in itself has yet to grow and without that happening, there isn’t Any tips on fashion for our readers? much designers can do. Don’t blindly follow fashion, what looks good on other may not look What does it take to be a good good on you. Understand your taste designer? and style before you buy clothes.


Astik with Ashma Singh


You have two choices The two cars you might want to take home this Dashain TEXT: PRABAL SHRESTHA


Hyundai Fluidic Verna The brand:

too with a Y-shaped crash pad and spacious interior seating. The longer Founded in 1967, Hyundai Motor wheelbase (2570mm) generates ample Group today comprises Hyundai and Kia, and together is the fourth largest leg space. The elegant interiors feature an array of luxurious elements and auto manufacturing company in the textures including leather upholstery. world. The South Korean industry in One of the unique features of its relatively shorter history has been able to accomplish its present position the Fluidic Verna is the cluster ionizer, which improves the quality through continuous innovation and of air inside the cabin by producing technological upgrades, and Verna is ion-plasma that traps bacteria and an example of such advancement. other impurities that comes into operation automatically when the Verna: the machine AC is switched on. Other thoughtful The new Fluidic Verna is available with two engine options: 1.4-liter VTVT convenience features for the driver include driver’s side, front and rear engine delivering a maximum power power windows with auto down of 107PS@6300rpm and peak toque of and time lag function, electrically 13.8kgm@5,000 rpm, and the petrol adjustable and foldable mirrors, tilt 1.6 liter VTVT engine, which gives out 123PS@6300rpm maximum power and steering, electro chromic inside rear view mirror and steering mounted 15.8kgm@4,200 rpm peak torque. audio controls and Bluetooth Both the 1.6-liter petrol and the connectivity. diesel engines are mated to a 5-speed The car is loaded with system manual transmission. The 1.4-liter which supports Bluetooth connectivity petrol engine gives a mileage of 17.43 kmpl (Automotive Research Agency of and comes with features like Radio/CD/MP3/USB/Aux-in/iPod India, ARAI figures) making the new connectivity. It has a Fully Automatic Fluidic Verna one of the most fuelTemperature Control (FATC) system efficient car in the segment. with a cooled glove-box.

Exteriors of the Fluidic Verna The new Fluidic Verna is based on the Fluidic Sculpture Design Philosophy, featuring a coupe-like futuristic design. On the front, the Fluidic Verna displays the next generation hexagonal grille, eagle-eye headlamps with wide air dam and distinctive L-shaped fog lamps. The 16-inch alloy wheels give the new Verna a bold new stance and the bold rear bumper (with reflectors) add to the sporty look of the car.

Verna on the inside: The interiors of the sedan feature two-tone beige and black high gloss interiors with wood finish. The fluidic design concept extends to the interiors

Safety on Fluidic Verna The new Verna is equipped with front Dual airbags for occupant protection as a passive safety feature while the EBD (Electronic Brake force distribution) and ABS (anti lock braking system) provide the much needed active safety systems to help the driver control the car better. The philosophy of “Fluidic Sculpture” also guarantees stability of the car. In order to ensure overall strength and safety, the body of new Fluidic Verna is built with high strength steel. Hyundai is also the first to come up with Rear Parking Camera (with display on the inside rearview mirror) in the mid-size sedan segment along with reverse parking sensors which helps in ensuring safe and easy parking of the car. One of the essential safety features brought in by Hyundai is the automatic unlocking of the door on collision which facilitates quick exit of the occupants. The car is also equipped with a clutch lock system which adds to the safety of the car when parked. Price: 1.4 VTVT: Rs. 3,296,000 1.6 SX VTVT: Rs. 3,696,000


Fiat Linea 2012 The Brand: Italian cars have have always had the reputation for being the most beautiful cars; and the automobile company that sits on the pinnacle of Italian automotive industry is the Fiat group. The international auto group designs and produces a range of cars from mass produced brands such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Abarth and Fiat Professional to luxury cars such as Ferrari and Maserati. The group also expands beyond Italy with names such as Chrysler, Jeep , Dodge, Ram and SRT on its fleet. Bringing the flagship brand of the group –Fiat, Batas Pvt. Ltd. offers two variants from Fiat- Punto (hatchback) and Linea (sedan).

Linea 2012 –the machine: The sedan is powered by a 1.4-Litre FIRE Petrol engine, providing a maximum output of 90ps @ 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 115 Nm @ 4,500 rpm. The car features five speed manual transmission and ventilated front discs and rear drums provide brakes for the vehicle. The stability for the car is provided by independent wheel, helical coll springs, double acting telescopic dampers and stabiliser bar at the front, and torsion beam, helical coll springs, double acting telescopic dampers and stabiliser bar at the rear.

Exteriors of Linea: Produced by the Italians, what one can expect from the vehicle is to be a work of art. Featuring its distinctive silver grille, recognising Linea in the traffic is not a problem. The sedan also features a dual parabola headlamps, body color side mirrors, chrome body-side moulding and R15 alloy wheels. The body of Linea

extends 4,560mm in length, 1,730mm in width and 1,487mm in height; with a wheel base of 2,603mm, providing a boot spcae of 500 litres. To curve through the narrow, potholes-ridden streets of KTM, the car has a turning radius of 5.4 meters and a ground clearance of 185mm.

Linea on the inside: The sedan not only has an exterior but also the interior to set itself apart. The sedan features a premium leather upholstery, even the steering wheel and the gear knobs wrapped around leather. The car features a dual tone dashboard, various chrome inserts including the inside door handles, and an analog-style classy indicators. The car features front and rear arm rests for comfortable driving and riding. With features like all 4-one touch auto down power windows, and electrically adjustable outside rear view mirrors there is definitely more accessibilty. Featuring integrated CD/ MP3 and FM Player with steering mounted audio and Blue&Me controls, the driver is unmistakably in control. A feature to please both the driver and passengers,

the car provides an automated air conditioning with climate contorl. The car also features an automatic rain sensors, mileage indicator, external temperature display, trip calculator, auto switch on/off headlamps and programmable speed limit buzzer.

Safety on Linea: Fiat Linea 2012 is equipped with all sorts of safety features, from ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) and Immobiliser with rolling code to prevent collisions, to Fire Prevention System and dual front airbags with early crash sensor to minimize damage in case of a collision. The car features automatic door lock system and also central door lock system. The other sensors and systems in place include –driver seat belt warning light, exact door open indicators and double crank prevention system. Price: Starting from Rs. 3,200,000 (Active) A diesel variant is also available starting from Rs. 3,500,000 Contact: Batas Brothers Motors, Gairidhara, 01-4004744, 4004745



Paris and Style Sushma Joshi travels to Paris and discovers that style is more than beautiful women with fancy outfits.


aris is a city that is as alive in the imagination as it is in reality. I grew up seeing the small replica of the Eiffel Tower in my parents’ living room. When my mother talked about her visit to Paris decades ago, and how they had stayed at the Nepali Ambassador’s residence, it was always with a special reverence. So I knew Paris was a special place even before I went there. My first visit was on a freezing cold winter in February 2005. I was on my way back from Brazil, and my suitcase was full of frilly gauze outfits I had bought for a few reales in Rio. The sudden shock of the

cold was mitigated somewhat by the lovely warmth and hospitality of my friend Aurelie, whose mother lent me her winter coat so I didn’t feel the chill so strongly. It was a very short visit, but it made a strong impression on me. An elaborate meal Aurelie’s mother cooked for us in her apartment, including what appeared to me a dozen types of cheese, ended my visit on a delicious note. In the summer of 2006, I had the opportunity to attend the New York Film Academy’s summer film directing program in Paris. The program was hosted at La Femis, France’s premier film institute, and it was located in the Montmarte area. Right next to us was the Sacre

Couer church, one of Paris’s most famous landmarks. The hill on which it is located was saturated with the history of artists and writers who had lived in that area during various periods. But I didn’t know this that summer. That hot summer when the sun lit up the sky till 9 pm, I was just living like a student, making films in black and white, going to Bastilles Day fireworks by the Eiffel Tower, gaping at the giant crowds that came out on Champs Des Elysees to celebrate some football victory, and enjoying my life without realizing that I was in the midst of history. In Paris, I again met my friend Genevieve. Genevieve Stein, a linguist



who was trained in the Sorbonne and who had lived in an apartment in my parents’ house in Kathmandu for almost two decades, had led an adventurous life in South Asia, leading groups to tours in Jaipur’s old palaces and rafting in the Himalayas before returning to Paris. Genevieve took me to meet a Nepali artist who had been living in Paris for a long time. She said he had been her classmate at the Ecole Des Beaux Artes when they had both been students, a long time ago. “Malla,” she said, “has continued to be an artist in Paris when most of his contemporaries had dropped out. It’s not easy to be an artist making a living off art in Paris.” Keshav Malla turned out to be a very nice man who told me he would be very happy to have his works displayed in Nepal, should groups come forward and request him to contribute his work. As the night unfolded and we talked about food,

history and politics, it became clear that Lain Singh Bangdel, who had also been Malla’s contemporary, had been invited back by King Mahendra and given a post in the Academy, but Malla had never received the same recognition from the government. And this, it was apparent, still rankled with him. I asked him if I could see his artwork one day. He looked discomfited for a moment, then made some excuse as to why I couldn’t come see it. I got the immediate impression that he felt I would not understand, or appreciate his work. I assured him that the art world in Nepal had opened up and that there were a great many artists eager to view, and appreciate different styles. Another evening, we went to the house of linguist Rajesh Khatiwada. Genevieve and Rajesh spent half an hour talking about the aloo ko accharwhat color and shape the seasame seed should be, how the sesame seeds

should be ground, what implements to use, when the lemon juice had to be put in, etc. Hearing Genevieve talking about this recipe was akin to hearing someone discuss some delicacy of the highest order, not the humble aloo ko acchar. It occurred to me that the French obsession with food was also an obsession with style and perfection. Who knew this simple recipe could demand that much discussion, appreciation and finesse? As she moved on to sharing a funny story about the frogs she had eaten off the pond near Gahana Khojne Pokhari and how they had to be extra careful not to let my Brahmin family know about this frog-eating adventure, I mulled about her careful attention to detail and to the minutiae of everyday life. And that, in a nutshell, was what I learnt from my trip to Paris, this time around. During a lunch date with Genevieve, I asked her if she had read my book “The End of the World”.

travel Feature 82

It occurred to me that the French obsession with food was also an obsession with style and perfection. She said she had. I asked her if she had any feedback. She told me that I wrote excellently but I had to focus on my style. Everything was already there, but I had to polish up my style. “What do you mean by style?” I asked a tiny bit frustrated. “Style” seems to be one of those elusive things that are hard to define and even harder to grasp. Was it something to do with those beautiful women walking down the catwalk wearing flowing outfits? Did it have to change every season? What did “style” actually entail? She handed me two classic books and said: “Read this. And you will know.” What annoyed me is that

the books were written by a writer I did not particularly appreciate, and one whose point of view I took issues with. But a little reluctantly, I did read the book and it occurred to me that she was right-that despite my disagreement with this writer, he did have a definite way of saying something that struck me with great energy and clarity, as if a burst of fireworks had exploded over my mind. This then, was “style”-the impact someone had on something merely by the way of saying it. At the Avenue D’ Choisy, close to where I was staying, there was a leather shop selling bags and purses.

The owner was Iranian. And one day, in a conversation with him, I got another insight to the meaning of “style”. I pointed to my bag that I had bought in Pakistan and said: “Look, the leather in Pakistan is very good. I got this for 20 euros.”He shook his head and held up a bag. “The Third World has the best raw materials,” he said. “But they cannot do good finishing. See this? That’s finishing. See the stitch? See the zipper? Pakistan cannot do this. Only France can do this.” And this, in a nutshell, appeared to me what “style” was all about-the careful attention to details of the most minute order, from sesame seeds to the polishing of a button on a leather bag. For a writer, this meant careful attention to language, to the flow and the rhythm of words, to the structure of how each sentence is constructed, and to each comma and each full stop. „


The Rise of Holidaying during Dashain So where are you travelling to this Dashain? Are you a part of the bandwagon that goes around places during the much awaited holiday season? TEXT: MALIN GURUNG, PHOTO: ECS MEDIA


ashain comes every year, without fail. It came last year, the year before that, and it will come again next year. The skies will be clearer once more, the air crisper. Once again, Kathmandu’s streets will get a facelift with less crowds and traffic. The influx of people in the valley that takes place all year round will see an outward trend. No more bumper to bumper, no more weariness, no chaos. Besides the sea of constants that define the festival that makes Dashain what it was and what it is, things have changed in recent times. Maybe it is the age factor or the overall outlook of everything. Or maybe it is just because Dashain comes every year. How many times have you heard people say – Dashain is just not the same anymore? The harmony, familial bonding and the merrymaking that the traditionalists and the culturists associate the festival with, happens all the time, all year round, in small trickling. So has Dashain changed? At least in some ways it has. Now, for most of us, the dakhsinas have been replaced with bonuses and the leisure of flying kites with the comfort of plush eateries and theatres. And also slowly but surely changing, is

85 the place where people actually celebrate the festival. If indications are anything to go by, where people actually celebrate Dashain need not be their hometown or their ancestral home or even their home anymore. More and more people are opting to travel outside the country for the festival holidays. Most prefer to go with the whole family, some just as couples and others travel alone. Travel agencies in the valley state that the trend has always been there. But in recent years, travel bookings have increased almost twofold during the holidays. This year too, almost all of the travel agencies in the valley like Malla Travels, Ace Travels, MyTrip2Nepal, are reporting a surge in bookings for the Dashain holidays. A lot of people are spending their festival holidays of up to one week, abroad. Malaysia, Thailand and other South-East Asian countries are the most popular destinations. Europe comes a close second followed by new destinations like Mauritius, Dubai and Egypt which are becoming increasingly popular. Namira Munankarmi of Malla Travels says, “With the launch of Air Asia, a budget airline, we are hoping to see more visitors to the south east Asian countries.” Then there are those who travel alone or with friends. Mihika Dhakwa of Zets Holiday says, “Most of the bookings done during the holidays are family packages. But traveling alone or with friends is also increasing.” She adds that most people who travel alone get the booking done in twin sharing basis. But why go abroad? Why leave behind friends and relatives? Why leave behind the existential fervor that rules the entire nation and

the people even before the festival actually begins? Sujit Agarwal gives some idea behind the exodus, “Here, everything closes during Dashain. And it is also the only time of the year when all of the family members get a time off from work.” Agarwal has been going abroad during Dashain for three years now. This year he plans to take his family to Europe, but only after Tika so that they don’t miss out on the festivities here, too. From a societal point of view, quite a few individuals find this trend alarming . Bimilesh Thakur, Professor of Sociology at Tri-Chandra doesn’t see any reason why one has to go abroad. “It may be good from a business perspective, but for the country, it could mean a whole different thing.” He adds, “If the identity of being a Nepali lies in what Nepali people do, then this does change the whole picture. Even westerners come home for holidays like Thanksgiving and Chirstmas.” Subash Niroula, the CEO of Nepal Tourism Board, also shares a similar viewpoint. He maintains that Dashain being the biggest Hindu festival should be spared, and remain how is has always been. “Dashain holidays should not be used as an escape for going on holidays abroad. Many traditions have gone into making Dashain what it is. We should respect that.” Respect, tradition, harmony, change – these are the words that come into play when we talk about Dashain. So, mark the festival with your family, go abroad, celebrate it here, eat masu or not, put tika or not; one thing is for sure, you can’t escape the unmistakable Dashainness in the air. Dashain Aayo! „


Made by You There is nothing nicer to receive than a personalized gift. And, there is no greater pleasure than making one and giving them to your loved ones. TEXT: ANDREA NEWTON


ow that the festive season kicks off with fervor, expenses in every household start mushrooming. There are always the basics like decorations and new clothes and feasts to be taken care of. So when you think of gifting I can only imagine the stress that follows. More often than not, people spend hoards of cash on meaningless fancy presents that they hardly put any thought into and to the receiver of the gift; it can be just another box to add to an already growing pile of useless dusty presents. Personalized gifts needn’t be expensive, they can be fun to make and for sure will have your friends remembering the gesture for years to come. So, here are a few ideas to help you start the homemade-gift project.

BAKING KIT: You will need an empty shoe-box, which you could cover with a nice wrapping paper or craft paper. Print a picture of a cupcake from the internet and stick it onto the lid of the box and neatly write underneath ‘Home Baking Kit’. Buy an assortment of things like cupcake liners, a whisk, baking gloves, colorful sprinkles, baking chocolate etc. and print a few

Personalized gifts needn’t be expensive, they can be fun to make and for sure will have your friends remembering the gesture for years to come. baking recipes from the internet on nice paper and tie with a ribbon. Place the items in the box on a bed of shredded tissue paper. Your very own baking kit is ready and should inspire anyone to whip up some delicious goodies! HOME-SPA KIT: You will need the same box as above, wrapped and lined with shredded paper. Get some candles and tie them in a bundle with a string and beads. Make a sugar scrub with castor sugar, juice of a lime, lavender essential oil and a few drops of olive oil and pack in

small empty glass jars. You can print little labels or simply paint the words ‘Sugar Scrub’ onto the lid. Make a peppermint foot soak with 200ml olive oil, a few drops of peppermint essential oil, 100ml rose water and two heaps full of tablespoon rock salt. Mix all of these over a low flame for about five minutes and then pour into a clean glass bottle or jar. Put all your little gifts into the box and throw in some flowers and a few wrapped candies. CUSHION COVERS: I recently discovered a nice section of fabric


shops in Chhettrapati Chowk that sell cotton material at very reasonable prices. You will need just a sample cushion cover as reference for your tailor. Buy as much fabric as the covers you need to make. Buy a variety of colors and then a contrasting color lace fabric and some ribbons. Ask any tailor (or if you sew, then do it yourself!) to replicate the sample cushion cover with the cotton fabric. Then with the lace, cut out small squares and ask them to sew the squares of lace in the centre on the cushion cover with the ribbon as the border. Your designer home couture cushions will be the talk of the century once your friends learn that you took the effort to make them! TABLEMATS: You will need about six or eight A4 papers. Using water colors,

A little personalized touch goes a long way in separating your gift from the many that people receive. paint some designs onto the papers. Keeping a running theme for all; you could follow a nature theme, something ethnic or even something abstract. Then with gold poster paint, draw out a festive inspired design on one side like a stem with flowers and diyos. Once the paintings are dry, take them to a printer shop that does lamination. Laminate the papers and your personalized tablemats are ready. So simple to make and yet totally unique, this makes for a great cost-effective gift. You could also try printing photographs in the same size and laminating them as an alternative.

If you don’t have time to make a present and are going to resort to buying one at the last minute, the least you can do is personalize the wrapping paper or the gift tags. I have loved brown paper packages ever since I was a little girl and heard it in a song in Sound of Music. You can print music sheets off the internet and cut out the name of the person whom you are giving the gift to. Wrap the present in brown paper and with the music sheet letters paste their name on the top of the present. Secure a black ribbon in a neat bow on the top. Gift tags are very simple to make. You need a mix of chart paper, colored tissue papers and small junk jewelry scraps like beads, buttons, charms etc. Even if you just bought a bottle of Shiraz for your neighbor, you can at least make a good impression with a sweet tag that’s handmade. A little personalized touch goes a long way in separating your gift from the many that people receive. And, you will see with time how much more appreciative people are of these small efforts taken and you too will enjoy the experience of making your own gifts, soon taking on a Santa Claus personality. „

UNITED BY LENS With their roots attached to Nepal, we bring together a talented group of photographers residing in foreign lands. The following pages are flooded with their beautiful pictures. BY ALYSSA MANANSALA

Sanjog Rai Milan, Italy ( When it comes to fashion, Sanjog says it’s all about self-expression and standing apart from the crowd: “I think it’s really important to know yourself to know your fashion. It’s always about what everyone else is wearing, what celebrities are wearing, when people should really see themselves as a blank canvas. Each one of us should be a masterpiece. Who wants to enter a gallery where you know that the artist has just copied another?” And as for his own fashion photography, Sanjog quotes David Bowie: “’Talking about music with words is like trying to describe architecture through tap dancing.’ Photographs are photographs. I really can’t tell you what I try to portray in my photos. I just know that all photographers have one mission: to make things look beautiful whether that be models or clothes.” Sanjog is only 23, but he’s come a long way from his days as a professional photographer for ECS Media. He has since moved to Milan to study the craft and work as a freelancer with Italian agencies. This fashion capital clearly suits his attraction to fashion photography. With greater access to better teams—including professional models, stylists, designers, and agencies—Sanjog explains that his photography has come leaps and bounds since he has left Nepal. Still, he’s hopeful that with the combined effort of everyone in the Nepali fashion industry toward greater teamwork, Nepal could enter the international fashion industry, especially with Nepali photographers like him working across the globe. While he enjoys shooting lingerie shoots with furs and leather jackets, for a bit of edgy modesty, he has developed a fascination with haute couture.


Kewal Rai Sydney, Australia ( )

Kewal does many types of photography, but it’s commercial and fashion photography which intrigue him the most. “I have always been creative and what is more visually enticing out there than fashion? The colors, the interaction with fellow creative minds, the narration required in the images to evoke desire, beauty, history, and cultures. Fashion photography encompasses nearly everything that I love about photography,” he says. While he originally came to Sydney to study IT, he purchased a DSLR and scoped the Internet for everything he could learn about photography. He believes that fashion is growing in Nepal, and with the Internet and blogging, new talented Nepalis continue to spring up and support each other, hopefully to make it internationally like such talents as Prabal Gurung. While taking his infant steps to fashion photography and still experimenting with his style, Kewal names Guy Bourdin as an inspiration, and hopes to evoke surreal and provocative moods for the viewers of his photos. He is currently working with an Australian team on some personal projects that are sure to break the mold (especially in Nepal), involving a not-so-cliché “model with a snake” shoot, and another involving fashion bloggers with incredible style.


Andrea Pun Hong Kong (

Andrea’s photography ranges from provocative and stark to romantic and eclectic. Whether she’s taking photos of girls dressed as fairies in a prairie or high fashion models doing their best haute couture poses, Andrea is a young photographer who is proving she’s a pro in the making. Her photography can be found in exhibits in and out of Hong Kong, in addition to Of her own work in fashion photography and beyond, Andrea says, “I want to portray a beautiful moment, or a moment that can tell a story. I don’t want to just portray fashion as a piece of fabric, I think fashion is more than that, it is a type of art. My favorite type of look is when it’s a bit vintage, I guess classy would be the right word, and modern at the same time, but of course I also enjoy photographing all kinds of different looks, beauty can be found in everywhere.”

Shovana Thulung Houston, Texas, USA (

This Nepali model turned Texan photographer captures romantic, sensual images of faces and places. Before moving to the United States to study photography at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, Shovana studied film photography in her home country of Nepal along with graphic design, guitar, and meditation. At the same time, she worked with an online fashion magazine and a modeling agency, coaching other models and assisting photographers. Now, the hugely diverse culture in Houston influences much of her freelance work, as she tries to capture beauty from the bustling city life to the wild countryside, both of them acting as the backdrop for her main subjects: the people around her. Just as a cityscape, sunset, or moving water might inspire her, so might every little detail about a person from head to toe. The results include close up photos of faces painted with vibrant colors and abstract shapes, and beautiful, haunting images of women floating in water while wearing flowy gowns. Of the future of her own work, and the future of fashion photography in Nepal, here’s what Shovana has to say: “I want to live fully and the same thing applies to building my photography career. I don’t want any shortcuts and sudden fame. I want my work to be honest and rich. Whether it’s an image of a building or a baby, it has to be something I create with love and hard work. One day hopefully I will open my own photography school in Nepal. It’s my dream. I want it to be like an art house. People don’t realize the importance of photographers, but for a country like Nepal, we need more of them to show to the rest of the world those unwritten stories. We have talent but we lack direction. And sometimes, we have directions but there is no talent. We need to find a place to combine them both.”



he seller always wins. He only has to decide whether he lets go of that extra profit or just settles down with the normal extra. What a lame way to spend our lives getting ripped off by our dim-witted brothers. If you simply didn’t know the prices are hyped before a discount is given, you probably sleep walk to the shops or are filthy rich and don’t want to know what is happening around you. There are some shops that certainly cater genuinely to the quality and the services they promise the customers. There shops are but exceptions, and rare ones at that. Mark my words

Discounts are offered to replace the old stock with new. But here many store owners simply don’t want to let go of the profit. Either people are too well off to bother or the actual prices are so cheap that there is a fear that people will go branded. We can only speculate the scale and nature of this chain of events. And there is the big clause with most discounted items that they cannot be returned if a fault is found after its taken home. Does this mean that all the discounted items are substandard or factory rejects? I am just asking you to keep your eyes open, that’s all. Aren’t we supposed to be writing a book or finding a new star in the galaxy or inventing a gadget or

shops you know well through your own experience and of others. How about the ones who still have the huge discount hoarding boards up and then once we are in, they say it ended last week. Would you leave immediately? I am guessing the sales boy will say, “Don’t worry,I’ll still give you some discount”. Now you feel all important and you don’t have time to visit 20 shops and decide to buy a thing or two. Are all these sales boys and ladies psychology students? Shouldn’t they be hired by banks and multinational companies? What are they doing luring dead ducks for a meager salary? Where did they get the killer instincts from?



when I say the majority will not have a shadow of guilt when they charge you over-the-roof prices. Well why wouldn’t they?The prices are not advertised in government websites nor is there a responsible body to invigilate how much is being charged in the market. We go to a store ask the price and know through some heavenly messenger that it is more than what we should pay and ask for a discount, unbeknownst that the price started at double the actual rate in the first place. Now where on earth are we supposed to go? Isn’t this a civilized form of anarchy? I wonder what this does to the inflation and the economy of the country.

even studying for a higher degree than wasting time bargaining for discounts for almost everything? Do you realize you get discounts even for a packet of milk you buy every morning? Because once the milk goes into the fridge the price goes up by two rupees. So much for customer service and goodwill. On the other hand, the fixed price store is a big joke. Have you ever compared prices? Some of them are ripping off with style and a lot less effort. I mean where is our world going? It would be understandable in Afghanistan or Iraq but here, I just cannot get my head around it? One good suggestion to counter this would be: seldom go shopping at random shops. Go to

Are they all government-trained and mobilized so the fraction of the profit goes straight to the treasury of the country? I thought these things happened only in China. This must be an overblown model of material love. A tendency to accumulate assets so acute that either we are too aware that the world is ending on December 2012 or the country is being taken over soon. Or is it the foreplay we cherish than the actual purchase? Is this a sick form of retail therapy injected into us through time to deal with the frustrations of other activities in life? Whatever it is, it looks like it is here to stay unless we go back to the barter system and start over again. „


Home & Auto Loans TEXT: MALIN GURUNG


uying and selling has always been a part of festivities so it’s not a new thing that banks are introducing new schemes on loans with the arrival of Dashain. Some have introduced completely new products and schemes on home and auto loans while others have just lowered the interest rates.

or construct a new house from ground up. The interest rate is set at 10 per cent per annum and also includes the option of Energy Efficiency Solution. Energy Efficiency Solution, another loan product of the bank gives you the option of purchasing loans on energy products such as bio-gas, wind power and solar power. The interest rates vary by products.

NIC Bank Clean Energy Development Bank Clean Energy Development Bank is introducing Clean Mero Pahilo Pyaro Home Loan on the first week of October. The loan is special in respect that it is only for those who want to either purchase a new house or an apartment

NIC bank has launched two innovative loan schemes. The first is called Pre-approved (Auto & Home) Loan. Under the scheme, customers can first be assured of the approval of loan without even finalizing on the home/vehicle they

want to purchase under the loan. After the approval of loan, customers can take sufficient time to select, decide and then purchase the home/ apartment or vehicle. The second product named Auto Balloon Financing allows the customers to split the loan amount into two parts 70:30. 70 per cent of the loan amount can be repaid on EMI basis over the tenure period. The remaining 30 per cent can be repaid during the same tenure period or at the end in multiple payments. Or customers can also repay this amount in a single payment, according to their convenience. The interest rate and the repayment duration are flexible


according to income and the ability of the customers to pay back the loan.

NMB Bank NMB bank’s Home Loan Package offers customers a fixed interest rate throughout the duration of the loan period so that there are no fluctuating interest rates during the loan period with the fluctuation of market. Loans can be taken for amount ranging from Rs. 50 lakhs to 2 crores on the purchase of houses and apartments. Apart from the purchase of new homes/apartments, the bank also provides loan for renovation of residential building and even on the purchase of land to build a house later. The interest rates for the loan vary upon the tenure, the types of security and the income of the customers. Interest rates for housing loan ranges from 11 per cent per annum to 14.5 per cent per annum. Customers also have the option to go for a loan scheme with fluctuating interest rates (which is a little higher than fixed interest rates) throughout the tenure period.

Laxmi Bank Laxmi Bank is continuing its scheme on Hyundai motors which was

Laxmi Bank is continuing its scheme on Hyundai motors which was introduced in NADA Auto Show 2012. introduced in NADA Auto Show 2012. According to the scheme, customers have the provision to get a loan at 10 per cent per annum on any model of Hyundai vehicles with repayment tenure of up to 7 years. The scheme ends at the end of Tihar.

Things to consider before taking up a loan Explore your options There are 32 ‘A’ Grade commercial banks in the country. With a lot of banks there are a lot of options. Many banks have tailor-made loans with interest rates that might be suited to your needs. And also check out for schemes, especially during the Dashain-Tihar season (like the ones listed above), which might provide the same loan at lower interest rates. Tenure and repayment options The repayment duration of loan varies from bank to bank. From a

minimum of 1 year to 20 years, the tenure of the loan is as unique as the loan or the bank you will take the loan from. Again, look out for schemes, such as NIC Bank’s Auto Balloon Financing, which gives you the flexibility to repay the loan back in a more relaxed way. Penalty There is a reason why ‘Conditions Apply’ is always only explained at the bottom of any scheme. All loans come with fixed conditions set by the bank. It’s your responsibility to know what the penalty for failing to repay the loan will be. Improve your loan eligibility Before even considering taking up a new loan, you should improve your credit history. Pay credit card dues, repay loans and if applicable, take a loan jointly with someone with a good credit history. „


Can every woman be a

superwoman? What is a world without men? But what will all the men do without the immense inputs by women? Read on as Anjolie Dixit reveals her super powers. VENUE COURTESY: WESTAR PROPERTIES, BALKUMARI, PHOTOS: ECS MEDIA MODEL: DR. ZARINA RANA CHANMUGAN



he truth is we women, are more incredible than any of you men out there. Not just because we can give birth, though that certainly gives us the upper hand but we have evolved from being just a homemaker to someone who multitasks and brilliantly at that. Now gentlemen, tell me, how far have you come along since your ancestors? Oh yes, you are still stuck with providing for your family and well, still and always providing for your family, while the women are no longer just making sure the household is proper but are also contributing to bringing bread and bacon to the table, too. I am not angry at the XY genetic structure of men or their true uselessness but when is anyone going to give women the credit for being so very capable, more so than men if you may let me indulge. Let me write to you in just a few paragraphs why. When I was a kid, I used to get mad at my mother because she used to let my brother get off household chores. She used to say the lady is always the one who takes care of the house. This is the 21st century, I would like to remind you, and my mother does not belong to the medieval period but still she would insist I learn how to mop the floor and cook drool-worthy meals. Just being able to bake the most delicious chocolate chip cookies was never good enough – she used to say, “That is all you are going to serve your husband? What about daal, rajma, achar?� I was taught to wash the dishes and do laundry from a tender age. I did all that while managing my first position in school while my brother managed to get somewhere between the 15th to the last spot doing nothing but focusing on his studies. He deserves the slow applause. Now I am not a young girl. I am expected to be a superwoman. I want to drink margaritas with my heels kicked back on some days but no, I am expected to be on my feet from five in the morning all the way to

124 sometimes ten, on a good day nine at night serving people and pleasing them. But where does my happiness lie in all these? The life I lead where appreciation of what I have done for anyone is not felt and worse, they don’t think what I have done for them is ever enough even if my back is about to break. It gets frustrating to satisfy the people who do not care if I just want to break down and escape from this rut I am absolutely stuck in. I remember getting married to my husband, not his family and I look around me and I feel like I am more married to his family than him, or so it seems to me. Who sees how hard I toil all day? Oh yes, one might think only the men work hard, so very hard and they do not even have to wear intolerable heels to remind the bigoted men who is under her at work who their boss is. How hard could it be to wake up half an hour before work, hurry the wife or the mother, whichever your marital status is and demand to be served breakfast quickly with your irritated face implying we are not fast enough. And then rush to your office to just flip and sign papers all day long, leaving the crumbles of your bread and empty plate still lying on the table when you leave. Women could probably do all that with her eyes closed, juggle a baby or two, buy vegetables and haggle over the price and still have all of her hair in place. One too many times, my male coworkers have said I have gained too much weight and I have forgotten to dress up and how to wear makeup. It seems to me that they ignore that I run around in a 24 hour clock but what might be enough for them is not for me. Even if I had 25 hours in a day, I don’t think I would have the time to apply foundation to cover my sad looking eye bags or to have a nice warm shower before I leave for work, forget exercising. I just cannot imagine going for a run, coming home sweating and cooking breakfast. I am already tired enough when I wake up



127 each morning as it is. Trust me, I wish I could be svelte and feel sexy in my dresses that no longer fit me but I won’t be because I just cannot think of a time when I can schedule gym time and if you still think I have no right to fatten up and look like a haggard, fit into my shoes and we shall both whine about the twist of life over a cup of the strongest espresso tipped with vodka. Believe me, a visit to the beauty parlor takes more strength than ever. The society we have created is such that it expects every woman to be dolled up and pretty, slim and toned but the hit of reality is often a far cry – I, with a sea of a lot of women, are perfect examples of imperfections. So, don’t expect me to look all glamorous every time because nobody does. Nobody appreciates how hard a woman works to keep the house spotless and that you have pairs of fresh socks and underwear neatly separated in your top drawer or see how the kids don’t make things easier but just harder. Nobody appreciates the meal she slow-cooks to bring out the extra flavors when she could have just served you saag and dhal but she loves you too much. I am not a feminist; I am just a hushed voice that wants the dedication to my career and my family to be heard. We cannot always be superwomen. We cannot always save the world or your clothes from getting drenched in the rain because we are not weather forecasters which you so want us to be. We cannot always sit there waiting, just waiting to be told I have worked hard, that I deserve a break and ask me to hand over the scrub and start washing the pile of dishes while I sit on the chair you stood up from so I can watch you with a grateful smile across my face. We want to take a few sips of that chilled beer in your hand as we cook dinner for you too, after a nine-to-five job – a real job, mind you. Some days, after all that frustrations at work, we want to come home and go to bed after a quick shower to watch a dumb rom-com. But the world doesn’t seem to run in sync without women, does it? Listen, I don’t want to be a superwoman, I just want to be a woman. „



things Nepali men hate most TEXT: SAGAR PARAJULI


The no-money state

Well, this is no country for broke men. You set foot outside the house and you’ll need money. This should stand true all over the world but for men just starting to broaden their horizons in terms of attitude, fashion and gadgetry, a thick wallet provides the much needed confidence. Depression sets in otherwise. You don’t feel like eating and you feel like your mates are trying to sideline you.


The “delay in pleasure” state

Married men can skip this part and please expect no adventure sport here. It is only natural that we want sex. The art of seduction found on the Internet or passed down from elders are either incompatible or needs serious improvisation hence proving conjugation difficult to come by even on this day and age. Most of the blame has to go to women as they have learnt to be rather arrogant and picky.


Stature or lack thereof

Genetics, food richer in carbohydrate than in protein as well as limited exercise may be the cause of the vertical challenge that Nepali men face. But it’s a silent burden bothering men every now and then. If you are a middleaged man you may be thinking that you have lived half your life happily so why worry because the bitter fact cannot be denied even though it is all in the thinking.

Moms often forget you are 25 years old and that you have to go to the office too and not to mention the occasional queuing up for petrol.


Friend buys car and acts smug

What else could be more frustrating than your mate driving past in his new four-wheeler and just giving you a condescending smirk? He suddenly starts to wear shades in early mornings and tries to convince you that business is the only way forward. He doesn’t like visiting mates in the local tea shop and wears a Bluetooth receiver all the time even though he rarely gets any calls.


Family “must dos”

“Son, why don’t you drop your aunt home and get some vegetables on the way back home?” Moms often forget you are 25 years old and that you have to go to the office too and not to mention the occasional queuing up for petrol, paying the utility bills and visiting the bank. Add the visits to the temple and you feel like dropping dead then and there.


Women or some of their ways

The differences between men and women are well documented but one particular one gets more emphasis – women just cannot stop yapping, be it about the color of their nail polish or the lady that just

walked by. Everything and anything must pass the scrutiny. It may help them become a successful lawyer but it just drives men mad.



Nepali men think dance is completely a thing of feminine indulgence and I second that because most men are better off not dancing. A) They don’t spend much time learning so they look awful, and B) They simply cannot start unless they have downed a few and are feeling tipsy. To top that off most of the men always start with violent forward hip thrusts followed by a traditional folk number.


Hindi serials

It is absolutely amazing how the same story can be created independently by different people and used in so many Hindi serials at the same time. The story goes like this: Once upon a time there was a family of twenty members and the younger ones got married. Then the daughtersin-law go into an infinite cold war with the mum in laws. The guys are all behind their wives in the quarrel but then most of the men cheat on women. Moreover the make-up and the background music are too surreal. It is mind-boggling how the wives manage to wake up in the morning with full make up on, completely intact. „


Fighting Climate Change through Art TEXT: NISCHAL OLI


n 2010, with only a few credits short of graduating, my schedule seemed like an on-campus vacation. Two intermediate Philosophy courses, and one independent study in Environmental Management, that was all, and the cherry on top was having to write just one thesis for my double major. It all came down to that 20-page paper. The area of focus stemmed from my personal interest in the idea of sustainability, and it eventually became a challenge concluding what the most reflective period of my academic career was. How do you promote sustainability amongst students, rather how do you motivate an apathetic yet educated population to do something that’s a given good? It was a question, so far unanswered in all the articles I had collected. Journals, newspapers

and more, just articles upon articles circumventing the topic. There was much to read, educators around the world poured their thoughts on how they approached “going green”, but none was bold enough to prescribe a formula, a universal mantra to quell any obstacles assumed. I had stumbled upon a gap, finally understanding the inherent complexities of the issue, an insight that came of a rather unconventional source. Environmental degradation and human actions are related, this need not be explained to those of us who have lived in the third world. No factoring numerical data, equations or scientific jargon required. Especially for us Nepalis it is obvious the extent to which we have misused natural resources, and then covered it up with excuses of development and a lack of infrastructure.

Obviously the Western world (responsible for a large share of all the pollution) faces a different challenge, one where the cause is not readily taken with its effect. Two months before I began my thesis, the ‘Climategate’ scandal had rippled through the climate research world. Emails leaked from the University of Angelia gave skeptics an arsenal of arguments to counter extensive research, which according to the correspondence between researchers were inconclusive in stating exactly what role human emissions played in the rising temperatures and changing weather patterns. The incident foreshadowed my thesis, but instead of looking at it as an omen, I made it for an insightful foray into the nature of the problem itself. What happens when science is unable to back something, does it become less of a

133 fact? The field noted to its use of absolutes was finally tasting its own medicine with the scandal, clearly we had placed all our eggs in one basket. Climategate didn’t end with a single incident. In fact, in 2011 more emails were leaked from the same breach. This confirmed earlier suspicions of an agenda, a calculated attempt to discredit studies, timed and released for the biggest impact. Both times, the emails came out just weeks before the heads of nations gathered to discuss the threats of climate change. Both times, those talks collapsed. As I went past the page requirements and crossed the

50-page milestone, my thesis had taken a turn towards psychology. Discussing personal motivation and how it is our interests that get us up and doing something, my conclusions focused on motivational tactics. Climategate epitomized this notion, the scandal was perpetrated by those who had much to lose from any outcome in favor of cutting carbon emissions. It protected the interests of those who made a living polluting and their motivation was profit. During the failed talks of 2009, besides the suited-up delegates, artists from around the world had gathered at the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen,

134 where the climate change summit was concurrently running at a different venue. There was very little diplomacy on this front, installations and artworks were bold and spoke in a natural language. Persuading and enveloping the viewer in an experience that would linger for a while. Recalling the experience of visiting the exhibition Guardian correspondent, Madaliene Buntler wrote of the impact: “it is an eerie conversation to have with a stranger, both of us imagining a deeply tragic future that seems highly plausible.” Buntler’s article “The Rise of Climate Change Art” extensively

covered a number of institutions and exhibitions that were dedicated to the themes of climate change. Commending the initiatives taken by individuals and governments to promote such exhibitions, (in the case of the article it was the Royal Academy’s Earth Show), Buntler wrote “It’s as if politicians, recognizing the limits of their ability to engage the public on this issue, are turning in desperation to other means of communicating the enormity of what is at stake.” Although Buntler focused on the efforts of those in the western hemisphere, the tradition was just

as strong and insidious in the Third World. Moreover, artworks from the east weren’t restrained. They were tantamount to the effects of climate change faced in those localities. Paraphrasing an old saying, people used to violence do not understand the language of words. Art was provocative as it needed to be, to jolt those lulled by indifference of living in an ailing world. Art, today, is bridging another gap where voices are heard not because of their economic standing (which is always the case at climate change summits, where powerful nations dictate all directions) but for the worth of what they have to say. Young artists of Nepal are onboard, so are others from all over Asia and countries that have been fortunate enough to have a clear consciousness of change. From erosion of culture to the double-edged sword of development, artists as commentators are obliged to do their bidding and raise awareness and motivate through the unrestrained prowess of aesthetic experiences. Giving these expressions a platform, the upcoming Kathmandu International Art Festival (KIAF), will be a seminal event in the history of Nepali art. The largest such exhibition to happen in South Asia, there is strength in numbers for KIAF. Artists from around the world will join like-minded Nepalis to reflect on pressing issues, encouraging everyone to rethink what really it is we are fighting for. „


My I can’t help it. I am in love with you, more so than ever. It feels scary and at the same time, I am so excited about what more life has in store for you and I. It is quite a feeling I have. My rib cage feels like it is the greatest dome ever created with the heave of heart-filling thing you give me. You make me feel incredible! It almost feels like I owe you a sky full of diamonds to repay you and then, you remind me that no one is keeping scores. I am obsessed with you. I am obsessed with your fingers interlocking perfectly into mine and how wonderful you smell after you take a shower, even when you are too lazy to take one. I love kissing you when you have just brushed your teeth, your minty breath swirling into my morning breath. I could watch you all day playing with the apps on your smartphone with a look of frustration on your face. I know it is not frustration but simply curiosity. I love the fact that when we have babies, they are going to be equally curious like us. You tell me, “Be ready, we are going to have two boys and they are both going to be quite a handful.” I love talking about our future together because sometimes, I live too much in the moment and I forget I have a future with you. Thank you for the subtle reminders. I love waking up in the middle of the night knowing you are there to hold me and for me to hold you. I love your snores, how they disturb me in the night because I get to watch you sleep and when it gets too much, I love waking you up to roll over to my side, your chest pressed tightly onto my back, your arm across my beating heart. Your terrible snoring immediately subsides when you hug me, the tighter you pull me towards you, the more hushed your snores get. I love your hugs. I love arguing with you and debating over the extinction of men in about a million years and my weirdness, the same weirdness you fell for. I love your intelligence, your short-fused anger and your sick humored jokes only I seem to get. I love how your name rolls off my tongue like it is the only word I have spoken. I love how you tickle me when I am mad at you as much as I hate it. I love how your long legs perfectly tangle around my short ones and how when my long hair gets in your mouth as you breathe the air around us, you


We are all obsessed with something. I, on the other hand, am obsessed with someone who lets me share his last name, his breakfast, and his dreams. He’s my guilt. Genisha Chhantel-Kaucha turns cheesy.

bsession complain in your sleep. I love sharing my atmosphere of air with you. I love sharing everything with you. I can’t help myself from being late for work so I can mumble and say, “I have got to leave right now,” just to hear you say, “Don’t go.” I hate the feeling when you let me go after a few minutes. I almost want you to cage me up and let me be happy with tea and those yummy banana fritters you make, for the rest of my life. I want to hole up with you. Let me be your prisoner. I should be charged with loving you

too much. I don’t care for the rest of the world if you are in my world. I am guilty of ignoring the world beyond the two of us. Arrest me, please. I am guilty of running my hands through your hair too much. When we go for long drives, I am guilty of thinking when we will reach home, back to our world. I am guilty of not loving you sometimes as a lover but as a man who gives me too much happiness. I am guilty of holding myself back when I want to whisper that my heart is beating for you.

I am guilty of giving you an extra piece of meat out of love. When I am done with this, I am going to wake you up so we can go for our morning walk. I hope you remember our fridge needs a bottle of orange juice on the way back home. I am guilty of showing you off. I am guilty for thinking my life is too darn perfect with you in it. I am guilty of planting you a kiss a second ago. I am guilty of loving you a little too much, more than anyone else. I am guilty and I can’t help it. I don’t want to help it. „


Under the Knife Beauty is an asset you can use to your advantage but is going under knives, needles and hands of plastic surgeons in Nepal something you ought to do? TEXT: GENISHA CHHANTEL-KAUCHA, PHOTO: ECS MEDIA



he perception of beauty is always changing. As of now, beauty is having a size-zero body and plump lips. Wide doe eyes and a little sharp nose are on our check list. Wrinkles are no longer taken as a testament of wisdom and knowledge but perceived merely as flaws. In the age of the Internet, the appeal of plastic surgery in Nepal spreading like forest fire is unsurprising. Plastic surgery branches out into two areas – cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. “More than 10 people visit the hospital everyday to have their moles, scars and birthmarks removed. That falls under cosmetic surgery. But then, there are people with cleft lips and who need to have their nose fixed to structure their face, or those badly burnt – that is reconstructive,” Dr. Rojina Shilpakar Swar, Medical Officer at Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital explains. Right now people are just warming up to the idea of cosmetic surgery. It is slowly but definitely catching waves of attractions in Nepal, especially with Bollywood actors flaunting their new nose or lips. Shilpa Shetty is well-known to have her nose done, and even the beautiful, acclaimed actor Priyanka Chopra, Miss World 2000, was self-conscious about her nose and has admitted to having it corrected. This rise can also be credited to the Western society. While the cosmetic surgery business is not brimming with unhappy clients all the time, our surgeons, graduates from countries like Thailand, India and South Korea, are not sitting idle either. “People from overseas choose to come here to get their surgery done. It is mostly due to the good quality of the service they receive in Nepal, and low surgery cost,” says Dr. Jaswan Shakya, Medical Director and Surgeon at Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital.

Many ask if such surgeries in Nepal are safe and that question has the small pool of plastic surgeons here fuming at the public’s lack of awareness and distrust in their own doctors but that is also a question to ask the plastic surgeons all over the world. Plastic surgeons still use Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) breast implants despite health authorities’ forewarnings about it. Medical problems such as inflammation of breasts and hardening of breast tissues, as well as breast tumors, were prevalent in clients with PIP breast implants, yet no such precautions to avoid its usage were undertaken until its recent ban. “Our hospitals might not be wellequipped with international standard equipments, but isn’t confidence of the surgeon a thing to bring into consideration? We can have all the best

cosmetic surgeries, the cost of surgery is relatively lower in Nepal than elsewhere in the world. The cost of breast augmentation can be as much as Rs. 4,10,000 in Thailand and up to Rs. 6,16,500 in Europe; whereas here we can get a set of silicon breasts implanted at Rs. 1,60,000 and they are done with skills at par with international standards. Those who have droppy eyebrows and are in need of a pull, upper eyelid blepharoplasty costs approximately Rs. 65,000 in Thailand but only Rs. 20,000 in Nepal. The price difference of up to six folds is too vast to not consider it a question of curiosity, to which Dr. Shilpakar Swar replies, “Cosmetic surgeries here are done to fulfill the purpose [of being surgically gifted] and not rake in profits. We just charge for the operation cost.” Now, should paying a price for beauty be supported? When will plastic surgery be practical? Is it a good thing that we are changing the body we were born with? Self-satisfaction has a haunting rippling effect. True and real beauty is mired in the medium of runway models, celebrities, air-brushed pictures and things in the world but if we don’t have the pornography industry. Media is self-assured hands, we wouldn’t get possibly the source of most of our what we wanted,” says a patient who insecurities. The adult film industry chooses to remain anonymous. Rest is laced with D-cup babes and the assured though, all the hospitals in perfect faces of models and actors Nepal have the necessary equipments who makes the rest of the ladies with and a team of qualified staff. The A-cup and B-cup breasts and mediocre successful surgery of their clients comes faces have lower self-esteem. ‘Botox’, foremost in their priority, followed ‘breast implants’, ‘rhinoplasty’ and by post-surgery psychological and ‘tummy tucks’ are words spilled all physical care. “Performing the surgery over the media, and such surgeries are is a whole aspect but the one thing no longer a taboo like they used to be that truly matters is the capability of a couple of years ago. People are not surgery-seeking patients to handle the shy anymore to admit that they have complications that might arise after had some corrections done and people surgery. In fact, this is important for are not shy to ask for what they want. all types of surgeries, and not just Plastic surgery is either something for for cosmetic surgery,” Dr. Shakya us to admire or just something to be comments on thoughtfully. baffled about, because when all is said Although at present there are and done, it depends on individual no government concessions for principles and beliefs. „

True and real beauty is mired in the medium of runway models, celebrities, air-brushed pictures and the pornography industry.


Art criticism



ew years ago a reporter friend, who regularly featured on art for a leading daily, grumbled that an artist thrashed him over the phone for writing negative reviews of his exhibition. It was not the first case of its kind. I had heard rumors of such unfortunate incidences prior to that, too. I jokingly told my friend that it should be taken as a good indication that people are now reading about art but sadly, he stopped writing on art then onwards.

Artists usually whine that Nepal lacks art critics. With this scarcity, many even think that Nepali art has not seen the prospective growth as it should have. Art critics are indeed very important conduits between a work of art, connoisseurs and collectors; and eventually they are the ones who propagate the very existence of an artist. Art critics, with their personal and professional insights, provide critical judgment about works of art and that judgment creates a binding link between viewers

and the work. The prime goal of art critics lies on the fundamental need to create larger audiences by pursuing a rational basis of art appreciation. If we surf into the Western art history art critics like Charles Baudelaire, Emile Zola, Roger Fry, Clement Greenberg, Guillaume Apollinaire, and Herbert Read to Robert Hughes worked closely with groups of artists and ultimately provided a decisive direction to their contemporaries by guiding during the time of desperation and confusion. Their efforts were vital

141 milestones in the Western art as they championed artists like Manet, Monet, Picasso, Dali, Duchamp, Rothko, Pollock, Hepworth, Carl Andre and many other forerunners. But in many cases, the relationship between critics and artists is also of love and hate. Artists and critics seem to enjoy their enterprises during harmonious interludes while it turns to a bitter one when art critics becomes extremely critical about the works and artists fail to accept the acute feedback. During this time, both should understand that art is basically subjective enterprise and so is the criticism. Constructive feedback could lead to a decisive and bright result whilst an extremely negative feedback could lead to an adverse one. This does not mean that artists always deserve adornments and appraisals but also should be bombarded with cautious remarks when their misleading attitude surfaces. Artists create an artwork but critics justify it for a larger benefit. Hence, art could be just a matter of a very personal quest but art criticism is a subjective connotation of a vast knowledge of academic studies and art making processes, meticulous observation and diligent remarks. Therefore, being an artist could be much easier vocation than being an art critic in terms of social responsibilities. Few splashes of paint on a number of canvases for an exhibition followed by a cocktail dinner may dub a doer as an artist amidst his socials but few flowery quotes do not necessarily put a person onto the pedestal of an art critic. Art critics should have a strong sense of judgment to endorse the artist as genuine or reject him as a grotesque manipulator. That’s why the strength of any critic’s

knowledge and his acceptability in the society should be that of an indisputable messiah with unbiased verdicts. With such an intensity of workload on the part of critics, it is obvious that making of an art critic is a very demanding job. Thus we may not have a bountiful of critics for many years to come as we would wish for. This means artists of Nepal will still have to struggle to validate, advocate and publicize their works by themselves. It’s the artists who need art critics for their benefits. So to deal with this dearth, it is now the sole responsibility of those who proclaim that art critics are a rare specimen in Nepal, to realize that they will have to start thinking critically about their works and also be their own critics. Besides, they now should also be a part of critical debates and discourses that provide forums for healthy interactions. Since publicity of artworks has been sincerely accepted by stringers and reporters of different media houses, artists now have to accept the limitations of these reporters and encourage them by acquainting them to every aspect of art making processes and usher them to write correct reviews. We do have a handful of art writers and critics but time has come that artists honestly need to encourage them by sharing benefit for their efforts. Last but not the least, artists need to stop visualizing themselves as demigods and be receptive to feedback. Only then would we be able to give confidence to a new generation of art critics who will guide and assist us to a newer height. If not we shall still be lingering without art criticism for years to come and unknowingly discouraging many prospective art writers and critics. „


There are points of inspirations for all bands - music that cultivates young, aspiring musicians into seasoned artists. To trace where they started and where they are today and what brought them to where they are, Abhishek Mishra lets on.

1. Dinesh Rai – Now we have a plethora of artists with their ups and down in our fair country but Dinesh Rai is atop a plateau with a very select bunch. Starting out in Kathmandu in the 70s as part of Prism, gave prominence to the western rock infusion into mainstream music here. The man was a performer even younger still. In his College life, he represented St. Xavier’s College, Calcuttain the solo western vocal category at the inter-college festival around India for four years. His influences have been the masters of the 60s - The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan. Rai tells of his start – “It can all be jotted down to that concert in City Hall in October of 1978. We had a few rock ’n rollers at that time but that was the show that did it. True some bands faded away, but some bands stuck around and made that contribution to music here.” He speaks of how even after leaving Prism he worked full time jobs but also played music as well with much fervor and dedication and would play on and off with his main band. “The music scenario was changing here and we caught that wave and the music-lovers adored us.” He would got with Prism in

1994 officially and played at the new discotheque at Casino Royale in Yak & Yeti. “The pay was so brilliant,” he exclaims, “but really it was the owner giving the bands here an opportunity and they embraced it, and it was a real hit.” Time has passed and the man has continued on with his solo musical advent and has always described himself as a humble musician. His ensemble at the moment plays at Dwarika’s

Pradhan speaks of admiration for songs like Black Dog, Living Loving Maid as well as those of Deep Purple. “Smoke on the Water” was my first vocal performance.” Also an interesting account is how the song Sambodhan was dedicated to his teacher Mr. Chandramohan Ghising from his St. Augustine days, but it took a life of its own due to the events of 2001. Sanjay Shrestha credits being influenced by Bob Marley and really digs the reggae vibe. He is also a big fan of Jazz and experimental music and lists Mahavishnu Orchestra (a must-listen) as a shock and awe band. “I must’ve heard Stairway to Heaven in every way, even reverse,” tells Manoj KC. Having a classical background where he played the tabla in his youth before picking up the guitar, he is fond of orchestral and classical western arrangement. At the moment he is impressed by the works of Guthrie Goven. Having just returned from the America, the band is tentatively planning their upcoming 20th anniversary in 2014.

“The music scenario was changing here and we caught that wave and the music-lovers adored us.” Hotel every Friday, and there are always gracious appearances and gigs at various festivals and concert or other events. Dinesh Rai recently played a series of concerts as Dinesh Rai and The Usual Suspects for the Golden Moments Tribute to Rock events all through August. 2. 1974 AD. – The band in their early days would listen to records of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, U2 among others. Nirakar Yaktumba speaks of how John Paul Jones from Zeppelin was so interesting in his style of playing. “The man covered harmony, bass everything.” Adrian

3. Cobweb – Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin are accounted as their influences. Their music and background is steeped in the music


Cobweb, Photo by King Kong

of classic rock, funk rock and hard rock. Another staple would be The Doors and Sunil Shakya has been an avid fan of Metallica. The band counts themselves as a hard rock band and their weekly shows at the Reggae Bar are strong evidence of such and the thunderous bass lines of Nilesh Joshi and rapturous drumming of Siddhartha Dhakwa are achieving that and more. According to them, the most fruitful part of being in the band is going on tours. They have already played gigs in the UK, Australia, Japan and are still enthusiastic to play at the Reggae Bar because it gives them their live fan support. They are working on a new album and vocalist/guitarist Dipesh Mulmi speaks of how some of the material is politically inclined. Owning his own recording studio keeps him in constant swivel with musicians and he speaks of electricity woes and the toll it takes on running

a studio. He has also had a chance to work with Polish and Russian musicians and speaks highly of the experience. Their new album is in the works and should be out by 2013. 4. White – Sex, No Drugs and Rock ’n Roll is how Anil Dhital, lead guitarist describes White. Their style of playing can be catergorized as heavy rock, however they speak of no inspiration. The band was formed in 2010 and has played original music only. The formation came when Anil Dhital met drummer Sahil Rijal and wanted to do something different in music. They had a mutual friend in Nischal from Darjeeling and the three of them formed a trio and played instrumental music in the beginning. Soon Sushant Bishta was invited as a vocalist and their first song “Sex” was made. Their fan following slowly built up and

their Ides of March performance by KTMRocks solidified them as a live act. They describe their lyrics as meaningful and talk about awareness, but in a fun way. “It’s only about the good side, only about music”- their credo. Currently the band has Subash Poudel on bass, Sahil Rijal on drums, Anil Dhital on Guitar and Sushant Bishta on vocal. Their songs to date include Sex, Kamasutra, Don, Happy Grass and Ma Roye Ma Hase (which is slated to be released with a music video soon). Very white indeed! 5. Smriti Bajracharya – Smriti Bajracharya is an artist who needs little introduction. Someone who is well known in the Nepali music circuit and with her powerful vocals, she is someone who is seldom forgotten once heard. She attributes Norah Jones as one of her best and her impressions are derived from

144 Adele to Fiona Apple to Metallica to Coldplay. However, she was and is an avid Alanis Morissette fan. And her lyrics are what sets Bajracharya apart. She started with a band called Siren that played for some two years and then dispersed. She took a year and a half off before meeting Niroj, keyboardist from Antim Grahan and formed her acoustic band some three years ago. The band consists of her husband Rajkumar Lama as well. She believes in quality over quantity so playing only a handful of shows is not a problem. They played at Tamarind and The Factory for some time and are now weekly attractions at The Red Carpet Lounge. The genre that she plays is influenced by the music she grew up on in her later years and can be best put as soft rock/soul/jazz combo. “An album is in progress but I want to take my own sweet time. Music will always be the addiction for me and I’m just concentrating on making a higher identity first,” she wisely concludes. 6. Ants On a Mission – A band not much heard of but slowly growing is Ants On A Mission. With Gaurav

Ants On a Mission

Doj Joshi on guitars/vocal, Dinesh Dangol on drums, Abhishek S. Mishra on bass/vocals and Subash Tamang on lead vocal, this is a band steeped in the blues. They have been jamming for years now and only recently decided to take the band forward with originals and a bit of covers. “Almost all our influences come from the blues,” says Joshi.

“We have listened to a lot of Eric Clapton, Cream, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B King, Luther Allison to name a few and somehow that kind of music creeps into all our jam sessions and originals.” Formed last year, the band is on the verge of hitting clubs with their own tracks as well as those international acts like Rage Against the Machine and Red Hot White, Photo by Umesh Shrestha


Lakhe, Photo by Umesh Shrestha

Chilli Peppers. They are starting to spread their music through Youtube and other social networking sites but do credit the fact that playing live is what always makes a band. They have played breaks for several bands like Neva over the years and now hope to reach the next level.

one has to be to arrange a concert when using ethnic instruments. There must be availability of good technicians and the acoustics are of paramount importance. The band’s message to the world – Harness one’s own tradition and present music in a positive, godly way.

7. Lakhe – Different would be too severe an understatement when describing Lakhe. The band consists of members of the ensemble Bhairavi- Yousan Maharjan, Rabindra Maharjan, Naresh Prajapati and Ashish Maharjan with Anil Dhital on guitar and Ashish Dangol as the Lakhe. They describe themselves as an ethnic metal band, first of its kind in Nepal. They speak of how they got together to work on some level of fusion and with the inception of metal music by Dhital, it all meshed and came together wonderfully. They played at the Kantipur Anniversary this year and have also performed at Ides of March by KTMrocks. Their performances at venues like the first Tattoo Convention of Nepal this year and as a guest band in Butwal at the Songs Nepal contest have garnered them a good following. They also enlighten as to how meticulous

8. Kamikaze – Kamikaze is a band murmuring under the surface of the music scene ready to explode. Yunas Maharjan on guitar/vocals, Prasanna Bajracharya on drums and Erbin Maharjan on bass,

propel this band. The band calls itself drenched in the music of the 70s. “Sometimes one feels one was born in the wrong generation,” amusingly adds Manandhar. Their music is a direct stream flow from bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, The Who and The Doors. Certain energy emanates when one sits down and hears this band. It is their belief that music has to have a channel and the music that one loves will always manifest itself in their works. Almost all the members have hopped from Kamikaze, Photo by Prayush Manandhar


L.O.S (Last One Standing)

one band to another but now have finally settled with Kamikaze. The name itself is one that draws a lot of smiles from people who first hear them. They performed at the Alliance Française Music Contest last year under the name Barely Gods and are now looking forward to creating a big splash when they jump into the enchanting waters of Thamel. Their original tracks like Hey Shadow and Remember are some that they are chomping at the bits to get out there.

influences are the blues, funk, and reggae music. Their songs like Laijau and Dukha are a staple of their shows and something that have garnered local recognition. They play at the Paddy Irish Pub every week and can be heard rocking out numbers from everyone like Stevie Ray Vaughan to Maroon 5. They sincerely believe

Jackson to Metallica to Gary Moore. The band was formed back in 2010 and has gone through some line-up changes but the kind of music they play has stayed pretty much the same. Nikesh Joshi speaks of his time in L.O.S and says, “We try and play music that inspires us one way or another, it could be a bass-line or a lick, but it is enough for us to jam out on it.” L.O.S distances itself from the label of just another cover band and does not look to follow a genre of music for its performances. “It is strange in a way that we all have different musical preferences, but we look to pick up any music that is put in front of us whether it be Reggae, Alternative or Hard Rock,” Says John Karanjit. The band is also looking forward to introducing their original compositions out there and are generally looking to introduce them in their live sets. “It is an exciting time, getting the band off the ground after a hiatus, and we very much look forward to this winter,” Tuladhar sums up. „

“We try and play music that inspires us one way or another, it could be a bass-line or a lick, but it is enough for us to jam out on it.”

9. Elektrix – This quartet has been rocking in and around Thamel for the last six years. With Deepak Shakya on bass, Binod Lama Tamang on drums, Mimesh Manandhar on guitar/vocal and Prabhat Manadhar on guitar/lead vocal, the band speaks of its interest simply emanating from the love of jamming. They speak of how through doing covers they recognized and honed their style and add their touch in whatever cover they may play. Their

in having soul over technicality and according them, “We simply play music that people could hum along with and have a good time.” 10. L.O.S (Last One Standing) – Consisting of Anmol Tuladhar on guitars, John Karanjit on Bass and Nikesh Joshi on drums, L.O.S has played in and around Thamel for some time now. They consider their influences to be from Micheal


Creating the self Artists are not narcissists. They are never self deifying. However, when asked to create the most difficult thing in the planet, their selfimage, some readily and some after much coaxing agreed to be part of the project.

Kayo Siddhi Kayo Siddhi is a fulltime online marketing officer and a part time freelance designer who has just started the design studio “Aavishkaar Marketing Communication”. In the near future he wants to start up a brand with limited edition t-shirts and accessories with his designs and artworks on it.

Describe the artwork that you submitted People have this perception about me that I am shy and introverted. So with this artwork I have tried to show my inner self with a skull vibrant in color and design.

If you could compare yourself with anything inanimate what would that be and why? A blank canvas because there are so many possibilities to create on it.

3. What does ‘Identity’ mean to you? Identity is what makes me different from other people because of who I am, what I am and how I am. For more on Kayo visit his website:


Anil Shahi Anil Shahi is a recent graduate of Kathmandu University School of Arts. His painting collection in the BFA exhibition project 2012 (a part of the degree) drew much attention, thanks to the character of a joker and his smile to represent anger within himself.

Describe the artwork Self-portrait is a self-extension of my emotions. In this constantly changing and rapidly developing society, I have allowed myself to put on the jersey of an artist and just that. The role I have chosen is not for the sake of success but for an infinite journey. The race I am running is but a relationship with the ongoing society, and an understanding of the footsteps I have left behind and the newer imprints I am going to leave.

If you could compare yourself with anything inanimate what would that be and why? If I could be anything, I would be a stone. Let me recite the poem by late Hari Bhakta Katuwa d'Qm d'Qm t 9'Ëf x'G5 g p;sf] b'Vg] d'6' x'G5 g b]Vg] cfFvf x'G5 s;}n] kvf{n nufP kvf{n aG5 ;8s agfP ;8s aG5 ;fob To;}n] To;sf] k"hf x'G5 pm O{Zj/ aG5 .

What does ‘Identity’ or ‘I’ or ‘Self’ mean to you? The word “I” is always associated with something very strong and independent.



Kripa Joshi Kripa Joshi is an illustrator and comic artist from Nepal. In 2005, she received the Fulbright Scholarship to pursue her MFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. During this time she started making comics and developed the character of Miss Moti, a plump woman with a fertile imagination that frequently blurs the line between fantasy and reality. Miss Moti has also been a part of anthologies like Rabid Rabbit, Secret Identities and Strumpet. Her illustrations have been exhibited in the Transport Museum in London and have appeared in publications in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. She also conducts art and comic workshops for children. She and her husband currently live and work in London.

the dots on her dress, which symbolize the burdens and inhibitions, fall away and turn into stars. Below her, Ama Dablam, my favorite mountain, represents Nepal and my home.

What are you currently occupied with? I am a freelance comic artist and also work as a part-time art technician in a London school.

Tell us about your inclination towards art. I am interested in all forms of visual and performing arts, like theatre, dance and music. I love going to comic conventions because I can meet the creators and discover new artists.

What does art mean to you? Tell us about your self-portrait My self-portrait is depicted as a comic panel and I have chosen to represent myself as my protagonist, Miss Moti. She was born out of my own personal struggles with body image so she is as much a self-portrait as a character. But she is a positive force. Miss Moti flies towards the moon on a paper airplane. Paper is a medium that a lot of artists, including myself, use to express ourselves. This signifies the hope that my art will help me to reach for the moon. As she flies,

Art is an outlet for self-expression.

If you could compare yourself with anything inanimate what would that be and why? I would compare myself with a rollercoaster‌ the ups and downs in life and the search for a thrill! For more on Kripa and her work, visit:


Vijaya Maharjan Vijaya Maharjan received a five-year training on sculpting, including bronzecasting and statue making, from Rabindra Jyapu. He has completed a three-year academic course on Industrial Sculpture Production and a one-year course on Replica Making. Having worked as an Art teacher at Lincoln School for three years, Maharjan is currently involved with Red Carpet Gallery.

What form of art are you into?

What are your plans for the future?

I would compare myself with a sphere. I am influenced by it. This may be because a sphere is round and it has equal distribution of power which keeps everything in balance like the Earth.

I dream of making paintings and sculptures of serene hills in Nepal and then exhibit it in New York.

I was not a brilliant student and had a poor academic record. At a point of time, I was frustrated due to it then, I found my way to art. I follow Form Art and I am into Tantric Sculpture, too, which is about high energy. It is in-depth, and expresses life within life.

If you could compare yourself with anything inanimate what would that be and why?

What does art mean to you? For me, Art is a means of fulfilling my dreams. Whether the work is big or small, I am satisfied with what I do. Art is a good and easy medium to fulfill the dreams. I was very pleased after making a 7-foot tall sculpture of Lord Shiva – something I had dreamed of molding a long time back.

What does ‘Identity’ or ‘I’ or ‘Self’ mean to you? I do not give importance to identity or myself. I feel that I am continuously guided by someone spiritually. I feel that all the activities that I carry are led by that spiritual power and I am just a mediator.


A reminder of my mother’s house All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That’s his. ~Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest TEXT: UJEENA RANA, PHOTOS: ECS MEDIA




interior feature 162


he last thing you want to be is your mother. But there is no harm if you inherent one or two or may be a dozen of your old lady’s attributes. Though born to a Punjabi family, Kalyani Joshi is not your pompous, flashy kind. She is not your conventional Punjabi woman since she has joined hands with the enemies – the minimalists. You will not see the walls suffocated with multitudes of family portraits unlike other households; and it’s not that the dwellers are green plant haters

but indoor plants have not found home here, except for the Chinese money tree; and the rooms are not given individual identities but the same color scheme runs through every nook and corner offering a holistic approach to the bungalow. When she got the assignment to decorate her living quarter at Valley Homes, Sunakoti, Kalyani borrowed her mother’s aesthetic sensibilities. The genes were passed down to Kalyani from her mother, an interior designer by profession. Her mother might give her full marks in doing her proud.

Transforming empty quarters into attractive homes is Kalyani’s passion or else who would invite exhaustion and frustration of her own accord – the two companions that are constant throughout the process of making a house. “If it is your own house that you are working on then you put in more time and love. When you do houses, you can’t rush. You need to take time,” comments Kalyani. She took a month to get the right blinds for her living room. Now calculate the time required to select that for the entire household. “I don’t like curtains, so

163 we only have blinds.” Blinds of every shape, sizes and colors are splashed all over the house. “I want to flaunt the beautiful wooden frame on each window but curtains would not have met that.” It looks as if the piece of cloth is framed into an art piece. And then she had to match the color with that of the table and the table with the color of the room and the process was never ending. So she took all the time in the world to beautify her home. Every inch of the house speaks of the labor put in. And blessed is she since her husband, Saroj accompanied her in her hunt

for light fixtures, furniture pieces, blinds, and artifacts. “We hunted down places for lighting fixtures and finally the ones at Bhotebahal and Putalisadak were transferred in our names,” narrates Kalyani. “The chandelier in the living room was covered in dust and was buried under other objects. Our eyes fell

upon it and we adopted it,” shares the couple of their unique findings. Though they own the famous furniture brand SB Furniture, they also purchased from Patan and also commissioned local carpenters to help them with their house décor. Most of the items in the house are locally made.

So she took all the time in the world to beautify her home. Every inch of the house speaks of the labor put in.


“I was very particular about the island in the kitchen. I wanted something similar to my mother’s house in Bangkok.”

However, since Kalyani’s family is based in Bangkok, some of the items have been imported from there. The bamboo centerpiece in the master bedroom bears stamp from Bangkok, so does the giraffes that lie comfortably in the living room, and the art pieces that are scattered all over the house. She also made rounds of Bangkok for paintings, but she wasn’t happy with her findings. If the house bore a ‘suggestion box’ I would have dropped a chit bearingvisit the local galleries and your quest for the right kind of artworks will end. Possibly, she will sleep on my suggestion. “I was very particular about the island in the kitchen. I wanted something similar to my mother’s house in Bangkok,” and thus a little bit of nostalgia plus a larger portion of individuality gave shape to the beautiful island standing tall in the middle of their kitchen. Nonetheless, Kalyani’s favorite is the living room; whereas Saroj prefers


One thing that is consistent in the Joshi’s household apart for the usage of space is the desire and the resultant attempt to look different. the dining room, possibly because it has strong resonance of Newari style. The intricate wood carving of the dining table is the show stealer. The meticulous detailing on the legs is resembled with the temple columns. “Both my husband and I are fond of Newari culture and thus this room is a tribute to the same fondness,” explains the wife “and this room speaks volumes of the talent of the local artisans,” she is quick to add. It’s been a year since they have been doing the interior of the house but they have yet to attend to the need of some. The amount of effort

invested is indescribable. “If I had an option I would have loved to have a walk-in closet but the structure of the house restricted the possibility,” laments Kalyani. But she got huge spaces instead. The master bedroom is massive and so is the kitchen. They have placed a couch in the bedroom, an unlikely member. Other couples would have treated it as a pest but the Joshis call it ‘our little corner’ where they read and chitchat. Also the husband and wife had a consensus over having a TV in the bedroom, again an unlikely member to be included in the

private room. “Saroj likes to watch TV before he goes to sleep,” and thus the framed TV was let in. One thing that is consistent in the Joshi’s household apart for the usage of space is the desire and the resultant attempt to look different. Fireplace comes with every house in the Valley Homes but there is no fun in being ordinary thus Kalyani changed the design a bit. When we were given a tour of the house, the son’s room took us by surprise since a teenager’s room is not supposed to look so plain. Movie stars and sports heroes were shown on the door. The walls didn’t bear signs of the existence of any posters. “He doesn’t care what has been put in his room,” explains Saroj of her son’s idiosyncrasies. He is consumed in his own world of video games, Legos, iPad and his love for golf,” adds the dad. „ Video for the same is available at

interior product 168

Kitchen bathroom and

Almost nothing can have an impact in your life as much as that of your home interior, it is a space that speaks of the inhabitants’ personality and taste. Inculcating a touch of personalized detail combined with the contemporary materials available in town is the recipe to the perfect home. COMPILED BY SHRISTI KC, PHOTOS: ECS MEDIA

Kitchen Concept Teku

The design starts from Rs. 1,00,000


interior product 170 1

3 2 4


Create Bath Teku

1. Mirror set: (inclusive of mirror, towel bar, soap dish, tumbler holder, robe hook, towel ring, paper towel holder, glass shelf) – Rs. 12,500 2. Shower set (panel) – Rs. 20,500 3. Pink and black flowers basin/ mirror: Rs. 42,500 4. Shower set (without panel) - Rs. 38,500 5. Steam Jacuzzi: Rs. 3,00,000

American standard Tripureshwor 6

6. Basin: Faucet- Rs. 12,950 Vessel- Rs. 30,800 7. Vessel (comat)- Rs. 42,900 8. Shower: Diverter (internal)- Rs. 36,679 Wall mixer: Rs. Rs.42,900



interior product 172





(Bajra and Bajracharya Pvt. Ltd) 12



9. SOK whirlpool (bath tub types)- Rs. 11,48,000 10. White vessel (comat) and basin : Rs. 1,46,000 11. Shower set: Rs. 65,000 12. White vessel (comat) and basin: Rs. 1,33,500 13. Vessel+ faucet: Rs. 57,000



Vegetarian food,



While there are ample non-vegetarian foods all around during this festive season – especially Dashain. The vegetarians might feel left out. So, if you are a vegetarian or planning to invite a vegetarian guest to your home, you don’t have to fret anymore over the menu. Living, along with the masters of Vegetarian Delicacies have chalked up a list of perfect vegetarian recipes that could also be preferred by non-vegetarians alike. Try out these recipes at home and delight your guests with a lip-smacking vegetarian menu!

Anti-pasta platter This dish is a plateful of delight. As the name of the dish suggests, it has nothing to do with pasta (but has nothing against it either). The recipe from Red Dingo fits the festive season very well. Try making it yourself and become a vegetarian dish perfectionist. Ingredients: 200gm zucchini 100gm beetroot 200gm egg plant 200gm carrot 200gm onion 100gm brown sugar White olives Olive oil Butter Cheese Bread Black pepper Salt Preparation: Mix the vegetables in olive oil with salt and pepper in separate bowls and cook it in the oven at temperature of 45 F for about an hour. Meanwhile, the onion needs to be caramelized by cooking it in butter and brown sugar. While it is a long cooking process, the wait is worthwhile. Serve separately in a saucer along with cheese, fresh bread and crackers.


While discussing vegetarian dishes that could be served during the festival with the chef of Little Italy, he immediately mentioned the Primavera Pasta. I was convinced after he started mentioning the ingredients. Explaining it further, he says that pasta is a dish which is equally craved for by people of all ages and on all occasions. Ingredients • A bowl of pasta • 20 gm broccoli • ½ red capsicum • ½ yellow capsicum • 20 gm asparagus • 20 gm zucchini • 4- 5 pieces of olive

Primavera Pasta Shaam savera

• • • •

4- 5 pieces of capers 5-7 pieces of baby corn 3-4 small tomatoes (The amount can be served for a single person)

The preparation • The preparation for this dish can be done in advance so that you can serve a large group of guests in no time. The preparation in early hours involves the chopping of vegetables – capsicum needs to be sliced into long and thin strands, small round pieces for the zucchini and the broccoli, long thin pieces for the asparagus and half sliced baby corn. The olives and capers can also be cut into 2-4 slices as preferred.

You can also prepare the tomato puree in advance and boil the pasta. For cooking, pour the olive oil onto the pan and heat it on a medium flame. Add the chopped garlic and sauté until the garlic turns golden-brown. Then add the cut vegetables into the pan, and the olives and capers after a while. Put the capsicum in a different pan and sauté it in olive oil before mixing it with other vegetables and sauté again, adding salt and pepper. Add tomato puree and sauté for a while (around two minutes). Now add the boiled pasta and keep stirring for a while. Serve with chopped parsley and coriander leaves.

gourmet recipe 197

For the starter, we present the all time favorite – mushroom. Mushroom is a vegetarian’s preferred choice and could be a good alternative for non-vegetarians as well. Having a robust earthy flavor, this dish can delight both factions. Degaa Restro-Lounge, Kumaripati has categorized the spicy Mushroom Sadheko as a vegetarian recipe which could be a perfect starter on the vegetarian menu. Ingredients • ½ cut can mushroom • 5 ml mustard oil • A few fenugreeks • Chopped garlic leaves • Chopped coriander leaves • 1 tablespoon lemon juice • ½ tablespoon red chili powder • A pinch of turmeric powder • Pepper • Salt

Mushroom Sadheko

(The amount can be served for a single person)

The preparation • This dish can easily be served hot to your guests; only a few minutes and you are ready to lay it on the table. • First, cut the mushrooms into small C-shaped pieces. Heat mustard oil on a pan and add a few fenugreek seeds and a pinch of turmeric powder. Add the chopped garlic leaves right after and sauté till it turns light brown. Add in red-chili powder. Now, add in the chopped mushrooms onto the pan and stir constantly until the mushrooms turn golden-brown. Add salt to taste. Finally, add crushed pepper and lemon juice to add a tangy, sour punch to the taste. • Spread chopped coriander leaves on top and serve hot. You may add salad along with it which could make the dish look more appealing. It can also be served with a plate of roasted beaten rice if preferred.

While talking about vegetarian dishes, curry is the first thing that comes to mind for many. Amod Kant Mishra, Chef at Yellow Chili recommended Shaam Savera. Shaam Savera, which is the most sought after item in the menu and the signature dish of Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The main ingredient of this dish is the spinach koftas filled with paneer which is dropped into thick makhani gravy. Ingredients For Spinach Puree 280 gm spinach 60 gm butter 60 gm shahi jeera 20 gm peeled garlic 10 gm ginger 10 gm green chili 20 gm coriander powder 10 gm salt 80 gm pulse chana (powder) 20 gm cashew nut (powder) 10 gm corn flour

For Kofta 120 gm paneer malai 10 gm cardamom 4 gm white pepper powder 1 gm salt For gravy 80 gm butter 8 gm ginger 8 gm green chili 800 gm makhani gravy 100 gm cream 10 gm salt 0.5 gm nutmeg powder 2 gm green cardamom powder 400 gm yellow gravy powder 4 gm kasoori methi For kofta (filling) 120 gm paneer 4 gm green cardamom (powder) 4 gm white pepper (powder) 1 gm salt 1 lemon juice The Preparation The kofta and the makhani gravy need to be prepared separately. Boil the spinach in a pan. Squeeze out the extra water from the spinach leaves and then chop it up finely. Now, heat the butter and put cumin seeds,

Shaam Savera

add in ginger and garlic, and sauté for a while. Add green chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder and salt to taste. For the mixture to be thick, add cashew nut powder and gram flour. Cook it for a while and then add spinach puree. Cook until it stops sticking to the pan. For the kofta, grate the paneer until it is fine. Add salt, white pepper powder, cardamom powder and lemon juice to it. Mix it well and make small balls. Coat the balls with spinach puree and then fry it in moderately heated oil for around two minutes. You need to take care that the kofta does not get over-fried or breaks. The integration can be done immediately or at the time of serving. Heat butter; add ginger and green chili and sauté for a while. Add the makhani gravy and yellow gravy in the pan. Pour some water according to the consistency you want and stir it for a while. Add cardamom powder and kasoori methi powder and cook it for some time. You may also add a spoon of honey if you prefer a sweet taste for the gravy. After a few minutes, pour the gravy on a serving bowl. Now, cut the kofta balls into half and top the gravy with it. The dish is ready to serve, with either butter naan or butter roll. Now, Cut the kofta balls into half and top the gravy with it. The dish is ready to serve. You can serve the dish with butter naan or butter roti.

gourmet recipe 199


As soon as I stepped into OR2K, the ambience quickly caught my eye. The environment is very welcoming and they have an interestingly handmade menu booklet that glows in the dark. Stuffed Vegetable Combination: The specialty of the dish is its varying combination and its similarities to the Nepali diet. Also, the dish is colorful and appealing for the consumer. Ingredients: For Stuffed Capsicum: • 100 gm rice • 100 gm carrot, beans, cauliflower and zucchini • 15 gm paneer • 25gm cheese • Green herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil) • 1 medium sized tomato • 2 medium sized capsicum For Salad: • Lentil • Carrots • Cucumber • Beetroot • Green cabbage • Sesame • Cashew nut • Peanut


For fried vegetable: • Zucchini • Carrot • Potato • Cauliflower • The quantity is sufficient for 1 person The Preparation: For stuffed capsicum - First cook the rice along with carrot, beans, cauliflower, zucchini and the green herbs. Cut the capsicum (preferably yellow and red capsicum for appealing color) from the top, taking out the seeds. Stuff the capsicum with rice, top it up with shredded cheese and then bake it at temperature of 150 F for three to five minutes. For fried vegetable: First, boil the vegetables (zucchini, carrot, potato, and cauliflower). Put some butter in the pan, pinch of garlic and add in the vegetables. Sauté the vegetables and add in dashes of pepper and salt to taste. For Salad: Mix the chopped vegetables (carrots, cucumber, beetroot, and green cabbage), lentil; add cashew nuts and peanuts into it. Then mix it again with orange juice, honey and sesame seeds. Now plate the stuffed capsicum with the fried vegetable and the salad.


MELON BEER 1 (6-pound) seedless watermelon, rind removed and cut ut into large dice 2 tablespoons granulated sugar Add in ¼ Vodka 1 bottles of Tuborg beer chilled

INSTRUCTIONS • Set a fine-mesh strainer over a large bowl; set aside. • Place half of the watermelon in a blender and ough blend until liquefied, about 1 minute. Pour through the strainer into the bowl and scrape a rubber er spatula against the inside surface of the strainer ins. to push the juice through until only pulp remains. Discard the pulp and set the strainer back over the bowl. Repeat with the remaining watermelon. (You ar to should have about 6 cups of juice.) Add the sugar tes. the juice and stir until dissolved, about 2 minutes. Refrigerate until chilled, about 1 1/2 hours, or until ready to use. • When ready to serve, transfer the chilled juice to a 3-quart container. Add the vodka and beer and stir gently to combine.

gourmet feature 202

Mission: Food They say you are what you eat. But what about how we eat, where we eat and more importantly who makes the food we eat? We talk to two people for whom food is not just something to chew: Rahul Babu Shrestha, who’s recently started out as a food blogger and Bhibhusan Raj Joshi, who has already realized his dreams in form of a restaurant. TEXT: MALIN GURUNG A lot goes into making of a dish. Cut. Chop. Fry. Steam. Mix. Stir. Serve. Done. Besides what goes inside the kitchen and the worthwhile meal you had at an eatery last time, it is never the complete picture. From the patrons’ side, what counts is the taste, the ambiance and the

Rahul Babu Shrestha, 19 Food blogger, (“Food critiques, restaurants, people who are ready to eat out and try new things, restaurant rating system everything makes and sum up the food culture of a particular place.”) Anyone who’s heard Rahul Babu Shrestha talk food will find this instantly familiar. He straightens up, his hands in motion with the articulation of his speech, which is punctuated with emphasis every now and then. Rahul’s recipe blog, which started a few months ago, is a collection of all his efforts. Not only in the food recipes he posts but also as an endorsement to healthy eating with the few healthy recipes he’s thrown in. Just a few years ago, Rahul was struggling with weight. Weighing in at 105 kgs, the love of food was there. But it was only after his London stint in a business school that it

accompaniment of people they had. And for many inside the kitchen, it’s to prepare the food on time and serve it to the patron’s table. But in between the making, serving and eating lies a culture, an unwritten code of sort that these two people swear by.


actually materialized, as a form of blog. Now, with an undergrad degree in business and all the necessary paperworks to enroll in Gordon Ramsy’s Tanta Marie School of Cookery in summer 2013 already started, the blog seems like a start to something major. If you browse through the recipes listed on his blog, you’ll agree. It’s a collection of eclectic dishes like Salmon En Croute, 5 minutes banana ice cream with almond crumble and almond nougat, herb crusted trout with peachy cucumber and yogurt dressing - with flavors and ingredients that is familiar to a fine dining eatery and exotic to the average Nepali palate. He lists his influences. Hell Kitchen’s Gordon Ramsy, molecular gastronomist Heston Blumenthal, French cook Raymond Blanc. The recipes in his blog and his talk of food only seem an embodiment of himself. How does he take from them without ending up with a similar dish? He says,”The techniques are what you take from them. But the experimentation and the amalgamation of flavors and ingredients is something you have to put on your own.” You are the most serious person about food I have ever met, I say. All of his earlier composure reduces to a self-effacing smile. After a considered pause, he starts off his talk about Michelin Guide. Is the idea of Nepal having a Michelin-starred restaurant or chef far-fetched? He replies with a blunt ‘yes.’ Nepal’s chefs, in all regard, are

considered as someone who cook food, nothing more. But when you look at Britain’s culinary history, that is fairly poor when fared with French and other cuisine, the rise of Michelin-starred restaurants and chefs there is something that inspires Rahul. “A lot needs to be done here. People here need to be educated on food,” he says. I ask him how? He points out the lack of food critiques in Nepal. “Food critiques, restaurants, people who are ready to eat out and try new things, restaurant rating system - everything makes and sum up the food culture of a particular place,” he says. “But it is evolving,” he is quick enough to dispel. So are you hopeful and will you open up a place of your own someday, I ask. Then he charts out his plan to me of the London eatery which he wishes to open up sometime in the future, with all the arrangement of cutlery to the demeanor of his staffers, the location, everything. “I just want a place for people to eat something I put effort into and enjoyed making, in a quiet and relaxed ambiance.” “Consistency is very important,” he says, “that you can hardly find here. For a restaurant to be rated with Michelin star, it’s not only the food that counts - the service, the wine list, ambience, everything matters.” But how does one maintain consistency and also experiment with dishes all the while? “Ingredients and techniques are very crucial,” he says, “Flavor is a byproduct of these.”

gourmet feature 204

Bhibhusan Raj Joshi, 42 Proprietor, El Mediterráneo, Jhamsikhel (Bhibhusan has a clear insight of what goes here. And the seeming gap between what people want and what they are served.) For Bhibhusan, getting into food business started as an opportunity to venture to a seemingly unknown but profitable business. For one, he listened to the woes of Spanish tourists (he used to work as a tourist guide) about the inherent spiciness and use of masala in Nepali food. In Barcelona, he joined a culinary and hospitality school. After switching between jobs, he returned to Nepal in 2004. Then he went back to Spain again, sensing an unfavorable environment for opening up his own place here, only to return in 2009 for good. He saw a good time to venture into restaurant this time around. But it didn’t happen any time soon.

There were a lot of things that had to be considered. Like bureaucracy and the lack of professionalism was another. Now that El Mediterráneo, Bhibhusan’s Spanish restaurant located in Jhamsikhel, has been up and running for few months, Bhibhusan has a clear insight of what goes here. And the seeming gap between what people want and what they are served. “Here, the palate of people is very limited,” Bhibhusan says. “Most are not willing to try out new dishes.” Bhibhusan explains me the pattern of patrons of riceeating nations, mostly South and South East Asian countries. He says the palate of patrons from most of these countries, including Nepal, is limited to a very set variety of flavors like ginger, garlic, cumin. During his stay in Barcelona, Bhibhusan experienced the food

culture there first hand. He tells me how kids save up for weekends just to try out new dishes. Or, how trying out new dishes with respect to what to eat after a certain kind of food in what amount is a normalcy there. He says,”If you stuff yourself with, let’s say, momos right before you go for a dinner at a nice restaurant just to save up, I see no point.” He further adds how eating out is an occasion (“like a Newari bhoj, where you prepare and eat things you wouldn’t everyday”) that is unlike eating fast foods or eating just to feed yourself. So how can we bring that here? “People should have the will to try out and appreciate new things. It is not just a dish we are serving but the culinary history of an entire culture is on the plate. And also, one should not be afraid to ask questions to the waiter. Consult with the waiters on what you would like to have and how. Thanks the chef if you really enjoyed your meal.” Looking at the ‘No Laptops Allowed on Tables’ sign plasted on his walls, the place does look like where eating is a serious business and the making of it, even more so. He explains, “I had to put that sign up because one evening when everyone had their laptop on, the place looked like a cyber cafe.” During further talks he slips out, “I did not open up El Mediterráneo just to earn money.” Later, as he makes me try out one dish after another (“this you can’t find here even if you are willing to pay”) and explains me the origin of each of the dishes pointing it out on numerous culinary books he has gathered over the years, the statement does seem, at the very least, true.

gourmet eating out 208


your favorite restaurants with your favorite cuisine boudha THE CAFE Hyatt Regency Kathmandu Taragaon, Boudha 4491234 Chicken and Noodle Soup Rs. 500 Chicken Schnitzel Rs. 700 Salmon Bagel Sandwich Rs. 650 ROX RESTAURANT Hyatt Regency Kathmandu Taragaon, Boudha Tel: 4491234 Char Grilled Prawns Rs. 1450 Australian Lamb Ossobucco Rs. 1400 Melting Chocolate Rs. 525 BOUDHA STUPA RESTAURANT AND CAFE Boudha 012130681 pumpkin soup Rs. 175 Tuna Salad,Nicoise style 250

Crocodile Tears Rs. 350

plate) Rs. 250 Newari Set Rs. 250

Korean Chicken Nrs. 250 ++

THE BAKERY CAFÉ Boudha 4464438 Tareko Sausage Rs.185 Cheese Burger Rs.120 Club Sandwich Rs.180

SHOGUN RESTAURANT & BAR Babar Mahal Revisited 4263720 Makunochi Lunch Box Rs. 500 Raw Assorted Sashimi Rs. 750 Ebi Sushi Rs. 300

THE BEIJING GARDEN CHINESE RESTAURANT New Baneshwor 4784828, 4789829 Veg. Fried Corn Rs.250 Mutton Boneless in Chain Rs.395 Prawns Big Garlic Rs.675

Chez Caroline Babar Mahal 4263070 Salad Caroline Rs.650 Pepper Steak Rs.755 Salmon Steak Rs.915

durbar marg

babar mahal WALTER’S RESTAURANT & BAR BabarMahal Revisited, 4253337 Chicken Cutlets Rs. 650 Pork Steak On The Bone Rs. 750 Beef & Melted Cheese Escalop Rs. 800 BAITHAK Babar Mahal Revisited 4267346 Maharaja feast/ Deluxe feast Rs. 1200/1500 Nepali thali (served on a silver

new baneshwor ALFA HOUSE RESTRO BAR & BANQUET New Baneshwor, Kathmandu 4785633 / 4785634 9801067894 Nrs. Alfa Potato 100 ++ Timor Chicken Nrs. 250 ++

MILK COFFEE & COCKTAIL Woodland Complex Durbar Marg, Kathmandu 9851121606 Starbux capucheeno: Nrs. 140 Golden Fried Prawn: NRs. 360 Caramalized Pineapple Margarita: NRs. 390 ROYAL SAINO RESTAURANT Durbar Marg Non Veg Platter MOMO Rs. 150

SOALTEE CROWNE PLAZA Tahachal, Kathmandu, Nepal

Enjoy the various Pizzas , homemade pastas, Juicy and Succulent Steaks, fresh water trout and the lost delicious Tira Misu at - Al Fresco, Soaltee Crown Plaza Kathmandu Open for Lunch: 1230 Hrs to 1445 Hrs and Dinner: 1900 Hrs to 2245 Hrs For Reservation call 977-01-4273999 Extn: 6123 Experience the varieties of Biryanis, Curries and mouth watering Kebabs at our Indian Specialty restaurant, Kakori at Soaltee Crowne Plaza Kathmandu. Open for Dinner only from 1900 Hrs till, 2245 Hrs

Chicken malai Kabab Rs. 200 Chicken Shalick Rs. 250 GAZEBO RESTRO LOUNGE Durbar Marg 9841397603 (R. C), Crispy Chicken Rs. 395, Kitchen Alakeb Rs. 340 Nachay with Salsa Rs. 225 COFFEE SHOP Durbar Marg 4221711 Masala Dosa Rs.175 Chicken Mo:Mo Rs.250 Chicken Kathi Roll Rs.250 COURTYARD RESTAURANT Kamaladi 4253056 Roasted Chicken Rs.195 Chicken Steak Rs.190 Mix Pizza Rs.220 GHAR-E-KABAB Durbar Marg 4221711 Tandoori Kabab Platter Rs.1200 Chicken Resmi Kabab Rs.500 Gosht Ke Mulayam Kabab Rs.525 VINTAGE CAFÉ & PUB Durbarmarg 4254831 Vintage Platter Rs. 400 Wins Rs. 250 Vintage Steak Rs. 350 KFC RESTAURANT

Durbarmarg 4226287 Hot & Crispy Chicken (Large Bucket) Rs. 949 Hot Wings (Large Bucket) Rs. 949 Zinger Meal Rs. 269 PIZZA HUT Durbarmarg, 4226287 Hot & Crispy Chicken (Large Bucket) Rs. 949 ++ Hot Wings (Large Bucket) Rs. 949++ Zinger Meal Rs. 269++

kamaladi COURTYARD RESTAURANT Kamaladi, 4253056 Roasted Chicken Rs. 295 ++ Grilled Fish Rs. 280++ Chicken Steak Rs. 270++ CUBE THE CLUB WITH CANDLES RESTRO LOUNGE Kamaladi, 4438017 Golden Kings Prawn Rs. 500 ++ Chicken Polokai Rs. 200++ Mutton BBQ Rs. 250++

Baluwatar COFFEE TIME Baluwatar, 4429359 Cappuccino Rs. 95 Chicken Mo Mo Rs. 100 Hot Mocha Rs. 105

lazimpat BHUMI RESTAURANT & BAR Lazimpat, 4412193 Mixed Bara Rs.95 Mixed Chhatamari

For reservations call: 4273999 Extn: 6555 Relax and enjoy the weather while you sip some of the finest drinks at our open Porch Bar at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza Kathmandu from 6 pm till 10 pm. Enjoy dishes from through out the orient, amidst the minimalistic set up in China Garden, Soaltee Crowne Plaza Kathmandu. Open for Lunch: 1230 Hrs to 1445 Hrs and Dinner: 1900 Hrs to 2245 Hrs For reservation call 977-014273999 Extn: 6159

Rs.90 Buff Chhoela Rs.100 OLIVE GARDEN Radisson Hotel, Lazimpat, 441818 Italian Cuisine Gourmet Trout Rs. 800 Dinner 6:30pm onwards STREET CAFE Lazimpat 9841657041 Chicken MO:MO: Rs 80 Extravaganza Pizza:190 Newari Set: 80 PIZZA EXPRESS Lazimpat 2161212 Extravaganza Rs. 460 Deluxe Rs. 460 Chicken Chatpat Rs. 460 SHAMBALA GARDEN CAFE Shangri-la Hotel, Lazimpat 4412999 Quiche Lorraine With Fresh Fruit Salad Rs. 450 Pan- Seared Salmon Rs. 450 Grilled Chicken Rs. 475 HIM THAI RESTAURANT & BAR Lazimpat 4418683 Tom Yam Keii / Kumg Rs. 400 Sam Tam Pak Rs. 250 Yum Woon Seen Pak Rs. 250

new road SHISHA CAFÉ New-Road, 4263668

Shisha Special Barbecue: Rs.190 Shisha Special Pizza (Large) : Rs.200 Sizzler Chicken: Rs.190 CAFÉ OLLA RESTAURANT & BAR Kantipath, Jamal 4232673 Ifu Noodle – 120 Korean chicken – 200 Meat lover’s Pizza- 250 VISHRAM RESTAURANT Basantapur, Tel. 2012127 Roasted Pork Rs. 215 Fried Whole Fish Rs. 350 Pasta Rs. 165-195 REVOLVING RESTAURANT Ratna Plaza, 4th floor New Road, 4241712 Whole Mandarin Fish Rs.395 Hakka Chicken s.190 Pork Pepper Corn Rs.205 E.D.EN. FOOD COURT & LOUNGE BAR Kathmandu Mall 4150062 Chicken Sizzler Rs.180+Tax B-B-Q Pork Chop Rs.225+Tax Ice-Cream Sundae’s Rs.125+Tax HI-POINT RESTURANT AND LOUNG BAR Kathmandu Mall 6th floor kluay buad chee-100 phad sew kai/ mu-360 larb kai/mu-360


patan BENCH BURGER Krishna Galli 5535330 Combo Meal Ham Burger Rs. 160 Chicken Burger Rs. 175 Fish Burger Rs. 175 CAFÉ SOMA Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur 5528732 Ammacchi Chicken Sandwich Rs. 250 Aglio-e-Olio Pasta Rs. 200 Eggs Benedict Rs. 225 CAFÉ DE PATAN Patan Mangalbazar 5537599 BlueBird Food Court Tel: 4228833, Ext. no. 4476 Newari Samay With Chicken Rs.175 Nepali Thali Rs. 190 With Buff Rs.150 CHAPTER 9 Jawalakhel, 5525979 Hunan Fried Chicken Rs. 320 Paneer Chatpata Rs. 240 Sesame Fried Chicken Rs. 320 BEANS COFFEE Kupondole, 5099713 Cappucino Rs. 90 Tuna S/W Rs. 105

Lalte Rs. 90 DEGAA Kumaripati, 50086679 Mix Bara Rs. 110 Mutton fokso Rs. 90 Buff choyela Rs. 150 PATAN MUSEUM CAFÉ Patan Durbar Square 5524694 Traditional Nepali Thali Rs.260/350 Patan Museum Burger Rs.180 Grilled Chicken Served W/French Fries Seasonal Vegetables Rs.260 THE GHANGRI CAFÉ Pulchwok Lalitpur 5528703 Chicken Sumai Mo:Mo Rs.70 Cordeu Blue Rs.150 Mutton Sekuwa Rs.165 DHOKAIMA CAFE Patan Dhoka 5522113 Grilled Australian Steak Rs.1099 Grilled Shilake Mushroom Rs. 359 Blackened Norwegean Salmon Rs. 999 THE GHANGRI CAFE Pulchowk 5528703

Sumai Open Momo Rs. 100 Chicken Cordan Blue Rs. 230 Veg. Gold Coin Rs. 160 ABSOLUTE BAR Hotel Narayani Complex, Pulchowk Tel: 5521408 Bandel Tareko Rs. 300 Chicken Chowela Rs. 300 Fresh Garden Greeen Salad Rs. 100 MOKSH Jhamsikhel 5528362 Murgh Tikka Rs. 350 Goast Rogan (lamd curry) Rs. 350 Crispy Chicken Rs. 300

tripureshwor DE-VALLEY RESTAURANT tripureshwor, 4117079 Chicken Hot Pan Rs.470 Mutton Seek Kabab Rs.340 Sea Food Combination Rs.700

thamel RUM DOODLE Jytha street, Thamel, Kathmandu 4248692, 4248915 Chicken / Mushroom Basket 260 Wood fire Pizza

Tandori chicken & onions pizza 340 (8 inch), 450 (12 inch) Rum Doodle steak 480 Subject to 13 % VAT and 10% service charge SHISA TERRACE BAR & RESTAURANT Thamel, 2091137 Fried Chicken Cordon Blue Rs.250 Fried Chicken Sizzler chicken Rs 190, Fire wood pizza salami 290

THE BAKERY CAFÉ Dharahara Chicken Bar B Que, Rs. 225.00 Fish & Chips, Rs. 260.00 Bhatbhateni Masala Dosa, Rs. 125.00 C MoMo Chicken, Rs. 145 Pulchwok Steak Italian, Rs. 270.00

Taglatella Fungi, Rs. 210.00

Teendhara Tomato Cheese Pizza Medium, Rs. 145.00 Club Sandwich, Rs. 230.00

Teku Khukura Ko Choela, Rs. 185.00 American Chopsuey, Rs. Maharajgunj 195.00 Fish Tawa, Rs. 240.00 Thamel Milk Shake, Rs. 80.00 Set Breakfast, Rs. 160.00 Bouddha Spahetti with Meat Ball, Nepali Lunch Set, Rs. Rs. 210.00 270.00

Fried Chicken, Rs. 255.00 Jawalakhel Farmer Breakfast, Rs. 310.00 Hot Garlic Chicken with rice, Rs. 245.00 Baneshwor Mixed Pizza Medium, Rs. 180.00 Chicken Sizzler, Rs. 275.00

JATRA Thamel, 4256622 Sukuti Ko Achar Rs.110 Sandwich Steak & Cheese Rs.170, Tenderloin Steak Rs.220

w/Ratatouille Rs.320 Fried ice-cream Rs.220

THE FACTORY RESTAURANT & BAR Thamel 4701185, 4701187 Chilled Gazpacho Rs.150 Cottage Cheese Steak

Subject to 13 % VAT and 10% service charge

FIRE AND ICE Pizzaria, Thamel 4250210 Pizza’s Spaghetti Ice Creams Rs. 480


Fried Chicken Cordon Blue Rs.250 Fried Chicken Sizzler chicken Rs 190, Fire wood pizza salami 290 JATRA Thamel, 4256622 Sukuti Ko Achar Rs.110 Sandwich Steak & Cheese Rs.170, Tenderloin Steak Rs.220

THE FACTORY RESTAURANT & BAR Thamel 4701185, 4701187 Chilled Gazpacho Rs.150 Cottage Cheese Steak w/Ratatouille Rs.320 Fried ice-cream Rs.220 FIRE AND ICE Pizzaria, Thamel 4250210 Pizza’s Spaghetti Ice Creams

living talk 212

In conversation with

Kunda Dixit Kunda Dixit’s Journalism as if the planet mattered is a widely celebrated book. Some think it is the Bible for whoever wants to pursue journalism. Living had a brief chat with him about his book and matters related to journalism in Nepal. When was the latest edition published? We brought out the latest edition in 2010. The first one came out in 1997. There have been slight changes in the second one. Who is the publisher? The second edition was published by my previous publishers who are also my earlier employer, an international news agency called Inter Press Service. I had worked for them for eight years based in South East Asia. When I was leaving to come back to Nepal, I thought I should put together my experience on reporting on development and environment. What were the changes introduced in the second edition? In the second edition, many facts have been updated. In 1997, when we wrote it, everyone was crying in wilderness when we talked about climate change. Now of course,

everyone knows. Things like the Sumatran forest fire, ocean fish depletion, global warming, or melting of the Arctic ice cap- things like these which were only beginning to appear as problems were starting to be talked about. And figures at that time weren’t very accurate; were very preliminary. So what we did with the second edition was update the figures and statistics, cross check some of them. Chapters have been moved around a bit. We plan to bring it out in different languages. Translation in Nepali language is underway. It should be out by January. There are also the new Thai and Vietnamese editions. They are working on the Mandarin edition as well. Who is translating the Nepali version? Rajesh KC is translating it. It is a tough book to translate. Even I could not do it myself. You were a parachute journalist earlier. Does the present job feel relaxed? It was glamorous to be a war correspondent, a foreign correspondent and to be jetting in and out. I was flying to Singapore one day, Jakarta the other day or Beijing and even Port Moresby or Ulan Bator. There is glamor in it but when you are working abroad, first of all, you feel like you’re just a cog in the wheel. The other thing was you didn’t feel involved in the story that much. It was a story, you did it and since it was for the wire, was picked up by the newspapers all over the world. But you can’t compare that feeling with working and bringing about change through the media in your own country. Isn’t ‘change’ an over-used word? Can change easily be accessible to everyone? It is presumptuous to think that you can change the world. Journalists or even the media as a whole is presumptuous. Working in an international context- working as a foreign correspondent, reporting about others’ wars in a foreign country there is little you can do to bring about the solution, just part of the bigger world. But if you are working in your own country, because it is in smaller context, whatever you do does have a larger impact. But to think that I alone can do it especially if you are a journalist or a reporter is

living talk 214 presumptuous. You have to be realistic about what you can change. There is this indirect influence to make change. Now people are informed and to be able to inform them is already bringing about some change. They may not change their behavior but awareness is the first step because you can’t change behavior until you make people aware. Raising awareness is the role of the media. Do you think Nepali media is doing its job right? Oh yes! We think we aren’t bringing about any change but things have changed. I have been in the media for twentyfive years and at times we think nothing has changed. But things have changed. Take for example the health sector, literacy, development, and spread of community awareness about development. You may not be able to see a major change but it is happening around us. It may not be happening as fast as you want, but it is happening and I believe media has played a large part. Is the South Asian journalism different to, let’s say, European? What we practice is more of an Anglo Saxon definition of what a journalist should be and can do. Whereas in continental Europe, much more elbow room is given to journalists. Reporting in the UK and the US, you aren’t allowed to come to a conclusion. You are more of a spectator/ an observer. You are not supposed to be involved. You can’t be seen to be outraged by injustice. Or else, you will be taken to have succumbed to certain ideology. So you would rather get involved in a story? You have to be truthful, you can’t bend facts, never invent them, you still talk to all sides, but in the end you are allowed to come to your own conclusion. But you can’t start your story with prejudice. I don’t mean you have to come up with a conclusion in every story you do, because many stories are extremely complicated and have two or three or multiple sides but there are issues for which there is a definite right or wrong, good or bad, just or unjust. And in that case, a journalist’s role is to write the right and give priority to the coverage of the people who usually aren’t heard. This affirmative action in journalism will help media find solutions to problems. I suppose it was Martin Bell of BBC who coined the term ‘Journalism of attachment’ and by that he meant you are not just a spectator/an observer. You are outraged by what you see and that is visible in your stories. But obviously not in the flag-waving sort of thing, avoid the usage of strong words, and you shouldn’t sound like a political pamphlet. Your writing always has to be measured because in the end it always boils down to whether you have credibility or not. If you sound like you are outraged and if that shows evidently in your writing, you lose your credibility because you obviously seem to be on one side.

But what if the journalist does his part and the editor doesn’t publish it? I think it is a problem in many newspapers. The editor doesn’t share not just the views but even the method of journalism especially if it’s strong advocacy of one side or the other. So in that case, you just have to tone it down; so that it passes through the internal gatekeepers within the organization. But who are the real gatekeepers? Usually it’s the editor, sometimes the publisher and most often the editor blames the readers saying they wouldn’t read such kinds of stories. What do you have to say about the occasional friction between the editor and the publisher? We have lots of cases around the world not just in Nepal, where the publishers have sacked the editor for not drawing the line. But there should always be tension between the publisher and the editor. Absence of one might be the sign of a problem. The publisher always has the financial viability or the economic survival of a media product in mind, whereas for the editor it is always journalism that comes first. There is always a clash between these two priorities. Who wins? Depends. Some editors are aware that they have to do this for the survival of the paper. It can be suicidal- the pursuit of independence and not tolerating any interference from the publisher. But the publishers on the other hand also push their editors to a certain extent that results in the paper itself losing credibility. But you are lucky in that case. Yes, since I am both the editor and the publisher rolled into one. I can’t sack myself. What difference do you see in the journalists of your time and the new-age journalists? My age group is more mature now because they are older. There has been a proliferation of media and therefore lots of inexperienced, immature reporters who have been thrust into roles for which they haven’t been trained which is why you get the kind of media we have today. One major problem is language. Because of the deterioration of the education system in Nepal in the last two decades, graduates who come out of +2, most of them have neither good English nor Nepali. And unless you can express yourself in at least one language properly, you won’t be able to be a journalist. First criterion is the language. You have to have the languagedoesn’t mean English. And good doesn’t mean very literary, whether you can communicate well, express yourself properly, how simply he writes.

arty fashion

Out world of the

Fairies and balloons Trees bearing toffees and cakes Surrealism BY UJEENA RANA


K2art factory production CONCEPT & PHOTOGRAPHY: KISHOR KAYASTHA, 9851052778 Models: Rakshya Thapa, Shivangini Rana, Muskan Limbu, Jenika Bhadel, Prinsha Shrestha Assistant Photographers: Sanjay Khanibanjar and Manish Prajapati Clothes courtesy: Subekshya Bhadel, Crossroad Apparel, Lazimpat Make-up & Hair: Sakil Kunwar













It is good to smell great We associate scents with events and people in our life. Some fragrances remind us of our father, our mother, some of teachers, boyfriends, girlfriends, enemies and friends. Because these individuals in our life wore and some still wear that particular fragrance thus our mind automatically draws the relation. Scents can cause such strong recalls, it can get a little frightening at times.

known to have rows of perfumes, for different occasions and different times of the day. It is safe to say a perfume makes and even defines a women’s character and even the men indulgence in cologne purchases because perfume shows you take care of yourself and love yourself. Scents are reasonable priced and adds class to any type of get-up you are in – it is no wonder why it is a must-grab for almost everyone. Perfumes are a staple.

For men and women

The ways to wear a perfume

Like everything else in the world, there are things for men and likewise there are things that are made only for females. Women are

The beauties attached to perfumes are innumerable. A spray on the sides of the ears, right around the area where the heart beat can be felt and a touch of perfume under the ears. A spray to the wrist and a rub of both the wrists, a spray in the air before us and a quick walk into the mist, the ways we put on our perfume is an art in itself. Some spray a tiny bit in their palm and then, gently coat their hair – apparently, fragrances last longer and when lovers smell your hair,

The association

which they always seem to do, you know you made a wise move.

Scent and sensibilities Perfumes, they are a luxury in their own manners. Tiny, beautiful bottles with intricate details with varied shapes and sizes and in them hold potions which can strike almost every emotional chord in you – happiness, joy, memories, festive, glamor and even melancholy. Perfumes are probably the best that has happened to the world. If only we could smell our favorite celebrities through the television screen…

Perfumes for everyday wear Why do we wear (and love) fragrance so much? Because it helps us feel good about ourselves and others. Recent psychological tests show that people who use fragrance regularly have a more positive attitude towards socializing and may be more socially skilled than those who seldom or never wear it. It was generally found that people who believe that others think they smell good have more confidence. More fun, too? Will my taste in perfume change as I get older? Probably. As you grow older and the way you feel about yourself changes, the kind of fragrance you choose will change too. In your teens, you’ll probably wear light, gentle scents. In your late teens and early twenties,

you’ll often choose a fragrance because you identify with its image. As your sense of confidence develops, you tend to choose a fragrance that expresses your individual style, your personal taste. What is the difference between aftershave and cologne? Colognes or eaux de toilette are meant for your body, aftershaves for your face. Eaux de toilette (or Colognes) are blended with more fragrance - anywhere from 5 to 15 per cent essential oils - while aftershaves have a lighter scent, usually around 2 to 4 per cent, less alcohol (30 to 65 per cent) and incorporate soothing emollients and calming antiseptics For any perfume-related query, please email at Your answer will be published in the next issue.

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Not Just Your Mom’s Old Knickknack 7 WAYS TO WEAR A BROOCH

Walk into any jewelry shop in Kathmandu and you’ll find an assortment of brooches, both old and new. While those flashy little pins are generally associated with more old-fashioned styles, these ornate gems are making a comeback in a big way. Whether it’s silver or gold, handcarved or bejeweled, traditional or modern, a brooch is sure to add that special little touch to any of your favorite looks! Since brooches are not limited to just the little pin on your blouse, we’ve come up with a few new ways to include a brooch in your everyday outfits. Whether you bought yours in a vintage jewelry shop in Thamel, borrowed it from your mom’s jewelry box, or inherited one of your grandma’s antiques, you’ll turn heads when you show fashion nonbelievers that brooches are no longer a thing of the past. To prove just how versatile a brooch can be, we’ve paired the same brooch with a very simple, classic outfit–a chambray buttoned-down shirt and jeans. Be adventurous with your own brooch-endowed outfits! Mix colors and shapes, and leave room for the special personal touch for your brooch.

As a necklace: Attach your brooch to a chain, a ribbon, or a strand of beads to create your own customized necklace. This gives you the option to mix and match your brooch with the actual necklace. Here, as you can see, everything goes with strands of black stones. We love the way the brooch pinches the beads, and how the cascading stones paired with the teardrop pendant allow you to pull your new necklace to the side for an asymmetrical look.

As a bowtie: Nothing says quirky vintage elegance like a brooch worn as a bowtie at the top of your favorite shirt, buttoned to the collar. Here is a way to take the menswear look in a feminine direction—leave the actual bowtie with your boyfriend and put on a glassy brooch instead. A brooch worn like this can scream the Victorian Era, but if you pair it with modern tailored clothing, you’ll look stylish and cuttingedge, with just a subtle nod to the past. As a bracelet: If your brooch is big and flashy enough, you don’t need to worry about finding a fancy bracelet to attach it onto—All you need is a hair tie, scrunchy, or bangle, and you’re good to go! We paired our brooch-bracelet with our black stone necklace, wrapped several times around the wrist, and a marble floral bangle. Feel free to pair with a few matching rings! Nothing says boho chic or vintage queen like a bunch of chunky bracelets and rings stacked on top of each other. If you feel like making your own custom charm bracelets, attach several brooches to the same elastic.


As a hairpin: For a feminine, sweet look, stick your brooch in your hair, and you’ll look and feel pretty, and maybe even regal. If you want to wear your hair down with your brooch, go for beachy, mermaid waves. If you want to wear your hair up, use your brooch as decoration for a romantic updo, with a low bun and a few loose tendrils to frame the fame. Your brooch might as well be a crown.

As a statement ring: Everyone loves a good statement ring. Simply slide the clasp of your brooch onto a plain metal ring, and you’ve got a bold accessory at your fingertips. It turns out you don’t have to spend lots of money to get that special piece of jewelry that you can wear all the time. Keep a few brooches handy and the same simple ring, and you’ve got a plethora of options to choose from!

As a belt buckle: Especially with the simple look, we have here with the menswear-inspired chambray shirt and black jeans, it’s important to add a few intricate, feminine touches. We’ve added a skinny braided belt and pinned our brooch to the buckle. The effect adds balance to the entire outfit, and gives a bit of interest to an otherwise classic look. Feel free to wear a belt like this with your jeans, or higher up to cinch your waist, over a draped blouse or dress.

As a boutonnière on your blazer: Here’s another look inspired by the boys–wear your brooch in its most traditional form, pinned to the side of your chest. Here’s the twist, wear your favorite blazer, and your brooch serves as a jewelry-encrusted boutonnière. You’ll look classic and funky at the same time!

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Black dress: Available in her label AIRA, Malvika claims the color black and the design of the dress give an illusion of a leaner body. She finds it impressive that the dress would look great on a person of any shape and size.

Isadora Compact: “I’ve had oily skin for as long as I can remember and this is such a problem solver. It is an oil control compact and is easily available in Nepal.”

Clinique Foundation: There is no other cosmetic item that suits her skin better than Clinique. She has found the foundation to be super balanced and complementary to her skin tone.

Aviators: She was gifted this by a friend about three years ago, and it is still in impeccable condition. The color and the size of the shades is a perfect fit for the cut of her face and looks amazing when worn for any look.

Pearl Bracelet: Besides having an overthe-top fascination with pearls, she also thinks the pearl bracelet would go with anything from dresses to sarees.

Boroline: Boroline is a home remedy for when winter dries up her skin, requiring attention. As it is an antiseptic cream, she has the utmost faith in Boroline.

Maroon Dress: Malvika seems particularly attached to this dress; she bought it at a popular store called ‘Review’ in Sydney because she absolutely fell in love with the design, texture and fit. “It did burn quite a big hole in my pocket though,” she says with a laugh.

Biotique Bio Musk Root : Due to the pollution in Kathmandu, hair is a sensitive matter and Malvika seems to have found the solution. “Mix it with yogurt and apply on your hair for thirty minutes and poof! Perfect hair at your service,” she says.

Polka Dot Dress: Malvika loves polka dots and dresses, so it goes without saying that this dress is one of her favorites. It is perfectly suited for a day-out with friends or a brunch with the family.



Pearl Studs: “This is a gift from my mother on my wedding day, since I am not so into long earrings, my mom thought this would be perfect for me and I agree with her on every level,” she says.

Brooch: The antique brooch is an object Malvika loves to flaunt, matching it with a saree or a business suit. She happened to just pass it on a trip to Mumbai and decided she just had to have it!

Beige Shoes: “You would not believe how comfortable these shoes are!” she says. She believes that this is the only pair of heels she has found that does not give her blisters.

A lot of people worship her and want to be like her and for a good reason. We know Malvika Subba as the most well-known Miss Nepal, media personality and actor of today but she hasn’t limited herself to her past glory. She has branched out into business and fashion by introducing her store, House of Alternative Apparel at Uttar Dhoka, Kathmandu. She mentions her desire to travel the world, and her weakness for clothes and shoes, a trait every girl can empathize with.


Visual delight Femininity is power. Femininity is sensuality. Femininity is conďŹ dence. We explore the hidden and the exposed facets of a woman, and the visual delight that is transmitted by her mere presence. Here, singularity represents a multitude. By Ujeena Rana Photos: ECS Media Make up: Genisha Chhantel- Kaucha Hair: Ujeena Rana Styling: Ujeena Rana and Genisha Chhantel-Kaucha Clothes courtesy: Accessories: Nilima’s Studio and


Make up brand to use


nglot Cosmetics was established over 25 years ago by Wojtek Inglot. He was a young chemist at the time working in R&D for a pharmaceutical company waiting to embark on his dream to create a unique and revolutionary cosmetics line. The main objective was to produce high quality cosmetic products at fair and reasonable prices. Inglot’s mission was to use the best possible ingredients and raw materials from the most reputable suppliers, mainly from Japan, USA, France, Germany,

the UK and Italy. He had also decided that one of the key factors that would allow Inglot products to differentiate themselves from their competition would be their immense and varied collection of colors, and the ability to mix and match these colors in order to create a customized palette. Another cost effective benefit is that all of Inglot cosmetics are produced in the EU, and over 95% them are actually manufactured in Inglot’s own state-of-the-art facilities in Poland.

They design and produce all of the testers and store fixtures in-house as well. Inglot sells its products in over 300 stores all over the world, Canada, Poland, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, CanaryIslands, South Africa, Australia, Turkey, India, Mexico City, Kuala Lumpur, Curacao, Milan and Nepal are the few countries to name. At present Inglot has one of the most extensive color ranges in cosmetic collections across the world. Working with the best makeup artists, Inglot is trying to bring forth the latest trend in colors, texture and form to the market. Their unique Freedom System allows customers to experiment with countless shades and combinations of face powders, blushes, eye shadows and lipsticks to create their unique and personalized palette. With several new significant projects in their final stages of development, this year will see the introduction of a number of fresh and innovative products. A very wide range of products are available at Fragrance, Annapurna Arcade, Durbar Marg. „ Contact: 422-7484.


Earring: Rs.650, Obsession, Rs.1,800, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Blouse: Rs.1,590, Pink, Woodland Complex, Durbar Marg

Bangles: Rs.1,800, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Shorts: Rs.2,190, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Shoes: Rs.4,200, Fuel, Durbar Marg

The contrast of dark green top and dark orange shorts is the match point. The colors, when paired together, turns out pleasant.

Neckpiece: Rs.1,450, Obsession, Rs.2,990, Pink, Woodland Complex, Durbar Marg Dress: Rs.2,440, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Shoes: Rs.4,200, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Sometimes you just have to stick to basics. Overdoing can misfire.

Neck piece: Rs.1,800, Fuel, Durbar Marg Dress: Rs.2,770, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Bangles: Rs.1,800, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Belt: Rs.725, Obsession, Rs.2,990, Pink, Woodland Complex, Durbar Marg Shoes:

Shoes: Rs.2,990, Pink, Woodland Complex, Durbar Marg

Prints are getting more popular these days. With animal prints and geometric prints around, this one is subtle to the eyes.

Earrings: Rs.650, Obsession, Rs.1,800, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Jumpsuit: Rs.3,510, Pink, Rs.1,800, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Bracelet: Rs.650, Obsession, Rs.1,800, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Neckpiece: Rs.1,250, Obsession, Rs.1,800, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Shoes: Rs. 2,990, Pink, Rs.1,800, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Get a little jumpy with a jumpsuit on. You are never too old for it. Just so you hit the perfect balance, accessorizes a little bit.

Neckpiece: Rs.1,200, Obsession, Rs.1,800, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Earrings: Rs.650, Obsession, Rs.1,800, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Top: Rs.3,510, Pink, Woodland Complex, Durbar Marg Bracelet: Rs.1,600, Fuel, Durbar Marg Shoes: Rs.2,990, Pink, Woodland Complex, Durbar Marg

Flared Pants: Rs.1,490, Pink, Woodland Complex, Durbar Marg

Don’t set any limits. Let go of yourself. Sometimes what you need is to give a pleasan surprise by pairing a bright orange top with stripped flared pants.

Earrings: Rs.990, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Blouse: Rs.2,500, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Bracelet: Rs.1,800, Fuel, Durbar Marg

Trousers: Rs.3,090, Pink, Woodland Complex, Durbar Marg

Shoes: Rs.2,990, Pink, Woodland Complex, Durbar Marg

Sticking to the chic side? Well, the pants here shows all the curves you’ve got. It’s about the shape and not the size.

Models: Celina Singh and Rakshya Thapa Clothes courtesy: Nuzhat Qazi, House of Fashion(HoF), Lazimpat Car courtesy: Kathmandu Automobile Center, Naxal

Transporter 4 Distance loses meaning and time ies when we have their company. Salute to all those geniuses who engineered these marvels to make our life easy – transporting us, transporting our lives. Photos: ECS Media

Watch the video at

Clothes courtesy: Oodni Boutique, Kupondole

Models: Asmee Shrestha & Garima Rai

Models: Asmee Shrestha & Garima Rai Clothes courtesy: Subekshya Bhadel, Crossroad Apparel, Lazimpat Venue courtesy: Epic Mountain Bike, Jhamsikhel, 555-5021

Model: Rakshya Thapa Clothes courtesy: Oodni Boutique, Kupondole

Venue Courtesy: ANGEL HORSE AND STABLE Pvt. Ltd. Located at Nayabazaar, they provide chariot services for weddings, anniversaries and other occassions. If you want to have a royal ride on your special day, then please contact 169-22-763 (OfďŹ ce), 9808-140-918 (Anurag Man Singh Kunwar)

Clothes courtesy: Astik Sherchan, Astik Creation, Lazimpat Nuzhat Qazi, House of Fashion(HoF), Lazimpat

Models: Celina Singh and Rakshya Thapa

fashion product 264

Multi-gem stones Pendant, 13.11gms Rodium Chain, 10.52gms

Emerald and Diamond Earrings-Pendant set (Excluding chain) Rs. 6,94,000

Emerald and Diamond three piece set Rs. 8,72,000

Mabe Pearl and Diamond necklace Rs. 4,54,000

Diamond and Emerald Earrings with Necklace Rs. 6,22,000

Ruby and Diamond EarringsNecklace set with Ruby beads Rs. 4,29,000

Gold Necklace, 54.77gms Gold Earrings,13.71gms

Diamond Pendant (Excluding chain) Rs. 2,10,000

Diamond ring with matching Earrings and Pendant (Excluding chain Rs. 7,25,000

Pearl and Diamond earrings with Pearl necklace Price on request.

Delectable Delights

We want attention, we want luxury, and we want to make a statement. What better way to do so than with jewelries that take the limelight out of the shining stars and moon, and promise the world’s attention on you. Be the attraction, be the light and the joy of this festive season with these delectable pieces of beauty. Ruby Drop Earring Rs. 1,75,000


Diamond with Emerald Earrings Rs. 58,000 Diamond Earrings (Swasti) Rs. 80,500 Diamond Earrings (Round) Rs. 82,500

Mina Gold Earrings, 15.87gms

Ring with Lemon Topaz and Diamond Rs. 50,000 Ring with only Diamond Rs. 78, 000 Ring with Ruby and Diamond Rs. 60,000

Diamond Ring Rs. 1,31,000

Diamond and Gold Bracelet Rs. 5,90,000

Diamond and Gold Pendant with changeable magnetic attachments Rs. 2,82,000

Diamond Necklace with Earring Rs. 7,20,000

Ruby and Diamond Earrings and Necklace set Rs. 5,95,000

Diamond Necklace with Emerald Rs. 3,75,000

Bangles with Diamonds and Ruby Rs. 4,32,000 Polki Diamond Kundan Earrings and Necklace with Emerald and Pearl, Price on request

Diamond Necklace Rs. 5,60,000 Diamond Earrings Rs. 2,45,000

Diamond and Gold Bracelet Rs. 6,80,000

Ruby with Diamond Ring Rs. 90,000

Ruby with Diamond Ring Rs. 28,000 Diamond Ring Rs. 45,000 Diamond Ring Rs. 45,000

Diamond and Gold Bracelet Rs. 4,12,000

Pendant with Multi-colored Gem stones Rs. 1,40,000

Brooch/ Pendant Rs. 2,15,000

Solitaire Diamond Ring Rs. 4,25,000

Asri Jewelers, New Road, 424-9506 J Diamonds, Bluebird Mall, Thapathali, 426-2012 Vairab Jewelry & Gems, Indrachowk, 422-186/ 423-8286 Gem House, New Road, 424-4717

Amethyst Gold Earrings with Diamonds, Price on request

Pearl and Diamond changeable Earrings with matching Pendant (Excluding chain) Rs. 2,35,000

Emerald and Diamond Pendant (Excluding chain) Rs. 3,00,000 Emerald and Diamond Earrings Rs. 2,30,000

Ruby and Diamond Pendant (Excluding chain) Rs. 4,25,000 Ruby and Diamond Earrings Rs. 1,95,000

Ruby and Diamond Pendant (Excluding chain) Rs. 2,35,000 Ruby and Diamond Earrings Rs. 2,49,000

fashion product

Black clutch: Rs.3,290,Garage, Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg

Embellished clutch: Rs.2,850, Engine, Durbar Marg

Blue clutch: Rs.3,140, Garage, Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg

Snake print clutch: Rs.1,278, UFO, Kumaripati

Turquoise netted clutch: Rs.778, UFO, Kumaripati

White clutch: Rs.1,078, UFO, Kumaripati


As the festival involves a lot of dakshina and going around all dressed up while the festivity goes on, a lady has got to have her clutch. Golden clutch: Rs.2,500, Options, Durbar Marg

Silver clutch: Rs.698, UFO, Kumaripati

Blue clutch: Rs. , Envy, Durbar Marg

Grey clutch: Rs.898, UFO, Kumaripati

Golden clutch: Rs.2,499, Store one, Durbar Marg

Checkered print clutch: Rs.3,650, Engine, Durbar Marg

Black bag: Rs.1,950, Cheeky, Woodland complex, Durbar Marg

Golden clutch: Rs.2,299, Store one, Durbar Marg

fashion product

Rs.13,4999, Rockport, Durbar Marg

Rs.8,999, Reebok, Durbar Marg

Walk The Talk

Rs.13,999, Rockport, Durbar Marg


Shoes reflect your personality. What makes your feet happy will make you happy, too!

Rs.11,499, Rockport, Durbar Marg

Rs.10,599, Reebok, Durbar Marg

Rs.11,999, Rockport, Durbar Marg

Rs.12,499, Rockport, Durbar Marg Rs.11,599, Reebok, Durbar Marg

Rs.2,190, Garage, Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg

Rs.2,799, Lee, Durbar Marg Rs.2,299, Reebok, Durbar Marg

Casual yet smart


Polo shirts are always a dressy casual shirt for men, whether you are attending the movies, or just going for a night out in town. Take your pick.

Rs.2,799, Reebok, Durbar Marg

Rs.2,799, Reebok, Durbar Marg

Rs.3,799, Lee, Durbar Marg Rs.2,240, Garage, Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg Rs.2,290, Garage, Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg

Button up Checkered, stripes, geometric prints or just the plain ones.

Rs.3,999, Lee, Durbar Marg

Rs.2,190, Garage, Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg

fashion product


The use of a belt is not just to hold the pants in place but is a major element of a gentlemen’s wardrobe. The simple task when done right, confirms you are a man who knows style.

Rs.5,990, Zinc, Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg Rs.2,990, Zinc, Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg

Rs.2,290, Levis, Durbar Marg Rs.2,690, Zinc, Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg

Rs.1,890, Levis, Durbar Marg

Rs.2,990, Zinc, Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg

Rs.2,690, Levis, Durbar Marg Rs.3,290, Levis, Durbar Marg

Rs.3,290, Levis, Durbar Marg

Rs.3,290, Levis, Durbar Marg

Tribute to the Fashion Giants Fashion designers can certainly dictate which trends are popular at any given moment in time, but it takes the true fashion giants to create items that will stand the test of time and become iconic wardrobe staples. TEXT BY: ALYSSA MANANSALA

Chanel The Little Black Dress oco Chanel lived in the Belle Époque era of France, when women were subjected to both day- and evening- wear that involved gaudy ruffles, tasteless color schemes, and uncomfortable corsets. With her haute couture and ready-to-wear designs, she liberated the modern woman, providing her with blouses, suits, trousers, and dresses that were at once elegant, modern, and comfortable. Today, Chanel is still known for its use of masculine colors like gray and navy blue, and it has produced some of the most iconic items in fashion history, including the tweed suit, Chanel No. 5 perfume, quilted chain-link lambskin purses, cap-toe pumps, and the Little Black Dress. Karl Lagerfeld became Chanel’s Creative Director in 1983 and helped to revive the brand by infusing its classic designs with a quirky sexiness, while still maintaining its demure femininity. Ms. Chanel herself remains the epitome of the independent, confident Chanel Girl who dared to wear a simple black dress among a sea of poofy, overworked ball gowns. The LBD is a tribute to Coco Chanel, the fashion icon, as well as a wardrobe staple to women everywhere.


fashion feature

Louis Vuitton The Luxury Luggage heckers and a repeating monogram pattern have become symbols of luxury and status, all due to the leather goods of Louis Vuitton. As one of the oldest names in fashion industry, LV started out with its lines of luxury luggage for turn-of-the-century aristocratic Parisians, who required expertly constructed, brown-and-tan trunks, hatboxes, and satchels for all of their travel and fashion needs. Marc Jacobs became Artistic Director in 1997, rejuvenating the brand and developing its


ready-to-wear lines. Louis Vuitton is now known for its graffiti-inspired line of speedy bags and its collaboration with Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami (who masterminded the new Monogram Multicolore and cherry blossom patterns). It is also noted for Jacobs’ sexy, primand-proper couture clothing, but it’s clear that despite the luxurious suits and elaborate gowns, LV will always be best-known for its accessories, to be found in the hands of the fashion elite all over the world.

fashion feature

Burberry The Classic Trench Coat (and the tartan lining) his British luxury fashion house has a timetested reputation for making pristine outerwear that always serves a purpose. A perfect example of traditional British craftsmanship, Burberry’s designs not only look immaculate and chic, but are also hardwearing, water-resistant, and breathable all at the same time. While the tartan pattern has become a symbol of luxury and can be seen in the brand’s scarves, hats, and other accessories, its best location is


in the lining of the iconic Burberry trench coat, worn by British WWI soldiers in the trenches, members of the British monarchy (including Queen Elizabeth), and Audrey Hepburn, who wore Burberry in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, thereby giving the brand recognition in Hollywood and the rest of the US. With the addition of Burberry Prorsum, a high-end runway brand, Burberry stands the test of time with its opulent, sexy, yet always sensible designs.

Missoni The Printed Scarf, The Missoni Print ttavio Missoni designed the wool track-suits that the Italian runners (himself included) wore at the 1948 Olympics. He later married Rosita Jelmini, the daughter of a family of shawl makers, and together they presented their first collection in Milan in 1958. At a runway show in Florence, Rosita told the models to remove their bras because they were the wrong color and showed through the thin lamĂŠ blouses. Under the runway lights, the material became transparent and the Missonis were banned from the runway the following year. However, the business was championed in US Vogue, and Missoni opened its first boutique at Bloomingdales. The brand has continued to design worldacclaimed knitwear, in addition to carpets and tapestries. But Missoni is most known for its use of patterns, including stripes, geometrics, abstract florals, and kaleidoscope colors. The Missoni print can be found on dresses, bikinis, shirts, and most famously Missoni scarves.


fashion feature

Diane von Furstenberg The Wrap Dress iane von Furstenberg has been called “the most marketable woman since Coco Chanel,” and this is perhaps most clearly illustrated with her invention of the Wrap Dress. The knitted jersey wrap dress is a symbol of the 1970s, when women across the United States liberated themselves from sexism and inequality, and from the formfitting and uncomfortable dresses of the 1950s. The Wrap Dress celebrated a woman’s body while still allowing her to


be comfortable, and with Furstenberg’s continued use of bright colors and graphic prints, it has also become suitable for any occasion, from the work place to any casual event. With her business savvy and dedication to fun and free women’s fashion, it’s clear that Diane certainly measures up to her predecessor, Coco Chanel. With her mix of ‘70s hippie sensibility, modern prints, and feminine silhouettes, it’s easy to see how DVF has contributed to the lives of women.


Voluminous Couture Gowns he brand Lanvin began when Parisian aristocrats asked Jeanne Lanvin to make the same dresses she made for her daughter for their children. The oldest fashion house still in operation, Lanvin is known for its immaculate haute-couture designs, in addition to the creation of the unfitted flapper dress of the 1920s. Today, Lanvin’s head designer is none other than fashion darling Alber Elbaz, whose Spring 2011 runway collection was filled with flowing floor-length gowns straight out of any fashionista’s dream wardrobe. Images of the model Karlie Kloss in her red one-shoulder gown is the perfect embodiment of what Lanvin stands for: modernity and gasp-inspiring glamour. As Alber says: “In the end, I realize I only want to make women feel gorgeous, comfortable, and beautiful.”



Hèrmes The Hermès Scarf, The Birkin Bag his legendary French luxury house started as a harness workshop in 1873, later creating the zipper and producing the first line of women’s handbags with zip closures. The company expanded into riding gloves, belts, both men’s and women’s clothing, travel trunks, and the ever famous Hèrmes scarf, a symbol of luxury and refined glamour. Hermès’ most famous handbags are named after celebrity muses, including Grace Kelly (who used the large crocodile Kelly bag to hide her pregnancy), and most notably the French New Wave actress Jane Birkin, who replaced her old straw purse with a leather Hermès bag, which flattered the brand so much that they named the now must-have designer bag after Birkin. Today, the Birkin Bag has the longest waiting list of any luxury accessory at six years.


fashion feature

Calvin Klein The CK Jeans, CK Obsession And CK One, Calvin Klein Underwear alvin Klein is perhaps the most recognizable American high-end sportswear brand, whose youthful, understated coats and dresses are heralded for their minimalism and clean and perfect tailoring. Founded by Bronx-born Klein in 1968, his womenswear and lingerie designs were featured on the cover of Vogue in the early ‘70s. In the 1980s, the brand gained even more fame for its sexy and sleek


advertorial campaigns, the most famous of which including Brooke Shields in CK Jeans (Her famous line: “You know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.”), Kate Moss and the fragrance Obsession by Calvin Klein, and Mark Wahlberg in Calvin Klein tightie-whities. Today, Francisco Costa heads the brand as Creative Director, and Calvin Klein continues to celebrate great American sportswear, along with minimalist ‘90s sensibility.

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Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

lexander McQueen was the perfect example of an artist who was perhaps too talented, with a tortured need to create. A combination of British tailoring and French couture and a juxtaposition between strength and fragility, the brand is known for its dramatic, painstakingly constructed pieces which range from suits of armor, billowy dresses with hourglass silhouettes, frock coats paired with trousers, floor-length embroidered gowns, chain-link head pieces, and completely bejeweled bodysuits. Always romantic and haunting, McQueen designed for a strong woman who is not afraid to be shocking. His ready-to-wear lines featured graphic prints and skulls. His lavish, unconventional runway shows were at once magnificent displays of fashion and also commentaries on the fashion industry—The Spring 2003 collection showed on a recreation of a shipwreck; Spring 2005 was a human chess game; Fall 2006 was called “Widows of Culloden,” and featured a life-size hologram of supermodel Kate Moss, seemingly suspended in water and wearing yards of rippling fabric; 2001 Spring was called “VOSS” and featured an enormous glass box which filled the entire room. The room outside the box was lit and the inside of the box was unlit, thus the glass walls appeared as giant mirrors, in which the seated audience members had to confront their own reflections for a whole hour until the show began. The lights came on inside the box, which was filled with moths and a naked model wearing a gas mask. The show ended with the glass walls falling away and smashing to the ground. After his untimely suicide in 2010, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York hosted a posthumous exhibition of McQueen’s work entitled Savage Beauty, one of the MET’s most visited exhibitions.


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HOW TECHNOLOGY IS CHANGING THE URBAN NEPALI’S LIFESTYLE LLifestyle-tech entrepreneurs and their products are slowly changing Nepali lifestyles from how we shop to how we stay connected with our loved ones. TEXT: UTSAV SHAKYA


or the first time in many, many years, the four of us were together in a single room. Immediately we fell into our old routine of picking on each other – pulling a leg here, making a lewd comment there. It was like a time machine had swallowed us individually from wherever we were and spat us out collectively into our stuffy cubicle back in high school. None of us actually pronounced it but we felt it to our bones – the amazing joy of old high school friends getting together after a decade.

As I doubled up with laughter over an old joke, the lights went out and the conversation came to a grinding stop. I finally felt the soreness from typing for so long on my phone. I had been on Viber all along, texting with friends who were in different time zones in a group chatroom. One of the guys was in Australia a few hours ahead of us in Kathmandu. Two were in the US and were just waking up and the last of us had recently moved to Singapore. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Viber is a free app (short for application), a piece of software available on both Apple’s AppStore

for iPhones and for Android phones. The app enables anyone with a smartphone and a good enough Internet connection to talk, text, share pictures and chat with people on their contacts list who also have Viber. It has a no-fuss, userfriendly interface and because our phones are always in our pockets, my friends and I suddenly found ourselves in each other’s lives again. But that’s just Viber. The introduction of the Internet in Nepal, more so now than ever before, has enabled literally millions of other Internet-based services, both international and increasingly

reality bites

local, to slowly change the way Nepalis eat, shop, communicate, celebrate their many festivals and even plan their work around load shedding schedules.

Pratap Malla’s telescope and the Internet in Nepal Johannes Grueber was the first ever Westerner to visit the Kathmandu Valley. An Austrian Jesuit (and mathematician), Grueber’s published reports became a window into the country for the world. He is said to have gifted King Pratap Malla with a telescope – probably the first piece of western technology to be used in Nepal. Grueber’s gift was immortalized in the detail of a stone relief at Kathmandu Durbar Square’s Hanuman Dhoka palace. The relief depicts a court lady (or perhaps Pratap Malla’s queen) holding a child in her lap. The child

Muncha house’s services were changed when they went online. The store became much more than an extension of their New Road store.

is peering through a telescope, a piece of equipment that does not quite fit into the usual design of stone reliefs in the area or of the era. This was in 1660. Fast forward more than three centuries. A visiting Austrian Jesuit today would have charmed the socks off Kathmandu’s mayor with the iPhone 5 before authorized resellers introduced it here. Because in place of the telescope to look far and wide into the lives of the public we have the Internet, the one place people really shouldn’t disclose

their personal information and the one place they usually do. Unlike a telescope, the Internet gives, in many instances, unlimited access into the virtual lives of millions of people. Imagine a stone relief immortalizing our times, a bust depicting the universal Wi-Fi symbol seems appropriate. What other idea has changed so much of our lives than the access to information and ease of communication? The seed for these facilities that we find ourselves not being able to do without, were laid down in the

Muncha House understood how important these occasions are for the average Nepali. This helped set them apart and promoted them largely by word of mouth.

reality bites

foodmandu has made it easy for people to order their favorite dishes to their doorstep.

ground in the form of the nation’s first telephone lines in 1913, in Kathmandu. It took more than 70 years for the Standard Trunk Dialing (STD) service to be available to Nepalis in 1984. Since then however, the services provided by the Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited or Nepal Telecom as it is known more popularly, have progressed by leaps and bounds. The same year saw the Reliable Rural Telecom Service start as a JICA program. By 1995, optical fibre networks had been introduced. 2007

saw GPRS, 3G and CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tones) services. It was the year after that, in 2008, that the Internet fever seemed to grip Kathmandu folks with the introduction of the ADSL Broadband Internet service. Affordable, faster (than the dial up connections) and easy to set up, the number of Internet users increased exponentially.

The net comes alive A spate of services were launched as a result of this change in the

communications field. Internetbased services, previously limited to pioneers like became more pronounced. Muncha started out as a regular department store back in the day in Ason’s Balkumari tole. After moving to their popular store in New Road in 1930 (which still exists behind the original location) and with the advent of the Internet in Nepal much later, their pioneering online store was launched in 2000. For reasons of brevity, they became muncha. com. Although the online site was supposed to be an extension of the shop, the kind of goods they had to sell online and its success allowed it to be an independent entity. It soon expanded voraciously from being just a portal facilitating gift buying by Nepalis living abroad for their friends and family back home into a larger platform befitting their illustrious history. Today their services include online money transfers, downloading music, local shopping (with more than 35 local retail stores such as Benetton, Reebok and UFO listed) and online shopping through which people can buy and sell their own products. To avert bottlenecks caused by payment methods, Muncha has even come up with their own payment system, accessed through which is a prepaid system that allows purchase of small amounts such as song downloads for twenty five rupees. Muncha House’s popularity might be owed firstly to being a pioneer in the field in Nepal and secondly and quite luckily being a platform that cashed in on Nepalis’ strong family ties. From gifting cakes for Aama ko mukh herne din (the Nepali equivalent of Mother’s Day) to goats for sacrifice during Dashain, Muncha House understood how important these occasions are for

the average Nepali. This helped set them apart and promoted them largely by word of mouth. The companies that have followed in Muncha House’s footsteps have displayed more if not equal entreprenurial zeal through new ideas and their efficient execution. Take for example harilo. com, a service that allows clients in Nepal to purchase goods – from tech items to clothing - from a list of stores based in the US. Log in the details of the item – the URL to the product, price, weight, size etcetera – into an online form and Harilo will send you an estimate of how much the item will cost you including all taxes, via e-mail. is another company that’s doing quite well and seeing great Internet traffic. They’ve taken the free classifieds concept online and have provided an easy to use platform where clients can

sastodeal cashes in on a universal source of joy getting things and services at discounts.

buy and sell new and used products for great prices. Put up details of products you want to sell along with information such as how long the products have been used, condition of the item, contact details and kick back and wait for possible queries. More than anything, Hamrobazar has gained immense popularity amongst tech savvy youth surfing the site for great deals on used but newer models of laptops, smartphones and cameras. is another Internet based service which as the name suggests allows patrons to order their favorite dishes from their favorite restaurants to their office, home or any random location they are craving food from. Owner Manohar Adhikari established the company along with partners in November 2010. Business was slow when Foodmandu started but it has picked up lately, says Manohar. “The culture of online shopping

was absent here and there was a hesitation on the part of the client in using a new service. Education also plays a big role. Kathmandu’s traffic situation also hinders us from timely delivery sometimes. The other challenge is that it is a service that is linked to restaurants so it can be tricky to guarantee service sometimes.” However, along with the culture of eating out, ordering online has slowly gained momentum. Officially Foodmandu only caters to clients within the Kathmandu Ring Road but there are plans to expand their client base if responses continue to be positive. Online services are not just limited to shopping and eating though., owned by Mercantile Communications, is a leading online destination for news in Nepal. Massively popular for their religiously updated stories and great breaking

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news coverage, Nepalnews was previously and hosted a few publications. After 1999, the company saw some huge changes as it poured more resources into the site and hosted a list of reputed publications from dailies to monthlies. The copyrights for these news items are all paid for by Mercantile. Nepalnews counts the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) rating them as the number one site on news about Nepal as a measure of their commitment to quality. They also host BBC’s daily Nepali broadcast segment. Besides BBC, Nepalnews is also recognized by CNN. Of all the online services that have cropped up, Sastodeal impresses a little more than the others. Comparatively very new, their website offers a new concept that compulsive hagglers will love – discounted pricing for shopping and services. Established in December 2011, the store has a rather catchy punchline – where best deals hang out - and the company delivers on this promise. Sastodeal has tied up with a list of companies from retail stores and restaurants to fun activities such as PuttPutt mini golf and zipline. They also offer other service oriented deals such as getting mural art work done for your business outlets. Choose the service you want, pay electronically or pay the discounted amount straight to the vendor using the code that Sastodeal will send to your e-mail. It’s an effective, easy service that is catching on faster than company founder Amun Thapa envisioned. The idea came to Amun after he came back from the US after his studies. His shopping experiences in Kathmandu were not at all smooth and he would have to go around town looking for a single item. Having used services such as and

“You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.”

from the Apple AppStore and choose your load shedding schedule group and get updated routines on your phone or your tablet. Don’t worry about the frequent changes to the schedule – the app will update itself automatically and also let you check the schedules for other groups. Besides an LED flashlight feature for devices that have an LED flash attached, the handiest feature is a nifty inbuilt reminder that you can set to remind yourself up to an hour before the lights go out.

A Prologue to end with

All of these web-based solutions, from websites that facilitate gift buying or discounted packages for a night out with friends at an out-oftown resort, to application software in the US, Amun was used to online for smart phones that increase shopping and noticing that no one was actually doing anything to solve productivity by reminding you of your load shedding schedule have one this problem; he decided to take glaring thing in common – the spirit matters in his own hands. of entrepreneurship. All of these “When we started out, many were ideas and services that did not people told us Internet-based exist before in Kathmandu. These services were too complicated and entrepreneurs looked for problems would not work in Nepal. Our plan and found solutions that worked. was to take at least six months Many of these ideas were ahead of to educate our client base about their time. For people like Muncha Sastodeal,” says Thapa. But soon House, it would take at least 4-5 years even first time visitors to the site were using their services. “There are for the idea to catch on. It takes like people and minds like industry 2 million Internet users in Nepal veterans and younger today and if they can operate their companies like Sastodeal who can Facebook account, then they can definitely use Sastodeal’s site, which blaze their own trails to give shape and direction to ideas that often start is quite simple.” Such a response off half-baked over cups of chiya. has given Amun and co-founders The words of the zen master of Shrijit Rajbhandary and Shobhan entrepreneurship of our times, Steve Manandhar confidence to expand their service base to include smaller Jobs, ring true here. “You can’t just ask customers what they want and then cities like Pokhara and Dharan in try to give that to them. By the time the near future. you get it built, they’ll want something Of mobile phone and tablet apps, new.” One hopes that the start of this Batti Gayo by idealaya Pvt. Ltd has short list of Internet based companies become quite popular for tapping is just the the tip of the iceberg for the into something as everyday and as basic as load shedding schedules. The many entrepreneurs who will follow and come up with the ‘something new’ app does simple things really, but it that we don’t yet know we need. „ does them really well. Download it


Yubakar Raj Rajkarnikar People around Kathmandu know Yubakar Raj Rajkarnikar to be the founder of WAVE; some recognize him for his work with the INGO, Search for Common Ground, and some as the rhythm guitarist for Sparsha. Having already accomplished so much, he is an inspiration to the youth of Nepal. Laidback and relaxed, Rajkarnikar is an easy person to talk to and an interesting one at that. His stories keep you captive and never fail to mesmerize. If you could choose to be a superhero, which would it be? I grew up watching The Phantom all throughout my childhood and I think I’d want to be him. Which international magazine would you love to work for? If given a chance, I would be ecstatic to work for the National Geographic. If you became the Prime Minister of Nepal, what changes would you bring about? The entire political system here and I would begin by firing all the corrupt politicians. Who is your idol and why? I have so many people that I admire and aspire to become like, even my immediate supervisor in SFCG is an inspiration to me. I also idolize Kanak Mani Dixit; he never hesitated on giving me his honest opinions however critical they were. What is the proudest moment of your career? Even out of the numerous things that I have done, I am still most proud of WAVE. It was a phenomenon every time it hit the markets. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be? There is no physical thing that I would like to change about myself, but I do wish I had studied more. I completed my B.A and didn’t bother studying and that’s a decision I regret every day. If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which would it be? Rolling Stones, for sure (Laughs)! Who, other than you, proved to be a good editor for WAVE? I would say Kashish Das Shrestha has done a splendid job for the magazine. If, hypothetically, your house was on fire, what is the one thing you would save? My laptop. It just makes more practical sense to try to save your work.

If you became an overnight billionaire, what would you splurge on? I would buy a huge Hollywood production company and start directing movies. Do you think people have actually understood the concept of a TV Blog after you started yours? No, but I think it isn’t very hard to understand, that is the reason we have presented it in a TV format. There is much more I could do, and if there weren’t financial constraints, maybe I would. Are you a good cook? What do you cook best? If I were to live alone from tomorrow, I’d be in serious trouble. I can cook fried rice if the rice is ready (Laughs). But my daughter loves my French Toast. Would you want to fly or be invisible? I would want to be invisible. Flying doesn’t fascinate me, but being invisible does. Do you think you’ll go to heaven or hell? Why? I don’t believe in heaven or hell. But I dearly hope there is no hell my sins (Laughs nervously).

with a pinch of salt 290

Shrijana Singh Yonjan Creative Consultant

The modern parent-child equation Are you a parent? Yes! Not yet! Well, this article is for those who are and for the parents to-be and everyone concerned.


ow do you perceive an 11/12 year old with an expensive cell phone in his/her hand? What would you comment about a 13-year-old girl who dresses up stylishly in attires designed for 18-yearolds and acts accordingly? What can be said about 15-year-olds who own the latest iPad solely for the purpose of playing online games and chatting? These are some portrayals of urban Nepali ‘kids’ belonging to the upper income bracket. Of course, it is every parents’ dream to be able to provide their children with the best they can. But no amount of riches or earnings justifies providing children with gadgets and materialistic comforts beyond their age and need. I belong to the generation where children were raised in the good old ‘child rearing’ style. Along with ample love and care, we got our fair share of disciplinary guidelines to adhere to. Failing to do so meant facing consequences. Parents were the supreme and ultimate authority over our actions and reactions. At school, teachers used rulers liberally to tame the restless ones. Today, at least in the context of urban Nepal, we are trying our best to be more like friends with our children than authoritative figures. We give importance to their intellect and emotions. Today’s modern parents pride themselves on being one step ahead in parenting techniques than their parents. But somewhere along the line, we have to admit that some of us either go overboard with our indulgence or the children develop the feeling of being indomitable and answerable to no one. There is the

need to define a demarcating line between the role of the parent and the child based on mutual respect and trust. I have observed several reasons as to why modern day parents bend backwards to please their children. The most common and harmless reason being that they are simply trying to make life as comfortable as they can for their children. But it is quite disturbing to come across quite a few parents who seem to be on the path towards fulfilling their unfulfilled childhood wishes through their children. These wishes range from having the power to purchase any gadget/attire to participating in sporting, music or fashion events. There are also parents who buy expensive gadgets not really necessary for their young ones but just to prove their status or in simple words just to show off their own wealth. In some cases, these expensive ‘toys’ are means of trying to make-up for the void in the child’s life by absentee or estranged parents. On the other hand, there are parents who get bullied into fulfilling their child’s demands. The most obvious example can be quoted as the rise in the number of motorbikes around town driven by young 16/17 year olds. I have heard from many sources that these young kids set purchasing a motorbike as a prerogative in exchange of attending college. Then there are parents who ‘bribe’ their children into performing well in school. The bribe ranges from anything between a new outfit to a laptop. We can only imagine how the child will turn out later in life. Open access to information mainly through the Internet and

television has definitely killed the era of innocence. When I was 16, only the bold ones wore skirts above the knee. Today micro mini-skirts have become the accepted uniform of many colleges. I cannot say that I am in favor of it and neither do I want to just sit and lament about it. But we can definitely work at balancing the various factors associated with raising fine, intelligent, confident and wellrounded future citizens. In the process of proving to be up-to-date modern parents, let us not forget that we are molding the future generation of this country. Knowingly or unknowingly we, as parents are responsible for the future of Nepal. As it is, we are bearing the brunt of being led by a majority who were never groomed to be socially conscious or caring. They turned out to be such because most of them belonged to families which could not afford to invest in them. In fact, their behavior can be justified based on this theory. But if modern, well-informed and well to do parents fail to equip their children with the core values of being human then they cannot be excused. It is not the latest or the most expensive gadgets and designer wear but the core values that were taught to us by our parents and schools that are the most valuable assets which we in turn can pass on to our children. We need a future generation of well-grounded and socially conscious citizens and not a mass of spoilt, selfish and callous people. I salute parents who understand this and have been able to find and maintain the fine balance between being a friend, guide and mentor to their children. „

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A List of Leisurely Acts On ordinary days, we have our deadlines, schedules, meetings, presentations and can’t even spare a seond from our hectic routines for leisurely acts. We have stacked up books to read when time allows, and then there are the DVDs that need to be attended to and we can’t do all those during working days and even on weekends we procastinate. Get engrossed in the recommended list this holiday season and utilize the much earned ‘free time’. BY SNEHA MANANDHAR

20 books to read 1

Shantaram: A semi-autobiographical novel by Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram, is the pseudo-bible for many broken souls. Based in Mumbai, supposedly the New York of India, the book is about how Roberts breaks out from a prison in Australia and lands up in India. Roberts writes about love, faith, destiny, friendship, admiration and war like a dream, one that should never end.


If Tomorrow Comes: A powerful heart crushing novel about a woman by Sidney Sheldon, the books revolves around a woman who is framed by the mafia and is locked up in prison for a crime she did not commit. The book unravels her pathetic life in the cell and her plans to break out.


A Million Little Pieces: Written by James Frey on his real life accounts of his time in rehab, the book is like a thought process of a million little thoughts. Through some parts of the plot is rumored to be fabricated, the simplicity of the book and the words Frey has chosen to weave this work of art is perhaps the most alluring aspect of it.


The Picture of Dorian Gray: The book is about a wonderful and young man, with the amount of grace no one could

possibly surpass. One fine day a famous painter paints his portrait, and Dorian wishes he would stay young and youthful always, and all the maturity the old age brings would go to the painting. Well, I guess, we should just be careful about what to wish for, for it just might come true.


I Want To Go Home: One of the funniest books to ever hit the stands, I Want To Go Home, by Gordon Korman, is about a young boy named Rudy Miller who is sent off to a summer camp and his failed attempted of trying to flee the camp. Though quintessentially a children’s book, any adult would love the book to bits for its sheer humor.


A Thousand Splendid Suns: Khaled Hosseini and his soul-altering literary skills. Wow. The book is a juxtaposition of two female protagonists and their not-close-to-good lives. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from the book, it has to be ‘Zindagi Migzara’ which simply translates to ‘Life Goes On’.


The Guru of Love: All We Need Is Love and The Beatles have never put anything truer than that across. Beautifully penned down by one of the most famous authors in Nepal, Samrat Upadhyay, the book manages to bring about Kathmandu as it is and talk about affairs which are not too accepted by the society. The Guru of Love scrutinizes how love is an all important aspect in everyone’s lives.


Fountainhead: Another brilliant book which is a must-read. Authored by Ayn Rand, this book teaches us how being yourself and being unconventional in your own terms lands you up in place which you consider bliss. Protagonist Howard Roark is a character which, I’m certain, all of us can relate to. In short, when Rand writes, she can move mountains.


In The Company Of Women: Khushwant Singh, one of most luminous writers India has produced, shows his full capabilities in this very book. After his ground-breaking novel, Train To Pakistan, ‘In The Company Of Women’, Singh encapsulates every man’s desire and experiences with women loved and lost and how women see men through their eyes.


The God of Small Things: There is something about Indian writers that makes me go Gaga over them. The subtlety of the word flow or the incessant juxtaposition of ideas, I don’t know

what it is, but Indian writers just nail it. The God of Small Things talks about how little things matter, and touch our lives, humbly, in so many ways, and how we find God in these little things people do for us.


The Godfather: Mario Puzo is the Man, no matter what anyone says. Anyone who hasn’t read the Godfather series, hasn’t taken a complete tour of the book-land. I will not give anything away about this splendid piece of art. Just go grab a copy for yourself and be amazed by Puzo’s excellency.


Trainspotting: Irvine Welsh’s debut novel, Trainspotting has in essence been dubbed ‘the voice of Punk’. Set in the late 1980’s, this book explores the heroin addict’s basic mindset and the destruction. All in all, a brilliant read.


Norwegian Wood: Whatever Haruki Murakami decides to pen down, the world decides that it is, no doubt, justifiably going to be a bestseller. Any Beatles fan would know about this book and love it as much as they love the song. The book is about the protagonist Toru Watanabe and his relationship with two vastly different women.


The Brothers Karamozov: When I first attempted to read Dostoyevksy, my father told me that maybe I should wait a while and first read other writers to understand Dostoyevsky. He was right of course, like every time, but if The Brothers Karamozov could move and inspire someone like Arthur Miller, I’m sure we could all be moved too. The Brothers Karamozav is a must read.


The Scarlet Letter: Supposedly the book that got Nathaniel Hawthorne fame and recognition all around the world, the book explores the realm of guilt, sin and what the world considers legal. The protagonist Hester Prynne gives birth after a scandalous affair, and she tries to live a life of dignity and respect.


The Old Man and the Sea: An excellent book by Ernest Hemingway, and probably one of his last major works to be published, the Old Man and the Sea, revolves around a failing fisherman, who in the end manages to catch a fish after 84 days of a dry spell. Hemingway proves why we should always respect him in this book on perseverance.


Fifty Shades of Grey : The book and the name just shouts to ‘SEX’, and a whole lot of it. Authored by E.L. James, and based largely in Seattle, this erotic – yes, EROTIC – novel sketches out the growing relationship between Anastatia Steele and mogul Christian Grey. Stop reading this! Go, get the book, you pervert.


The Great Gatsby: “I felt a haunting loneliness sometimes, and felt it in others – young clerks in the dusk, wasting the most poignant moments of night and life.” F. Scott Fitzgerald writes on chapter 3 of the book, as this way of comfortably putting his point across in words everyone can relate to. This book was a part of my curriculum in High School and for once I was glad with what I was forced to read.


Lord of the Flies: Another book that was in my curriculum, and one that in a way changed how I thought or might I add, perceived life, William Golding’s ‘Lord Of The Flies’ is a book about young boys stranded in an island, and having to fend for themselves. The book explores how a person changes from this to that in a matter of seconds and how every human being is born evil, only to be tamed by society and the norms it imposes on us.


A Bend In The Road: One of the not-so-famous books by Nicholas Sparks, but nonetheless an epic, soul-touching book like the rest he has penned down, ‘A Bend In The Road’ traces out how two middle-aged people find lost love in each other. This one is for the romantic hidden inside all of us.

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h c t a w o t s e i 10 mov 1

My Sister’s Keeper: Based on Jodi Picault’s novel that goes by the same name, this 2009 film directed by Nick Cassavates, revolves around two sisters and how they cope with illness. Starring Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin and Alec Baldwin, this movie, I promise you, will make you cry every single time you watch it.


About A Boy: Based on the book of the same name by Nick Hornby, and directed by brothers Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz, the movie is perhaps one of the very few ones that has managed to bring out the literal essence of the book. Starringdroopy-eyed-but-oh-so-adorable Hugh Grant and Rachel Weisz, I recommend everyone to watch the movie.


S.L.C. Punk! : An American independent film, written and directed by James Merendino, the movie is about Steven ‘Stevo’ Levy, a punk rock fan, based in Salt Lake City. Supposedly the movie is quite autobiographical, while many believe it is highly exaggerated as well.


Andaaz Apna Apna: Starring Aamir Khan and Salman Khan, this movie has to be the best movie of all time. It is utterly humorous and one of the few Hindi comedy movies that is thoroughly entertaining.



Loot: It gives me immense pleasure to be adding this movie in the list. Nischal Basnet, RESPECT! After watching few Nepali movies which partially made me sick, Loot is one fascinating movie. With excellent acting skills delivered by the entire cast, this is one movie that no one, I REPEAT, no one should miss.


Requiem For A Dream: A film which was released in 2000 and directed by the ever-so talented Darren Aronofsky, this movie is till date one of the movies that shook the world. Starring Jared Leto from 30 seconds to Mars and the strikingly beautiful Jennifer Connelly, this movie is about how drugs control many human lives, and slowly takes it too.


Pulp Fiction: If I were given a chance to meet one Hollywood director, it would most definitely be Mr. Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino’s movies are always full of the most surprising plots with increasingly stealthy sub-plots and ironically hilarious dialogues. The same is the case with Pulp Fiction. Undoubtedly his most famous movie, Pulp Fiction, opened a door of movies for me, which I never knew existed.

Rachel Getting Married: The movie is basically about two sisters, the eldest one being Rachel who is getting married and the younger sister, who is the black sheep of the family. Anne Hathaway does exceptionally well and director Jonathan Demme deserves more than just two thumbs ups. It is a great family drama mixed with doses of romance.


Fantastic Mr. Fox: Based on Roald Dahl’s children’s book of the same name, this animated film was released in 2009.The movie is about Mr. Fox who tries to steal food from three affluent farmers. A very funny movie indeed!


Dev D: Written and directed by Anurag Kashyap, who he has proven to be one of the most sought after new-age directors in Bollywood, Dev D is the modern day take on the older Bollywood movie Devdas. It is pretty much the same plot but the treatment is different.

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Thakali food: The massive Thakali platter found anywhere and everywhere. The best are found in Pokhara. This is the best food for any tired and broken soul. Ice-cream: Need I say more? Or if I do, Basking Robbins is the answer. Flavor code: Gold Medal Ribbon. That’s your ticket to shoo your blues away.


Blackforest cake: And here, I specifically mean the one at Snowman’s Café in Jhochhen. Owner Ram

Frozen Yoghurt: This one’s for those people who are too weight conscious. Those who worry about weight should go to Civil Mall and hog on healthy frozen yoghurts. Chocolate: Chocolates are the best friends for anyone looking to be comforted. Chocolates somehow give that warm-you’re-not-alone-feeling which no food can do.


Titaura: I’m drooling as I am writing this. The amount of times a simple

20 comfort things Manandhar’s wife makes these heavenly cakes, and I’m sure she puts in a lot of love while making it as well, because it’s a quick fix for any grey day.

4 5

Pizza: Fire n Ice. Thamel. Period.

Sunrise: During the holidays, we tend to sleep in till the late mornings and even eating into the afternoons, especially if we had a long night. So make it a point to set your alarm clock around 5am and get out of your room, breathe in the fresh air and wait patiently for the sun to rise.

pack of Titaura has brightened up my spirits is just uncountable. Cheap and available anywhere and everywhere, Titaura, why you so good?


DIY: There is nothing in the world that gives more satisfaction than creating things on your own. The Internet is crowded with too many sites that help us in our search for the ones that we can do on our own and that too pretty easily. Art & craft, beauty, fashion, interior- you name it and you will find it all. All you need to do is put that effort in collecting the items, follow the recommended steps and your amazing creation is ready.


A movie

marathon alone: As much as we think that one needs to be surrounded by people when sad, could actually prove contradictory sometimes. Trying hanging out with yourself sometime, and have a movie marathon with yourself. You’d be surprised to know that you could actually be amazing company.


A drunk night out with friends: Gather all you best buddies, gather all the junk food and all the booze you could find in the world. Carry a guitar and sing and dance your heart out. Live your life like you never have before.


Shout your heart out: Find a lone, solitary place. Go alone. And scream. Abuse everyone you haven’t been able to. Let Go. Of yourself. And the anger and emotions that you have bottled up inside yourself.


A shower: A long and hot shower, or a cold one. Choose as you please. Just stand under the shower and let the water wash away all your tears, fears and everything else that makes you sad.


Retail therapy: Of course, all of us don’t have the time or the

entertainment leisure

money for this. But even tiny things matter, like that classy belt you saw in that store the other day or DVDs for Rs. 35. There are many things which could make us happy for a very minimal price.


Talk to a stranger: There are many times when we are so let down by life and by ourselves, that we just feel like being with ourselves, but at the same time we want to pour our hearts out to someone, anyone. But then, we fear that even our best friend will judge us. So at times like these, this is what you do. Go talk to random stranger. You might just find an excellent listener.

do. Music makes the people come together. Jhamsikhel and Thamel are teeming with these live bands, just waiting to be heard. Live music will soon then be your passion.


Get a tattoo or a piercing: The first time I got a tattoo done, it hurt a lot, but it was a pain I actually enjoyed. I asked tattooed people around, and they felt the same. Get a tattoo that means a lot to you. It will help you. For those of you who don’t feel that tattoos are the best bet, piercings is the next best option.


Pink Floyd: The most epic band of all time, Pink Floyd is the answer to all questions in life. Just listen to Pink Floyd and appreciate how awesome they are while simultaneously let go of your troubles. Start off with song like “Coming Back To Life” and “Lost For Words”, and proceed to all their other albums.


Get a haircut: Don’t stick to the same tried and tested haircuts. Go unconventional and surprise everyone else including yourself as well.


Go play paintball: Gather all your friends and feel like a shooter, of course a harmless one, or not. Gear up and shoot your friends, release your anger. Trust me it’s a whole lot of fun, while at the same time, surprisingly comforting.


Go watch a live band: It doesn’t even have to be any famous international band, because music is music, no matter where you are, what you

50 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50.

songs that we all just LOVE!

Fuel- Metallica Kiss Me- Six Pence None The Richer Baying Of The Hounds-Opeth Over You- Daugtry Chasing Pavements- Adele You And Me- Lifehouse Coming Back To Life-Pink Floyd Lazarus- Porcupine Tree Love Me Do- The Beatles Thanks For The Memories-Fall Out Boy Halo- Beyonce Collide- Howie Day City Of Blinding Lights- U2 I’m Yours- The Script Scarsick- Pain Of Salvation Ghosthost- Buckethead Amy’s Song- Switchfoot Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen Wonderwall- Oasis Memories Of You- Ryan Adams Friends, Lovers Or Nothing- John Mayer Faster-Matt Nathanson Kiss Me Slowly- Parachute Born This Way- Lady Gaga Perfect- P!nk Peruvian Skies- Dream Theatre Shades Of You- Jindabaad Wavin Flag- K’naan Gangnam Style- Psy Carnival Of Rust- Poets Of The Fall The Black Parade- My Chemical Romance Save The World- Swedish House Mafia Annie’s Song-John Denver She Will Be Loved-Maroon 5 I Will Follow You Into The Dark- Death Cab For Cutie Dry Your Eyes Mate- The Streets Born To Be Wild-Steppenwolf Seven Nation Army- The White Stripes Uninvited- Alanis Morissette You Make It Real For Me- James Morrison Smooth Criminal-Michael Jackson The Kill- 30 seconds to Mars Details In The Fabric- Jason Mraz Fix You- Coldplay Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol Empire State Of Mind- Alicia Keys feat. Jay-Z Sambodhan-1974 A.D. Picking Up The Pieces- Paloma Faith On The Floor- Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull Jolene-Dolly Parton

entertainment movie FOR BOOKING:

QFX cinemas 4442220.

For maximum entertainment, keep yourself connected with QFX cinemas.

Student of the year

Skyfall 19 Oct 2012

9th November 2012

Genre: Drama

Director: Karan Johar Cast: Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Rishi Kapoor, Kayoze Irani, Boman Irani, Kajol, Farah Khan, Ronit Roy, Ram Kapoor, Farida Jalal, Sushma Seth, Akshay Anand, Prachi Shah, Manjot Singh, Mansi Rach, Gautami Kapoor, Maninni De Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Sequel

Abhimanyu Singh comes from a middle-class family and wants to achieve great heights of success and prosperity, the first step to which will be the Student of the Year trophy while Rohan Nanda AKA Ro, is the son of a business tycoon who grapples with a complex relationship with his father and knows that winning the Student of the Year trophy will bag him the approval that he subconsciously craves for. When the two protagonists with distinct backgrounds and clear goals clash with each other in the locker room, football field and the canteen, there is no question in anyone’s mind that the preset equations of the St. Teresa’s campus are about to change.

Son of Sardaar

Director: Sam Mendes Cast: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Nomie Harries, Helen Mc Crory Daniel Craig is back as Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 in Skyfall, the 23rd adventure in the longest-running film franchise of all time. In Skyfall, Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan 13th Nov 2012

13th Nov 2012

Genre: Comedy, Action

Genre: Comedy, Action

Director: Ashwani Dhir Cast: Ajay Devgan, Sonakshi Sinha, Sanjay Dutt, Juhi Chawla, Salman Khan, Vindu Dara Singh, Mukul Dev, Jeetu Verma, Rajesh Vivek It is an upcoming Bollywood romance drama directed by Ashwni Dhir and a remake of a Telugu movie, Maryada Ramanna, which interestingly is itself a remake of the 1923 American silent movie ‘Our Hospitality’ starring Buster Keaton and Natalie Talmadge.

Director: Yash Chopra Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh The film revolves around Samar Anand (Khan), who plays a role that spans 2 life stages. In each stage the portrayal of his character changes and so does his ladylove. His evolution from an exuberant youth to a mature army officer seems to be the main plot around which the film revolves. Radhika (Katrina) & Akira (Anushka) partner him at different stages on his journey.

market watch

George’s George’s at the Woodland Complex, Durbar Marg has everything from accessories, clothing, bags and shoes. Basically it is a store for girls, from those in their teens to the ladies in their thirties. It is a place where you can find unique casual and party pieces while if you are good at mixing and matching, the entire ensemble that you find here will surely turn heads around. Anyone who dares to try something new and break the monotony, this is a shop you should put in your list.

The Cashmere Outlet opens at Durbar Marg

The Cashmere Outlet has opened its factory outlet on the first floor of Moti Mahal building in Durbar Marg, just above United Colors of Benetton. The store has a complete range of knitwears like pullovers, cardigans, shawls and wraps. Besides winter wear, the store also has a separate summer range and caters to both men and women. Prices start from Rs. 175 to Rs. 9,000 and with the ongoing sale, some items are being sold at up to 50% off the original price. The products sold at the store are made from exquisite yarns

such as merinos and lamb’s wool, among others. The Cashmere Outlet is a part of Tricot Industries Pvt. Ltd, a member of Golyan Group. Opening hours: 11am to 8pm.

The Elixir of Fashion now in Nepal F Vodka, the luxury vodka brand supervised and created by Michel Adams Lisowski, is now available in Nepal. The beverage is available in two versions – a luxury version and a less expensive premium version. Produced at the Fabryka Wodek Kopernik distillery in Torun in northern Poland, F Vodka is available at exclusive FTV clubs all over the world and is currently being sold in over 80 different countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Thailand. F Vodka is available in leading department stores, retail outlets, restaurants and bars across the country and it is brought to you by Nepal Ray Global Trading Pvt. Ltd., the sole distributor of Fashion TV products for the country.

ZINC The first time you visit Zinc, in Sherpa Mall it is quite easy to figure out it’s a store for casual wear both for guys and girls. It is a sole distributor for clothing brands such as ripcurl, AIIZ, volcom, Enerica, Paul Frank and reef. They are brands from Australia and Thailand respectively and the remaining from America. One can find casual wears, accessories and shoes. Zinc also introduced X Games-a brand that provides skate wears and cycling gears in Nepal. Opening time: 11a.m-8p.m

Nilima’s Fashion Studio moved to New Baneshwor Nilima’s Fashion Studio is popular among the ladies who go for exquisite apparels and jewelries. It has given shopping a new definition. It has been a remarkable store for traditional, ethnic wear, casual western clothing and party wear imported from Hongkong, India, Thailand, and China. Lately, Nilima’s Fashion Studio has shifted its location from City Center, Kamalpokhari. By the end of November it will be moved to Alpha Beta complex, New Baneshwor. The new place promises amazing collection and rare handpicked pieces. You want to look different from the crowd- shop at Nilima’s Fashion Studio.

Click Solutions

Located down the road from the office of Lalitpur SubMetropolitan City, Click Solutions has been serving a loyal base of customers since it opened in 2008. Click Solutions specializes mainly on assembled and branded PC and computer peripherals as well as on a robust system of after sales support and repairs. Click is the authorized resellers of brands like Dell, HP, Acer,

Toshiba and Asus and also provides international warranty and replacement services on the products sold under these brands as per the company regulations. Apart from serving individual customers, Click Solutions also provide the service of bulk purchase for various corporate clients. Apart from this, Click is now foraying into an online shopping portal at clickestore. com. Contact: 01-553-6649

Fitness matters Fitness clubs are for everyone who wants a fit body. Fitness clubs provide all the knowledge, techniques and equipment for you to attain an overall fitness. Popularly known as Hardik Club, this fitness center is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. To celebrate its success and legacy of keeping folks fit, Hardik is also offering special discounts to its customers till the end of Kartik. Nowadays, people have realized the significance of a healthy body. The club provides an array of services with well-equipped gymnasium, weight room, cardio section, sauna, steam bath and aerobic hall. In addition to indoor facilities, they have swimming pool for recreation and competitive training. Quality infrastructure is not the only thing they can boast about. They have professional trainers with ample experience. Sachit Pradhan has been a trainer here since 1998 and he is not only a professional trainer but also a national-level bodybuilder. His trophy cabinet in this sport consists of two Mt. Himalaya awards, Gold Medal from South Asian Games and participation for the 2012 Asian Championship.


Ncell Nepal Literature Festival Date: 20 September (Thursday) to 23 September (Sunday) Venue: Nepal Academy, Kamaladi; Contact: Organized by the Bookworm Trust, Ncell Nepal Literature Festival will see interactions and talks on various genres and mediums—fiction, nonfiction, children’s literature, film, theatre, music and journalism. Issues like plagiarism and new media was discussed upon, which brought together readers, writers, critics, political commentators, and academics.

Celebration of World Tourism Day 26 September, Sital Niwas Organized by Organizing Occasions and Sushila Arts Academy, Wednesday saw a cultural program by SurSudha and Sushila Art Academy at Rastrapati Bhawan on the occasion of World Tourism Day. The chief guest for the event was President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav, and the principal of Sushila Art Academy, Yulia Koirala was also present. The event started at around 2:00 pm with national anthem played on violins and the piano. Teachers of SAA as well as members of Sur-Sudha performed on stage. Maradee de Guzman, flamenco teacher at SAA also performed. Tabala player Surendra Shrestha, guitarist Bikash Singh, and Prem Rana on flute overwhelmed the audience with their performances. The main objective of the event was to bring all corporate and diplomats together for a musical program.

Cultural expert, Satya Mohan Joshi expressed how pleased he was to be a part of the event, adding, “Music is a universal language everyone can understand. May this bring people of different backgrounds together, irrespective of the nationalities.”

Strutting the Ramp 15 September, House Of Fashion Although scheduled to start at 6:00 pm, a sudden downpour ensured that the show kicked off late in the evening. As soon as Yanik Shrestha, the host for the evening announced the start of Fashion Gala 2012, the fashion enthusiasts held their places and waited for the designs to be displayed. Organized by House of Fashion, the first collection presented was of Mamta Gurung Joshi. A budding designer,

her collection consisted of red carpet attires. Commenting on the platform provided to her she said, “For a fashion student like me, such a platform has a huge importance. Especially in Nepal, where there is no fashion industry, these opportunities help us to showcase our talent and thus help the industry to grow.” Subexya Bhadel’s collection ‘Maya’ had feminine dresses in red, which were able to capture the essence of the festive season. ‘Desire’, a chic collection by Antee Gurung, was displayed gorgeously by the models, and finally models walked the ramp in Nuzhat Qazi’s collection ‘Travesty Cabaret’. The dramatic and bold collection was given a spicy touch with an upbeat choreography. The show came to an end with a solo dance performance by Sushant Khatri, which warmed up the audience for all the partying that followed the show.

The Teej Event at Alpha House Banquet of participants was over 100. Alfa House amused the guest with various programs and live performances by famous singers like Juna Prasai and Krishna Samip. The program was hosted by the very hilarious Khem Sangroula. The host was successful to keep the crowd on their feet with his energetic performance, antics and jokes.

Alfa House Restro, Bar and Banquet organized Teez Celebration at Alfa House Banquet situated in New Baneshwor on 8th September, 2012 (Saturday). The program was scheduled from 2 pm onwards. The number

Alfa House also provided the guests with welcome drinks, free flow of snacks of their famous house favorites and typical Nepali buffet dinner. They were victorious in providing a Maiti ambiance for all the participants which is a must for Teej events. Even though the program was scheduled to conclude at 7pm, the dance floor was crowded with guests till late night as the ladies danced to the songs played and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. All the ladies were having the time of their life, enjoying the night specially for the ladies. It was no doubt a beautiful day at Alpha House with all the guests going home, exhausted but with a big smile on their faces.


Launch of new watch brands

CHARLES JOURDAN : In 1921, at the age of 38, Charles Jourdan decided to start his own business and started manufacturing shoes for ladies. Within a short time the name Charles Jourdan began synonymous with fashionable and soon after, Charles Jourdan business had diversified from finest ladies and men shoes to leather goods and accessories. The year 1983 saw the introduction of Charles Jourdan Swiss watches. These watches have met with extra ordinary success in the European, Far Eastern markets, the Middle east, United States and South American markets. Meticulous workmanship and exquisite materials were the hallmark of the craftsmanship of Charles Jourdan. CONTINENTAL: Swiss watch brand-Continental watches can look back on a long tradition in the manufacturing of the brand in the Swiss Watch market. The brand was registered in 1924 and has become well known and well established in the Swiss market, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Greece, Egypt, Bulgaria, Romania and

Poland The products are available in more than 20 countries. In the year 2001, they celebrated its successful re-introduction to the Swiss market. MICHEL HERBELIN : Michel Herbelin is a watch making company established in 1947 by Michel Herbelin himself, a real passionate watchmaker. It is now the 3rd generation of the Herbelin Family that runs the business. Today, Michel Herbelin is one of the last watchmakers in France which makes it really special. Michel Herbelin watches are usually sold to people from 30 to 60 years old. The price range starts at EUR 300 and goes up to EUR 3,000 but the average price is EUR 450 which makes Michel Herbelin a middle class brand. The design, the creativity, the assembly and the control of every watch is made in France. This way, Michel Herbelin guarantees the quality of its watches and gives them a French essence. REVANI : Each Revani undergoes stringent Quality control tests to set an example of its dedicated

craftsmanship. There is a wide choice of dial designs and attractive colors to appeal both young men and women. The stylish, sophisticated and contemporary designs come in extensive variety that includes classic, fashionable, sporty, and retrograde models. Since its launch it has gained acceptance across countries like Bahrain, Bangladesh, Canada, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, United States etc. The “Made in Switzerland” seal of quality is no deterrent in making Revani affordable for all. Priced between USD 125 to USD 300, everyone can flaunt a genuine Swiss made watch. Imperial trade link has made all these brands now available in Nepal. It’s been a long time since Charles Jourdan and Continental watches were available and about two months since the launch of Michel Herbelin and Revani here. The first two brands are available at Gift House in City Center and also their branch in Bishal Bazar. Whereas, one can find Michel Herbelin and Revani at Options in Durbarmarg.


The home within Alpha House


he two levelled Alpha House is a restro, a bar and also serves as a banquet hall for functions like wedding and business conference with rooms for private family dinner and meeting. Situated on the third and fourth floors of consultancy Alpha Beta Group, they promise good hospitality and management amongst other good qualities any five star hotels are known for. Their aim is to have, “Five stars facilities in a three stars place,” says Dwiraj Sharma, Managing Director. They have three banquet halls – The Shiv Sadan, The Krishna Sadan and aptly named The Bamboo Hall. The Shiv Sadan hall has a capacity of up to 500 guests and an area spread over 4,000 square feet. With its royal splendor, the hall fulfills the requirements of the grandest events. The Krishna Sadan hall fits guests of up to 250 with an area covering approximately 2,500 square feet. This hall has even their tiniest details taken into consideration and it is as luxurious as The Shiv Sadan. If need should arise, the two banquet halls can open up their side doors to form one large room that can accommodate up to 750 quests at a time. The Bamboo Hall sits over 50 guests in an area of 900 square feet. This hall serves as a good way to have

a connective interaction due to its compact arrangement. From the looks of it, their aim seems to be not too far-fetched. This house in one of the prime places of Kathmandu has too many good plans in mind for the next two to five years such as taking over the Chinese restaurant on the second floor, adding a rooftop restaurant and five to six floors of hotel rooms in the very near future as well as introducing live bands, sufi and ghazal. They have already showed live cricket matches on their 120” by 72” screen during the season. They take pride in their reasonable prices compared to many local banquets. But they ensure, just

because they have lower price, they do not markdown the customer-clientelehospitality service they provide. They believe how they service their customer greatly depends on their success .While there, do not miss to try their specialty of Alpha Potato, Chicken Timor and Korean Chicken. They are open for business during Dashain, except on the Dashami but it all depends on clients’ needs. Up to 100 cars and 150 bikes can be parked and have free wireless facilities. They serve lunch and dinner, and upon customer’s request, they serve breakfast. They are open daily 11am to 10pm. Contact: 01-478-5633, 01-478-5634


Islington College


slington College, formerly known at Informatics College, has been around for the past 15 years as a pioneer in modern teaching methodology. The world around us is evolving at a rapid pace, and catching up to it is proving to be more than difficult. With many colleges providing inadequate IT courses, there is an undeniable need of a college willing to transform the IT and Business scene of Nepal, hence the establishment of Islington College. Many students are now opting towards having a UK degree, which already has a lot of value in comparison to degrees from Nepal. The college provides an option between two courses, Computing and Business administration, which when further categorized gives you a total of six career options. Islington College doesn’t just instill theoretical knowledge but practical know-hows as well- this includes project works, presentations and internship. Once you graduate from the college, you are given a certificate issued by the London Metropolitan University, which allows for higher studies in the same University, or if you choose to transfer after a year of studies at Islington College. The college employs lecturers after vigorous written examinations for which the questions

are provided by the London University itself, which ensures the children are learning from the very best of Nepal. During a tour of the college, one can’t help but notice that the classrooms are roomy and spacious, enough to fit in a good number of students. An air conditioner is installed at every classroom. Furthermore, the college also provides a fully equipped computer laboratory so the students are able to complete the projects assigned to them, and if need be the lecturers are available at their disposal at any time. Strictly believing in the saying, “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy,” the college has organized multiple fairs so that the students can be involved in recreational activities. Also focusing equally on academics and their future, Islington College has also introduced a care expo & job fair where IT companies from Nepal and India both come in hopes of recruiting the fresh graduates. The companies that show up are highly recognized in their field, such as Broadlink, and if one can impress the representatives of the companies, a job position is guaranteed. The college also provides scholarships to deserving students based on their GPA (Grade Point Average). To those students who score a GPA of more than 3.5, there is a waiver of 25% on their college fees

during the semester; and to those who score a GPA of 4.0, there is a 50% waiver of their college fees for the current semester. In addition to that, an annual award of a full scholarship to study the final year degree in London (Valued at Rs.1,800,000) is awarded to the overall Islington Top Student. “I tell the kids that this is your scholarship money, obviously a certain amount of maturity is required to handle it, but at the end of the day you have earned it and it is no crime to want to spend it in any way you want,” comments Sulav Budhathoki. The college also assists in grooming the students for the real world. There are career development workshops on resume writing, interviewing skills, business and social etiquette courses to keep them ahead of the competition. To enroll at Islington, students have to follow certain criteria; students are required to have passed their +2 with a minimum of 50%, in addition to this after being enrolled in the college, the students are also required to pass each subject in the current year of study to be able to progress into the next year. Their progress will be monitored all throughout where academic support is available to the students, especially those who are not able to meet the minimum requirements. “The IT and business industry is changing constantly around us. We thrive to develop and nurture IT and Business professionals, equipping them with the latest and most up-to-date skills and knowledge enabling them to be competitive and industry-ready. We must get ready for tomorrow today and the college will continue to be the market leader in providing quality UK education over the next 10 years and beyond,” says Mr. Budhathoki. The college is located at Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal. Tel: 4412929, 4420054. www.islington. or find them on Facebook at


WHY CAPITAL DÉCOR? We offer a wide variety of styles, colours and materials to help you find the ideal blinds for every room. Whatever options you decide best suit you, we guarantee a product designed perfectly to fit your style and budget. Our essential collections of blinds offers best quality at a cost effective price, meaning anyone can now install blinds in their homes: Classic style in an array of colours and textures. Roller blinds are an attractive, practical and cost-effective window dressing solution. These blinds are easy to operate and are available in a wide range of fabrics and colours, from block-out through to light-diffusing fabrics and even lace, to complement the style and dÊcor of any room.



The perfect balance between light and privacy. They can be rotated to allow light in while still providing privacy, and also offer excellent insulation from external heat. Vertical blinds are easy to clean and maintain and are available in a variety of colors and textures.

Roman Blinds feature an unsurpassed palette of fashionable colors, patterns and textures. Our Roman Shades provide the ultimate in privacy and light control with the widest selection of Room Darkening and Light Filtering options. For a clean look and enhanced safety for children and pets, try our cordless control option.

BAMBOO BLINDS Versatile, natural style. Made from bamboo, jute and wood, these blinds blend perfectly into modern and traditional styles, filtering light to add a warm glow. Bamboo blinds can be designed as roll-up or Roman fold, with a solid integrated wooden head rail to ensure durability and ease of use.

ZEBRA BLINDS A breakthrough in style, efficiency, and function Zebra blinds gently filter the sun, combining the light control of a horizontal blind. It is environmental-friendly blinds. It is made with a special weave method using a piece of Dacron among which is added pieces of gauze.


Michel Herbelin and Revani Watches launched in Options fashion and is able to create classy and elegant watches both for men and women. For over 60 years in the wrist watch industry, Michel Herbelin has remained a trusted brand and even for the years to come it shall remain. It has a wide selection of watches from sporty to classic and boutique designs.

REVANI WATCHES: MICHEL HERBELIN: Michel Herbelin a French brand has marked its position as a trusted brand and now it is a successfully stocked brand by some leading quality jewelers around the globe. Michel Herbelin clan has strong interest in

Time is precious. Time is priceless. But a Swiss watch need not be, as long as it promises precision with the famous Swiss quality. That’s the statement Revani brand of watches make as it enters the fashionconscious, price-conscious watch market. Revani watches combine style with substance. There is a wide choice of exquisite dial designs

with attractive colors. You can find stylish, sophisticated and contemporary watch designs to suit people from all walks of life. Imperial Trade Link has made both these esteemed brands now available in Nepal at Options, Durbar Marg . It has been a month since Options launched Michel Herbelin watches and a couple of months since the launch of Revani watches. The price range of these watches rise up from at a reasonable rate. Contact no. : 4-231090


Belleza Kloths


o all the ladies who can’t yet find a good store to get sarees and salwar suits that would be appropriate for all occasions, Belleza Kloths is the store you must visit. It is situated in Durbar Marg, in the vicinity of Woodland complex. From the ones in their teens to the ladies in their 50’s, Belleza Kloths offers a wide variety of traditional wear and also casuals like tee-shirts and tops. It also facilitates its customers with different types of embroidery such as with beads, threads, cutwork etc. Lakshita and Aari are some Indian brands that can be found at Belleza Kloths. Besides selling ready to wear pieces, the boutique also takes special orders for weddings, salwar suits, sarees, casual tops (kurtis), linen pants, cotton pants and designer blouses. They also have exclusive dress materials. After having dressed their customers for four long years,

Belleza Kloths is especially known for their detailed embroidery. When hunting classic wears, this is a store you should not miss. Experience with Belleza Kloths Salonika Singh, CEO, Nepal Bangladesh Bank- a regular customer. Salonika Singh, a regular customer at Belleza Kloths, randomly entered the store for the first time as a piece on a mannequin caught her eye. “Belleza Kloths offers a vast range of clothes ranging from simple cottons to heavy party wear, “she says. Among her buys there, her favorite pick is Pakistani “salwar kameej” which is exclusive. Cutwork and mukesh in their sarees is their other specialty. Besides their collection, Salonika Singh is satisfied with the blouse stitching there, the right accessories that they add to it is an enhancer. Other than the formals, she has also had good experiences with the linen trousers made there, “They’re comfortable and can be worn to work,” she adds.

Besides having a good collection, salesmanship is a major factor that a business should hold. The warm environment she feels, once she enters Belleza Kloths is one more reason to add the classy boutique to your shopping destination. From the owners to the salespeople there, they are very friendly and take complaints positively. “Just as their collection is of a wide range, so are the prices, starting from Rs. 2, 500 going up to Rs.45, 000 which is reasonable considering what they offer,” says Singh. This is a store she would recommend to all her friends. Contact number: 4-264944 Opening time: 11am – 7pm


The Ayurvedic

Entrepreneurs 1) Why are your products so sought after by people? Our products are very unique as they are 100% herbal, no chemicals and/ or bleaches are used at all during the production. Moreover, the product employs Ayurvedic principles right from the production until it reaches the quality control. 2) Why should people use Laavanya’s products? Laavanya originated in Nepal and in about the same time we had launched it in the US as well. Although Laavanya is a Nepal-based company, we aim to have a global presence in the years to come. By using Laavanya’s products, people will be supporting a Nepali brand establish nationally and internationally. As mentioned above, all our products use herbal processes following the science of ayurveda; we do not test any of our products on animals. We employ procedures of fair trade and support local farmers when possible. Almost half of our packages are recyclable and reusable. 3) What are the types of products sold? We have categorized our products into two segments, facial product and bath and body product. The facial product consists of Ayurvedic Creams, Face Masks, Toners and Cleansers. They are manufactured at Fleur Himalayan Ltd, Birgunj. Our bath and body products comprise of Ayurvedic Soaps, Bath Salts, and Body Scrubs. Bath products are manufactured at Nature’s Essence, Bhat Bhateni. All of our products are handmade and hand-cut.

4) Which are the most popular products? Ultimate Beauty Serum and Mukha Kantibardhak Powder (Face Mask) are the most popular facial products. In the bath and body category, Nettle& Spearmint soap and Rose & Manjistha scrub are very popular. 5) What is the expansion plan for Laavanya in the future? We want to diversify the services of the institution by collaborating with other industries in skin care and tourism. We have held meetings with various spas and hotels regarding the endorsement of our products (by using them in hotels, spas and also as souvenirs). Apart from the retail and online sales, we are planning to have special outlets of the brand regarding which we might be collaborating with other similar industries at national and international level.


Kunal Flooring and Furnishing


esides the people who live there, furniture and interiors play a huge role in converting the four walls into an abode. Transforming spaces into a dwelling is exactly what Kunal Flooring and Furnishing has been doing for almost two decades now. The two well-designed buildings of Kunal Flooring and Furnishing at Bhanimandal, Ekantakuna, itself gives an idea about how well-crafted their products must be. The brand provides a wholesome solution for interiors and specializes in both office and home furnishing. Each of the two building houses different category of products. While one has all the different furniture items on display the other one showcases other furnishing items like upholstery and flooring. They have a wide range of curtains, carpets, sofas, parquets and luxury furniture. If you go shopping for your window décor they provide curtains, curtain fabrics, curtain rods, vertical blinds, and much more. Along with the locally made variety, the store has sofa sets, couches and beds imported from China and

Bangkok. In carpets, customers get to choose from the ones made in the Middle East to the ones from Europe. There is a huge range of laminated parquets to choose from. One can actually complete all home shopping here as the store also has bedsheets, pillows, door mats and fashionable wallpapers. Choosing readymade products isn’t the only option, as you can even ask them to make furniture of your own design. The presence of Kunal Flooring and Furnishing is not limited to the Valley; it has stretched its business to Chitwan, Pokhara, Bhairahawa and Biratnagar. Along with home owners their list of clients includes several business houses, INGOs and NGOs as well. This list includes places like Radisson Hotel; the hotel’s décor itself speaks for the store’s Midas touch in this field. This family business today is in the able hands of Kunal Agrawal, who inherited the company from his father, Shekhar Agrawal. “I have focused more on marketing and interior designing, which has made our business standout from the rest,”

says America returned Kunal, who took over the business four years back. A graduate in Business Information System, Kunal has brought in a lot of his academic knowledge into practice here, “Now we have an organized management and we carry our work efficiently after we changed our business work flow.” At its infant stage, the company’s profile was limited to furnishing items only; then interior designing was not even considered. After almost 20 years, the company caters to every need of a household as well as organization of any level. With houses, apartments and buildings growing like never before, the possibility of growth seems endless for Kunal Flooring and Furnishing. The company has come a long way and has set a high benchmark for interior business in Nepal. Location: Bhanimandal, Ekantakuna, Lalitpur Contact: 01-554-6386, 01-554-6387


Dazzle with the Designs TEXT: SNEHA SHARMA


he shining metals and stones are a priced possession to all and everyone would admire it in one form or the other. Jewelry and ornaments are the articulation of various emotions, atmospheres, trends and traditions. Every piece of jewelry has a language of its own and you would want your piece to be unique and to define you. Deziner Gems & Jewellery portrays itself as a hub to convene designer articles and offers you with their unique artworks. Following K. N. Modi, CEO of the store, I wandered around the 5000 sq. ft. of glitz and glamour, amused by the varieties of design showcased around me. Modi spoke of the many detailed designs, each being different from the other and much more ravishing than the previous. I could also see a

wide collection of artifacts such as the crystal pyramid, beautiful imitation of the Swoyambu temple and an idol of Ganesh carved brilliantly over precious stones apart from the ornaments which were made out of Natural Stones and Silver. A piece of natural amethyst guarded in the way it is extracted, was one of the articles that attracted me the most. Other items such as large diamond pendants, necklaces made out of precious and semiprecious stones were adorable. Deziner Gems & Jewellery is organizing an “Anniversary Exhibition Sale” on the occasion of its first anniversary. The exhibition would provide a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer up to 30% of the value on each and every item exhibited during the event. An array of Bangkok Jewelry, Victorian Jewelry, Kundan Jewelry, Polki Diamonds, and Natural Stones

along with Diamond, Gold and Silver Jewelry would be included in the exhibition. A special section includes the Bridal Jewelry and a separate collection for Teej would also be decorated during the event. Modi claims that the store offers hallmark jewelry with highest graded quality. Each item in the store is unique and there would be no other replica of the design elsewhere. “If we take it, we break it,” exclaims Modi proudly explaining that if the store takes some item back then the items are not re-used; they are made again. The CEO insisted that whether or not someone chooses to buy jewelry in this exhibition; it is worthwhile to visit the store and look for the new and extraordinary designs. The exhibition ran from 5th – 15th September 2012 in the store of Deziner Gems & Jewellery, Durbarmarg.


NIC Bank introduces two innovative loan schemes NIC Bank has introduced two new consumer loan schemes. The first scheme is called ‘PreApproved Home/Loan’. Under this scheme, the customers can get the loan pre-approved by the bank even before deciding on the home or apartment or vehicle. The loan is approved beforehand so that customers can have the convenience of selecting, deciding and

purchasing the home or apartment at their own time. The second scheme is called ‘Auto Balloon Financing’. This innovative scheme allows customers to have the option to split the loan amount into two loans, in the ratio of 70:30. The first 70 per cent of the loan amount can be repaid on EMI basis over the tenure period. The remaining 30% of the loan amount can be paid either

after the length of the loan tenure is finished as a bulk payment or each year in equal installments after at least 12 regular EMIs are paid. The interest rate and the repayment duration are flexible according to income and the ability of the customers to clear the loan. The products are available at 36 branches of the bank located all over Nepal. Contact: 426-2277

the needs of each member of the family by providing the community with a health club, beauty parlor, swimming pool, community hall and a grocery shopping centre. Surrounded by greenery all throughout the compound, the village has also concentrated on the environmental factors that affect a person’s day to day life. They have also been able to accommodate a separate area for children of all ages to run around and play.

For people preferring to avoid the hassles of the designing the interiors of a house, Rose Village has the facility of providing fully furnished houses. The rate for the non-furnished houses begins at Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 1,00,80,000. The vision for Rose Village doesn’t end here; the plan is to erect an apartment with the capacity to hold over 300 apartments targeted for people preferring to lead a much simpler life without the hassles that a house brings on. Contact: 01-4261-373

Rose Village Rose Village is a calm and serene colony of luxury houses located in the city of temples Bhaktapur, Balkot V.D.C, just about 611 meters off the Arniko highway. Rose Village has been around for the last two years and has the capacity to hold 150 houses, out of which 75 already have people residing in them. Away from Kathmandu city’s traffic and pollution, Rose Village is an ideal place for parents with children to reside, it also caters to

Pamper yourself, you deserve it! As soon as you enter Heritage Spa, located a little inside Sanepa Chowk, is a paradise far away from the buzz of the city. The place promises much more than just a relaxing atmosphere. Upon entering the gates of the spa, the journey to rejuvenation starts the moment the walk towards the little house starts, through the grassy paths laid with stone settings. The dissembled scene you witnessed behind the gates is forgotten. With all the commuters’ byproducts sinking into our skin, with the ongoing road expansion’ nanoparticles, facials are more mandatory for the good health of our skin than ever but we are always too busy for

beauty regime. “98% of people who does the Purifying Bio Fruit Facial, they have fallen asleep,” says their Business Manager claims with pride. A real bonus; you get much needed sleep as well as get cleansed. The skilled hands of the masseur expertly starts the facial by cleansing the face and neck area with light strokes of fingers, gently massaging the essence of milk into the skin, followed by a semi-thick and sticky mix of honey; honey acting as a good scrub. Honey helps to cure acne, scars, wounds, wrinkles and even dry skin. Then finely crushed fresh almonds are applied as a mask. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant

for your skin. It will help you clear out toxins and free radicals from your body. The last step to the facial is slightly chilled, thinly sliced cucumbers places all over the face. Cucumbers are well-known toners and astringents. An hour long package, all absolutely relaxing and definitely sleep inducing. One might think, this is the perfect recipe for a major breakout the following day, but all these are products ‘contain nutrients which provides excellent rejuvenating factors for your skin,’ as stated in their brochure. Also on it, to further testify the goodness, ‘This facial is CIDESCO based, which is recognized as the highest standard of excellence in the beauty industry.’

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