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Noticias Pedranas Brooke’s photo-journal from San Pedro, Guatemala ( When I showed this gentleman his photo he said, “bonita”. This is part of the hill at the Panajachel Dock. It’s steeper than it looks in this shot.

Street food is plentiful close to my house

This meal in a restaurant cost 40 Quetzales with two beers. Enough stir fried vegetables for three people. For about $6.

2 Rosalia cooked on her wood burning stove when the power was out and we ate by candlelight.

Views of a two-coffin funeral from our balcony complete with a brass band.

3 This bird looks like our northern “Robin”, skips along the ground like its northern cousin, eats berries like his cousin and seemed inquisitive about my Robin call. But his breast was not red. Anyone know what kind of bird it is?

Monarch butterflies are more abundant now in our tropical forest school yard.

From where I was taking my Spanish lesson I saw this bird at the lakeshore.

Here’s Andrew from South Africa talking to his teacher.

Steve from Ireland and Australia is making his graduation speech, to the delight of Andrew.

This bird seemed to be eating from tree tips.

News from San Pedro