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Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies


Core Group of companies Core Metal L.L.C Core Metallic Ind. L.L.C - Fabrication Core Metallic Ind. L.L.C - Metal processing Core Metallic Ind. L.L.C - Expanded Metal Core Metallic Ind. L.L.C - Machine Shop Embosal Tube Mills L.L.C Core Green Solutions CorePac GAH Trading


Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies


Our sytem is integrated with an On line Remote Monitoring and Control System through GSM modem.The system is PC based and can be easily connected via internet.The data Aquisition Module collects various parameters like solar light intensity,wind speed,battery voltage,room temperature,aircondition current consumption,external power consumption etc. The PLC controls various Solid-State relays and Contactors via HMI software which determines optimum results.


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Your One Stop Shop for Continuous Power

Core Green Solutions(CGS) has developed a Hybrid Solar System for telecom towers in order to facilitate communication acces in remote areas, reducing the Operation & Maintanence cost(O&M). It is a system which uses only the sun and wind as its power source and can be combined with a diesel generator as auxiliary source. Solar and wind power technologies are clean, affordable, readily available, sustainable and can replace or supplement generators in both residential and commercial applications. Hybrid energy systems integrate these renewable energy technologies with diesel generators with or without battery storage to provide grid quality power in remote areas not connected to a utility grid. We have a highly qualified team and the necessary accreditation to carry out renewable energy projects using solar panels and wind turbines. The company has unique experience in providing energy solutions to the power segment especially to telecommunication segment.


Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

Renewable and environment friendly energy resources are vital to steer global energy supplies on to a sustainable path. Renewable energy is “any sustainable energy source that comes from the natural environment”. The CGS intelligent Solar Inverter will first sense for the solar and wind energy supply it to the load. When there is no solar energy available then energy from the wind is available and supply to the load. and vice versa. When both Solar and Wind Turbine is not available then it will back up the load from the Battery Bank. The size of the battery bank is determined by the power out put required,trafffic and aircondition etc. In remote areas, where an electrical grid is not available, batteries are often used as a backup when wind and sun aren’t doing the job. Energy from the renewable systems is stored in the batteries when the renewables produce more energy than is being used at the time. One form of renewable energy can compensate for the other’s shortcomings.

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Web Based Central Software


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3G Router

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Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies




The Nation

We want to be recognized as a fast, responsive, straightforward and reliable long-term partner in the field of Solar and wind energy with an ultimate goal of safeguarding a sustainable future.



Designed for Telecommunications Industry

Reduces Network Operating Expense

Reduces Fuel Consumption (50 - 80% Typically)

Increases Maintenance Interval (Up to 3 months between services)

Reduces Maintenance Cost

CO2 Reduction (60 tonnes/year per BTS)

100% Containment for all liquids

Reduced Fuel Storage & Spillage Risk.

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

Be the market leader in R&D, manufacturing and development of highly efficient and quality Renewable energy solutions. Contributing to the fight against climate change and generating wealth through increasing the countries’s energy capacity.

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies





Global demand for reliable off-grid power solutions

Energy accounts for up to 60% of network operating expense



High growth in data traffic in developed world, smart phones

High growth in voice traffic in developing world

Need for further investment in networks

Falling ARPU driving efficiency and OPEX squeeze

New technology driving down energy demand

Making existing diesel generators less efficient

Corporate policies to reduce carbon footprint





Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

Hybrid Solar Systems designed for Telecommunications Industry

Reduces Network Operating Expense

Reduces Fuel Consumption (50 - 80% Typically)

Increases Maintenance Interval (Up to 3 months between services)

Reduces Maintenance Cost

CO2 Reduction (60 tonnes/year per BTS)

100% Containment for all liquids

Reduced Fuel Storage & Spillage Risk.

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies



Internal Audit

Information Technology



Head Office Function

Schematic Diagram of Hybrid (Renewable) Solar - Wind Power Source Photovoltaic

Manager Maintanance


DC Diversion Load (for Wind Generator)

Manager (Implimentation)

Diversion Load Controller

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

DC Disconnect

DC Charge Controller

Manager (Planning & Development)

DC-AC Inverter/Charger Energy Mix (Controller)

AC Output

DC Control Box

Vent (Outlet)

Manager (Engineering)

Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS)

AC Distribution Panel

AC Loads Vent (Inlet) Battery Bank

To Primary System Ground

Figure 1: Schematic diagram of Hybrid (Renewable) Solar – Wind Power Source

Other Group Operations

General Manager


Organisation Chart -Core Green Solutions


DC Combiner Box

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies


OFF-GRID POWER SOLUTIONS solution that optimizes the entire energy system. Existing off-grid electrification typically includes a

Renewable energy sources are environmentally

diesel generator providing the power requirements.

friendly, maintenance free and highly efficient, with

This conventional solution is, at first sight, uneco-

a long operating life and comparably low operating

nomical, but is becoming less viable as a solution. In

expenses. Taking into account these advantages,

the long run there are major challenges, often due

CORE GS have developed a cost effective robust en-

to difficult access in remote areas:

ergy solution.

Reduce costs & energy consumption, increase reliability. The Core GS hybrid power solution de-

• Innovative, autonomous redundancy enhances reliability and site availability

livers a world of benefits for your network: • MPPT-enabled solar converters maximize solar • Use any combination of diesel, solar and wind power sources

energy production and protect your PV investment. (Maximum power point tracking -MPPT is a technique that charge controllers use for wind

• Reliability of generator due to 100 % operation

The CORE GS ecofriendly hybrid power solution

• Availability of diesel fuel

combines renewable solar or wind energy with bat-

• A single controller manages the power solution

• Availability of spare parts and trained engineers tery storage and, if needed, a stand-by, diesel gen-

end-to-end, seamlessly selecting the appropri-

for maintenance

ate source

erator. The result is an innovative, highly-reliable

your needs evolve

turbines and PV solar systems to maximize power output). • High temperature-rated components avoid the


• The flexible, modular solution can easily adapt as Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

need for special cooling Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies




PV field

Junction box

• Innovative, embedded N+1 redundancy means that, just like standard telecom power systems, a single-event fault will not compromise system

Coupling box

Smart battery management lowers maintenance costs & extends battery life: •

performance or availability. In the unlikely event

Extended maintenance intervals

the failed component, isolates the failure and

Battery life extended by up to 25%

Costly to operate: Powerful CoreGS controller manages all energy

A diesel genset typically accounts for 35% of

sources to maximize production & minimize con-

the total operating cost of a wireless base sta-


tion (BTS), including skyrocketing fuel and expensive on-site maintenance costs

• Intelligent diesel generator management reduces fuel consumption by 50% or more in gener-


ator/battery hybrid configurations by operating

Gensets usually run at only 20-25% of their

the generator for short periods at optimum load

load; this is ineffi cient, inducing frequent main-

to charge the battery. The results include re-

tenance and high fuel consumption. One result

duced fuel consumption, less frequent servicing

is that genset lifespans are inevitably shorter

and prolonged generator lifetime - all of which

than manufacturer specs

help further reduce OPEX Unreliable:

er solution, seamlessly selecting the appropriate

Genset failures are responsible for a whopping

power source for lowest OPEX

65% of BTS outages

• By constantly monitoring load demand and batEnvironmentally unfriendly:

energy production during low traffic periods toring, control and system optimization.


Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

Wind turbine

Local-Remote supervision


Charge regulator

Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator

Battery & battery container

Diesel generators are:

service visit.

• Core Software Manager provides remote moni-


Battery & battery container

flags an alarm. There is no impact on revenue

tery charge, the controller eliminates unneeded

Battery box

Integrated hybrid system

discharge history •

• A single controller manages the complete pow-

Wind turbine

Battery charge rate optimised according to

of a component failure, the controller identifies

generation and you choose when to schedule a

Charge regulator

Gensets burn fossil fuel and emit high volumes of CO2 as well as noise and odors.

Traditionnal Regulator systems process only one type of power source. They are an assembly of heterogeneous products which makes hybrid very complex and requires many options. The cabling is also very complex (large cable sections, junction boxes, coupling boxes, egulators… are required). The system has no redundancy.

The Core Green Solution manages network site power from end-to-end: from energy generation to energy storage, load surveillance and remote management. Core Green Solution offers unmatched OPEX, security and reliability benefits.

Compare Our Core Green Solutions The Core Green Solutions manages network site power from end to end from energy generation to energy storage load surveillance and remote mangement. Core Green Solutions offers unmatched OPEX security and reliability benefits

As a telecom power expert Core Green Solutions offers an integrated solution, designed and backed by telecom expertise Our Solutions are specifically designed for use in hybrid telecom systems - in autonomous, remote off-grid systems and grid-connected configurations

Be ready With our off-grid and gridconnected hybrid solutions, optimized cost of ownership, network design/build and sophisticated data acquisition expertise, you’re ready for the migration to distributed generation and smart grid energy for your telecom network

Our Specialist will optimize the sizing of each power source to provide the best balance of system (BOS) equipment for each site Find a complete solution for all your needs; consulting, system design, products, installation and maintenance

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies


Turn to a Telecom Power Expert for a Reliable Solution Environmentally-sound power solutions, combining renewable energy sources with back-up batteries, enable network operators to lower costs by reducing reliance on diesel gensets. • Reduce operating costs by selecting the best hybrid combination for each base station site • Grow revenues and profit margins - Expand your customer base through reliable network coverage extension - Improve ARPU and customer loyalty by improving network service and reliability • Benefit from a rapid return on investment • Reduce your carbon footprint while supporting Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and enhancing brand value.

Hybrid Core Green Solutionprogram Complete turn-key integrated solution


• Integrated hybrid solution - Selection and engineering of all power elements (panels, genset, wind turbine, batteries) - Installation - Commissioning and site acceptance - Training - Maintenance - Factory repairs - Spares - Industrial partnerships

PV Module

Converts sun light into electricity (DC)

Wind turbine

Converts wind energy into electricity (DC)


1. Storage control electricity from PV module and wind turbine. 2. Supply electricity to battery during consume electricity by AC load 3. Protect over-charge / over-discharge


1. Storage generated electric energy (DC) 2. Supply electric energy to load side

DC Compressor

Refrigeration Solution to keep the cabinet at the set temperature

Remote Monitoring System

Monitors Various parameters of various components


Invert the Direct Current (DC ) into Alternating current (AC)

Solar Panel Maintenance System Maintaining the Solar Panels from Dust


Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies


Comparison of

Existing system and Proposed system Existing system - Diesel Generator For Power Generation DISADVANTAGES • Burning Fossil Fuel Producing Co2 • Costly • The breakdown of the system can not be predicted. • Periodical \maintenance Mandatory- like oil filter change, Enginer oil • Replacement of breakdown generator is tiresome/complicated. • Sound pollution • Air pollution • Heat Generation • Manually Refuelling is costly and tiresome since most of the sites are in deserts, where the frequent sand storm and levelling required.

• Theft of Fuel cannot be controlled. • Fluctuation in voltage level and frequency • The surrounding are contaminated by grease/oil and diesel • Maintenance of Air conditions on AC is big procedure ( to be coordinated with the client) . • The Generators are oversize to accommodate the operation of Air Condition, During Winter season where the Air conditioning is less required, the Generators run. (The fuel Efficiency of the Generator can be achieved only when the Generator runs at 70% load )

Proposed system-Solar /Wind powered generating system

ADVANTAGES • Eco friendly • Operation Cost Minimum • No Breakdown of the System Since, Power is Stored in Batteries and can be Monitored remotely and Standby Source of Power can be Switched on. • The standby Generator runs on natural gas as and when required ( only when the battery bank charge drops less than 40% which is very rarely anticipated and can be monitored. • The cooling system runs on DC system (package unit) directly from the battery. We supply the cold air to the shelter through ducts. • DC motors have high starting torque, thus reducing the initial starting current.


Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

• Inverter not required to convert AC to DC, so additional equipment can be avoided. The energy loss due to conversion loss is also saved • No damage to the client equipment due to fluctuation in voltages since the Current is DC. • Opening of client shelter door is not required for the maintenance of Air conditioning system • Online Monitoring system determines the maximum utilization of non conventional energy source like solar and wind • The online monitoring system is a windows based PC system. • The components used in the system are from globally reputed manufactures • We have the technology to keep the solar panels dust free.

Top 10 Countries Using Solar Power Germany: 35.5 GW China: 18.3 GW Italy: 17.6 GW Japan: 13.6 GW United States: 12 GW Spain: 5.6 GW France: 4.6 GW Australia: 3.3 GW Belgium: 3 GW United Kingdom: 2.9 GW

Top 10 Countries Using Wind Power China: 23,351 MW Germany: 5,279 MW United States: 4,854 MW Brazil: 2,472 MW India: 2,315 MW Canada: 1,871 MW United Kingdom: 1,736 MW Sweden: 1,050 MW France: 1,042 MW Turkey: 804 MW

Advantages of

RE(renewable energy) • • • • • • •

Biggest advantages of renewable energy is that it is renewable Renewable energy never ran out Renewable energy production need less maintenance than other energy sources Renewable energy raw material is available in nature which reduce the cost of operation Renewable energy production produce no waste products Renewable energy is eco friendly Renweable energy can also bring economic benefits

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies


Renewable Energy in the Gulf: Facts and Figures

The Gulf has abundant renewable resources: Renewable energy offers Gulf countries a proven, home-grown path to reducing CO2 Gulf countries are as richly endowed with renewa- emissions: ble resources as they are with hydrocarbons. They benefit from strong regular sunshine, and the space to develop large solar power plants. The region also has significant wind resources, geothermal and biomass from urban waste.

The six GCC countries are in the top 14 per capita emitters of carbon dioxide in the world; renewables offer a financially viable way to change that. There is also growing pressure to protect the Gulf’s fragile environment.

Gulf countries have rising energy demand: Renewable energy power generation is beGulf countries have seen rapid economic growth coming more cost effective: and have become major energy consumers in their own right. egional electricity consumption is growing at almost 8% a year — meaning generating capacity has to be doubled every decade. Gulf countries will require 100 GW of additional power over the next 10 years to meet demand. Electricity produced from renewables means less oil and gas has to be consumed domestically, freeing them for export.

improving technology and growing competition have seen the cost of renewable energy drop dramatically. In some parts of the world, especially when compared to diesel generation, it is already the cheapest option. Furthermore, solar power generation fits very well with demand patterns where air con conditioning dominates the electricity demand curve particularly in GCC countries.

Countries in the GCC have been undertaking renewable energy projects for more than 30 years. But today a trend for increasingly ambitious projects is being witnessed across the region. These are being supported by renewable energy targets, innovative research and development, and investments across the entire industry value chain. Growing a renewable energy industry in the Gulf will move the world closer to realising the potential of renewable energy as a fuel source.




70 MW of renewable capacity planned: solar photovoltaic (10 MW), concentrating solar power (50 MW), wind (10 MW)

* 100 MW of solar photovoltaic capacity to be implemented by 2014 * target to be announced

25 MW of waste-toenergy capacity addition announced)

United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia 54 GW of renewable capacity by 2032: solar photovoltaic (16 GW), concentrating solar power (25 GW), wind (9 GW), waste-to-energy (3 GW), geothermal (1 GW)

Oman 100-200 MW of solar photovoltaic capacity addition announced

* Dubai: 5% of final energy from renewables by 2030 * Abu Dhabi: 7% of capacity from renewables by 2020 * 100 MW of solar thermal capacity addition by early 2013 * 13 MW of solar photovoltaic capacity addition by the end 2013 * Announced/approved: 28.8 MW of wind; 100 MW of waste-to-energy; and 100 MW of solar photovoltaic

CO2 Emissions (Metric Tons Per Capita) In GCC Countries


Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies


COP 21 Climate Challenge Remains The recent historical Paris Summit (COP21) deal to commit all countries to cut emissions is an eye opener for everyone and it calls for more investment in clean energy . Core Green Solutions also aims at Combating climate change and creating a carbon free world. The GCC also welcomed the Agreement as ambitious and balanced. This agreement sends powerful signals that the world is fully committed to a low –carbon future. It sends strong signals to all sectors for a fundamental shift away from investment in oil and Gas as primary energy sources . The time has reached to speed up the process of economic diversification as well as invest more in clean renewable energy sources-especially wind and solar power.

Core Energy Solutions has the vision and technology to join in common goal - averting dangerous climate change and to be recognized as as a leader in renewable energy especially in wind and solar power with an ultimate goal of safeguarding a sustainable future.

“The mazket for off-grid renewable energy systems is expected to increase through the hybridisation of existing diesel grids with wind, solar PV, biomass gasification and small hydropower, especially on islands and in rural areas”. International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)


Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies


His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has launched the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, which aims to make Dubai a global centre of clean energy and green economy.

“Every investment in the development of clean energy sources is at the same time an investment to protect the environment for future generations” by HH Shk Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

“To truly transform our economy, protect our security, and save our planet from the ravages of climate change, we need to ultimately make clean, renewable energy the profitable kind of energy.“ by BARACK OBAMA, President USA

We source our products around the world to ensure the latest technology & quality that is in the market and the best price for our customers

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” by THOMAS EDISON

“The energy transition is underway worldwide. But to make the next step-change, the world must utilize all useful technologies, increase ambition among all actors in all regions of the world, and mobilize the funds needed to enable the transition” by IRENA Director-General Adnan Z. Amin.


Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies



• • •

Silent - It's quieter than a human whisper. Reduced noise due to lower blade tip speed and low RPM. Durable - Tested at UGE's proprietary lab and designed to last at least 20 years long. This turbine makes solar look less bright. Sleek Design - Show your commitment to renewable energy. You no longer have to sacrifice aesthetics to go green.

DC Compressor SIERRA 03

SPECS • • • • • • • • •

Axis: Vertical Height: 5.2m Width: 3.2m Weight: 756kg Swept Area: 16.6m2 Cut in Wind Speed: 3.5 m/s Survival Wind Speed: 50 m/s 3 years standard warranty with optional 5 year upgrade Suitable for small/large commercial installations

The Masterflux family of DC variable speed hermetic compressors offers a solution for DC systems running on solar, battery, or other off-grid power sources. The direct DC Masterflux hermetic compressor eliminates the need for an inverter and the inductive surge at start up associated with a traditional A/C compressor.

Model Application Refrig. VDC SIERRA03-0982Y3 Air Cond/UL/CE Copper Stub TubesR 134a 24/48

BTU/hr Watts mps 3,950 395 16.5 15,461 1,931 40.2

Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries Exide CEIL VRLA

The Technical edge of SMF VRLA Battery of Exide Hassle free Handling & Easy installation Space Economy Eco Friendly Increased Safety Superior Performance


Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

Performance Conforming To: TEC : GR/BAT – 01/03.MAR 2004 with latest amendment JIS : C 8704 – 2:1999 IEC : 60896 – 21 & 22 ANSI : T1 330 (US specification for Telecom battery) RDSO : IRS S93-96 with latest amendment Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies


Remote Monitoring and Alarm Management Beckhoff

1. 2. 3.

Controller GSM/GPRS Modem Input/output Modules















1. Fault Reporting Via GPRS/SMS/BOTH 2. Individual Inputs can be configured for, • • • • • •

3 GSM numbers additional to Central Server Alarm conditions can be configured for NO/NC Enable/Disable Message Reporting Enable/Disable Logging (Local logging inside RTU CF Card) Periodic or condition based data logging can be configured Free sensor selection, allowing user configurable scaling for each Analog Inputs

4. 2 GB memory available in RTU for Data Logging, Logging of successful, failed, or unsent messages based on user configuration 5. Interface available to connect local HMI, for lo cal monitoring/control/user configuration 6. User configurable control settings, timer set tings, etc.. 7. Depending on site conditions any pre-config ured system can be disabled/enabled 8. RTU Control sequence available in Flowchart Format

3. RTU configured to handle 50 messages simultaneously


Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies


Screen shot of inhouse developed monitoring system


Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies


Solar Photo Voltaic Modules WAAREE WS 230- to WS -260 Kleev


Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies


Solar Charge Controller ProStar MPPT TriStar MPPT solar charge controller with TrakStarTM MPPT Technology.The TriStar MPPT (TS-MPPT) is an advanced maximum power point tracking solar battery charger. The controller features a smart tracking algorithm that fi nds and maintains operation at the solar array peak power point, maximizing energy harvest.

The state of energy today What every operator must know.

The TriStar MPPT battery charging process has been optimized for long battery life and improved system performance. Self-diagnostics and electronic error protections prevent damage when installation mistakes or system faults occur. The controller also features eight (8) adjustable settings switches, several communication ports, and terminals for remote battery temperature and voltage measurement.

As mobile operators seek new ways to meet the ever-increasing need for bandwidth today and in the future, they face many challenges: evolving technology and new applications; the growth of connected

Solar Panel Maintanence Pump Versa Matic

devices, predicted to reach 50 billion by 2020; and an insatiable demand for mobile video, just to name a few.

Versa-Matic® provides maximum performance in a mini package with our E8 3/8” pumps. Small enough to fit in your hand, yet capable of pumping up to 6.8 gallons per minute, these pumps can be mounted upright, sideways, and even inverted to adapt to your application. They also feature our patented Elima-Matic®® Air Valve System to deliver non-stalling, non-icing, lube-free operation as well as the elimination of blow-by. E8 pumps are available in Polypropylene and Kynar® wetted materials of construction, with XL (Santoprene®), Geolast® or PTFE interiors


Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

All of this requires more bandwidth, which, in turn, requires more energy as well as steep investments in network infrastructure —money that service providers must find a way to recoup. The energy required to fuel this bandwidth brings its own inherent challenges: energy grids that grow less reliable every year; energy costs that escalate annually; and energy demands that are quickly outgrowing

What the Future Holds: More Energy Challenges Ahead for Mobile Operators. • Overall energy demands continue to rise • Increasingly stringent emissions standards • Escalating fossil fuel costs • Difficulty securing permits to bring diesel generators into communities • Lower cost and higher availability of hydrogen contrasted with the increasing cost of diesel fuel • Continued consumer pressure for CO2 emission reductions and greater corporate responsibility • IEA “450” program suggests aggressive emission reduction efforts globally

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies


We’re proud to be a part of your network’s story. We embrace our role as a trusted resource, partner, and facilitator. We create the infrastructure that connects the worldand evolves with every advance in technology. By investing all of our capabilities, resources,relationships, and products into your toughest challenges, we continue our long history of solving problems together—paving the way for new ideas and fresh ways of thinking. We’re a trusted resource and partner around the world because we’re invested in you: your people, your networks, your success. It inspires us to build relationships and infrastructure… connect people and technologies across protocols, oceans, and time zones… and share what we learn along the way. We will never stop connecting people and reenergizing the telecom networks across the world. So start reducing your energy costs with a new way of thinking about powering your cell sites. Core Energy Solutions gives you the perspective and expertise you need to see your energy budget in a whole new energy-efficient light. Let us start creating carbon free world While earning the reputation for providing enengy efficient solutions, Core Energy Solutions is strengthening its climate change partnership with the largest renewable companies.


Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies

While earning the reputation for providing enengy efficient solutions we are strengthening the partnership with the largest renewable companies for a better tomorrow,

Ways to reduce energy costs and help future-proof your networks. 1. Reduce the power consumption associate with cooling shelter systems.

Enjoy Renewable Energy today and help the People of tomorrow

2. Reduce power consumption associated with cooling power and battery backup enclosures. 3. Find a more efficient conversion from AC to DC power. 4. Identify, replace or upgrade inefficient, energy-wasting, CO2- emitting backup power equipment. 5. Upgrade inefficient, energywasting equipment and network designs.

Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies



Core Green Solutions

P.O Box : 95801, Sharjah, U.A.E Tel: +971 6 5540990 | Fax: +971 6 5540619 | email:


Core Green Solutions - A Division of Core Group of Companies


Innovative Technology & Contracting L.L.C P.O. Box: 2411, C.P.O, P.C:111, Oman Tel: +968 24483456 | Fax: +968 24486663

Core green solutions  

Core green solutions designed by sanoj saseendran

Core green solutions  

Core green solutions designed by sanoj saseendran