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Blanche de Namur is a classic top fermented wheat beer, brewed with wheat, hops and yeast that produces that traditional cloudy appearance. Also added to this brew is orange peel, to give it a citric bitterness, and coriander for that added spicey bite. The overall effect is a very refeshing thirst quenching beer, ideal for those summer days watching sport, or even at the beach. It's a super beer with food especially poultry, cheeses or seafood, as well as most Asian food.

Duvel is a 100% pure, natural beer, with no additives or preservatives. And you will taste that difference straight away. Its 8.5% vol alcohol content, enormous head, delicate sparkle and silky soft feeling in the mouth make Duvel an angelic beer with a devilish after-effect.

Pax Pils is a truly tasty lager that still emanates the age-old traditions of taste and brewing'. This was Mr. Michael Jackson's reaction no, not the pop singer, but the world famous British beer connoisseur - when he had a taster of our Pax Pilsner during his visit to the SintJozef Brewery in 1993. In his book, which was published later that year, he devoted a full page to Pax Pilsner, which he had enjoyed so much.

Petrus Blond is a high fermentation beer reflecting the brewing art of the master brewer. The whole Petrus family is renowned both nationally and internationally and can be classed without a doubt among the very best beer brewed.

Triple Karmeliet is brewed to an authentic beer recipe from 1679 originating in the former Carmelite monastery in Dendermonde, Belgium. Written over 300 years ago, this recipe describes the use of three kinds of grain: wheat, oats and barley. This Belgian Abbey Style Triple ale has a robust smooth fruity character. This beer recives its final fermentation in the bottle. Brewed with pride and patience after the Carmelite Tradition. A 100% natural beer.

Kwak comes to your table complete with a monogrammed wooden stand. The long neck and round base makes a nice rich, frothy head. You can recognize a Kwak glass from across a crowded bar. Once you get over the over the novelty of the glass, Kwak is a very fine Belgian beer. The color is a deep amber, with a creamy colored head. Kwak has a mellow, fruity and malty aroma with very little hops small. There are some hints of fruit in the taste and aroma such as creamy banana and liquorice.

Palm, ‘ T he Special Belge ’ is amber coloured and has a common alcohol volume of 5,2 %. They are brewed according to the infusion method. The main ingredients are the brewing water rich in minerals and the light coloured malts of maritime barley. The beer is slightly hopped with soft aroma hops. Adding "top yeasts" results in a fruity, full beer with a fine bitter sweet balance.

Rodenbach is a naturally matured beer, full, tingling dark and rich of flavours will be mixed with the young Rodenbach. A solemn moment when the master-tasters and his staff declare the lively brunette, full of natural charm, ready for consumption.

Kasteel Bruin is a rich dark red-brown beer that is very dense, with a small beige head. Kasteel Bruin does not have a strong nose, instead has subtle hints of coffee and chocolate. Full, rich and smooth, with a balance of wheatness nicely balanced by bitter. High alcohol content, but not too dominant. Long and smooth with a slightly bitter finish. A very nice and well balanced dark brown beer.

Kasteel Triple is a live beer, and since secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle, there is a relatively high amount of carbonation. This is also a beer style that will cellar well ( if stored at appropriate temperatures ) and it will actually improve with age. The incredible fact about this beer is that it has a 15 year shelf life! ( F orget those 'born on' dates! ) This is a big beer with 11% Alcohol, a big number, but the alcohol is not so overwhelming. This beer is actually quite easy to drink.

Limburgse Witte beer is an unfiltered high-fermentation beer that is brewed according to a slow brewing procedure. No additional yeast is added afterwards, the final product that is poured into barrels or bottles has already attained its best possible taste, thanks to the original brewing yeast. We, of course, use wheat in the brewing of our Limburg White Beer, but also several natural herbs, and no chemical flavourings or preservatives.

Orval brews one beer, and brews it to unique perfection. Dry, with a huge effervescent head, Orval Trappist Ale gains some of its character from a complex fermentation schedule: a Belgian ale yeast is added first for primary fermentation; then a variety of yeast strains are added midway through the process; finally a third dose of yeast is added at bottling time. Amber-orange in colour, dry-hopped, and always bottled in the Orval skittle-shaped bottle.

Rochefort 6, sometimes called "Red Cap," has a firm body with an unrestrained malty flavor and long finish; the bouquet holds fruity yeast notes that suggest fresh-baked dark bread. World Beer Championships Gold Medal 2006

Rochefort 8, or "Green Cap," is brown coloured with red highlights. The flavor is deep, vigorous and complex, with firm body to support the strength; the aroma has elusive notes of fresh fruit, spice, leather, figs, and just possibly a hint of smokiness in cascading layers. Suave, or "wild and unrestrained," this is a full-bodied, rich ale with alcohol at 9.2% abv. World Beer Championships Gold Medal 2004, 2006

Rochefort 10, or "Blue Cap," packs sauvage, incendiary flavors around a bold 11.3% abv, notes of earth, fire, port wine, violets, and possibly tropical fruit, all in cascading layers. The colors range from brown to deep blackish-brown, and all three have soft red highlights World Beer Championships Gold Medal 2004, 2006

Waterloo Triple is a traditional Belgian beer that finds its origin in 1815 at the time of the battle of Waterloo. Its old-fashioned brewing process from malt and hops finely selected gives its powerful and vigorous taste. A blond colour, living beer with a fine and generous head, with a subtle aroma mix of green apple fruit and fine hops. Light bitterness, smooth round beer with body and a strong character.

Waterloo Double Dark is a caramel dark beer with a generous and creamy head. With a delicious fragrance of fresh yeast outlined by scents of fruit. Light bitterness with a touch of caramel and roasted malt. Smooth beer with strong personality yet in harmonious balance.

Maredsous Blonde 6 is the first ale ever to be brewed by the abbey. Elegant and fresh, with a harmoniously fruity aroma and a slightly bitter aftertaste. Still prized by the monks as a drink to accompany their lunch. This is a delectable Blonde ale with sprightly fruitiness, soft malting, and a slightly dry, gently-hopped finish. A sparkling nose, complex flavour's and a touch of bitterness give this fine ale all of the refreshing qualities of a classic Belgian Blonde.

Maredsous Bruin 8 was blended by Father Attout, whose aim was to brew an aromatic ale for Christmas. His creation, with a delicate caramel bouquet, has become an indispensable fixture for beer lovers. This is a rich mahogany-brown Dubbel ale, with a delicate body, creamy head, and lush bouquet. Within its velvety taste you will discover subtle hints of dark fruit, chocolate, and toffee. You will also savour a dry and warming finish.

Maredsous Triple 10 is only served on special occasions at the abbey. This ale has a full, robust character, revelling in its glorious aroma and rich aftertaste. The abbey beer par excellence for the true connoisseur. This is a golden-bodied Triple, replete with festive sparkle, creamy body, and a luscious head. Its elegant smoothness belies the strong alcohol content. You will revel in its balanced, long, and warming finish.

New Products Kasteel Rouge

is the fruit beer of the Kasteel range. Its unique dark red colour is obtained by mixing Kasteel brown that has been left to mature for at least 6 months with specially prepared sour cherries. This beer has gastronomic qualities and can be drunk as an aperitif, with a BBQ, to accompany a dessert or simply as an outstanding real ale.

Brigand casts a darker than usual look

for a Belgian Pale with deep shades of gold, a hint of amber and some bronze highlights. The head is an off white vanilla colour that reaches a good height and as it dies off it leaves a nice cap throughout but no lace. Brigand tastes much fuller and fruitier than you would expect. With a fruit basket scent coming through center stage, it's bold, leaving somewhat of an apple juice aftertaste. With the malt flavour, there is some caramel sweetness and just a bit of butterscotch. The subtle hops flavour keep the balance between bitter and sweet. A great drink for any occasion.

New Products Delirium Tremens

is very bright in colour with a dense head that gives off a fruity bouquet, sweetish in taste with a lot of warming alcohol. Tremens uses both Saaz & Styrians hops, and requires three different yeast cultures in fermentation. These are employed consecutively in a two stage primary fermentation & in the bottle conditioning. In 1997, "Delirium Tremens" is nominated "best beer in the world". A gold medal during the "world beer championships" in Chicago (1998) confirmed the beers worldwide recognition.

Delirium Nocturnum

is the dark sister beer to the world renowned Delirium Tremens. Nocturnum requires five different malts to produce its smooth rich perfumed finish. Like its older sister Nocturnum carries the pink elephant motif, ensuring that this beer will always deliver the highest quality, gaining respect & admiration from consumers all over the world.

New Products

Floris Chocolat

is a chocolate flavoured white beer. Using hops as well as coriander, curacao, orange peel, different spices & famous Belgian chocolate during the boiling. After a week of fermentation and a few weeks lagering this top fermented beer of 4.2% abv will be ready to be filled in bottles. This beer is unfiltered , and therefore the beer is a little cloudly. The Floris Chocolat does not have any acid delivery and is hence fresh and very refreshing. A great light beer for any occasion be it day or night!

Bosbier was launched in 1989 and is a truly enjoyable Lambic beer. It stands out in relation to other fruit beers thanks to its smooth aftertaste. This aftertaste is secured due to a very simple and obvious reason. Bosbier is brewed on the basis of pilsner, in contrast to other fruit beers, which are mainly brewed on the basis of gueuze beer with its typical sour taste. This soft, slightly sweet fruit beer is therefore highly appreciated by people that like to enjoy a beer that provides a level of enjoyment equalling that of a glass of fine wine. The choice of glass in which this fruit beer is served further highlights this point. Gold Medal for Quality in 1996 and 1997.

Wittekerke Rose is a blend of regular Wittekerke, the best Belgian wheat beer, known for its fruity aroma and taste, together with 10% of the purest Raspberry fruit, and a dash of the Petrus Aged Pale ale, the original mother beer that is aged in oak for up to 3 years. This combination is made in heaven, beer-heaven at the Bavik brewery in Belgium.

St Louis Premium Framboise is a very deep cherry red colour beer that is slightly cloudy. The nose has a intense aromas of raspberry and bright, jammy fruit, with a nice sour, lemon and yeast background note. On the palate there is a huge sweetness that immediately coats the mouth with syrupy, red liquorice, cherry and raspberry fruit. There is a nice backstop of sour, actually quite nicely weighted limbic flavor, and though that sweetness persists, this concentrated, intense fruit beer plenty of personality.

St Louis Premium Kriek containing 25% fresh cherries in the brew, St Louis Premium Kriek pours a stunning crimson red with a fluffy, bright pink head. There is something very summery about the nose, with some grassy notes beneath the dominant cherry and cherry bubblegum aromas. There is a little hint of creamy malt too. On the palate it is sweet, with a thick, mouth-filling texture and very good fruit. There's masses of flavor here, and a spritely acidity that really sharpens up the finish to leave it delicious and refreshing.

St louis Premium Peche is made with 30% fresh peach or peach juice, pours a barley-sugar colour with a hint of peachy white in the moderate head. There's a sour lemon and slightly vinegary note on the nose and just the merest suggestion of fruit. On the palate it is medium-bodied and quite creamy, with an initial sweetness that is fruity, but not specifically peachy, which is odd. It has fairly good acidity and a touch of malty richness that stops it from being too cloying.

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Sparkling Wine & Cider’s Vivaro Intuition

is a quality sparkling wine made from quality Chardonnay & Colombard grapes, and then infused with elderflower blossoms. Once fermented, Vivaro is 'de-alcoholised' to only 8% vol, making this a great lower alcohol alternative to a traditional champagne, and a fantastic aperitif.

Stassen Cocktail Fruit Des Bois

is a high

end sparkling cider produced with real fruit, not concentrates. Once fermented, it is 'de-alcoholised' to only 5% volume, making this a great lower alcohol alternative to other sparkling cider products. A real fun drink for that warm afternoon’s or great nights out with good friends.

Stassen Cocktail Peche

is a high end sparkling cider produced with real peach fruit, not concentrates. Once fermented, it is 'de-alcoholised' to only 5% volume, making this a great lower alcohol alternative to other sparkling cider products. A real fun drink for that warm afternoon’s great nights out with good friends.

Sparkling Wine & Cider’s

Stassen Over Ice

apple & pear cider is made with only the best selected fresh apple’s & pear’s. Concentrates and flavorings are left to the other cider producers. With an alcohol content of just 5.4% volume, Stassen Over Ice leaves you refreshed and invigorated. The perfect companion for a warm afternoon or evening out with good friends.

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