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OSHO REBALANCINCi body centered therapy in which I approach my client, not as a problem to be solved but as a mystery to be explored. In an atmosphere of acceptance (of what is), we begin to move into the moment. There are many ways in which this can happen. The major components are usuallyawareness supported by touch, breath, expression, movement, sound, emotion or any combination of them. Osho Rebalancing is an artistic science or a scientific art; mixing elements of both. Because the mystery of the human being is such a vast phenomenon a multidimensional approach is best. At one end there is the scientific, structural analysis of the body and it's anatomy. The other pole of the continuum is the intuitive, in the moment approach. A session can flow from one pole to the other and back again as well as combining all the elements in infinite ways. The essence of a session is it's ability to call you in; to that inner world where the real healing work is processed and put into effect through the body. To that place where a person can wonder, can feel, can just surrender to those hardly known knowings. If that person can bring a witnessing to these inner processes, much is possible. Rebalancing supports and prepares the ground for meditation by helping to create more space in our bodies and by creating more ease and alignment in gravity. These hvo outcomes alone remove a lot of' noise out of our system (body%mind). Our bodies are very closely connected to our Unconscious Mind, The body cannot lie. The body exists in present time; or at least most of it does. Yet those parts of our bodies that are uncomfortable, painful, or out of our awareness have a link to our past. There is unfinished business held in our

bodymind and expressed in that part of our bodies. So the work is to "complete the business", to bring that part to the present. Where ever there is a part of our life that we have not lived, that impulse not followed, that feeling not felt, we store the unfinished energy in our bodies and isolate it, from the rest of the body with a layer or shell of fear. This capsule of fear needs to be respected. This is best done in a climate of love and acceptance. A human being is an organic whole. The body expresses the interconnectedness of our structure, our emotions, our functioning, and our thoughts. So if we start to work with the physical structure and change that structure; this will, in time, influence our feelings, thoughts, and physical functioning. The body is the easiest to change. Osho has spoken how the body is the outside of the bodymind and the mind the inside. Having said this, all I know is that people need to be touched and an atmosphere created where they can go into the that place on the inside where the real work, the real healing and change live. Svv Afok Si d h a mo

Osha Rein(crneiny Body Centered Therapy

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QSHO ',::.',,;;,::;:; j";-'-,: "- .:;: ' '; , Ageha 8 .."' Dynamic hands-on approach using - Connective tissue work - Joint release

- Body analysis &. awareness

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- Posture re-education and - Understanding the emotions connected ; - 9 3 3 6 2 1 7 0 ,

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' CRANIOSACRAL:;..;:;.'.;„'.:;...„" BALANCING

,,"" ,t entie effective body'work foil',:;:;:i;. ';::l Headaches' '~ Mlgrciine. '" '."-"::"", ', -' .'.;::..: Backpain • Whiplash • TivlJ "»' -',":; immune System • Stress i' 'Depression • Learning Disorders ""'. j'-; 'Physical fk Emotional Trauma


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Osho Wings vol 4 nr 6  

Osho Wings vol 4 nr 6  

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