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'., can be developed ln 8 Qustainable arid pl'actlcal'rt;d .":~'-':""These are'some of'our dreaxns; and part., ofoui;>>";.' vlslon which Is stlH evolving'.. +~@';r,'.4: ;:-: '""";;q>< j~~'~~~"„',>" ,: ""...":„'.,',I„-~r,.;-I . -



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The first guest is Saadi (Neil Douglas Klotz). Saadi is from America and has been involved in Sufism for m any years and is also a scholar of native Mi d d l e Eastern Spirituality. He has studied the original texts of Judaism, Islam and Christianity and learnt the original languages, and so puts a fresh perspective and translation on to the original messages. He has written two books 'Prayers of the Cosmos - The Aramaic Teachings of Jesus' and 'Desert Wisdom- from the Goddess to Sufism'.

that he uses for good and evil: 'good' in the Aramaic. means 'ripe' actually, that is at the right time at the right place, in the right setting with the right soil. It's all about tlmlIlg and spttmg ancl place, And the word for 'evil' or 'bad' is really unripe. This is a huge difference to the meaning used in Christianity. W hen you think of some of the sayings that have become the basis of moral codes in Christianity for example: "The good tree bears good fruit, the evil tree bears evil fruit" is really saying "the ripe tree bears ripe fruit the unripe tree bears unripe fruit". So look at the natural world if you w ant to knovv how to live life, it' s about timing, it's about setting. it's about soil, it's about breathing- all these things that the natural world presents us vvith. The word that Jesus used for 'spirit' is the same vvord for 'breath'. There's only one word that means 'spirit', 'breath' 'wind' and 'air' in A r amaic. So immediately this dualism between mind and body is broken down. So when we talk about that there is only one breath that surrounds everyone, which is between humans and between humans and nature. And all of that breath returns to one breath which is called, you could say, 'the special breath' or 'the holy breath' and this was what was translated as the 'holy spirit' or 'holy ghost'. Again a whole different way looking at what came into Christianity.

SUCHITA; You talk in your book "Desert Wisdon<" about the delicate arl of translation. Can yo« tell us something of the processyou went through to translate jesus' teachings?

And there are many more juicy bits shared by Saadi but that's ail you' re getting for this issue. You' ll just have to tune into ...

by Suchita


i and welcome to the newest column in Osho Wings. As most of you know, every week now for the last two and half years I have interviewed for Full Circle some of the most remarkable people on this planet, working in a huge variety of areas of con­ s ciousness, spirituality and w ellbeing around the world . So I'm going to bring to you some of the tastiest morsels. 'lhe hardest part of doing this column is deciding out of all the juicy bits just which ones to put in.

I •


SAADI: I s tudied the Aramaic language which was the native language that Jesus spoke. And there are many different nuances and meanings to each word so there can be many translations for each line he spoke. And for each line I had to ask "Which is the right translation?" The key to this method of interpretation is that you don' t choose one, you try to include them all in your awareness and then whatever makes sense for now, out of your own personal spiritual experience, that's the meaning. So in this sense translation is spiritual practice, it is the meditation. So I tried to evolve a form that would accommodate these many sides of meaning, like looking at a crystal from di fferent standpoints. The image I sometimes have is it was as though I was taking the mystical seed that was there in the words and then growing it into its original plant. Whereas what happened in Western Christianity was that seed was dried out and very lim i ted and all we got through the Greek languages was a very litnited view of w hat Jesus was about, very little was really left — we didn't hear his whole Middle Eastern mystical mindset.

• We specialize in fares to India

SUCHITA: So can you share what struck you the most in <~our translations of jesus' insights?


SAADI: I f o u nd t hat the things mainly being left out of our view of Jesus was the number of different earth or natural images he used; many of his words were always pointing to the natural world as the teacher. And you never get this in Christianity. For instance the words

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VVIth IndiVar TIIIS IS AN INITIAI. 3-MONTII TRAINING in the methods and techniques of the 3rd Psychology. It will include the so-cafled normal therapeutic interventions for ego-mind conflicts, and how to go beyond such conflicts. It will run from March through May, 1997. Applicants need to apply in writing giving their background and the reasons why they wish to do the course. During the three months. the group will be meeting every Sunday for a full day at the Osho Kharabat in Keysbrook, a I-hour drive south of I remantle in the jarrah forest. 'Ibtal cost for the flrst semester is $1500.

COME spend a Sunday sitting, watching and walking with the furry friends of the forest, the tafl jarrah trees and the blackboys at the Osho Kharabat. We will be practising the ancient Buddhist meditation also known as Insight Meditation. A silent day to be alone with your­ self, with the support of other meditators Bt nature. I'ou are one uith tbe stars and the trees and tbe sky and the ocean. I'ou are no longer separate. The last word of Buddha ivas 5ammasati. Remember that you are a Buddha — Sammasati

Indivar is a gifted clinical psychologist with over 40 years experience helping people from all walks of life get a glimpse of the freedom that exists beyond the confines of the conditioned mind, or ego-structure, given to us by society. He would now like to share his technical skills and understanding with those people, working with people, who would like to move beyond. Phone 41S 5103 or 430 5509 for more inl'ormation.

A ViIGIIT to come and sit silently with others. A night to evoke the presence of the Master. A one-hour silent sitting every Friday 7-Spm at The Osho Institute for the Miraculous, 59 Wray Avenue. Please wear white robe. No charge.

blDIVAR WILL BE COVDUCTING two 12-week on-going intensive groups, one Wednesday night and one Thursday night, beginning Sept. 11th R 12th. We will be providing a space for those who wish to go deeper into issues of living and beyond. Cost: $240. Phone 430 5509.

INDIVAR is available on request for I-hour therapy sessions for individuals, couples or the entire family. He is also available for all matters relating to the inner journey, Medical benefits are available through HBF, Medibank Private 8i other private insurance companies.

Cooking Whole L Mn h r rnl Fo ods To 44enl the So /p, Mi nd L M o o d~ MONDAY NPGI ITS - A great night to not cook for yourself... We will be offering a monthly iVlacrobiotic dinner to nourish the body/mind/spirit at 59 Wray Avenue. For those who appreciate only the highest quality organic and biodynamic food prepared in an atmosphere of love and awareness, please join us for our flrst dinner on Monday, September 23rd at 6:00pm. The next dinner will be on October 28th. There will be delicious dishes with grains, beans and fresh organic vegetables, home-baked sourdough bread and a Macro-dessert sweetened naturally, plus bancha tea. The cost is $15 and booking is necessary. Sahaja will be preparing the dinner with the assistance ofseveral people from her cooking courses. Phone 418 5103.



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COME DISCOVER the world of cooking and eating food in an entirely new way for entirely new reasons. Many of us eat food not for the health of the body/mind but simply for the taste. We eat sugary foods to feel happy or loved, fatty creamy foods to feel safe, nourished and protected, etc, This may provide a temporary good feeling, but at what price to health, weight, energy and the immune system? Sahaja made the recovery Irom Chronic Fatigue Syndrome over the last 4 years with a Macrobiotic diet as the foundation. Diet alone can'r cure all illnesses that are very deep-rooted in tbe body; houever without a change to a healthy diet, it is an uphill battle. /Ifany common physical complaints and mood imbalances can be easily corrected. Many people are interested in eating healthily but have no idea where to begin or more importantly how to cook healthy, whole foods that are delicious. Macrobiotic cooking is anything but boring or bland. Come explore the principles of yin/yang in cooking and life, and start the journey back to balance and healing for the body/mind. The next course begins October 5th and runs six consecutive Saturday mormngs from 9:30am-noon. Cost is $160, and we will have something yummy to eat at the end of each session,naturally. The course is limited to 10 people. Phone/fax: 418 5103 for brochure.

Now have a look around and noticethe Elemen t C o m b i n a t i o n s of t he things around ynu. An aquarium for example is a perfect Five Element balance. The water and glass container representing the Water element, the plant the Wood element, the fish the Fire element, the sand the Earth element and the rocks represent the Metal Element. You can now make your by Mandana One of the many ways to work in Feng Shui is by balancing the Five Elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. They are considered the building blocks of every physical thing on this earth Fen gShu i observes that humans are also made of a combination of these Five Flements and are therefore most comfortable when all five elements are represented in their homes or wor k p laces. In working with the elements we have to learn to define the elements, assess possible imbalances and create ways of balancing the elements.

own Five Element Arrangement, using things, colours and shapes associated with the different elements. Place a plant (Wood) in a red terracotta pot (Earth k Fire) in front of' a mirror (Water) and add a rock, crystal or bronze statue (Metal)... there you go! Place a lamp on a white coaster on your black wr>nden table...again five elements! These Five Element arrangements can be applied in endless possibilities in a house, in the garden or even on a desk top to lift, enhance and balance the Chi tremendousIy. Another easy way to work w i t h the Five Elements is to observe in a room or house which element is missing and create a beautiful way tn add it. Very often though we notice that one element is very dnminant. To work with a situation like that we can apply the Nourishing and Controlling Cycles of the Five Elements

Wood Element

The Nourishing Cycle:

• • • • • •

Wood burns to make Firewhose ashes decompose into Earth where are mined M eta I s which ennch Water which nounshes trees (Wood).

any th i n g made of wood all pl a n ts and flowers, incl. fake or dried ones al l pl a n t -based textiles, such as cotton, linen etc, flora l p rints on upholstery, wall covering, linen etc. art de p i c ting landscapes, gardens, plants, flowers the co l u m n ar shape, such as tree trunks, columns, beams, poles and stripes the gr e en and blue spectrum of colours

Fire Element • •

• • • •

all l i g h t i ng, incl. electric, candles and natural light thi ng sm ade from animals such as fur, leather, bone, feathers and wool pets a nd wildlife art de p i cting people, animals, sunshine, light or fire sha p es such as iangles, tr pyramids or cones the r e d spectrum of colours

Earth Element • • • •

bri ck , t i l es, ceramic or earthenware objects art de p i c ting earthy landscapes of deserts, fields etc. squar e and rectangular shapes and long flat surfaces the y e l l ow and earth-tone spectrum of colours

Metal Element all types of metals incl. precious and nnn-precious all rocks and stones, such as marble, crystals, gemstones shapes of circle, oval and arch art and sculptures made of metal or stones the white and pastel spectrum nf colours

W ater E l e m e n t • str ea m s, rivers, pools, ponds, fountains, aquariums etc, • refl e c t ive surfaces such as cut crystal, glass and mirrors • flow in g , free-form and asymetrical shapes • the b l a ck and dark-tone spectrum of colours Now you' re equipped to define the element of each object in your surroundi ng. Many th i ngs however are a combination of elements. A black wooden table for example expresses for one the Wnod element, the black colour expresses the Water element and a flat square surface expresses the earth element. A yellow candle for instance is a expression of Fire and the yellow' colour expresses the Farth element.

Fire Earth

The Controlling Cycle:



Wood is cut by Metal. Fire is exstinguished by Water, E a r t h is penetrated by Wood. M etaI is melted by Fire. W a t e r is contained by Earth.

The N o u r i s h in g C y c l e can be applied in a case where the Fire element, for example, is poorly represented. You can then introduce Fire and support the Fire by introducing more Wond wh ir h feeds I ire. The C o n t r o l l in g C y c l e is even more interesting to work wi th. In the case of one dominating element, you need to introduce the controlling element and avoid putting more of the nourishing element. For example in a wooden house, with wooden floors,maybe even wr>od panelling and a wooden deck and lots of plants around it, you would have a predominance of Wood which can be controlled by introducing more Metal. You might put cream coloured curtainsand a cream coloured couch, a indoor rock garden and/ o r b r onze candle holders. Then you could also introduce some more Earth to strengthen the Metal element (Nourishing Cycle) as well as some Fire to "burn off" the excess Wood. You would not want to put too much plants or floral prints etc. (Wood element) and be careful not to put too much Water (blark things, mirrors etc) as that would again nourish the Wood element. Similarly the Metal element often dominates in a house through wh ite walls and beige carpets. To control the Metal introduce the Fire element and highlight w ith Wood w h ich strengthens the Fire and Water to absorb the excess Metal, but avoid putting too much Earth which feeds Metal. This same principle applies to predominance of any of the other elements. Many of these balancing processes we already apply intuitively, but now you ran actually do them more precisely and deliberately, It is remarkable hnw balancing the elements can shift and enhance the Chi! So next time you buy a candle or a cushion, think about which element you want to enhance!!! Have fun!

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Small groups. Regular relaxation / meditation classes and exercises. Every Monday to Friday

Cl Wheatgrass Detoxification HEALTH INTENSIVE Learn a radical new lifestyle according to Nobel Price laureate Or. Anne Wigmore This 2 week live-in opportunity is particularly suitable for people with chronic ailments such as cancer and other debilitating diseases. Please phone us for a detailed brochure. Next Health Intensive: November 96

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Septcvnber â&#x20AC;&#x201D; OctoberIPP6 bg shanti Aries Conditions pertaining to your job aims, working conditions and co-workers are emphasised until the end of the month, Favourable influences prevail in this sector of your chart. Day to day contacts and routines should flow smoothly and may seem small but significant opportunities will come your way. You will find that you will complete

tasks you have been putting off for some time. This is also a highly favourable time to assess your health and make dietary or lifestyle changesto improve thisarea,a medicalcheck-up may beneeded.A maior theme for Arians right now is learning how to be patient, much growth and expansion is possible for you but you are challenged to examine if your urge for self-expression is meeting your needs for higher awareness. You need to look at what you have learnt in the past and use that knowledge/wisdom before taking off on a new physical or spiritual adventure.

TAMPMs Transformative changes occuring at a very deep level may have some Taureans wondering if at times they are having a "nervous break-down". In many ways the next two months (especially Sept) will be pleasantly social with opportunities for romance, socialising and creative expression entering your life, you may also want to test your luck with a little speculation. However the need for change, or a sense of restlessness may continue to upset your status-quo, If you don' t consciously embrace this process. You need to also take care that issues from the past don't drain you, certainly you will need to tie up loose ends or deal with some unfinished business, The psychic, emotional and physical spring-cleaning you are undergoing may not always feel easy, but many influences are supporting you, especially if you listen to your instincts.

C~ivi Domestic interests receive a pleasant boost with excellent trends prevailing up until around the 23rd favouring residential changes, a real-estate negotiation or transaction, refurbishing or otherwise improving your environment, A pleasant family gathering is also quite likely. You will also finalise matters, freeing yourself to begin new adventures in October when matters relating to creativity, love affairs, speculation and children are accentuated. You are likely to want to mix with positive, stimulating people. At the moment Geminis are refining and redefining their roles and participation in groups, associations and friendships. This may entail taking on new responsibilities or

conversely letting go of certain responsibilities. Difficulties in friendships leads you to question the validity of such relationships in your life. A clearer more mature approach will result and your horoscope suggests that it is time for fun-loving, restless Geminis to experience greater commitment.

Cheer Unexpected developments in your relationships are testing your emotional fortitude, the old way of responding emotionally no longer "works" and you may feel you are being shocked into responding and relating in a new manner. Luckily cancerians thrive on the intensity of emotional depth but instead of being able to retract into your shell you are likely to be finding that due to seemingly unrelated commitments


and responsibilities you need to stand your ground, exposed. You may even need to "slug it out" with someone very close to you. Remain aware and conscious of the support and nurturing that exists in your life right now, encouragement and love may come from unexpected quarters, This support will continue to encourage you to take risks and make changes in your working life. All efforts in this area will be

rewarded. Expect news from home or changes in your domestic sphere late September to early October,

l.eo During September you should find your financial situation improves, especially if you take time to manage these affairs carefully. The tempo of your day-to-day life will increase and you will find yourself involved with issues of communication verbal and written. Dealings with siblings will also be at the forefront of your life,

September through to mid October. A short journey is also possible. Opportunities exist for growth and expansion in the area of your work. The question you need to consider is: Are you doing what you really want to do, does your work give you a sense of fulfilment'? lf you are basically happy with what you do and plan carefully, taking advantage of opportunities for change as they present themselves, you have a very strong chance of not only fulfilling your expectations, but surpassing them. Personal relationships are up for change. You are likely to find that you are attracted to "unusual" people, individuals that you may not "normally" find attractive. Similarly if you are in a relationship you may be finding that your partner is restless and unreliable. Keeping the lines of communication open is essential at this time,

Virgo September is birthday month for virgos, use the solar return energies that occur at this time to plan for the next year, look at what you want and act decisively. At this time you are able to appreciate your uniqueness and individuality. After the 4th you should find that your ideas and plans begin to consolidate, delays or minor problems will resolve. In the area of relationships the influences suggest a need to ascertain whether you have assumed the correct responsibilities, it is time to re-examine the foundations, making sure they are solid and enough for further growth and personal expansion. Ask yourself if you are making necessary compromises or selling out to avoid change, Profound emotional changes signifying the end of a cycle have begun with the transit of Pluto through your solar 4th house, tremendous growth is possible but you need to remember not to be self-critical.

Libra Up until the end of Sept, when you will begin your solar new year, things may feel quite messy in your life. For the next weeks keep everything as simple as possible, do not avoid tasks that may seem bonng and inconsequential applying yourself patiently and methodically will pay off as the next 2 months progress. In relationships you have reached a point of change, it is time for deeper commitment and if that

is not possible then an honest review and some honest dialogue is in order. Do not sign any documents or begin new discussions until after Sept 26th. Your chart suggests many new and exciting elements have begun to enter your life through relationships, personal creativity, ideas and concepts, and through the next 2 months you may feel a little disonented as the pace slows, you may question the validity of these new things. Don't despair, by early Nov you' ll be rolling again.

Osho Wings -

5 e p f /Oct



Let others assist you where possible and don't



ignore close friends. In October things will dwindle down quite a bit but you' ll be busy behind the

scenes and you will want to attend to personal and private matters. Changes connected with family may somehow shake your confidence or sense of well being. You may find you are surrounded by others whose lives are changing dramatically and that this impacts you in a surpnsingly dynamic way. This can be uncomfortable for Scorpios because it is challenging your control issues and strategies and can have you feeling quite vulnerable. In the area of work, patience is needed and careful planning. In matters concerning finances immediate rewards for your efforts in this area are

not forthcoming and you need to have great faith in those efforts and exercise caution at the present time.

Introductory Training Course with Vimukta and Ageha Learning basic connective tissue vvork, joint release and body analysis. For beginners and professionals. 6 Wednesday evenings starting October 2nd. 7-10 pm in Fremantle. For registration and enquiries please call 09 336 2170

Sagit tarius Your worldly aspirations are very favourably aspected in Sept and Oct. Your community status and business or professional goals are accentuated.

International Speaker, Author Therapist RTS (US) K Clairvoyant

Although this <s a very good time to take meetings

or set goals, avoid entering into new ventures until after Sept 26. Your thirst for learning and for new experiences is very strong and opportunities for this kind of stimulation comes from surprising quarters.

Available for:


Glairvnyant Guidance Readings Bod cwork, Tri f~g er Point Magnetic Therapy, I'Io~er Essence Past Life I<egression Zfr I'ast Life Inf'ormation Dynamic Spiritual/Personal Development Programs

the next 2 months, but the main focus for Capricorns is on dealing with unfinished business,

Call 314 780 0

Your working life is highlighted quite favourably for

m obi l e 0 4 1 9 - 930019

whether it is professional, personal, financial,

emotional or legal. Consequences of past actions may seem to haunt you and it is important you make time to be totally honest with yourself and see how you have contributed to or created current difficult situations. Introspection and meditation are essential as the real solutions can only be found within.

4quariv s Positive trends in the area of finances and resources for Aquarians in September and long-term plans begin to consolidate in October. You are ready for a new direction but the circumstances of your life are not supporting changes which are too radical at the moment. You are

likely to be feeling how deeply important the expression of your individuality and uniqueness are to you and that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to compromise yourself or what you perceive as your truth. As we enter the 2nd millenium you have much to offer, but your insight needs to be tempered with humility and that comes by realizing you don't have a monopoly on "truth".

Pp secs Oo I t's time for Pisceans to finally realize the value of their intuition. Great inner strength comes from you

trusting your instincts. Through Sept and Oct you will find that you are very busy dealing with others

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and that you are involved in joint or shared projects. This will work

well d you are assertive and clear with your ideas and also what you perceive as the ultimate goal. Care is needed in finances but with patience and planning you have the possibility of enjoying stability in this area. ":

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arn sitting in a hut, Through the holes in the thatched

n the stillness of the night someone is playing on a flute. The moonlight appears to have frozen. This cold, solitary night, and the notes of the flute coming from far away sweet as a dream — all this is unbelievably beautiful. How much nectar can a hollow bamboo shower! Life too is like a flute — empty and void in itself, but at the same time having a limi tless capacity for melodious notes. But all depends on the player. Life becomes what one makes of it; it is one's creation. It is merely an opportunity. What type of song one wants to sing is entirely one's own decision. This is the dignity of man, that hc is free to sing songs of both heaven and hell. Everyone can create divine notes on his flute; it is only a m atter of practicing a bit wi t h the fingers. A little practice and the attainment is immense. The empire of infinite bliss is attained without doing anything. I wish to say to each and every heart, "Take up your fl u te. The time is going fast, See that the opportunity t o sing the song does not slip by. Before the curtain falls you have to sing your life's song."


roof sunlight is falling in circular patches on the floor. Dust particles are visible floating in the beam of the light. They are not part of the light, but they have made the light impure. They cannot even touch the light because they are in every way di fferent and foreign, but because of them the light is seen as impure. The light is still the light, there is no change in its self-nature, but its body — itsappearance - has become impure. Because of




see the gardener sowing seeds. He then puts manure in the soil, waters it and waits for the flowers to blossom. Flowers cannot be compelled to bloom. They need patience. Love and patience. The seeds of the divine should be sown in the same way. And similarly, we need patience to await the blooming of the flowers of the divine life. Prayer and patience — to resist this, to be impatient, leads nowhere, Impatiencc does not foster growth. If one waits peacefully, patiently and lovingly, one fine morning the flowers bloom and their fragrance fills the courtyard of one's life. To attain the flowers of the infinite, infinite patience is essential. But remember t hat if you are prepared for so much patience, your attainment can come in an instant. Infinite patience is the only condition for realizing the infinite. The moment this condition is fulfilled ... the attainment. After all, it does not come from outside, it grows from wi t h in. It is already present, but because of our impatience and restlessness we are unable to see it.

these foreign bodies the host itself has a different appearance. A similar thing has happened with the soul of man. There also many particles of dust have become guests, and man's true nature is covered by them. It is as though in the crowd of guests the host is lost beyond recognition — something similar has happened. But for those who want to know the meaning of life and encounter truth, it is necessary to recognize in the crowd of guests the one who is not a guest, but the host. Without knowing this host, life is just a somnambulism. Wakefulness begins with the recognition of the host. That recognition is self-realization. Through that recognition happens the acquaintance with which is eternal, pure buddha-nature. The hght does not become impure because of the dust particles - nor does the soul. The light becomes dull, the soul becomes forgotten. What kind of dust particles arc there on the light of the soul? All that has come into me from the outside i s that dust. What is in me other than that is my buddha­ nature. All that has been attained and accumulated by the sense-organs is dust. What is there in me which has not been attained by thc sense-organs? Form, taste, smell, touch, sound - apart from these what else is there in me? That which has not been attained by the sense-organs is truth, consciousness. It has not come from the sense-organs, rather it is behind them. This consciousness alone is my true nature. Everything else is alien, dust. This alone is the host — all the rest are guests. This consciousness alone is to be known and uncovered, Only in this consciousness is attained that wealth which is imperishable. ":

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Our Deepest Pear OV~PJelSOVI )Barf caela provri His 1994 Uviaugura! SpeecVI

Dance to the sounds of the world's best music!! 'Fly By Night' Club 6:00 - 10:00 pm

Oar a'eepestfear Is vfot that we are Inad'eeqaate.

Sun Sept 8

Sun Nov 10

Sun Oct 13

Sun Dec 8

Qav deepest fear is that we ave powerful beyond' measar e. Jt Is olAr Llotht, vlot oar Oar kvi'ess, that vnost

frightens as.

Smoke Free Venue Child minding provided For further information phone 335 8038

We ask ourselves, who am J to be brilliant, gorcteoas, talen!.ed, fabulous?


Hctaallg, who are boa AOY to be>

lgo~ are si ai lao.I g'ad Parr .planing smaii


does not serve the World.

rainbow tlridge Reflecting your inner challenges Deeply nourishing Er. relaxing


( hcI'c Is vfothlng enlightening aboat shrinking so that other people won't feel

Aura Soma

Colour Therapy Phone Vismaya for bookings or a free brochure 336 1126

lAnslAve avoavld Lfoa.

We weve born to make vnanifest the glory of (god that Is wlthlvI as,

it i s notj astin some of as: itisi n everyone.


Hs we let oar own Liothtshine, we

anconscioaslp give other people pevvnission to do the savne. Hs we ave liberated from oar own fear, oar presence aatomaticallg liber ates othevs.

In a series of sessions stories and feelings within your body will be revealexi. Then the mind can understand andhealing can happen. Pain, Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety are symptoms with a deeper cause manifesting in your body.

VI vi excerpt frovvI "VI YVIira'Servivfq of &iickevI Soup for tIIe Soul"

~power of Lo Inner Child work Sexual Healing


Man/Woman issues

. &~~,<w462

Crisis Counselling sessions for shglcs and couples

call Sapen v.oinxf

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favourite curry smell, the sound of that special is feeling. Fverybody has romantic music, a parental tone of voice, the curv e aspe c t s of each of a particular body part, or that touch signallin g sen so r y revulsion or desire are all triggers for some behaviour pattern. It may be a dysfunctional behaviour patter n .", :.,'p,:,.:;::<;pp~"." ' w hich compresses and restricts the individ ual or i t .,: " ~"::::!''-'>'' '-" . .. ' ...-, ~ + +-: " ' sy stem on l y m ay trigger resourceful patterns whic h w i th d i ffer en t e nrich and expand one's lif e lev el s o f sen si ti v i t y t o experience. The possibilitie s . ,;;~ , =.'-'.,:~!".'''"' " ; ~ ~I'<j ':, ;~-":q.",".;.-~:= '.",' ': "' ' ' each ty p e o f sensory experience. are limitless, an d . ' .'-" , ;!'.- .'"M, !;:.'. . .','; 'i~"-' It is i n th ei r p r e f erred sensory system according to th e th a t a p er so n ca n m a k e the finest distinctions and therefore excel if they have no barriers to being themselves. Also the possibility to enhance all modes of r r sensory experience is available when the N.L.P. model is e xperience of u ti l is e d . N.I,.P. practitioners, N.L.V. is about taking responsibility for our mind' s easily manipulated into a set acti vi t y an d how w e th ink about things as well as of patterns that will give eac h creati n g m o r e choices in behaviour at both conscious individual the optimum l ife experience that an d un c o n scious levels. By taking charge of how the they are capable of creating . mi nd i n ter p re t s and evaluates the sensory experiences of A young woman had intense fear reaction s th e b ein g a n d t a k ing control of what happens on the seemingly for no reason to the sounds of peopl e in si d e i t i s p o ssible to create a beautiful dance with what chewing. This effected her when eating with friends and h ap p e n s outside rather than a storm of conflict and when around people chewing gum on p u b lic transport . str u g g l e . For me the peak of this approach is expressed The cause was discovered during a light trance state. As b y O s h o w h en I hear him say "... if your love falls on a 3 year okd she had been hung out of a ski lift by he r ston y g r o u n d be thankful to the stony ground." (The stepfather to stop her crying. She wisely closed her eyes Pa th l ess I'ath). but could still hear the sound of his tobacco chewin g I u se N ,L , P . on a daily basis in my life and in my habit. That chewing sound became a general signal tha t w o r k a n d i t has allowed me to change dysfunctional her body/ m in d i n t erpreted as threatening. Once tha t b eh av i o u r s very rapidly and easily in myself and with interpretation was dismantled and replaced with a mor e cl ie n t s. At the same time it gives a set of keys to unlock appropriate non-threatening response the woman coul d u n co n s c i ous processes and access levels of personal go on to lead a more normal social life . ach i ev em en t a n d excellence previously denied and One of the great insights of N.L.P. is that differen t r ej e c t ed. To be able to change beliefs, values and people have different ways of storing their experiences att i t u d e s at will makes N.L.P. one of the major advances in their memory. The young woman stored he r in h u m an p s y c h o l ogical development this century, experience with an auditory trigger, the sound of chewing, Some people have visual and others feeling as their preferred way of storing experience. The preferred



sensory system has profound implications for

K rl'-LD T X l l URll(r oV TIVE.

understanding some differences in indiv i d u als and thei r abilities especially in commu n ication and skills development. People are different and how they communicate and where they excel are indicators of where their preferred system is, For the artist it is visual, the musician it is the auditory and for the bodyw o r ker i t

IX >TRU ( TUKIllct I RoT Ilail IKo>IoPo

IBTo R TKRH(t TrIRT'5 flI/1t.. P ra n a v a is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Pr og r a m m i n g. For session and courses see Classifieds.

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Butoh Movement Workshop Sept-Oct 96. For more detailed information phone 336 1015.

AVATAR + The magic begins with you + Call Pameo for free introductory session on 336 3656.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Counselling Sessions with Pranava. Introductory N.L.P. workshop in November 96. Enquiries 284 3109. Facials - Wonderful relaxing pampering facials with the new Dr. Hauschka skin care from Germany - biodynamic plants without chemicals - from 3-17 Sept only $45. Also available Jurlique. Phone Sidika on 284 3109.

Business For Sale Women' s Bookshop $10,000. Includes stock, good will, mailing list of 600. Contact Diane Niyati on 337 2067.

8 MB RAM, Fax modem, 14"

colour monitor, Windows 3.11, Word 6, Excel 5, $1150 ONO. Phone Monica on 385 4743.

Astrology Readings now available with Sudhir. (Also counselling). Phone 314 1054. Osho Theatre Ongoing Open Night Commencing Tues Oct 1, 7:00-9:00pm. basic theatre techniques, improvisations, meditations, dialogues, Aura Soma and spontaneous happenings. Everyone welcome. 3 Mouat St, 2nd floor, Fremantle. Phone Divyam on 335 6353 or Vismaya on 336 1126,

Country Retreat! Relax in peaceful surroundings on 7 acres in Margaret River. Your own space. $14 single/ $25 double. For more information ring Jennie on 097-572 041


Beautiful Venue For Hire for meditations, workshops etc. (85m'). Central Fremantle location, 3 Mouat Street. Also available session room. Phone 337 3996.

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IBM Compatible 486, 33 Mhz,

Fridge 360L, Futon and Base queen size, single bed, kitchen table, office desk, TV, VCR, lamp, lounge suite, chest of drawers, food processor. Everything very good condition, great prices - all negotiable. Phone Bodhitara or Samveda on 317 4278.

NO MIND Meditation happening in October.7 days, 7-9pm, A powerful way to unburden and quiet the mind. This process is being run by Dwariko and Mudito. For more details phone 336 4647.

Room available for warm, creative, garden friendly meditators. Phone Sudhir on 314 1054.

Courses, boolss, readings and much more ...

Laugh Your Way To Bliss Laughing meditation, Tuesdays 7:30 -9:30 pm, $5, 24 Coldwells St, Bicton. Phone Hiro or Arjuna on 339 8169,

Abhi's Bread Shop now open for retail, Sun/Tues/Thurs 12-6 pm, 270 South Tce, South Fremantle, Offering a variety of Sourdough breads. Home delivery also available, phone 430 4373. Housesitters available from September to November. We are experienced, responsible, caring, pet and garden friendly. Also looking for Handywork and odd jobs! Phone Amy-Jo and Nick on 457 6313. Mosaics â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Brighten your bathroom or kitchen with a colourful made-to-order Mosaic. Also general tiling, cement rendering, plastering and painting, Phone Munindra on 335 5129. If you want to promote your workshops, services or events, bring along your flyers to put in the Osho Freo Info file at Club Zorba.

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What was the most dangerous experience in your life? Ma Niyati Divyam My most dangerous experiences where whilst travelling in A f r ica by myself over a 6 month eriod. I was crossing the Zambian border. I ad hitched a ride with a truck driver from Mozambique. At the border he had to say I was his wife and give the guards money and cigarettes. I found out that the week before four American tourists had been killed and thrown in the river. When travelling onwards to Rhodesia by bus, there were burning cars on the side of the road and the bus had to be escorted by a military tanker to Rhodesia, There I was invited to an Independence Day dinner by a black man, which was held in the biggest hotel. There were 500 blacks and only 7 whites. When I arrived back at the place where I was staying I was told I had to leave. Basically I was kicked out of Rhodesia for fraternizing and sympathising w i t h b l ack people. Later on in Johannesburg I was escorted home f'rom a bar by police. Again for fraternizing with black people. I had to say I was aboriginal to stay out of further trouble.

Swami Anand Geetesh The day I took sannyas.

Swami Prem Kaiyum I had just crossed the border of Pakistan and India in a place called Amr i tsar, on my way back to Europe overland from India. I booked into a budget hntel for the night. I awoke the next morning to find m y self in a full on war situation. 24-hour curfew, no transport available, tanks up and down the streets, sounds and smoke of guns being fired, power cuts, and after a few days the food in the hotel was running out. Because it was the hot season everyone was forced to sleep on the roof (power cuts meant no fans etc). One morning as I was getting up to the sound of shooting again, I was shocked to see an Indian man, who had been sleeping on the next roof, shot by a stray bullet that had ricocheted off something and hit him. He was screaming and it was so close that I felt it was pure luck that the bullet didn't hit me. I was eventually evacuated back to New Delhi by thc Indian army on an open lorry w ith about 100 other people, mnstly A f r i can students.

I was in Teheran walking amund the bazar with another tourist whom I had just met, The crowds were getting bigger and bigger and there w ere no other Europeans around and the crowd was pressing in closer and closer. Suddenly a car stopped and 4 uniformed guys with semi-automatic weapons jumped out, cleared their way through the crowd, yelled a lot, grabbed us and threw us in the car. They then jumped in w ith their guns and drove off. They only spoke farsi, so we

didn't have a clue who they were and vihat

they wanted. After driving for about 10 min. they stopped in a quiet street, opened the door and made it clear we should get out. It took us hours to find our way back to the nnly budget hotel that tonk non-muslims in Teheran.

Ma Prem Apara Four years ago I had a hole in my heart, smoked 40 cigarettes a day, was a single parent and had to have heart surgery. Not only that but I also had a Pluto transit which is supposedly a time of intense transformation, a time of life or death, It was a very scary time for me. The operation was a necessity but not an emergency. There was a possibility that I would need a blood transfusion, but as the doctor refused to use my own blood, I refused to have a transfusion if it came to that. The operation itself meant I mould be sawed open down the mid dle of the breastbnne from the top right dnwn to the centre of the ribs. The ribs would be clamped open, my heart stopped for 40 mins and I would be on a bypass machine (artificial heart). Teflon patches would be sewn between the top chambers of the heart and then the ribs would be screwed back together w i t h metal bits. A result of being on the bypass machine was two weeks of the strangest, strongest, meatiest nightmares. As it turned out, I didn' t need a blood transfusion, 7 days after the operation and 3 days after getting out of hospital, I was out dancing. My friends were really supportive, particularly Pragita and Suchita.

Ma Prem Sono I was a fully armed cop for the Peace Force in the commune in Oregon. I was on patrol with my partner, another f'emale half as tall as mc. A gang of "Gypsy Joker" Bikers came through Antelope and we were 45 mins away from any back-up. They were drinking and becoming disorderly in public and one guy was running around with no pants on (I didn't care as long as they weren't killing anyone). The rest were the usual leather clad, chain wheeling, fully armed and smelly types. We received the order by radio from far away Rajneeshpuram to assert our authority and tell them to leave or we would arrest them all on the spot. Standing in front of over. 20 of them shaking in our western boots and bright red uniforms, I started praying to God. Luckily the Zorba restaurant manager stepped in and with full Jewish mama force started nagging and scolding them like kids, telling them tn get dressed properly and shape up. To our big surprise they all responded like drunken little boys and miraculously packed up and left... Thank God for female intuition!!

Thanks for sharing!

Osho 4'ings â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Sepr/Ocr

29 - Sammasati Sundays with Indivar at Osho Kharabat. 6- Club Zorba. Osho Theatre Ensemble presents "Out Of Our Tree", 8:30 pm. 7- Painting Group with Yaari and Nirmala at Osho Kirana. 8 - Mahaparanirvana Day Celebration, Discourse, Supper and Party, starting 6:30pm at Osho Kirana. 11 - 12-Week On-going Intensive with Indivar. 12 - 12-Week On-going Intensive with Indivar. 20 - Club Zorba 21 - Transpersonal Breath Workshop with Pauline Rea at Osho Kirana. 22 - Osho Meditation Day at Osho Kirana. 23 - Macrobiotic Dinner with Sahaja at 59 Wray Ave, 27-30 Osho Cranio Sacral Balancing Course Level I with Sabah at Osho Kirana.

P//A M

17 - Women's Kickboxing A 9-week beginners course with Rishi 8 Prarthana. Move your energy, have some fun and kick ass. Thurs evenings at "The Dojo", cost $80. For bookings ring us on 339 6140.

4 - Club Zorba 5 - Macrobiotic Cooking Course with Sahaja. 6- Osho Cranio Sacral Balancing Course Level I with Sabah at Osho Kirana. 7 - Understanding Astrology A 10-week course with Sudhir. Mondays 7:30-9:30 pm, Phone Sudhir on 314 1054. 13-15 Osho Cranio Sacral Balancing Course Level I with Sabah at Osho Kirana.

19 - Transpersonal Breath Workshop with Pauline Rea at Osho Kirana, 19- Club Zorba 20 - Menopausal Mystery Play at Osho Kirana. 27 - Osho Meditation Day at Osho Kirana. 28 - Macrobiotic Dinner with Sahaja at 59 Wray Ave. 31 - Sammasati Sundays with Indivar at Osho Kharabat.

16- Health Express with Sono, see ad on page 3, 16- Chi Kung & Hara Alignment with Prarthana. A 6-week beginners course. Wednesday evenings7-8 pm at "The Dojo". Cost $60. Ring me on 339 6140 for more information.

1 - Club Zorba

Who? Me?! •

4fA W / A V O W/ / A fA V J WN A ot')eli Q /q




f0>:- i I ef t



I " ; -'; . I<I 4 '

I" :; I




fk~ )'


D f.('KIX('. PER(i()I.AS. (' \ I l i f ) ( ) S D(.)<)RS. WIX D ( ) W S. S'I AIR( ' A SI-:S

Rf ( Y(l .l:D AND SEW TI'MRFR W()RKS Rl:ST()RA'11()XS. ADDI I 1()XS. I'X'I I'XSI<)X'i

QN/FOdUCtOQCIVCnlG '5th"SOP)'<%<It,"':44fl.54'<~%~, :; 4('.,',,'j;. .

('RI.AT IVL) A T(')P V<)ALIT Y W()RK)<ANSI<ID 2() YF ARS f XPI Rlf X( I:. f X( I'I l IFX I' RFFI:Rf X('I .'i

4 34 2 4 0 9

Osho Wings — 5epriOcr

Private sessions in Fremantle and Batdivis

Please phone for brochure,':'.":l,"- " PFeaYtwrarr~.cEse Fame Call Sabah R.N.M.M.OCBPractitioner and Trainer Tel: (09)524 1421

... dance all nitlht to music with passion and soul !!! Fremantle Club, Bannister Street, Spm - I2am

~ — 4 —5— + Cic4P

N ew M e d i t a t i o n



dcaM i ' 9 Z:OO pre

3 Mouat Street, 2nd Floor, Fremantle, Ph. 337 3996



Deadline Ads for Nov/Dec 96 Issue : Deadline Articles for Nov/Dec 96 Issue: F ull page Half page Quarter page

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$16 5 $ 98 $ 65

Oct 15 Oct 8

Mini business card 4 0 x 60mm Business cardsize 90x60mm Ciassified/Calendar 30 words - each additional 10 w o r d s

$20 $30 $10 85

The above prices do not include artwork. We provide artwork for very reasonable rates - please contact us:

PO Box 977 • Fremantle 6160


phon e / f a x 337 3996 or 319 3310

If undeliverable return to Osho WINGS


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Friends of Osho 5 Packham St. Hamilton Hill WA I




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