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Wow, again it came all together! Lots of days and late nights on the computer and of course in the end it always gets a bit hectic and crazy trying to meet that deadline....adrenalin and all...! Well, Sushcela is back and will bc on the team again next issue, Shc brought lots of juice from Poona

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Pampering the Mind, Body and Soul A unique residential weekend, M ay Call/fax for programm (09) 314 7800

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and not to mention that Poona was very impressed with our newsletter, sending it out to other centres as a sample. Great huh! ~! We have lotsof new ideas and arc thinking of expanding next issue to 16 pages (how exciting!!) and adding all sorts of juicy bits and pieces, So if you were thinking of putting an ad in, that' ll be the right time to

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get your "stuff"' into circulation. Our mailing list is steadily growing, making advertising more attractive. Thanks to everyone who's helping and sending in contributions and you know we' re always keen on any input from anyone!

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Sono Michetti B.Ac Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture, Dietary Counselling 430 8867

Char o G.M. Esser Therapeutic Bodywork, Cranio Sacral Balancing

Structural Balancing 339 6829

Rasila Brandes Vllorkshop and Mobile Automotive Service 8 Repair

Deep Tissue Bodywork 8 Massage 339 7504

Monica Gauci Ring Anagara - 0411 550541, 339 2245

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203 DOGHILL RD, BALDIVIs 6171 TEI. 524 1421 FAx 524 1016




6 .00 am DQ~ '

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430 pru Kur1m+I


6 .00 pm Silen ' ~ g

19th Ma y

o i@o

WRB/Discourse everycIry



9am-5p m -. ,"i' Every month Kirana offers a full day,,"' active and passive meditations. Meet people and enjoy meditating sto" e er. $20 (bring your own lunch).

MO NTHLY M ED ITATION 19th May8z 23I" ' 9am



Please book on 524 1421 Counselling/Aurasoma Re®th)gkk T antra for C~~ + I t ;

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K I I' 0 It O :

CranioSacral Bal@'jg$

QiGong Grand Master Jack Lim "The Sacred P,' '":"

FOMtltAN1 of QOMt4 Q1 Golly


i //r . /

with Sabah R.N.M.M. and Satyen Please phone for brochure 5$ '1"

Don't miss this opportunity to learn a simple daily series of exercises. Get in touch with your Chi energy and revitalise your body. Book early for a special reduction.


524 1016 or 524 1421

Sessions for: Childhood lsd'".r Se

16th June

A day f or the wr ogden i nside o. . e u

A day of juicy meditation techniques,,','Q."."bring you inside your heart. 9 30 am — 5,00 pm $20 (Bring your own l u n ch) Call Sandhya on 524 1421 for book'i'6gs

~~Ega.,a of Doghi11 Rd (next to Oshn Kirana) NOT ONLY offering Bed and Breakfast .

call Satyen 52,

Health and Medi ' ' SPLND soME TIME wnH Yo~ g


Accommodation fmm $12)I

WHOI.E COTTAGE AVAILABLE WEEKENDS NOW! 3 brms, fully equipped — do your own cooking, do your own TH I NG. Tennis and swimming. I'ri-Sunday From $200 up to six people.

BUT ALSO: 1/2 Price Stay-Over packages to Sannyasins during the week. Luxury surroundings in country sweetness and silence. STOP, un wi n d, wander — enjoy meditations and

BE CARED FO R over a day or two,

LILY S PARTY VENUE Due to popular demand Lily's is now available for party bookings. Creative staff will tailor arrangements to suit your particular wishes. Accommodation possible.

Call Poonam: 524 1620


nside you, you are just spariousness, uncluttered spaciousness. Silence means you have put aside the whole furniture of the mind — the thoughts, the desires, the memories, the fantasies, the dreams — all you have pushed aside. You are just looking into existence directly, immediately, You are in contact with existence without anything in between you and existence. That is silence .. And when you can experience it happening here - you can hear the silence. And when you hear it, there is immediate understanding. Understanding comes like a shado~ f o l l o w in g silence. To understand words and to hear words is very simple. Anybody ran do it: just a little education about language is needed, nothing mu rh . But a tremendous transformation is needed to hear silence and to understand silence. Silence is the basic require­ ment for understanding God, the basic requirement to know trut h . . . Being here with me, being a sannyasin, can be defined very simply as learning tn be silent — sitting in silence with me. I am using so many wo rds for the s imple reason that words can give you the gaps . . . My words keep you awake, and just between the words I give ynu gaps. And thnse are the real, essen­ tial things. Waiting for another word, you have to lis­ t en to silence. . . This whole situation is being used to hand over tn you a few pieces of silence. It will look very strange to the newcnmers that I am talking just to make you able to hear silence and tn understand silence. But that has always been the way of the Buddhas.

That's how the world is not reli­ gious. I would like to rhange this whole idea. You can become silent, you can become prayer­ ful, meditative - in the world. Then the whole world can become religious. And this has been observed­ that if in a village of one thousand people, even ten people start meditating, the whole quality of con­ sciousness of that village changes. Because those five, ten persons are not isolated. They are not sitting in caves - they are living in the wor ld. They create a cer­ tain vibe, they create certain ripples of peace around them. Those ten persons moving in the village of one thousand people come in contact with almost every­

body. They go on infecting people. The whole quality n f thc village will change. Just ten people . . . t h a t means one percent. If nne percent of human beings are changed towards, turned on to meditation, we will be able to change the whole world consciousness. . . j ust one percent. And a totally ncw consciousness can come into being. The world needs it now — it has never been in so much need. It is really passing through tremen­ dous crisis. It has never been so; there have been crisis before, but never nf such proportion. So work hard!



y whole effort in introducing a new concept of sannyas, is to bring to the world that which for centuries wc have been thinking can only be gained in the monastery, in the cave, away frnm the world. Because of that idea, humanity became divided into two parts - the worldly and the nthcr­ worldly, the religious and the irreligious. And of course, if silence can only bc attained in the loneliness of the Himalayas an(3 the Alps, then the whole wnrld cannot go there. If the whole world goes there then there will bc no silence either. Only a fcw people can escape. So the world w il l never become religious that way.



earn silence. And at least with your friends, with your lovers, with your fami l y . . . A n d t h i s is your family, the orange family. Here, sit in silence sometimes. Don't go on gossiping, don't go on talk­ ing. Stop talking and not only on the outside — stop the inner talk. Be in an interval. Just sit there, doing nothing, just being presences to each other. And soon you will start finding a new way to comm u nicate. A nd that is the right w a y . . . OSHO — THIS VERY BODY THE BUDDHA


ind can only function with the expected, with the knovvn. When there is something unex­ pected, unknown, then it has to stop. And thc stop­ ping of the mind is the sound of nne hand clapping.. It is silence. OSHO- GOLDEN NLIGGETS

Sammasati Sundays BO X>alt of Vipassana SUMDAY, MAY 12 SUMDAY, 3UME 25 COME spend a Sunday sining, watching and walking with the furry friends of the forest, the tall jarrah trees and the blackboys at the Osho Kharabat. We will be practising the ancient Buddhist meditation also known as Insight Meditation. A silent day to be alone with yourself with the support of other meditators & nature. Cost: tl30. Tea, fruit and biscuits and meditation cushions provided.

Bring a picnic luncb and a totvel for a lunchtime soakin the hot tub.. Limited toll people. Bookings necessary. Phorhe 430 3509

Mystery Nigbt MY STERY NIGHT isan on-going open group which happens every Wednesday night from7:30-9:30pm, Indivar leads this on­ going open night at The Osho Institute for the Miraculous, Unit 1/8 Collie Street, Fremantle. (Entrance on Pakenham St.) Cost: $10. No booking necessary.A taste of meditation, a taste

of awareness, the presence of the mystery.

Friday Nigbt Darsban A ittOtty to come and sit silently with others. B night to evoke the presence of the Master. A one-hour silent sitting every Friday 7-Spm at The Osho Institute for the Miraculous. Please wear white robe. No charge.

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Situated atop Mount Shadforth in a rural setting with spectacular views, only 10 mins t'rom Denmark township and 20 mins from beautiful l/i/ittiam Bay. Fully furnished, carpeted through­ out, slow combustion open fire, 5 double bedrooms, 5 bed loft, 2 ba throoms, spa, fully equipped kitchen, open plan dining and lounge area

p lace

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with Sefhefief 6 Saturdays 10am-noon commencing/uly 6th. Phone/Fax for brochure.


Magnificent 3 storey luxury A-Frame home available for 6 months June-Nov i996



Experience the JVlagic

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WEEKEND HEALING iNTENSIVE May 25-26, 9am —6pm For people who want to live, love and laugh.

This weekend isabout learning new waysto heal your hndy and your life.

Cosv $180, Conc. FORTNIGHTLY TUESDAY M EDITATION EVENING Venue: At Samveda'g place. CosT $10



For further information phone Sahyma on (098) 409 029

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Fogt mone Inpottmanon and ttoolancs

please call 317 4278

which was quite freaky, but I understood it to be a form of letting them go, which gave me an incredible sense of freedom.

Sabah has recently ended a 3 months silent retreat in complete isolation. Sabah, what made you decide to go into silence for 3 months? Sabah: I am a sannyasin and meditator since many years. When I turned 40 last June I had the very distinct feeling to do something dras­ tic about my life. I had the feeling I needed to be alone, completely alone for a substantial amount of time. I had no interest in anything outside and I had no desire to participate in any activities of the so called nor­ mal society. These games I had played for 40 years and now it was time to discover my "inner world" with more sincerity. The world that all enlightened Masters who I met in my life referred to as the only "real importance in life".

How was it to discover your "inner world "7 Sabah; Giggels.... Well, for me discovering my inner world had a lot to do with becoming aware of all kinds of different forms of enpr;.i.~, watching the mind and experiencing the limitations it puts on me and then moving on............„,

Can you give a practical example? Sabah: Yes, for example in the first two weeks it was very difficult for me, a whole layer of fear, triggered by being alone in an isolated place started to surface. I was confronted with strong thoughts of being abused or killed, to the point where I was convinced that I will not leave this place alive.

Obviously you did survive.

What happened after you had gone through this phase? Sabah: Then I went through a phase of experiencing past lives which felt like erasing many unconscious habits that I had been carrying with me for my whole life. And then after this I started to get very detached from the mind and the body and was in bliss most of the time.

Have sexual desires been a big problem during your silence? Sabah: No it was not a problem, Essentially it is the same as with all the fears I had. The mind creates very vivid and juicy sexual movies. And there are two things you can do. The monks and nuns in the tradi­ tional monasteries often condemn themselves for it and then they turn verysour.That's oneway.You can also justenjoy themovies and keep watching and after sometime the sexual feelings would turn into some­ thing lets call it just "energy", the thoughts would disappear and I felt really high. So, you see you can have very exquisite sex all by yourself. As I have been working with Tantric techniques before I had experienced similar things but never to this extend and fulfilment, This is a phase that every person who is interested in Tantra can pass through, but it' s definitely worth the patience.

How was it to reenter into the world' ? Sabah: Easier than I thought. After being in isolation for 3 months. I wanted to go back into the world and see how I would be. Could I keep the silent spaces being out there paying the bills and doing the shop­ ping> I felt very removed from my surroundings a kind of "being in the world but not of the world". I don't take things so senous anymore, But yes it's a great challenge if you want, I love the world, all is very beauti­

ful, even the misery, Sabah: No, that is not quite right, because at least my fears have died. After a while I started to get detached from the fiction my mind was cre­ Did you have fun in your isolation? ating and I could see that it had nothing to do with reality. I experienced Sabah: Yes lots, I was very happy, sometimes I broke out laughing the mind as always either in the past or in the future busy creating aloud mainly about the ridiculousness of the mind It's all a big joke. movies. They can be horror movies, romantic movies, you name it, but they never have anything to do with reality.

Do you see how things really are7 Sabah; I had glimpses, every meditator has glimpses and in the setting I was in I probably was a bit more aware of them, because I had no dis­ tractions.

What didyou do the whole day7 Sabah: For the first six weeks I stayed in my room and just sat. No read­ ing, no writing, no music, no distractions whatsoever, not even walks.

Can you say something about your spiritual search7 Sabah: For me it is important to put some effort into the search, this is just my life's purpose, but that might be different for somebody else. It is good to find a balance between aloneness and being in the market place and sometimes it is very necessary to be alone, totally alone. And then

the search is complete, there is no goal. Just sit and be alone for some time and you will see, it's not difficult at all,

Are you enlightened' ?

Sometimes I had myeyes open, sometimes closed. And I watched my Sabah: .. More giggles.... Everybody is enlightened! mind go bananas. Often it was an effort even to cook and shower but I did it to take care of my body.

T hank y o u

very much

What did you experience through so much sitting? Sabah: In the beginning of the retreat my whole life flashed by on an inner screen. I had a lot of uninvited visitors. It seemed that everybody I

Sabah currently lives and works as a

had something incomplete with from the past appeared in one way or

at the Osho Ki r ana Medit atio n Centre. ""i"

another. Many times for example I saw close friends and relatives dying,


HERBS FOR K V KRYTHPlG Our products and services include: Iridology, Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils, Rosewood Natural Skin Care, Herbal Soaps, Shampoos, Conditioners, Dried 8c Live Herbs, Aromatherapy 8c Herbal books.

pr inc igloo.wg 1 M~ o V e • ~~

Massage Sessions available Courses in Aromatherapy & Herbal Medicine

Di paunka Macri des

Iw + v ie

~ &vw • F1ew I (of Ii ~3 . P~ h ) V< + itin ~ i 6 'H~ ~ e F~

• Herbalist, Iridologist, Aromatherapist • 8 y ears Experience


+So 64~o

Ph 430 6779

The Alchemy Herbal Shop


5 R.'X'8 )iPL'RSOi>T.Al,


@lg'in" pos S ggS

PAULINE REA R.N.certif.ereathwrkr.


Worksho dates:


18th May 29th June 27th July

W L nc yic­ oF

C3~lly CO ss~ace

Please phone for brochure and registration

17th Aug

Ph/Fax 331 13'l2

~i tl v mw~

Nealth Express

a. m

A Powerful tfeaNh Augtarnrnein 3 Parts "1t is a discovery of sweetness

Part 1

and the innocent flow of an ancient and natural way of moving"

Comprehensive Health Evaluation Personalized Dietary Plan

Erasmia wa s taught the art of oriental Belly Dance by famous Egyptian teachers. She has given many award win­ ning performances and has been leading workshops and classes since 1979.

Weekend Workshops:

May 25-26 $ 1 8 0 , Conc.$150 June 15-16 $ 1 8 0 , Conc.$150

Weekly Classes:

Tues gr. Thurs, 7-9 pm

$ 15


For brochure and info phone,.;.' 337 3996 or 336 1375

Part 2 5 days cleansing tft balancing diet White following your normal dally routine.

we will meet for: 5 two-hour health classes

Fart 3 Support and health class after 10 days

Starting June 15 Cost S100

Sono Nichetti Acupuncturist 430 886 i

ZlDays DyntjmieMeditation

fluddhafield Nettrs

Across the World

Beloved Friends,

Having returned from that magical place


called Poona (Osho Commune International), my heart is once again filled with delight and grati­ tude that this mysterious wonderful place exists in the physical plane of this planet, From the

to July74

n experiment to create a m e d itative ener­

moment when tired and bedraggled we arrived at the Welcome Centre, where we were greeted

gy field all over the world. An opportunity for each of us to discover deeper levels of

and chatted to, I felt again that delicious feeling of having arrived horne. . . . Aaah This ... so soft and inviting. Of course many experiences; intenseness, aliveness, shaking my core, wading through all that armour .... Not having to cook, shop, clean, and all that other domestic business is always a big relief, having White Robe Brotherhood a big part of life, friendly faces to chat to or welcoming trees to sit silently under, finding a juicy place to work or doing the "Hanging Out Intensive", or maybe a

ourselves in the support and encouragement of thousands of others. Dynamic Meditation is a door to express our neurosis without causing harm to others or to ourselves. "For modern man i insist on active medita­ tions, not silent meditation. Because your energy needs acting out, it needs catharsis, " OSHCI - When The Shoe Fits

group or session to jump into. I can't not mention Buddha Hall — smorgasboard of meditations, Nulla Park, the bar and commune p a rties. So really what I'm trying to say is that I am so very i)oppy that the Ashram is there for all of us to imbibe. It is so multidimensional and provides a personally unique experience for all of us that venture through "the Gateless Gate".

This is a global project and c e ntres from a(l around the world will be participating. Stay on the look out for details and keep these dates in mind! For info ring Osho Wings on 319 3310.



St. AIIamO



Sessions noiv available in I:Iemantle and Haldivis.



20 years continuous practice as a bodywortrer Leader of the Osho Peba(ancing Training in Poona

available now for

OCR I'nl(t IllOI Icr al ld TrllillCr

524 1421

~ p~QWcc Nfg

Cul en d u r 26- Candle Making with Sucha 10am to 4pm, $30 wgd, $20 unwgd, incl, all materials, four candles and a candle meditation, bring scrummy lunch to share and a bucket. Phone 337 8439.

MAY 3 - Club Zorba meets at Freo Club, Bannister St, DJ Suchita 8 - 12 Trager Training at Osho Kirana. 17 - CLUB ZORBA SPECIAL featuring a dazzling Belly Dance Performance with Erasmia at Freo Club, Bannister St. 18- Transpersonal Breath Workshop with Pauline Rea at Osho Kirana.

8 - 9 Cranio Sacral Workshop Hands on introduction to the Upledger Method, This workshop will give you a wonderful skill to use in your life for yourself and those around you. For more info and bookings call Zafira 410 2458 or Charyo 339 6829.

31 - Club Zorba meets at Freo Club, Bannister St, DJ Suchita

15 - Health Express with Sono


16 - A Day for the Woman Inside For women and men at Osho Kirana.

1 -2 Exploding in Colour Weekend workshop at Osho Kirana. Paint your way to life, love and meditation â&#x20AC;&#x201D; creative fun for everyone. Phone Mudita

19 - Osho Meditation Day at Osho Kirana.

337 4059, Yaari 336 3769 or

12 - Sammasati Sunday with Indivar at Kharabat, see ad.

7 - 9 Power and Love A weekend group with Elli. We will learn to move from "powerstruggles" to communicatingour needs and desires to our partner from an open heart. Cost $130, 339 2787.

23 - Osho Meditation Day at Osho Kirana.

Nirmala 430 6936.

24 - 26 Alchemy of the Heart A weekend group with Elli. We will be giving ourselves space to explore the heart, its beauty and its quality of transforming energies. Cost $130. Phone 339 2787.

23 - Candle Making with Sucha see May ad. 23 - Sammasati Sunday with Indivar at Kharabat, see ad. 24- "21 Days of Dynamic Meditation'* ! I Join in this exciting global project!

8 - Grandmaster Jack Lim Fountain of Youth Qi Gong Workshop at Osho Kirana.

28 - Club Zorba meets at Freo Club/Bannister St, DJ Suchita. 29- Transpersonal Breath Workshop with Pauline Rea at Osho Kirana.

24 - 26 Experiencing Oneness with Helena Ederveen at Osho Kirana,

05 H 0


with Yuthika Ads Flyers Brochures Businesscards Word Processing Design 5 Typesetting

Her sessions are magic She's only here until August Don't let a chance like this go by

Phone 3398 08 zf now

( urea' Pri ce s

P h . 3 19 3 3 1 0

Weekly OngoingProgramme Daily

6:0 0 - 7:00am

Dynamic Meditation

Fremantle Ed Centre


335 3445


7:30 - 9:30 pm

Mystery Night

1/8 Collie St


430 5509


7:00 - 8:00 pm


1/8 Collie St


430 5509


7:00 - 9:00 pm

White Robe Brotherhood



524 1421

WoRI( l~ Ou~ WiT4



by Monica Cauci t's been called "Power Yoga", "Aerobics with a medi­ tative flair", "for those who like it hot", and "the work­ out that can change your life". They all fit, but the real reasons why this ancient, yet relatively new to the West, classical style of yoga has taken the work-out and yoga scenes in America and the East Coast of Australia by storm, are very logical and yet extremely profound. Dating back several thousand years, Astanga Yoga carries the pure wisdom of ancient Yoga Masters and is taught in its traditional and original form. Astanga system is unique and very different to other styles of yoga. Focus is on creating and maintaining heat by uninterrupted flow, through a set series of pos­ tures, sychronizing each intentional movement with full directed breath. The series of postures (asanas) is intelligently and logically choreographed, each posture opening and preparing for the next. The sequence is progressive and balanced as well as strong and chal­ lenging. The breath system is mindful and absorbing, empowering and invigorating, Internal holds (bandhas) give centered and integrated movements. Gazing points (drishtis) enhance focus, concentration and direction. Together these techniques form Astanga Vinyasa Yoga (Movement Breath System) a high-ener­ gy, whole-body, whole-mind training system. Through regular practice stamina, strength and flexibility are quickly built, promoting correct posture, alleviating aches and pains from lack of exercise and increasing vitality. There is no way to remain the way you are — you either become more rigid or you break out of patterns and transform, At its core Yoga is a process that


state of no-mind, bringing grace and sensuality to movement. Breath is the intimate link between body and mind — our natural, higher intelligence. To feel the breath as the movement of our inner being and to reflect that perception is the pure expression of posture (asana). The key is to use the technique, not to be attached to the form, and to express its pure essence, It's like doing yoga from the inside out. It is an internal experience, a CC


meditative practice,

oga b t i ng s

Opening a n d ment d ee p

bein g present in the

moment, The tempo of

m O Ve- th e practice is beautifully Wi t hin

personalised — in tune

with t he rhythm of the individual's breath, one

the VerY fibre Of

follow s that melody. within

your being, giving

Astanga lies in learning

SpaCiOuSneSS and

how t o focus and gener­

expandtng your

and to let go and surren­ yp

COnSCiOuSneS S .

ate energy on one hand, der o n the other hand, w nto the last pos­

fundamental to many indigenous cul­ tures. The increased heat and circu­

ture, Savasana, the corpse posture! Yoga teaches us about life, as the exact same principles apply. The success ofthis yoga does not depend upon being able to do the perfect posture, but on under­ standing what is necessary to do the postures — "faith, courage and a sense of adventure". You will work it out with Astanga, physically, mentally, emotionally and spir­ itually, The series will take you through specific memo­ ries, emotions and physical sensations, allowing you to examine them meditatively and to let them go. Yoga brings opening and movement deep within the fibre of your being,giving spaciousness and expanding your consciousness. This transformation opens you to the

lation rapidly improves flexibility,

extraordinary wisdom and well-being that is your poten­

restores function to injured areas, facilitates realignment and

tial and to a more profound relationship with life. The purpose is to become the observer, the witness of

involves confronting your limits and transcending them.

It is a psycho-physical approach to life. Yoga trans­ forms you by opening the physical, mental and emotional binds that block your poten­ tial and limit your life. Hot7!! — Purification through heat is

removes toxins, enabling physi­ cal therapy to take place. Psychologically, this "internal fire" burns through igno­ rance and illusion. Th e

result is a powerful cleansing, detoxifying and strengthening of body and mind. Astan g a' s

motto is "perfect breath, perfect

posture". The proper use of breath puts you into a

our body and mind, to merge with the breath, the

truth, consciously and experience bliss. "Do your practice and all is coming" (Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Master of Astanga Yoga Mysore, India)


Monica Gauci will be giving a demonstration of Astanga Yoga and is teaching regular classes - see Classifieds.

0 /ussif l e d s CLASSESISESSIONSICOURSES Avatar - Give yourself the gift and adventure of a life time. With the international Avatar co-delivery you share the fun and experience of many students and licensed Avatar masters from across Australasia. Bali: 8 - 16 June 96 New Zealand: 28 Dec - 5 Jan 97. For more information and monthly trainings held in Perth call Pameo. Phone/fax: 09 336 3656 or Pager 476 2503. ASTANGA YOGA Demonstration Friday May 17, 6-7:30pm at Fremantle Education Centre. New Fremantle classes beginning May 20 Mon/Wed/Fri 7:30-9am. Ongoing classes Mondays 5pm Tom's Yoga Room, Claremont. Tues 6:30pm, Thurs 5pm, Sat4pm at Yogaworks Subiaco. Beginners welcome. Enquiries Monica Gauci 385 4743.

Elli Roeder (Clin.Psych) is available for Individual Sessions in Counselling integrating Breath, Energy Work and Hypnosis. She is

Mac Computer LC475, 15" monitor, lots of orig. software $1400. HP540 Inkjet $550 ono. Kundan 335 8392.

also offering a series of10 Sessions in Childhood Deconditioning, a process healing our wounds from year 6 back to conception. Phone 339 2787. Professional Astrologer from Eastern States. 35 years experience, Transits and Natal Charts. Short sessions and in depth consultations available. Ring Paritosho 317 4278.

COUNTRY RETREATS Relax in peaceful surroundings on 7 acres in Margaret River. Your own space. $14 single/ $25 double. For more information ring Jennie 097-572 041

FOR SALE Carpet as new, wool berber, beige tone, 315cm x 370cm, $115. Phone 319 3310

FOR RENT Beautiful House for Rent for 6 weeks from June 14 - July 19. 5 bedrooms incl. session room, fully set-up and equipped. Price negotiable. Davilak Ave, Hamilton Hill. Phone Ageha or Vimukta 336 2170.

MISCELLANEOUS The Spiritual Adventure of a Life Time - Osho Commune International足 The Heart of India, Meditation Tour for 30 days from Sept 16 . If you feel you need an emotional recharge or if you simply would like to relax in a beautiful and supportive environment, phone Samveda for details 317 4278. A luxury tour with a soft landing! Free information 8 video evening once a month.

he only

a J~


Ar SAe

responsibility is towards your


We specialize in fares ta India We understand your specific travel needs

own potential,


your intelligence and awareness足 and to act accordingly.

:-'goviNqA,: Book L Crystal Shop Healthy cash flow Beautiful working environment

Group discounts available

(2 people or more) Air India, 2 for 1 to Bombay $1699. departure in Ahoy. Bring this ad and anu bookings

made and deposited bq June30 will enter a draw to win $100!!

Osh o Golden Nuggets



Ph 430 5553 Fax 336 2097

"'-tI,'j ci a '.,'; -' RT "'

9 2 .I

. . .~!.~

Sundays 4:OO - 6:OO pm


...danceallnirlhf fo music u/ith passion andsoul!!!

PECIA!. YEN T Belly Dance performance with Erasmia DJ Kaiyum

OSIHIO~ D eadline for July/August 96 Issue: Full page Half page Quarter page

$150 130x1 9 0m m $ 90 1 3 0 x100mm $ 56

IN G $ J u ne18

Business cardsize 90x60mm Classified/Calendar 30 word s - each additional 10 w o r d s

$ 28 $ 10 $ 5

The above prices do not include artwork. We provide artwork for very reasonable rates - please contact us:

PO Box 977 â&#x20AC;˘Fremantle 6160 - phone 337 3996 or 319 3310

If undeliverable return to Osho WINGS PO Box 977 F REMANTLE W A



Print Post Approved P P 634775/00069

Fnends of Osho 4C Blinco St. Fremantle WA



Osho Wings vol 3 nr 3  
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