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Beloved Osho, I heard you say that we sometimes carry other people's wounds. What does this mean? Is another person's wound simply their thought pattern that we adopt? Ifwe can so easily accept someone else's wound then why is it so difficult to accept our own buddhahood? It is very complicated question, but if you are ready to understand I am willing to answer. Everybody is carrying other people's wounds. In the first place, you are living in a sick society where people are angry, full ot' hate, enjoy to hurt - that is the superficial level which can be understood easily. ... According to me, thc v hole foundation of life has to bc changed. People should bc sympathetic only when there is pleasure and joy and rejoicing, because by your sympathy you are nourishing. Nourish people's joy, don't nourish their sadness and their misery. Be compassionate when they are miserable. Make it clear that this misery is chosen by yourself.... ... Thc only way to get out ot' misery patterns, whether ancient or new, is witnessing. I say it is thc only way, bccausc nobody has escaped I'rom the mind without becoming a witness. Just witness, and suddenly you will start laughing at your own misery. All our miseries are so superlicial - and most. Iundamentally, they are all borrowed. And everybody is giving his misery to cvcrylxxty else he comes in contact with, People are talking continuously about their miseries, about their troubles, about their contlicts. Have you ever heard anybody talking about his joyous moments'! About his dances and songs? About his silences and blissfulness? No, notxxly talks about these things. People go on sharing all their vvounds„and whenever you are talking about your misery to somctxxty, without your knowing, you are transferring a miserable pattern. The person may be thinking that he is only listening to you, but he is also catching the vibc of misery, the wounds. When I said that you carry other people's wounds, my statement meant that your own consciousness has no v ounds, It everybody becomes alert, meditative, there will be no wounds in the vvorld. They will simply disappear. They will not I'ind any house, any shelter. This is possible. If it is possible for mc, it is possible for ever) Ixdy. And in your question you also ask why "wc can so easily accept someone else's wound," and ~ihy it is "so difficult to accept our oe n buddhah(xxt." You can acceptsomcixxiy's wounds because you also have wounds. You understand thc language of wounds, miscrics, sufterings. And you ask ivhy wc cannot accept thc idea of being a buddha. In thc t'irst place, you rarely come across a buddha. Very rarely docs a buddha exist in the world, so even it you meet him you will not undcrsund his language. Most probably you w>ll

misunderstand him. You know misery, and he is talking about bliss. You know wounds, and he is talking about eternal health. You know only death, and hc is talking about eternity. In the first place, it is difficult to find a buddha. In the second place, it is difficult to understand his language because it is not your language. Othe+vise, this must be the simplest thing in the world — to understand one's buddhahood. It is so obvious. Your very being is already a buddha, but you have forgotten the path of your inner being. You have travelled long on many paths, but they all lead outside, and slowly, slowly you have I'orgottcn that there is a small space within you which you have not explored. Meditation is nothing but an exploration of your ignored inner space. That, small space will suddenly remind you that you are a buddha. And unless it becomes a mindfulness in you that you are a buddha ... It is not a concept; nobody can convince you that you are a buddha ... you cannot, bc otherwise. It' you simply go in, the very experience of the interior space explodes in thc recognition and remembrance of your buddhahood. It is not a philosophy, it is an existential experience. QSHO- The Zen Manifesto

emote t.o~ e~t~gs It once again has been a rush of energy to put together another one... late nights, good laughs and watching it all happen. We hope you' ve noticed we have a new name and like the change. Everything is constantly changing and having a lot of fire signs behind the scenes on this publication will keep it moving fast. We have two new features that will bring some nice tips on the matters„ ln the Kitchen with Hi ro and Health Corner is an open space for all you healers out there. Contact us if you'd like to share some of your wisdom. Next Issue we will also start an Astrology Column which will hopefully help to bring even more clarity for those moments we wonder "what' s

going on". We are open for any comments and suggestions on our steps around Osho Wings, so if you have one or two or even more, write to us and we promise to

'~~ ~k~ k QkÃ'"'t~<j4K~~l~4g+'i~~<~~'

be very partial and publish the letter if the space permits. For those that have been supporting this beautiful project we would like to gi ve our heartful THANK YOU. We do need the encouragement from friends, the ads from the activities and all the energy to get Osho Wings flying very high.

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H E A R T H C) N N E C: T t (3 N F .v'f'.Rp TH U RscIA+ ~ / : a O p l v l

1/9 Kitchener Road - Melville. A night to meet old friends and create new ones. To get to know and trust yourself and others.

V / E I .CC)M E AU (zUst

T D S M I TD 6 a . N I T


I A I H W c) i v livIE.Nc:IN< A I I : 5 D p iv i

1/9 Kitchener Road - Melville

WS H C ) M U l ' I I V ' E R S IV Y' C )PE N I . E T T E R The Osho Multiversity is going through some change> — the most practical of which is that we will be moving mid August. To where is a mystery right now so call us on 330 7235 for further information. Life certainly is a mystery! The Aum Meditation is not happening — if there's a bunch of really enthusiastic people out there who want to commit to a six week process with the Aum please contact us. I need at least 20 to make it juicy. I also cancelled Prak ashand Alka for now. After an eight week stint at Exdusive Acrylic I need a break. With llove Mani

A night to welcome Smito and Nityama back to Perth. Smito has recently been running groups throughout Europe and Canada. He comes straight from the Humaniversity in Holland where he ran a group during the month long "Melting" with Veeresh and Samadhi. Smito brings a special brand of w o r k ing w ith people based on creating friendships. Smito and Nityama will be based in Perth for some months. ( C ) IVIIVIUNICA1 1(3N ANd G RA N I -' IIC-'I RI - 'SC)(VIN(i A TV v'D CIA+ RF &ldF N T I Al G f K ) U P V v 'ITH S M I IC 3. From friday evening Sep 15th to 17th. Cost $200 This group will be specifically about how to resolve conflicts

of all kinds with clear communication — saying what you mean and the ability to listen without judgement. Speaking and listening from the heart. I--nR Al l

I : N cI U I RII s e A I I

C ) SH D M U lT I V E I ~ +

W 330 7235


AV6 /' SKI ++


, '„ 4 H5 ' , vi~k",~k:.'«4... ~: ei%rtc"; + '.e@p

~+ .'-:<~ FVLLMOON l~ i +/@A

j M ' w' w< ' ' '

AUG 11 F ull M oo n P a r t y A UG 1 8 - 2 3 A ura-Soma Foun d a t io n C o u r s e with Pascale AUG 2 5 - 2 7 Beyond Belief w ith Bod b i t ar a & Sa m v e d a SEP 8 Mahaparinirvana Day Celebration­

'~ 05g %fWfWXNQOP;.&IAPt"Pi~. ~4'd4%~

'" >'k~j~JgiÃ

Supper/L ive Music $15 SEP 15- 17 Commu n i c ation Wo r k s h o p wi th Sw. Smi to ,;,' ', .'..;::.'.,' i.;:,"::„'.,"<.~ ~ ('8i. ~ .'~ ~ A~ SEP 2 2-2 4 „',::„', .-,: '::,':.',.':::,.';:.. |atra Osho Meditation Camp Poona Style . w ith Bod h i t ar a k S a m v e d a Also offering a 5 Day Residential SEP 29 / OCT 1 Quit Smoking 8 Detoxification Program that works!:;:.':;::. "-' For more i'nfo'itn'ittorI 8 b'rochiir'e"pIe'aie'c'8)f us-"oA"524.$42't';:,":.',

The Art of Dying w ith I n d i v a r


T4c 5h,c'Fc'5 7'o'AH

Prima.l )ssves Sex+a li+ R e l atioeships

with S ARA H 6 SA T Y E N M . l a. An individually designed process for couples. "The only one in WA.!"

C ounselling w i t h a d i H e m n c e . WithSA T Y F X

LH + OR DOQH)ll ROAb n ext door t o O sh o K i r a n a BED S BREAKFAST C R4N jO S4 C R 4 i 841 4NC IN G BODY-A1IMD HEALING THROLIGfl TOUCH Gentle aitd effective for atty «cate tranraas, clironic ailtnents, stress release & relaxation

L uxu r i o u s f a c i l i t i e s a n d s e r v i c e s D evonshire Teas over the we ek e n d s

Double $70

Single $55 Optional extras: Candlelit dinner with w i ne, Bodywork sessions. Visits to local vineyards, horseriding, bike to nearby bird sanctuary or simply spend the day in bed...being! Ma Prem Poonam will be taking care of you. Call her anytime for more information on

Sessions also available at 13A Point St. Freo Contact Sabah in Osho Ki r ana — 524 1421

524 1620


R A 9 1 K FR)ENDS lntervie~v xvith Indivar

Director of the Osho institute for the Mirac ulous and Founding Member of the lnnerversity of Fremantle

Rupa: How do you see sannyas - now that Osho has left the body? Indivar: What makes you think He's left' ? Rupa: Well they did burn it. Indivar. That's the whole problem - you m i stake the body

for yourself and live your whole life as though you are this body/ m i n d . Remember what it says in the Samadhi - Mever Born, Never Died. Now anyone can say that but knowi ng it, being it, is what we' re here to learn. And if you don't learn to know who you are, to know that, then you' ve missed the boat this life time anyway. All Sannyas has ever been is an effort to p r o v ok e t his go d l i ness in y ou . Pr o v oke, because

it's already here. Rupa: Godliness - I'm not totally comfortable with that term, it seems to imply a particular way of behaving. Indivar: No it absolutely doesn't imply any particular way o f behaving. It's about an inner quality. To l iv e w i t h

THOU, I AM THAT. Osho was a super duper Bodhisattva trying to wake us up to our oneness with nature.

Rupa: So if Osho's dream was "only a device" where does that leave us? Simply doing nothing, which sounds like giving up on sannyas altogether? Indivar: To push the wheel of the Dhamma is the job of the Bodhisattva and if you remember from the Diamond Sutra H e inv i ted e ach on e o f u s t o c h o ose th e w a y o f t h e B odhisattva. So i f y o u ' re i nt o t h a t c o m e a l on g an d g e t yourself a guernsey! R upa: Pushin g t h e W h e e l o f t h e D h a m m a d o e s n' t t h a t s ound like hard w o r k ?

Indivar. That's the paradox! lt requires absolutely NO effort to push. As soon as you become an emptiness ipso facto you are pushing the Wheel of Dhamma. To become totally

awareness rather than through old reactive patterns is the r eal ch a l l e n ge . W h i c h o f c o u r s e i s d i f f i c u l t b e c a use i f

available to the flow is to be helping to push that wheel. But remember being an emptiness is dangerous because it means p e o p l e w i l l w a n t t o g e t r i d o f y o u —y o u ' re dangerous, a threat to the conditioned mind.

someone calls you a drongo or some more cutting epithet

To go with the flow implies that one never knows what is

the reaction will be there! The reaction is not bad as long as you bring you total awareness to it.

g oin g t o h a p p e n , o n e i s l i v i n g i n t he i n s e c u r i t y o f surrendering to the spontaneous flow of existence. But instead of going with the flow we start getting involved in gossiping and f i g h t i ng, i n p o l i t i cs, w h ich i s i n ev itable when people are not living as an absence. We're the ones who destroyed the communes in Poona One, theRanch and

Rupa: How do you see us going about fulfil l ing Osho's Dream? Indivar. That's easy — He never had one! That was a device!

If He had a dream He would have been holding out for an opinion rather than flowing with nature. His whole life and himself. This is his whole effort, to bring him back to

even here with our own greed, grasping and jealousy. Rupa: Do yo u f eel w e h av e an y t h i n g r e semb l in g a commune here around Freo now or the possibility of one?

nature. No t i n t o h a r m on y w i t h n a t u r e b ecause harmony implies the possibility of disharmony bu t to become it. Or r ather to r ecognise ones ow n i n n e r n a t u r e — THAT A R T

Indivar. I' ve no idea. There's certainly no organised body as s uch but each must go according to hi s or he r ow n i n n e r light and that's what has always been the core of sannyas.

His whole effort was a super attempt to bring man back to


C0 ~


T wenty ye ars co n t i n u o u s p ractice as a b o d y w o r k e r . L eader of the O sh o R e b a i a n c i n g T raining in Po o n a Available now fo r s e s sions

336 1746


c ~ Vcr@ zoo ~ W o w . z QILr S~ Z V A t t D REKQKZS

Make your own range of skin care, perfumes, m assage / b a t h o i'ls and h e r ba l d e l i g h t s

V Vorksho D a t e s S k 22 Aug — 5 8z 19 Sept

Tuesdays — 7pm to 10pm 19 Aug - 16 Sept Saturdays — 10am to 3pm

G reat gif t i d e a s - Pam pe r y o u r s e l f !

33l NOVI

Phone Sudasi 335 4105 or Susheela 337 3999

''ro ~~I""PA tt@n~' t r y+err P~' mNMK %' r re@'+&i rpr>rr irreyrav@lrt"~'pr'rvrv,'""~x~citti~

Beloveds, I would appreciate it, if you could include the fol­ lowing in the next newsletter. Hands up anyone who's heard of Capel or knows where it is? Sorry but it's not that close to Margaret River, Goddam! But it is only 50 kms away and 40 kms to Donnybrook and 30 kms each way to Bunbury and Busselton. Four kms from Capel is our 38 acres bush with a lake. Osho Park Ok is like the old Shanti plus a lake, (actually a winter wet sw amp, but 10 acres is not bad for wind surfing). Well, what are Ma Deva Vismayo and Swami Unmana doing here? We are doing lots, building a house, have animals, installing a permaculture design and organic gardens and just looking around at nature, the open sky, the moon. Sometimes it all seems too much for two people. Unmana wants to do this, Vismayo wants to do that. We need some extra people to complicate things even more. A Meditation Centre w ould be good to carry out Osho's vision, particularly the bit I like about the New Man living in forests in small communities, for the eco-meditator perhaps. Anyhow, give us a call on (097) 272101 if you are ready for the country (full or part-time), are brave, practical, ready to rough it for a while and madly in love with Osho. Visitors also welcome. Love Unmana PO Box 17 Capel 6271

B Mi~ ,. g ~

@ ' y ~ : g ~~

g @,Qettrkf ytp~;~a ~

k,: w 4 ' ; ~ ~


Transmitter Relays & Colourpuncture

ttralk thrdutlh your chart, fddli attt! Idt tltd ttdlcda



i) 4

'yrtlth!hrt work yoo tat chratue nbt the belhtt Oor the mind, the embabnt O "d the baby. It e I 0;re e C'ebnatd ri the wny

e n me":o',on d very ample'


Sessions with Neer u

336 t375

m 3361375

&e 'Jreo Sread Wan offering a variety of 6orne-6aftedsourdouyft 6reads 270 5outk 'Terrace, Soutft gremantle. P f I o ne: 430 4373

j ;j

~ ~ '$ig~4j<'@~ @ )I ~',-'jgj+;;@;„;,' ~:.

One afternoon in the Soily Saperstein Salesroom of Salami Sandwiches, the phone rings. "This is Soily", says Soily, as he picks up the

phone. "Hello," says the voice on the other end. "Is that you, Soily?" "Yes", says Soily, "this is Soily." "It does not sound like Soily," says the other voice. "Well", replies Soily, "this is me, alright — Soily

Saperstein here!" "Are you sure you are Soily?" says the voice. "Sure I am sure!" replies Soily, looking in the mir­ ror. "It is me — this is Soily!" "Hm," says the voice, "I want to speak to Solly­ Solly Saperstein, please." "I-Iey!" cries Soily. "It is me, you idiot! This is

Soily!" "Really?" asks the voice. "Is this reallySolly?" "Yes! Christ!" cries Soily. "This is Soily!" "Well, listen Soily", says the other voice, "this is Moishe. I..end me one hundred dollars, will you?" "Okay," says Soily, "I will tell Soily when he comes in!"

Beloved friends,

I guess everyone has seen by now, the new format Osho Times International. Anyway for those who haven't it's really worth dropping by the centre to pick up a c opy. A g l ossy full足 colour magazine of 64 pages which is a real q uality production. T h e r e ar e l ots o f n e w a rticles from d i f f erent p arts o f t h e w o r l d including an international Osho Meditation and celebration calender. Ring me at the centre for info if yo u w ant your stuff i ncluded in that section. Reports coming from Poona indicate thatsales have sky-rocketed and the magazine is being taken u p b y l o t s o f m a i n -stream newsagents, both in India and Europe. We have donated a subscription to the Fremantle City library. Osho Freo still acts as agents for subscriptions and the cost for one year is $95. H a l f-yearly subs are no longer available. Archano brought back news from Anando that the OTI is also wanting to encourage budding journalists from all over the world to submit suitable articles. They are best sent to Poona via the internet or neo-net so if you don't have a computer link to either network let me know and we can arrange for you to have time on the computer at the centre. I guess you noticed in the Sunday Times article last week that we are now "moving from being a cult to being an organised religion", I reckon they'd change their tune if they saw my desk sometimes, Per s onally, I pre f e r J a h an's description of us as a disorganised religion. The number of new people coming to the centre to connect with Osho is increasing all the time and the library is getting lots of new m e m bers.

There is a lovely sofa coming to live here in the library in the next couple of weeks on loan from Paradha. Afternoon tea on Fridays is still happening and a great time is being had by all, but catastrophe looms because I have loaned my recipe card file to someone and we are running out of good cake recipes. Can whoever borrowed it let me have it back as w e w ant t o h ave the apple frangipan pie real soon!!!! Lots of love





I eO

L ITTLE RED PHON E B O O K S "Haven't you got one?" Get yours NOW! Why not havetwo? - one for home and one to carry with you. Complete updatefor the year on the back page of this newsletter KEEP IT USEFUL! KEEP IT UP- TO-DATE!

0!Ity$S at theOshoBook5hoP!

MEDITATION: THE FIRST & LAST FREEDOM a six week course introducing

OSHO and his Meditations enquiries: Rupa 336-2662

CD CLUB NEWS New releases coming soon! * SUNLIGHT RAIN RI V E R

-Sambodhi Prem *DESERT VISIONS -Prem Joshua


e bala n c i n g ™ B ody Th e r a p y f or P e r s o n a l Gr ow t h S. Physical W e ll-Being

A GEHA S E P H T C l N P r acdt i o ne r a n d T r a i n e r s ince ' l 9 6 2 Tel/Fax: 9 3 6 2 1 7 0

Sessions on: • Primal Issues +Sexuallt33r + Relationships

g' d 'elf 't avant the b m n b I

• Inner Man / Inner Woman nMeclitation



5 2rt 1 4 2 1


Vke Stealing Kurt' Varot comes to rFremanele

'tee'or/shop Sept 9 Oned~apent

/roti %~

J) I








A MI IA ) 0 I 20/I

- a u t hor C Creator ~ n e nce the vuisdom of this stuning Tarot.

Enjoy the 106 6eaut iful fu 0 co&ur cards. gain fresh insight mith maj ors which reflect todays concerns af 4alance a nero mak af femak. I earn a6out thie tu)o neu) suits that re-instate ancient

gnuwkdje, Contact c'I u 6fiadro or Sudhir on 314 1054 or jyoti on 401 0943


- t e • e




ANA BARNER international Facilitator STralner

W eekend $e m i n a r : September 2 5 3, 10am-Spm Unit 1,8 Collie St, Frema n t le For more information and bookings for sessions and workshops, contact Sudhir:


DJ Shuchita


• ~ I

• •

t he A Cafitfg

0 'iiftft

4 30 88 6 7 Acup f in c h.lre

New Dance Club Last weekend

of each

8 H o li s t i c H e a l t h C e n t r e

Sono Michetti B.Ac.M.T. T raditio na l C h i n e s e M e d i c i n e W 430 88 6 7

Char o G .M. Esser Therapeutic Bodywork, AuraSoma 8 Tarot Readings

W 339 6829

month Rasiia Brandes

Starting August

Massage & Deep Tissue Bodywork W 336 4117

O Govindo Tantra Counselling Sessions W 339 1318

Listen out for details...

O Sabah Fine Art of Cranio Sacral Balancing M 524 1421

1 3A Point St , F r e m a n t l e











House in East Fremantle - 3 bdrms, swimming pool, semi-fum. incl. TV 8 VCR, fridge, wash. machine, dryer, dish

Psychotherapy - Childhood work,

washer, outside furniture, ret.gardens.

Psychologist. Ph. 336 1642.

$210/week - Available now - No letting fee. Call 339 1318.

Breath Energy it Aura Soma -Sessions

peaceful surroundings on 3 1/2 acres- 1 1/2 hours from Freo. Rent Free, own phone bill. Phone Nirala - 097 335452.


Low -Cost INeditatfon Baaed Counselling- Available now with Sudhir. Phone for details 314 1054


Wanted House Sitter tf Bird feeder­ for 3 weeks late September. Green,


codependency issues, transforming negative beliefs. Dhara, Clinical

MISCELLANEOUS Real Estate -Selling your house? Call Yatra - Brice Realty, 66 George Street

with Nirmegha - Phone 335?1 65

Ph. 339 7444 AH 41 7 8042.

Tantra Counselling - take a fresh look at yourself / your relationship / your life

FOR SALE Beautiful Oak Dining Table -VGC $200

through the eyes of Tantra with Govindo Phone 339 1318

- Ph.339 1318.

H ERBS FO R E V E R Y T H l N G Our produch and services include: Iridology, Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils, Rosewood Natural Skin Care, Herbal Soaps,

Shampoos, Conditioners, Dried 8I Live Herbs, E'xpenence the jI/tagic

'0' '(avot keadiv/gs +'

Costa/s (yevv/s tov/es PevI da/avvl s

/ewe//evg 4/asic

gooks Cards

posters '(.arot Cards

'(arot gags Oslo uv v/es Osi/0 gooks 4 iii/as/c geng Si)ai /Mirrors Ch

Arornatherapy 5 Herbal books. I/ye also have Courses in Aromatherapy 8 Herbal Medicine Call D ipaunk a M a c r i d e s • Herbalist, lridologist, Aromatherapist • 8 y ears Experience Ph 4 80 677 9

T he Alchemy H e r ba l S h o p

x~~ ~<a

Cv gs tais Piescae Revved' Prernantle JICarkets ! 7r 9-9.'iai 9 — '~Sun 9-5 f>us~ Hole i'i-~~

S)i vari(09) 450 77 47 Q//ice(09) 450 8280

6 Market St, Fremantie


~.." 4 .Kkil!I'.';.',-~;,~.<5@» ,. Like the blood and the breathing system, her wi t h Cr anio Sacrai Therapy themove­ the Cranio Sacral System is an utmost vital m ent c o u l d be restored. She resumed a structure in the body , hea lt hy life a g a i n . In the course of the treat­ The brain and the central nervous system ment i t w a s found that the imbalance wa s s.eim in the spinal fluid. get nourished by it c a us e db y a miid bicycle accident in her

and are subject to a subltle pulsing (the


Cranio Sacral Rhythm). This rhythm can be detected throughout the body, whic h

As wit h a ny experienced hoiistic healer who is not j u s t treating symptoms of dis-ease we

implies for example that the bones of the

a re l o o king for what gets disturbed in the

head (approximately 20 individual bones } de epe s t c ore of the body.Cranio Sacral are in constant movement. B ala nc ing ena b l e s the body to relive and lt is of great importance to understand, that re l e a se memories and traumas that cause any trauma physical and/or emotional will m os t o f our acute and chronic ailments. It is lead to a severe disturbance of the Cranio a uniq u e f orm of bodywork combining sci­ Sacral System. These disturbances create so e nt i f ic skills with the sensitivity and intuition called "energy cysts" which in turn lead t o of the p r a c t itioner.

many chronic physical manifestations in the D r. J. Upledger, an orthopaedic surgeon body, To give you an example: a 48 yea r oid woman had been treated for chroni c depression for 18 years without success, After checking her Cranio Sacra/System it d was found that the movement of one of her head bones was blocked and by treatin g



from T e xas USA was the first to discover this mysti c a l rhythm during a spinal surgery, He fe lt ve r y intrigued, started to research and ev elo p e d Cr anio Sacral Therapy which is n o w t h e leading edge in modern body­ m ind h e a l i ng,



CORN BREAD 1 cup of' wholemeal self' raising flour 1 cup nf' polenta 1 cup of soya milk 1 tbsp of soya flour 3 to 4 tbsps of olive oil 4 spring onions Mix polenta and wholemcal self raising flour, spring onions sliced. In a small container mix the soya flour with a little bit of milk. Pour into the middle of the mix and add the rest of the milk and oil. Mix it well. Pour the mixture in a bread tin and bake it for 30 minutes at 230C, maybe a lit­ tle bit longer with electric oven and enjoy! This bread can keep f' or about 5 days in thc fridge. Griff thc slices, it tastes even better!

( j~'4"+4~ ~ ~ + o@ j j

TEA FOR A COLD I I a i".i;:.' u ! n < i!!:i rtc! s

1 p!cklcd plum (umcboshi) 3 or 4 cloves of' garlic, sliced 1/2 inch of fresh ginger root, grated 3 cups of water Slowly bring water with garlic and lime to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer and add ginger and plum. Simmer lor 10 mi nutes. Drink this tca hot while taking a hot f'oot bath, 2 to 3 times a dav. Keeps w inter colds and flus away Cvnit66!utt6$ ft trttt Son8'.-,',"A84pu'iictiirist:-" P fii'430 8869':", „












11 - Full Moon Dress up Party­ Osho Kirana /7pm till late

4 - Ref lexology Training with Mridula - M.R.A.A. - 6 Monday nights 6:30 - 9:30pm at 1/8 Collie St. Freo­ Cost $130 - Phone 335 S925

7/8 - Breath Energy Ecstasy­ with Eli 8 Ageha - 2 Days of breath work, Neo-Reichian bodytherapy, guided heart meditation and energy

12 - Being Alive - Body/Mind aligning. Finding the balance through breath, vibration and movement. Over three Saturday mornings­ 10am - 12pm - $60 (Concessions available) - Venue: The Dojo­ Enquiries - Prarthana 339 6140 14 - yt/elcome to Smito 8 Nityama­ Commencingat 7:30pm - 1/9 Kitchner Rd Melville - Ph 330 7235 15 - Entering the Unpredictable­ 6 Evenings with Sudhir -Intro 7:30pm at Collie St. - $5 - Astrology If Tarot . The Next Step! 18/23 - Aura Soma Foundation Couse - with Pascale at Osho Kirana 29 - The Psychology of the Chakras - (Four Tues evenings) This group covers the nature and psychological function of the chakras and provides a context in which

people can experience the energy of each chakra through meditation and guided explorations. Phone Dhara 336 1642 or Charyo 339 6S29.


+u4®~octa G OU R M E T M U E S L I Treat yourself to the best! A deiiciotis breakfast of graitts, irats, frttit & seeds. Ran>nr tnustrrit tn trrrfrctinrr trritlr nlirre nil, trnrrrr/ & malt.

I torrrr rtrliireries irr l'ren corri/ Wr'dilrsrtai/ (ill d ui>nllablr' ut Aslrn / l'rn.

work. This weekend group will give 8 - Mahaparinirvana Day Celebration at Osho Kirana 9 - The Healing Earth Tarot­ Experience the wisdom of this stunning tarot - Ph 314 1054 or 401 0943 - See Ad on page 7. 9/10 -.Colorpuncture Training­ Every second weekend until end of Nov. All levels, for practitioners Ph. for details. Institute for Esogetic Therapy on 336 1375

you the opportunity to explore unexpressed emotions and release energy held in the body. In an environment of acceptance

miraculous transformation can happen. Cost $180 - Call us for more information - Eli 339 2787 and Ageha 336 2170.


15 /18 - Communications and Conflict Resolving - with Smito See Osho Multiversity Ad.

Chi-Kung 8 Ha r a Alignment­ 8:30 -9:00am Monday to Friday Walk Safe Progressive Martial Arts Tuesdays from5;00 to 6:30pm. Phone Prarthana or Rishi on 339 6140.

22/24 - The Meditation Camp­ Come and join us on this reiaxing yet

juicy weekend, combining many of Osho's powerful awakening methods. At Osho Kirana - Cost $160 incl. veg. meals ff accomm. And an absolutely fabulous Saturday night Dance with C.J. Chandra. Call Samveda or Bodhitara on 317 4278.


~ J. a ~


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Sexy Miss Thornbum,the primary school teacher, wiggles into the classroom one morning. "Now, children," she announces, "today we are going to start a whole new and exciting subject called

Sex Education!" There is a loud cheering from the boys, and excited squeaiing from the girls as Miss Thornbum claps her hands to restore order. "Settle down, childrenl" shouts Miss Thorbum.

"Soon, you little boys will be getting interested in some little girls, and some of you little girls will have your

little eyes on some little boys."

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Suddenly, Little Albert interrupts. "Hey, Miss Thornbum!" he shouts. "And for us Little guys who are

l'tr/rared toit/t twve by A Ntj O H A R A

already screwing - can we go out and play footbal17"

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R 1'R Fivi 92.1 sundoys 4:00 fo 6:OOPm

Abheeti, Ma Dhyan 336-3356 Adima, Sw Prem 335-6353 Alok, Sw Dhyan 336-3932 Aman, Sw Anand 339-8269 Amita, Swami Anand 331 2071 Anupam, Sw Deva 335-8392 Ashesha, Ma Prem 339 8417 Bodhitara, Ma Jivan 317-4278 Chandra, SwAnutosh 335 1291 Chandralekha, Ma Puj a Devaja, Sw Prem Devamarg, Sw Dharmaraj, Swami 384 3098 Diti, Ma Veet 430-8280 Elli, Ma Prem 339-2787 Garimo, Ma Prem 430-6990 335-1291 Gayan, Sw Dhyan 335-8392 Geha, Ma Anand Gitima, Ma Prem 336-2591 Govindo, Sw Prem 339-6140 Gunjar, Sw Divyam 335-2803 336-2366 Gyano, Ma Prem Gyanveeto, Ma 381-2269 Jadranka, Ma Prem 336-1642 Jahan, Swami Prem 362 2856 Jwala, Ma Bodhi 336-3216 Karajal, Sw Prem Karuna, Ma Deva 336-2591 Kavisha, Ma D. (03)9844-1971

E I Kudan, Sw Bodhi 335.-1291 Kundan, Sw Anand 336-1501 Kusum, Ma Kuteer, Sw Prem 227-,5659 Madhu,Ma Dhyan 0 98 383-042 Mitra, Swami Kalyan 335 7203 Moham, Sw Prem 336-2366 Mandana, Ma Shanti 336-4117 335-8925 Mridula, Ma Gyan Nalini, Ma Prem 331 2071 Neeraja, Ma Prem 385-0394 Nikhil, Swami Bhodi 430 5509 Nirdosh, Ma Prem 430-6976 Nirmegha, Ma Dhyan Pameo, Ma Dhyan 336-3656 Paramo, Sw Dhyan 331-3747 Poonam, Ma Prem 524-1620 Prasad, Sw Kr. 336-1919 Prasanna, Sw Ve l85-0517 Pravahi, Ma Pren J7 252-494 Pravino, Sw Ana. 319-2517 Premdaya, Ma 335-8392 Punito, Ma Jivar. Rahni, Ma Deva 335-7203 Rakesh, Sw Prem 339-4902 Rasata, Ma Jivan 314 6824 Rasila, Ma Deva 336-4117 Rudra, Sw Anand 336-4078 336-3935 Rupa, Ma Deva


S aguna, Sw Deva Sameen, Ma Anand S amma, Ma Prem Samveda, Sw.Chetan S amveda, Sw Sandhya, Ma Prem S anjiva, Sw Prem

Sarala, Ma

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S arvam, Sw Dhyan 381 2 2 6 9 Satnita, Ma 331 1574 S hantiprem, Ma 434-31 6 5 S hashi, Ma Dhyan 336-1 9 6 0 S iddhartha, Sw 339-22 4 5 S idhamo, Sw Alok 335 3 9 0 2 Smaran, Swam Prabhu S ono, Ma Prem 336-4 1 1 7 Sri, Sw Prem 336-321 6 Sujati, Ma Prem S uresh, Sw Anand 434-3 1 6 5 S urmani, Ma Yoga 336- 4 0 7 8 S usan, Ma Prem 335-94 0 6 Swapana, Ma Bhodi Tosha, Ma Prem 098 4 8 2-144 U tthan, Sw Bodhi 336-2 5 9 1 V ictoria, Ma Veet 314 6 7 8 2 Vism'ay, Swami Nirav 3 8 5 6065 Vismaya, Ma Deva 337- 3 9 96 Visvaso, Sw Veet 0 4 1 498-8000




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