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COVER STORY: The Roots of Violence


Have you ever looked at a root? It doesn’t look like the

packaged carrots you get in the supermarket. In fact roots are like inverted trees – full of branches – with rootlets coming out in all directions, each having tiny “leaves” called root hairs. These extensions are underground and provide the root with multiple sources of energy. This month Osho examines the roots of violence, looking at the main sources, war and terrorism, that plague our world today. What are the tiny rootlets and root hairs that give daily nourishment to the main stem? It’s easy to identify the rootlet issues like prejudice, street crime, bullying in schools and in the workplace, and the violence portrayed on TV and in movies – even in pop songs. Have you ever observed cruelty to animals? These actions all grow from the root and in return they feed it. What about the tiny root hairs that are so small and so plentiful?When you walk on the street, you can see the root hairs of violence everywhere. Look at the litter that covers roads and pavements. See how people mindlessly destroy flowers and plants as they saunter past them. Watch and listen as parents tug and pull at small children as they drag them along the busy streets. This is how the roots of violence take hold in us. If you become observant of your own conversations and listen in on those of others, you will find endless put-downs, criticisms and negative judgments – and that’s just what is expressed. Just listen to the ongoing violent chatter in the mind. Every negative judgment we make towards ourselves or others is an attack. Have you ever observed the way a tone of voice or a gesture can be used to intimidate someone? These behaviors are terrorist activities in everyday life. Control measures are being used because human consciousness is not. In some places,like Singapore, Mauritius or countries in the Middle East, governments have enforced legislation against the litter and garbage that violates so much of our planet. The Osho proposal is not to enforce compliance with external control, but to raise consciousness, individual by individual, until the root hairs, the rootlets, and the root itself can no longer support each other.


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SHORT ’N SHARP Whenever a man or a woman are in love, they don’t eat much. Love is such a nourishment, who cares about chocolate and chewing gum and ice cream? But once they get married, the woman starts getting bigger and bigger and bigger. What happened? Now there is no more love; now she is replacing love with ice cream.

You bring a woman ice cream and roses and sweets and chocolates. If you don’t give a woman something to eat, she will eat you! Just let her chew something and she will not chew you.

Chocolates, Ice Cream and Sweets Do you enjoy eating sweets, or are they a substitute for something else that you miss?

Enlightenment is coming to know that there is nothing to know. In other words, existence is a mystery and there is no way to demystify it. To know it and to live it is not intellectual; it is a taste – hence I have called it like chocolate. Either you have tasted it or you have not tasted it. There is no position in between.

Eat as much chocolate and ice cream as you want because on the farther shore there is no ice cream, no chocolate – and I am telling you from my experience!

If you drop all the parental voices, all the upbringing that you have been forced to go through, you may suddenly see ice cream as just an ordinary thing. Once in a while you can enjoy it, but there is no obsession to eat it too much. That obsession is part of the repression. They have said, “Don’t eat it,” and that has created a hypnotic, a magnetic attraction to eat it.

Whenever a country is repressive of sex it becomes very obsessed with food.That’s what has happened in this country: for centuries it has been repressive of sex. That’s why Indians have been very inventive about food – new sweets, thousands of sweets. All excerpts are from OSHO books


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In a balanced, loving relationship, sometimes we can be with our partner and sometimes alone.


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RELATING “I wonder if my lover and I should live separately, but then I tell myself that maybe the friction is good for me.” Rather than living completely separately, just

meet for two or three hours every day, and the remaining time be alone.You can use the friction and the situations that come up in your relationship, and be alone too. In fact whenever two people are in love, they should not be together for twenty-four hours. It is very, very harmful to them, and more than that, it is

Lovers should only meet again when they want to be together very much, when it has become a really intense desire.

harmful to the love itself. People kill and destroy their love by being together too much, because something deep down is violated. Each is in need of a certain space, and lovers become too interfering in each other’s lives, unknowingly of course. They love, so they want to cling and interfere in each and every thing – and that’s how every love is destroyed. Love can be tremendously beautiful if it is not destroyed. If it is destroyed, it can become the greatest hell there is. As soon as anger or irritation or a desire to be alone arises, you should immediately separate for a time. Each person needs a physical and psychological space to himself. Lovers should only meet again when they want to be together very much, when it has become a really intense desire. If you live alone too much you get bored.There is no excitement – simply you and you and you. It is monotonous, a single note.You want a change, a little spice. The other brings the change, brings another world into your world, and that is helpful. So when you feel the need of the other, seek her. And when you feel that the need has been fulfilled, move back into your own world. If lovers can know this rhythm of being alone and together, and constantly move between the two – if you suddenly feel like being alone and you move – that’s what I mean by love. If the other person loves you, she will respect your need, and if you love her you will respect her need. If you don’t allow the other person space, by and by he becomes miserable and he will escape completely. So give him a little space, don’t cling. The love affair can become a permanent thing if the rope is long enough. If love keeps overflowing into freedom, then there is no problem – the relationship goes on enriching every day. The greater the freedom in love, the greater the possibility of it remaining forever and forever. Once understanding flows between you, there is not much of a problem.We are here to make each other happy, not unhappy. If you make the other happy, your own happiness grows and the other returns it, and there is no end to it. It can go on reflecting in a thousand and one ways. So try it and see. Excerpted from Nothing to Lose but Your Head, Osho

“We are alone in our search for our inner self. It feels lonely. Is there any place for a beloved?” If you are not in love, you are lonely. If you are

in love, really in love, you become alone. Loneliness is sadness; loneliness is a feeling of incompleteness. You need someone and the needed one is not available. Loneliness is a dark house, waiting and waiting for someone to come and kindle the light. Aloneness is not loneliness. Aloneness means feeling that you are complete. Nobody is needed, you are enough. And this happens in love. Lovers become alone – through love you touch your inner completeness. Love makes you complete. Lovers share each other, but that is not their need, that is their overflowing energy. Two persons who have been feeling lonely can make a contract, can come together. They are not lovers, remember. They remain lonely. Now, because of the presence of the other, they don’t feel the loneliness – that’s all. They somehow deceive themselves: I am not lonely – somebody else is there. Because two lonely persons are meeting, their loneliness basically is doubled, or even multiplied. That’s what happens ordinarily.


Two lonely persons meet – that means two gloomy, sad, miserable persons meet. The misery is multiplied. How can two uglinesses become beautiful? How can two lonelinesses coming together become completion, totality? Not possible.They exploit each other. They somehow try to deceive themselves through the other. But that deception doesn’t go far. By the time the honeymoon is finished, the marriage is also finished. Real love is not a search against loneliness. Real love is to transform loneliness into aloneness; to help the other. If you love the person, you help him to be alone. You don’t fill him or her. You don’t try to complete the other in some way by your presence. You help the other to be alone, to be so full out of her or his own being that you will not be a need. Ordinarily, so-called lovers are very much afraid of the other’s aloneness, independence.They think if the other is independent they will not be needed; then they will be discarded. So the woman goes on trying to keep the husband dependent, always in need, so that she can remain valuable. And the husband goes September 2008 11

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RELATING on trying in every way to keep the woman always in need, so that he remains valuable. Then there is continuous conflict, struggle. The struggle is that everybody needs freedom. Love allows freedom; not only allows, but strengthens freedom. Anything that destroys freedom is not love. It must be something else. Love and freedom go together; they are two wings of the same bird.Whenever you see that your love is going against freedom, then you are doing something else in the name of love. Love makes you free, liberates you. And once you are totally yourself, you feel grateful to the person who has helped you.You feel something divine in the other person. He or she has made you free. When love deteriorates it becomes possessiveness, jealousy, struggle for power, politics, domination, manipulation – a thousand and one things, all ugly. When love soars high, to the purest sky, it is freedom. It is moksha – it is absolute freedom. Excerpted from The Search, Osho

One of my most-loved books is by Rabindranath Tagore, The Last Poem. It is not a book of poetries, it is a novel – but a very strange novel, very insightful. A young woman and a man fall in love and as it happens, immediately they want to get married. She is very cultured, very sophisticated, very rich. The woman says, “Only on one condition....” The man said, “Any condition is acceptable, but I cannot live without you.” She said, “First listen to the condition; then think it over. It is not an ordinary condition. The condition is that we will not live in the same house. I have a vast land, a beautiful lake surrounded by beautiful trees and gardens and lawns. I will make you a house on one side, just the opposite from where I live.”

A couple asks about their relationship: He says, “I want more space and freedom.” She says, “My whole life revolves around him. At first I wanted to blame him or myself for the problem, but then I realized there is nothing wrong with us.” There is nothing wrong. In fact there is never anything wrong with anybody. The problem arises because of a certain misunderstanding. Nothing is wrong in his desire to be alone and nothing is wrong in your desire to be with him, but both desires cannot be fulfilled together, so the problem arises. My suggestion is to let him be alone. It will be hard in the beginning but by and by you will see the beauty of it. The more you force yourselves to be together, the more he will move away from you. He will even start hating you. Love can turn into hate very easily. Hate is just waiting by the corner. If you insist too much and he feels imprisoned – because he wants his freedom and does not want to be answerable about where he has been, and with

He said, “Then what is the point of marriage?” She said, “Marriage is not destroying each other. I am giving you your space, I have my own space. Once in a while, walking in the garden we may meet. Once in a while, boating in the lake we may meet – accidentally. Or sometimes I can invite you to have tea with me, or you can invite me.” The man said, “This idea is simply absurd.” The woman said, “Then forget all about marriage. This is the only way our love can go on growing. We always remain fresh and new. We never take each other for granted. I have every right to refuse your invitation just as you have every right to refuse my invitation; in no way are our freedoms disturbed. Between these two freedoms grows the beautiful phenomenon of love.” Of course the man could not understand, and dropped the idea. But Rabindranath has the same insight as Kahlil Gibran...and they were writing at almost the same time. If this is possible – to have space and togetherness both – then the winds of heaven dance between you. Love should be a free gift, given or taken, but there should be no demand. Excerpted from The Messiah, Osho

whom – the relationship will be destroyed completely. It is natural to ask,“Where have you been?” but he starts feeling guilty that he should not have been out for so long. The more you try to possess him, the more he will be escaping. Have separate rooms and just be friends. Whenever he wants to see you, he can come to your room. Whenever you want to see him, you can invite him, and if he is willing he can come; or sometimes he can invite you. Look at his problem and try to understand it. Nothing is wrong in wanting a small place for oneself in which to be alone. Space is needed – it is a very basic

It is natural to ask, “Where have you been?” but he starts feeling guilty that he should not have been out for so long. The more you try to possess him, the more he will be escaping. need. Because it is not understood, millions of people are separate. Nobody understands that space is needed. No husband and wife should live together in one room. Marriage will be will be more joyful. If you want to make love to him, you have to start wooing and cooing as one does in the beginning. If you meet a stranger, you don’t ask him immediately to come to bed with you. That will be too much. It will be offending, and it will be against all dignity, all grace.You make friends, you talk, you persuade, you seduce. Some preliminaries have to be fulfilled; then nothing is wrong. The same thing should be the case between a husband and wife, between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Never take the other for granted. Just being together, encroaching on each other’s space, we start feeling bored, imprisoned, and then resistance starts.That’s what your boyfriend is saying. It is not that he does not love. If he does not love there is no problem – he is simply finished with you. He loves you – that’s the problem – and he still wants


to be alone. These two things seem contradictory. They are not. For a person to be loving he needs his own space; otherwise he will not be loving. He can pretend; he can show whatsoever you expect and give it to you, but the gift never comes from his heart. Give him space, leave him alone. And let this be the rule: whenever he wants to be with you he has to ask. He has not to take you for granted – you may refuse. That doesn’t mean that you don’t love.You may not be in the right mood for love; you may not be feeling like being with anyone. Let things remain free. When you are alone, you create a certain appetite for each other. Excerpted from

Get Out of Your Own Way, Osho September 2008 13

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Just as you have the impulse to do something, stop.

All these techniques are concerned with stopping

Stop! Suddenly stop – and glimpse the center.

in the middle. George Gurdjieff made these techniques very well-known in the West. He learned these techniques in Tibet from Buddhist lamas and many, many seekers came to realize the center through these techniques. He called them stop exercises. Miracles happened because in activity, in dance, in movement, when suddenly you stop, a gap happens. This sudden stoppage of all activity divides you into two: your body and you.Your body and you were in movement. Suddenly you stop.The body has the tendency to move. It was in movement, so there is momentum; you were dancing, and there is momentum.The body is not ready for this sudden stop. Suddenly you feel that the body has the impulse to do something, but you have stopped. A gap comes into existence. You feel your body as something distant, far away, with the impulse to move, with momentum for activity. And because you have stopped and you are not cooperating with the body and its activity and its impulse, its momentum, you become separate from it. But you can deceive yourself. A slight cooperation and the gap will not happen. For example, you feel uncomfortable, but the teacher has said, “Stop!” You have heard the word, but still you make yourself comfortable and then you stop. Then nothing will happen. Then you have deceived yourself, not the teacher, because you missed the point. The whole point of the technique is missed. Suddenly, when you hear the word “Stop!” instantly you have to stop, not doing anything. Perhaps the posture was inconvenient, you were afraid you might fall down, you might break a bone. But whatsoever happens, now it is not your concern. If you have any concern, you will deceive yourself. This suddenly becoming dead creates a gap. The stopping is at the body and the stopper is the center; the circumference and the center are separate. In that sudden stopping you can feel yourself for the first time; you can feel the center. Gurdjieff used this technique to help many. This technique has many dimensions; it can be used in many ways. But first try to understand the


mechanism. The mechanism is simple. You are in activity, and when you are in activity you forget yourself completely; the activity becomes the center of your attention. Someone has died, and you are weeping and crying, and tears are falling down.You have forgotten yourself completely. The one who has died has become the center, and around that center this activity is happening: your weeping, your crying, your sadness, your tears. If I suddenly say to you, “Stop!” and you stop yourself completely, you will be totally taken away from your body and the realm of activity. Whenever you are in activity, you are in it, deeply absorbed in it. Sudden stoppage throws you off balance; it throws you out of activity. This being thrown leads you to the center. You can try it anywhere. You are taking your bath – suddenly order yourself to “Stop!” and stop. Even if it is only for a single moment, you will feel a different phenomenon happening within you. You are thrown to the center and suddenly everything stops – not only the body. When the body stops totally, your mind stops also. When you say, “Stop!” do not breathe then. Let everything breathing, no body movement. For a single moment remain in this stop, and you will feel you have penetrated suddenly, at rocket speed, to the center. And even a glimpse is miraculous, revolutionary. It changes you, and by and by you can have more clear glimpses of the center.That is why inactivity is not to be practiced. Use it suddenly, when you are unaware. Just as you have the impulse to do something, stop! Try it. Remember three things: One, try it only when a real impulse is there. Secondly, do not think about stopping, just stop. And thirdly, wait! When you have stopped, no breathing, no movement – wait and see what happens. Do not think, just wait. Let the impulse, the energy move by itself. Excerpted from The Book of Secrets, Osho See also September 2008 15

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INTERVIEW How is it different from working in a more psychological way?

Learning from Do you want to learn to work with people? Or are you looking for a way to expand the work you’re already doing? Perhaps you’re ready to take time out from your daily program just for yourself. A three week course in OSHO Pulsation could be just what you’re looking for. You can do it on its own, or as part of the two month OSHO Therapist Training.

The beauty of this work is that through these exercises and deep breathing you contact these energies without having to think about anything. You don’t have to think about your conditioning – what my mother or father said. The body brings it all up, and you don’t need to use your mind. In fact you come out of the mind. It’s very real because whatever you need to experience in a certain moment, the body brings to your attention. It’s very basic for anybody who wants to work with people to have the understanding and the experience of working through the body. In the training we give and receive a session every day for three weeks. It’s a big process, where you go through a deep cleansing of your whole body/ mind system on an energetic level. Then of course you can connect it with past conditionings or what happened in your childhood. But it doesn’t approach it from that perspective; it approaches it through the body. That’s exactly what attracts me to this work, because you don’t need to think about anything. You just experience it through the body.You become very much rooted in your body and you feel so much more alive. As well as that personal benefit, what do people get from the training for their professional development?

What is OSHO Pulsation? Svagito is the Course Counselor of the OSHO Therapist Training and one of the OSHO Pulsation trainers.

Pulsation uses deep breathing and physical movement to help us release the repressed physical and emotional tensions that are held in the body. Usually we call these tensions blocks but actually they are energy patterns. When we relax, when we let go of these tensions, we become more free and more alive. We become more expressive. We feel more. Our emotional life has more polarity – we go up more, and down more. As our range of expression increases, we feel it as an increase of our aliveness.

The training is for people who want to do it for themselves, as a deeper self-experience, and it’s also for people who specifically want to learn to do Pulsation work. Trainees learn to give individual pulsation sessions, working with touch, deep breathing and physical movement. As a session-giver, you learn to touch the body in specific ways and work with the different segments of the body.You also learn what kind of movement can help a person to move their body more freely. Each part of the body holds specific energies. In Pulsation we understand what each part of the body is holding and how to work with each part differently, as well as with the whole. Wilhelm Reich discovered that the body has a segmental structure, which is very much related to the chakra system. He designed specific methods to work with the pelvic area, the belly, the diaphragm,


the chest, the jaw, the eyes. As we work very specifically with all the different parts of our own bodies, we feel and experience what is being held there. People who want to specialize in this work can expand by doing an advanced OSHO Pulsation training. How is OSHO Pulsation different from its roots in Bioenergetics and Radix Bodywork?

Classically, therapists trained in this kind of work were focusing on the emotional part, on release and helping people go into a catharsis. Over the years, we have developed a different focus. Our focus is more on feeling what is actually in the body. You have to stay in your awareness. Sometimes it’s necessary to release emotions, but sometimes it’s actually even more important to really

feel what is being held in the body and to make the body a stronger container for your emotions. Then you’re able to hold your emotions and to feel your emotions in the body; you’re not just trying to get rid of something. That is how we’ve developed it in the Multiversity. With OSHO Pulsation you express – you go out and you let go of something – and you go in to feel something. That’s also what pulsation actually means. Pulsation is a basic life movement.The heart pulsates, it expands and it contracts, and that movement is actually called pulsation. Expansion and contraction, going out and going in – we work with these two aspects. The more you are able to go out, the deeper you can go in. Why is this training part of the OSHO Therapist Training?

Anybody who wants to work with people – not just those who want to specialize in pulsation – needs to have an understanding of how emotions are held in the body. They need to understand body language, September 2008 17

Osho International Foundation



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INTERVIEW what the body expresses, and to be able to experience it themselves. Often clients talk about many things, but the body actually shows something different. The therapist needs to be able to see and to trust what the body expresses, not what people express verbally. When you see something and you have felt it yourself, you can understand better what another person expresses through the body. That is very basic. Therapists also need to be able to be relaxed when there is a strong emotion happening. I have seen many therapists in the world who actually become afraid when the client goes into strong emotions. I was surprised how many people and how many therapists can’t tolerate it very well, and then they have to cut it off. They want to stop the client. The OSHO Pulsation Training is very focused on understanding and being comfortable in an emotional

situation. You get rooted in your body and you get comfortable with holding a space for emotions. Being relaxed in a situation like that is very basic for anybody who wants to work with people. Could you say a little more about the OTT?

The OSHO Therapist Training covers the major parts of what is necessary to learn in order to become a therapist or to work with people. We look at early life conditioning, at family conditioning, we work with the body and the emotions, and we work with counseling, projection, desire, resistance. We learn how to set up a whole session, how to hold a space for a client, and we look at relationship dynamics. On the one hand it is for people who want to move in the direction of working with people, and on the other hand it’s for those who want to have a two-month

deep transformative process for themselves – which is something you do maybe once in your life. It is an experience of how therapy and meditation work hand-in-hand to support transformation. Participants can live on campus for those two months, going into therapy within the backdrop of all the meditations that we are doing in the Meditation Resort. I don’t think you can do something like that anywhere else in the world. In any other training you come once in a while for a certain period of time, and then you go back. Here you take two months’ time out, and that means you can go much deeper because you don’t come back to a place where the mind takes control of your life again.You stay out of that control for a longer period. You take a distance from your usual life, and then you can devote that time to your inner search. Gandha

This winter you can join the following Multiversity programs:

OSHO PULSATION Pulsation Intensive: Neo-Reichian Breathing and Bodywork This Intensive is an opportunity to release the old backlog of emotions in your body and rediscover the healing power of your own breath. Dec 27 – Jan 6: Prabodhi

Pulsation: Neo-Reichian Breathing and Bodywork Many of your blocked emotions can be released, to uncover the life-force streaming through you.

The O S HO Th erap ist Training E xper ience Marcela comes from Ecuador, where she has been working as a therapist and counsellor. She works with Regression, Primal work, Bach Flowers counselling and Cromotherapy. She also organizes Relaxation and Meditation weekends for business people and executives. You were already a successful therapist with your own practice. What made you decide to do the OSHO Therapist Training?

I decided to do it to work with myself. Through my work, I saw the necessity of having more understanding both of myself and others. For that, the Multiversity is amazing because it gave me a chance to be in touch with a wide variety of cultures, nationalities and people of varied backgrounds. What was it like for you?

Being a participant of the OTT was one of the most enriching experiences of my life.

It was not only a deep cleansing experience but an inner surgery where the cords of conditioning are faced in a deep atmosphere of love and support; in that way one’s protective armor simply fades away. It started with a commitment of being able to stay sincerely open during the different phases of the process with a group of people who had never met before. After two months, we could see a new expression in the face and eyes of every one of us. It was a clear example of what meditation and awareness can bring to our lives. Seeing how every therapist approaches the same technique in a very individual way encouraged my own creativity for having a personal way of sharing my experience. If I could summarize in one word what the OTT gave me, it is the capacity to say yes to myself, to say yes to the reality of the moment. In my own yes, I found respect, love and acceptance towards myself and others. How did the OTT experience affect you after you returned to Ecuador?

After I went back home the quality of relating with people in sessions and in daily life had a new flavor. The yes that I found for myself is the yes that everybody has. It’s wanting and waiting to be found in its own time.

Now every meeting allows me the possibility of seeing different aspects of myself, which I can embrace while remaining centered and grounded. I feel that whatever comes out of that space is a reflection of what meditation has given me. What are you doing in the Meditation Resort this year?

I returned to complete the Family Constellation Training and to participate in the OSHO Energy Counseling Training and Session Clinic. When I arrived I could see this energy field from a different perspective. It is like an existential womb where I feel the rebirth of my own joy and trust in life. Coming back every year for the last five years is opening a new dimension of womanhood in me.

Dec 27 – 31: Prabodhi Jan 16 – 18: Deepika Jan 23 – 27: Subodhi, Svagito

Pulsation Training: Neo-Reichian Breath and Energywork (Part of the OSHO Therapist Training: can be booked separately) Pulsation is designed to loosen physical, emotional and psychological blocks caused by early life conditioning. Jan 23 – Feb 13: Subodhi, Svagito

OSHO THERAPIST TRAINING OSHO Therapist Training: A Two-month Process of Inner Transformation This is one of the most extensive OSHO Multiversity programs. It teaches all the basic skills for working with people from a space of meditation. At the same time it offers a profound personal transformation. Dec 29 – Mar 2: Course Counsellor: Svagito

Do you have any plans for next year?

I have been invited to be a helper in the next OTT. It feels like a new challenge not only for my personal life but also for my work. I feel that I will like being there with more distance, allowing myself to be touched but not identified.


Counseling Skills and Relationship Dynamics Training (Part of the OSHO Therapist Training: can be booked separately) This Training outlines the principles of OSHO therapy. There will be a continuous exchange of sessions under supervision. Feb 15 – Mar 1: Svagito, Yashoda

For further details see

September 2008 19 Osho International Foundation



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Osho on…

Osho on…

Facing Fear By facing our fears we dissolve our shadow side.

Fear arises in many situations. Deep down it is always there. It is inactive, so that you don’t become aware of it. But fear is the very foundation of unconscious life. All your actions arise out of it.You want money, you want power, you want prestige. What are all your ambitions except a cover-up for your deep hidden fear? Perhaps money may give security; perhaps power may make you more protected, safe.Your respectability in society, your religion, god – all these are by-products of fear. Why do you believe in god? Your fear needs god.

It is a fear-oriented hypothesis. Your fear needs a father figure to protect you in dangerous situations, to help you when you need the help, to become a light in your darkness, to support you when you feel you are falling into an abysmal abyss. God is your concentrated fear. And there are lesser gods. Money is a lesser god – more visible; hence more people cling to money. But they don’t want to take any chances, so they also go on donating to the church, just to keep a balance in god’s bank. And they go on clinging to money

because money seems to give a certain security. At least tomorrow is certain.You will have food, you will have the house, you will have your wife, you will have your husband, you will have your children. Our whole life seems to be circling around fear. It is present twenty-four hours but we become aware of it only in certain situations: you start feeling the presence of death. Perhaps you have seen somebody dying, perhaps you have seen somebody very old on the road and it has reminded you about the next step. That fellow is going to step in a grave soon, but how


far are you? You are also in the same queue. Maybe a little longer distance, but sooner or later – and the queue is becoming shorter every moment. Anything may trigger the idea of death in you; a dry leaf falling from the tree is enough to remind you of death. Just a few days before it was so green and so young, so beautiful…it used to dance in the morning sun. What has happened? A dying leaf falling from the tree was the cause of Lao Tzu’s enlightenment. Seeing the dry leaf falling, he accepted his death so totally that there was no question of any fear. If this is how life functions, then there is no question of fear. Money is more visible. People believe in money more than in god. They may pretend that they believe in god more, but their actual life shows something else. But the reason is the same.Whether it is money or power or prestige or god or religion – you are living in fear and you are trying to protect yourself somehow. And death makes you aware of fear. Love can also make you aware of fear, because love is also a kind of death.Your ego has to die, only then is love possible. It is a very partial death, but still something close to death. Hence people talk about love but are very afraid of love. They talk about love because they feel very lonely. That loneliness creates fear. Man is really in great trouble. The old proverb is right; life is not just a bed of roses. Such great dilemmas! Loneliness creates fear. Out of that fear you want to be in love, to be intimate with someone so that your loneliness disappears. But as you come closer to somebody…again another fear: that you may be lost. You have to be humble enough to reach to somebody’s heart; otherwise there is no way. The ego will be a barrier, it will keep a distance. And love is possible only when there is no distance at all – the ego has to give way. And that ego giving way appears to be almost a death, because you have been so much identified with the ego. Don’t cling to things which don’t have any authentic reality. And the authentic reality need not be supported by you. It is there, it is not going to fall apart. Only the false can disappear, only your shadow – not you. Excerpted from Sat Chit Anand, Osho

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The Roots of Violence

The Roots of Violence Organized religions and politicians have created wars and acts of terrorism all over our planet. Attempts to eradicate war by changing the structures of society have never succeeded. Until we look into ourselves, until we deal with our own accumulated anger, greed, lust for power; until we abandon false distinctions between people; until we become more conscious human beings, we will carry the roots of violence inside us.


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The Roots of Violence

Loving Rebels The revolutions of the past have all failed. One exploitative system has been replaced by another, and we are left with wars and more wars. There is something inherent in the nature of those who have chosen to rebel that has created this failure. Here is a vision for a new kind of rebel.

“While you have been talking on your vision of the rebel lately, the atmosphere I feel around us is particularly soft, loving, pliable. It feels like you are showing us, existentially, that the rebel will not be born out of the fumes of violence and unhappiness, but from the fragrance of love and ecstasy.” The rebels who are born out of violence prove,

in the end, to be anti-rebellious. The moment they are in power their rebellion disappears.They become as ugly as the predecessors they have replaced, because through violence you cannot bring flowers of love.

By sowing the seeds of poison you cannot hope that All ideologies should be used for man. Looking into the flowers will be anything other than poison. man’s psychology, it is true that the vast disparity In the past, the great misery has been that those between people creates an ugly society. who were peaceful and loving, silent and ecstatic, You will be surprised to know that just the city of were not rebels. They could not conceive that a Bombay has half the money of the whole country. rebellion is possible out of love, out of compassion, Strange...the whole country works – people are workout of ecstasy. Their perspective was not that clear ing in the fields, in the gardens, in the factories – but about the future possibilities. So people who were somehow there are strategies so that the money goes loving, people who were peaceful, people who were on moving towards Bombay. Half of the country’s religious, prayerful, instead of becoming rebels simply money in one city! This is intolerable. But one should became escapists; that was their substitute for rebellion. not be angry about it. It is intolerable because it is They escaped to the mountains, to the forests, to live inhuman and it destroys people’s love, people’s coma peaceful, silent and blissful life. passion, people’s kindness. It creates all kinds of crime. In a way they were certainly selfish. They never Poverty is the mother of all crimes. thought about those whom they were renouncing. It is a very strange world. First, you make people Their compassion was not great enough and their poor and force them to become criminals, and then peace was not strong enough; it was afraid of being you have courts and the police and the judges to disturbed. Their love was not great enough; it was punish them. First they are exploited, and then they afraid of being burned in the fumes of rebellion. are punished for being criminals. The real criminals On the other hand, there were rebels but they are those who have exploited the whole country’s were not peaceful and they were not silent and they wealth. But they will never be punished because they had no idea of any ecstasy. They had never known can purchase all your judges, they can purchase all anything of meditation. They had no contact with your politicians. the heart. Their rebellion was only a reaction of the mind.They were angry, In the past, those who were peaceful and loving, silent enraged by all the exploitation, oppresand ecstatic, were not rebels. They could not conceive that sion, by all the inhumanity that the a rebellion is possible out of love, out of compassion, out establishment had been doing to other of ecstasy. So instead of becoming rebels they escaped to human beings. Out of their anger, the mountains. They never thought about those whom out of their violence, out of their rage, they rebelled. So those who were not they were renouncing. capable of rebellion rebelled, and those who were really capable of rebellion escaped. These politicians are all slaves to one capitalist party My effort is to bring a great synthesis between the or to another capitalist family. They go on promising rebel and the meditator.The meditator should not be the poor a better future, and they know perfectly well escapist. He should grow his love, make his compasthat a better future is not going to come because first sion strong enough, his ecstasy deep-rooted, centered they have to repay the money that has been given to and mature. And out of this loving space, he should them. They are themselves slaves. rebel. His rebellion will be basically not interested in This situation is ugly.The structure should certainly destroying the establishment, but interested in creatbe changed. But it should be changed because you have ing a new world. His focus is to create a new world, a compassion, a love for all suffering human beings – a new man, a new humanity with new values. To not an anger, an envy, a jealousy against those few create the new he has to demolish the old – but not who have all the money, who have all the luxuries. out of anger, just out of necessity. It is a question of focus: are you fighting for the He has to understand that to impose mental ideas poor or are you fighting because of your jealousy? on people is dangerous. You have to understand Is it your jealousy, envy, anger, violence, that is people’s psychology and your rebellion has to be prompting you to rebel against this structure? If that molded accordingly, not vice versa – not that the is the case then, when you are in power, you will be people have to be molded according to your idea of more dangerous because you will take as much rebellion. Man should never be used for any ideology. revenge as you are capable of – with vengeance.


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The Roots of Violence But if your revolution is because you have seen the suffering of humanity, you will create a structure which will give equal opportunity to everybody to grow.The whole country can be rich.The state need not become the only owner of everything; that is the most dangerous thing which can happen to any country, because the state is already powerful. It has all the military, it has all the courts, it has all the police, it has all the laws, all the judges in its favor...and it wants all the finances of the country also to be in its power? Then the whole country is left absolutely nude, in the same state as beggars. The state has become such a monster that you cannot even fight with it. And the government

I am against the status quo. I want to change the whole society, its structure. I want a classless society; a world without boundaries, without nations; a world which is one, neither black nor white, neither Indian nor Russian nor American.

This small planet can live in peace. In three thousand years the politicians have dragged humanity into five thousand wars, but you will be surprised: even in five thousand wars politicians have not been able to kill more people than religions have killed. They have their religions’ wars: crusades, jihad.... To me, religiousness is acceptable. It is a quality – a quality which brings grace to you, which brings blissfulness to you, which brings a silence to your mind, which brings an encounter with your original being. It is absolutely a science – a science of the inner space, just as there is a science of the objective world. It is not a belief system. You don’t have to believe in any saviour, in any messiah, in any prophet, in any reincarnation of god – these are all arch-egoists who are pretending to save you. Excerpted from

Communism and Zen Fire, Zen Wind, Osho

My rebel is a meditator. He loves peace, he loves people, he loves their well-being and he will do everything for their natural growth. He will not impose any ideology. He will simply help everybody to be himself. Such a rebellion has never happened.

bureaucrats have no idea of science, no idea of philosophy, no idea of poetry, no idea of music. If they had any idea of poetry and science and literature and philosophy in the first place, they would not have been bureaucrats! That is the ugliest thing in the world. To be a government bureaucrat means you have become part of an ugly machinery and you have lost your soul.You don’t exist anymore as an independent thinker. Rebellion out of love, rebellion out of creativity, rebellion out of meditativeness – that’s my longing and that’s my hope. And in that hope is the hope for the whole humanity.We have to bring Gautam Buddhas to become rebellious. Only in their hands will power be unable to corrupt; on the contrary, they

will be able to purify power. Only in their hands is man’s individuality safe, because they understand man’s inner and outer existence and they will be able to help humanity. My rebel is a meditator. He loves peace, he loves people, he loves their well-being and he will do everything for their natural growth. He will not impose any ideology. He will simply help everybody to be himself. Such a rebellion has never happened. But it is time – the right time. If it does not happen, then you can lose all hope for any future possibility of human existence as such.The old society has become so rotten that it is going to die. Before it dies, let us create seeds for a new man. My insistence for a rebellion is to create those


seeds, so when the old dies – it is bound to die, it has created its own death – the new can take its place. The new can be made alert and aware, so that it does not repeat the old pattern again. It is easier to repeat the old pattern, but once you are alert you never commit the same mistake again. It is only the stupid who go on committing the same mistakes again. A rebellion which is religious, which is spiritual, which is not born out of the flames of violence but which is born out of the fragrance of love and compassion, out of meditation, alertness and awareness, is the only possibility for a transformation of this beautiful planet into a paradise. Exactly that is what I am living for. Exactly that is what I am preparing you for. Excerpted from The Rebel, Osho September 2008 27

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The Roots of Violence A religious consciousness is nothing but a deep reverence for life itself, because there is no god beyond life, there is no paradise beyond consciousness. Violence is a violation of both life and consciousness.

Non-Violent Rebellion Living a life of reverence for life itself means that rebellion can never be violent. How can we deal with our own aggression and rage so that we can finally create peace and not war?

“Can you please say something about violence as the expression of rebellion?” Violence can never be a part of the rebellious spirit for the simple reason that violence is the

whole past of humanity – and the rebel wants to discontinue with the past. Violence has been the way of life for millennia. Directly or indirectly we have lived under violence. Our armies, our police, our jails, our judges, our wars, our so-called great religions, all have lived in violence. And violence, reduced to its essentials, is irreverent towards life.

To me the religious man, the religious consciousness, is nothing but a deep reverence for life itself, because there is no god beyond life, there is no paradise beyond consciousness.Violence is a violation of both life and consciousness – it is destructive. The rebel is a creator; his whole philosophy is that of creativity. We have lived in destructiveness far too long, and what is the achievement? That’s why I have made a clear-cut distinction between the rebel and the reactionary. I have also made a distinction between the rebel and the revolutionary. The reactionary is the lowest category. He can never disconnect himself from the past. The past is his orientation, he reacts against it. But whether you are for it or against it, it remains your reference, your context. The revolutionary is a little higher than the reactionary. He does not only react, he also has dreams of the future, he has his utopias. But as far as violence is concerned, the revolutionary down the ages has thought that right ends can be attained through wrong means. I refute that contention. Right ends can be achieved only through right means. Through violence you cannot achieve a peaceful, silent, loving humanity. The violence will be in the roots, it will poison your whole superstructure. The rebel has to be non-violent out of sheer necessity. Unless he is non-violent, he cannot be the vehicle of a peaceful, warless, classless humanity. If you sow the seeds of violence, you cannot expect that the flowers will not be affected.Those flowers will come out of the seeds you have sown. So each violent revolution has created another violent society, another violent culture. It is disgraceful to see that we still need armies, that we still need nuclear weapons. It is undignified to see that we need the policeman, the court and the jail. A better humanity, a more conscious man, will get rid of all this nonsense that surrounds us and pollutes our whole being. The rebel cannot be half-hearted. He cannot choose a few things from the past, and not choose a few other things.The past as a whole has to be completely denied. Only then can we get rid of the barbariousness in humanity – cruelty, violence and a deep-rooted disrespect for life and existence.


My approach is that of reverence for life.Violence is simply out of the question as far as my rebel is concerned. He cannot destroy, we have destroyed enough. He cannot kill, we have killed enough. It is time to stop this whole idiotic way of life.We have to come out of this darkness into the light. Even if it costs you your life it is perfectly good. Rebellion has not been tried on a vast scale. Just with the effort of millions of people meditating, loving silence and peace, and destroying all kinds of discriminations which create violence, we will be making the space, the gap, the discontinuity that can save man and life on this planet. Excerpted from The Rebel, Osho

“You speak of the need for a meditative awareness to create peace. Of what value are cathartic methods for the reliving of one’s traumatic moments or acting out our fears or anger? Isn’t insight enough? What about using blissful methods?” Insight is enough, but how to get the insight?

It is hidden in much rubbish. The diamond is there, hidden under much debris.The dirt has to be removed only then will the diamond, the insights, be available. If insight were available directly, it would have been very easy.You could become blissful any moment. But you are layers upon layers of repression. You have repressed your fear, you have repressed your anger, you have repressed your love, you have repressed your sex. You have repressed so many things! The insight is there, but these layers of repression have to be thrown out. The cathartic methods help. They will not produce your insight, they will only clear the way. They will only make the insight available to you.The insight is there. Everybody has it, that’s why we call it insight. It is there, built-in, but much has gathered around it. The rose bush is there, but hidden behind the weeds.The weeds have to be uprooted.The insight is there; it has to be uncovered. Catharsis simply means throwing out that which should be thrown out, that which should not be kept in. In ordinary life it is difficult.You cannot throw your anger everywhere and anywhere. You will get into September 2008 29

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The Roots of Violence

No Nations, NoWar

I am introducing cathartic methods so that first what the civilisation has done to you can be undone. From that primitiveness, from that primal innocence, insight becomes easily available. Then bliss methods work – never before that.

The person who is fraught with inner conflict, who fights with himself, who splits himself into friend and foe, who makes enemies of some of his faculties and pits others against them, actually creates a living hell for himself. And the saddest thing of all is that this kind of life has been considered a religious life, has been praised as a life of virtue! In my view, a life of virtue is a totally different state of affairs. It is not a life of inner conflict but one of inner peace, inner harmony, inner music. It is not a life of self hatred; it is a life of concord, a life of integration. And those who wish to attain to the innate harmony of the soul have to lay the foundation for this at the very beginning. Starting out on a basis of conflict, no one can ever hope to achieve a state of bliss that is devoid of conflict. It is just not possible. In the beginning, the end is already present. Excerpted from

The Long and the Short and the All, Osho

Society goes to war because people are tense, because people are continuously warring within themselves, because people are angry, because people are in a rage, because people are very, very complaining – they are not happy, they want to destroy. When you are happy you want to create; when you are unhappy you want to destroy. When you are in a kind of rage you become murderers or you become suicidal; when you are in a kind of gratitude you write a song or you paint a picture – you do something creative. Creativity comes out of happiness; destruction comes out of unhappiness. Excerpted from

Sufis:The People of the Path, Osho

many difficulties.You need a special situation where you can throw your anger, where anger is accepted. Once your anger has started bubbling up, you will be surprised how much you have been carrying. How much poison is there in your system. And only when this poison has gone will you be able to find insight or bliss methods. If a man is angry, his dance will have anger to it. You can watch people, and you can see their dances have different qualities. Somebody’s dance is a kind of rage; anger is filtering through his dance, through his gestures. Somebody’s dance has grace to it, love is flowing, a kind of elegance. Somebody else’s dance has compassion in it. Somebody else’s dance has ecstasy in it. Somebody else’s dance is just stale and dull; he is making empty gestures, there is nobody behind them – mechanical. Watch. Why this difference? Because they are carrying different layers of repression. When you dance, your anger will dance if it is there. Where can it go? If you are full of love, when you start dancing your love will start overflowing – it will dance all around you, all over the space. Your dance will contain all that you contain. If you are sexually repressed, then your dance will have that. This is bound to happen. If you are sexually repressed, then sex will bubble up when you dance. So you cannot go directly, you have to go through catharsis. Only then can blissful methods be of help. Cathartic methods are modern inventions. In Buddha’s time they were not so needed because people were not so repressed. People were natural, people lived primitive lives – uncivilised, spontaneous lives. So Vipassana – Vipassana means insight – was given by Buddha directly to people. But now you cannot go intoVipassana directly. And the teachers who go on teaching Vipassana directly don’t belong to this century; they are two thousand years backwards.Yes, sometimes they may help one or two persons out of one hundred, but that can’t do much. I am introducing cathartic methods so that first what the civilisation has done to you can be undone, so that you become primitive again. From that primitiveness, from that primal innocence, insight becomes easily available. Then bliss methods work – never before that.

We can try to change the political structures to end violence and war. But it is the existence of these political structures that have created the problems. How did this happen? The whole of human history is full of violence,

full of war, and we know perfectly well that it is because of the existence of nations.There is no need of nations. This whole planet is one. Its problems are one, its solutions have to be one. But why is it not being implemented? All the politicians and all the priests are cowards. From where does this cowardliness come? It comes from a root that Friedrich Nietzsche has called will to power. Anybody who feels in some way inferior – it may be intelligence, may be strength, may be beauty; it can be anything…and it is bound to happen to almost everybody because our whole educational system is based on competition. The moment you compete and compare, naturally you have to put yourself somewhere: you are inferior or superior. Then your whole being takes a certain root: will to power. Somehow you have to prove to yourself and to the world that you are not inferior. Your presidents, your prime ministers, your ambassadors, your kings, your queens, are all in the same boat: just trying to prove they are not inferior; they are great leaders of men. I have seen many of these great leaders of men – just phony. If you look inside, you will find nothing but bullshit. Religions have made men’s minds retarded by creating beliefs in fictions. And politicians have

destroyed man into as undignified a life as possible because their power depends on your slavery. Unless we cut these roots.... This earth has the capacity to feed at least five times more people than exist today – that is a scientific calculation. Science should be employed not in the service of death and destruction but in the service of life and love, affirmation, celebration. No army is needed, because no nation is needed. No destructive weapons are needed, because no war is needed. Right now fifty percent of our energy goes to war. If a hundred percent of the energy and a hundred percent of the intelligence of humanity goes together hand in hand to create a better society, a more scientific education, a better humanity, which for the first time we are capable of.... It was not possible in the past. Today it is possible. A better man than any which has ever existed on the earth is possible, according to the people who work in the realms of physiology, biology, genetics. It is within our hands to choose what kind of people we want. It is in our hands to decide how many people we want. But we have to remove these barriers of politicians and religions – otherwise they are going to force humanity to commit suicide. Excerpted from

Om Mani Padme Hum, Osho

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The Roots of Violence

“There is so much hunger, poverty, and miserable living conditions all around the world, and so little room to develop one’s own abilities and talents. Does the total dissolution of the ego mean that one no longer is interested in these problems that face mankind?”

Before you have dropped your own problems,

Who Is Fit to Help? So often the people who say they want to create a better world have not yet come to a place in themselves where this is even remotely possible. How can aggressive people end war? How can greedy people end poverty?

you cannot have the right perspective to understand the world problems. Your own home is in such a mess, your own inner being is in such a mess – how can you have a perspective to understand vast problems? You have not even understood yourself. Start from there, because every other start will be a wrong start. People who are in a tremendously confused state of mind start helping others, and start proposing solutions. These people have created more troubles in the world than they have solved.These are the real mischief-mongers: the politicians, the economists, the so-called public servants, missionaries.They have not solved their own inner consciousness yet, and they are ready to bump into everybody else and to solve everybody else’s problem. In fact, in this way they are avoiding their own reality. They don’t want to face it. They want to remain engaged somewhere else with somebody else – this gives them a good distraction. Yes, there are problems, I agree. There are great problems. Life is so much of a hell. Misery is there, poverty is there, violence is there, all kinds of madnesses are afloat, that’s true – but still I insist the problem arises in the individual soul. The problem is there because individuals are in a chaos. The total chaos is nothing but a combined phenomenon; we have all poured our chaos into it. The world is nothing but a relationship; we are related with each other. I am neurotic, you are neurotic; then the relationship goes very neurotic – multiplied, not only doubled. And everybody is neurotic, hence the world is neurotic. Adolf Hitler is not born out of the blue – we create him. Vietnam is not born out of the blue – we create it. It is our pus that comes out; it is our chaos that takes the toll. The beginning has to be with you; you are the world problem. So don’t avoid the reality of your inner world – that is the first thing. You ask: “Does the total dissolution of the ego mean that one no longer is interested in the


problems that face mankind?” No, in fact only then is one really interested. But his interest will be of a totally different kind: he will look to the root cause of it. When you are interested you are interested in the symptoms. Poverty is not the root, greed is the root. Poverty is the outcome. You go on fighting with poverty – nothing will happen. Greed is the root; the greed has to be uprooted. War is not the problem, individual aggressiveness is the problem – war is just the total. You go on doing protest marches, and war is not going to be stopped. That doesn’t matter – your protest marches, everything – you can enjoy the fun. There are a few people who enjoy the fun; you can find them in any protest march. You will find them protesting all over the world, protesting against everything. It is fun – you may have also enjoyed it. In my childhood, I used to enjoy it very much. I was in every procession, and even the elders of my

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The Roots of Violence A radical transformation is needed; ordinary reformations won’t do. But you may not understand. I am here, I go on talking about, you can’t see the relationship. How is meditation related with war? I see the relationship, you don’t see the relationship.

town started worrying. They said, “You are everywhere; whether it is a communist procession or a socialist or anti-communist, you are there.” I said, “I enjoy the fun. I’m not worried about the political philosophy. Just shouting is so much fun; I enjoy the exercise.” You can enjoy; it does not make much difference – war goes on. And if you look at these protesters you will see these are very aggressive people – you will not see peace on their faces. They are ready to fight. Any moment peace-protest marches turn into riots. These are aggressive people – in the name of peace they are showing their aggression. They are ready to fight. If they have power, if they have the atom bomb, they will drop the atom bomb to create peace.That’s what all politicians say – they say they are fighting so that peace can prevail. The problem is not war. The problem is inner aggression in individuals. People are not at ease within themselves, hence war has to exist – otherwise these people will go mad. Each decade a great war is needed to unburden humanity of neurosis. You may be surprised to know that in the first world war, psychologists became aware of a very rare, strange phenomenon. When the war continued, suddenly the proportion of people who used to go mad fell to almost nil. Suicides were not committed, murders were not done, and people even stopped going mad. That was strange – what has that to do with war? Maybe murders are not done because murderers have gone to the army, but what happened to people who commit suicide? Maybe they have also joined the army, but then what happened to people who go mad? They have even stopped going mad? And then again in the Second World War the same thing happened, in a greater proportion. Humanity goes on accumulating a certain quantity of neurosis, madness, and each decade it has to throw it out. So when there is war – war means when humanity has gone mad as a whole – then there is no need to go mad privately; what is the point? All are mad – then there is no point in trying to become mad privately.When one nation is murdering another and there is so much suicide and murder, what is the point of doing these things on your own? You can simply look at the TV and enjoy, you can read it in the papers and have the thrill.The problem is not war, the problem is individual neurosis. A radical transformation is needed; ordinary reformations won’t do. But then you may not understand.

I am here, I go on talking about, you can’t see the relationship, how meditation is related with war. I see the relationship, you don’t see the relationship. My understanding is this: that if even one percent of humanity becomes meditative, wars will disappear – and there is no other way. That much quantity of meditative energy has to be released. If one percent of humanity – that means one in one hundred people – becomes meditative, things will have a totally different arrangement. Greed will be less; naturally, poverty will be less. Poverty is not there because things are scarce; poverty is there because people are hoarding, because people are greedy. If we live right now there is enough, the earth has enough to give us. But we plan ahead, we hoard – then trouble arises. Just think of birds hoarding...then a few birds will become rich and a few will become poor; then American birds will become the richest, and the whole world will suffer. But they don’t hoard, so there is no poverty. Even to become fat means you are hoarding inside the body – that is a miserly mind. Misers become constipated; they cannot even throw out, they hoard. They control even defecation, they go on hoarding even rubbish. Hoarding is a habit. To live in the moment, to live in the present, to live lovingly, to live in friendship, to care...then the world will be totally different. The individual has to change, because the world is nothing but a projected phenomenon of the individual soul. People come to me and they say, “What are you doing? There is poverty and there is ugliness, and you go on teaching about meditation. Stop this. Do something for poverty.” But nothing can be done for poverty directly. Only meditative energy has to be released so people can enjoy the moment.Then there will be no poverty. Meditation releases your energies. And a man who has come to samadhi, to the seventh chakra – what more is possible? He functions as a god. He is a full blown-up existence. He has come to the ultimate flowering – now nothing is needed. His every moment is creative, his every gesture is creative, his very life is grace. But there are people who would like to go very roundabout: they would like to change the whole world first, and then they will come to themselves. But let me tell you, you will never be able to come to yourself if you go that far.


There are always problems in the world, and the world has always been there, and the world will remain there. If you start working out changing circumstances, changing people, thinking of a utopian world, changing the government, the structure, the economy, politics, education, you will be lost. That’s how many people waste their lives. Be very clear about it: the only person you can help right now is you, yourself. Right now you cannot help anybody. See your own problems, see your own anxieties, see your own mind, and first try to change it. It happens to many people the moment they become interested in some sort of meditation, immediately the mind tells them, “What are you doing sitting here silently? There are so many poor people. There is much conflict, violence, aggression. Go and help people.” How can you help those people? You are just like them. You may create even more problems for them, but you cannot help. That’s how all the revolutions have always failed. No revolution has yet succeeded because the revolutionaries are in the same boat. If you can change yourself, if you are a totally different being with new life shining in your eyes and a new song in your heart, then maybe you can be helpful to others also, because then you will have something to share. Excerpted from The Beloved, Osho

Excerpted from The Divine Melody, Osho September 2008 35

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The Roots of Violence

The idea of evil is the invention of the priesthood of all the religions. It is a great device to exploit humanity – because once your mind becomes contaminated with the idea of evil you can never live in peace, you can never live in togetherness, you cannot stand erect in human dignity. On the contrary, the idea of evil creates wounds in you, which you have known as guilt.

In a Few Words

These extracts from OSHO Books are glimpses of what it takes to live in peace.

Peace can be without love but then it is very cold. That’s how monks have been down the ages: peaceful but without love. It is a kind of stony peace – not warm, not alive, not dancing; no song arises in it. It is a very negative state. There are people who have love but don’t have any peace. Their love is a kind of neurosis – noisy, much ado about nothing. Unless these two are together a man remains lopsided. It is easier to choose one, but to live both needs great skill, and the name of that skill is meditation.

If you can laugh at yourself when any of your illusions fall away, soon you will be able to live without illusions, to live without hallucinations, to live without projections. And to live without all these things means to live in peace, and to live in silence, and to celebrate the small things of life. Even god cannot save the world from the hands of politicians. Now you will need mystics; only mystics can create the atmosphere around the world of love and peace, of silence and joy, of song and dance. They will make life so rich that it becomes impossible for people even to think of war.

Love begets love and hate begets hate. Whatever you give is returned in kind. This is an eternal law. So whatever you desire is what you should give unto the world.You cannot receive flowers in exchange for thorns. You are here with me to learn a very simple thing: to enjoy peace, to enjoy silence, to enjoy something that is within you and you do not have to depend on others for. Such a peaceful man radiates peace for others too. His silence starts touching other hearts too. His silence becomes oceanic and very inviting.

I trust the peace that is attained here and now, not through escape, not by changing outer conditions but by changing your inner awareness. That’s what I call meditation: changing your inner awareness, changing your inner world; not changing the circumstances but changing your consciousness. Once your consciousness is changed, once inner noise is dropped, then wherever you are there is peace. Peace surrounds you, it becomes almost tangible.

Peace is not something that can be cultivated from the outside. Many people cultivate it from the outside, but it is only an appearance. Deep down they are sitting on a volcano. It can erupt at any moment. Peace should be an inner worth, not an outer cultivation; only then it is true, only then it is liberating. And inner peace comes only as a by-product of meditation. The more meditative you become, the more peaceful.

Meditation brings true peace and true peace is always infinite. And true peace is always independent. True peace is yours, authentically yours; hence nobody can take it away.You cannot be distracted from it, you cannot be diverted anywhere else. There is no way. Even if you are thrown in hell you will live in peace, because you carry your paradise within yourself.

We love conflicts because we feel powerful. When everything is going well, one suddenly feels nothing is happening. If life is really harmonious, one feels excitement, no kick, no thrill. So people say that they would like a very peaceful life, but nobody really longs for it – otherwise nobody is creating any barrier. So they go on talking about, and they go on searching for a peaceful life – and they go on creating disturbances.

Pseudo-religions have helped all kinds of sexual perversions in the world – and they think they have been very beneficial? They have been a blessing to the world? They are absolutely a curse, categorically a curse and unless they disappear, man cannot live in peace. The new man is needed around the earth because only the new man can save this earth from destruction. The old man has created only destructive methods, war and violence. The new man will be a buddha, a man of compassion, love and peace.

See also 36 OSHO TIMES

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International Publishing

Being in Love How to love with awareness and relate without fear

Excerpt from Being in Love:

What Is Love? In this thoughtful, provocative work, Osho – one of the most revolutionary thinkers of our time – challenges us to question what we think we know about love and opens us to the possibility of a love that is natural, fulfilling, and free of possessiveness and jealousy. With his characteristic wit, humor, and understanding, Osho dares us to resist the unhealthy relationship patterns we’ve learned from those around us, and to rediscover the meaning of love for ourselves. “By the time you are ready to explore the world of love, you are filled with so much rubbish about love that there is not much hope for you to be able to find the authentic and discard the false.” By answering the questions that so many lovers face, Osho shares new ways to love that will forever change how you relate to others, including how to: ● ● ● ● ● ●

Love without clinging Let go of expectations, rules, and demands Free yourself from the fear of being alone Be fully present in your relationships Keep your love fresh and alive Become a life partner with whom someone could continue to grow and change Surrender your ego so you can surrender to love

Being in Love will inspire you to welcome love into your life anew and experience the joy of being truly alive by sharing it.

Two other essential OSHO Books on related topics: The Book of Understanding Publisher: Random House, Harmony Pages: 278 ISBN: 0-307-34672-2

Emotional Wellness Publisher: Random House, Harmony Pages: 300 ISBN: 030733788X

Love is existential; fear is only the absence of love.

And the problem with any absence is that you cannot do anything directly about it. Fear is like darkness. What can you do about darkness directly? You cannot drop it, you cannot throw it out, you cannot bring it in. There is no way to relate with darkness without bringing light in. The way to darkness goes via light. If you want darkness, put the light off; if you don’t want darkness, put the light on. But you will have to do something with light, not with darkness at all. The same is true about love and fear: love is light, fear is darkness. The person who becomes obsessed with fear will never be able to resolve the problem. It is like wrestling with darkness – you are bound to be exhausted sooner or later, tired and defeated. And the miracle is, defeated by something which is not there at all! And when one is defeated, one certainly feels how powerful the darkness is, how powerful the fear is, how powerful the ignorance is, how powerful the unconscious is. They are not powerful at all – they don’t exist in the first place. Never fight with the nonexistential. That’s where all the ancient religions got lost. Once you start fighting with the nonexistential you are doomed. Your small river of consciousness will be lost in the nonexistential desert – and it is infinite. Hence the first thing to remember is: don’t make a problem out of fear. Love is the question. Something can be done about love immediately; there is no need to wait or postpone. Start loving! And it is a natural gift from god to you, or from the whole, whichever term you like. If you are brought up in a religious way, then god; if you are not brought up in a religious way, then the whole, the universe, the existence. Remember, love is born with you; it is your intrinsic quality. All that is needed is to give it a way – to make


a passage for it, to let it flow, to allow it to happen. We are all blocking it, holding it back. We are so miserly about love, for the simple reason that we have been taught a certain economics.That economics is perfectly right about the outside world: if you have so much money and you go on giving that money to people, soon you will be a beggar, soon you will have to beg yourself. By giving money you will lose it. This economics, this arithmetic has entered into our blood, bones and marrow. It is true about the outside world – nothing is wrong in it – but it is not true about the inner journey. There, a totally different arithmetic functions: the more you give, the more you have; the less you give, the less you have. If you don’t give at all you will lose your natural qualities. They will become stagnant, closed; they will go underground. Finding no expression they will shrink and die. It is like a musician: if he goes on playing on his guitar or on his flute, more and more music will come. It is not that by playing on the flute he is losing music – he is gaining. It is like a dancer: the more you dance, the more efficient you become. It is like painting – the more you paint, the better the painting.

Being in Love Publisher: Harmony Pages: 256 ISBN-10: 0307337901 ISBN-13: 978-0307337900 For more information see

Look for news about the English-language releases in the on-line catalog at and in the monthly OSHO newsletters.

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The Taste of Eternity Your worry is something like a leaf on a tree being worried about security. The tree is taking all the care, providing all the juice to the leaf, bringing water against gravitation – high up, perhaps a hundred feet or two hundred feet – but the leaf is not worried. The leaf is unaware that she is only a part of a vast tree. Osho


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Page 42


Man can live joyously only with nature, not against nature. The moment we are against nature, our love energy turns into hatred. If we flow with nature in total harmony, love grows, matures, becomes more integrated; it brings blessings.


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Page 44


To the man of meditation, everything becomes totally new and fresh, young, alive. He radiates love and compassion and joy. He will start having a new sight about everything – even a wildflower will become more beautiful.


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What happens in meditation? So many flowers – love is only one, awareness another, freedom still another, godliness, compassion, service, creativity, sensitivity. But all these can be put together in a single word and that is a certain quality of dance and song, a certain fragrance of celebration. The person who is a meditator is in a state of dance. Not that he is dancing; only dance is there, he is not. He has disappeared into the dance. He sings but he is no more there, only the song. And when such totality and such intensity and such passion is there, life is ecstatic.

All excerpts are from OSHO books.


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awareness totality creativity

flying high with meditation

Immerse yourself totally in the OSHO experience at OSHO International Meditation Resort.

Work as Meditation Residential Training

Varidhi spent years as a steward for the Greek Olympic Airways. On a flight from Amsterdam to Greece, he spoke with people who were on their way to see Osho during his visit to Crete. He decided to check it out, and that was the beginning of his love affair with Osho and meditation.



* Starting date is at any time, subject to availability.

■ Do you want to learn to use your work time also as time for personal growth and meditation? Do you want to enhance your life while enhancing the quality of your work? ■ The Program offers understanding, experience, resources, and methods to radically change your work & life. Courses, seminars and training sessions are interspersed at strategic moments. All this in a playful atmosphere.

■ All methods offered, based on OSHO insights, have passed the test of time and practice.

Now Varidhi facilitates OSHO Mystic Rose courses and trainings both at the Meditation Resort and at his OSHO Meditation Center in Lesbos.

■ On completion you qualify for renewed participation in the scholarship-based Residential Program. For more information or to apply: visit or mail to


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Page 50

WORKING LIFE What is the difference between your work now and your airline job?

I liked my old job, but I was drawing a salary and getting many benefits, and that really supported my ego. I feel that what I am doing now is so much more rewarding because it is has no outside purpose. Living away from the goal-oriented mind is a celebration; I don’t miss anything and I gain so much more. Nothing can be compared to it. Are you saying that if we do something because it nourishes us inside, that everything goes better?

Coming into contact with Osho in Crete was the beginning of a whole new way of life for me. I left my work in the airlines, and before long I was spending a lot of time in the Meditation Resort in Pune, participating in courses, meditations and whatever else was available. Did you leave your work because something was missing?

I liked my job but after meeting Osho, nothing had more value than this new nothingness I felt. My whole energy started to move in another direction, and that brought an explosion of joy inside. It didn’t allow me to get stuck in just doing something. It pushed me to experience life in multiple other ways. Slowly I started living in an organic manner, and everything became spontaneous and in harmony. How did your OSHO Center come to be?

On my return to Greece, while visiting the island Lesbos, I felt such an attraction for a specific place that I decided to buy land there. In the beginning it was just for myself, but it turned out that I was never alone. Friends started coming, and meditations and celebrations started to happen. It was not just my place any more. We began construction, and I registered it as an OSHO Meditation Center with the Meditation Resort. All this creativity – which began with no purpose, just for the joy of it, the celebration and meditation – turned into a happening, and now the center almost runs by itself. It’s a seasonal place, from May through September, and people come for relaxation as well as groups, which are run by me as well as others. It fulfills me enormously; there’s no feeling of separation between what I do and who I am.

Yes, much better, because other laws are functioning. I think this is the secret: a lot of energy is released from inside us when nature is allowed to flow by itself, rather than our minds taking charge.This brings about the biggest success without wanting or trying for it. How to develop this quality?

Participation is a big key for me because of its intrinsic wholeness. It reveals many things. If you remain an outsider then nothing happens. This feeling follows me everywhere, not just in the Meditation Resort. When you participate, everything nourishes you because you are very receptive. Participation has to do with the heart and the being. With the mind it is not possible to become a participant but with the heart, yes. The mind always wants to be separate, important. Each person needs to look in their heart and find out what this means for them. If you really jump in, you will get the maximum out of and be enriched by whatever you are doing. Otherwise you will remain dry, the way you started. What are the opportunities for participation at the Meditation Resort?

Something starts happening to people even when they first enter here. And there are so many precious techniques. When I first came I was pulled towards music; I was continuously dancing, and I loved OSHO Nataraj Meditation. A lot of other meditations are also offered, like Whirling and OSHO Kundalini and Dynamic Meditations. And the Multiversity offers many courses, trainings and sessions. One of these is OSHO Mystic Rose, a three-week meditative therapy in which people laugh for three hours a day during the first week, cry for three hours during the second, and witness silently for three hours in the third. It helps people recognize all their inner qualities and brings them to realize that they

are not separate, that they are an organic part of this universe. This time I facilitated two OSHO Mystic Roses at the same time as an experiment – one early, for workers, and one later in the morning. What happened was amazing: I felt inexhaustible energy because I was not working towards a goal. Such a beautiful experience! Is there any difference for you between being at the Meditation Resort and in Greece?

No, the same heart that is here, is there also. I can be working from morning till night and the energy is always fresh. It’s not about here or there, it’s about how I am. In the trainings that I am giving at the Meditation Resort I am so happy that I don’t want anything more in my life. And the same meditative space comes when I facilitate courses wherever I am. I see the sparkle in the eyes of the people when they get this because immediately they feel the beauty, they feel their hearts jumping in what they do. Then the joy of sharing is multiplied. Can the world outside and meditation inside, exist together?

Yes, there is no difference. I remember Osho saying that what we need to do is take the world from inside outside, and then the world outside doesn’t bother us at all. And this is what is happening with meditation.You don’t feel to change anything – only this inner movement has to happen. Everybody has to take their own decision to go for meditation. Otherwise we are always pulled by society’s conditioning and there is no end to that; we go around again and again in the same cycles. But with meditation we can “be in the world and not of it.” Then we can really enjoy existence, exactly the way it is. Devendra


There is a full program of OSHO Meditations every day from 6 am to 10:30 pm in the Meditation Resort.

The Multiversity offers OSHO Mystic Rose every month, starting on the 11th. Please see for more information.

Participation is not really a technique: it is falling in love! Here’s how to get started: Participate in life! Participate as deeply, as totally, as possible. Risk all for participation. If you want to know what dance is, don’t go and see a dancer – learn dancing, be a dancer. If you want to know anything, participate! That is the true and the right way, the authentic way, to know a thing. And there will be great meaning in your life. And not only one-dimensional – multidimensional meanings.You will be showered by meanings. And life has to be multi-dimensional, then only is there meaning. Never make life one-dimensional. That too is a problem. Somebody becomes an engineer, and then he thinks all is finished. He becomes identified with being an engineer. Then his whole life he is just an engineer. And there were millions of things available. But he moves only on one track, becomes bored. Is fed up. Is tired, wearied. Goes on dragging. Waits only for death.What meaning can there be? Have more interests in life. Don’t be always a businessman. Sometimes play too. Don’t be just a doctor or an engineer, or a headmaster, or a professor – be as many things as possible! Play cards, play the violin, sing a song, be an amateur photographer, a poet.... Find as many things as possible in life, and then you will have richness. And meaning is a by-product of richness. Excerpted from The Perfect Master, Osho

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Take that 180º turn

Relaxing into life’s challenges through centering

“Have you watched a river? Sometimes it is going left, sometimes it is going right, sometimes to the south, sometimes to the north. And you will see that this river is very inconsistent – but there is a hidden harmony: it reaches the ocean.Wherever it is going, the ocean is the goal.”

“I am not against anybody. But my basic work is to expose before you all the diseases, the bondages, so that you are not caught in them, so you can remain free, so you can have a merger with existence, without any barrier.” Osho


Osho ends three years of silence and begins an entirely new phase of his work. He talks directly to those who are listening now, ruthlessly attacking the hypocrisy and willto-power that are hiding behind the names of democracy, capitalism, religion, relationship and the family. Sometimes shocking and always humorous, he exposes the lies to which society still so earnestly adheres. With an extraordinary freshness, Osho ridicules the stories we tell to protect our egos, and inspires us to have the courage to go within and experience ourselves honestly and deeply.

Life is full of conflicts and polarities. Whether this disharmony happens with others or within ourselves, it always occurs on the periphery, at the level of our personalities. And whenever we opt for one side at the expense of the other, that basic polarity remains. In The Hidden Harmony Osho encourages us to explore the possibility of living both sides rather than choosing one side or the other. The key is to remain unattached to either. Through witnessing, a hidden harmony can be born at our center. Heraclitus is a poetic mystic who has this knack. Had he been born in India rather than Greece, says Osho, he would have been recognized not simply as a philosopher but as a buddha, a mystic.

“I teach you to live tremendously, ecstatically, in every possible way. On the physical level, on the mental level, on the spiritual level, live to the uttermost of your possibility.”

From Unconsciousness to Consciousness Author: Osho Subject: Conscious freedom Publisher: Rebel Books Pages: 518 ISBN 81-7261-016-5 ISBN 9781-81-7261-016-5

“Heraclitus is a really rare flowering, one of the most highly penetrating souls, one of those souls who become like Everest, the highest peak of the Himalayas. Try to understand him.”


The Hidden Harmony Talks on the Fragments of Heraclitus Author: Osho Subject: Dissolving conflict through centering Publisher: Rebel Books Pages: 248 ISBN 81-7261-219-2 ISBN 978-81-7261-219-1


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The se Who Will WillLove LoveChange… Change… The Future Future Belongs Belongs to toTho Those Religiousness is your unique experience. It has nothing to do with the mass-mind. In the mass you lose your identity, but you fall below. In religious experience you also lose your identity, but you rise above. Osho

Down the ages, all over the world, mystical ceremonies have existed. A mystical ceremony is a ritual in which you start by pretending and later on, by and by, you are hypnotized by your own pretension. Slowly, slowly the pretension becomes a kind of auto-hypnosis. For example, if you participate in a mystical ceremony, it will be a ritual in the beginning. Rituals can be of many kinds – every religion has its own. If you participate in a mystical ceremony which is based on the idea of kundalini energy, serpent-power, you have to first read about what kundalini is. Naturally you have to become acquainted with what kundalini is so that you understand the physiology of the kundalini. Naturally a great greed arises in you to have these experiences. And suddenly you see that something is being missed by you; that others are having great experiences and you are missing. That creates a kind of jealousy, competition, greed, desire, longing. Then you participate in a ceremony. In the ceremony you see people whose kundalini is rising. Somebody is getting very ecstatic, and you feel deeply depressed that you have never seen such beauty, such experiences. You sit there, you visualize. People are swaying, people are enjoying, tears are flowing, their faces are aglow. Sooner or later you also get into the ritual. You also start swaying. Man is very imitative. The spiritual seeker has to be very much alert about imitativeness. First you start swaying, and you know that you are just doing it yourself. Sooner or later you get into it. Your wish becomes a kind of wish-fulfillment, you auto-hypnotize yourself. And there are many people; it is great hypnosis all around you. And you start

seeing light inside. Mind is very imaginative, it can imagine anything. And remember, I am not saying kundalini is wrong; remember, I am not saying that light is not seen; and I am not saying that there are no mystical experiences – no, not in the least. But out of a hundred people, ninety-nine go on creating them by imagination – and that is not true. The real experience has nothing to do with your imagination. The real experience has nothing to do with your knowledge about kundalini. The real experience has nothing to do with the textbooks about kundalini. And the real experience is always unique. It never happens in the same way to two persons. Those seven chakras are there, but they are not at the same place in everyone. When you see a chart of kundalini it is just a generalized chart. People get carried away by the mass-mind. Religiousness is your unique experience. It has nothing to do with the mass-mind. In the mass you lose your identity, but you fall below. In religious experience you also lose your identity, but you go above.

Let this sentence be remembered: Religion is a pilgrimage, Sufis say, from unconscious anonymity to conscious anonymity. That’s what happens in a crowd. You become anonymous, unconscious.You lose your ego but you fall below the ego, you become animalistic. In a mystical ceremony the same happens. It is an exploitation of the crowd-mind. Beware of it. There are three kinds of spiritual experiences. One is pathological, neurotic, psychotic, hysterical. It

happens many times that a hysterical person can become a mahatma. He falls into hysteria, foams, becomes unconscious, utters gibberish. If you are pathological, hysterical, sometimes in a mystical ceremony it happens that you fall into hysteria, and people start thinking that you have gone into samadhi, ecstasy or something and they start worshipping you. And when you come back and you see people touching your feet, holding flowers and garlands, now you have found a trick. Now you can exploit your hysteria. And you will also start believing that you are becoming a spiritual person. Now their worship will help you to become more pathological. If it is pathological, the person will become more and more sad, dull, listless. If it is pathological, the person will become more and more tense, anxious, worried. If it is pathological, the person will become less and less attentive, will lose presence of mind, will become uncreative. If it is pathological, the person’s body will start suffering in many ways. The person will not be of any creative value to the society. If it is not pathological, the person will have more life, more aliveness, more love, more compassion, more intelligence, more presence of mind.The person will have a glow. He will be drunk with the divine but his drunkenness will have a kind of awareness in it. Utterly drunk and yet utterly aware – that’s how he will be. And he will be creative. His being here on the earth will be beneficial to people. So the first thing is the pathological. The second thing is the fake. There are fakes who can perform. Seeing that it pays well, you can become a performer. You can pretend that something is happening to you. If you see that people come and touch your feet and people think that you have arrived, why not pretend? It is good business.You can start pretending.


The real experience is always unique. It never happens in the same way to two persons.

The third is the real. But there is one more complexity: sometimes if the real is not under the right guidance he can fall and become pathological. And if the pathological is under the right guidance sometimes it happens that the pathological can become real. And the last thing, remember, the real can sometimes become fake – because the spiritual experience is such that it happens when it happens. For example, one day it happens and suddenly you are in it, completely gone and lost, utterly blissful. Then people start gathering around you, then people start gathering to see the mystical experience. Then one day they are there and it is not happening. And now your whole prestige is at stake.You can pretend, you can become fake. So complexity becomes double or triple. Right guidance is needed, otherwise you can fall into any trap of the mind. Sages open the door to the unknown, but don’t supply you with any theories, philosophies, ideologies. Excerpted from Sufis:The People of the Path, Osho

To listen to the complete talk go to

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This Beautifuln Earth

Only one thing can save the world from the coming war…which will be a total war,

for the first time; all other wars were child’s play. This is going to destroy the whole of life on the earth.Trees, birds, animals, man – anything living will simply be gone. I say there is one way only, and that is to spread to people more meditativeness, more love, more friendliness, more rejoicing. If we can make the earth sing songs and dance in joy, in gratitude because existence has given so much…. Otherwise it would have been impossible even to purchase one sunrise.The whole wealth of the earth would not be able to purchase one sunrise. And a sunrise is a big thing…. The whole wealth of the earth would not be able to produce a single roseflower. And all this is given to man without his asking.You don’t deserve it, you are not worthy of it! It is out of the compassion of existence, the overflowing joy of existence, the continuous creativity of existence that you are so rich. Millions of stars in the night.... Make people aware of their gratitude towards life, and make people love, sing, dance. If we can spread this at-ease around the world, the third world war will be prevented. We need not bother about it. Joyous people don’t want war; it is only those who are already dead who would like everybody else to be dead. Excerpted from

From the False to the Truth, Osho 56 OSHO TIMES

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OSHO International Meditation Resort is a unique experiment, an opportunity for individuals to experience a radical approach to meditation and silence. It is a place for the evolution of Zorba the Buddha – someone whose feet can dance on the ground and whose hands can touch the stars – in an environment beyond nations, races and religions. The international language is laughter and silence. This is a place to be alone together, where each can learn from the other while respecting everyone’s unique individuality.


OSHO Dynamic Meditation: Osho’s most popular active meditation


The Art of Listening: an OSHO talk on audiotape Vipassana: silent sitting, watching the breath A selected OSHO Meditation OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation: a meditation using breath and sound OSHO Kundalini Meditation: another potent active meditation technique to still the mind The Evening Meeting of the OSHO White Robe Brotherhood. This two-hour meditation meeting begins with dancing and celebration. This is followed by sitting silently, first to music and then to the sound of Osho speaking – a videotaped talk that provides an opportunity to experience silence with no effort.

10:30 12:00 14:45 16:15 18:45

Being Here



Silent sitting Silent sitting Silent sitting (sometimes with music)


A selected OSHO Meditation

7:30 13:45

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Laila wants to be creative and joyful in her life. She was very touched when she first came into contact with Osho’s message. This is her fourth visit to the Meditation Resort, and she has been here six weeks this time.

OSHO International Meditation Resort

My first experience here was a pleasant surprise.

Pune, India On Arrival

Children under 18

Nationals need to bring a valid photo ID such as driver’s license, voter’s card, PAN card, passport, college ID or credit card with photo. International visitors are required to have a valid visa. Every six months everyone needs to re-register with a valid photo ID. OSHO International Meditation Resort is an AIDS-free zone. On your arrival you will be required to take an AIDS (HIV) test in the resort.

The activities at the OSHO International Meditation Resort are designed for the benefit of adults; the environment is not geared towards children and minors. We recommend that parents come alone, without their children. If you are traveling with children, please note that: Children of school age are only allowed during their school holidays. Those under 12 can only come into the Meditation Resort between 1:00 and 2:00 pm. Minors between the ages of 12 and 18 will only be admitted if they are interested in and able to participate in the activities (meditations, growth programs and/or Work as Meditation program). All visitors under 18 need to be accompanied by a parent at all times. International visitors need to bring a passport and Nationals should present a birth or school certificate.

Welcome Morning: Daily This is an introduction to the Meditation Resort, including a step-by-step experience of OSHO Active Meditations and Evening Meeting. At this time you can ask any questions you may have, meet other participants from around the world, and get information that will assist you in making the most of your time here. You will also learn more about the process of personal and cultural conditioning and see how the Multiversity and the meditations in OSHO Auditorium support you to go beyond those limitations to a more authentic lifestyle.

● ●

Health Club Facilities

For more information please contact: OSHO International Meditation Resort 17 Koregaon Park, Pune 411001, MS, India Tel: +91 (0)20 6601 9999 Fax: +91 (0)20 6601 9990 website:

The swimming pool, table tennis, volleyball and gym facilities are available at no cost to visitors to the Meditation Resort.

On our website you will also find information on how to get here and how to arrange accommodation.


I felt the people were quite different than those I knew outside. They were real in their contact with others, not just trying to please them. Now again at the Meditation Resort I see friends I met before, and everybody looks different. It’s quite something: even the men have become softer, gentler, almost feminine – and more harmonious. I am amazed by how much creativity there is here.The courses have a very different approach than the psychology and business courses I took in China and Singapore. Here you are given space, and your individuality is respected. It surprises me that the spiritual journey can be so joyful: in China that’s a very disciplined thing. I did Buddhist studies, and I thought daily life and the spiritual journey had to be separate, disconnected. Here it’s more balanced.You are inside with yourself and at the same time in the world.

What I enjoy most is dance. It feels like the body just takes me. I’ve participated in a painting course, Dancing from Emptiness, Gurdjieff Movements, Finding Your Voice, Finding Your Song and OSHO Opening to Love. Now I’m in OSHO Mystic Rose. I felt happy when I wrote my first song and performed it – it made me feel that creativity can be easy. I wasn’t scared, and enjoyed it very much. My feeling when I do new things is that if I follow my heart, I can do anything. Besides the courses, I have learned to play tambura. I have changed a lot. I didn’t have much awareness before; now I can be with myself and love myself more. Meditation is really needed in China. I would like to share Osho’s work with as many people as I can. Numerology is accepted there, and I teach that in a different city each month, with OSHO Meditations as part of the course. I have my own Center, and I do OSHO Kundalini and Dynamic Meditations as well as Vipassana and Whirling every day.

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The Art of Relaxing in Daily Life The Real Watcher

Coimbatore September 7 10 am – 12:30 pm Venue: The Kerala Club, Coimbatore 78-80 ATT Colony Coimbatore 641016 Contact: OSHO Prem Veena Meditation Center Preyas: 9443164565, 9003927793 Premdip: 9944457793 Praveen: 9842298820 Facilitated by: Gyan Rikta

A Zen poet wrote:

Where the interplay of is and is not is fixed, Not even the sages can know.

Meerut September 12 Timing: 6 pm – 8 pm Venue: Hotel De Roses, Cariappa Street, Meerut-Cantt Contact: Yashika: 0(121)-2642236, 9997536112 Facilitated by: Devendra (OSHO Multiversity, Pune)

Karnal September 14 Venue: Gymkhana Club Sector 8, Karnal (Haryana) Contact: OSHO Deewana MC, Gharaunda 09416335032 Facilitated by: Devendra (OSHO Multiversity, Pune)



Where the interplay of is and is not is fixed, Not even the sages can know.

Now there is nothing to know. Watching silently, everything disappears. An immense silence opens its doors. There is nothing to know. Knowledge becomes absolutely futile.You, for the first time, come home.This is ultimate rest. Excerpted from

The Original Man, Osho

Painting by Tulika

September 14 5:30 pm – 8 pm Venue: S.D.A.T Mayor Radhakrishnan Hockey Stadium Gandhi Irwin Road, Egmore Chennai 600006 Contact: OSHO Prem Veena Meditation Center Chordia: 9443232465 Mamta: 9840241544 Rajendran: 9841281457 Valar: 9840148512 Gandhi Kannadasan: 9444079464 Facilitated by: Gyan Rikta

There you are – not in terms of is and is not, in no duality. All duality can be watched. That which can be watched, you are not. You are always the watcher. And remember: you cannot watch the watcher.That is absolutely impossible. If you watch the watcher, then one is just mind – which you are calling the watcher – and the other is the real watcher. But the real watcher is your ultimate.You cannot go beyond it, it is the boundary of existence.

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Biodanza Balance Anahi was studying psychology at university in Chile when she came in touch with Osho. She felt a connection with his vision and the way he works with therapy as a bridge to meditation. In her recent stay at the Meditation Resort she has been facilitating Biodanza courses. We asked her to describe how this amazing dance technique supports people’s wellness.

This whole existence is a dance of life.

I teach love for life. I teach the art of living your life totally, of being drunk with the divine through life. I am not an escapist. All your old religions have been teaching you escapism. They could not accept the challenge of life, they could not confront and encounter life. They were cowards; they escaped to the mountains, to the monasteries. You are part of life. Life pulsates in your blood, life breathes in you, life is your very being! Where can you escape? And all those efforts to escape, considered correctly, are suicidal. Your monks, your nuns, your mahatmas, your so-called saints, were all suicidal people; they were trying gradual suicide. Not only were they suicidal, they were cowards too – cowards because they could not even commit suicide in a single blow.They were committing suicide gradually, in installments; by and by, slowly they were dying.And we have respected these unhealthy people, these unwholesome people, these insane people.They were against god because they were against life.

Biodanza means to dance with life. It uses music,

movement, expression and relating with others to awaken your potential. Rooted in totality, creativity, sensuality, affection and transcendence, it helps you feel the music, movement and emotion in each moment. You move and bounce totally and delight in feeling joy in your body. You connect with yourself; your body, your emotions. Going inside in this place of balance, you find a silent, meditative space in the present moment. It’s all about experiencing; you talk very little. You sense your relation to nature and to humanity as a whole, and have a deep experience of being part of the totality of life.Through being total you transcend time, and this imprint remains with you. I see human development as a triangle. One angle is psychotherapy, the second is all the techniques that help human potential grow, and the third is meditation. The first two are a polarity through which we have to prepare the soil for the seeds we have inside to grow. So in Biodanza, we create a secure environment with lots of nourishment.

I am in tremendous love with life, hence I teach celebration. Everything has to be

celebrated, everything has to be lived, loved.To me nothing is mundane and nothing is sacred. To me all is sacred, from the lowest rung of the ladder to the highest rung. It is the same ladder: from the body to the soul, from the physical to the spiritual, from sex to samadhi – everything is divine! Celebration has to be total, only then can you be multidimensionally rich. And to be multidimensionally rich is the only thing we can offer to existence.

How has meditation affected your work?

During my studies at the university, I was introduced to OSHO active meditations, and I have been doing them regularly ever since. As a result, I have gone deeper in myself, and my work with dance is intensified. I am more present and allow myself to open and hold the space. I can flow better with the energy of the Biodanza courses and change the structures accordingly.

Excerpted from

Come, Come,Yet Again Come, Osho


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What is the feedback from your participants?

They are very grateful. Biodanza is soft and nonconfrontational, yet it is very intense. They say they can really touch some place inside that they have never touched before. They are surprised that they can really connect and go so deep in a space that is so playful.

Individual sessions of 1 – 1 ½ hours each are available throughout the day. They cover a wide variety of approaches which fall under the general headings of Bodywork, Therapy and Counseling, and Energywork and the Esoteric.

What brought you to the Meditation Resort?

I came through my contact with Osho’s meditations. I was going to spend just two weeks here, but in the first three days I had such a deep experience in meditation that I realized what I was searching for wasn’t outside, but inside. So I applied for the Residential Program. For my work, I was a helper in many Multiversity courses. This meant that I could know the kind of work they do in the Multiversity and attune it with what I have experienced in Biodanza. I have also been trained to facilitate many courses. Next season I will give Tantra and women’s courses as well as Opening to the Heart. I’m really grateful for this because it has deepened my vocation, and helped me to grow in experience and knowledge. In the training for OSHO Mystic Rose, the most important thing I learned is allowing and trusting in the process.This is really new for me – to trust existence and allow whatever is happening in the moment. Anything to add?

In September, the following Multiversity courses will be facilitated by Anahi:

Biodanza: Dance Your Life: 4 – 5 & 23 – 25 Sep Tantra Energy: 9 Sep A Day for the Heart: 12 Sep Celebrating the New Woman: 18 – 19 Sep A Day for the Body: 30 Sep September dates of other Multiversity courses mentioned above: Opening to the Heart: 7 – 8 Sep OSHO Mystic Rose: 11 Sep – 1 Oct

In the Meditation Resort I’ve received something very important. I can feel the different dimensions that each person receives and lives. In this same place many different things are happening, and that allows everyone to really go into what they need to grow and heal. And the other thing is that non-judging and unconditional love is what heals everything – allowing others to really be whatever they are, while also accepting each other’s dark side. For me personally I can see so clearly that falling into meditation is the same as falling in love – and I can imagine that falling into death will be like that too. Anuprada

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage This stimulating, deep tissue massage uses strokes with the hands and feet and special oil and powder to release tensions from muscles and joints. It can bring back fluidity and vitality, improve blood and lymphatic circulation and bring awareness to old habits and holding patterns.Yoga-based stretches allow the vital energy to flow freely.

Hand Reflexology In this ancient healing technique, stimulating reflex points on the hand helps to bring the body back to a harmonious balance. Each part, organ and gland is represented. Any sensitivity experienced is an indication of an imbalance in the body. Beneficial for all stress-related conditions.

Core Integration A body in balance brings relaxation and aliveness.This powerful, deep bodywork restores the body’s natural state of balance by means of deep tissue bodywork, stretches, joint mobilization and reeducation. It improves the vertical connection of the head, shoulders, chest, pelvis and legs. It restores flexibility, relaxation and energy flow, the main reasons for chronic pain and stress in the body-mind complex.

Self-Hypnosis for Meditation Self-hypnosis is one of the most important tools for spiritual growth, and can be used in many areas of life – for meditation, self-healing, and for feeling more relaxed and playful in the marketplace. It can be adapted in a creative way to apply to your unique situation. In this session we will be following guidelines suggested by Osho.

These are only a few of the many sessions regularly available at the OSHO Multiversity. For more information on the full program see

For more information please see


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Enhance your life inside and out with unique OSHO Courses and Trainings

Biodanza: Dance Your Life Biodanza uses music, movement, expression and relating with others to awaken human potential. It creates a fasttrack for personal development. 3 – 5 & 23 – 25 Sep

2 – 4 Sep

Using Tarot cards as tools to develop your sense of intuition. 12 – 14 Sep

18 – 19 Sep

Dehypnosis and Self-Hypnosis

7 – 8 Sep

Opening to the Heart

9 Sep

Tantra Energy

10 – 11 Sep

Aura-Soma and Body Care

10 –16 Sep

Self-Hypnosis for Meditation

11 Sep – 1 Oct

OSHO Mystic Rose

12 – 14 Sep

Intuitive Tarot

13 – 15 Sep

Opening to Feeling

17 – 23 Sep

OSHO Born Again

it is a very fundamental technique, fresh and unused it cuts away all the past repressions of humanity

18 –19 Sep

Celebrating the New Woman

19 –25 Sep

Aura-Soma Level I Course

20 – 22 Sep

Sound to Silence, Silence to Song

23 – 25 Sep

Biodanza: Dance Your Life

24 – 30 Sep

OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of

● ●

11 Sep – 1 Oct

Com ing soon OSHO Born Again

Seven days, for two hours a day. The first hour is for entering your childhood. The second hour is sitting in silent meditation. ● ●

31 Oct – 1 Nov

OSHO Reiki First Degree

26 –29 Sep

Awareness Intensive: Who Is In?

30 Sep

Seven days, two hours a day. Using gibberish – speaking in any language that you do not know – to empty out all the garbage of the mind. ●

it’s crazy but will relieve you of much heat and steam after one hour you will feel tremendously quiet

3 – 9 Sep

Hypnosis for Healing Wounds from the Past Using the resources of our unconscious mind we will bring greater awareness, relaxation and ease to our daily lives.

The enneagram is an ancient system that helps us understand our personality structure at a very deep level. With compassion, humor and in-depth inquiry we will come to see what drives us in love, work and our way of relating to ourselves. 18 – 20 Nov

OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind Using hypnosis, you first connect and make friends with your body/mind; then you begin a healing process by communicating with your unconscious. ●

NLP Practitioner Training Learn the fundamental principles of Neurolinguistic Programming as well as acquire the means to use them. NLP is essentially a tool for creating communication and effectiveness in whatever you do. 25 Nov – 10 Dec

Talking to Your BodyMind 26 – 27 Sep

OSHO No-Mind

A Day for the Heart

17 – 23 Sep

Balance Your Life 21st century living means living in imbalance: we use our minds too much, our bodies too little and our emotions create turmoil. In this course we first delve into the imbalance and then learn how to maintain balance.

12 Sep

a great experiment to achieve your lost childhood rediscovering the moments of wonder and joy

Enneagram for Life, Love and Personal Potential

It’s fun to be a woman! This course will help you to unfold your natural beauty and reclaim your inner strength.

5 – 7 Sep

Three weeks, three hours a day. The first week is laughter, the second crying, and the third is silent witnessing.

11 – 13 Nov

Celebrating the New Woman

Biodanza: Dance Your Life

OSHO Mystic Rose

11 – 13 Oct

Intuitive Tarot

4 – 5 Sep

26 – 27 Sep

Have you ever wanted to try something new, to take a risk – but just couldn’t…and wished you had? Well, you can! You have the power to change. Discover it, live it.

5 – 7 Sep

Awareness Intensive: Satori

These courses take place on the same dates every month.

Personal Power: The Courage to Risk

Learn the difference between hypnosis and meditation, and see how easy it is to learn self-hypnosis.

OSHO No-Mind

3 – 10 Sep

Reiki is a soft, non-intrusive, hands-on healing art where the practitioner becomes a channel for universal life force energy.

This powerful, residential process is dedicated to the search of your innermost being.

Dehypnosis and Self-Hypnosis

3 – 9 Sep


Awareness Intensive: Satori 3 – 10 Sep

Disappear into the Painting

OSHO Reiki First Degree

Disappear into the Painting Acrylics, a wall-size canvas and you. The best way to let the “I” disappear is not through austerities and discipline – no. It is through creativity and play. Get the knack in this course, and it will – effortlessly – change your life.

Every month the Multiversity offers processes designed by Osho for the contemporary man, to cut through layers of conditioning straight to the center of his being. The OSHO International Meditation Resort, with its unique blend of relaxation, meditation and celebration, is the ideal place to experience this transformation.

2 – 4 Seo

can be used for weight control or dealing with migraines and any other body aches and pains for anything out of natural balance in the body

24 – 30 Sep

OSHO Dynamic Meditation Booster Seven days: starts from the 25th of each month

66 OSHO TIMES Osho International Foundation

A Day for the Body

PREVIEWS 11 –13 Oct

Personal Power: The Courage to Risk

31 Oct – 1 Nov

Balance Your Life

11 – 13 Nov

Hypnosis for Healing Wounds from the Past

18 –20 Nov

Enneagram for Life, Love and Personal Potential

18 – 20 Nov

Inner Skills for Work and Life

20 – 22 Nov

Art with Heart

21 – 22 Nov

Welcoming Abundance

23 – 25 Nov

Tantra Energy

25 Nov – 10 Dec NLP Practitioner Training

Dates and programs are subject to change. For an up-to-date listing of programs visit

email: or write to: OSHO Multiversity OSHO International Meditation Resort 17 Koregaon Park, Pune 411001, India Tel: +91 (0)20 6601 9999, ext. 312

for full program visit September 2008 67



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The Stars Read Osho

Can’t Get up Early? Get a Skin Test

Jansen and Olli in Germany

Do you find it hard to get up early? You may not be lazy after all; it could be your genes. A study has found that every cell in the body has a timer which is controlled by the brain’s hypothalamus. Researchers at the University of Zurich’s chronobiology and sleep research group have developed a simple skin test that can show the state of your body clock. Prof. Steve Brown of the University of Zurich found that the brain’s hypothalamus acts as a central clock for the body by synchronizing individual cells. Skin cells are much easier clocks to study than the one in the brain. The team obtained cells from 28 volunteers and inserted into them a gene that glowed, creating biological clocks that waxed or waned over 24 hours. Prof. Brown told the Daily Telegraph, “What is really nice here is that by looking at clocks in peripheral tissues, we have for the first time been able to look, by proxy, at the molecular mechanisms in different human individuals that allow them to sense time in the brain. All in all, I find it quite incredible that skin cells can tell us something about a process as complex as human behavior.” Excerpted from Asian Age

Germany’s most famous – and freshly retired – football star, goal keeper Oliver Kahn, says that Osho is his favorite author, and suggests that his colleagues at FC Bayern read his books. Team mate Marcell Jansen took two books, Intelligence of the Heart and Life, Love, Laughter with him on his way to the European Cup Football Championship. “With this I find calm,” says Jansen. “Olli Kahn has recommended them to me. They are from his favorite author.”

Rajnikant in India South Indian superstar Rajnikant takes every opportunity to read Osho. Here he is in his latest blockbuster, Kuselan, reading a copy of Osho’s New Man for the New Millenium. On the set of Chandramukhi he read Geeta as It Was.

New Man for the New Millenium is published by Penguin India.

Masters have used all kinds of methods to teach.

is a certain quality. You have just to bring that quality to any act and that act becomes meditation.

Gardening can become meditation, swordsmanship can become meditation, wrestling can become meditation; anything can become meditation, because meditation

From Darkness to Light, Osho

effects of chocolate on a group of 1,000 women aged between 70 and 85. They found that the women who ate chocolate less than once a week had significantly stronger bones than those who had it on a daily basis, with calcium supplementation having little effect on the results. Excerpted from The Asian Age Paddy is on his deathbed, groaning,

when his wife Maureen walks into the room and asks if he has any last requests. “Yes dear,” says Paddy, “there is one thing I really would like before I go off to that great shamrock patch in the sky.” And then he whispers, “A piece of that wonderful chocolate cake of yours.” “Ah, Patrick,” says Maureen, “Have a potato instead. I am saving the cake for the party after the funeral.”

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who could not fall asleep until shortly before it was time to get up, consulted his doctor, who prescribed sleeping pills. He took a pill before retiring and sure enough he fell promptly asleep, but awoke before he heard the alarm clock. For the first time in weeks he felt refreshed and after bathing and breakfasting, leisurely strolled into the office. “I took a sleeping pill,” he told the boss, “and didn’t have any trouble getting up this morning.” “That’s interesting,” replied the boss, “but where were you yesterday?” Excerpted from

Philosophia Ultima, Osho

Expensive Tastes

Excerpted from

Chocolate both Good and Bad Although chocolate may be good for your heart, a study has found that its regular consumption could weaken your bones and raise the risk of suffering a fracture. Researchers found that people who eat chocolate daily are likely to have less dense, weak bones, which in turn could increase the risk of health problems such as osteoporosis and fractures. “Cocoa and chocolate have been promoted as having a range of beneficial cardiovascular properties. But the effect of chocolate intake on other organ systems has not been studied,” according to lead researcher Jonathan Hodgson of the University of Western Australia. According to him, though chocolate contains flavonos and calcium, both linked to having a positive effect on bone density, it also contains oxalate, an inhibitor of calcium absorption, and sugar, linked to calcium excretion. The team came to the conclusion after analyzing the


Excerpted from

Om Mani Padme Hum, Osho

Wine, as we know, improves with age – but now it appears that the more it costs the better it tastes. Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have shown that a person’s enjoyment of wine can be heightened if they are simply told that it is expensive. Twenty-one volunteers were asked to sample different bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon and rate the ones they preferred. The only information they were given was the price of the wine – but in a number of cases, they were not told the real price. Most described the “higher priced” wine as much more enjoyable. Researchers also managed to pass off a $90 bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon as a $10 bottle and presented a $5 one as worth $45. The volunteers’ brains were scanned to monitor the neural activity in the medial orbitofrontal cortex – the area of the brain associated with decisionmaking and pleasure in terms of flavor. Higher ratings were given to the more “expensive” wines. Antonio Rangel, who led the research team, said the experiment showed how “expectation can affect the actual encoding of the pleasantness of the experience.” Oliver Johnson, CEO of the UK-based Wine Society, says this response is common with certain prestige products such as clothing, cars and nowadays, handbags. “In this case, the volunteers appeared to have been associating the price of the wine with prestige.” Kathryn Westcott Excerpted from BBC News

Mr. Levy had given his friend, Goldstein, some of his

first red wine, which Goldstein tasted and drank, but he made no comment. Mr. Levy felt very disappointed in Goldstein’s apparent lack of appreciation, so he decided to offer him some strong, inferior wine that he had kept in his store. Goldstein had no sooner tasted it then he exclaimed, “What excellent wine this is!” “But you said nothing of the first,” remarked Levy. “Ah,” replied Goldstein,“the first required no comment. It spoke for itself. The second was so poor, it required somebody to speak up for it.” Excerpted from The Rebel, Osho

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OSHO Meditation Weekends September – October 2008 Wayanad (Kerala) 5 – 7 September Contact: Amano Akhil Mobile: 09349119640, 09388606014 Tel: 0495-3292020, 0484-4011257 Venue: Hotel Regency, Sultan Bathery Wayanad (Kerala) Facilitated by: Dr. Manish


in India

The Emperor Takes Sannyas A rebirth through meditation


Gautam Buddha is visited by one of the emperors of those days, Prasenjita. Naturally, nobody interferes because the emperor is talking to Gautam Buddha, although everybody wants to be close to hear what is transpiring. But one man, a bhikku, has to interrupt. He asks forgiveness from both, because he has to leave before sunset to spread the Buddha’s message to the people. But he cannot leave without touching the feet of Gautam Buddha. He is to be gone for many months, and the sun is just going to set, so he says to Prasenjita, “Forgive me, I don’t want to interrupt you. Just a single moment.... I want to touch Buddha’s feet and I will be gone. I have to leave, but I can leave only before sunset.” He is an old man nearabout seventy-five and Buddha asks him, “Bante” – that was his word of deep respect for sannyasins – “Bante, how old are you?” The old man says, “I feel ashamed to say it, but I am only four years old.” Prasenjita cannot believe it. A seventy-five-year-old man! – it is absolutely impossible that he is only four years old. And when Gautam Buddha accepts it, it is even more amazing. He says to Gautam Buddha, “This man does not look four years old.” Buddha says,“Perhaps you are not aware....The way we count life, unless one enters into deep meditation, realizes the light that radiates from a center, he is not thought to be born. This man experienced his first glimpse of himself four years ago. Those seventy-one years that passed before were of deep sleep; they cannot be counted as his age.” Prasenjita is very much puzzled – but it is true, and Prasenjita touches Gautam Buddha’s feet and says, “Help me also to be born again. Up to now I have been thinking I am alive.You have made me realize that I am dead.” Gautam Buddha says, “Just the realization that up to now you have been dead is a great beginning.”

7 September 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm. Hotel Grand Bay (Beach Road) Contact: OSHO Mevlana Meditation Center, Hyderabad Tel: 040-66629311 Mobile: 09392472766

Haridwar (Uttaranchal)

The end of, “Sorry, that OSHO Talk is out of stock. Shall we order it for you?”

3000 downloadable OSHO talks now instantly available in the comfort of your home or office. Simply select your talk and listen.

12 – 14 September Contact: Lalit: 9997468842 Aman: 9319028869 Venue: Anandotsav Ashram Near Bharat Mata Mandir Haridwar Facilitated by: Anand Swabhav

Trichy (Tamilnadu) 1 – 3 October Contact: OSHO Dharmateerth Meditation Resort Tanjore Road, Thuvakudi Trichy 620015 Mobile: 9443424065 Facilitated by: Mohan Bharti, Dr. Manish


OSHO Meditation Events

Every Sunday and Every third Saturday of the month 5:30 – 8:30 pm OSHO International Foundation in association with Times Foundation Venue: Times of India Building, 2nd floor

Excerpted from Satyam Shivam Sundram, Osho


Painting by Tulika

D.N. Road, Fort, Mumbai (MS)

Tel: 9323020611 Entry free 70 OSHO TIMES Osho International Foundation

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It’s a Strange World It is a very strange world. I have heard a proverb, very ancient: “God made women without a sense of humor so they could love men without laughing at them.” Osho

Chinaman Chinks is telling his friend Wu, the barman, about his amazing cure with Doctor Hak Mee. “But,” says Wu, “you were sick for over five months with some rare, unknown disease.What happened?” “Ah!”says Chinks,“me velly sick man. So me first call Doctor Yoo Dum. Me takee his medicine. Me velly more sick. So then me get Doctor Foo Foo.Then me takee his medicine.Then me velly bad – me think me going die! So me callee Doctor Hak Mee.” “Yes!Yes!”exclaims Wu.“Then what happened?” “Well,” says Chinks, “Doctor Hak Mee too busy, no can come. So me get well!”

The late, unlamented Adolph Hitler is at one time troubled by unusual dreams. He sends for his dream interpreter, who tells him the forecast that he will die on a Jewish holiday. “But which one?” asks the apprehensive Fuhrer. “Any day you die will be a Jewish holiday,” is the answer.

Hamish MacTavish becomes a sergeant with the Scottish Highlanders’ regiment. One day he walks into the pharmacy and deposits an old condom on the counter. “How much for a repair job?” he asks. “Well,” replies the chemist, “with washing, drying, patching, lubricating and re-rolling it comes to thirty pence.” “My god,” says MacTavish, “how much for a new one?” “Fifty pence,” replies the chemist. Tucking the condom back in his kilt, MacTavish walks out saying, “I’ll talk it over with the lads at the barracks and let you know our decision tomorrow.”

A man goes into the pharmacy and says to the aging female assistant, “I’d like ten condoms please, miss.” “Don’t you ‘miss’ me!” snaps the assistant. “Okay,” he replies. “Then give me eleven.”

A backwoods preacher is exhorting his followers about sin and morality. Finally he demands, “I want every virgin in this congregation to stand up!” Nobody moves. Again he shouts, “Every virgin in this congregation, rise!” Finally a woman with an infant in her arms gets up. “Didn’t you hear me, woman?” yells the preacher. “I said the virgins!” Replies the woman, “How do you expect a three-month old baby to get up by herself?”


The teacher asks three boys in her class, “What was your mother doing when you left for school this morning?” “Doing the washing,” says Tom. “Cleaning the bedroom,” says Dick. “Getting ready to go out and shoot ducks,” says Harry. “What! What are you talking about, Harry?” asks the teacher. “Well miss,” says Harry,“my dad left home, and she threw her knickers in the fire and said she was going back to the game.”

It’s monsoon time in Pune, and Swami Deva Coconut meets Swami Veet Herschel on MG Road. “Hi, Coconut!” says Herschel. “I’ve been meaning to ask you – can I have the umbrella back that you borrowed from me?” “Oh, sorry,” says Coconut. “I lent it to a friend of mine. Did you want it?” “Not for myself,” replies Herschel. “But the swami I borrowed it from says the owner wants it back!”

One day, Paddy, who works in the local brewery, falls into a gigantic barrel of beer and drowns. When his wife is informed of the accident she asks if she can see the scene of the tragedy. At the brewery the foreman explains to her, “He was climbing this ladder when he slipped and fell into the beer and drowned.” “How terrible!” exclaims Maureen. “It must have been an agonizing death.” “I wouldn’t say exactly agonizing,” replies the foreman. “He managed to get out twice to go to the bathroom!”

Chester Cheese, the golf-crazed golfer, is preparing one Sunday morning to go golfing at the local golf course. “Golf! Golf! Golf!” nags Betty Cheese, his wife, standing with her hands on her hips and curlers in her hair. “That’s all you ever think about. If you ever spent a weekend with me I think I’d drop dead!” “Look,” replies Chester, putting on his golf hat, “there’s no point in trying to bribe me!”

In a certain remote training camp, a squad of rookies have just returned to their billet after a day’s route-march under the boiling sun. “What a life!” says one new soldier.“Miles from anywhere, a sergeant who thinks he’s Attila the Hun, no women, no booze, no leave – and on top of all that, my boots are two sizes too small.” “You don’t want to put up with that, chum,” says his neighbor. “Why don’t you put in for another pair?” “Not likely,” comes the reply.“Taking’ em off is the only pleasure I’ve got!”

Old Man Finkelstein is brought to court for alleged rape. He pleads guilty by reason of insanity. “Insanity?” asks the judge. “You look perfectly sane to me.” “Oh, I am,” says the old man.“It’s sex I’m crazy about.”

The pompous judge glares over the courtroom at the woman tramp who has been dragged into court on a charge of vagrancy. “Have you ever earned an honest dollar in your life, you good-for-nothing?” “Yes, your honor,” replies the woman. “I voted for you in the last election.”

It is just after midnight and there is a knock on the doctor’s door. Dragging himself out of bed, and poking his head out of the window, he peers down at the figure on the doorstep. “Well?” he asks. The woman looks up and says, “No, sick.”


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Gratitude In the October


“The feeling of gratefulness can arise only if we become aware of what existence is giving us. We have nothing to give in return, hence we feel deep gratitude. We are not worthy of it all, we don’t deserve it. Still the flowers bloom, still the sun rises, still the moon comes, and the stars.... Still existence goes on giving, whether we take any note of it or not.” Osho

Beyond Words When we are making demands and asking life to be different from the way it is, our words are futile.When we are filled with the joy of gratitude, we are literally speechless.

A Life of Precious Moments Our problems are rooted in the mind, in desires, in complaints, in expectations. In this state we can easily miss the moment and its great gifts.

The Greatest Challenge Buddha reminds his disciples: don’t expect thanks. On the contrary, expect people to be angry, irritated, revengeful. If they don’t kill you, be thankful to them. And what if they do kill you?

Loving Gratefully Instead of clouding love in possessiveness, dependency and jealousy, we can make consciousness the core of love.

In the coming months there will be features on: Real Courage

What is gratitude? How does it arise? What gets in the way? How does it affect your life?


Commitment and Freedom

Relating: Keeping Love Alive

Osho on… Science and Religion Meditation of the Month: Devotion Frees

In a Few Words

Osho on… Human Consciousness Meditation of the Month: Find the Cosmic Ocean of Energy Short ’n Sharp: 7 Keys to Stress-free Living!

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Astrology September 2008

Astrology is the science of wholeness, unity, nonduality.


ARIES (March 21 – April 20) Though balance may not be your normal state, instead of simply jumping in, take the time to look, observe, think and feel. It’s not a better way but a different way.

You have to walk in life – and see how you fall. You have to watch yourself – and observe how you go astray. Whenever you feel an imbalance, immediately balance it by moving to the opposite. The middle is not a position, it is a constant gaining of balance. The middle is an alive situation; moment to moment you have to achieve it. Osho

TAURUS (April 21 – May 21) Exploring the feminine is a life-long task; and an opportunity to use the mind to delve more deeply into a vast space – a rainbow of possibilities and outcomes.

One has to become feminine. One has to become receptive rather than being aggressive. One has to learn the art of relaxation rather than learning the strategies of how to conquer the world and the reality. Truth is going to be a total surrender. You have to become a welcome, a prayer, an invitation – an infinite waiting. Osho

GEMINI (May 22 – June 21) Torn between the comfort and safety of relationship and the adventure and insecurity of aloneness, can you find the inner balance that creates space for both?

First become alone. First love yourself. First become so authentically happy that if nobody comes it doesn’t matter; you are full, overflowing. Then move into relationship. The person who has lived in his aloneness will always be attracted to another person who is also living his aloneness beautifully. Happiness is not just added, it is multiplied. Osho

by Yogaraj

CAPRICORN (December 24 – January 20)

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)

A time of groundedness that might seem strange for one of the watercourse way. Take this opportunity to explore aspects of self and the other, including work and play. See if you can communicate these experiences: to whom does not matter.

Relationship is murky now, and in order to find understanding the pull will be to the mind. True understanding will come from your heart in all matters, including expression.

All relationship is just an absurd effort, because you cannot touch the center of the other’s being. You don’t know the other’s soul, you only know the body, actions, attitudes – they are just on the periphery.When all attachments drop, you become more understanding.You start learning how to be one and harmonious with reality itself. Osho

A man without love lives disconnected from the whole. Love in as many ways as possible. Love animals, love trees, rocks, rivers, people.The more you love, the more you are. Love makes you integrated; it gives you a centering, a rootedness, a groundedness. You need a certain inner space for god to come in, for truth to come in. That space is created by love. Osho

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22) Sometimes in the game that is the search, the best thing we can do is to do nothing – which can take us to deeper and deeper realms. This might be such a time.

LEO (July 23 – August 23) Pulled between the past and its wounds and the future and its uncertainty, use the question Who is in? as a life koan. Seek the answer, and the future unfolds its mystery in a graceful rhythm.

You are gods who have forgotten who they are. You are emperors who have fallen asleep and are dreaming that they have become beggars. All that is needed is to wake up! And where can you wake up? In the future? In the past? You can wake up only now and only here.This is the only moment there is, and this is the only reality there is, and this is the only reality that has always been and will always be. Osho

Negative thinking is the highest kind. It is synonymous with waiting, because there is nothing to do. You cannot search for god, for liberation. Waiting allows the whole to take possession.You disappear, the whole appears.Then from nowhere, or everywhere, comes the feeling of being lifted up. Thinking stops, thanking begins. Osho

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 23)

VIRGO (August 24 – September 23) See if you can detach from the idea that you are your work, and see that your work is simply an opportunity to explore your emptiness: “I am not that.”

In the East we have defined meditation as a process of neti-neti. “I am neither this nor that.” One goes on denying, and a moment comes when there is nothing to be denied any more. Infinite emptiness surrounds you. Only that much emptiness can help the heart to open up for the first time. The heart needs infinite space, the whole sky; only then is there bliss. Osho

What of emotions – those things you try to avoid and hide from? Emotions are also part of the soup and can add flavors and aromas beyond measure. Pause and taste!

In the meditations allow your emotions full play and enjoy the play, because many new things will be revealed to you. Lose control completely. You will be surprised at what is hidden in you. Allow your body to have full play also, so that every cell of the body becomes vibrant, alive. And suddenly you will enter a new door.You will open a new dimension of your own existence, and that dimension will lead you to the divine. Osho

Your normal reticence is amplified at this time by a bubbling sensation gone wild. These sensations are coming from a deeper place and arise of their own accord. Enjoy the ride while you can.

Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated. Whatsoever you are doing, do it with the spirit of celebration – bubbling with joy, overflowing with joy. Slowly one becomes attuned to the celebration of the universe that is constantly going on. If you are in the mood of celebration, you disappear and the whole existence explodes in you as celebration. Those are the moments of ecstasy. Osho

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19) The battle without is a reflection of the battle within, between who you are and who you think you should be. Stop the thinking and be who you are.

The mind goes on thinking about truth, and the truth goes on waiting to be realized, but the meeting is possible only if mind stops functioning. Whenever you start thinking, you are going astray. If you stop thinking, suddenly you are at home.You had never gone from there; the whole wandering is like a dream. Otherwise you have lived as gods – that’s the only way to be. But you don’t realize it because you go on thinking about it. Osho

PISCES (February 20 – March 20) Ever changing is a state to be embraced in each and every level of life: A shifting of sands, ever changing and always and never the same.

Everything is in change, continuously shifting, except one thing: that is your witness. So put down the brush and your camera – just look. And in looking, remember not to get lost in the seen. Remember the seer – that is the only permanent point you can depend on. That is the only security, the only certainty, the only thing you can rely on. Everything else is going to shift and change. If you understand it as a flux, it is perfectly beautiful. Osho

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Chillies I Can Be Your Friend I am a natural person. I have no charisma – and I don’t believe in charisma. I don’t believe in methods. Even if I use them I don’t believe in them. I am a natural person, very ordinary. I can be lost in a crowd and you will not be able to find me. So I don’t lead you, I accompany you. I can hold your hand, I can be your friend.


Excerpted from The Path of Love, Osho


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