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Traditional Old School Tattoo

Thank you for buying my sketchbook. All the designs have already been tattooed. So, please, do not trace and tattoo straight away any of them. Feel free to use them as reference to create new designs. Thanks to: San Schumans, my lovely daugther Lisa Marie de Kleijn, Roos Spoor, Sann Hellen Verhaegen (, Vincent Meyer (, Isnard Barbosa (, De Loop (, Bad Bones Tattoo (, Tattoo and Piercing Crew ( And everyone not present in this list who help me achieve my goals. I’m learning every day. Special thanks to: Vincent Meyer and Isnard Barbosa, the guys who helped me on my way. And San Schumans, my loved one.

Tony Rock ‘n Roll Rotterdam 2013 2


Colofon Tony Rock ‘n Roll Traditional Old School Tattoo Sketchbook Vol. 2 Publishing Blue Hawaii Tattoo Illustrator Tony Rock ‘n Roll Editor Tony Rock ‘n Roll Sann Hellen Verhaegen Vormgeving Sann Hellen Verhaegen Imprint Holland Ridderkerk Contact adress Eendrachtsplein 12c 3012 LA Rotterdam The Netherlands +31(0)6 832 09 977 ISBN 9789082154702 Copyright 2013 Nothing from this expenditure can in any way multiplied and/or are made public without preceding authorisation of the editor. The editor can be put in absolutely no manner responsible for the contents of or the texts, photograph placed for possible detrimental impact by (the use of) or illustrations. At a dispute you cannot call yourself on the contents of this expenditure. Without written authorisation of the editor the whole adoption of texts photograph and drawings has been prohibited.

ISBN 9789082154702


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