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State Board of Education, continued

MARTY ROWLEY (R) - DISTRICT 15 Curriculum: A back-to-the-basics approach to education is foundational for any suitable curriculum. It should describe what students should know and be able to do at every grade level. Standards must be detailed, but should not contain so much content so as to detract from a teacher’s ability to teach. The standards should be of sufficient rigor so as to meet national competition. Funding: Revenues generated from the PSF should be prioritized to fund new instructional materials for Texas schoolchildren. This would include both traditional textbooks and electronic delivery options. When the SBOE passes new education standards and the legislature fails to provide funding for new materials, school districts are left with an

unfunded mandate, which I oppose. Charter Schools: There needs to be a healthy balance between oversight and maintaining the freedom of charter schools to be innovative and cost effective. Too much governmental intrusion hinders their ability to produce results at a lower cost to taxpayers. There may be limited instances where oversight is needed, but such action must be carefully measured. Other Issues: The first issue is empowering our teachers by creating an effective accountability system that ensures essential standards of knowledge and skills are being taught, but not so as to stifle individual learning. Secondly, schools need more freedom to offer career and technical training, thereby meeting Texas' workforce needs and creating better lives for graduates.

Education: Bachelor's degree in Business Administration; Eastern New Mexico University; 1979. J.D. degree; Texas Tech School of Law; 1982 | Experience: Certified Professional Mediator; Former Board Certified Attorney; Former Pastor 8000 member church; Current Pres. Maverick Boys & Girls Club; Former Pres. CareNet Pregnancy Center and Chair of Governmental Affairs of Amarillo Chamber of Commerce | Web Site: | Email:


Charter Schools: Over half of Texas charter schools have underperformed Curriculum: Texas should adopt the Common Core State and failed to meet state standards, yet their charters have not been revoked Standards and Next Generation Science Standards so ac- for political reasons. Many charters are overtly religious which violates curate comparisons in student academic achievement are the law. The failing charter schools should have their charters revoked and possible. If not, Texas standards should be developed by given to other private schools who agree to meet state curriculum standards educators and curriculum experts without the political, and obey the law. ideological, and religious censorship from State Board Other Issues: The most serious public education problems are the fault members which has so frequently been the case in the past. of the Texas Legislature, which refuses to fund schools properly, increased Funding: The Permanent School Fund has been adminis- classroom size by laying off teachers, mandated testing to document failtered by a small group of financial specialists in the TEA under the super- ure, wants to raid teachers' retirement funds, is privatizing education by vision of the Commissioner of Education. They use several financial con- creating online schools, and plans to create voucher schools. SBOE memsultants and investment banks for advice. The PSF performance has been bers should resist these. excellent and its investment policies do not need to be changed.

Education: B.S., M.S. in Geology, Northern Illinois University, 1971, 1973; Ph.D. in Geology, Rice University, 1983. | Experience: College and university science teaching professor, 23 years; High school science teacher, 2 years; Petroleum and environmental industry scientist, 17 years. | Campaign Phone: (432) 352-2265 | Web Site: | Email:




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