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State Board of Education, continued

DONNA BAHORICH (R) - DISTRICT 6 Curriculum: As the foundation for our textbooks and accountability, curriculum standards must be relevant, academically sound, rigorous and clear. The board's current process of revising standards is based on the invaluable input provided by teachers, professionals, parents and business leaders. The resulting standards best prepare our students for college and career opportunities. Funding: The corpus of the fund must be guarded and nourished to provide funding for public education now and for future generations. Management of the PSF and the size of the disbursements from the fund must always be guided by careful fiduciary action. With the coming move toward in-house management for cost savings, board oversight is


needed to ensure proper investment direction Charter Schools: Currently, once the board awards a charter, their job is done. However, with the growth of charters, I believe the board should have the authority to review charters once granted, if results indicate that the charter is not advancing the education of children appropriately. As charters grow, this is ever more important. Legislative authority for oversight should be given. Other Issues: The passage of SB 6 has moved positively toward increased local control. However, publishers now do not have to submit their products to the board for public scrutiny. We must work to ensure that error-free instructional materials go to our classrooms. The board must become part of a legislative, gubernatorial, higher education, & work force team for our children's future.

Education: B.S. Financial Management and M.A. Counseling | Experience: District Director and Communications Director for Senator Dan Patrick. 2010 Republican Primary Director for Harris County Republican Party. 2007 Volunteer of the Year for Senate District 7. Graduate of Leadership Houston-Class 27. | Campaign Phone: (832) 303-9091 | Web Site: | Email:

TRACI JENSEN (D) - DISTRICT 6 Curriculum: Curriculum should be developed with the idea that students need to learn how to analyze, interpret, and synthesize information. Content should be accepted knowledge that is based upon research and facts. The board shouldn't be able to make major changes to the proposed curriculum created by the committee of educators and experts without their approval. Funding: I am concerned about the direction of the PSF. Recently we just learned about the 5 hedge fund manager’s excessive fees. We should not move quickly but examine all options. The PSF should not be used to fund charter schools which has been an issue brought before the board. We must keep our focus on the 5 million children attending public

schools and their needs. Charter Schools: Charters must be held accountable when using tax payer money. Texas has seen cases of staggering mismanagement. Opening a charter doesn’t require a background in education so it can become a forprofit endeavor. They are also only required to hire teachers with a high school diploma. I strongly support a change in the oversight system before programs are expanded. Other Issues: Textbook Adoptions & Health Education: Textbooks shouldn't be chosen according to personal ideology. A complete education using materials that assist in the development of critical thinking should be the goal. Abstinence-Only programs haven't worked. Texas is 4th in teen pregnancy rates. Students need more than a mantra of “Just say no” in order to make informed decisions.

Education: I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction. | Experience: I was a classroom teacher and education professor at University of Houston. I have worked in Cy-Fair, Alief, Aldine, Houston, Katy and Spring Branch schools. | Web Site: | Email:

NO REPLY RECEIVED: GENE CLARK (L), DISTRICT 6; G C MOLISON (G), DISTRICT 6; DAVID BRADLEY (R), DISTRICT 7 MATTHEW PETRE (L) - DISTRICT 7 Curriculum: The number one criteria for curriculum should be scientific and historical facts. In the case that there are theories that are still up for some scientific debate (e.g. Climate Change or Evolution) the curriculum should focus on teaching children the thinking skills that give them the best tools to come to their own conclusions. Funding: The current policy for the Permanent School Fund is generally acceptable; however, I would work with other board members to find solutions to the current crisis regarding the retention of the highest quality teachers and would also work to increase funding of programs related to areas that have in the recent decades de-

clined; namely art, philosophy and personal economics. Charter Schools: I would support a statewide voucher program (probably a cost effective progressive voucher program like that supported by my colleague Mark Loewe from Austin.) Being the product of the public education system, I do not want to see it disappear nor in any way suffer from insufficient funding, but it is my belief that charter and private schools are the future of education. Other Issues: The current attempt and state and local levels to create not just an equal playing field for students, but also to force equal outcome on students, is the greatest impediment facing the U.S. and Texas public education system. Testing cannot be the primary indicator of success. Separation of church and state protects our children, but also our religious beliefs.

Education: Middle Tennessee State University - B.S. Computer Science Mississippi State University - Chemical Engineering North Mesquite High School - Mesquite Texas - 2nd in Class | Experience: I am an active participant in our political process. I have been active in the Libertarian Party for over 20 years. I believe it is time for change to liberty-mindedness on our state's school board of education. | Web Site: | Email:

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