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Railroad Commissioner, continued

BARRY SMITHERMAN (R) - UNEXPIRED TERM Energy: Texas has an abundance of oil, natural gas, coal, wind, and sun. Renewable energy has a role to play, but that role should not be subsidized with taxpayer money. To secure energy independence, we must increase oil & gas production in Texas and throughout America. This will provide better jobs for Texans, greater national security for our country. Urban Drilling: As Chairman of the Railroad Commission, I will enforce the law against those who jeopardize our health and safety by violating the rules that are already on the books. Texas doesn’t need more regulations;


instead, we must make sure everyone is complying with our existing laws. The RRC will continue to work with TCEQ, to help ensure environmental integrity. Other Issues: The most serious issue is keeping Obama out of Texas. Obama appointees at EPA and other agencies are trying to stop Texas from recovering our God-given oil, natural gas, and coal. The second issue is effectively enforcing existing laws and providing a stable regulatory environment so companies can create jobs in Texas.

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Urban Drilling: Ensuring adherence to safety policies, remediation and Energy: There is no question Texas must continue an aggressive program protection of population centers must continue to be the central focus of of identifying and exploiting traditional energy resources such as oil and the Commission. coal. Alternate energy resources are in the emerging state so private sector Other Issues: 1. The ongoing challenge will continue to be the balance energy companies should be encouraged to assist the development of al- of drilling vs. environmental impact. 2. Due diligence is the task of the the ternate energy resources as part of their medium term investment strategy. Commission and I will seek the best science on the important issues when making policy choices and recommendations. Education: 1. Brandeis University - Bachelor's Degree 2. UC Berkeley - Master's Degree; 3. JFK Harvard University - Certificate Community Building; 4. UT Austin - Graduate Studies | Experience: 1. Policy Analyst For 2 City Representatives - City of El Paso; 2. Chief of Staff - County of El Paso; 3. Teacher - El Paso Community College | Web Site: | Email:


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