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WATER TIP OF THE MONTH Water your lawn and garden in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler to minimize evaporation.

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September 2009

SAN MARCOS OUTLOOK Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Jessica Sebastian Associate Editor Kerry King Cover Photographer Caroline Robert San Marcos Outlook, a subsidiary of Pithy Productions Inc., is mailed monthly to 7,000 higher income homes in the 78666 zip code. You can also pick one up from local merchants. Contact us at for information on advertising and submissions. San Marcos Outlook, 283 Cordero Drive, San Marcos, TX 78666, 877-479-1470 Visit our website: ©Pithy Productions, Inc. 2009

We’re Glad to Have Students Back! As fall begins, many businesses have perked up after a quiet summer as students flooded back into town. One business that is affected by the students return is the bars and clubs in San Marcos. Last school year, many students patronized clubs in Austin because closing time here most nights was midnight, a time when many bands in Austin are just beginning their sets. A new city ordinance has extended closing time to 2am, and we are hoping to keep our students safe in town instead of risking the long drive from Austin. While students were out of town over the summer the bars had somewhat of a trial period. They got the opportunity to see how the new ordinance would play out on a small scale. Now that students are back and school is about to begin we will get to see how the new ordinance will truly affect the town. Although the change will require some acclimation by the community, we should be thankful to live in such a lively, expanding city. Growing pains usually turn out positively. Texas State students comprise a large chunk of the population here in San Marcos - nearly 30,000, and our town is 50,000 - and our businesses rely on their patronage, making them a vital support for our economy. We’re glad to have you back! Jessie Sebastian Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

San Marcos Calendar of Events -September• Every Tuesday from 3pm - 6pm. Farmers Market. Everything is homegrown and handmade. Select from baked goods, fruits, vegetables, plants, arts and crafts. 204 S. Edward Gary Dr. • Every Tuesday & Friday at 10:15am. Storytimes for Toddlers. Ages 6 months to 3 years. Great stories, songs, and fun. • Every Tuesday & Friday at 10:15am. Storytimes for Preschoolers. Ages 3 years to 6 years. Great stories, songs, and fun. • Every Wednesday at 10am & 5:30pm. Free Computer Classes at the San Marcos Public Library. Call 393-8200 to register. Volunteer teachers are also needed. • Sat. Sept. 5th-6th, 6pm, Fiesta 2009, St. John’s Catholic Church 624 E. Hopkins. Live music, games, rides, food, bingo, arts & crafts and a raffle with two grand prizes of a $5,000 VISA gift card each. Free admission. • Sat. Sept. 5th, 6pm, Texas State Bobcats vs. Angelo State, Jim Wacker Field, For more information call 512.245.2114 or visit • Thurs. Sept. 10th, 7am, Eggs & Issues Breakfast - The United Way of Hays County & their Impact on our Community. San Marcos Activity Center, For more information call 512.393.5900 San Marcos Outlook Page 3

• Fri. September 11th & 25th at 5pm. Free Hatha Yoga classes at the San Marcos Public Library. Everyone is welcome. • Sept. 11th-13th, For Love of Water Conference, Wimberley Community Center. Friday features The Allure of Water art event and film screening. Saturday conference will have top speakers and fascinating interactive workshops that will bring appreciation, awareness and action for a sustainable future. Sunday water ceremonies at Jacob’s Well. For registration information, visit or call Peggy Cole 512-847-3822 or Amy Normand 830-868-2427. • Sept. 13th, 3pm, United We Sing: A Musical Tribute to America, Free, Evans Auditorium at the Texas State University San Marcos - Campus, For more information visit • Sat. Sept. 19th, 9am-1pm. Junior Texas Water Safari. The 16-mile adventure is an exhilarating opportunity for avid, young canoeist and kayakers. • Sept. 24th - 26th, Texas State H.O.G. Rally, Hays County Civic Center, For more information visit • Sept. 26th, 6pm, Texas State Bobcats vs. Texas Southern, Jim Wacker Field, For more information call 512.245.2114 or visit September 2009

by Kerry Watson

Website Security: Viruses, Malware and Hackers, oh My!

Most people know that you can get computer viruses via email, but you may not realize that your website can get viruses too. Anytime you use a password on the web, you are vulnerable. Large websites are a favorite of hackers who launch massive, organized attacks. But small “mom & pop” websites are probably more vulnerable, because small site owners are not aware of website security. If you log onto a web-based administration tool that makes it easy to edit your web pages yourself, the password makes your site vulnerable. If you upload photos to your site, this adds another kind of vulnerability. Every convenience is another potential for hackers to exploit. Here are some tips for making your website safer: * Use passwords that are difficult to guess, use letters and numbers, and change all passwords regularly. * Remove extra programs and unnecessary files from your website. * Use the new Google Chrome browser, a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. Download it from If

by Steve Black

Chrome tells you that there is a problem on your website, notify your web professional for help. * Set your website to be your home page in Google Chrome, so you automatically check it each time you fire up your browser. * Backup, backup, backup! If you edit your own website, you must make backups of your changes. Ask your web pro how to back up your database and website files. Back up each time that you would cry if you lost your work. If you take no other advice, make backups regularly. Your web professional can institute a regular maintenance program at minimal cost for you. Contact them for more assistance. Kerry Watson founded Pithy Productions Inc. in Wimberley in 1999, a web design & consulting firm that specializes in ecommerce, or helping small businesses sell on the Internet. Kerry can be reached at 877-605-8327 or on the web at

Energy Savings in the Home

There are many examples of wasted energy in a home, such as lights left on in rooms without occupants, or inefficient HVAC systems. One source that often goes unrecognized is the energy required to cool space heated by sunlight coming through windows. Roughly one third of an average home’s cooling load is due to solar heat gain through windows, according to the Building Energy Databook, an annual report of data averages published by the U.S. Department of Energy. Of course, windows provide views and sunshine that can reduce the need for artificial lighting. Even so, more daylight also means more heat, and this requires cooling to keep occupants comfortable. One way to reduce solar heat gain and improve the energy efficiency of a home is window film. Solar control window film is applied to the inside of a window where it reflects and absorbs heat. In addition to reducing the need for cooling, window films help create an even, comfortable temperature throughout a home. A home’s directional orientation relative to the sun can create hot spots, or areas that receive significantly more sunlight than others. Depending on the sophistication of a home’s HVAC system, this can create challenges for maintaining comfort. San Marcos Outlook Page 4

If a home has mainly large glass areas facing north and south, additional cooling may be needed to maintain comfort for rooms on the southern exposure. In situations like this, rooms on the northern exposure are typically overcooled and uncomfortable. By reducing the solar heat gain on south facing rooms, the air conditioning system is better able to maintain comfortable conditions for all. Window film has become one of the most cost effective methods for cutting energy usage in existing homes, especially in warm, sunny climates like Texas. By blocking large amounts of the sun’s infrared rays, these micro-thin films can reduce heat gain, thereby lowering air conditioning costs and with virtually clear films available it won’t change the appearance of your home. Steve Black and his wife Lisa are the owners of Appearance Plus, an Authorized 3M Dealer, Window Film Products. For more information contact Steve at (830) 609-8733 or visit

3M Window Tinting

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Steve Black: 830-609-8733 September 2009

Life Insurance 101 by Connie Ulmer We ALL need it, though lots of us don’t think we do! I’ll get it later; I’m too young, I can’t afford it right now, or I’ve got plenty of money, I don’t need it. None of these are good reasons! Remember “Big”, Carrie’s boyfriend and eventually husband on “Sex and The City”? Look for him (actor Chris North) in public service messages about life insurance in the coming months. His father died when he was very young. Just so happens his dad was a life insurance agent. He made sure before his accidental death that his family was well protected. The money his mother received allowed her to keep their home, stay home to raise him and his brothers and put them through college. Now I’m not saying your child could grow up to be a movie star if you have adequate life insurance coverage for your family, but look what happened to Chris North. Three basic types of life insurance are Term Life, Whole Life and Universal Life. There are a few other options with annuities and investments but most needs are covered by these three. Term Life insurance is issued for a set period of time or term, and once that term ends, the coverage ends. Typically your premium is guaranteed for the term. Whole Life, sometimes called Permanent Life is insurance that builds a cash value and if left to grow, covers you until the benefit is paid. Universal life is a more flexible life policy that performs very similar to whole life policies but may also be set up to mimic a term life policy. Term Life is the least costly of the three. A million dollar, 30year term policy for a 25-year-old man can be purchased for $93 a month, for a 25-year-old woman its $72 a month. Whole life premiums are around 3 times more than Term. Universal life varies based on the plan design but falls in between term and whole life costs. The younger you purchase coverage, the less expensive the premium. Parents would be wise to buy protection for their children that will follow them into adulthood. If you would like me to forward “Big’s” public service message to you or if you would like a quote on life insurance, please contact me at the phone number or e-mail below. Connie Ulmer is a licensed, independent Life and Health Insurance Agent working with Terry Jester and Associates. She specializes in Individual and Small Group insurance. You September reach her at 512-557-2269 or 325 E. Hopkins St. San Marcos Insurance and Financial Services

Connie Ulmer


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September 2009

Big Dreams, Small Budget Realities Tips to Planning a Wedding on a Budget

by Maggie Butler

“Money can’t buy me love,” the Beatles said it best, but when it comes down to planning a wedding, it is a contested question in most brides’ minds. To make your dream a reality, regardless of budget, start by writing down your top three non-negotiable vendors or details. Below are tips to consider when deciding what to scratch off of the wedding budget: • Count your bridesmaids. If you’ve included a second cousin out of obligation give her a different duty instead. Delegate positions like guest book attendant or decorator. These are tasks relatives can do in place of being a bridesmaid or groomsmen. • Check your guest list. If you want to spend extra money on one of your top three items, cut out co-workers, “and guest,” and nonlive in boyfriend/girlfriends. Connect with your guests by starting a wedding website. is free and easy to use and you can look up your vendors while narrating your love story and keeping a guest list. • If you want to save on food, the ceremony and reception, find a place that offers them all. Consider alternatives, such as a caterer who will make your favorite childhood foods like sliders, chicken tenders with a special sauce, and cup cakes. Dress them up by presenting them on a silver platter with colored napkins and a flower garnish. • Stick to a monochromatic theme and initial everything! This personalizes your décor and makes for an elegant look. You can also accent your tables with mini-framed photos of you and your beau, which is truly unique. • Finally, for your something old or blue, search the upscale resale shops for satin gowns and antique pins. Most brides only wear their dress once. Why not fall in love with something that looks good on you and is in your budget? Cutting a budget requires creativity and planning. If you’re stressed and strapped for cash, hire a wedding planner. Planners get discounts through vendors and can help you plan a fabulous wedding within your price range.

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2004 Medical Parkway Suite A San Marcos Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 24-Hour Emergency Service

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Maggie has had seven years of experience throughout the hospitality industry in settings such as catering and events and fine dining restaurants. She received her wedding planner certification license from The Wedding Planning Institute in 2007 and has a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing from Texas State University-San Marcos. Visit her website at or e-mail her at

Maggie’s Events Maggie Butler

Certified Wedding Planner 512-757-2268


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September 2009

by Phyllis Snodgrass

The Blueprint for Educational Change. Because Graduates are Made. Not Born.

Losing ground, losing opportunity. The time is NOW to make education a top priority in Central Texas. Although more students are graduating from high school and college today than at any time in our history, the U.S. continues to fall behind in education. It’s true, most of the people we encounter day to day have a decent education and make a decent living, but our student demographics are changing rapidly, creating an even greater challenge to our education system. Consider: Not investing in education costs us tremendously… Each year’s class of high school dropouts costs Central Texas a minimum of $425 million in lost earnings. That’s the equivalent cost of building almost five Long Centers every year! There were almost 7,000 students in Central Texas 9th grade classes 4 years ago who could have received a diploma this year but did not walk across the stage. Their education impacts us… Those who don’t stay in school have lower personal earnings, pay fewer taxes, and cost us more. Those who are less educated pay less into our economy: a dropout accumulates only 10% of the wealth of a high school graduate, and 1% of the wealth of a college graduate! And there aren’t enough educated workers to fill critical jobs like nursing or pay into our Social Security. The fastest way to lower our social services costs and share the tax load is through better education for all. Texas is losing ground globally… U.S. high schoolers rank among the worst of all industrialized nations in math, science and problem solving, and Texas has the lowest percentage of adults who have graduated from high school of all states in the nation. Only 43% of those who go on to college get any degree within six years. There’s a demographicUSS tidal wave that has not yet crested… Services In Central Texas, students that schools struggle the most to teach, typically students from low income families and English language FFICE LEANING learners, are increasing at three times the rate of all students. MorOrganic Products Availableat twice the ever, Central Texas’ student population is growing state’s rate, and Texas has the fastestBonded growing child population of & Professional the 50 states. Our schools are losing ground to such rapid shifts in needs.




Ugly Step Sister Services

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San Marcos Outlook

Phyllis Snodgrass, IOM, is President of the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce. She serves on the Board of Regents for the US Institute for Organization Management, as Vice Chair for the Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives (TCCE), serves on the Southwest Regional Advisory Board for the Small Business Development Center Network and serves as Board member for the Hays County United Way.

P.O. Box 2310 202 N. C.M. Allen Pkwy San Marcos

Phone: 512.393.5900

A public speaking and leadership training organiza�on


The ultimate impact is huge… Unless many more students, especially minority and economically disadvantaged students, enroll and graduate from college, noted economist Ray Perryman has calculated that our region stands to lose 85,000 jobs and $50+ Billion in personal income and local spending by 2030. Can we do anything about it? This situation may seem overwhelming, but no one else is going to solve this for us. If we wait for the state or federal government, we’ll lose an entire generation of kids. That’s why hundreds of us have joined together to create The Blueprint for Educational Change. It’s different. It’s unprecedented. It’s based on objective data that has never been collected before. It requires our entire region to be accountable for the success of every student. It spans the continuum from early childhood to workforce success. It provides the tools for every one of us to be part of the change that we need. Here in San Marcos – our local SOAR (Seeking Opportunities, Achieving Results) collaboration is directly tied into the Blueprint for Education Change (the E3 Alliance). To get involved in SOAR right here in San Marcos and directly impact the region’s Blueprint – contact us today! Or check us out on the web at http://www. Or call the Chamber at 512-393-5900 and we’ll find a way YOU can make a difference today!

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Meets Every Tuesday 7:00-8:30 PM Main Classroom, Central Texas Medical Center 1101 Wonder World Drive h�p:// (no “www”)

September 2009

(512) 353-0217

Tao of Tattoos

by Zack Ross

Wakeup everyone, tattoos are not some passing fad. Tattooing is universal and has been practiced by humans in some form or another for thousands of years. As a result, distinct tattoo styles have emerged from different cultures and sub-cultures throughout the world. Just like clothing and fashion, tattoo styles have come and gone throughout the years. Body modification has been enjoying a renaissance lately with more and more people choosing to be tattooed. No longer are tattoos the preserve of sailors and criminals or people on the fringes of mainstream culture. Admittedly tattoos have been getting a fair bit of press lately. In part driven by high profile celebrities flashing their tattoos in public. Or shows such as Miami Ink with their carefully chosen tattoo artists making the whole tattooing process look like some kind of modern magic. This is only part of the story. Getting tattoos used to be a form of rebellion. In many ways it still is, but the main reason for the massive increase in people wanting tattoos goes much deeper. Believe it or not the vast majority of people get tattoos not in some vain attempt to be part of the crowd or cool but because part of them recognizes a deeper significance of tattoos and the need for something beyond the mundane.

by Geoffrey Quick

Zack Ross is a published & award winning tattoo artist and the owner of 2 tattoo shops in San Marcos—No Surrender Studios at 142 S. LBJ [just south of the square] and No Surrender Studios II at 718 E. Hopkins [next to Pizza Hut]. He just took over the Hopkins location which has been a tattoo shop in San Marcos for 30 years! Zack worked for 5 years in the San Diego area before moving to Texas in early 2008. He welcomes the opportunity to answer your tattooing questions and help guide you to the perfect tattoo. Cell: 512-626-5919.

NSS: 754-9341 142 S. LBJ NSSII: 396-8288 718 E. Hopkins

Longboards for Beginners

Often people are hesitant to learn how to skateboard because skateboards feel unstable at first. Also some people really just want a way to transport themselves with a minimal amount of effort. To these people I highly suggest getting yourself a longboard. A longboard is a skateboard with a longer and sometimes wider shape used for longboarding. For beginning skateboarders, longboards are often a good way to learn the basics of skateboarding. The wide wheel base and larger wheels make the board more stable, making it easier to stand. A lot of longboarders use their boards to actually get places, since longboards are heavier, and therefore more stable, than skateboards (so you get more roll out of your push). Longboarding is perfect for people who want a more comfortable cruise. They are also perfect for gliding down hills at high speeds, which makes it a great board for getting around San Marcos. Longboards were actually invented before skateboards and were born from the idea of making a surfboard mobile on land. This is why they look so much like surfboards. Longboards were initially called skateboards, but then later changed their name after the shorter, more trick oriented skateboard came onto the market. A longboard requires basically the same equipment as a skateboard. You will commonly see longboarders wearing gloves and a helmet. Although not always worn, wrist and knee protection are also recommended to avoid scraps. The length of a longboard San Marcos Outlook

The tattoo artist’s philosophy is that the body can only go so long without a make over in much the same way that a boring old room can be brought to life with a new paint job. We believe that people are infinitely more interesting with body art than those without. Thanks.

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(generally between 40 and 55 in), also known as a truck, can determine many things, from turning radius to basic stability, but the longer the truck often the more difficult it is to control during turns. The shorter the board, the more difficult it is, especially for novice skaters, to stay upright and may not have the power of a longer truck. Instead, a medium-sized longboard gives a good balance between stability and maneuverability. There are many factors that go into choosing the right equipment for your longboard, whether it be the safety equipment or the actual board and wheels. You should find someone who is knowledgeable and can explain every option possible. Stop into your local skate shop and have a professional give you some tips on how to get the best board for your needs. If you are interested in learning more, you can find everything you will need at Texas Skate Boards & Apparel. Texas Skate is a locally owned and operated skate shop here in San Marcos, TX. The doors opened on Oct.1 2008. Owners, Cody Hobbs and Geoffrey Quick, are both Texas State University alumni who just could not leave San Marcos.

241 N.LBJ

September 2009


Ask the Anytime Guy by Trey Hubbard




Your “go to” guys for collecting returned checks




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SCHERTZ BANK & TRUST 512 754-7401 San Marcos Outlook

DATA CHECK CENTRAL 157 S. LBJ P.O. Box 2309 San Marcos, TX 78666 (512) 392-8900

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Question: I’ve been having a tough time with my energy levels for my 6am workouts. I was thinking coffee might help with this, but it seems like it’s always getting mixed reviews. Any cause for concern before a workout? Answer: First things first. If you’re experiencing low energy levels, and you’re not necessarily focused on fat loss, try having a small breakfast, or even a bar or a shake, before you go workout. This will definitely provide the much-needed energy you’re looking for. However, if you’re trying to drop body fat and you’d like to avoid calories that early in the morning, coffee is an excellent alternative. The caffeine in coffee is considered a central nervous system stimulant and will provide a boost of energy, though the effect varies greatly among individuals. Caffeine is actually considered an ergogenic aid, meaning it enhances physical performance. In the right amounts, caffeine has been shown to reduce the perception of effort during a workout, which means your workout will seem easier than it actually is. Not bad for a little cup o’ joe, huh? Keep in mind, coffee does increase heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure, and it can make you a bit jittery if you’re a newbie. Luckily, these effects are relatively mild, especially for healthy folks. In fact, much of the research these days is focused on the potential health benefits of coffee, rather than any health risks. Question: Is it better to do cardio first and then lift, or the other way around? Answer: The fact of the matter is different people do different things. Some might say that you should do cardio first because it’s a nice way to warm up your muscles before a weight training session. Others would argue that doing this will cause too much fatigue, which might lower your workout intensity and make lifting with proper form more difficult. There really isn’t a right or wrong answer. The best advice is to pay attention to your goals. If you’re focused a bit more on the endurance side of the equation, try to do your cardio first, when you’ll have the most energy. If your goal is to pack on some muscle mass, hit the weights first, before getting some heart-healthy cardio into your workout. And if you’re really looking to push yourself in a particular area of fitness, make sure to break up your cardio and lifting sessions, so you feel energized during each and every workout. Trey Hubbard is the GM at Anytime Fitness in San Marcos. To submit a question for future articles, please contact him at

DRIVE IN HOURS Mon - Fri 7 am-6 pm Saturdays 8 am-1 pm Page 9

September 2009

by Kevin Hollemans

Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers Should Invest for Growth

Is there a “generation gap” today? In some ways, it’s possible. While many baby boomers are happy just to understand the basics of Facebook, “Millennials” are busy texting and twittering. And yet when it comes to investing, baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1962), Generation X (1963 – 1981) and Millennials (1982 – 2001) may have a lot in common. *Millenial -- Don’t ignore the need to save for retirement, even though it’s likely decades away. Contribute as much as you can afford to your 401(k) or other employer-sponsored plan, and if you still have money available, consider opening an IRA. And you may want to fund these accounts with an appropriate amount of growth-oriented investments, such as stocks or stock-based vehicles. *Gen-Xer -- Retirement is becoming more of a reality — so if you have been underutilizing your 401(k) and IRA, now may be a good time to ratchet up your contributions. You may want to include a higher percentage of bonds and other fixed-income vehicles in your portfolio, especially if you’re an older Gen X’er. And although you have less time to make up for market drops than your Millennial co-workers, you’re not out of time, either — so you still need to invest for growth potential. *Baby Boomer -- you, too, need to have some growth elements in your portfolio. You can’t become too conservative and put all

by Kim Jacobs

Kevin Hollemans is a financial advisor who builds diversified investment portfolios and is passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals. He specialiazes in individual longterm investors and small business owners. He looks forward to working with you. Now is the time to schedule your free protfolio review. Call or visit today.

512-393-2022 Kevin H Hollemans Financial Advisor 102 Wonderworld Dr Ste 302 . San Marcos

A Modern Method in Mastering the Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

For over 3000 years Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has utilized pulse diagnosis as a basic tool along with patterns of symptoms to determine the body’s state of health and to both prevent and treat disease. Masters of pulse diagnosis can accurately assess the energy or “qi” of the body’s major organs by simply feeling pulses located on each wrist. After many years of work and research, modern science has proven the existence of electrical circuits within the human body that in fact correlate to the ancient acupoints of TCM. Today bio-electrical impedance measurement is a non-invasive method to measure the electrical “circuits” in the body. Working with masters in the areas of acupuncture, homeopathy and homotoxicolgy one company, BioMeridian, has created a technology to measure the circuits of energy related to specific organs and systems critical in maintaining health, just like the masters of pulse diagnosis. Research shows that electrical imbalances identified in a body system can predict disease up to 2 years before symptoms reflect San Marcos Outlook

your money in fixed-income vehicles, because over time these investments may lose value to inflation, which means you’ll lose purchasing power. However, since you are closer to retirement, you also have to think more about current income and preservation of principal, so your portfolio may need to include bonds, Treasury bills and certificates of deposit. Keep in mind, though, that the value of these investments will fluctuate, sometimes significantly, and there’s no guarantee you won’t lose any principal. At different stages of your life, you’ll have to balance the need for investment growth against competing interests, so make the right moves at the right times.

Page 10

enough cellular degeneration to manifest as a disease. We utilize this information to focus on body systems that may need special attention. A simple 20-minute scan creates a customized chart based on the patient’s unique data point readings provide information that can be used in the selection of treatment protocols. This high tech, state-of-the-art system brings science and natural/integrative medicine together and provides a means to bring optimal energy balance back to the body. Kim Jacobs is a Texas licensed acupuncturist and works in the Hill Country Alternative Therapy Wellness Center located at 1435 N. Walnut in New Braunfels. She specializes in nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine and meridian stress assessments. chiroprac�c massage therapy acupuncture colon hydrotherapy ionizing foot soak nutri�onal therapy

1435 N Walnut New Braunels, TX



September 2009

by Sarah Trost

Wakeboard or Water-ski WITHOUT a Boat? You Bet!

Think of wakeboarding. Picture a boat on a lake? Traditionally, this is the only way to ride. Here in San Marcos there is another option; and it doesn’t require a boat! Americans have discovered a system that Europeans have enjoyed for years, the cable lake. Riders start from a main dock, taking a handle attached to an overhead pulley system from the cable operator. When the rider is ready, the operator uses a control panel to pick up the rope and tow the rider off the dock. Riders who fall simply swim to the outside and return to the dock. Once beginners master the first turn, the rest is easy! Advanced riders are challenged by ramps and sliders, similar to those on snowboard slopes or in skate parks. Cable riding is not only simple to learn, with most parks offering private lessons for guests who prefer extra assistance, it is also affordable. Traditional wakeboarding and waterskiing can be expensive. New boat prices range from $40,000 to $100,000 not including fuel, insurance, storage or maintenance. Cable lakes offer a budget friendly alternative. At a typical cable park, riders with gear can expect to pay as little as $25 for two hours, to around $40 for full day passes. Most cable parks also offer a full rental fleet of wakeboards, kneeboards and water-skis. Cable lakes are a big

hit with families and are perfect for groups. With six riders on the water and the line moving constantly, the cable dock is a very social place! Riders may even find themselves in line with pro-riders who train at cable parks across the U.S. Check out all the excitement at the Texas Ski Ranch, located at 6700 I35 South, between San Marcos and New Braunfels. New for 2009, TSR has added the Lil’ Bro, a two tower cable built just for beginners. With a lower dock and gentle start, this system is a hit with younger athletes and beginners of all ages! Sarah Trost is the Director of Marketing and Events at Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels. She specializes in private social and corporate events held at Texas Ski Ranch. She may be contacted at 830.627.2843 or To learn more, visit www.  Wakeboard Skateboard RockClimb Pro Shop Restaurant Boat Sales Summer Camps • (830) 627.2843

 


Voted Best Veterinarian in Hays County in 2005 & 2008

Merideth Gowens, DVM | Lindsay Mathre, DVM Mon-Fri 7am - 6pm Sat 8am - 2pm Drop-off Appointments Available

2121 South Old Bastrop HWY Located East of 123, 1 mile South of Wonder World Drive

Boarding available featuring large indoor/outdoor dog runs


Science Diet



CALL FOR APPOINTMENTS 512-392-5877 OR TOLL FREE 1-877-392-5877

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September 2009

Some Good Ideas from Nature for your “Wellness” Medicine Chest by Stacy Peterson

Working at the pharmacy I’ve learned a lot about natural remedies that can replace your staple over-thecounter prescriptions. Here are a few of the things in my “wellness” medicine chest. Aloe vera is one of nature’s most versatile plants. It is wonderful to apply topically to sunburns, scrapes, canker sores and most wounds. It also can work internally on ulcers of the esophagus and stomach, constipation, inflammatory bowel disorders and other

B&J Pharmacy, Inc. Call or stop by the pharmacy to learn more about our next Wellness Seminar: Natural Allergy and Immune Support... including swine flu information. We would love to help you on your path to health and wellness!


205 Moore St. San Marcos San Marcos Outlook

512-392-3301 Page 12


digestive issues. Echinacea is another very useful plant. I have found it to work on colds, the flu, ear infections, sore throats and respiratory tract infections. It helps boost your immune system and has antibacterial and anti-viral properties. It can be found in tea, tincture and pill form. Tea tree oil is from the melaluca plant and it can be used topically for skin fungus, acne, burns, cold sores, mouth and gum infections, and warts. It can also be used to treat athlete’s foot. Tea tree oil has also been added to shampoo to help control lice infestations. Another “go to” at our house is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is needed in at least 300 metabolic functions in the body. It has been shown to reduce the symptoms of asthma and enhance immunity. It can be found in many foods, chewable tablets, capsules, and the popular Emergen-C powder(1000 mg of C in each packet). Probiotics are the good bacteria that our bodies need to stay healthy. They will help with most digestive issues. After a round of antibiotics it is often used to keep women from getting a yeast infection. Also good for people with IBS, diverticulitis, or other intestinal disorders Pantothenic acid is probably one of my all time favorites. It is a water-soluble B vitamin that I use to help thin mucus. At our house whenever we start feeling stuffy or have sinus pressure that is the first thing to take. It has helped with allergies, colds, ear infections and anything else sinus related. I have several more things in my family’s wellness medicine chest, but these six are the ones I use the most to keep my family healthy. Stacy Peterson is a wellness consultant at B&J Pharmacy in San Marcos. She is passionate about health and nutrition. Stacy considers her strengths to be children’s wellness, natural anxiety relief, allergy and immune function, hormone regulation, relaxation and sleep.

Beautiful Hair needs an Expert


331 W. Hopkins Ste 108 RAY 851.7241 San Marcos COREY 749.8372

1005 HWY 80 / 512.393.3344

Changing lives through the power of work! EXQUISITE RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY | 512-644-5391 E TH

Meeting Place

Business Conference Center

“Where Central Texas Does Business” 400 C.M Allen Parkway San Marcos, TX 78666

(512) 754-6802 FAX (512) 754-6803

Visit us online @ September 2009

12 Myths About Garage Doors Frame & Art custom picture �aming since 1974 1904 Ranch Rd. 12, Suite 101 San Marcos, TX

create your own custom scented & tinted bath products women men kids babies pets

3941 S IH 35 Suite 112 Next to Nike & Prime Outlet 512 392 7837


QUAIL CREEK Golf Club “Golf with a Hill Country Charm”


Enjoy the Texas Hill Country at its best with a round of golf at Quail Creek!

. Impressive Par 72 Course . Back Porch Bar & Bistro-Guaranteed Good Times . Driving Range . Host of Premier Golf Tournaments . Beautiful Banquet Facilities

by William R. Cook

All garage doors are the same. Like other products, garage doors vary in quality, life expectancy and performance. All garage door services are the same. Most use OJT technicians who are subcontractors. The electric opener lifts the weight of the garage door. Residential openers are intended to lift 10 pounds before experiencing extreme wear in their plastic

drive components. All repair and replacement components are the same. 95% of replacement parts are designed for minimum life-cycle rating of the industry. Longer life-cycle rating components are rarely used, limiting warranties and causing needed service in the future. New garage doors sold with 15 year warranties protect against failure of moving parts. 98% of new doors have a one year warranty on moving parts. Garage doors are all noisy. Noise is generally a sign of failing critical components or poor installation. Garage doors all look the same. There are thousands of options for doors and design. A garage door is about 1/3 of the curb appeal. The right door can raise the resale value of a home as much as 14%. You can save money on garage doors and openers at a big box store. The design quality and longevity is significantly different. Read warranties carefully! It is better to buy a new door than repair an existing one. Most new doors today require repair within five years. Older door facings are typically better than new ones as manufacturers seek to reduce costs. Garage doors never require maintenance. The largest moving object in your home, garage doors are under an immense strain. Routine maintenance is essential. I can save time and money doing it myself. Write this down...911! Garage doors are potentially extremely dangerous. The average door weighs about 250-300 lbs and has 40 moving parts. 20,000 injuries per year are due to garage door accidents. Wait until something breaks. The 40 moving parts must work in harmony or they cause each other to fail. Failing components are the greatest cause of opener failure. William R. Cook is a certified garage door technician and is the owner/operator of Precision Door Service of Central Texas, Inc. -Serving all of Hays County-

Bring in this ad for a free sleeve of golf balls with a paid greens fee! Offer expires 6/30/09

Cool the Sizzle this summer with a Swim or Family Golf Summer Membership! (Valid Memorial Day thru Labor Day) Call now for more details... limited memberships available!

2701 Airport Hwy 21 . San Marcos

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Call us for a semi-annual preventative maintenance service plus our 34 POINT SAFETY INSPECTION

512-579-3320 512-279-3320 September 2009

For Love of Water (FLOW)

by Peggy Cole

Cool, clear springs and streams, framed by limestone ledges and tall graceful cypress trees, are what made so many of us fall in love with the Texas Hill Country. We have been moving here in droves, making Hays County now the 13th fastest growing county in the United States. The allure of the area, once mostly rural ranchland in close proximity to fabulous cities like Austin and San Antonio, has changed it dramatically. Now large tracts of land have become fragmented subdivisions full of families needing fresh, clean water to drink and to grow their personal landscapes. The fragile ecosystem here on the edge of the desert struggles to maintain its balance. One indicator of this change is Jacob’s Well, a magical artesian spring in Wimberley serving as the canary in the coal mine. As a child I remember the well’s fountain bubbling up taller than I was. Now it flatlines. “All things are connected, like the blood that runs in your family. The water’s murmur is the voice of my father’s father. The rivers are our brothers. They quench our thirst. They carry our canoes and feed our children. You must give to the rivers the kindness you would give to any brother.” — Chief Seattle For Love of Water, the September 11-13 conference in Wimberley, explores ways we can give this kindness to the waters that sustain our life. What about each person using less water so there is more for the river and the wildlife? Would we do this voluntarily or do

we need meters on our wells? Could we re-use the water we washed with to water our plants? Or plant plants that are adapted to using less water? We could capture the raindrops falling off our roofs, or falling on deep-rooted grasses in nature’s way of collecting water and sending it to the aquifer. “Anything else you’re interested in is not going to happen if you can’t breathe the air and drink the water. Don’t sit this one out. Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.” – Carl Sagan For Love of Water Conference, Wimberley Community Center, September 11-13, 2009. Friday features The Allure of Water art event and film screening. Saturday conference will have top speakers and fascinating interactive workshops that will bring appreciation, awareness and action for a sustainable future. Sunday water ceremonies at Jacob’s Well. Local, state and national nonprofits are collaborating with Holistic Management Texas to produce this event. Get involved! For registration information, call Peggy Cole 512-847-3822 or Amy Normand 830-868-2427.

Hometown Publisher will show you how to: • own your own business • make a great income • provide a vital service to your community • and have fun!

We are a local company growing and expanding throughout the area. We still have territories available in: • Lockhart • Kyle/Buda • and other areas

We are the publishers of Wimberley Valley News & Views, Dripping Springs Outlook, and the San Marcos Outlook.

Please inquire at: or call 512-847-6397 San Marcos Outlook

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September 2009

ri p pi n g Dwith Taste

Dripping Springs Area Chamber of Commerce presents

WINE&FOOD F ESTIVAL Dripping Springs, Texas


Saturday, September 12, 2009 Noon - 7 pm Creekside Pavilion Driftwood, Texas

Join us as we showcase an array of Texas fine wines and foods to tantalize your palate. You won’t want to miss this event, surrounded by the ambiance of Dripping Springs hill country, set along the beautiful banks of Onion Creek in Driftwood, Texas.

$25 Online Advance Tickets $30 At the Gate

Visit for current information, sponsorship opportunities and tickets.

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September 2009

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September 2009

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