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Colorificio San Marco is celebrating its anniversary: 80 years and always one step ahead

CONTENTS Colorificio San Marco is celebrating its anniversary: 80 years and always one step ahead

Nearly all companies and brands celebrate

creating plasters, marmorini and decorations of

at least one of their anniversaries: 25th, 40th,

the Venetian palaces. Ten years later, together

50th, 75th, 80th, 100th, 120th…. People live

with his daughter Alessandrina, he launched the

shorter than 120 but certain birthdays are more

production of oils and paints. “But obtaining the

important than others as some numbers have a

consistent colors was a problem! There was no

special meaning: the number alone, without any

equipment so we had to rely on the eyes of skil-

additions, tells a story. Twenty-five years of mar-

led workers... and we had one". I took the liberty

riage is a silver wedding; if the couple reach

of quoting some excerpts from a document that

50 years, it's golden; and the very lucky ones

my grandmother, Dr.ssa Alessandrina Tamburini,

who make it to 75 years celebrate their plati-

wrote on 16 September 2012. The document

num anniversary. Silver, gold and platinum are

goes on say "We always approached the best

goals reached with increasing difficulty, in a bid

suppliers who were correct and meticulous in ob-

against time.

serving their commitments. We contacted and

Also in the business world birthdays ending in 5

became familiar with the best specialists... we

San Marco World

or 10 are celebrated as special events. Twen-

kept relationships based on respect and friend-


ty-five years mean the company has passed its

ship with our customers... we relied on professio-

youth, 50 that it is mature, experienced, strong

nal and serene accounting methods... ".

and competitive. So what about 80? The com-

Thanks to these values, cultivated with a unique

Architecture and the Building Industry

pany is an oak.

mix of reliability and warmth, Colorificio San


Birthdays are a chance to look back at history,

Marco has become one of the leading manu-

reinvigorate brands, plan for the future, and

facturers of paints and varnishes for the professio-

inject new energy for growth.

nal building industry in Italy, and a benchmark

San Marco World

In marketing literature, anniversaries are classi-

company on the international scene. Today the


fied as "marketing events", but in an article pu-

group has 9 production units and commercial

blished in The New York Times in 2012, Stuart

sites worldwide, 6 brands, a broad-and-deep

Elliot classified them as "comfort marketing":

product portfolio, and 230 collaborators who,

behind this expression is the idea that telling the

like their predecessors, have made the company

history and past events provide reassurance to

grow in the past and still today and to whom I

the stakeholders who are giving their trust to a

extend our warmest thanks: before us lies a path

company that has stood the test of time.

to mark with new successes, and we stand on

“80 years and the light’s still shining; rather, it’s

the threshold of the thrilling opportunity to conti-

shining even brighter than ever”, is our implicit

nue to grow together.


For some years now, the fourth Geremia genera-

At 80, Colorificio San Marco wants to remind

tion has been actively involved in the company

all its employees, customers, suppliers, partners,

as a guarantee of continuity of our principles and

of its authenticity, substance, and ability to evol-

values and of an ongoing momentum towards

ve in step with time, while remaining true to its

the future. Four generations of businesspeople

original values. San Marco is a family company

and managers who have been animated by the

which has always been forward-looking and

desire to grow responsibly since 1937.

which combines financial results with a focus on

Paolo Conte, one of Italy's most-acknowledged

the environment and society, and the frontiers of

and innovative singer-songwriters and jazz pia-

research with the promotion and respect of em-

nist, celebrated his own 80th anniversary in

ployees who, along with our customers, are an

2016 saying: "I am charged up, with youth".

extension of the family in which every member

Which admirably sums Colorificio San Marco.


San Marco World



San Marco Family




"Los Inmigrantes" Hotel in Argentina

06 07



10 11

Color Reality



San Marco World



Business & Mercato

The principle of economy when choosing interior emulsion paints


Lab For Pro







is important and valuable in their uniqueness,


regardless of how quickly we grow. Thus, as in


any family worthy of the name, the story of San Marco is one to know and tell - a story to be

San Marco World

proud of.

2017 PRODUCTS NEWS Discover GRIMANI, COLOREVIVO and CONTINUO, the three big new entries by San Marco 18/19

It all began in 1937 when Cavaliere Pietro Tam-


burini started trading white and coloured earths sold to "decorative painters, craftsmen who were

San Marco World


The fast pace of our daily lives in

from farm-to-table fruit and vegetables from the

which we duck and dive between

local farm "Il Rosmarino" in nearby Marcon, to

work and family, mean that all too

preserves, wines, pasta and rice. The choice

often we compromise on our wellness with ha-

is wide also for other product categories, whi-

sty spending and unplanned meals made of

ch will especially please the ladies and may

frozen foods or take-aways. Having the chan-

prove to be excellent gift ideas: there are bags

ce to buy healthy, natural products at the wor-

and T-shirts made by the inmates of the wo-

kplace is not only a practical prospect, but a

men's prison in Venice, for example, and even

valuable one too, which is why Colorificio San

beauty products.

Marco has again decided to meet the needs

With this original initiative, Colorificio San

of its employees by signing an agreement with

Marco continues its growth path to concre-

Welfood, the innovative service that lets em-

tely promote the quality of its employees’ lives

ployees do their shopping right from the wor-

without denying its green soul, which is com-

kplace by purchasing genuine products that

mitted to promoting the environment and all

have been produced to ethical and sustainable

the goodness it can offer. It also becomes an

methods. The products are good in every sen-

integral part of a network of producers and

se, and available in the most convenient way

consumers, who see food as an opportunity

one can imagine.

to harmonize work and well-being, giving the

The groceries market is set up at the company's

economy an ethical and social dimension.

cafeteria, which is converted into a lively and bustling marketplace. A once-mundane chore thus morphs into an enjoyable collective ritual! We have also thought about the "smartest" employees, who want to plan their healthy shopping with even greater efficiency through a dedicated e-commerce platform. And in fact they can now book online the products they want:


San Marco Family

COLORIFICIO SAN MARCO: EIGHTY YEARS FULL OF YOUTH A spirit of initiative, independence, research,

its ability to make products that were extraordi-

decision to produce water-based vinyl paints,

and sustainability. It is not easy to sum up the

narily innovative for the period. Among these

which were more environmentally friendly than

eighty years of Colorificio San Marco's history

were the semi-finished and finished products

traditional ones. In the paints industry - highly

in few words. It is equally challenging to di-

which were in high demand just after the war,

sensitive in terms of sustainability - the ace

stil it into a few lines: in eighty years, a small

and which gradually replaced pure the pig-

up the sleeve of Colorificio San Marco was

business that traded colored earths and raw

ments that need to be diluted.

the involvement of chemical experts and pro-

materials for painting has become an interna-

In the early sixties, the daughter of Pietro Tam-

fessionals from Aitiva (Italian Paint Specialists

tional company.

burini, Alessandrina, took up an active role

Association). Thus, in the eighties, the Unimarc

The history of Colorificio San Marco began in

in the company and was responsible for the

system was developed as a range of emulsion

Treviso, where Pietro Tamburini set up a trading

transformation, in 1962, of her father's busi-

products formulated to combine maximum per-

store in 1937 for painting materials. He later

ness into an industrial organization, which was

formance with safety for people and safeguar-

moved the business to nearby Mogliano Vene-

baptized Colorificio San Marco.

ding of the environment.

to, where the company which took shape and

By then the company's growth started to rocket.

With the handing over of the baton to Federi-

which bore his name, soon earned success for

The period also marked the seemingly-risky

co Geremia, who became General Director in



1990 and Chairman in 1995, the company began to export more, and further increased sales volume thanks to highly-strategic partnerships and acquisitions. This is the firm which today proudly stands as the fourth generation of the family: a generation that has the privilege of blowing out 80 candles, along with Alessandra Tamburini, Honorary Chairman and keeper of a story so intense that it seems to have lasted twice as long.

years 05

Pierluigi dei Rossi

35, mechanical engineer, runner and father of two children. In the technical team since 2008, Pierluigi has a passion for building thermography, which urges him to keep up his training. His motto? “In life, things go where they have to go”.

Leandro Folino

in the company since 2014, at 29 years, Leandro is the youngest of the team. With a degree in applied environmental chemistry, a film and travel buff, he speaks English and French and looks after mainly non-Italian customers.

Alvise Martini

A surveyor, 46, father of twins, and a keen sportsman, Alvise joined the San Marco team in 1992 as a research and development laboratory technician. His well-rounded education makes him perfect for following special projects.

San Marco Family

SAN MARCO TECHNICAL SUPPORT: AN ALWAYS-OPERATIVE TEAM OF PROBLEM SOLVERS A team of qualified technicians, who can propose the coating cycles to suit all need for dealers and applicators, and who always have solutions at the ready. How can we define them? “Full-service” assistants, because the team members responsible for San Marco's on-site service resolve issues connected to the incorrect use of the paints. But they also organize technical-application meetings aimed at applicators and resellers. There are also consultants for professionals such as architects, engineers and surveyors, while outside Italy their assistance focuses primarily on decorative products, where giving shape and color to the emotion is their mission. Who are they? Let's get to know them one by one with this string of snapshots that highlight their work areas and interests.

Fabio Stefanini

Giuseppe Merico

Alessandro Pasqual

Christian Pettenò

Francesco Suraci

Caterina Zorzetto

Aged 44, Fabio began his career as a laboratory technician. In 2006 he was appointed to guide the team, which over the years he has developed by developing brilliant management solutions.

Aged 44, father of two and an enthusiast of football and reading, Christian began working for Colorificio in 1996 as a coloring technician, and become part of the technical team in 2004.


The team's latest acquisition, Giuseppe, 30, is an industrial chemical expert; He loves reading and playing soccer. In the company, he puts to good use his background in the colorimetric areas, tinting and customer service.

From Treviso and aged 38, Francesco is a chemical expert and speaks fluent English. His hobbies? Fishing and traveling. In 2003 he joined in the color matching team, but since 2006 his career was enhanced thanks to the opportunity to directly assist foreign clients, to whom he provides complete consulting and answers in keeping with the specifics of the culture of each country.

Aged 30, a chemist and great goalkeeper, Alessandro loves to travel. After joining the team in 2012, this year he is looking after the non-Italian customers as a consultant specializing in creating high-decoration environments.

The only lady on the team and mother of a beautiful daughter, Caterina joined the company in 1989 as an administrative employee before moving in 2003 into technical assistance. Today she is a key contact for all technicians for administrative matters but she also manages the technical answers to retailers and insurance policies.

Stefano Baldassa

39 and an electronics technician, Stefano is father of an enchanting girl and has a great passion for the mountains. He joined the colorimetry team from the quality-control department due to his expertise in programming. He has followed the laboratory's evolution: “When I arrived, the paint-mixing machines were manual and had very few spare parts”. “Now we have a fully-fledged warehouse to run”.

Davide Ceolin

46, father of a lovely boy, is fond of fishing and cycling. He joined the San Marco Group in 1990 as a general worker and in the 2000s move up to the Colorimetric team. Today he travels around Italy giving assistance to the sales outlets in the installation and maintenance of paint-mixing systems.

Marco Comello

43, electrician, Marco has a boy and is a fitness enthusiast. After joined the company in 1995 as a general worker, he moved to the production team and then again to the paint-mixing department. Now he's with "Colorimetria" team, where he exploits his many skills.

COLOUR MATCHING TEAM: WE GIVE SHAPE TO OUR CUSTOMERS' IDEAS A close-knit team of 5, committed to providing assistance to retail stores and able to address

e Tma

all and any issues regarding the management of the colorimetric software programs; they connect remotely worldwide to assist customers in managing the devices and paint-mixing machines. How can we call them? Color artists: “We give concrete form to the idea of color that our customers want”, they say. Let's introduce this small-but-strong team too!


Manrico Gomiero

44, Manrico is dad to a baby boy and is a keen runner. In his spare time, he likes to travel to distant lands and to go fishing. With the company since 1995, he gained experience in different departments before entering the world of color, first in the production department and then in the industrial mixing machine before joining the colorimetry team.

Gianni Bellato

49 years of age, Gianni holds a degree in Industrial Chemistry from Venice university and is a great sportsman: he loves tennis and walking in the mountains with his son. He's been with Colorificio San Marco since 1997 and since 2000 has been at the helm of colour-mixing workshop.

Valerio Cazziolato

50, proud dad of a lovely girl, likes cars and engines. He joined the company as a general production worker before moving to the industrial mixing machine team. He moved to colorimetry in 2012: here he is responsible for various assistance activities, and follows the production of the color samples for the application. 07

San Marco World


For the past eleven years, interna-

several prizes to artists in different disciplines:

tional contemporary art has been

from painting and sculpture, to installations

the focus of a competition that has

and photography. The backdrop that will fra-

become increasingly important as one of the

me the finalists' works in March is also of great

most interesting and prestigious in Italy: entitled

importance: the Arsenale, or former naval bo-

"Premio Arte Laguna" (Lagoon Art Prize), this

at-building yard of the Venetian Republic. The

year it has reached its eleventh edition. Colo-

opening ceremony took place at 6 pm on 25

rificio San Marco has always been active in

March, at the Nappe dell'Arsenale Nord.

supporting and promoting art – and consistently linked to Venice as the hosting city – will be present as a technical partner, with the application of ColoreVivo, the new super-washable emulsion paint, which will be the background of the artwork. The event will be awarding 08

Architecture and the Building Industry


structural elements, from the pillars to beams to

Italy's Abruzzo in 2009, Emilia in


2012 and Lazio, Marche and Um-

A counter-productive aspect instead is irregularity,

bria last summer, have, in a few years, brought

especially if it is the result of building extensions

focus on the delicate situation of Italy's geodynami-

with different materials that follow on from each

cs, which make Italy Europe's highest-risk country


for earthquakes.

When it comes to earthquake protection, the choi-

This leads to a reflection on the phenomenon lin-

ce of roof is of great importance: if you want a pi-

ked to the possibility of reconstructing the dama-

tched roof, for example, it is recommended that the

ged buildings so that they may at last be safe and

lattice trusses be triangular to avoid, in the event of

withstand new shocks. The issue is a sensitive one

an earthquake, the horizontal stresses from being

as it opens up questions that cannot be unambi-

transmitted to the outer walls, which would seriou-

guously answered as there are different solutions

sly undermine the building's safety.

and materials which have different features to con-

Returning to the materials, there is evidence that


wood, apparently more fragile than others, is an

It should not be forgotten that Italy has an immense

excellent solution: not only does is provide good

historical and architectural heritage, which requi-

mechanical resistance to stresses, but, thanks to

res works of prevention and ad hoc anti-seismic

its elasticity, it deforms without breaking. Plus, if

protection. Also, Italy's towns are often unsuitable

wooden structures are damaged, repairing them

for building out-of-town housing estates: rebuilding

is relatively simple, non-invasive and inexpensive.

in Italy thus means trying to revive old towns of ine-

Steel too is an excellent anti-seismic material: unfor-

stimable artistic value, working with appropriate

tunately, however, it is expensive, although today

procedures and suitable materials.

there are ready-made solutions that combine desi-

In this regard, it is not possible to positively establish

gn flexibility with pleasing looks.

which ones are safer: account must be taken of the

Finally, let's not forget the need for specific insu-

contexts and types of buildings that are planned.

lators, which are inserted between buildings'

Generally, to make earthquake-resistant buildings,

foundations and supporting structures. These are

mainly reinforced concrete, masonry of various

generally made of neoprene and stainless steel,

kinds, steel and wood are used: for each material,

and resemble dampers or bearings to dampen the

earthquake standards prescribe detailed parame-

tremors when earthquakes are happening: these

ters about the size and quality that the structures in

structures safeguard not only people but also the

which the material is used must comply with.

buildings themselves, ensuring that, during shocks,

In the interests of safe design, rather than looking

they only move sideways. Seismic isolators are

at recent constructions, it is often worth looking

therefore highly important for use in hospitals and

to the more distant past and the materials which

monuments, but they should ideally be extended

seem "outdated": it is no coincidence that ancient

to all buildings to limit such catastrophic events as

temples or old thick-brick houses have survived

those we have seen during the recent earthquakes.

earthquakes of great magnitude, and that modern buildings have instead unfortunately been reduced to rubble. But to be resistant, also masonry buildings must meet strict requirements: indeed, stones must be assembled in regular fashion, with appropriate mortars. A solid, well-designed masonry built with tuff or brick will be much less-vulnerable, and lends itself to building uniform structures even more than with reinforced concrete, the use of which requires different stages of implementation of the different


San Marco World

TO RUSSIA: WITH‌ LOVELY COLORS Colorificio San Marco has just opened a brand-

Production at the new Russian plant, will focus on

new production unit in Russia, in Lyudinovo, a

paints and coatings for the broad-consumption

city about 300 kilometers from Moscow in the

professional construction sector, and its opening

Kaluga region. The plant covers 15,000 square

will not lead to any reductions in the other Colori-

meters owned by the company, in a free zone

ficio San Marco plants in Russia and elsewhere.

where foreign investments are subsidized, and

As for the high-end products, which are also very

joins seven other factories that are already ope-

popular among Russian customers as they repre-


sent the inimitable "Italian style", these will conti-

The inauguration of the Lyudinovo plant and the

nue to be produced in Italy and then exported.

company "000 San Marco Russia", set up with

The consolidation of Colorificio San Marco's pre-

our historic local partner, Finest, seals, for San

sence in Russia with the new plant not only marks

Marco, a long-established work activity in this

a new and important stage of its ongoing expan-

great country. San Marco has indeed been pre-

sion process: as underlined by the partners, Finest

sent on the Russian market for forty years, and

has indeed given birth to a precise development

already serves 120 stores there with its products.

model that may inspire other companies.

In particular, the decorative products are the biggest sellers, and greatly appreciated and used in prestigious contexts. Moreover, exports are playing perhaps the biggest part for the company at present: Colorificio San Marco is committed to exporting and has drawn up a business plan that aims to reach 50% of sales outside Italy. Compared to Italy, the economies of countries such as Russia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, France, China are much more vibrant and promising. Even Cuba is showing considerable growth in export sales.


San Marco World

"Los Inmigrantes" Hotel in Argentina Customer: Microfloor, Buenos Aires, Argentina Place: "Los Inmigrantes" Hotel y Resto Bar Bellville, Cordoba, Argentina Architects: Arq. Prino Lambertini and Est. Arq. Graciela Lambertini Products: My art, Marmorino classico, Marcopolo luxury


Color Reality


An explicit reference to hope, of which there is

and versatile. A color which lends itself perhaps

much need in this complex historical period; but

even more to interior decoration than to fashion,

also a reference to the environment, nature and,

and leads to a strong and optimistic call of nature

at the same time, to innovation as many start-ups

even in minimalist urban lofts or austere offices.

choose similar shades of green for their logos.

So now, how can we use it? The more cautious

Greenery is the "Pantone of the Year" 2017, that

will begin to "see the effect it gives" choosing

is, the most popular color in the last 12 months in

it for textiles: block-colored rugs and tablecloths

several areas, from fashion to design, from art to

cushions and curtains, carefully measured, will

public performances.

immediately light up every room with a refined

Precisely based on this criterion, from an analysis

liveliness. In the kitchen, dining room and studio,

of the latest trends, the experts of the renowned

you can also use accessories, from lamps to bre-

company owned by X-Rite which supplies the co-

akfast mugs, from folders to place-mats, choosing

lor standards in various professional fields, decla-

items with clean and essential lines. The bravest,

re what the most fashionable color is. Waiting for

finally, may go for bright green to paint a wall,

the "verdict", regularly issued in December, has

for example in the children's room: a solution

become a rite for the last seventeen years, when

which is fresh, fun and unisex, to give them a

the Pantone color 15-4020 Cerulean was pre-

wonderful corner of everlasting spring.

sented as the color of the new millennium. Now that the year of the soft Quartz Rose and Blue Serenity - the colors crowned by Pantone for 2016 (with a notable departure to the rule, which usually assigns one color) has ended, we welcome a shade which is definitely more energetic

Greenery 15-0343


San Marco World


Being closer to the sector professio-

deling", a method for optimizing the planning,

nals, from architects to designers,

implementation and management of buildings

engineers to contractors, making

through software. The tool allows all relevant

their business more flexible and enjoyable: this

data to be gathered about a building, from its

is goal at the basis of Colorificio San Marco’s

geographical location to the properties of the

just-introduced rich library of objects/textures

materials used to build it. The use of BIM is now

of its decorative products, main palette effects

strongly encouraged by official regulations as

and the most popular color shades, which they

it brings with it effectiveness and enhanced

can use during the design stage.

transparency of the procurement process. This

The libraries are available for 3DS Max (MAT),

is also why its adoption may soon be compul-

in BIM (RFA and ADSKLIB) format, and with

sory for public works.

all the maps separate for rendering in JPG for-

The vast range of digital textures provided by

mat, including all the San Marco decorative

San Marco not only resonates with a techno-

products and their palette effects, available in

logy of this magnitude, but also gives other im-

many fashionable nuances. The digital libraries

portant benefits to both industry professionals

are optimized to ensure maximum performance

and end users. Architects will be able to use

of the systems, and are also made available in

a tool of highest value - also commercial - and

an interchange format for both BIM and CAD,

project environments and finishes in highly rea-

for use in all 3D and 2D architectural design

listic ways; and customers will be able to shar-


ply and clearly see their houses taking shape.

This is important because the San Marco products will be the world’s first to integrate with

The textures will also be available on the web-

an internationally-widespread design technolo-

site www.san-marco.com.

gy that is mushrooming now also around Italy. What does BIM technology mean exactly? The acronym stands for "Building Information Mo-

Decorating with GRIMANI


Business & Mercato

The principle of economy when choosing interior emulsion paints There is a very wide choice of interior emulsion

resolve issues of mold, and so on.

To correctly choose a product, it's necessary

(water-soluble) paints and it is not easy to deci-

Performance, instead, quantitatively expresses

to firstly consider its characteristics, properties

de how to choose a product that is both good

the degree to which the product covers the

and designated use. Only afterwards should

and economical.

background surface, how washable it is, etc.

we compare price: the price per square meter,

Often, economy is assessed by price per liter,

Lastly, we get to price: but how? Once we

of course.

or simply by comparing the cost of the con-

have identified the product group, we will cho-

tainers, an appraisal which is clearly overly

ose the most economical one in terms of cost

Giovanni Marsili,

superficial as it misses many other aspects that

per square meter, so we will favor products

Scientific Director of the San Marco Group

make up product quality. The principle of eco-

with a greater spreading capacity i.e. those

nomy requires that at least three aspects of the

with the greatest capacity, per liter, to uniformly

product are taken into account: characteristics,

cover the background.

performance and price.

Some products available from Colorificio San

The characteristics of the product determine the

Marco are very economical in terms of price

type and how it works: these are therefore the

per liter: these are generally for large surfaces

first things to identify. In certain cases, for exam-

or professional air-less or roller painting. Other

ple, you will obtain a surface which is smooth

higher-priced products are instead economical

to the touch and, so as to quickly re-inhabit the

in terms of cost per square meter: the spreading

room, we will look for an odorless product; or,

capacity of the latter is in fact high, and the

in other cases, we will look for a paint that will

price per square meter lower. So be careful!



Outside wall renovation, decoration, sale,

Where does the inspiration for the different

ters and decorators, allow them to explore

whitening... There are various and many to-

courses come from?

techniques practically, by meeting those same

pics addressed during the Lab for Pro courses,

We are mainly inspired by market trends and

experts they can speak to when calling our

which are training sessions that Colorificio

many suggestions come from the professionals

toll-free number. But there is more: in a short

San Marco has been offering for some time

operating in the building sector, such as archi-

time (the courses last one and a half days) they

to its stakeholders: from small businesses to


acquire the knowledge and skills that will let

decorators and retailers. The meetings, which

them create original and tailored solutions for

aim to add value to their professionalism, are

Which new courses do you have in store for

designed yearly to pro-actively cater to market

this year?

demands, as pointed out by Emanuele Lodo,

The calendar of the courses, which start in

What's behind such a well-thought-out orga-

technical trainer at Colorificio San Marco.

October and usually end in around April-May,


includes three new entries: the basic course for

Training has always been one of the cornersto-

Emanuele, what kind of response have you

painters, for those approaching the field for the

nes of the San Marco "philosophy": in recent

had to the Lab for Pro courses recently?

first time or who want to improve their knowled-

years, though, our training offer has grown to

We have received a lot of applications: 900

ge of painting starting from the basic concepts

include many experts who deal with managing

in Italy alone. The courses that attract most

of the profession (e.g. the difference between

Lab for Pro. Among these, I'd like to mention

interest are the basic and advanced ones on

oil paints, water-based paints, washables and

Filippo Ton, who manages the dates-calendar

thermal insulation and those on using our deco-

temperas); then there's the one on classical

and who is usually in charge of presenting the

rative products. Also in this case, as well as the

decoration, which can also be used to crea-

company at the courses; then there's Silvia

basic courses, we offer more advanced ones

te contrasting effects in modern environments;

Carraro, who deals with logistics, hospitality

that allow end customers to be informed of so-

and then there's the one on creating decorative

and who is responsible for relationships with

lutions that are as personalized as possible:

effects by using gold and white tones, which is

retailers; Luca Piovesan, Andrea Cillotto e Um-

these solutions are reached through genuine

appreciated particularly outside Italy.

berto Dainese, who team up to manage the

"systems", that is to say combinations of speci-

their customers.

various courses; and Francesco Suraci, who

fically-designed products which may be used

What advantages are there in taking part in

also beyond the traditional scope of work, to

the courses for those who work with the San

take advantage of their full potential.

Marco products?

deals with our non-Italian customers.

Some courses for professionals, such as pain015


TRUE OR FALSE? The truth behind the false myths in the world of paints and varnishes Answers by Dott. Giovanni Marsili, Scientific Director of the San Marco Group

Tannin stain inhibiting primers

Reinforced concrete (RC) some-

Coatings based on slaked lime

remove stains from wood. False.

times "explode" even when the

develop and mature over time.

rebars are not exposed. True.


A primer such as UNIMARC ANTI-TANIN

Bars embedded in reinforced concrete rust be-

The binder of lime products is mainly made of

does not remove stains from wood but is formu-

cause the carbon dioxide, which is present in

calcium hydroxide. The latter, to "harden" and

lated with special active ingredients that pre-

the air and dissolved in the water, can perme-

to create a uniform layer/film, reacts with the

vent the migration of certain substances from

ate the concrete and reach the metal, thereby

carbon dioxide in the air and crystallizes as

the wood through the paint film. Among these,

creating the chemical conditions favourable for

calcium carbonate. In this process, and over

the most frequent substances are derivatives of

corrosion. At this point the iron - more precisely

time, the mass of the coating increases by up

tannic acid, brown in colour and soluble in

low-carbon steel, of which the bars are made

to a 10% compared to that of the initial dried

water and, as such, capable of mixing with the

- by taking on the crystal structure of the iron

product. Thus, products made of slaked lime

paint and emerge on the surface, thus creating

oxides, expands, resulting in the "explosion"

are unique as they not only "coat" the substrate

spots, rings and yellowing. Unimarc anti-tannin

of the RC. Which is why RC should never be

but also react and mature over time, improving

blocks the stains by keeping them under the

left without the protection of a paint verified as

their performance.


suitable and CE-certified, such as Betoncover.




"Clear the air for children" is the

been estimated that the mortality of children

title of UNICEF (United Nations

under five will be 50% higher in 2050 than

Children's Fund) latest report, whi-


ch addresses the issue of air pollution for the

Pollution is also detrimental to the health of the

first time because, as stated in the report, 300

foetus, although there is no campaign addres-

million children live in areas of the world whe-

sed to pregnant women to warn them of this

re the air is toxic and pollutants exceed more

risk as happens, for example, with cigarette

than six times the international limits set by the

smoke. There are studies that show that chronic

World Health Organization.

exposure to particulates (PM10 and PM2.5) is

Air pollution is directly linked to diseases that

linked to high frequencies of premature death

kill seven million people every year on our pla-

of the foetus, pre-term abortion and lower wei-

net: among these, at least 600,000 are chil-

ght at birth.

dren under the age of five. This is why UNICEF

There are many causes behind pollution: these

places great emphasis on this issue.

include VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

The report states that atmospheric pollution is

from paints. The largest surfaces of dwellings

strongly linked to respiratory diseases such as

are indeed made up of internal and external

pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma, among

walls so the application of products which con-

others. It is also linked to other diseases that

tinue to give off harmful solvents throughout the

cause many children to leave school too early,

life of the product is a major cause of pollution.

with all the social consequences that can be

The solution, at least for paints, is represented

easily imagined. Air pollution, essentially, is a

by the next generation of VOC-free products

direct cause of the reduction in life expectancy

that, thanks to modern binders, do not requi-

of children.

re co-solvents to film; they do not contain any

Air pollution is, among other things, worsening

formaldehyde or other dangerous volatile sub-

in many areas of the world: various countries

stances. All this shows that no matter how big

continue on their paths of industrialization and

the problem is, everyone can make their own

urbanization, and the use of fossil fuels is incre-


A recent WHO report states that outdoor air

Dott. Giovanni Marsili

pollution increased by 8% between 2008 and

Scientific Director of San Marco Group

Image source: UNICEF

asing at the same time.

2013: and the forecasts for the future are, unfortunately, even more unfavourable. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), it has


San Marco World

2017 PRODUCTS NEWS Discover GRIMANI, COLOREVIVO and CONTINUO, the three big new entries by San Marco

For Venetians, Grimani is synonymous with nobility, Venice and its history. Taking its name from one of Venice's oldest patrician families, Grimani blends tradition and innovation. It is a decorative top-coat for interiors which can be applied on various surfaces and which gives a metallic effect. • It creates multiple effects, with textures that recall refined fabrics that have been woven with precious threads. • Ideal for decorating interior walls, furniture and furnishing accessories made of wood, plastic and PVC. It can even be used on wallpaper. • Easy to apply. • High washability and resistance to scratches and wear.

LIVELY COLORS WITH HIGH HIDING POWER ColoreVivo, with over 1,200 colours, is a key player in fresh and lively environments. • Opaque and uniform finishing, fast and easy to use. • Highly washable, low consumption, quick drying. • A collection of 60 intense high-coverage colours of great convenience. • Odourless, low VOC, free from formaldehyde and added plasticizers.



Walls and floor decorating system. • Continuo creates personalized environments • Large selection of colors, combinations and finishes • Continuo, versatile to apply • Vertical and horizontal surfaces with no interruptions • Thin and lightweight: 3 mm thickness and 3 kg/m2 • Contemporary lifestyle




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PRIMA MANO 2017 special edition  

Colorificio San Marco's PRIMA MANO magazine is an essential corporate tool.This is a special edition on the celebrations for the 80th year o...

PRIMA MANO 2017 special edition  

Colorificio San Marco's PRIMA MANO magazine is an essential corporate tool.This is a special edition on the celebrations for the 80th year o...