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San Leandro Lodge No. 113 Free & Accepted Masons 1857-2013 156th Year of Masonry

Reaching Out OCTOBER 2013 TRESTLE BOARD Meets every Wednesday San Leandro Masonic Hall 116 W. Joaquin Avenue San Leandro, CA 94577


Greetings Brethren, Almost wrapping up the year. Much has been accomplished so far but still much more has to be done. Our Holiday Drive is but two months away. Please bring your non-perishable food to our collection box. Alameda County Relief Centers is always in need of food donations during the holiday seasons. Also much needed are toys for the foster children. Let us be thankful for all our blessings and what we have for the community. Thanks to our generous members we now have something to give. October is make a difference month. Among several charitable programs our Grand Lodge is sponsoring, this month is set aside to encourage local lodges to reach out and make a difference to the community. We can contribute to this cause be volunteering a few hours such as cleaning our parks, beaches, work for the library and so on. One project we can do is to help our local elementary school. Wilson Elementary School will be needing volunteers for their garden work and is very eager to hear from us. We are also encouraging our local youth groups such as Bethel 175 and the Eden Assembly 11 to come and help with this project. Please call me or see the attached flyer for more details. Lastly, congratulations to our recent Hiram Award Recipient, Wor Levy Segarra. Such noteworthy achievement. Congratulation also to our newly entered apprentice, Bro Farooq Khan and to our new Fellowcraft. Bro Randy Ferrer. Looking forward to your journey. Happy Birthday to the October Celebrants! See you at the Stated Meeting Dinner.

Fraternal Regards, Bro. Noel Ciron Master


Brethren, I often observe other brothers who wear their Masonic ring. Sometimes it's the same way I wear mine, the points downward, but for some, the points are upward. And always, I get different views of answers to my question. The subject is one on which Grand Lodges have no regulation of and popular opinion is divided. We must therefore reason from analogy. If you were hanging the American flag, would you put the stars down? The same holds true of the ring. And if its a gift, and has sentimental value for the wearer, it should look right side up to him, the points of the compass towards the wearer. So as you can see, different views arises. Now, with my research, I found one that makes sense: from the Montana Mason, May 1935, page 15. THE PROPER WAY TO WEAR YOUR MASONIC RING....and lets go back to ANALOGY. You be the judge my brothers. When the emblem of the square and compasses is displayed on the building, pennant, button, watch charm etc., universal custom requires the points of the compass points downward. When displayed on the altar it points away from the Master. As the Master from his station views the compass from the altar of his lodge, the points are from, NOT towards him. As the wearer of a compass watch charm views it, the points are down and away from his eyes. In a similar way as he views the emblem on his ring the points should be down or away from his eyes. The square is the symbol of earthly, the compass of heavenly perfection. As a combined emblem the ends of the square point up as a symbol of man's aspirations toward God; the points of the compass are down to represent heavenly qualities coming down from God to earth. Therefore it would seem that the proper way to wear a ring would be that is which its symbolism is best; namely, that in which, when the hand is held in its usual position, the points of the compass are towards the earth and away from the wearer's eyes. Thus it will be seen that our conclusion does not agree with the writer in Temple Topics. He truly says that in hanging the flag we would not put the stars down, but in hanging a compass or a square and compass, he would certainly put the points down. The same rule holds when worn as a ring or button, or a watch charm, the points are down. When so worn they all serve the same purposes, and by no means the least purposes is to announce to the world the proud wearer, IS A MASON. See you all October 2nd. Fraternally Yours, Bro. Allan Nubla Senior Warden


Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends, On our Stated Meeting Dinner this month of October, Texas Roadhouse will be preparing us grilled ribs, chicken breasts, beans, Caesar salad and dinner roll. Hoping and expecting to see all those friendly familiar faces and new ones also to attend. Calling in to reserve at your earliest convenience is always appreciated. Please call or text for reservation: Bro Jesse Dela Cruz - 510-673-1868 Bro Macoy Heramia - 510-395-2428 Bro Norman Mallillin - 510-282-2393

Fraternally, Bro Jesse Dela Cruz Junior Warden


Bro. Gary wishes everyone a great month ahead. See you all in the Stated Meeting.

October 2013 Sun


Tue 1



District School Of Instruction Siminoff Daylight Lodge 850 All officers must attend


2nd Degree Proficiency Nite Bro. Mike Heramia & Bro. Cris Vallejo




16 3rd Degree Conferral Bro. Mike Heramia Master Masons are Encouraged to attend


Job's Daughter Bethel No. 175






Fri 4




2 3 October Stated Meeting

Officers' Meeting and set-up 6


29 Job's Daughter Bethel No. 175

5 Eden Assembly Rainbow No. 11 12 Alchoir Shine No. 27


3rd Degree Conferral Bro. Randell Camantigue 5:00 PM Master Masons are Encouraged to attend

18 Eden Assembly Rainbow No. 11

23 24 3rd Degree Proficiency Nite Bro. Joselito Tanco & Bro. Reyno Danguilan 30


Make A Difference Month Volunteer Work for Wilson Elementary School 9-12 PM 26

25 Alchoir Shine No. 27


Attire for October meetings: Tuxedo

OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS 1st - Joseph A. Serratore 1st - Wilfred P. Pascua 2nd - Josefino S. Cabrera 2nd - Christian M. Moore 2nd - Leo M. Merced 5th - David M. Abastillas 6th - Sidney Meyers 7th - Jose C. Reyes

9th - Farooq H Khan 11th - Blue R. Abad 13th - Frankie I. Gomez 15th - Allan T. Nubla 16th - Marcello M. Datuin 19th - Jose A. L. Fernandez 21st - David T. Moody 22nd - Ferdenand T. Tottoc

22nd - Walter R. Bilskey 23rd - Arnulfo M. Tabinas 23rd - Edward Chow 24th - Edward M. Razon 24th - Barney J. Mendenhall 25th - Frank J. Ware 30th - Ferdinand C. Pacis, II 31st - Harry Mitchell, Jr.

*6:30 PM Fellowship | 7:30 PM Meeting/Conferral *(same time unless stated otherwise) For questions or error of ommissions please send an email to the editor:

• 2013 COMMITTEES• • WIDOWS • Bro. Chito Mangalonzo Bro. Resty Casiano Bro. Ray Luciano

• FINANCE • Wor. Levy Segarra Wor. Del Endrina, HA Wor. Arnie Tabinas, HA

• SUNSHINE • Bro. Gary White, HA Bro. Romy Camantigue Wor. Levy Segarra Wor. Nel Pacis, HA Wor. Ronnie Reyes

• AUDIT • Bro. Domingo Ybut Bro. Vic Ingalla Bro. Dowel Juan Bro. Eduardo Torres Wor. Rey Tiopo

• HIRAM AWARD • Bro. Allan Nubla - Chairman Bro. Jesse Dela Cruz - Observer Bro. Edwin Dimarucut - Observer

• YOUTH ORDER • Wor. Rey Tiopo Wor. Levy Segarra Bro. Mike Tagulao Bro. Eric Simsuangco

• MEMBERSHIP RETENTION• Wor. Ronnie Reyes Wor. Rey Tiopo Bro. Gary White, HA Wor. Nel Pacis, HA

• CHARITY• Bro. Noel Ciron Bro. Allan Nubla Bro. Jesse Dela Cruz

• Awaiting Investigation/ Pending Initiation • Mr. Camilo Padua Mr. Alberto Pasiliao Mr. Charles Dacasin

• Fellow Crafts • Bro. David Abastillas Bro. D. J. Mendaros Bro. Christian Moore Bro. Terrance Morales Bro. Gregorio Reyes Bro. Paulo Rivera Bro. Rio De Leon Bro. Ferdinand Tottoc Bro. Will Rivera Bro. Randell Camantigue Bro. Michael Heramia Bro. Randy Ferrer

•MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT/ CANDIDATES’ COACH• Bro. Edwin Dimarucut Bro. Norman Mallillin Wor. Del Endrina, HA Bro. Allan Nubla Wor. Nel Pacis, HA • FUNERAL • Wor. Del Endrina, HA Wor. Charles Bullard

• Entered Apprentices • Bro. Jorgensen Ancheta Bro. Daniel Rials Bro. Christopher Bagby Bro. Gilbert Salud Bro. Ben Balanza Bro. Joe Salvieo Bro. Jose Barrioevo Bro. Jocip Sarmiento Bro. Alfredo Calinisan Bro. Virinder Singh Bro. James Castillo Bro. Melandro Tiongson Bro. Ernesto Collado Bro. Jerry Treber Bro. Steven Eastin Bro. Alex Valenton Bro. Niles Jackson Bro. Philip Walker Bro. Edwin Kelsey Bro. Roger Wood Bro. Francis Loma Bro. Michael Wozniak Bro. Virgilio Millores Bro. Marlon Bocalan Bro. Eric Molina Bro. Michael Ponti Bro. Danilo Nejal Bro. Anthony Deanda Bro. Maximo Pallen Bro. Dionysius Litsas Bro. Edgar Quesada Bro. Farooq Khan Bro. William Raynor

OUR MASONIC FAMILIES Job’s Daughter Bethel No. 175 Eden Assembly Rainbow No. 11 Alchoir Shrine No. 27


Wor. Levi Segarra

Bro. Daniele Bartoli

BUILDING ASSOCIATION DIRECTORS President Vice President CFO Secretary Members

Levy Segarra, PM Charles Bullard, PM Norman Mallillin Ronnie Reyes, PM Del B. Endrina, PM, HA Robert Whitfield, PM, HA Gerald Woergoetter, PHP Joseph Liwag Dennis Lushov

510.432.0608 510.635.8184 510.282.2393 510.938.0186 650.278.6970 925.963.0933 510.648.9208 510.333.8847 510.672.7450

For Reservations of Masonic functions of our Lodge please contact: Junior Warden - Jesse Dela Cruz 510.673.1868 | Senior Steward - Micrexon Heramia 510.395.2428 Junior Steward - Norman Mallillin 510.282.2393 |

2013 OFFICERS Master Senior Warden Junior Warden Treasurer Secretary Chaplain Senior Deacon Junior Deacon Marshal Senior Steward Junior Steward Organist Tiler

Noel Ciron (Melita) 510.846.3180 | Allan Nubla (Jackie) 650.922.4684 | Jesse Dela Cruz (Alicia) 510.673.1868 | Ramon Mangalonzo (Lennie) 650.201.0583 | Gary White, HA (Dee) 209.879.9052 | Rey Tiopo, PM (Helen) 408.518.2591 | Edwin Dimarucut (Del) 510.894.9737 | Mike Tagulao (Donna) 510.393.1426 | Dennis Lushov (Marina) 510.672.7450 | Micrexon Heramia 510.395.2428 Norman Mallillin (Nancy) 510.282.2393 | Renato Mora, PM (Mila) 510.332.8089 | Levino Segarra, PM (Sally) 510.432.0608 |

319th District Inspector

Wor. Chris Chamberlain 925.570.9854 |

Officers’ Coach

Wor. Fernando Reyes 510.938.0186 |

2013 October Trestle Board  

San Leandro Masonic Lodge No. 113