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San Leandro Lodge No. 113 Free & Accepted Masons 1857-2013 156th Year of Masonry

Reaching Out SEPTEMBER 2013 TRESTLE BOARD Meets every Wednesday San Leandro Masonic Hall 116 W. Joaquin Avenue San Leandro, CA 94577


Greetings Brethren, It’s getting close to the end of the year. Busy months ahead. Inspectors would be particularly busy with all the officer’s advancement proficiencies in their respective districts. Here at home our Pillars have already advanced in their ritual work since the early half of the year. I am confident they will keep the standards our Lodge is known for. The Holiday Season is only three months away. Our toy collection is underway. We are also collecting non perishable foods at this time. Please help us support our community. Congratulations to the newly raised Master Mason, Bro Marvin Varias. Happy Birthday to the September Celebrants! See you at the Stated Meeting Dinner. Fraternal Regards, Bro. Noel Ciron Master


Brethren, It was indeed a great feeling when I was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason. I knew it then that I made the right decision to become one and felt honored that I will involve myself to the brotherhood and to the community as well. I asked myself, what can I do to help and improve my way of life. As I gathered all my thoughts, I ended up with this, the task of becoming a better man. We always hear these words, "Give them the necessary instruction" and may I add the "PROPER INSTRUCTION" goes well with it! The Worshipful Master has a solemn duty to "set the craft at work, and give them the necessary instruction". The two key words, "work" and "instruction", naturally go together. Unfortunately, the word "work" has been applied only to the ritualistic work of the craft. In its broadest sense it really means all types of Masonic work. The aim of freemasonry is to teach men to live uprightly, do good in the community, and by their work to set a good example. Since the word "mason" implies work and freemasonry glorifies the dignity of work, we can reasonably assume that the craft should devote its attention to the kind of work which will help fulfill this aim. There is no question that the Masonic ritual is the foundation of the craft. In it we find the message of freemasonry has for the candidate, its philosophy, and its moral teachings. If one know these lessons fully and completely, he is indeed a wise man. And for a wise man, he should have a full understanding of the spirit and the meaning of the ritual, and if not, it is really nothing. The ceremony of initiation does not make a man a Mason. The ceremonies of the three degrees are of no value unless they are understood by the candidate and are grafted into everyday life. We are amiss in our duty to the craft when we do not properly prepare our candidates and then abandon the newly-made Mason to his own devices. Lodges that devote their entire time to conferring degrees will soon find that QUANTITY is NOT a substitute for QUALITY. I kept saying this, I would rather have "Quality" than Quantity" The quality of the membership is determined not only by the careful screening of applicants for the degrees but also in making the new member in fact. The Master should know the new Mason's likes and dislikes, his hobbies, his aptitudes, and his inclinations. Put the new Mason to example, if the candidate has a knowledge in carpentry, give him a project, if he likes to read, introduce him to Masonic literature and so forth. The ancient ceremonies of the craft should not be set aside, and the basic laws should not be changed. The times, however, call for re-evaluation of the procedure of the craft in fulfilling its part of the life of the community. What we need is more well-informed Masons. This can be done by "PROPER" instruction and by putting every member to work at a task that pleases him. So I say again brethren, I personally prefer "Quality" than "Quantity"! Many of us are dedicated to masonry. They get themselves involved on how to better serve the brotherhood and the community. But some, when newly raised as a Master Mason, they disappeared into thin air faster than "Speedy Gonzales". To our newly obligated brothers and candidates, before you pursue your journey, let me remind you that masonry is a very long journey...that is if You are dedicated to become ONE. Fraternally Yours, Bro. Allan Nubla Senior Warden


Dear Brothers, Sisters, and Friends, For the September Stated Meeting Dinner, we will be serving dinner rolls and butter, mixed green salad, barbecued tri tip and grilled sausage, roasted garlic smashed red potatoes, steamed green beans and chocolate for dessert. Hoping and expecting to see all those friendly familiar faces and new ones also to attend. Calling in to reserve at their earliest convenience is always appreciated. Please call or text for reservations: Bro Jesse Dela Cruz - 510-673-1868 Bro Macoy Heramia - 510-395-2428 Bro Norman Mallillin - 510-282-2393 Fraternally, Bro Jesse Dela Cruz Junior Warden


Brethren, A Message to all Entered Apprentice and Fellow Craft Masons: The recently passed Resolution that allows Entered Apprentice and Fellow Craft Mason to attend Stated Meetings also requires these members to pay Annual Dues. Our Dues for 2012 were $99.00 per year. As this Resolution became effective October 1, 2012, all Entered Apprentice and Fellow Crafts of this Lodge owe a prorated amount of $24.75 for three months Dues for 2012. The Dues were raised to $131.00 for 2013. Dues are payable in advance of January 1st of the ensuing year. All Entered Apprentice and Fellow Craft Masons, that have not paid Dues, are presently considered delinquent for 2012 and 2013. The amount due is $155.75. If you are an Entered Apprentice or Fellow Craft Mason,and have not paid Dues, you are at risk of being suspended if your Dues are not paid before October 1, 2013. It is very difficult to explain this situation in writing and I apologize. If you want clarification feel free to call me (209) 879-9052. Fraternally, Bro. Gary White, HA Secretary SOFT AND SAFE TO THEE OUR BROTHER WORSHIPFUL ELWOOD DANIEL BONA, PM RAISED TO THE SUBLIME DEGREE OF MASTER MASON IN EDEN LODGE NO. 113, APRIL 9, 1941; GOLDEN VETERAN AWARD APRIL 10,1991; MSTER OF EDEN LODGE NO. 113, 1949;ENTERED INTO REST AUGUST 13, 2013; 97 YEARS, 6 MONTHS, AND 1 DAY

September 2013 Sun 1

Mon 2

Tue 3

Wed 4


Officers' Meeting and set-up






23 Job's Daughter Bethel No. 175



Fri 6

Sat 7

September Stated Meeting

10 Job's Daughter Bethel No. 175


Eden Assembly Rainbow No. 11

District School 11 Of Instruction 2nd Degree Conferral Siminoff Daylight Bro. Randy Ferrer Lodge 850 FC's are encouraged to All officers must attend attend


17 18 2nd Degree Proficiency 1st Degree Conferral Bro. Randell Camantigue Mr. Farooq Khan Degree Practice EA's are encouraged to attend


24 3rd Degree Practice



13 Alchoir Shine No. 27


14 Hiram Award Night Wor. Levy Segarra


Eden Assembly Rainbow No. 11



28 Alchoir Shine No. 27

*6:30 PM Fellowship | 7:30 PM Meeting/Conferral *(same time unless stated otherwise) Attire for September meetings: Blue Barong For questions or error of ommissions please send an email to the editor:

SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAYS 1st - Lauren L. Laird 1st - Edwin S. Dimarucut 3rd - Jerry R. Clark 4th - Virgilio E. Legaspi 7th - Sammy Tamez 7th - Arthur M. Evangelista 7th - Luvimindo L. Briones 10th - Harvey S. Dawson 10th - Rodino A. Ignacio 11th - Alfredo G. Calinisan

11th - Allen Schoenfeld 13th - Edward Garcia 14th - Cornelio F. Pacis 14th - Marlon P. Medina 16th - Edwin O. Kelsey 16th - Anthony J. Dianda 18th - William N. Ware 19th - Imants J. Bush 21st - Claude L. Chambers 22nd - Ruben A. Germono

22nd - Ismael Quinonez 22nd - Robert A. Smith 22nd - Knut G. Bergendahl 24th - Alberto F. Pasiliao 24th - Gary H. White 26th - Johnathon D. Nejal 28th - William L. Pickens 28th - Daniele C. Bartoli

• 2013 COMMITTEES• • WIDOWS • Bro. Chito Mangalonzo Bro. Resty Casiano Bro. Ray Luciano

• FINANCE • Wor. Levy Segarra Wor. Del Endrina, HA Wor. Arnie Tabinas, HA

• SUNSHINE • Bro. Gary White, HA Bro. Romy Camantigue Wor. Levy Segarra Wor. Nel Pacis, HA Wor. Ronnie Reyes

• AUDIT • Bro. Domingo Ybut Bro. Vic Ingalla Bro. Dowel Juan Bro. Eduardo Torres Wor. Rey Tiopo

• HIRAM AWARD • Bro. Allan Nubla - Chairman Bro. Jesse Dela Cruz - Observer Bro. Edwin Dimarucut - Observer

• YOUTH ORDER • Wor. Rey Tiopo Wor. Levy Segarra Bro. Mike Tagulao Bro. Eric Simsuangco

• MEMBERSHIP RETENTION• Wor. Ronnie Reyes Wor. Rey Tiopo Bro. Gary White, HA Wor. Nel Pacis, HA

• CHARITY• Bro. Noel Ciron Bro. Allan Nubla Bro. Jesse Dela Cruz

• Awaiting Investigation/ Pending Initiation • Mr. Camilo Padua Mr. Alberto Pasiliao Mr. Charles Dacasin

• Fellow Crafts • Bro. David Abastillas Bro. D. J. Mendaros Bro. Christian Moore Bro. Terrance Morales Bro. Gregorio Reyes Bro. Paulo Rivera Bro. Rio De Leon Bro. Ferdinand Tottoc Bro. Will Rivera Bro. Randell Camantigue Bro. Michael Heramia

•MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT/ CANDIDATES’ COACH• Bro. Edwin Dimarucut Bro. Norman Mallillin Wor. Del Endrina, HA Bro. Allan Nubla Wor. Nel Pacis, HA • FUNERAL • Wor. Del Endrina, HA Wor. Charles Bullard

• Entered Apprentices • Bro. Jorgensen Ancheta Bro. Daniel Rials Bro. Christopher Bagby Bro. Gilbert Salud Bro. Ben Balanza Bro. Joe Salvieo Bro. Jose Barrioevo Bro. Jocip Sarmiento Bro. Alfredo Calinisan Bro. Virinder Singh Bro. James Castillo Bro. Melandro Tiongson Bro. Ernesto Collado Bro. Jerry Treber Bro. Steven Eastin Bro. Alex Valenton Bro. Niles Jackson Bro. Philip Walker Bro. Edwin Kelsey Bro. Roger Wood Bro. Francis Loma Bro. Michael Wozniak Bro. Virgilio Millores Bro. Marlon Bocalan Bro. Eric Molina Bro. Michael Ponti Bro. Danilo Nejal Bro. Joseph Ferrer Bro. Maximo Pallen Bro. Anthony Deanda Bro. Edgar Quesada Bro. Dionysius Litsas Bro. William Raynor

OUR MASONIC FAMILIES Job’s Daughter Bethel No. 175 Eden Assembly Rainbow No. 11 Alchoir Shrine No. 27


Wor. Levi Segarra

Bro. Daniele Bartoli

BUILDING ASSOCIATION DIRECTORS President Vice President CFO Secretary Members

Levy Segarra, PM Charles Bullard, PM Norman Mallillin Ronnie Reyes, PM Del B. Endrina, PM, HA Robert Whitfield, PM, HA Gerald Woergoetter, PHP Joseph Liwag Dennis Lushov

510.432.0608 510.635.8184 510.282.2393 510.938.0186 650.278.6970 925.963.0933 510.648.9208 510.333.8847 510.672.7450

For Reservations of Masonic functions of our Lodge please contact: Junior Warden - Jesse Dela Cruz 510.673.1868 | Senior Steward - Micrexon Heramia 510.395.2428 Junior Steward - Norman Mallillin 510.282.2393 |

2013 OFFICERS Master Senior Warden Junior Warden Treasurer Secretary Chaplain Senior Deacon Junior Deacon Marshal Senior Steward Junior Steward Organist Tiler

Noel Ciron (Melita) 510.846.3180 | Allan Nubla (Jackie) 650.922.4684 | Jesse Dela Cruz (Alicia) 510.673.1868 | Ramon Mangalonzo (Lennie) 650.201.0583 | Gary White, HA (Dee) 209.879.9052 | Rey Tiopo, PM (Helen) 408.518.2591 | Edwin Dimarucut (Del) 510.894.9737 | Mike Tagulao (Donna) 510.393.1426 | Dennis Lushov (Marina) 510.672.7450 | Micrexon Heramia 510.395.2428 Norman Mallillin (Nancy) 510.282.2393 | Renato Mora, PM (Mila) 510.332.8089 | Levino Segarra, PM (Sally) 510.432.0608 |

319th District Inspector

Wor. Chris Chamberlain 925.570.9854 |

Officers’ Coach

Wor. Fernando Reyes 510.938.0186 |

2013 September Trestle Board  

San Leandro Lodge No. 113 September Trestle Board