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San Leandro Lodge No. 113 Free & Accepted Masons 1857-2013 156th Year of Masonry

Reaching Out JUNE & JULY 2013 TRESTLE BOARD Meets every Wednesday San Leandro Masonic Hall 116 W. Joaquin Avenue San Leandro, CA 94577


Greetings Brethren, We had a great outdoor degree conferral last May 4th. That would be a first for our lodge. I myself was surprised that every detail went smoothly as planned except for the midday heat. The Outdoor Lodge, situated in the hills within the Masonic Homes property belongs to the Masons of California. Partnered with three other lodges, Crocker Lodge 212, Palo Alto/Roller Lodge 346 and Siminoff Daylight Lodge 850, we accomplish many things at once. Multi lodge fellowship, multi lodge degree conferral, Masonic Home visitation and tour, and also collected roughly $850 which we donated to the Homes. Having visited the outdoor conferral site, it is functional however still more work needs to be done such as landscaping and electricity. All the work is voluntary and provided by the residents of the homes. I promised them we would be providing additional manpower. That being, I would like a small group of volunteers who has trade skills and time to come with us to help our brethren in the Homes. We can do it. I would like to give thanks to those who have donated their used clothing, beddings, and children’s toys to our cause. We will continue this relief drives up to November for distribution to our community charity centers for the holiday season. There’s no harm in giving. This may be a small part for us but to those in need, this would mean so much. Congratulations to our brother who was raised to the Sublime Degree, Bro Ismael Quinonez and our new Entered Apprentices, Bro Michael Heramia and Bro Joseph Ferrer. Welcome to the fraternity. Happy Birthday to the June and July Celebrants! See you at the Stated Meeting Dinner. Our Annual Family Picnic is on the 22nd. See you there! Have a safe and fun 4th of July and have a memorable summer everyone! Fraternal Regards, Bro. Noel Ciron Master


Brethren, For the month of June, please allow me to give you the history of Hiram Award. It was launched in February of 1977 at Galt Lodge No. 267. That first year only one Hiram Award was presented. In 1978, forty were presented, in 1979, two hundred fifty, and by 1980, nearly all lodges participated in granting a Hiram Award. It was designed to the "unsung hero" of every lodge such as the volunteer who makes the coffee at each meeting, who sets the tables or arranges the furniture and ornaments in the lodge room, or any brother who donates their time and talents for the betterment of our fraternity and community. It is the highest honor which can be bestowed upon a brother that has given his timeless effort and energy, and the real warmth and pleasure of being chosen for this special honor is the most satisfying feeling. It comes directly from the brethren, who chose YOU to get this very honorable award. There are a few pointers to give this special award. This is a one time for a brother in the spotlight of fame and honor; it should be conducted in a most dignified manner. 1. No other awards or activities should be planned for the evening. 2. Under No Circumtances should there be more than one award given within a lodge, 3. The award should be restricted to no more than one per year, in this manner it becomes more prestigious. 4. No "secret" or private presentations‌ it deprives the recipient from inviting his friends and family. 5. Stage your program in the lodge room. Remember that the lodge is where the recipient took his first step as a Mason, and where he became a Master Mason. The Hiram Award is a way of honoring this brother who has given so freely of himself to the service of his lodge, and often without reward or recognition, and yet, when chosen to have this highest honor, the honored brother usually shed tears and humbly asked himself, " do I really deserve this honor "? A true brother who never ask for anything in return! Every Master Mason can get this honorable award, and YOU might be next. See you all on the 5th and let's hear what San Leandro Lodge has to say. Fraternally and Yours Truly, Bro. Allan Nubla Senior Warden


Dear Brothers and Sisters, On June 5th, Wednesday, our Monthly Stated Meeting and dinner, we will be serving delicious Filipino dishes in honor of our Filipino brethren who are commemorating the Declaration of Philippine Independence from Spain on June 12, 1898. We will start with sotanghon(noodles) soup w/ pan de sal(dinner rolls), then beef caldereta, chicken adobo, maybe lumpia(egg roll), rice, noodles, and the dessert TBD. This year, our Annual Summer Picnic will be held on Saturday, June 22nd at Seagull section of San Leandro Marina Park. A whole day of fun, games, activities, good food, and great company. On behalf of San Leandro Lodge, I’m inviting everyone to come out and enjoy this annual festivity with us. Please remember that reservation is highly recommended and always appreciated. Any comment, concern, suggestion or reservation on all or any of the event above please call or text: Bro Jesse Dela Cruz - 510-673-1868 Bro Macoy Heramia - 510-395-2428 Bro Norman Mallillin - 510-282-2393 Fraternally, Bro Jesse Dela Cruz Junior Warden


Brethren, Just a friendly reminder, we are fast approaching the due date for our Per Capita Tax Payment. I know that it is strictly voluntary for the Life Members to pay their individual $31.00 tax, but, just as a matter of information, as of this date two members have submitted their payment. For those of you that are keeping score, as of today 114 members have not paid their 2013 Dues! On another subject---if you move please don't forget to give me your new address. Thanks Gary White, Secretary

____________________________________________ SOFT AND SAFE TO THEE BROTHER: Worshipful Paul K. Siple, PM, raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Masson, in this Lodge, April 14, 1976; served as Master, of Eden Lodge No. 440, 1981 & 1989; entered into rest, May 22, 2012, 74 years, 8 months and 17 Days .

June 2013







Sat 1

*6:30 PM Fellowship | 7:30 PM Meeting/Conferral *(same time unless stated otherwise)




5 Officers meeting and set-up


10 Job's Daughter Bethel No. 175



11 District School Of Instruction Siminoff Daylight Lodge 850 All officer’s must attend








Job's Daughter Bethel No. 175 30


2nd Degree Conferral

15 Alchoir Shine No. 27

Bro. Randell Camantigue & Bro. Will Rivera Fellowcrafts and Master Masons are encouraged to attend.


3rd Degree Conferral




Eden Assembly Rainbow No. 11

26 Family Movie Night 27 "National Treasure" Bring your families.


Annual Summer Picnic San Leandro Marina Park

29 Alchoir Shine No. 27

JULY 2nd - officer's meeting and set-up 3rd - July Stated Meeting 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st - DARK JUNE BIRTHDAYS

1st-Patrick L. Kerns 1st-Quirico C. Atienza 4th-Ronilo J. Capati 5th-Ferdinand F. Pacis 5th-Robert G. Witser 5th-Perfecto C. Arribas 9th-Rommel M. Velasco 10th-Peter J. Kokinos


June Stated Meeting

Bro. Reyno Danguilan


Eden Assembly Rainbow No. 11

12th-Jose C. Teotico 13th-George K. Heininge 14th-Danilo B. Laoagan 14th-Melandro B. Tiongson 15th-D. Johnny Mendaros 16th-Ben B. Balanza 16th-Delfin B. Endrina 17th-Gil D. Pimentel

20th-Richard J. Gresham 22nd-Edilberto T. Cabotaje 22nd-Romeo S. Camantigue 25th-Robert N. McDougald 27th-Charlie C. Dacasin 28th-Winston N. Ware 28th-Paul DB Taeza 30th-Jesse E. Dela Cruz

SAVE THE DATE: San Leandro Golf Club 2nd Annual Golf Tournament Saturday, August 17, 2013 Skywest Golf Course | Hayward, CA First tee will be @8 am. Lunch will be serve after the game at Kennedy park on Hesperian blvd. For more information please contact: Bro. Dowel Juan 510.332.8640 or Bro. Ramon Mangalonzo 650.201.0583

• 2013 COMMITTEES• • WIDOWS • Bro. Chito Mangalonzo Bro. Resty Casiano Bro. Ray Luciano

• FINANCE • Wor. Levy Segarra Wor. Del Endrina, HA Wor. Arnie Tabinas, HA

• SUNSHINE • Bro. Gary White, HA Bro. Romy Camantigue Wor. Levy Segarra Wor. Nel Pacis, HA Wor. Ronnie Reyes

• AUDIT • Bro. Domingo Ybut Bro. Vic Ingalla Bro. Dowel Juan Bro. Eduardo Torres Wor. Rey Tiopo

• HIRAM AWARD • Bro. Allan Nubla - Chairman Bro. Jesse Dela Cruz - Observer Bro. Edwin Dimarucut - Observer

• YOUTH ORDER • Wor. Rey Tiopo Wor. Levy Segarra Bro. Mike Tagulao Bro. Eric Simsuangco

• MEMBERSHIP RETENTION• Wor. Ronnie Reyes Wor. Rey Tiopo Bro. Gary White, HA Wor. Nel Pacis, HA

• CHARITY• Bro. Noel Ciron Bro. Allan Nubla Bro. Jesse Dela Cruz

• Awaiting Investigation/ Pending Initiation • Mr. Camilo Padua Mr. Alberto Pasiliao Mr. Charles Dacasin

• Fellow Crafts • Bro. David Abastillas Bro. D. J. Mendaros Bro. Christian Moore Bro. Terrance Morales Bro. Gregorio Reyes Bro. Paulo Rivera Bro. Marvin Varias Bro. Rio De Leon Bro. Ferdinand Tottoc Bro. Reyno Danguilan

•MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT/ CANDIDATES’ COACH• Bro. Edwin Dimarucut Bro. Norman Mallillin Wor. Del Endrina, HA Bro. Allan Nubla Wor. Nel Pacis, HA • FUNERAL • Wor. Del Endrina, HA Wor. Charles Bullard

• Entered Apprentices • Bro. Jorgensen Ancheta Bro. Daniel Rials Bro. Christopher Bagby Bro. Gilbert Salud Bro. Ben Balanza Bro. Joe Salvieo Bro. Jose Barrioevo Bro. Jocip Sarmiento Bro. Alfredo Calinisan Bro. Virinder Singh Bro. James Castillo Bro. Melandro Tiongson Bro. Ernesto Collado Bro. Jerry Treber Bro. Steven Eastin Bro. Alex Valenton Bro. Niles Jackson Bro. Philip Walker Bro. Edwin Kelsey Bro. Roger Wood Bro. Francis Loma Bro. Michael Wozniak Bro. Virgilio Millores Bro. Will Rivera Bro. Eric Molina Bro. Marlon Bocalan Bro. Danilo Nejal Bro. Michael Ponti Bro. Maximo Pallen Bro. Randell Camantigue Bro. Edgar Quesada Bro. Michael Heramia Bro. William Raynor Bro. Joseph Ferrer

OUR MASONIC FAMILIES Job’s Daughter Bethel No. 175 Eden Assembly Rainbow No. 11 Alchoir Shrine No. 27


Wor. Levi Segarra

Bro. Daniele Bartoli

BUILDING ASSOCIATION DIRECTORS President Vice President CFO Secretary Members

Levy Segarra, PM Charles Bullard, PM Norman Mallillin Ronnie Reyes, PM Del B. Endrina, PM, HA Robert Whitfield, PM, HA Gerald Woergoetter, PHP Joseph Liwag Dennis Lushov

510.432.0608 510.635.8184 510.282.2393 510.938.0186 650.278.6970 925.963.0933 510.648.9208 510.333.8847 510.672.7450

For Reservations of Masonic functions of our Lodge please contact: Junior Warden - Jesse Dela Cruz 510.673.1868 | Senior Steward - Micrexon Heramia 510.395.2428 | Junior Steward - Norman Mallillin 510.282.2393 |

2013 OFFICERS Master Senior Warden Junior Warden Treasurer Secretary Chaplain Senior Deacon Junior Deacon Marshal Senior Steward Junior Steward Organist Tiler

Noel Ciron (Melita) 510.846.3180 | Allan Nubla (Jackie) 650.922.4684 | Jesse Dela Cruz (Alicia) 510.673.1868 | Ramon Mangalonzo (Lennie) 650.201.0583 | Gary White, HA (Dee) 209.879.9052 | Rey Tiopo, PM (Helen) 408.518.2591 | Edwin Dimarucut (Del) 510.894.9737 | Mike Tagulao (Donna) 510.393.1426 | Dennis Lushov (Marina) 510.672.7450 | Micrexon Heramia 510.395.2428 | Norman Mallillin (Nancy) 510.282.2393 | Renato Mora, PM (Mila) 510.332.8089 | Levino Segarra, PM (Sally) 510.432.0608 |

319th District Inspector

Wor. Chris Chamberlain

Officers’ Coach

Wor. Fernando Reyes 510.938.0186 |

2013 June Trestle Board  

San Leandro Masonic Lodge No. 113