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Role of transformer in the society Transformer, the meaning can be easily identified from the word. Transformers are the storage device for electricity that transforms electric circuit from one to other through inductively coupled conductors. It is essential for high power transmission that makes long distance transmission economically practical. The electrical transformer has its own history and it was first discovered by faraday and Joseph Henry in 1831, but the credit goes to Faraday. The first type of transformer that was widely used was the induction coil, which is invented by Rev. Nicholas Callan of Maynooth College, Ireland in 1836. The purpose of transformer is to increase voltage and the high voltage transformers protects from high voltage break downs. It provides electrical isolation and power distribution and it is configured as either single phase or three phases. It has maximum power, voltage and current ratings and High voltage transformer comes under the category of electrical transformer. Electrical transformer are the transformers which transmits electrical energy. The use of the electrical transformer is to transport electricity from power plants to home and business. Most of the electronic devices have a built-in transformer construction and most of the industries have their own transformers. In transformers, the oil plays a major role with some functions such as insulate the coil from each other and from the core, and conduct heat from the coils and core to some other cooler surfaces. Many oils have been used in the transformers, but mineral oil is mostly used as transformer oil and the oil should not give off gases and it subjected to very little evaporation. Transformers are classified into many types based on many factors, but transformers like custom current transformer, fly back transformer have its own importance. Current transformer is used to provide a flow of current correctly perpendicular to the amount of current flowing in the primary circuit. For controlling the current transformers, generally a single primary turn under a well-insulated toroidal core with enormous turns of wire wrapped is passed. The transformers are also used to measure the flow of current

as well as monitoring the operation of the power used. Be cautious that current transformer is not removed from its load, while current is in motion. The co-ordination of these factors is essential for the proper functioning of current transformers. At custom power transformers, the quality and output of the current transformers can be ensured and guaranteed. Electric transformer is a device that is used to transfer an alternating current or voltage from one circuit to another circuit by way of electromagnetic induction. The simplest kind comprises of two coil of wire, insulated from one another and arranged to change the current in one coil (called as primary) would in turn produce a change in voltage in the other coil (called secondary). Flyback transformer is used to generate high transformer voltage at a high frequency and it is also called as line output transformer. Fail-safe mechanism and operating frequency of fly back transformer is much smaller and lighter than other transformers.

Role of transformer in the society  
Role of transformer in the society  

Transformers are the storage device for electricity that transforms electric circuit from one to other through inductively coupled conductor...