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Once upon a time there were a group of elephants. There were young elephants, old elephants, fat elephants and thin elephants. They were all happy and grey‌ but Elmer.

Elmer was different. Elmer was a multicoloured elephant!!

Elmer made all the elephants happy. They played all together. But sometimes the elephants laughed at him.

Elmer didn’t want to be different and, one day, early in the morning, he went away very, very sad.

Elmer walked through the forest and he saw other animals. The lion, the tiger, the hippo…

…,the zebra. The crocodile, the turtle… All of them knew Elmer and they said: - Good morning Elmer!

After a long way, Elmer found a tall tree full of grey grapes. He started to shake it strongly.

When the grapes were all on the floor, Elmer dipped into the grapes and……. HE BECAME GREY!!

Elmer wasn’t different now.He was so happy with his new colour that he decided to return home again.

He saw all the animals again. This time they didn’t know him and they said: - Good morning elephant!

When Elmer found his friends they were all very, very sad.

Elmer didn’t understand what was happening.

The elephants were very sad and quiet. Elner couldn’t wait anymore and shouted:

Hello Myfriends

‘ It’s Elner’s voice!!

‘Yippy!!! Elner came back home’ The elephants were happy and they jumped.

Suddenly it started to rain and... Elner’s colourfull skin appeared again!!

The elephants were so happy that they decided to celebrate Elner’s return by colouring themselves with many, many colours.

Cuento de Elmer  

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