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Foreword Fabian, Sanne and Sanne. When we got this assignment, we we’re quite enthusiastic. And when we really started working on the project, we were getting more and more excited. It was a bit new for us, doing a campaign. But we thought we could make something cool of it. The assignment was to create a campaign for Becel. So first thing we did was doing research on Becel. We surfed on the internet and found old commercials, posters and other information on Becel. We found the image of these products a bit family minded, more for the woman and child than for the man. So we were excited to hear what our target group had to be: male, over 35 years old and he doesn’t go to the supermarket. That was a nice challenge. We wanted to give Becel a cool, modern, adult image for our man. We first discussed about what our target man would look like and what he would do etc. We thought we could catch a big group by taking ‘the working man’, the man who is always busy. We did some research and made a profile. We looked at and so we created our own target group. When we knew our target group, we created the moodboard. We took the pictures for the moodboard ourselves. We just thought of the things that could describe ‘our man’. After the moodboard we wrote the profile and then put all the information together. Then we thought of the ways we could reach our person, the communication. We discussed and came up with some good ideas. We worked out the ideas and wrote how it could be realized. The concept, how we’re we going to put all these ideas in practice. How can we make it happen. We then got really ivolved with the project, it became more and more complete. Now we got all the information and the concept, we had to think of the media we wanted to use. We wanted to use different media, so we could go crossmedia-way. Also we didn’t want to reach a small group of people and we we’re afraid if we would use only one media way we only would reach a small group. So that’s why we choose for different media. This is the part we’re we got lots of ideas. We brainstormed a lot and discussed with two teachers. We think we’ve got quite some ways now to get to our target group. It was fun to think of commercials, posters and adverts. At first we wanted to trigger our man by collecting seals to win a beertender. We wanted to give him the opportunity to win a beertender, by buying products of Becel. We then talked to a teacher, who said that wasn’t a real good idea. We agreed, it’s a bit stupid to give something like that with a healthy product. We then thought of a new action. Winning a weekendtrip, that would be nice. No problems, it suits the lifestyle of our man. Because he could use a little rest. Now the project is almost finished and we work towards our presentation we get more and more excited. We feel confident about our campaign and we hope it will succeed.


PAUL DOVER, 37. Paul is part of ' de opwaartse mobiel' , as we call it in dutch. It means he is a bit of a workaholic, is very workminded. He likes to have a good status and works hard to get it. Likes it when other people look up to him. Doesn't want to buy cheap stuff. Wants to have a good image, wouldn't buy things second hand. Wants to make a lot of money. With that money he wants to make sure he doesn't have to worry about finances in the future. He gives his family financial security. Likes to have luxury stuff, is a bit materialistic. Always busy, always in a hurry. Doesn't have time to go to the supermarket. Only at nights he has time to relaxe a little. Paul works at the office and works long shifts. Emma, his wife, takes care of the household, something they both chose for. He doesn’t make a lot of time for breakfast in the morning. That’s why he eats breakfast in the car, while listening to Giel Beelen on the radio. He is available for his family in the weekends, but he also likes to drink a beer in the pub with his mates. Sunday is the day of the week where Paul and his family visit his parents-in-law. His greatest hobby is cars, that’s why he often visits car events. He leased his car from the company. He and his son like to play soccer in the garden. His dream is for his son to be professional soccer player.

PAUL DOVER, 37 YEARS OLD WIFE: EMMA DOVER, 35 YEARS OLD SON: DAMIAN DOVER, 4 YEARS YOUNG Evelien about Paul: He is such a wonderful person. I love him every beat of my heart. He is such a doll. I can’t imagine my life without him. Paul is such a great father to Damian. I understand that he is needed at the office a lot and I know that he spends as much time with our child as he is able to. His friends are great guys, so I owe him some time with them in the weekends, just like I get to hang out with my girlfriends. Our marriage is perfect. Damian about Paul: Daddy is really nice. He likes to play soccer with me. He never buys me candy though, my mom does that. When I grow up, I also like to make money like he does. His parents: A real businessman, that’s our son. We are very proud of what he has become and how successful he is now. We always knew Paul would become a fine man. We supported him with his study and we wanted him to get a good job. Work is important to earn a good living and to support a family. We think he succeeds in it. His parents-in-law: We think Paul works too hard, we’re sometimes surprised he comes to visit us every Sunday. It would be nice if he could take some time off, so he can spend time with our daughter and grandson. He deserves a nice holiday. Joost is a good man, we like him a lot. Though, we’d really like to see him work less. Colleagues about Paul: Great guy, always busy. Can't sit still, he's really dedicated to his work. Makes long hours. Works hard, which is good for the company. Unfortunately for us, most of the times he gets the bonuses. He knows what he's doing, if you got a question you can always go to him. Has become more generous since he got a child. Thinks of his family, calls his wife once a day while working. Has less time though for a beer after working time. A pity, but for a project you should always take Paul in your team. Friends about Paul: Nice guy, bit of a macho. Likes to make jokes and drink beer. We play soccer about once a week, near his house. We' ve been friends with him for a long time, we know him since high school. He liked to flirt with women and to look at nice cars. Now he married Emma and got a son, he is less wild. He is very busy with his work, has less time for us. A shame, but hey that's how it goes!


Hi, I’m Paul. I’ve got an incredible wife, she does a lot for me. I work a lot and I realize that it isn’t always easy for her. Still, she wants to be with me. We’ve got a little boy together. I like to play soccer with him, though he’s a bit young to do that. Maybe he will look a bit like me when he grows up. I like to drink a beer in the weekends with my friends. My friends are all male. I know them since high school. They sometimes make jokes about me, they never thought I’d become such a familyman. I never thought so too, but now I wouldn’t wanna miss it for the world. I’ve got a busy life. I work five days a week. I relaxe when I’m in my car. I turn on nice music, like The rolling stones, The beach boys or Coldplay. For fathersday Damian gave me a coldplay album. When I come home my wife warms up my diner. I like potatoes and a good piece of meat. I tell Damian a little story and I bring him to bed. Then I watch some television with Emma. I go to bed early, because the alarm goes off at seven o’clock in the morning. People tell me I work too hard. But I have to make money to support my family. Besides, I wanna buy a nice car in the future. I now drive a BMW, a good car. Everybody looks at you when you’re driving. I go to car events every once and a while. My dream is to drive a Lamborghini. Well now you know some things about me. Gotta go to work, so bye bye!

Communication How we communicate We think we can reach our target group by billboards near roads, because the person of our target group is always busy and has to drive to work everyday. He’s always in a hurry. He doesn’t take a lot of time to read an article, but he has to be informed quickly. The informative therefore has to be short and powerful. When he sits in his car and waits for the green light, he’ll take a quick look at the billboard next to him. Also, when he then drives to a gas station, he might want to buy our product because the poster triggered him. We put boomerangcards in pubs, so he can grab one when he’s drinking a beer with his friends. Our person works in the economic sector and therefore he is at the office a lot. That’s why we also want to trigger him at the office. We do that with narrowcasting. We put a monitor near the reception and one in the elevator. Because when people got to wait in the elevator they tend to give more attention to information they see. There isn’t a lot else you could do in an elevator. When he goes home, he can take one more look at the monitor at the reception. He then remembers it and tells his wife about it when he gets home. Because this product obviously has to be listed on the checklist for groceries. Because he is always in a rush, he tends to forget things. That’s why he uses the agenda function on his mobile phone. We would like to send him text messages of becel, so he can save it in his phone and be reminded of our product. Our person is a bit of a workaholic and has a busy life, he doesn’t even give himself time off to go on a holiday. Just to relax. That’s why we came up with the following idea. We want to create an action. Under the product you find a seal and also there is a card on the product. When you have thirty seals and you put them on the card, you can win a weekendtrip to Whigt. Whigt, because it can’t be too far away, but it does have to have the relaxing look so he forgets about all his worries. Not too far away, because he still has to be available in case of emergency at the office. A trip to a destination far away would only cause stress, we think. The cards, when full, can be handed to the supermarket in your neighborhood. All supermarkets in the country will store those cards and every Friday they send them to the office of Becel in Rotterdam. There, every last Wednesday of the season, three cards will be chosen and they win the trip to Whigt. hen he gets home during his diner or at the toilet.

Communication How we communicate Because the person of our target group watches the stockmarket on rtl7 ( television ) often, you’ll see the becel slogan on the place where they also put the titles etc. Then we’ve got commercials on the television and radio. Radio, because he often sits in his car and listens to the radio. Also we promote Becel by giving away small samples of Becel pro active drinks, to taste it. You can find them at a gas station or at for example car events. Because our Becel man likes cars a lot. Because his wife buys the groceries, she needs to be attended at Becel. Therefore we put the ‘Ik kies bewust’ logo on our product. Because the wife is a careful shopper, who takes care of her body and health. She likes to read flyers who come with the post mail, so we send Becel flyers. Another form of print media we use is adverts in magazines. We put them in sportsmagazines like ‘Voetbal International’, because he likes soccer. And we put them in ‘Men’s health’, because that’s the magazine his wife buys him and he can read it when he gets home during his diner or at the toilet. The style of the whole campaign has to be modern, has to have class and has to be male. We also want people to remember it. That’s why we choose for colors and a style that come back in all the things of the campaign. Those colors are grey, black, white and orange. We think those are cool colors for a man. You can find these colors in the posters, adverts, boomerangcards, billboard, narrowcasting stuff etc. We think this style suits our target man. Our man wants to have a clean life, likes to have things ordered. Is very busy so doesn’t want to look at chaos. So we choose for modern and class. This is how we can reach our target group in an appropriate and effective way. We think our campaign is realistic and it can be made in real life.


Becel. In no time. It doesn’t take time to be healthy, it’s not hard to get Becel. We know you’re busy, so we make it easy for you. It’s not difficult to put Becel on your bread or to drink Becel pro active while working. It doesn’t cost you anytime. No time, but a lot of health. We take care of your health, so you can do what you got to do. Becel helps you in an easy way. Powerful and short, that’s our slogan. Becel, in no time. This is also in short what our targetgroup needs to know. They don’t have time to make big sandwiches and with Becel you don’t have to. You can easily put it on your sandwhich, you don’t need anything extra. Becel is enough to stay healthy. That’s the thing they also need to know, Becel is healthy. It’s healthy to eat butter and to use Becel pro active products. Take one bottle of pro active drink and you’ll make yourself healthy. So it’s easy for our target man to do. He doesn’t have time to go to a gym, he doesn’t have a lot of free time. And one drink or a few sandwiches don’t even take five minutes. It only takes a few minutes to keep up a good health. Because you can’t afford it to become ill with such a busy life. By seeing all the posters, boomerangcards, averts, narrowcasting at his office and billboards on his way to work, our target person wants his wife to buy him Becel. He stimulates her to buy our products. And she wants to buy it for him, because they can win a weekend to Wight ( little island near England ). And because the family doesn’t have a lot of time together she really likes to go away for a weekend. So he likes the image of the product, modern and with class. And she likes the benefits of buying it. That’s our strategy. We want to trigger him by telling him that you need to stay healthy and with our product that’s easy and quick to do. In no time you obtain your health. Becel. In no time.


The media we’ll use. The media we’re going to use are: television ( commercials ), radio ( commercials ), print media ( magazine adverts, flyers, posters, billboards and boomerang cards ) and new media ( narrowcasting and text messages on mobile phones ). Also we promote Becel by handing out samples of Becel pro active drinks. We do that at certain points, like the gas station and on car events. The link between those media is good to see. We let the same style come back in every media. You’ll always see the colors: black, white, grey and orange. Also you’ll always see class in it and a modern style. Another link is that the slogan comes back in every media. It will be in the commercial on tv and you will hear it in the radio commercial. Also in the adverts and posters / boomerang cards you cannot miss the slogan. By showing the slogan often, we hope people will remember it. That’s why we choose for a short, powerful slogan. It’s easy to remember. We think these media will reach our target group because it suits his lifestyle. He is always in a hurry and has a busy life. Works a lot. So Becel comes to him. It comes to him at his office, by narrowcasting. It comes to him when he’s driving home, by billboards. When he is drinking a beer with some friends in the pub, he’ll see the boomerang cards. And when he listens to the radio in his car, he will hear the commercial. Same on tv, when he comes home in the evening. Those media are easily reachable for the person of our target group. He doesn’t have to do anything for it. It comes to him. It’s nice and easy, the way he likes it. He is a modern man, who likes to have order in his life. We give him an ordered commercial. Also he likes to have class, he likes to have a good reputation and do well at his job. Class you’ll find back in our Becel campaign. It’s not chaotic, it doesn’t have to many colors. It’s clear what the purpose of our campaign is and it’s clear who our target group is.

Experience How will it be experienced by the targetgroup? We would like our targetgroup to feel like they can have a quick ‘snack’ in the morning, with being eating healthy and with sense at the same time. Of course, the weekend to Wight is a big plus, since he would like to be a weekend away from home and spend time with his family someplace else. This motivation should really make him want to ask his wife to buy Becel. A lot of positivity and relaxation should be included in the commercial advertisements. This way, they can also feel relaxed when they are at the office or in the elevator, seeing the ad. The men should know that we do everything in their best interest. We provide them with enough information through the commercial ads. We will show them wonderful views of White and shots of families walking on the beach. This really is what these guys want, since they kind of regret not seeing their wife and children a bit more. The partner will be equally happy, since she also wants the family to spend time together. Besides, she wants herself and her family to live healthy. The butter will have a description of the ingredienst on the backside, as well as on the wrapper which contains the stamp collector. Low-fat is the keyword! She will also feel happy buying the product and the ‘thrill’ of collecting seals! Competitions like these are always fun, for both ladies and gentlemen. There are not a lot of advertisements which have to do with collecting, meant for men. So that is why this ad stands out.

Content Content. The content of our product and the advertisement of it, is for the hard-working man to find balance between healthy eating and relaxation throughout the stressful days.

We use multiple media elements to make this clear. -Television -Text Messaging -Narrowcasting -Billboards -Folders These will all draw attention!

We use scientific information by informing people who buy Becel butter or ProActiv, which ingredients it contains. We do this by putting the information, very clear and efficient, on the backside and on the collectors-card. This way, our targetgroup knows that the product is healthy and will have no doubt about it’s truth. For the wives, it it very important to read the information, because they are the one’s that feel in charge of the family’s health. Every other billboard will contain the words ‘Low-Fat’ to make sure people know it really is good for you.


Our Conclusion We think that we really approached our target person the right way, because we didn’t just use several media, but because we also tried to look after his needs. To find out for sure, we asked Paul Dover himself. Paul, what do you think about Becel’s campaign? “Well, where should I start. At first I thought: Becel, isn’t that a product that mainly women care for? Because they always try to look after their weight. Emma always does the groceryshopping, so it did not bother me that much. But then I saw the billboards on the road, found the Boomerang-cards at the pub and got even bothered by Becel advertisement at the office. One day, I stood in the elevator, just waiting until I got on the right floor when suddenly I heard a sound from behind me. Shocked, I turned around and there I saw it for the first time. There it was: a screen, I think they call it narrowcasting. It was an eye-opening experience. I never realized how important healthy eating is. Since I started eating Becel and drinking ProActiv, I feel much more fit and I am able to concentrate better at my job. So then I realised that the kind of food is really important for not only the way you feel, but also for the way you act and react. The weekend at Wight was truly amazing, we had a blast. It’s a good step of Becel to merge a weekend to Wight with healthy eating, so that looking after your health becomes fun”. Now we know that the campaign is succesful, because even a man that didn’t appreciate Becel at first, now knows that life is better with Becel. What is the secret of this great campaign? We asked the people who created it. How did it become such a succesful campaign? “I think it is the amazing collaberation of three talented personalities. We all had our part in creating the project, so we could all put our talent in good use. What’s nice to tell you is, is that the real PR-manager of Becel noticed our plan and approached us. We will meet her next week to explain the campaign further. We are really looking forward to it and we hope that it will lead to something good. To be continued…”

Becel Campagne  

Voor school moesten we een reclamecampagne bedenken voor Becel. Dit is het verslag ervan. Voor meer portfoliowerk van mij: http://www.sanne...

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