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Product Datasheet


September 2011

Product Datasheet


Intended Use: Flexible passive modified-atmosphere package developed for export Royal Gala Apples to be stored and transported in cold conditions to different market destinations.

Package Characteristics: Material Optical Brightness and Opacity Properties Food Grade

Initial sealing temperature

Package Properties Cause Reduces dehydration The reduction of O2 and the rise of the CO2 level in controlled quantities reduce the fruit metabolic rate

Personalized printing Package sealing

Combination of virgin polymers Transparent, slightly bright packages, medium opacity 1. Suitable for contact with food according to report No. 819 / 97 issued by INAL in accordance with MERCOSUR Legislation 2. Compliant with Regulation FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 3. Compliant with regulation 10 / 2011 of the European Union for plastic packages in contact with food 120° C depending on the operational conditions of each packaging facility


Effect » Preserves the fruit freshness and firmness » Maintains the fruit crispness » Inhibits the fruit pressure drop » Inhibits the fruit color » Inhibits fruit decay extending its useful life » Slows down the growth and development of microorganisms » Permits the printing and positioning of the customer’s trademark » The package must be fully and correctly sealed in order to generate the atmosphere. San Jorge Packaging recommends heat sealing, which not only ensures an airtight seal, but also prevents package tampering. 2


The package is designed for the following intended use

Handling Type of fruit Pulp temperature when packaging Room temperature when packaging Post-sealing temperature control Storage temperature Storage time

Values » Fruit from harvest » Up to 10°C » Ideally between 7° and 10° C » Maximum 14° C » Up to 60 days under strict temperature control, maintaining the cold chain and having the fruit segregated for a prolonged storage. » 0° to 1° C » Up to 60 days under strict temperature control, keeping the cold chain and segregated fruit for an extended storage.

Available formats for APPLE FROM HARVEST Product Code 40 – 730 40 – 732

Product Description APPLE FROM HARVEST 18-21 kg APPLE FROM HARVEST 11-12 kg


Fruit Box Weight 18-21 kg

Fruit Box Size (cm)(LxWxh) 50x31.5x29.5

Type of Packaging Trays

Number of Units per Bag 500


11-12 kg




Package Size (cm)W(F+OW+F)xL

W: Width / F: Fold / OW: Optical Width / L: Length / h: Height

Observations » This package must only be used to contain apples according to the above-stated specifications. » Our packages are developed, tested and validated based on standardized ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) rules. » The modified-atmosphere technology keeps the initial fruit condition, so export apples with quality and condition problems will not look improved.

» Packaging, package handling and temperature control must be permanently checked during the entire process and meet the specific fruit requirements.

Caution: » Do not perforate the package. » Do not break the cold chain (0° to 1° C), otherwise the bag must be opened immediately. » Do not use this bag for other fruit species or varieties. » Do not use modified-atmosphere packages in controlled atmosphere chambers or containers. » Store the flexible package under cover in a fresh and dry place.

Presentation of the Flexible Package:

Modified Atmosphere

» Container bag printed in white letters with red strips on the side, indicating that it is intended for APPLES.

Product O2 CO2 H2O (Variable) C2H4+ Other VOCs Heat (Variable)

» The traceability of our products includes: Work Order, Printing Date, No. of Extruder and Printing Responsible Party.











CO2 C2H4 + Other VOCs

CO2 C2H4

+ Other VOCs


Air: O2 (20,9%) CO2 (0,03%) N2 (78,1%)

CO2 C2H4 + Other VOCs

Storage Chamber or Transportation Means

Based on Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops. Third Edition. Adel A. Kader

» The package printing details are Logotype, Species, Kilograms and Type of Package (APPLE FROM HARVEST); Caution or Care Statement, Recycling Logos, Product Code, Development and Manufacturing and Webpage.

Disclaimer: San Jorge Packaging is not responsible for the inadequate performance of its package arising from fruit that fails to comply with export requirements, or is wrongly sealed or handled during packaging, storage and transportation, or whose packages are wrongly used or stored.


» Sealing line


» FreshFresh logo

Note: As the conditions of use and applicable laws may change from one place to the other and may be modified over time, each client is responsible for determining whether or not the products and information contained herein are appropriate for use, ensuring that the clients’ workplace and final disposal practices meet the applicable laws and other governmental regulations in each region. ANY IMPLICIT MARKETING GUARANTEE OR SUITABILITY FOR A SPECIAL PURPOSE IS EXPRESSLY INCLUDED IN THE PURCHASE AGREEMENT AND THROUGH THE GAS MEASUREMENT.

» Product Code

Note: If the products are described as “experimental” or “under development”: (1) The product specifications will not be fully determined; (2) An analysis of risks and handling and use care will be required, and (3) there will be more possibilities that SJP may modify specifications and / or discontinue production.

» Manufacturer / ISO / Webpage » Traceability

Note: Due to production process reasons, our packages may vary +/- 1 cm in height and +/- 0.5 cm in width.

» Bag Description » Caution Notice » Recycling Logos





Product Datasheet September 2011