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Naffe & Anthony’s Wedding Resources Photographer: Amanda Collins Photography (209) 200-3377 Flowers: Jen’s Wedding Flowers Jeweler: Liz Person Wedding Gown: House of Fashion Sacramento Bridesmaid Dresses: Tuxedos: Nordstrom’s Sacramento Catering: Vizcaya Hotel Sacramento DJ Services/Band: Morning Star Entertainment

Naffe & A nthony Manglicmot July 27, 2014, Vizcaya Hotel Naffe and Anthony met in February 2010 at a bar, coincidentally, named Dream. Naffe, at the time, was an exchange student from Sweden studying in Sacramento. She and her friends were enjoying their night out when Anthony walked into the bar “with the most amazing smile,” she says. They were instantly drawn towards each other and started dating. Their first date, as Naffe describes, didn’t go so well. “We couldn’t read each other,” partly due to the cultural differences, she explains. It was after a few dates that Naffe started to fall for Anthony, “he turned out to be adventurous, caring, loving, open and interesting,” she says. Upon the realization that Naffe would soon have to return to Sweden, the couple called it quits. However, Anthony found himself missing Naffe so much, that they decided to try to make things work, committing to a long distance relationship. The couple spent three years traveling back and forth from Sweden to the US to see each other. It was during one of these visits that Anthony proposed. The day before Naffe was scheduled to fly home, Anthony popped the question. “I said yes,” she gushes. After three years of back and forth visits, both traveling to see each other, Naffe made her move to the California Central Valley in September 2013. Though a drastic change from Sweden, “California feels like home, Anthony is here,” she says. The couple tied the knot on July 27, 2014 at Vizcaya in Sacramento. It was a hot day, 104 degrees as Naffe recalls. “My bridesmaids were melting,” who all made the trip to California from Sweden, she adds. Of the 150 guests who attended, approximately 40 came from Europe. “We were so lucky to have everyone there together.” The day came together perfectly, as guests danced, drank and celebrated. “The Swedes were going crazy on the dancefloor,” she laughs. One of the most special moments of the day for Naffe was seeing her husband begin to shed tears as he watched her walk down the aisle. “It was so unexpected and sweet.” Though the bride and groom were filled with anticipation, their day was full of excitement, “It was an amazing feeling. We did it!”



Invitations: Hair/Makeup: Orchid Duong Artistry Colors: Peach and Gold Wedding Day in One Word: “Unforgettable”

San Joaquin Weddings: Spring 2015  

24 Fabulous Local Weddings. Focusing on the Brides-To-Be throughout the area. Packed with Wedding Tips, In style Dresses, Decor, Specialty...

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