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NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Gina Calder, Agent 3255 W. March Lane, Ste. 300, Stockton (209) 955-2430

How is success measured? That question was posed to local business owner Gina Calder. This is her response regarding her business philosophy. "I believe that anyone can be in business. However, it takes hard work, dedication and trust to be successful. I don't measure the success of people by the things they have. It is how they are able to give back and help others. Building trust is a great foundation for success. If you believe in what you do; then others will believe in you." About my career with New York Life, I love being able to assist families reach their financial and personal goals. It is also a passion of mine to help other business owners plan and reach their professional dreams. I believe that success for everyone is within reach.

ELEGANT ESSENCE Patt Rasmy-Arvie, Owner (209) 629-3357

Since 2009 Patt Rasmy-Arvie has enjoyed creating customized designs with her own personal floral service, Elegant Essence. Born in Thailand, Patt grew up in Stockton. While attending in SFSU in 1994, she worked in a floral shop where she learned the art from a visually impaired floral designer, who taught her that a disability doesn’t have to be limiting, After getting her B.A. in Psychology, Patt started her family and worked as a youth counselor. When her son was diagnosed with autism, she moved her family to this area for services. Patt returned to the floral industry and her creative artistry as a floral design manager won the support of a loyal client base, inspiring her to offer her skills directly with Elegant Essence. The Arvies' specially created floral arrangement called “Piecing the Puzzle” benefits local families affected by autism. Patt’s many community activities include volunteering at the local blind center in honor of the woman who taught her the fundamentals of floral design.

THEADORA Erica West, Owner 270 Lincoln Center, Stockton (209) 474-7407

In 2010, Erica West purchased the specialty boutique Theadora, and it's been a whirlwind ever since! Within 8 months, Theadora moved across the way to 270 Lincoln Center and expanded to 2,000 sq feet, offering a little bit of everything, from clothing, loungewear & swimsuits, to fun accessories, jewelry & shoes, making it the perfect place to find something for yourself or that unique gift. The store offers popular brands like Sanctuary, Tag, Charlotte, Red Haute, XCVI, P.J. Salvage, Juicy, and more.    "I've always had a passion for fashion and love the excitement I get when shopping. I've realized throughout my years of retail experience that women are frequent shoppers and love the thrill just like I do, that's why I feel it's so important, especially in this economy, to offer stylish pieces at affordable prices," says Erica West. Along with a great staff, beautiful things, and fun windows, Theadora keeps their customers updated through Facebook, where they can view pictures of new items & receive information on specials, upcoming events & contests. "At the end of the day, I feel so blessed to be doing exactly what I love, surrounded by a fabulous staff & amazing customers."



San Joaquin Magazine Best of July 2011  

San Joaquin Magazine Best of July 2011