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Downtown Lodi Farmers Market Papa J-Fuller’s BBQ.

This hot stop courtesy of John Fuller and Louis Bynoe, of the Delta’s Breadfruit Tree restaurant, roasts a whole pig on a spit each Thursday. Half the fun is watching the pig roasting in front of you, but the rest is in the perfectly barbecued Caribbean flavors.

The Market at Crush.

Crush Kitchen & Bar’s adjoining specialty market is taking some of its best finds to the streets, like artisan olive oils and vinegars, cheeses, and even Crush’s signature truffle oil popcorn for munching.

Others to watch for at Lodi Farmers Market:

Just for Friends Catering homemade pickles and sauerkraut, Sea Salt Cottage herbs and bath salts, C&C Ranch beef

Downtown Stockton Farmers Market 4-K Farms. This Ripon-based farm brings their addictive flavored nuts to the market table, from caramelized pecans and almonds and good old roasted nuts, to almond and peanut butters.

M&W Dutch American Bakery.

Voted the Best Bakery in San Joaquin magazine three years in a row, enjoy handmade pastries like fruit turnovers, sticky buns, and almond bars outdoors in the sunshine.

Others to watch for at Stockton Farmers Market:

Cecchetti olive oils, Four Season Flowers, Main St. Nursery plants.



JULY 2011


Here, shoppers can sample the difference in farm-fresh produce, and    growers are more than happy to share everything you need to know: growing practices, ideal seasons for different fruits and veggies, how to store and prepare their produce, recipes, and more. All in all, Farmers Markets turn the experience of buying produce from a generic grocer and shopping cart, to some real thought into where our food comes from and who is growing it. Here in San Joaquin, where we have no shortage of rich agricultural land, the bounty of fresh produce is plenty. Even local restaurateurs head to their community Farmers Market during the summer for inspiration in creating seasonal menus.    In addition to the cornucopia of fresh greens and sweet fruits for the taking, Farmers Markets have also evolved to offer up all sorts of other locally-grown and handmade goods: local honey, artisan pastries, culinary treats, flowers, crafts, barbecue, and more. These alfresco markets have become the quintessential neighborhood event, a sort of block party, in many cases accompanied by local beers and wine and live music. Restaurants and shops along the Farmers Market streets keep their doors wide open with later hours, neighbors greet each other, and young children munch on kettle corn and dance in the streets. All in all, the Farmers Markets in San Joaquin have helped provide higher quality produce, support local businesses, and foster community pride—and we just love that warm, fuzzy neighborhood feeling during the summer.    As Farmers Markets have become an easy and thoughtful way to keep healthy, local markets have popped up on various days and times in almost every corner of San Joaquin (see our listing on pg 121 for more info). The Downtown Lodi Farmers Market has really made its mark as a summer hotspot for Thursday nights, with School Street blocked off throughout the entire downtown district, and Lodi buzzing with “locavores” looking to buy local and celebrate their community. Downtown Lodi businesses have gotten in on the fun too, posting weekly updates to their Facebook pages about special Thursday Farmers Market hours and unique offerings each week.    Following are a few of the most exciting non-fruit and veggie stops at our local Farmers Markets this summer.

San Joaquin Magazine Best of July 2011  

San Joaquin Magazine Best of July 2011

San Joaquin Magazine Best of July 2011  

San Joaquin Magazine Best of July 2011