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The Largest Selection of Whirlpool Bathtubs in a Single Showroom Anywhere in the World!

Where else can you nd what Tubz has to o er? Over the past 27 years we’ve gone from a “one man” home business to having the largest bathtub showrooms on the planet. Our Fremont facility, for example, has “hands-on / feet-in” tubs on display, over 400 including 13 models of door tubs with 3 or 4 more arriving shortly, as well as a very special new line of barrier free showers available nowhere else this side of Santa Barbara. Here’s some advice we’ve given out for decades: You wouldn’t even buy a new pair of tennis so, for goodness shoes without trying them on sake, “Come put your tootsies in our tubs”. And how about this: We have working bidet toilet seats in all three of our restrooms, plus a working “demo” out on the half acre showroom in the midst of the 20 Toto toilet “line-up.” Now, havi ng l earned al l thi s – why woul d a tub shopper go anywhere else looking for the selection, inventory, experience, opinion, and product knowledge, combined with truly competitive pricing that just doesn’t exist anywhere else?

The Naked Truth About Door Tubs

This tub is made in America.• This tub is made using • tub is manufactured by Jacuzzi. Acrylic.This This may surprise you but the VAST MAJORITY of the door tubs you’ve seen advertised are actually fabricated in, you guessed right, China, and are made using gel-coated which cannot compare with the properties of non stainable, non porous, thick, virgin, cross-linked acrylic. Once they’ve been with either a whirlpool system or an air system, they are then typically being advertised as having been “Made in America”. It is true that in the thermoforming process a sheet of acrylic gets stretched quite a bit, but the truth ought not to be.

“Come put your tootsies in our Tubz.” FREMONT - 400* 4840 Davenport Place Fremont, CA 94538 510-770-8686

SACRAMENTO - 250* 830 National Drive, Suite 120 Sacramento, CA 95834 916-575-9100

OAKDAL E - 100* 441 Gregor Road Oakdale, CA 95361 209-845-9115

For days and hours of operation see us at

*Number of bathtubs awaiting your personal “Hands-on/Feet-in” evaluation



San Joaquin Magazine Best of July 2011  

San Joaquin Magazine Best of July 2011

San Joaquin Magazine Best of July 2011  

San Joaquin Magazine Best of July 2011