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Wine Away

When I think of favorite times in my life, they usually involve food, wine, and friends. With San Joaquin magazine’s wine issue timed to accompany the Lodi winegrape harvest and crush, I always think about how lucky we are to have so many great Lodi wines.    We are in the unique position here in San Joaquin to have an abundant wine region practically in our own backyards. Lodi has been growing top-notch grapes for years, even supplying many of the Napa Valley wineries, and in recent years has established itself as its own wine appellation, bottling some seriously good vino. We now have over 70 wineries in Lodi wine country, with over 35 tasting rooms open for sipping and sampling.    Many of these wineries are owned by Lodi families, and some go back three or four generations in Lodi’s history. What’s most notable is that the growers, winemakers, and winery families still enjoy spending time in the tasting rooms to share stories and talk about their wines. Lodi’s impressive vintages and reputation have gotten huge, but everyone involved in the Lodi winemaking process still remains grounded in what really matters—the people and the traditions.    So head to Lodi and check out some of those wineries that you’ve always wanted to see. Many of the wineries have special events and activities, above and beyond sipping wines. We put a list together of the most enticing adventures in Lodi wine country for you to try, from full moon barbecues, to live music in the vineyards, to sangria recipes, to wildflower picking. Check out “Vintner’s Choice” on page 36 and start checking off your favorite adventures. This is our wine country—why not enjoy it the fullest?

“Good wine is a good familiar creature if it be well used.” —Othello, William Shakespeare

See you in Lodi.

Tony Zoccoli Publisher, San Joaquin magazine


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San Joaquin Magazine September Issue  

San Joaquin Magazine September Issue

San Joaquin Magazine September Issue  

San Joaquin Magazine September Issue