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Sex clinics are the clinics which provide specialized medical treatment, Sex clinics are the clinics which provide specialized medical treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and sexual disorders. These clinics provide only limited services pertaining to reproductive health as most of the services provided by them concentrate on the sexual health of both men and women. Very few sexual health clinics provide services like birth control, abortion. Other than condoms there is not much that they provide in terms of birth control services. However, if you have a sex problem of any other nature then sexual health clinics are the best place to visit. These clinics are sometimes also known as sexually transmitted disease or STD clinics, venereal disease clinics, genitourinary medicine clinics etc. Sexual health clinics are very different from family planning clinics and reproductive health clinics. Sex clinics only offer very few reproductive health services which are mostly related to planned parenthood. Their main job is to deal with any sex problem that a patient may be facing. The services provided by sexual health clinics include: • Education about birth control, safe sex, sex education and reproductive health. • Condoms • Examinations to determine your sexual health • Diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, Sexual arousal disorder etc. • Diagnosing and performing tests for some sexually transmitted diseases or venereal diseases. • Antibiotics which can cure gonorrhea, syphilis and Chlamydia • Medications and other treatments for sexual disorders and diseases • Vaccinations • Education and counseling regarding sex and a better sexual experience • Emergency contraception • They provide referrals for additional information and services • Performing urine tests to determine pregnancy Many clinics provide vaccinations which prevent infection from hepatitis A and B. Young women can get themselves vaccinated as protection against human papillomavirus. Sex clinics also perform some specialized services like providing interpretations for the hearing impaired or people who speak other languages. Many clinics inform the partners of the patients about their disease and sometimes anonymously. Clinics started by the government or various non profit organizations provide their services for free or for a very nominal fee. At some of these clinics you need not take a prior appointment and some even work on weekends. Some clinics have separate timings for men and women. There are different examinations performed by these clinics: The clinics will take the patient’s consent to perform examination by sight and touch. They may also need to take some samples in order to diagnose the problem. The sexual health professional can inspect the patient’s : • Lymph nodes and throat to check for infections • Check for lice in pubic hair • The groin lymph nodes for swelling • Genitals, anus and surrounding areas for sores and warts.

Other than performing these examinations for sexually transmitted diseases, they may also ask a lot of questions formulated to discern the cause of sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, orgasm disorder, sexual arousal disorder etc.

Sex clinics are the clinics which provide specialized medical treatment,