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Herbal Oil For Dandruff Hairs are very important for every person as hairs compliment looks of an individual. Hair fall is a natural process due to which

one loses some strands of hairs every day and there is nothing to worry about it. But if a person observes spaces or bald spots

between hair lines then he/she must pay attention. Hair fall happens when follicles in scalp lose grip over tresses and scalp

becomes dry.

Herbal Oil For Dandruff This generally happens when hair becomes excessively dry due to use of dryer or styling rods which emit heat. One may also

observe split ends at the tip of tresses. Hair loss also happens due to dandruff which is a condition where scalp becomes dry

due to absence of moisturization and makes pores and follicles dull. Dull follicles and inactive sebaceous glands may reduce or

completely stop growth of new hairs.

Hylix Oil It is also seen that due to closed pores, hair may not come out of scalp and thus causes bald spots. One can use

Hylix oil which is effective herbal oil for dandruff. One can get relief from almost all hair problems with regular use of

this oil. Active ingredients of this herbal hair fall control oil go deep into skin and moisturize scalp.

Hylix Oil These ingredients activate dull sebaceous glands and enhance production of keratin cells which actually make hair strands.

Healthy keratin makes hair strong and thick which prevents breaking of hair from middle. This also reduces the problem of

split ends which is also responsible for making hairs thin. Due to proper moisturization, grip of follicles increases on hairs and

this prevents detachment of roots from scalp.

Hylix Oil This reduces formation of blank spaces between hair lines or bald spots. This herbal dandruff control hair oil is especially beneficial for men who generally face the problem of baldness. One also gets relief from dandruff which not only causes hair fall but also causes loss of eyelashes and pimples on face.

Ingredients In Hylix Oil This herbal oil for dandruff contains following herbs:  Amla – This herb supports health of hairs, gives natural black

color to tresses and also prevents further graying of hairs.  Shikakai – It acts as a natural cleanser which removes

impurities and harmful micro particles from follicles.  Henna – This herb has been used from years to moisturize

scalp and tresses. It can control hair fall effectively and can also make tresses shiny and soft.

Ingredients In Hylix Oil  Bhringraj – This herb activates dull cells and sebaceous glands and promotes hair growth. This herb also increases hair

growth in the case of closed follicles and thus fills up bald spaces with new hairs.

 Kalonji - It strengthens follicles and thus prevents detachment of hair roots from scalp.

 Neem – Antibacterial and antifungal properties of this herb reduce infection and prevent eczema.

Ingredients In Hylix Oil All these herbs present in herbal oil for dandruff improve blood circulation, treat hair problems and also reduce stress, tension, etc., which affect health of tresses. Hylix oil provides benefits in all weather conditions and protects tresses from damage due to exposure to sunlight and pollution also. This oil is beneficial for men and women of all ages.

Hylix Oil

Use Hylix oil for dandruff for at least 3 to 4 months to get

relief from excessive hair fall and related problems. One can use this oil for prolong time also as no chemical

based ingredient is used in it.

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Herbal oil for dandruff to control hair fall effectively  
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