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Ayurvedic Iron Supplements Iron deficiency anemia is the most common problem among people. Iron is used in body to make hemoglobin which is a kind

of protein that carries oxygen to cells in body. Absence of this protein causes low energy production and weakness. People suffering from anemia experience extreme fatigue, dizziness, restlessness, frequent illness, restless legs syndrome, hair fall, shortness in breath, etc.

Ayurvedic Iron Supplements One can easily overcome this problem with the help of healthy diet in case of mild variation from the healthy range of hemoglobin count. Including apples, beetroots, pomegranate, nettle, almonds and green leafy vegetables in daily diet can raise hemoglobin level. Poor health of bone marrow and spleen is also responsible for low red blood cell count. One can also suffer through anemia due to blood loss during severe injuries.

Feroplex Capsules Women suffer through anemia more than men due to blood loss during menstrual cycle and childbirth. Immunity also weakens when hemoglobin level is low in body which further affects health badly. One can use Feroplex capsules which are effective ayurvedic iron supplements. These capsules are rich in iron and minerals which are necessary to make red blood cells.

Feroplex Capsules Feroplex capsules are also rich in vitamin C which increases absorption of iron in body. This effectively

raises hemoglobin level in body. This increases cellular activities and energy production in body. One also gets

relief from physical weakness and fatigue which helps a person to lead an active life. Powerful formula of these

supplements promotes health of spleen and bone marrow.

Feroplex Capsules Spleen plays an important role in recycling red blood cells and this organ is also a part of immune system which

helps in fighting certain kinds of bacteria. Feroplex capsules maintain ratio between destruction and

production of RBC’s to keep hemoglobin level under healthy range. Healthy bone marrow increases red blood

cells production which maintains hemoglobin count and increases immunity naturally.

Ingredients In Feroplex Capsules This in turn supports healthy blood circulation which enhances overall health of a person. Feroplex capsules

contain following herbs:  Kasis bhasma – This ingredient is rich in iron content

and is very helpful in treating anemia and menstrual disorders.

 Mishri – It is a kind of confectionery mineral which supports red blood cell production in body.

Ingredients In Feroplex Capsules  Lauh bhasma – This ingredient contains calcined iron which increases hemoglobin level and physical strength and helps to

treat anemia naturally. It also provides energy to overcome weakness and low physical strength issues.

 Mandur bhasma – It is haematinic and hematogenic in nature which helps to increase hemoglobin level and red blood cell

count. This herb also lowers bilirubin to maintain RBC in blood.

Feroplex Capsules All these herbs are rich source of iron and therefore these ingredients have been used from years to treat iron

deficiency anemia problem. Feroplex capsules are beneficial for both men and women. These capsules are

especially helpful for those who face growth and development problems due to low hemoglobin level.

Feroplex Capsules Women can easily overcome weakness after child birth and menstrual cycle with the help of these supplements.

Use Feroplex capsules for at least 3 to 4 months continuously to avail full benefits. It is suggested to eat

foods that are rich in iron and fulvic acid to achieve fast results.

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Ayurvedic iron supplements to treat anemia naturally  
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