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Ayurvedic Calcium Supplements Calcium is a vital mineral which our body uses to regulate

various processes, stabilize blood pressure and to make bones and teeth strong. Body lacks calcium due to deficiency of

vitamin D which increases the ability of body to absorb calcium from foods. Sunlight is a rich source of vitamin D but due to fear

of tanning and sunburn, people do not prefer to go out in sunlight. Since eating habits have also changed overtime, one

is not able to get enough source of vitamin D from foods also.

Ayurvedic Calcium Supplements Calcium deficiency slows down process of regeneration of bone

tissues and mass. Due to this, bones become prone to wear and tear, heavy damage and fractures. One feels weakness and

faces difficulty in doing physical tasks due to low endurance power. Due to low or no absorption of calcium from foods, body

takes calcium from bones which make them thin. Arthritis is a very common in people with low bone density.

Calcivon Tablets One can use Calcivon tablets which are effective

ayurvedic calcium supplements. These tablets contain vitamin D in abundant amount which enhance natural

mechanism of body to absorb calcium from foods we intake. This calcium is used to support body processes

that keep body healthy. Optimum amount of calcium speeds up regeneration of bone tissues which makes

bones strong and also protects body against damage.

Ayurvedic Calcium Supplements This also stabilizes blood pressure which promotes healthy

blood circulation in body. Energy production increases which in turn boosts physical strength also. Bones do not loose calcium

to fulfill body requirements and thus remain strong. Calcium metabolism increases in body which prevents degeneration of

cells also.

Calcivon Tablets Endurance power of skeleton increases which gives relief

from weaknesses and one is able to perform heavy physical tasks. Calcivon tablets also reduce risk of

osteoporosis which happens due to bone weakness. These tablets are especially beneficial for women who

generally lose calcium after age of 30 and easily develop arthritis due to weak bones.

Calcivon Tablets Calcivon tablets contain following herbs:

 Suranjan – It is analgesic and anti inflammatory in nature and thus gives relief from pain due to bone

weakness and swelling at joints. It is very helpful in treating arthritis, rheumatoid and gout.

 Rasna extract – This is a well known herb used from years to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Ayurvedic Calcium Supplements  Guggul – This herb protects bones from diseases which

make bones weak. It keeps joints healthy to provide flexible movements. Due to presence of antioxidants, bone tissues get

protection also from damage caused due to free radicals.  Asthisanghar – This ingredient of ayurvedic calcium

supplements effectively repairs and heals damage caused due to injuries and fractures.

Ayurvedic Calcium Supplements  Godanti hadtal – It improves immunity which protects bones

against infection and damage caused due to microbial growth.  Chobchini – It promotes digestion process to increase

calcium absorption from foods. This also maintains various body functions and processes.

 Ashwagandha – This herb reduces inflammation and pain in bones and gives relief from rheumatoid symptoms.

Calcivon Tablets Calcivon tablets are suitable for men and women of all

ages. Since these tablets are completely herbal, a person can use these supplements for prolong time. It is

recommended to use these ayurvedic calcium supplements for at least 3 to 4 months regularly to

prevent bone weakness and related problems.

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Ayurvedic calcium supplements to prevent bone weakness  
Ayurvedic calcium supplements to prevent bone weakness