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Introduction About Keystone Brokerage & Consulting Keystone Brokerage and Consulting is uniquely positioned to help your company provide each and every staff and employee with a complete and comprehensive benefits package. We combine a common sense approach to the needs of your staff and employees while keeping your benefits package costs with in your budget. We provide a variety of tools that allow your Human Resources Department to reduce their administration of benefits time by more than seventy percent. Our goal will always be to provide you with the best value to allow your Human Resources staff members to be more efficient in their work. We provide you with immediate access to a highly qualified labor lawyer who is on our staff and here to answer all of your labor law questions.

Keystone Brokerage and Consulting offers the following unique programs to all of our clients: Resource AnalyzerTM Determine the needs of your staff and employees before you select a benefits plan. Compare to your competition to make sure you retain key employees instead of losing them to your competition. TM l The Unique Value Solution Don’t accept an overpriced program to meet the needs of your employees. Let us customize a package that fits not only your employees but your budget as well. We take everything into consideration. TM l Detailed Implementation Edge Understanding how to best roll out your new benefits plan to your employees is the secret to the success of change. Let us provide your employees with the education they need to understand their new benefits program. TM l HR Service Assistant You want your Human Resources Department to be at it’s most efficient and you want your HR staff members to be well trained. Let us reduce their administrative burden and provide them with quality education on an ongoing basis. TM l Employee Benefits Communicator No more hours on the telephone to make simple changes in benefits. Employees can log in to our efficient online system or reach a specialist by phone and allow them to make changes in their benefits package as required. l The Need

Phone: 1 (650) 357-9750 Fax: 1 (650) 638-1421

Introduction of the Needs/Resource AnalyzerTM About Bill Huang Bill is a graduate of University of California, Davis with a major in Chemical Engineering. Bill decided his problem solving abilities could be better used by helping small and medium businesses address the unique challenges by providing a solid and unique benefits plan to their employees. With professional knowledge in all aspects of insurance Bill has undertaken the challenge of preparing to help you with your needs by continuing his education. Currently Bill is enrolled in continuing education classes which will result in designations as: l Registered

Health Underwriter (RHU) Employee Benefits Consultant (REBC) l Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

One of the most overlooked aspects of benefits planning is the needs of your employees. If you’re current plan doesn’t work for your staff members they will begin looking for work where the benefits plans do work for them. Encourage your employees to stay with your company, increase their productivity and make sure your competition isn’t doing a better job than you are in providing benefits. l We provide

needs analysis bench marking across your industry l We use geographical data to increase your competitiveness l We use online survey tools & incentives to involve your employees l We use

l Registered

Bill has committed himself to providing professional and high quality service to his clients. As a member of the San Mateo community Bill is active in: l The National

Ethics Bureau Mateo Chamber of Commerce l The National Association of Health Underwriters l Employee Advisory Council for county of San Mateo l The San

Bill has been honored with the following prestigious awards: l Golden

Eagle presented by National Association of Health Underwriters l Top of the Table by Million Dollar Roundtable l Blue Shield Producer Club, Gold and Silver

Phone: 1 (650) 357-9750 Fax: 1 (650) 638-1421

This tool is specifically designed to ensure that your employees get involved in deciding what benefits work best for them. We provide online surveys with regular incentive drawings for those who take advantage of the surveys. We will customize your program taking into consideration your budget, the needs of your employees and the offerings of your competition ensuring that you have the best rounded benefits program in your industry. No more guessing what your competition is doing, no more wondering if you’re meeting the needs of your employees! We work with you to ensure an effective benefits package is prepared for your company’s individual needs.

The Unique Value SolutionTM Today’s small and medium sized businesses are often paying much higher premiums for their benefits packages because their groups are smaller. Using Keystone Brokerage & Consulting unique family of tools, we can help by negotiating with your current insurance carrier to offer additional benefits or reduce costs, we can compare plans to ensure you’re getting the best possible plans for your dollar and we can help you get the leverage you need. We use all of the resources that are available to us including being able to negotiate for companies who have locations in multiple states. No more worrying that you’re not getting the best value for your dollar - we guarantee that we’ll negotiate your benefits package in a professional and assertive manner that allows you to offer your employees the best possible benefits package that your budget allows. l We are licensed in most states; l We serve on Advisory Boards of major insurers; l We understand the pools of small and medium businesses Let us put our unique programs to work providing you and your employees with the best possible benefits package that is affordable, convenient and meets the needs of your employees.

Phone: 1 (650) 357-9750 Fax: 1 (650) 638-1421

Detailed TM Implementation Edge We understand that putting a new benefits package in place can disrupt your business and disrupt your employee’s peace of mind. It is our goal to ensure that your employees feel secure that their change of benefits doesn’t mean a loss of benefits. We provide ongoing support and a full education program so that your employees understand their benefits package. Using Certified Financial Planners we provide one on one planning for your employees any time they need it. Let us help them with long term financial planning that will help them understand their benefits.

In addition we are committed to: l Online

enrollment – no more filling out forms for each individual plan. We use a universal enrollment form that ensures that your employees are able to sign up for their benefits using one simple to use form.

l Open

Enrollment – we make sure that open enrollment periods create seamless transitions for your employees. We are here to answer questions for groups or for individuals as needed.

Don’t let a new benefits plan create chaos in your business. Let us help you make a smooth transition from one plan to another without the worry of disruption in productivity.

Phone: 1 (650) 357-9750 Fax: 1 (650) 638-1421

HR Service AssistantTM At Keystone Brokerage and Consulting we understand that the most important department in any small or medium company is the Human Resources Department. In small companies the owner/operator may be doing double duty and trying to manage all of their Human Resources needs. With labor laws constantly changing, benefits management, payroll and educating your workforce, chances are that they are buried in administrative work. By allowing Keystone Brokerage and Consulting to take over your benefits management program, your HR department can reduce their administrative workload by as much as 70%. In addition we offer: l Access

to the latest labor law changes (on staff Labor Lawyer) to free monthly training sessions, such as; * Sexual Harassment in the Workplace * Diversity in the Workplace * How to reduce Worker’s Compensation Claims

l Access

It is our goal to be an extension of your HR department. Let us worry about: l Handling

termination of benefits for employees

l COBRA l Enrollment

of new employees in benefits plans Issues l Claim Administration l FMLA Issues l Billing

In addition to all of the other benefits that working with Keystone Brokerage offers you we also offer some very unique programs that are designed to make your human resources management easier than ever before. We provide: l Consolidated

billing on Demand for a variety of labor topics l Benchmark Reporting l Human Resources Portal l Retirement Planning for employees l Wellness Programs l Document

Our HR Service AssistantTM allows your human resources department to connect with other human resources in more than 100,000 locations all over the country ensuring that they are among the most knowledgeable in their field.

Phone: 1 (650) 357-9750 Fax: 1 (650) 638-1421

Employee Benefits TM Communicator Regardless of how good the communication is with your employees and your Human Resources department, questions do arise about benefits programs. We understand that the need to resolve benefits questions almost always has to be done during business hours reducing the productivity of your employees. Because you want your employees to understand their benefits but you also need them to be productive for your business to continue to grow we offer the following: l Nationwide

Call Center – available to your employees Language Representation – we have staff members who speak 40 different languages l Registered Nurse/Physicians on staff – to answer your employees questions l Claim Assistance l Appointment setting l Prescription assistance l 24 hour online benefits portal l Strong

Our 24-hour online benefits portal allows your employees easy access to our system through the use of a personalized login-identification program. Each employee will have personalized access to: l Wellness

information to request identification cards l Ability to change address/contact information l Ability to add/delete dependents l Ability

We take pride in our system that offers you a ‘hidden paycheck’ that you can provide to your employees that shows them the additional amounts that they are earning as part of their benefits package. Let Keystone Brokerage and Consulting provide you with the benefits solution you need for your business.

Phone: 1 (650) 357-9750 Fax: 1 (650) 638-1421


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