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GoWiMi: An Introduction GoWiMi is a sleek, handy and pocket-size wireless internet gadget that offers superfast internet access (3G/4G) all across the US. • One Touch Connectivity • Connect up to 5 devices at once • Enjoy both 3G and 4G service on one single device • Compatible to all leading operating systems • Led Display for low battery consumption

Key Features


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Dimensions: 3.54" x 2.36" x 0.52" Weight: 3 oz (85 gram) Range: Up to 100 feet, optimized at 33 feet Battery: Removable Li-ion Battery Standby Time: 60 hrs (Approx) Usage Time: 4 hrs (may vary) Speed: Up to 10 Mbps

Why GoWiMi is a must have gadget for Corporate Travelers? Staying online while journeying is vital to keep up with your important business mails and messages. But using internet in abroad can be expensive and at the end you may run up a large bill.

 Saves you from paying expensive hotel internet charges

 Check usage details online

 Enjoy the freedom of complete mobility

 Stay cyber-secure

 Connect multiple gadgets with just one GoWiMi

 No contract plan; No overage fee

 Chose plan according to your usage

 Flexibility to pay by your corporate credit/debit card

 Dedicated customer support

 Nationwide coverage throughout US

Places you can use GoWiMi For its portable size, travelers can carry GoWiMi anywhere they want and create their internet hotspot by connecting all their devices with one single GoWiMi.

In Airport While on the go

At Shopping Malls

At Hotel

During Conferences

How GoWiMi benefits Corporates? Internet access has become imperative for business travelers; companies spend thousands of dollars to pay the data expenses for their travelling employees. Moreover, cyber security also becomes a prime concern for companies as they have to ensure optimum security for all their valuable data. Along with fast and reliable nationwide access, Corporates also enjoy:  Real Time Metering  Complete Security  No Hidden Charges  Nationwide Coverage  Dedicated Customer Support  Complete Mobility

 Custom Branding  Payment Flexibility  Customized Plans  Consolidated Data Expenses  Efficient Expense Management  Customized Reporting

Branding with GoWiMi GoWiMi is a great device to brand your own service. Corporates can:

Print the company logo on the device Customize the landing page with complete company detail Custom brand the services

GoWiMi: Bringing Revolution in Online World Today, businesses run more on virtual world and thus internet has been considerably becoming, or I would say it has become, an inevitable part of modern lifestyle. Keeping the emerging needs of the fussy travelers in mind, GoWiMi and its services have been designed and developed so that users can enjoy maximum benefit with US’s finest mobile internet service.

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GoWiMi - Mobile Internet for Travelers to US  
GoWiMi - Mobile Internet for Travelers to US  

GoWiMi is a sleek, handy and pocket-size wireless internet gadget that offers superfast internet access (3G/4G) all across the US.