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By Technology (Integrated, Embedded & Tethered); Services (GPS, Navigation Systems, Car Diagnostics, Fleet Management & Others), Industry, Components & Geography

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Global Consumer Telematics - Market Overview 2. Executive Summary 3. Global Consumer Telematics - Market Landscape 3.1. Market Share Analysis 3.2. Comparative Analysis 3.2.1.

Product Benchmarking


End user profiling


Top 5 Financials Analysis

4. Global Consumer Telematics - Market Forces 4.1. Market Drivers 4.2. Market Constraints 4.3. Market Challenges 4.4. Attractiveness of the Industry 4.4.1.

Power of Suppliers


Power of Customers


Threat of New entrants


Threat of Substitution


Degree of Competition

5. Global Consumer Telematics Market– Strategic Analysis 5.1. Value Chain Analysis 5.2. Opportunities Analysis 5.3. Product/Market Life Cycle Analysis

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6. Global Consumer Telematics Market-By Classification 6.1. By Industry 6.1.1.



Information Technology








Customer service providers

6.2. By Services Offered 6.2.1.

GPS Tracking


Navigation Systems(Intelligent Transport System)


Car Diagnostics System


Fleet Management Services


User based Insurance service(UBI)


Emergency Notification Service


Local Search and Concierge Services


Infotainment Systems

6.3. By Components 6.3.1.

Control Unit


On-board RAM


Network Operations System


CAN-bus (Controller Area Network)


Wireless communication infrastructure Bluetooth device Wi-fi device

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GPS antenna


GNSS receiver


Visual & Audio interface



6.3.10. Mobile Router 6.4. By Markets 6.4.1.

Passenger Vehicle Telematics


Commercial Vehicle Telematics

6.5. By Technology 6.5.1.

Integrated Telematics


Embedded Telematics


Tethered Telematics

7. Global Consumer Telematics Market -Geographic Analysis 7.1. Introduction 7.2. North & South America 7.3. Europe 7.4. APAC 7.5. ROW 8. Market Entropy 8.1. New Product Launches 8.2. M&As, Collaborations, JVs and Partnerships

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9. Company Profiles (Overview, Financials, SWOT Analysis – Top 5 Companies, Developments, Product Portfolios) 9.1. Omnitracs Ltd. 9.2. BMW AG (Assist) 9.3. Ford Motor Co. (SYNC) 9.4. General Motors (OnStar) 9.5. Agero Connected Services Inc. 9.6. Harman Infotainment 9.7. Toyota Motors(Entune) 9.8. Bosch Automotive Technologies 9.9. Alpine Electronics Inc. 9.10. Continental Automotive 9.11. Airbiquity Inc. 9.12. Trimble Navigation Ltd 9.13. Fleetmatics GPS 9.14. Novatel Wireless 9.15. Telogis Inc 9.16. Auto Page Inc. 9.17. MiX Telematics 9.18. NavMan 9.19. TomTom NV 9.20. Verizon Telematics 10. Appendix 10.1. Abbreviations 10.2. Sources 10.3. Research Methodology IndustryARC | 5

10.4. Bibliography 10.5. Compilation of Expert Insights 10.6. Disclaimer

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REPORT SCOPE & STAKEHOLDERS SCOPE To provide a complete analysis of the Global Consumer Telematics market, it has been divided into sub-categories depending on the various industries involved in the telematics market, the services which are offered by consumer telematics, the different components that go into the making of a telematics system, the passenger-vehicle and the commercial-vehicle segments of the market, and also the type of technology used in the telematics system. This report tries to analyze the current market trends in place as well as the future scope for development in this growing market and the challenges that need to be addressed. The global market for consumer telematics is definitely on the rise, so we have made an analysis on the current market players and their presence in the market. The demand for telematics in the automotive section has shown a steady increase all over the globe, especially in fast growing markets like China, Brazil, Russia etc.., A geographical analysis has been done to put things into perspective about the global market. The prominent players in the market currently are Omnitarcs, Trimble Navigation Ltd., FleetMatics GPS, Telogis Inc etc. STAKEHOLDERS Automotive OEMS, Telematic Service providers(TSPs), Component suppliers, Data Service providers, Customer Service providers, Network Operation Sysytem providers, Insurance companies are the significant stakeholders in this market.

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REPORT DESCRIPTION The word “telematics� broadly refers to a system through which a mechanical or electronic device communicates(collects,sends,or stores information) with other devices or with human users over a network. Over the years, the term has been specifically used to refer to on-board communication capabilities in automotive segment.Telematics therefore is now defined as the wireless connectivity established between vehicles and other systems like machine to machine, machine to human or direct to cloud. The basic business model for automotive segment is changing with the advent of mobile data connectivity. Smartphones have shown us the advantages of having a mobile data connection, and now the automobile industry is gradually awakening to the fact that providing the customer with internet connectivity-on the go, along with other safety and concierge services could well prove to be the key to survive in the market in the future. Consumer telematics are end-user-targeted, vehicle-centric information and communication technologies (vehicle ICTs) and services. While safety and security are the cornerstones of consumer telematics offerings, the current global economic scenario may indicate a shift of focus onto technologies which provide the end-user with a system which ensures ease of driving along with ubiquitous net connectivity without compromising on safety and security. With the fuel prices on the rise, applications that contribute to cost savings, by increasing engine efficiency will become a necessity in the future. Focus has also shifted to infotainment-not only in high end cars but also in mass production, which experts belive is going to be a big market in the coming days. Network-enabled cars for consumers provide in-vehicle services, such as emergency assistance, Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation, traffic information, local search (for example, for charging stations or restaurants) and concierge services. With the consumer telematics market growing at a rapid pace, we could very well envision a future in which almost all the vehicles produced, being fitted with telematics system. As the services offered by telematics systems are quite wide-ranging, this market requires the participation of a number of industries such as Automotive OEMs, which have to come up with economically-viable yet, high quality telematics systems. These systems again are made of a number of components such as routers, in-built RAMs, control units, CAN boards. antennas etc, IndustryARC | 8

so electronics manufactureing industries have a major role to play in this segment. Finally the onus to carry out these services falls on the tele-communications industry who are the key to supply mobile data-connections, satellite connections, and also the customer service industry to provide hassle-free 24x7 service to the end-users. Sample Table 1: Global Consumer Telematics Market Projected Revenue($ Billion), By End User Industry (2013-2018) Industry





CAGR (%) 20132018

Fleet Management Telematics






GPS Navigation and ITS(Intelligent Transport System)






Auto Insurance Telematics UBI(User Based Insurance)






Auto Infotainment






Customer Services






Data Services






Hardware (including CUs)












Source: IndustryARC Analysis The above table represents the projected forecasts for Global Consumer Telematics and Services market on the basis of end-user services for the year 2015, 2017 and 2018 by keeping 2013 as a base year for compounding CAGR. Coming to the current market scenario for consumer telematics, it is estimated to be around the $ 41 Billion mark in 2013. Based on the growth rate seen in various related industries and the market share of the major players in this sector, we could forecast the market numbers for the year 2018. The CAGR is estimated to be about 21.8%, for the time period of 2013-2018. Currently the market penetration is seen at 11%, i.e., of all the vehicle units produced globally about 11% have some kind of telematics system(embedded, integrated or tethered) installed in them. Going by the market trends this figure is likelyto go upto 46%, in the market by 2018.

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If we take a look at the breakdown of the revenues generated in 2013 in the telematics market, it is clear that GPS navigation, fleet management and the infotainment sector makeup a major chunk of the revenues. All these three sectors are forecasted to see a healthy growth rate for the next five years. As the safety of the passenger is the most important factor, governments in some countries have been considering the idea of implementing compulsory safety measures in passenger vehicles such as emergency assistance in case of accidents which include the vehicle making an emergency call to the state helpline, and sending the exact GPS co-ordinates of the place where the accident has occurred. Emergency crash notification and remote diagnostics are preventative measures designed for the anticipation, avoidance and fast reconciliation of troublesome situations. They have low-bandwidth communications requirements and predictable usage profiles. They do not put the much extra burden on the OEM with regard to the amount or the cost of bandwidth required, operating invisibly to deliver latent but efficient and on-demand functionality. Telematics insurance applications are becoming more popular as they allow drivers to reduce their premiums. With schemes such as Pay-as-you-Drive(PAYD), Pay-how-you-drive(PAHD) the passenger has the opportunity to save money by avoiding over-priced premiums. Telematics technology allows us to gather accurate information about the customer’s driving patterns, so we can calculate the car insurance based on individual driving behaviour. Customers who drive safely can receive lower renewal premiums. Fleet management is one more area wherein telematics play a vital role,as telematics can be used to make the management system more efficeint by maintaining a real-time track of all the vehicle in the fleet not only with regards to location, but also with speeds, uptime,downtime etc.,. Fleet Telematics System(FTS) facilitates the exchange of information between a commercial fleet of vehicles and their central authority i.e., their dispatch office. A FTS typically consists of mobile Vehicle Systems (VS) and a stationary Fleet Communication System (FCS). The FCS may be a stand alone application maintained by the motor carrier or an internet service running by the supplier of the system. The system usually includes a database in which all vehicle positions and messages are stored. This system provides the central authority with real time location of each member of their fleet. The status of each vehicle including when it started up and shut down, idling state, speed etc..,. With high fuel prices in the market, implementation of telematics

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systems seems like a logical step especially in fast growing markets like China.

For service

providers looking to expand to markets that have yet to reach maturity, China and other developing markets(especially in Asia-Pacific) provide an ample scope of opportunities in the future. The EV(Electric Vehicle) segment is one more segment which experts believe will drive the market for consumer telematics. EVs(Electric Vehicles)which have been touted as the next bigthing in the automobile market, may not quite have reached the expected levels of market penetration but experts and automobile majors alike are still very optimistic about the future of this segment. The EVs already have a built-in central controlling unit , which controls all of the systems in the vehicle including battery load indicator, rpm etc..., and an embedded telematics system which can provide data-connectivity and also serve as a multi-purpose engine diagnostic system, and a built-in infotainment system can be added to this. Many still believe that the concept of e-cars with smart-grid system, is not too far away from us, it is quite clear that consumer telematics has a huge role to play in the future of EV segment. Global Consumer Telmatics Market Share-By End User Industry (%), 2013 Fleet Management

GPS Navigation & ITS

Auto Insurance(UBI)

Customer Services

Data Services


Auto Infotainment

Source: IndustryARC Analysis As a healthy growth has been forecasted for the consumer telematics industry, it has generated a lot of interest in the automotive, tele-communications and information technology segments to gain a foot-hold in this market and many of the major players in these industries are either investing into the R&D of their own telematics platform or are collaborating with already IndustryARC | 11

existing consumer telematics suppliers to to produce embedded telematics systems in their vehicles. The report also talks about the developments taking place in the market such as the formation of the GENIVI Infotainment platform formed by some of the major industries such as BMW ,GM, Delphi, Intel to provide an open source platform to align requirements, deliver reference implementations, offer certification programs. Currently some of the major players in this field include automotive bigwigs like BMW, Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi Motors and also tech giants such as Delphi, Robert-Bosch, Continental AG and also other major telematics suppliers like Omnitracs, Trimble Navigation Ltd, Fleetmatics GPS, Masternaut, MiX Telematics etc.

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GLOBAL CONSUMER TELMATICS MARKET - TRENDS With the rising demand for ubiquitous connectivity by the customer, Consumer Telematics throws up a wide range of opportunities for the various participants in this field to gain a strong foot-hold over the market. Since the time GPS navigation services were made open to public use, consumer telematics has come a long way and developed into a multi-billion dollar market. Some of the key market trends seen over the years are  Major share of revenues in the market are attributed to GPS navigation systems, Fleet Management and Infotainment.  Since the early 2000s when the consumer telematics markets started off in a nascent stage, the cost of the equipments have come down drastically, thereby increasing the demand for telematics.  The trend of only high-end vehicles employing telematics is on the decline with other mass production models of cars also are coming equipped with basic telematics system.  Though the U.S. is still the major market, other developing countries like China which produces the highset number of passenger vehicles in the world are rapidly gaining ground in the telematics market.  The Usage-based-Insurance(UBI) concept is fast catching up in Europe(especially Western Europe) and could become a major contributor to the overall telematics industry.  With decreasing equipment cost, reducing data plan charges and high demand for web connectivity, the connected-car is definitely going to be the automobile of the future.

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RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The quantitative and qualitative data collected for the Telematics market report is from a combination of secondary and primary sources. Research interviews were conducted with senior executives and/or managers of leading Telematics product manufacturers and its service providers. These Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) were then provided a questionnaire to gather quantitative and qualitative inputs on their operations, performance, strategies and views on the overall market, including key developments and technology trends. Data from interviews is consolidated, checked for consistency and accuracy, and the final market numbers are again validated by experts. The global market was split by products, services and geography based on different factors like primary and secondary sources, understanding of the number of companies operating in each segment and also KOL insights. We have used various secondary sources such as directories, articles, white papers, newsletters, annual reports and paid databases such as OneSource, Hoovers and Factiva to identify and collect information for extensive technical and commercial study of the Telematics products and services market. The key players in the market and its value chain were identified through secondary research and their market opinions were also gathered in a similar way through telephonic interviews and questionnaires. We have also studied the annual reports of these top market players. Interviews with key opinion leaders such as directors, managers, and marketing personnel were used extensively in understanding the need and emergence of the global consumer Telematics market.

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THE ARC ADVANTAGE An analytical model lies at the core of our process, ensuring logical consistency throughout our research. We complement the model with secondary data and interviews with industry experts to reflect the latest trends. With our final expert validation, we provide you with only the most accurate and actionable intelligence.

THE ARC PROCESS Analytical Method 1. Granular breakdown of drivers into factors 2. Validate all factors in terms of their present impact on the market 3. Assign weights to these factors in terms of their relevance and impact on the market 4. Build the Analytical Model ANALYTICAL MODEL

Base Method

1. Get a topdown estimate of the market 2. Follow it up with a bottom-up estimate of the market 3. Check forconsistency and new growth factors that are relevant over the next 10 Years

4. Build the Base model BASE MODEL

Consolidation Method 1. Granular breakdown of drivers into factors 2. Validate all factors in terms of their present impact on the market. 3. Assign weights to these factors in terms of their relevance and impact on the market. 4. Build the Consolidated Model

Delphi Verification 1. Verify the findings of the model with experts from across the value chain 2. Verify the findings with players across small and large enterprises 3. Tweak the model and add new factors 4. Finalize the ARC Model



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Global Consumer Telematics Systems Market (2013-2018): By Technology (Integrated, Embedded )  

The word “telematics” broadly refers to a system through which a mechanical or electronic device communicates(collects,sends,or stores infor...

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