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8 - 9 February, 2013 India International Centre Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi



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8 - 9 February, 2013 India International Centre, New Delhi


Leadership in Education Leadership is about anticipating change and being prepared to embrace change. And it is the world of education that is perhaps going through unprecedented, accelerated change. Therefore Leadership in Education becomes critical for flourishing and thriving in the future. If success happens when preparation meets opportunity, then the hallmark of a successful leader in education is not authority, but ideas and collective Educational Leadership is moving away from a leadership. With this view of visionary led model to a collective harvesting leadership, Leadership in Education is no longer limited to the Principals and Senior of innovative ideas that prepares learners for Teachers alone.

an unknown and uncertain future.

Great ideas for continuous improvement of the learning outcomes and enhancement of the learning experience may come from all stake-holders involved in the educational eco-system. Encouraging the inception of such ideas and facilitating their flow and interactions becomes a very important function of the top management. Leadership in Education is moving away from a visionary led model to a collective harvesting of innovative ideas that prepares learners for an unknown and uncertain future. And emerging and easily accessible technologies such as mobiles, handhelds and tablets are allowing established pedagogical models to be actually implemented for teaching. One such innovation is Mastery Learning in the flipped classroom, a movement facilitated by the Khan Academy. Flipped Learning is when educators actively transfer the responsibility and ownership of learning to their students. It happens when the teacher's lecture is delivered to students via video and other resources outside of the classroom. Then traditional class time is used for active problem solving and one-to-one or small group tutoring with the teacher. Mastery Learning occurs when students learn a series of objectives at their own pace instead of all students working on the same topic at the same time. The Flipped-Mastery Classroom marries that with modern technology to make a sustainable, reproducible and manageable environment for learning. The deliberations of the 5th EDUConvEx are planned to be organised around the four themes of Strategic Leadership, Innovation Leadership, Global Leadership and Leadership through Quality. These themes sometimes overlap, but they serve as good classifications for focussed discussions. The larger objective, of course, is to be able to set out the path ahead bearing in mind these dimensions of Leadership in Education. I warmly invite you and your organisation to be a part of the 5th EDUConvEx and look forward to seeing you there.

Sanjay Malaviya Conference Producer

The EDUConvEx Conference Series - Proven 4-Year Track Record A highly appreciated series of conferences with innovative and topical themes revolving around key issues in the sector of education.

Previous Conferences 2012: 21st Century Education: Challenges and Opportunities 2011: Towards New Learning Perspectives in Education 2010: Effective Skills Development for Employability 2009: Innovative Educational and Career Pathways for Success

Presenting The 5th EDUConvEx Renowned speakers from India and abroad will share their experience and views on Leadership in Education and will deliberate on topics that impact the overall quality of education. They will strive to highlight various methods as to how educational institutions can achieve leadership in the 21st Century.

Benefits to the participants The conference will provide an opportunity and a platform for individuals, institutions and educational professionals to: n Hear experts elaborate on different aspects of Leadership in Education n Understand the latest in international School Improvement Programmes (iSIP) and how to implement them in institutions n Interact with experts during Q & A sessions to get more insights into areas of interest n Gain insights into various components of Leadership in Education and how to implement the same in institutions n Participate in Continuous Professional Development Workshops on 'Leadership in Education' and 'Curating Learning Resources', with certification …and more

Who should attend? The conference will be most beneficial for all individuals, professionals and organisations in the education sector. It will also benefit those interested in establishing leadership through various educational activities. n Principals, Directors, Managers and academic coordinators of education institutions n Teachers, Trainers and academic professionals teaching different subjects n Higher education institutions, ie, colleges and universities n Independent educators (trainers, tutors, freelancers, etc.) and education service providers n Organisations involved in providing educational services and solutions



8 - 9 February, 2013 India International Centre, New Delhi


Conference Programme Day 1 Friday, February 8, 2013 Leadership in Education Time

Session Descriptor

9:00 - 9:30 hrs.


9.30 - 10.00 hrs.

Inaugural Address and Welcome

10.00 - 10.30 hrs.


10.30 - 12.00 hrs.

Session 1: Strategic Leadership 1.1 Profiling the Educators as Harbingers of Change 1.2 Flexible and Distributed Learning (FDL) as Educational Leadership 1.3 Credentialing of Learning in the Future 1.4 Technologies for Rapidly Assessing Millions of Learners

12.00 - 13.30 hrs.

Session 2: Innovation Leadership 2.1 Innovations in Education from around the Globe 2.2 Leadership through Language Learning: English 2.3 Innovation Leadership from Mauritius: Medine Education Village 2.4 Educational Innovations from India

13.30 – 14.30 hrs.


14.30 to 16.00 hrs.

Session 3: Global Leadership through Quality 3.1 Global Quality through eAssessment 3.2 Global Leadership through Standards and Benchmarking 3.3 International School Improvement Programme for Quality (iSIP) 3.4 Teachers: The Pivot for Leadership through Quality

16.00 - 16.30 hrs.


16.30 to 18.00 hrs.

Session 4: The Road Ahead: Experience Sharing and Calls for Action Brief (about 5 min), oral presentations are invited from individuals/institutions to share their experiences in educational leadership in Strategy, Innovation, Global Leadership and Leadership through Quality. Their suggestions - based on experience or conference sessions - are welcome. Presentations not accommodated will be displayed as self-running presentations during breaks. Three best presentations will receive ExtraX Awards at the function in the evening.

1900 hrs. onwards: ExtraX – Recognising Excellence Awards, followed by dinner

Participation Fee: R2,000/- per participant.

Day 2 Saturday, February 9, 2013 Continuous Professional Development Workshops Targeted at Teachers, Trainers and Academic professionals. Two Workshops (10am - 5pm) will run concurrently: Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Leadership in Education (Indicative content)

Curating Learning Resources (Indicative content)

n Global Challenges in Education n Technology Driven Educational Disruptions n Innovation Leadership: Leadership through

n What and Why of Curation n Curation Process n Tips for Curation n Tools for Seeking and Sharing Curated Information n Activity/Assessment for Certification

Innovation n Open Educational Resource Movement n Activity/Assessment for Certification

Each participant will receive a certificate from Qualifications and Assessments International (QAI), UK. Appropriate resource material will be provided and participants will be taken through a range of activities and assignments. The Workshops are part of a Diploma course and the participants may take up other units later to complete a full Diploma Programme.

Participation Fee Individual Registration: R2,200 per participant. Institutional Registration: R1,500 per participant for a minimum of 5 participants from any one institution. Please note that seats for the Workshops are limited to 25 per Workshop and will be booked on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Prof. M M Pant Prof. M M Pant has steered the EDUConvEx Conference Series from its inception in 2009 as its Chairman. Prof. Pant is an internationally renowned expert specialising in pedagogy, technology, educational leadership and the development of tools and curricula for 21st century education. Prof. Pant has been known for developing working models that enhance the teaching-learning process using the latest technologies and is specially known for his efforts and work in the area of social media and mobile apps for improving learning including bringing the mobile into the classroom. Prof. Pant's current work and interests revolve around the development, delivery and promotion of educational products, processes and services that cater to the needs and interests of learners in the 2nd decade of the 21st century. He is also developing benchmarks and standards in the area of educational leadership and institutional improvement programmes. His past roles include being the former Pro-Vice Chancellor, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and being on the faculties of IIT Kanpur (India's premier engineering institution) and MLNR Engineering College. He has also been a visiting Professor, University of Western Ontario, Canada, and a visiting scientist at European research centres in Italy, England, Germany and Sweden. Prof. Pant is the founder of the LMP Trust, an organisation that supports underprivileged learners.

Supporters of past EDUConvEx Conferences

Australian Council for Educational Research

Bell, Cambridge, UK

Institute of Administrative Management, London

QAI Authenticating Learning


CMA Education

Scottish Qualifications Authority




8 - 9 February, 2013 India International Centre, New Delhi

Past Speakers

Past EDUConvEx Conferences have been honoured by eminent speakers of international repute in the area of education.

Mr. Alistair Shaw

Ms. Angela Ffrench

Dr. Arjun Badlani

Mr. Atul Pant

Prof. B P Khandelwal

Mr. Baljinder Sharma

Mr. Bill Rammell

Head of International, Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)

Asst. Director, Assessment & Operations Group, University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, UK

Advisor - Schools, National Accreditation Board for Education & Training, India

CEO, Enabling Dimensions, UK

Former Director, National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA), India

Investor and Corporate Advisor, Mauritius

Deputy Vice Chancellor University of Plymouth, UK

Mr. Chandra Shekhar

Mr. D C Pant

Dr. D V Sharma

Dr. Darlie O Koshy

Ms. Deepa Kumar

Mr. Dheeraj Mehrotra

CEO, Shade, India

Former Pro-Vice Chancellor, IGNOU, India

General Secretary, COBSE, India

Director General (Education & Training), AEPC, India

Director, Maxfort School & The Maurya School, New Delhi

Education Officer, Global Education Management Systems (GEMS), India

Mr. Dyan Seneviratne CEO, Institute of Personnel Management, Sri Lanka

Prof. G D Sharma

Ms. Gulsanam

Prof. H P Dikshit

Dr. Harsha Alles

Mr. Henry A S Ledlie

Ms. Isabel Sutcliffe

Ms. Jacqueline Hare

Former Secretary UGC & Former Director CEC, India

Karimova Training and Education Specialist, Ministry of Public Education, Uzbekistan

Former Vice Chancellor, IGNOU, India

Director, Gateway Group, Sri Lanka

Senior Advisor (Global), IDP Education, Australia

Accountable Officer for Edexcel with regards to Ofqual, UK

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, UK

Mr. Khozem Merchant President,

Dr. Kinner Sachdev

Mr. Jeff Rose

Mr. John Edmonds

Mr. John Kerr

Mr. John McMorris

Mr. Kamlesh Vyas

Director, Assessment Tomorrow, UK

Project Director, Edexcel, UK

CEO, Qualifications and Assessments International (QAI), UK

Head of Marketing, Scottish Qualifications Authority, Scotland

Director, First India School of Business, India

Mr. Krishan Kalra

Dr. K Subramanian

Mr. Lawrence Frey

Mr. M C Pant

Former Secretary General, PHDCCI & Former President, AIMA, India

IT Advisor & Deputy Director General to CAG of India

Educational Consultant

Chairman, National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), India

Prof. M M Pant Chairman, Steering

Dr. Mark Wilkinson

Mr. Marmar

Mr. Martyn Ware

Dr. Mohamed Loutfi

Mr. Mukesh Arya

Mr. Murray Watson

Mr. Naveen Chopra

Head of E-Assessment, Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), Scotland

Dean of International Development, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales, UK

Founder, Red Flag, India

Director, Avid International, New Zealand

Founder & Spokeperson, The Chopras

Associate Dean, School of Mukhopadhyay Science and Technology, Former Chairman NOS and University of Northampton, UK Former Director NIEPA, India

Committee, EDUConvEx and Former Pro-Vice Chancellor, IGNOU, India

Pearson India

Co-Founder & Director, Scientity, Inc., India

Mr. Mahmud Ul Alam

Mr. Manoj Pant

Principal, The New School, Dhaka, Bangladesh

CEO, Shankh Inc., USA, Former VP, Orange and Mg. Director, Roamware Inc., USA

Ms. Neeta Bali

Dr. Neil Kemp, OBE

Mr. Nirmal Singh

Dr. Nirupma Jaimini

Mr. Prem Shankar

Prof. R K Verma

Mrs. Rachna Pant

Principal, GD Goenka World School, Gurgaon, India

Board Member, Council for Education in Commonwealth, UK Open University Worldwide and London School of Commerce

Head of Higher Education, NIIT, India

Associate Professor, Central Institute of Education, University of Delhi, India

CEO, Vivitsa eLearning Pvt. Ltd., India

Executive Director, Apeejay Inst. of Technology, India

Principal, Ramjas School, New Delhi

Mr. Ramesh Kumar

Ms. Rimy Oberoi


Chief Learning Officer, Oyster Learning, India

Mr. Sandeep Srivastava Co-Founder,

Mr. Ross Hall

Col. S C Mohan

Mr. Sachin Uttam

Mr. Sami Baig

International Director, Edexcel, UK

IILM, India

AVP, Enabling Dimensions India

Regional Director, Edexcel, UK

IYCWorld, India

Mr. Sanjay Malaviya

Mr. Satya Divi

Ms. Seema Jerath

Mrs. Seema Sahay

Dr. Shankar Goswami

Dr. Shyama Chona

Mr. Simon Walker

CEO, Planet EDU, India

MD, Education First, India

Principal, DLF Public School, Ghaziabad

Principal, Gurukul The School, Ghaziabad


President, Tamana, India

Head of Educational Development, University of Greenwich, UK

Ms. Sonal Narang

Mr. Steven Paul Rudolph

Vice Principal, Anand Niketan Satellite, Ahmedabad

Director, Jiva Education, India

Ms. Suman Nath

Ms. Sunita Rajiv

Mr. T. K Arunachalam

Ms. Tanuja Joshi

Dr. Tanuja Sharma

Bhalla Principal, Tagore International School, India

HOD - English, Ahlcon International School, New Delhi

Regional Manager (South Asia), University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, India

Mg. Director, Venu Institute and Research Centre, India

Faculty, MDI, India

Mr. Tarun Varma

Mr. Tejwant Chhatwal

Dr. Tom Crick

Dr. Vasudha Kamat

Dr. Vinay Pathak

Mr. Vinay Rai

Dr. Vinnie Jauhari

Co-Founder, Gaboli Online Services, India

Developmental Psychologist, Stanford University

Lecturer in Computing, UWIC, UK

Jt. Director, CIET, NCERT, India

Vice Chancellor, Uttarakhand Open University, India

Chairman, Rai Foundation, India

Director, IIMT, India

Mr. Vipin Sahni,

Mr. Vivek Agarwal

Director, National Accreditation Board for Education & Training, Quality Council of India


The designations and organisations of the speakers listed are of the time of the respective conferences.



8 - 9 February, 2013 India International Centre, New Delhi


ExtraX - Awards that recognise excellence Each year, ExtraX Awards recognise teachers and schools/education institutions who have made significant contributions in the field of education as well as students who have excelled in their chosen education pathway. Recognitions in the past n Awarded laptops to teachers for using ICT/Technology in teaching n Recognised 921 students for their outstanding performance in the English Language Championships, including presenting tablets, smart phones and iPod Nanos to the winners n Recognised 395 students for their outstanding performance in the Cambridge ESOL Examinations at different levels, including presenting gift vouchers (discount coupons for Cambridge ESOL Exam Fee) n Recognised 4 students as ExtraX latent talent for their performance in the workshop ‘Fire up the Learner Within’, including presenting smart phones and tablets n Recognised teachers as English language teaching champions n Recognised 121 English language teaching institutions for their outstanding contribution in the field of English language training n Recognised 160 schools for introducing international curricula n Recognised 14 higher education students for their outstanding performance in management programmes Recognitions planned for 5th EDUConvEx n Educational app ideas and implementation n Students as English language champions n Teaching champions n Schools implementing International School Improvement Programme (iSIP) n Institutions implementing international qualifications n ExtraX Awards for Educational Excellence

We invite you to contribute as a Speaker/Presenter Individuals and organisation representatives who may like to present and share their views and knowledge are welcome to participate in the conference as 'Contributed Presenters' in the session entitled The Road ahead: Experience Sharing and Calls for Action. For details please refer to the Conference Programme: Session 4 and get in touch with the Conference Secretariat at or call toll free at 1800 102 1050 for more details.

Sponsorship and Display Options Attractive and cost-effective sponsorship and display options are available including: n Supporting the Conference as a sponsor n Displaying products / services via a 'Display Desk’ Please contact us, and a EDUConvEx executive will provide you with details. Remember, limited options are available on a first come, first served basis!

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